I Am the Infidel

The only way for mankind to survive the ideological plague known as Islam is to systematically remove the radical roots of their uninterrupted culture of hate. Otherwise, just like minimally invasive bombing campaigns or PR campaigns warning native citizens not to trigger their misunderstood foreign assailants, we’re merely putting a political band-aid on unadulterated evil. If you’re going to tout your imaginary War on Women, begin by challenging every single Muslim to eradicate their misogynistic and medieval practices that deny females their God-given rights, if not their lives. If you’re going to admonish Chic-fil-A for merely voicing their opposition to Gay Marriage, stop financing, let alone recognizing the legitimacy of Islamic nations who torture and stone homosexuals to death for merely existing. If you incessantly plot to deny Christian business owners and organizations the right to religious freedom – the very First Amendment of our Constitution – then publicly condemn the barbaric and discriminatory tenets of Sharia Law your administration is consciously allowing to infiltrate our public institutions. And finally, how can anyone expose and defeat an ideological movement that liberals embrace more than America itself because sympathizing Democrats refuse to differentiate between conservatism and Islamic genocide? One questions tyranny and corruption without refrain or capitulation, the other invites it to appease their hatred of America’s Judeo-Christian ideals…our individual liberties, economic prowess and hallowed way of life.

ISIS is ISLAM. There is no distinction for death is glorified, human life trivialized, and hate justified in the name of honoring a violent diatribe of antiquated intolerance. Its billions of ardent followers, scattered across almost every sect of society, can overwhelmingly be characterized into two groups: the tip of the sword or the muted voices of consent lurking in the shadows of civility’s tolerance. Their singular goal is not to conform or coexist with Western Civilization – those seeking enlightenment, peace and happiness in hopes of living a more fulfilling life – but to threaten, terraform, and assert its septic lust for global domination. Whether beheading innocent children in the Iraqi desert, exploiting the naive invitations of globalist leaders or attempting to biologically overrun free and Christian nations the likes of Great Britain, Sweden and Germany, modern Islam has no other noteworthy accomplishments – albeit educational, technological, or economic diversity – other than that of religious subjugation. Israel, from the seize of Jerusalem in 637 to the Seven Day War of 1967 and the Munich games massacre, knows this conundrum all too well for Jews have toiled and died for millennia on end battling the Islamic caliphate; which now seeks a glorious and universal return to power.

Oh, it’s not that Christianity and Judaism do not bear their share of historical black eyes for practically every religion has them; their believers simply evolved and learned that bloodshed in the name of any ideology or God was a senseless and fruitless endeavor. Islam, however, hiding behind human shields in the religious squalor of the Middle East to plot terrorist attacks against our civilian epicenters, continues to wage war on humanity in lieu of reforming its most vicious practices and destructive beliefs. Therefore, those souls remaining at the table of the civilized world have but two choices: cut off the calloused hand of unapologetic hate, that which religiously celebrates the Holocaust and 9/11, or embrace evil to the sound of their own demise. Any other suggestion is an ignorant exercise in futility.


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A Man of Honor

In a world increasingly bereft of genuine role models and benevolent souls, Neil Gorsuch is a much needed breath of fresh air. He is honest, respectful, poised, patient, insightful, compassionate and most of all an unflappable patriot who puts his love of country, his sworn constitutional duty, above the petty politics of squabbling partisans and scheming activists. Despite being surrounded by bitter bureaucrats seeking to twist his every word and taint his honorable legacy, his dignified and articulate answers have turned the most disingenuous attacks into the most memorable reminders of what constitutes competent, mature leadership. Any failure to confirm this man would serve as an ignorant display of gross negligence and a tragic loss for what little integrity remains in our dysfunctional judicial system. Although dissension within constructive discourse is healthy and the most seasoned legal minds will always digress to some degree, it is how they conduct themselves and their relative commitment to the law that differentiates the scholars from the usurpers. The questions his smug detractors are asking shouldn’t focus on whether he supports abortion, the Second Amendment or restricting Muslim immigration, but rather what is his rationale, judicial precedent, for addressing our most divisive issues while upholding the Constitution of the United States; still, and always, the supreme law of the land. Political anarchy is a poor substitute for jurisprudence, due process and accountability.


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Punishing Political Terrorists


Because free speech is a nonnegotiable necessity of a democratic, tolerant and civil society, I propose a mandatory sentence of one year in jail and a permanent loss of voting rights for physically assaulting anyone over their political beliefs; including public schools, community transit, college campuses or against any man or woman who is entering, leaving or attending a political rally. Enough is enough. Politically motivated violence against others is not a Constitutional right; it’s a hate crime.



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Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Forgive us, Mr. Comey and Nancy Pelosi, for being so sanctimoniously silly and naively cynical. It’s common knowledge Barack Obama wiretapped the press, Prime Minister Merkel and members of Congress, so why would anyone entertain such a laughable assumption after intimate details of General Flynn’s and Jeff Sessions’ innocuous conversations were leaked to the “honorable” media, let alone after becoming acutely aware of the reality Loretta Lynch petitioned the FISA court multiple times until she got permission to engage in surveillance of Trump Tower? Apparently one cannot be found guilty of “spying” after secretly asking to do so under false pretenses. Not only would a slew of other globalist nations eagerly participate in such an unscrupulous endeavor to desperately derail a nationalist President who rejected mass Islamic immigration and international wealth redistribution – most notably the entire, anti-American United Nations itself – but since when was the Obama Administration ever objectively investigated by the FBI, DOJ, or CIA for a skew of abuses and cover-ups; many of which they participated in or possessed intimate knowledge of personally?

The same “reputable” FBI that exonerated Hillary Clinton for at least five provable felonies – illegally setting up an unauthorized private server, lying to a Congressional committee and the FBI, transmitting unsecured classified information to foreign contacts, and destroying government property\evidence – did nothing to expose or indict Hillary for selling government favors to radical regimes in return for massive contributions made to the Clinton Foundation as part of her future campaign slush fund; of which hundreds of millions in charitable donations were defrauded from disaster relief survivors. If our federal intelligence community were so overwhelmingly cognizant of the corruption infecting Washington over the past 8 years, i.e., “rationale” men and women who would have stopped the IRS from targeting Conservatives or charged Loretta Lynch after pleading the fifth due to her knowledge of a 400 million dollar ransom payment made to Iran, Obama would have never began a second term, Hillary would have been ineligible to accept the Democratic Party’s nomination, and George Soros would have been arrested and tried for sedition, inciting civil unrest and tampering with national elections. Then again, some “public servants” would rather keep America operating under a fog of delusion to protect their own radical agenda and keep their carefully rehearsed lies from ever seeing the inside of a real courtroom.

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A Sanctuary of Excuses

Yes, Mr. Schumer…let’s talk budget, bricks and your sanctuary for excuses. Over the past 8 years, one man raised the national debt by a record 9.5 trillion, or roughly as much as all other presidents combined; and all despite collecting record tax revenue from hyper-inflated tax rates during his presidency. And did Democrats once threaten to force a shutdown in order to restore fiscal responsibility to Washington? Not once? How disappointing. Not only did such reckless spending result in two credit downgrades, the first in American History, these dollars did nothing to alleviate our failing infrastructure which is currently rated a D+ – as demonstrated by the Oroville Dam collapse in California – to strengthen our military against evolving terrorist threats, or to improve our nation’s cyber-security grid to guard against rogue and nefarious hackers; not so much those of the Russian variety, those foreign collaborators who enriched Hillary Clinton and John Podesta at an unprecedented scale without media hysterics, but more so of the homegrown variety carried out by Homeland Security against three American states just weeks before the election. And did any of these egregious events trigger any alarms or the collective ire of the Democrat party? Not even remotely; or in progressive parlance, no more than an ISIS flag being waved on the Berkeley campus by an undocumented student granted free tuition as peaceful Trump supporters are beaten by the “enlightened” minds of tolerance. Who knew completing the necessary paperwork to become a respectful and proud citizen was as difficult, if not as discriminatory, as finding the term “free speech” on an ethics exam in modern academia?

Instead of sound budgetary planning and alleviating the burden of taxpayers, the Obama administration stopped at nothing to build their socialist utopia of dependent voters and to zealously aid the sworn enemies of Western Civilization with gratuitous glee. Over one billion was spent on Obamacare in 2016 – another 100 million of public funds to illegally market failed socialist healthcare since its inception – roughly 100 billion was spent annually to harbor and care for illegal immigrants and transported refugees, 535 million was wasted on the ‘green energy’ PR placebo known as Solyndra, and nearly half a billion was given to the nuclear ambitious regime of Iran; those who vow to destroy America daily, with millions more going to fellow terrorist agents like the Muslim Brotherhood and the Palestinian Authority.

And now, despite the unforgivable fact America boasts nearly 50 million on welfare, a number that has nearly doubled since 2008, and a national debt that has surpassed 100% of our yearly GDP, Chuck Schumer wants to shut down the US government – not due to scandalous spending or previous treasonous Islamic ties – but to oppose a 10 billion dollar wall that will help enforce our abandoned immigration laws at one-tenth the annual cost necessary to provide for, educate and house a populace that accounts for over 20% of all crime committed in the United States. Unless raising the debt by one cent is no longer unpatriotic or a dereliction of duty, as Barack Obama once uttered in 2006, and the wall between Mexico and Guatemala/Latin America is now suddenly racist and a crime against humanity, then the time has come to shut down this liberal fairy tale where logic is so unbearably offensive and real leadership requires a press conference explaining why politicians must be held accountable for their actions; or in electoral terms, for not putting America first each and every damn day.

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A Moral Failing

Ivanka Trump had her clothing line and life’s work, through no fault of her own, removed from department stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom’s for no other reason than bearing her father’s name. Snoop Dog released a video portraying an assassination of the President, while his nephew lil “Bow Wow” tweeted his desire to “Pimp Out” Melania – the First Lady, mind you – without one retail chain removing their CD’s or images. Even worse, not a single mainstream news outlet, celebrity activist or “feminist” group condemned their despicable, misogynistic behavior or demanded a march of solidarity! This is why America is so irrevocably broken and in the midst of a final countdown to self-destruct along political, racial and socio-economic lines. Right and wrong, public outrage, is no longer a matter of simple ethics, basic decency, but rather a social construct increasingly dependent upon political preference born from juvenile spite. And yet “We the People” wonder why so many crimes by illegal immigrants go unpunished or hyper-partisan judges invent or ignore the law – a Chief Executive’s legal right to restrict immigration from volatile nations like his unopposed predecessors – based solely on their obstinate personal beliefs. If a country singer pretended to murder Obama as a form of artistic expression and voiced a smug desire to turn Michelle into a corner prostitute, nearly every retail outlet or concert venue would reject their business amidst mass protests…and rightfully so.

When paranoid rhetoric makes it perfectly acceptable to riot, destroy private property and assault innocent bystanders on the street over the democratic election of a President maliciously demonized by the press, but holding peaceful rallies in support of the Constitution and your native country is discriminatory, insensitive and a form of racial supremacy – despite embracing fellow concerned citizens from all walks of life – the delineation between logic and triggered lunacy is a chalk outline of an offensive smoking gun. Regardless of your sensitivities and homicidal aspirations, your creed, color or undeclared gender should be equally irrelevant in the crosshairs of consequence. Until objectivity and common sense once again rule the day to restore accountability as a universal concept and human necessity, if only to remedy our most egregious contradictions and moral failings, America is nothing more than a Banana Republic plagued by petulant children throwing tantrums until their political victims are someday as disposable as their soiled diapers.

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Hearts and Minds

I’m far from a prude but it really bothers me when adults cuss around kids or converse about inappropriate subjects. A little class and tact goes a long way to fostering a generation of well-adjusted youth. The more we lower our standards, the universal bar of expectations, the more we see the depraved results in our classrooms, homes and communities. Basic social etiquette, an ingrained respect for strangers, our neighbors, the elderly or even family members, is quickly becoming an aberration rather than the norm. It is also by no means a coincidence that so many now have so little respect for their country or the rule of law. How you say something, the manner in which you conduct yourself, is just as important if not moreso than the actual ideas you’re conveying. No, you’re not evil if you tell a dirty joke or a criminal if you curse out of frustration but there’s a time and place for all. Common decency and self-control don’t require wealth or an education, just a flickering reminder that people still care. Hearts and minds.

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If Two by Taxes!


Congratulations to Rachel Maddow and MSNBC for turning their foolish obsession to criminalize Donald Trump’s wealth into a legal fiasco that brought the White House one step closer to identifying the actual culprit guilty of releasing private federal documents. After all the media’s sensationalist banter and divisive class warfare, the leaked returns revealed Donald Trump paid 38 million in taxes in 2005…or roughly more than the combined duties collected from Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders over the course of their disgruntled lifetimes. Not only was his 25% tax bracket higher than Comcast’s 24% rate, the very liberal conglomerate that owns NBC and the esteemed patent on “fake” news, but the proclaimed capitalist “devil” even eclipsed the Social Justice Warrior himself, Barack Obama, who paid 19% of his earnings in the name of the ‘common good’ or Marxist ‘community organizers’ everywhere. And naturally, in the misplaced annals of partisan memories and due process, I’m excluding the offensive reality the supposed reincarnation of Adolf Hitler gave over 10 times more money to charitable causes in the name of hate, misogyny and blind malice. Who knew St. Jude’s Hospital and those cancer stricken children in such dire need of assistance were a fascist gateway to apocalyptic evil and global genocide?

Unless I’m horribly mistaken or otherwise allergic to the hypnotic aroma of a baited trap, the omnipotent mainstream media just got played, again, by the very man they claim is so hopelessly ignorant and dangerous to their detestable status quo. While the bitter resistance of common sense and accountability cajole, manipulate and twist every crumb of information to deflect from the aggressive reforms of the President, they’re proving exactly why Hillary Clinton lost the election. A majority of the American people are sick and tired of juvenile games, poisonous zealots pushing blatantly false narratives, anti-American bigots conspiring in the shadows of sedition and the radical left’s Orwellian obsession with maintaining control at all costs: i.e., political censorship, victimization propaganda, subverting the rule of law and orchestrated violent demonstrations to fabricate public outrage over a populist leader their ranks despise regardless.

The Democratic choir of celebrity egos and collegiate activists aren’t psychologically unraveling because they are deathly afraid of Donald Trump failing. Rather, they’re desperate to destroy any discernible fact or societal perception that he is succeeding despite their sincerest efforts to convince us otherwise. And while we’re on the subject of synchronized duplicity, please identify which limousine liberals do not exploit every legal tax loophole available to avoid paying as much taxes as humanly possible to a corrupt government that funded terrorist regimes, aided illegal immigrants and spent over $100 million of the people’s money for the purpose of marketing failed socialist healthcare and protecting Barack Obama’s “unremarkable”, sealed past? Since when was repeatedly paying squandered or excessive taxes a patriotic act, let alone a catalyst of independence and the Constitutional sum of good government? Apparently the moral high ground is now below sea level where the uncooperative truth keeps bubbling to the reclaimed surface of American sovereignty.

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Vault 7, Agenda 21 and the Zero-Sum State

I’m not going to naively insinuate the American intelligence community has been a pillar of ethical behavior since its inception. From the McCarthy hearings to the infamous Rolodex of Herbert Hoover and the conviction of G. Gordon Liddy, no coincidence or common misappropriation was free the spotlight of scrutiny or the growing shadow of Black Ops. However, these actions, whether foolishly excessive or ever cognizant of a rising threat, were largely geared towards exposing and defeating our enemies; those countries or agents who overtly threatened America’s daily survival and despised our hallowed way of life.

Unlike the bulk of secrets obtained from the urgency of World War II or the heightened tensions of the Cold War, the massive digital espionage web cast during the past 8 years was not waged specifically against foreign foes or unvetted radicals, but for the convenient purpose of sabotaging political opponents and weakening the moral fiber of a nation’s defiant heritage. While Washington ushered Islamic militants across our borders with ceremonial spite and homegrown anarchists operated with impunity, the Obama administration turned phones, computers and smart TV’s into political weapons of mass corruption; illegally confiscated intel aimed at identifying and/or discrediting any law-abiding American citizen who opposed their radical agenda. Liberty lovers, capitalists, Christian conservatives, Jews, veterans, but most notably Donald Trump and his recently appointed cabinet members, all became the select targets of a 24-hour media assassination campaign designed to demonize anyone who posed a danger to the newfound “statist” quo, or more apropos…the New World Order of anti-American globalists. If you can’t intimidate, undermine or silence the damning truth, you can always hijack the navigation system of uncooperative whistle-blowers exposing the secrets of your rogue surveillance state.

Buried in the vast vaults of this endless Russia subterfuge, the unrivaled paper trail of executive abuse, is the revelation the very progressives leading the charge of civil insurrection are the forgotten radicals who have been endeavoring for decades to lead a Marxist coup of American’s founding ideals; and all despite the fact the former U.S.S.R. abandoned and denounced Communism as a failed ideology. If I may, which outgoing President instructed loyalists to leak classified information, moved his top adviser into his personal estate to spearhead “the resistance” of peaceful transition – the same Iranian malcontent who pledged to “fundamentally” transform America – and assembled a team of prestigious lawyers to obstruct nearly every policy decision of an incoming administration? Yes, there’s obviously nothing disconcerting about sedition or treason, let alone a former leader of the free world plotting to subvert a sovereign government he led by spying on his eventual successor. And because misery loves inconsolable sociopaths, what former Presidential candidate, not even a month after losing the election, had her campaign operatives organize national marches of vitriolic sensationalism and plan disruptive protests at town hall events to give the appearance of mass outrage over “fake” syndicated news? When a day without feminists or trespassing immigrants turns into a civil rights charade of partisan hatred, the only oppression evident is an unsuspected dose of reality.

Little is more amusing, if not deeply disturbing, than the absurd narrative Donald Trump is Adolf Hitler – a despotic, racist and genocidal nationalist – when he has respectfully reached out to all sects of American society in the name of unity and cooperation. Let’s not forget, mere weeks before the election, these same bastions of integrity reported a celebrity billionaire violated at least a dozen women, without one lawsuit or settlement, and that he later somehow colluded with Russians to pervert our electoral process; a laughable claim considering we now know the CIA has a program called “umbrage” to falsely imitate Russian “hacking” and that the Clinton Campaign has a lucrative history of soliciting favors from Russian operatives. If hypocrisy is now the most widely accepted form of political currency, or more succinctly bankrupt credibility, my Ruble is on the same esteemed propagandist who said he’d have more flexibility to work with Putin after his re-election.

Aspiring American communists, aka the current neurotic leadership of the Democratic Party, fully realize they cannot erect a totalitarian state of single party rule, especially in a country as ideologically incompatible as the United States, without first demonstrating an apocalyptic need; i.e., fabricating an unconditional excuse to both incite discord and restore social order through coerced conformity. By orchestrating mass chaos in our streets and cultivating fear through gross propaganda, professional agitators like George Soros, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Loretta Lynch seek to unravel civility in a mad fervor of mob justice. Yet, no matter what political faction riots or sheds blood in the streets of duplicity, only the victims of such rabid violence will be blamed for opposing its absolute “necessity”.

How in God’s good name and infinite grace, you ask? The best way to justify censorship and purging intellectual diversity is by brainwashing the misinformed populace into believing the very vehicle of their individuality, free speech, is a perilous threat to their survival and desired quality of life. If you can cajole the same masses into believing illegal immigration is a crime against the actual criminals, vetting or banning Islamic refugees hurts our ability to combat terrorism, Christianity is glorified hate speech, and American patriotism is inherently racist, you can literally accomplish anything through the moral inversion of Marxist indoctrination. Whether maliciously publishing the email address of a respected dignitary’s wife, or imploring a sworn government agent to violate the Constitutional privacy of a Chief Executive’s inconsequential tax returns, there are no Rules for Radicals except the ones used to strangle the last breath of coherent dissent.
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The Dirty Diaper of “Environmentalists”

Welcome to the pungent age of mindless, political contrarianism. Pipelines are much safer and nature friendly than transporting fossil fuels via highways, rail or waterways. Apparently environmental activists would be better off protesting their own hypocrisy…well that and their obvious lack of real jobs. At least then they would recognize the true face of eco-terrorism. Raise your trash bag if your momma taught you how to pick up after yourself before Kindergarten! And to think home schooling gets a bad rap for not having a biodegradable conscience.
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The Fog of Mass Hysteria


The FBI, DOJ, NSA or any other government agency would not wiretap the offices of a presidential nominee without the explicit instructions or approval of the President of the United States. It is way too daring and the criminal implications far too reaching.

The fact Barack Obama secretly obtained a warrant under false pretenses to wiretap Trump Tower over his delusional paranoia of Russian collusion – which is code word for fear of losing an election and control over your crumbling legacy because your party nominated the most corrupt and deceitful candidate in American history – is outrageous and nothing short of sedition. Let us not forget the former President himself wiretapped the press during his first term to monitor journalists for non-compliance and he ordered the IRS to target political opponents out of sheer spite. If anyone mirrors the despotic behavior of the old Soviet Socialist Republic and its KGB henchmen, it is very man who was raised and proudly mentored by anti-American Marxists: Barack Hussein Obama. I have never witnessed an exiting President conduct himself with such malice and juvenile contempt for our electoral process, the American people, let alone one who has plotted to poison the very authority and legitimacy of an incoming administration. Unless partisan witch hunts, media vendettas and obnoxious publicity stunts are now noble, patriotic pursuits – waged by those hypocritical mouthpieces guilty of real impropriety and treasonous collusion – then the next warrant issued should be for the greatest embodiment of extremism and lawlessness in America today: the Democratic party. Perhaps then Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer can hold press conferences to explain how their indictments are null and void because no one pointed a finger at them on national television to convict them beneath a fog of mass hysteria.

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The Faintest Whisper

In light of these recent shameless tactics, blatant distortions and baseless accusations, I believe the time has come to prosecute the real criminals threatening the last vestiges of due process and justice: Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Lois Lerner, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, George Soros, John Podesta and Hillary Clinton. Senator Sessions didn’t independently solicit Russian officials for politically subversive reasons; he did so as an empowered liaison of the Armed Services Committee long before Trump even nominated him for Attorney General. Mike Pence didn’t break federal statutes by secretly installing a private server, by sharing classified information with notorious regimes or by deleting 33,000 emails to avoid criminal prosecution; including the uncovered correspondence with a former President who lied about using an alias to remain anything but incognito. No, Mr. Pence merely used an existing AOL account in which he communicated with friends and family as the Governor of Indiana. Or are public officials, those not engaged in treasonous behavior or skilled in mass deception, not afforded a private life without the rash judgements of political terrorists? Rather than responsibly dispelling such malicious conjecture, the left has willingly become a self-fulfilling cesspool of toxic malcontents, incapable of reason or discourse, who are obsessed with exhausting every means possible, criminal or not, to disperse the remaining faithful servants of this republic in hopes of shoving their radical agenda down America’s throat at all costs. In essence, these staged theatrical ploys are nothing more than an orchestrated attempt to delegitimize Donald Trump’s authority, conceal his true popularity and undermine the wholesale changes his policies will inevitably bring to the most corrupt, wasteful and inept institution in contemporary America: the federal government.

When a majority of Democrats can’t even acknowledge the most rudimentary, discernible truths – Islamic terrorism, illegal immigration, record debt, cultivated censorship, partisan judges ignoring explicit laws, a former President and Secretary of State plotting civil unrest by colluding with the media to sabotage our electoral process – let alone muster an ounce of compassion for the grieving widow of a fallen hero, your namesake does not even qualify as a pressed suit worthy of a handshake. Rather, your indoctrinated ranks personify the growing shadow of soulless aspiration suffocating a nation’s moral charter. If common sense and accountability do not find a way to once again seize the day, if men and women of sound mind and unshakeable resolve do not restore some semblance of order in our streets and notion of integrity in our public institutions, it is only a matter of time before these conniving agitators control every facet of government and possess the means to eradicate 240 years of transcendent history; the trials and tribulations, sacrifice and successes, born from the fleeting hope of an imperfect ideal known as the American dream. And when that day comes, no incontrovertible fact, no universal point of order or Constitutional check and balance, will be safe from the insatiable wrath of progressive absolutists. We are no longer dealing with honorable citizens bantering over the merits of mere dissenting opinions: loyal voices of mutual respect dedicated to the proposition of protecting America’s founding creed regardless of our differences. We are enabling would be kings, oppressors of human nature and undaunted propagandists who seek control and capitulation above all else; most notably, life, liberty and the right to dictate what you dare to believe. The faintest whisper of sedition is often disguised as the loudest coup of perception.

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The Dark Politics of “White Privilege”

In the latest chapter of the left’s ongoing campaign to immortalize the grandfather clause of social justice, but more specifically to permanently compensate America along racial lines, comes the politically convenient creation of “White Privilege”. Because the word “racism” obviously doesn’t denote enough singular intent to indict white America as the sole purveyors of hate, victimization has now evolved into blaming the pale subjects of suburbia as the greatest impetus for urban crime, poverty, civil unrest, and societal division. If “White Privilege” is truly designed to infer advantage or favoritism, then why did I grow up in a blue collar home, wear hand-me-down clothes, rarely have health insurance, never receive a college scholarship, get turned down for better paying jobs, repeatedly fail to qualify for loans, and suffer the consequences for the smallest infractions of the law like any other American? And how on Earth is it remotely possible I would literally not change one of these inconvenient truths: those perceived “injustices” that made me respect my family all the more and instilled the values that made me the man I am today? Without “struggle” do we ever truly appreciate the reward of perseverance or gain wisdom from the penniless gift of perspective? Apparently not.

If the ignorant stereotype “White Privilege” is meant to suggest millions of successful Caucasians didn’t sacrifice for their education, work tirelessly for a better wage, teach their kids right from wrong, and honor the country that affords them a level of opportunity few can fathom, then I’m assuming the even millions more of impoverished white Americans who did the exact same thing only to struggle incessantly also share your rightful claim to economic justice? I find it incredibly ironic minority entertainers, athletes and entrepreneurs making seven figure incomes are “getting paid” and the embodiment of the American dream, but those who fail to reach such levels of achievement are “slaves” and the victims of “White Privilege”? Just because everyone doesn’t get a blue ribbon, or enjoy the same blessings, doesn’t mean you’re a victim of discrimination or owed anything; it simply means “the pursuit of happiness” holds no guarantees and personal envy by no means requires a civil rights march or a bill for reparations to assuage the anger of those who were never slaves. When you sleep with an anchor named self-pity, labor under the delusion equal rights dictate equal outcomes, reality is the biggest obstacle to your own success. The only thing we are truly owed is that which we must do for ourselves.

Detroit and Baltimore are hardly irrefutable microcosms of racial oppression and “White Privilege” but rather a prime example of how liberalism breeds dependence and animosity by refusing to use sound economic principles, an unwavering standard of culpability from all citizens, in order to erect a vibrant and prosperous society. You can’t fault businesses for vacating urban epicenters that are rife with moral depravity, racial division, and decay – to avoid excessively compensating unqualified or indifferent workers – no more than you would tirelessly endeavor to remove your family from those dangerous exploits. Until people prove they’re ready to seek a better life through empowerment, education and hard work – to honor the law and respect others regardless of their heritage, beliefs or economic disposition – the results will reflect the barren nature of their fruitless intent. No obscene amount of money, no unending number of government bailouts, will topple the status quo until the people themselves are willing to personify the change they supposedly so desperately desire. You cannot liberate able-bodied individuals from the psychological ravages of misplaced anger and societal apathy by offering them a permanent crutch to compensate for their shortcomings or inevitable misfortunes; you must help them realize the crutch is the very source of their ills.

The real tragedy in this progressive ploy to use race as an excuse to eradicate personal responsibility, to displace equal opportunity with equal outcome, is that liberals have stereotyped and reduced minorities – specifically black Americans – into a helpless group of malcontents who are incapable of pursuing an education, succeeding in the workplace, obeying the law, raising children within wedlock, building vibrant communities, respecting White America, and loving a country that does far more for their future prospects and civil rights than any African nation has ever done for its indigenous population. In other words, Democrats have disgraced generations of minorities into believing their greatest ambition in life, or obligation if you will, is to be compensated via a menial government check and to repeatedly vote Democrat because a majority are not capable of anything more due to “White Privilege”. Yes, I concur, how utterly racist and insulting. And if you may, how has either changed their lives for the better? Ensuring an endless cycle of poverty and an inexhaustible source of voter discontent does nothing to help the black community seize the wealth of opportunities America inherently affords. Such bankrupt propaganda merely keeps progress shackled to an exploited legacy of mass injustice that no longer exists; except for the callous purpose of inciting violence through media hysteria to ensure the electoral aspirations of their proven historical nemesis: the Democratic Party.

As a Christian who loves America and embraces people from all walks of life, I have grown tired of discussing race, refuting senseless rhetoric, and defending the color of my skin. It literally tears at my soul to repeatedly speak negatively about the country I love or any sect of society that includes a number of my friends and associates. However, I also cannot sit idly and watch liberty burn in the name of immoral politics and false supposition. I don’t care whether you’re black or white, rich or poor, gay or straight, a Democrat or an atheist: if you show equal regard for my life and family, judge me solely according to my actions, I will unconditionally return such respect with equal vigor and gracious humility. If I am truly the beneficiary of “White Privilege” and not the unique product of my efforts and struggles, then my critics are undoubtedly the festering product of “White Hatred”; or in presidential vernacular, institutionalized racism. What else can you call the malicious slights of a former President of the United States, one Barack Obama, who didn’t attend or send one delegate to the funerals of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Major General Harold Greene (killed in Action), or murdered American hero Chris Kyle, but somehow managed to deploy multiple representatives to the memorial services of Michael Brown and Freddie Gray; known convicted criminals and proud street thugs? What else can you call giving millions of illegal immigrants free welfare, healthcare and shelter from criminal prosecution – those non-citizens who have little regard for our laws or survival – at the cost of homeless veterans and those taxpayers struggling to make ends meet? Non-White Privilege? Affirmative action via racial entitlement is now the greatest form of discrimination in contemporary America.

Instead of focusing on inspirational stories of decent, industrious Americans who do everything in their power to make the world a better place, minority or otherwise, an antagonistic media continues to give preference to the brokers of race in order to drive a wedge in the institutions of logic, but most notably, the streets of America. “We the People” can either strive to eliminate these numerous misconceptions and punish those who applaud anarchy or invoke racism where none exist – often at the expense of real discrimination – or this nation can continue to succumb to the destructive relics of distrust, hatred and discord. When color is king, character is but a pawn sacrificed under the fluttering flag of blind allegiance. America doesn’t need more pious politicians claiming dominion over the historical inequities of race, nor does it require safe spaces absurdly seeking re-segregation to fulfill a political narrative of victimization. It needs a national intervention to illustrate the true victims of bigotry – those who actually needlessly suffered or died under unparalleled cruelty – would be appalled by their “privileged” descendants screaming racial injustice because God’s greatest gift, freedom, is now incumbent upon the bartered price of self-respect.

“Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man’s sense of values and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true.” ~Martin Luther King Jr.


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The Red Cult of Celebrity

Have you ever stood up at your place of employment and lectured your coworkers about politics? Did you ever hijack a charitable gala, sporting event or seasonable celebration and denounce complete strangers as racist, deplorable human beings for not sharing your personal beliefs? No? Never? Of course not…you would have been fired, escorted to the door, for unlike the celebrity lynch mob you possess both common sense and a healthy dose of respect for the opinions of others. Oh, there is a time to resist radicalism and rise-up against oppression, Jody Foster, and that revolution occurred on November 8th, 2016. For 8 years fawning celebrities attended presidential parties, held private photo-ops to the chortling pour of imported Chablis, all while America’s vitality, independence and security burned to their joyous applause of a bitter, anti-American propagandist. While “astute” Hollywood elitists were paid 7 figure paychecks to play charades on the Big Screen a few months out of the year, manufacturing jobs dropped by over 300,000, welfare recipients and the national debt nearly doubled, terrorist attacks and mass shootings rose by over 400%, gender identity supplanted gender privacy, and billions in taxpayer dollars went to Islamic regimes, illegal immigrants and unvetted refugees. Apparently “outrage” has an alternate definition on the glamorous catwalk of criminal misappropriation.

Excuse my curiosity but in what other semi-rationale universe does exposing systemic failure, reverse discrimination and unchecked abuse constitute being slandered as a hateful despot by those oblivious to their laughable hypocrisy? Inequity equally exists in those sanctimonious mouthpieces using fear and fabrication as an obnoxious pulpit to obscure one inescapable truth: if Barack Obama was held to the same warped standard as Donald Trump, he would have been impeached long before the hurt feelings of liberal activists superseded our absolute right to identify those who refuse to coexist with the American dream. No insecere apology necessary.

Contrary to the glittering purse of make-believe, the real Red Carpet isn’t the one where Meryl Streep denies demanding compensation to wear a $100,000 dress, or doting reporters ask Beyonce who designed her $500,000 ear rings. The real Red Carpet is the unsung road that takes millions of Americans to a modest job every morning to put food on the table and a roof over their families’ heads in the hopes their children may one day have a better life; that is, if their parents don’t go bankrupt from a “pre-existing condition” or laid off due to an anemic socialist economy that hasn’t witnessed 3% annual growth in a decade. No, unlike Mr. George Clooney and the pompous hypocrites living in a cognitive bubble where non-citizens deserve lavish detention centers and neglected veterans die unceremoniously everyday as feminists march for free birth control, most Americans don’t have French maids cleaning their Malibu beach home or Beverly Hills masseuses flown to Europe for an awards extravaganza in which they maliciously denigrate their own President; a populist candidate their own blind apathy and reckless ignorance willingly created.

The only revolution necessary to restore order, or more succinctly sanity, isn’t the one led by overpaid fascists using public warfare to harass political opponents. It’s a revolt against the lost institution of reason perverted by mindless partisans who believe intellectual diversity is a crime and that assimilation – respect for a host nation’s laws, let alone the forgotten victims of terrorism, murder, rape and other foreign born crimes – requires entertaining our own fiscal, electoral or physical demise without hesitation or regret. If putting America First triggers the gated communities of cultural apologists, those basking daily in the greatest blessings this republic provides, when do the ordinary lives and livelihoods of “We the People” matter? The price of admission to jurisprudence and due diligence far outweighs the cost of indulging the intemperance of cinematic bliss.

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Playing With A Hot Stove

Because it has been so unseasonably warm this February, most notably setting record high temperatures in the Midwest, a number of people have expressed their concern over this “unnatural” phenomenon and potentially dangerous trend. Although I always advocate being cognizant of our environment and the inevitable climatic variations that ensue, I find solace in a far more organic and self-evident explanation. The fact we’re just now eclipsing a 137 year-old record – a benchmark set before modern industrialization, the dawn of automobiles and when America harbored only 15% of its current total population – is a stark reminder of how insignificant humanity is in relation to the unrivaled power of the Sun. If the degree of the Earth’s tilt changes but a fraction in correlation to our favorite Yellow Dwarf, the results can be devastating…from droughts and widespread desolation to glacial periods that last tens of thousands of years. Not suprisingly, there is a strong link between solar activity – the length and ferocity of solar cycles – and Earth’s annual temperatures. In other words, when perspective requires oven mitts, blame the nuclear fusion reactor in the sky that produces 500 times more Hiroshima bombs per second than the reported energy accrued from “climate change” during a 15 year period.

Any statistical model, regardless of whether you’re tracking a baseball player’s batting average or the daily heat index, is going to experience “natural” fluctuations or even statistical aberrations. Those activists who believe climatic changes are neither natural or cyclical are both naive and predatory. The truth is even the Earth’s radioactive core and its incessant decay, accounting for roughly 50% of the heat omitted from the planet, plays a significant role in surface temperatures and a magnetic field that extends into outer space for the overriding purpose of deflecting damaging solar winds. Furthermore, it is only a matter of time or roughly every 250,000 years before another polar shift occurs. No, you won’t die in a fiery ball of Hollywood pyrotechnics but the effects are tangible as earthquakes in Oklahoma or tsunamis in the Pacific. Even amidst the aftermath of a callous hubris that threatens our rain forests and poisons our waterways, man is but a fly in the perilous vacuum of space compared to the unparalleled prowess of Mother Nature’s wrath.

Wheres global warming and cooling cycles are distinctly inevitable, I will not contest or deride the importance of the Ozone layer. Despite the ongoing debate concerning its exact state of degration and the magnitude of distress levied by such changes, it is invaluable in terms of absorbing the Sun’s ultraviolet rays. Any depletion in the Ozone caused by free radicals such as Nitric Oxide and Hydroxyl, fluorocarbons in the form of banned aerosol sprays or industrialized emissions containing Methyl Chloroform, can cause skin cancer, cataracts, genetic mutations, damage to entire ecosystems, and an increase in greenhouse gasses, Carbon Dioxide, which in turn precipitates higher levels of air pollution. While I by no means support an alarmist mentality regarding climatic fluctuations – those political mouthpieces predicting apocalyptic doom to demand more control over our everyday lives or as a means to legislate higher taxes – I believe all nations and persuasions should work tirelessly to protect the environment through responsible regulation, collaborative research, general education, and greater public awareness. By finding promising new alternatives to age-old misconceptions or destructive practices, mankind can achieve equally meaningful reform on both an individual basis as well as an international platform.

As long as globalists continue rewarding destitute, unscrupulous nations that pollute our atmosphere with reckless abandon – i.e., granting free trade agreements and conceding basic regulatory guidelines – any attempt to pigeonhole America as the unrivaled source of the problem is clearly a veiled attempt to diminish her influence and/or redistribute our wealth in the name of “science”; that “independent’ institution which supposedly should never be challenged by conservatives but is frequently perverted by pseudo-scientific progressives. Considering New York is not under water and the Arctic Ice Shelf is as profound as it was 25 years ago, I don’t need to pay Al Gore six figures to recognize a convenient lie when his carbon footprint is one thousand times greater than mine. The same politically perverted data models used to sell an incontrovertible truth can also statistically prove GMO’s and fluoride are safe for mass consumption. That is…as long as you boil for parasites.

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The American Refugee


California is bankrupt, losing even more federal funding for refusing to repeal Sanctuary Cities, and what’s their solution for restoring order and solvency? Create a single-payer healthcare plan for illegals, mandate free tuition for “Dreamers” and grant suffrage to all driver’s license holders; which now includes any willing, warm body. Behold the madness where employed, taxpaying citizens are treated with less regard than those illegal immigrants who verbally abuse our nation, burn our flag and assault Trump supporters on American soil to the complicit silence of plotting progressives. Spare my petty indulgence but if I went to Mexico City, publicly cursed their country, demanded free benefits and waved the American flag with unbridled spite, in what cemetery or prison would I reside? Would their educators speak English for the benefit of my child or offer them free lunches to the exclusion of their own? Better yet, would any of their citizens hold a nationally organized march on my behalf demanding justice or an officially recognized safe space from criminal prosecution…that my rights and financial well being superseded that of the Mexican populace? Of course not, for belligerent, subversive guests who seek chaos in lieu of cooperation or electoral supremacy in lieu of preserving our founding charter – the timeless catalyst of their economic and liberation – should never be given preference to law-abiding, loyal citizens who toil and sacrifice on her behalf everyday.

As a transcendent beacon of hope and liberty founded for all of humanity, Americans are not opposed to “legal” immigration; those documented procedures of safety protocols ratified by both political parties that have duly existed for over a century. “We the People” merely reject those who seek entitlement over assimilation or breed enmity over unity. Contrary to the racist narrative of DREAMERS, the Geo-political theater of the world today is a far cry from the mass influx of foreigners so synonymous with Ellis Island. Yes, once upon a much saner time, millions flocked for our shores seeking or asking for nothing more than an opportunity to forge a better life with their own two hands; an intrinsic desire to prosper – proudly grabbing the reigns of accountability – and to respect, if not fiercely protect, the limitless blessings America afforded. They had little to any discernible interest in toppling America, the very source of their salvation, let alone murdering 3,000 innocents in the name of a kind, wise and benevolent God.

And now? Now an entire new generation of immigrants, guided by the regressive Red Carpet of American apologists, i.e., progressive politicians and media propagandists, are being baptized by a growing tide of mindless malice; that immigration laws designed to safeguard American lives and interests are supposedly intolerant relics of greed and hate…despite the fact every civilized nation recognizes their absolute necessity. If America is truly driven by insatiable prejudice over principle – and bankruptcy, terrorism and riots are but figments of our xenophobic imagination – why would so many risk so much to journey to such a universally despised harbinger of injustice? Why would entire families cling to the faintest hope of a new beginning in makeshift rafts drifting upon the rogue currents of inescapable death? Simply put…they wouldn’t. The death certificate to the American Dream is the relinquished deed to American sovereignty.

The prescribed path to U.S. citizenship is not a Right Wing conspiracy nor a prerequisite for a weekly civil rights march. It’s both a course of due diligence and due process exercised for the benefit of all parties involved; including the rights and welfare of its most obstinate critics. However, failing to abide by these elementary terms or evade prosecution does not constitute a humanitarian crisis born from bigotry. It is a crime of conscience, choice, and little more. When completing mere paperwork, pledging allegiance to the survival of your newfound home and fulfilling the nonnegotiable steps required to pursue a civilized life becomes an unconscionable burden, what’s the cost of remaining in your native country that so egregiously failed you? The only sanctuary from common sense and the inevitable consequences of one’s actions is under the extreme auspices of the unvetted liberal mind. And if that’s too difficult or radical to comprehend, then please leave your front door unlocked, your checkbook on the table and the birth certificate of your children on the nightstand next to the unchecked baggage of reason’s latest refugee.

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Man on Fire


Flaws or not, I haven’t seen a a President handle the press so deftly since one Ronald Wilson Reagan. While the Gipper was extremely adroit and witty, and he never relented or surrendered his convictions, the sheer level of contempt he faced was not near as caustic or juvenile as it is now. I admire the fact Trump makes no apologies for doing his job, that he’s quite intuitive in regards to people’s true intentions and he does not hesitate in exposing the media’s hypocrisy and hysterics. The MSM has become so hopelessly partisan and dishonest by design that these blunt, unfiltered exchanges – not those watered down, spoon-fed talking points, mind you – are exactly what America needs to hear right now. Real journalism is not predicated upon political advocacy or shameless assumptions sold under false pretenses; it’s a fluid presentation of tangible and verifiable data conveyed for the purpose of informing people rather than recklessly inciting them for personal gain. How can everyday Americans ever make a prudent and enlightened decision for the benefit of their country, if not their own family, when they are routinely denied the most unadulterated details?

As an institution vital to the collective conscience of any society, journalism should embody an unconditional commitment to objectively conveying the news with an ingrained respect for the individuals/subjects covered, as well as the intelligence and well being of their audience. Sadly, I can find few such examples of invested dignity in the media today. Rabid activism, pundits waging political vendettas with the goal of achieving a singular end, is now marketed as reputable reporting. The issue is not whether correspondents identify as liberal or conservative, for that is inevitable, as long as such beliefs are not incumbent upon needlessly distorting fact, selectively reporting current events or fabricating slanderous allegations to sway public opinion. The real crime is that culpability and consequence are increasingly viewed as naively quixotic. If the Fourth Estate cannot serve as the universal watchdog of our republic, both identify impropriety and report the truth with equal vigor, America will succumb to the same fates as many other infamous propaganda states: divided by fear, conquered by blind apathy, or dismantled according to its own complicit ignorance. Thank God at least our President got that memo.

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To Convict by Contempt

By the sheer onslaught of media semantics, I would have thought General Flynn sold 20% of America’s uranium supply to a Russian conglomerate for an included stipulation of $2.3 million in donations made payable to his private “charitable” foundation; i.e., a political slush fund that siphoned millions from disaster relief efforts. Or, by the Democratic Party’s complete overreaction and clear lack of objectivity, I would have never guessed Hillary Clinton went unpunished for selling political favors to Saudi Arabia, Iran and China – some of the most unapologetic human rights abusers – to fund her presidential aspirations while working for the Obama administration at the State Department. Selective outrage over real felonious behavior? Never! No, instead of esteemed statesmen exercising proper judgement, we have a drunken lynch mob screaming impeachment because a highly respected general, one who developed many working relationships over his illustrious career, omitted PHONE CALLS made to a Russian diplomat regarding sanctions; communications that have since been cleared by the FBI as consistent with federal law. Wow, and to think I almost forgot Mr. Barack Hussein Obama tried to send Palestinian radicals 400 million dollars of taxpayer money as he slithered out of office, spent more unauthorized funds attempting to subvert the integrity of Israeli elections or that he personally ratified a “fair” time table for the terrorist Republic of Iran to assemble a nuclear arsenal: a militant regime that pledges to destroy America and Israel on a daily basis.

And how did the least qualified candidate, boasting the most radical associates in U.S. history, reward the same journalists that covered his tracks and gave him a free pass into the Oval office? He TAPPED the phones of the “free press” to monitor “friends” for non-compliance only to smugly proclaim several years later that Donald Trump is the greatest threat to America! Is it time for the IRS to target outspoken conservatives again in the name of “unity” or should “We the People” just pretend the former Attorney General actually pleaded the fifth to protect Obama’s good name from the illegal concept of justice? Oh, that’s right, Congress must immediately investigate Kellyanne Conway for the innocuous suggestion of purchasing dresses as an obvious means to combat the left’s malicious campaign to smear Ivanka Trump’s family name and destroy her livelihood. If I may, what “moral” and principled Democrats came to her defense as an entrepreneur, a woman, a human being? Of course they didn’t. Why stand for intellectual diversity, decency and tolerance when you can potentially waste millions in petty vendetta’s designed to help grown children cope with the repressed reality they lost an election. Why honor your commitment to serve the American people and the Constitution to the fullest extent of your abilities, to embody earnest discourse and compromise, when you can cry, cajole and plot until the simplest, most discernible truths become partisan false flags of criminality?

Speaking of egregious conflicts of interests, unlike our Russian counterparts who renounced Communism as a failed ideology, it is common knowledge Barack Obama was spoon-fed and mentored by staunch, anti-American Communists since the age of 9; from his maternal grandparents in Hawaii, Stanley and Madelyn Dunham, to the notorious Frank Marshall Davis and eventually the Weather Underground terrorist himself, Bill Ayers, who now writes children books for the common good of indoctrination. Not surprisingly, Valerie Jarrett – a Chicago lawyer who became Obama’s closest friend and White House confident – also had strong ties to the same Communist Party member: Frank Marshall. Her father was Dr. James Bowman, a renowned pathologist and geneticist investigated by the FBI for his equally extensive dealings with Communist associations and individuals. In fact, in 1950 Bowman was in communication with a paid Soviet agent named Alfred Stern, who fled to Prague after getting charged with espionage. Soon after his discharge from the Army Medical Corps in 1955, Bowman fled to Iran where he pledged to continue the fight against American interests. And to think we’re talking about dresses and the exact timing of a cordial diplomatic call. If only Democrats tapped their conscience when Ted Kennedy solicited Russian agents in 1983 to subvert federal law and torpedo Reagan’s relection chances. Does revolution deliver?

I have no interest in giving history lessons to obstinate adolescents who invent scandal at the cost of ruining lives for political gain. I also refuse to indulge the mindless fantasies of parading progressives who cannot delineate between treason, convictable offenses and impeachable impropriety, and genuine oversight. Should have General Flynn disclosed his conversation during his confirmation? Absolutely. However, his informal discussion was by no means nefarious in nature or an unreasonable act considering his impending confirmation. I’m far more disheartened that an unwavering patriot who devoted his life to serving the country he loves, had to respectfully resign from a position that was earned through a lifetime of sacrifice and achievement. Instead of entertaining these exaggerated claims unleashed to incite a media circus and thus undermine Trump’s reforms, America deserves real leadership. Where were these sterling standards of protocol and concerns for national security when Barack Obama was nominated for President, let alone when allowed to operate with reckless impunity for 8 years? How was Valerie Jarrett, a self-admitted Communist whose goal was to “fundamentally transform” America, granted access to the highest levels of our government and empowered to conduct secret meetings with Ali Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader, resulting in public issued travel permits from a known terrorist sponsor and assurances assisting Iran’s nuclear ambitions?

Despite my sincerest desire to believe in the forbearance of my fellow man, the answer to the obvious intent of cancer is as brief as it is disturbing. Those obsessed with power will abuse any means, embellish any lie or remove any obstacle to achieve that end. Attempting to appease such contempt for civility, disregard for human diversity, will cordially invite the demise of everything you hold dear. Historically speaking, you cannot coexist with militant malcontents who abandon reason and decorum for the self-legitimized pursuit of uncontested rule. You can only dispose of tyranny’s ranks by demonstrating a willingness to risk death to eradicate any disease that threatens the moral sanctity of life’s natural born liberty. I fear we are rapidly approaching a reoccurrence of that very costly lesson.

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The Generic Brand of Bad Government Healthcare

The greatest driving force in human history is not hate or greed but self-preservation; an innate resistance to losing one’s life, livelihood and family. It is through our natural instinct to survive the rigors of human nature, the rise of everyday competition, that circumstance breeds urgency, innovation, excellence and even empathy. Sadly, I can lend no such credence to the state of government healthcare. While the political leviathan of socialized medicine is supposedly predicated upon universal need, it is more commonly defined by waste, apathy, and the not-so-friendly institution of centralized ineptitude.

If you want a glimpse into the frightening future of medical malpractice, look no further than our VA hospitals where poorly equipped facilities offer about as much hope as they do heartache. Whether in need of routine checkups or critical surgical procedures, thousands of our veterans are treated as burdens and callously left to linger on waiting lists; a growing number of which die from neglect or commit suicide out of sheer anguish. These stories of socialized futility are hardly aberrations for similar experiences are prevalent in England, Cuba and yes, even the liberal love child known as Canada; a country that boasts one-tenth the U.S. population and an average wait time of two months for an MRI. In a fifteen year period researchers estimated 50,000 Canadian women died while waiting for adequate care. If advocates can claim the moral high ground by invoking greed but ignoring reality, what’s the cost/benefit ratio of a life lost to gross negligence or equitable incompetence? Dependency doesn’t demand excellence; it invites the lowest bidder to misspell mediocrity on your entitled epitaph.

I’m not here to claim private healthcare is a pinnacle of perfection endorsed by the most meticulous proctologists. Hardly, for few within the business are truly clean. However, by comparison, independent providers and physicians are overwhelmingly driven by an inherent need to survive by offering a product and degree of service superior to their competitors, including a federal singularity that caters only to itself. In other words, when you make the rules and there is no commercial alternative, what is your motive to improve and innovate to satisfy the expectations of your customers? Better yet, what are the consequences for failure? The same government that can’t balance its checkbook or give a simple, unrehearsed answer wants to dictate every aspect of your life; most notably, the acceptable terms of your unconditional surrender. If Washington is so incestuously corrupt, as Bernie Sanders loves to reiterate, why would anyone want to give more power, money and control to those who so summarily abuse it?

Healthcare is the Holy Grail of progressivism because its inescapable necessity invites political indoctrination; a medium easily manipulated to blackmail voters or a convenient ploy to question the sanity, but more succinctly the rights, of any gun owner. Many of the same Congressmen who profusely declared Obamacare a success – fiscal fairy dust that made healthcare even more unaffordable and countless employees unemployable – refused to subject their own families to its ill-conceived guidelines. Attempting to pay for the healthcare costs of over 300 million Americans, let alone squeeze them into a broken mold showcasing a singularly inferior product, is about as progressive as barbecuing science books to raise awareness for Global Warming. Unless you believe imitation isn’t the sincerest form of flattery, the road most traveled is typically the one with the most dining options and the fewest bureaucrats selling trillion dollar sporks. Why would choosing insurance or a trustworthy doctor be any different?

The inherent flaws of private healthcare do not require sacrificing liberty or quality care on a glass altar of unsustainable socialism. Lasting and immediate reform can be achieved by eliminating or restricting the exclusion of “pre-existing” conditions, adjusting the rates of emergency and surgical care, opening foreign pharmaceutical markets to lower the cost of drug prescriptions, and by establishing tax-free healthcare coops for businesses or municipalities. Likewise, the cost of routine medical procedures can be lowered by either subsidizing the purchase of vital Hospital equipment or by providing abatements for the companies that manufacture these devices. If Washington can waste 100 billion annually on illegal immigrants, or subsidize the human rights abuses of terrorist nations, Congress can refund our forsaken trust by finding creative methods to lower the medical expenses of actual citizens without infringing upon the autonomy of choice.

As for those struggling individuals unable to afford insurance, a greater emphasis should be placed on upgrading, staffing and properly equipping community health centers; as well as encouraging more area doctors and nurses to volunteer their expertise in exchange for student loan forgiveness or future job preference. Whereas “access” to medical services is a right, free or discounted healthcare is a privilege incumbent upon helping yourself; albeit by working to survive or by seeking higher education/training to earn a better living. There is absolutely no shame in requiring assistance during times of financial distress or personal misfortune. However, other than enduring a permanent disability, refusing to provide for your family or make an honest attempt to meet your medical obligations is not need; it’s exploitation. A lack of personal accountability is a surplus of contempt for those affected by its absence.

Forcing Americans to embrace a single-payer healthcare system is as absurd as claiming only one company should sell shoes or manufacture cars. After all, Crocs are equally traumatizing whether at the plant or in the office and who doesn’t want a convertible Yugo bird feeder with fully functional headlights? The American pioneers of discovery were not the offspring of a federal mandate, clammoring for affirmative action, nor were they motivated by the thought of the fruits of their labor being confiscated for the common good of bad government. Rather, they personified a spirit of ambition that risked failure for the potential reward of a dream – realized by a tireless work ethic – dedicated to pushing the boundaries of the status quo.

While most medical personnel possess an intrinsic desire to both transform and save lives, they also rightfully deserve to thrive within an environment that both compensates their unique abilities and stokes the fire of human ingenuity. If “necessity” is the mother of invention, competition is undoubtedly the father of competence. Although some degree of oversight will always be required to combat fraud, negligence, and to maintain safeguards within an ever-changing industry, “the people” deserve the best possible care with the least amount of political subversion. Government does little-to-nothing as well as the private sector because in the real world efficiency, specialization and solvency are not logical fallacies mocked as enemies of the state. When Socialism is defined as Communism without a bayonet in your back, success is defined by the number of functional limbs left to command instead of by the number of lives saved from its dysfunctional grasp.

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The Education Emancipation

Without the ability to control and manipulate students, progressives are like Pavlov ringing a bell; only they are the ones left salivating to the anticipation of indoctrination. The core responsibility of public education is to provide a functional skill set for our children, to prepare those who will seek further enrichment and to help foster well-adjusted, productive members of society. Unfortunately, ever since the 1950’s, Marxist agitators like Bill Ayers and Saul Alinsky realized the best to topple America, our fierce independent spirit and Judeo-Christian values, was not by brute force but by the audacity of a few malcontents poisoning the pipeline of public education with spoon-fed, anti-American propaganda.

The incessant onslaught from social conditioning leaves a trail of carnage far greater than any singular battle or standing army.  How else could you convince millions and a majority of millennials that America is an evil empire built upon mass victimization; that capitalism is the root of our problems rather than the engine of ingenuity, a ladder of opportunity and mankind’s liberation from Big Government? How else could you justify attacking intellectual diversity and free will in our streets, let alone in our publicly funded institutions of higher learning…key cogs of a civilized society built upon discourse and democracy? I don’t need to bath my senses in a filtered pool of mass conformity to realize the bubbles are America’s last breaths. And I sure don’t need to kneel before the altar of Howard Zinn to be baptized by half-truths beneath the sanctimonious drivel of progressive brain surgeons.  I just need to breathe and think for myself without the assisted-suicide benevolence of Big Brother.

The left’s opposition to Betsy DeVos goes far beyond contested credentials and the informal grammar of “tweets”. Her confirmation is a tangible threat to their monopoly on the minds of future voters. When educational excellence becomes the bell curve of mediocrity and behavioral problems become the gold standard of appeasement, why shouldn’t parents reserve the right to reallocate their tax dollars for the private instruction of their children?  People’s hard-earned paychecks aren’t signed permission slips granting moonlighting political advocates the means to abolish the occupational integrity of objective learning. They now represent the voided vouchers of public trust in government.

Did you ever ask yourself who writes the textbooks of Common Core curriculums or why teachers are now overwhelmingly and disproportionately liberal? I can assure you it’s by no means a coincidence or the subject of a PBS investigation.  When a public educator stomps on the American flag in the classroom or zealously demonstrates a mock assassination of the President, it’s of little surprise when God is expelled for conservative “extremism” or a boy exercising his First Amendment rights is attacked and suspended for wearing a campaign hat. There is madness and then there are publicly funded lies contributing to an ideological coup d’état: more commonly known as, treason.

My goal is not to disregard or pardon America’s historical transgressions for those are cultural scars, indelible reminders, of how far we have progressed as a nation. My goal is remind “We the People” that the Constitution, and not the flawed cultural norms of any era, provided the blueprint for overcoming our most daunting challenges and blatant injustices.  For the 1.6% of Americans that owned slaves during the height of the Antebellum period, how many textbooks laud the over half a million whites who suffered and/or died to end human bondage? Do they mention or label Brazil as racist for importing 5 million black slaves to toil in their gold mines; a number 15 times greater than those servants transported to America? How much credit is given to those Northern evangelical Christians who both spearheaded the movement to both topple servitude and secure suffrage? And lastly, were “Native” Americans not “nomadic” tribes who displaced/conquered other settlers, who slaughtered each other in droves over “territory” and who routinely enslaved enemies or engaged in slave trading?  Or perhaps I should complain my non-native American “privilege” does not include free land, tax exemptions or a complimentary college education despite engaging in such historical depravity.

Contrary to seasoned revisionists, history was never intended to be a politically correct menu of convenience passed around among partisan critics. It is but a vigilant reminder of the grotesque fallibility imbued into the imperfect nature of mankind. Whereas older generations endeavor to never forget about ravages of war, terrorism or the threat of Communism, younger generations are endeavoring to forget everything history has taught us; most notably, that America was born from the ashes of tyranny and the censorship of blind subjugation. And what exactly has leftist academia learned from the oppression and murder of dissidents under Stalin, Hitler, Mao or Castro? What textbooks or lesson plans have been adopted to warn our sons and daughters about an Islamic creed that still justifies and contributes to 1400 years of bloodshed, intolerance and misogyny? If you choose to label capitalism as the gospel of greed, please inform Cloward & Piven that capitalism has liberated far more from poverty – built more bridges, hospitals and universities – than the noble bread lines of socialism. The best thing to happen to old lingering, Marxists is naïve, young millennials allergic to the aroma of common sense.

Instead of reaffirming America’s founding charter – those values, liberties and innovative discoveries that have repeatedly  transcended the modern world – progressive educators are promoting hate and conformity to exact political supremacy: i.e., think as we do, Government is your master, entitlements are your birthright. Whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, there is no excuse for disparaging intellectual diversity, independent thought, or suffocating a universal beacon of hope and liberty. The quickest way to handicap a child and ensure the demise of a free nation is to hijack the very tool of their empowerment…education.  The nonnegotiable function of our educational system is to provide a quality, competitive curriculum that fosters an ingrained knowledge, if not an undying appreciation, of the timeless ideals America was founded upon: freedom, limited government, faith, hard work, accountability and duty. Honoring America does not require inciting division and discord to extract the last drops of rogue individuality. It rightfully demands honoring our youth, their parents, and those responsible teachers who still believe political terrorists have no place in our classrooms.

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The Death of America

The historical duty of the minority party in any form of representative government is to serve as the voice of opposition: to respectfully question, clarify or confirm the prevailing course of the nation through constructive discourse. Regrettably, I am witnessing no such decorum today. Donald Trump hasn’t even been in office for a single month and organized chaos has rippled throughout our communities and pierced the hearts of our senses. And for the love of God, why? Because he refuses to fund sanctuary cities, those entities that harbor illegal aliens who knowingly broke our immigration laws or committed further crimes while on U.S. soil? Are American citizens provided refuge from not paying taxes, robbery or even murder? Or is violent anarchy now virtuous because President Trump, concerned about the rising death toll from terrorism, temporarily restricted immigration from the most notorious regions of radicalized Islam; prudent actions taken by both Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama  during times of tense cultural hostilities?

What we are witnessing is not a revolution of consequence, or even oppression, but a regressive plot to turn the logical into the illogical, a political tantrum into a public tribunal. When grown adults become so detached from reality, exempt from accountability, they seek validation through false perception; such as boycotting shaking the President’s hand or inciting destructive demonstrations. If Donald Trump disbanded legal immigration and deported 15 million illegals (although justifiable) I could understand the outrage. However, he has not. Where was this insatiable disgust when Bill Clinton called illegal immigration our greatest threat and implored Congress to build a border wall, or when the Obama administration – recklessly enabling an unprecedented wave of undocumented migration – spent more per illegal immigrant than the average Social Security recipient or U.S. veteran?

And, if I may, when did “Never Forget” become “yes, please, can we have another” in a matter of a few short years? This is not 1900 where millions sought and respected the opportunity America afforded, rather than being consumed by an ingrained hatred to do her harm. If demanding that all refugees, visa holders or immigrants be thoroughly vetted is a radical concept, no matter what their point of origin, why even have background checks for police officers, educators, or caregivers; none of which were responsible for 9/11, the Orlando shooting or the Boston Marathon bombing? Better yet, when did common sense become a verified security risk?

Winston Churchill once predicted, “When fascism comes to America it will be in the form of anti-fascism.” Few sayings could be more prophetic for progressives are not only waging war against free will, but the institution of reason itself.  Without an unconditional respect for our democratic process, to express ourselves free from violence or duress, freedom is but a removable footnote. I don’t want to live in an America where a mother, craddling her baby, is verbally accosted over her last name, where my children are beaten on a campus of higher learning for exercising intellectual diversity, or where celebrities are applauded for suggesting the overthrow of our government or the assassination of a man who hasn’t even been charged with a crime. That is the flag of fascism, fear born from propaganda, for liberty is not a tool of convenience to be yielded or only respected when it suits our desires. I would rather peacefully divide the country I so dearly love, live amicably among conservative and liberal states, than witness a rejection of all civility from the comfort of my home. What we are witnessing is the death of America.


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Erasers for Islam: The Excuses Edition

The three most common ploys used by progressives to defend Islam and denounce the necessity of immigration restrictions.

“The seven countries chosen for the travel ban have produced no terrorists and none of the 9/11 attackers hailed from these regions.”


Unless “profiling” is a relic of the Cold War, I’d venture to say this flunks the smell test. At least 20 individuals who committed terrorist acts on American soil have immigrated from these temporarily banned populaces; and yes, let’s not discount those who tried and failed or waged acts of terror in other countries. Whether invoking the roughly 50 Islamic attacks in America since 2001 or the hundreds more perpetrated worldwide, attempting to “moralize” evil on pervasiveness alone discounts the singular greatest factor of all: what is the one common denominator in this global pandemic? Due the ubiquitous nature of Islam and the limitations of tracking undocumented backgrounds, Donald Trump knew the arduous task of protecting lives had to begin somewhere. Therefore, despite the false narratives and tearful protests of knee-jerk contrarians, he merely chose the most radicalized regions already identified by the Obama Administration; the very same notorious Muslim sympathizers and enablers of an Islamic caliphate. The fact Saudi Arabia refused to accept these “helpless” refugees and has enacted travel bans for years, despite having the resources to house their Arabic brethren, speaks volumes to the imminent threat. Sadly, there are far more Christian refugees at risk of imminent death in the Middle East than the reported “homeless” Islamic militants persecuting them and seeking paid passage to our shores as a reward. These families represent both the sacrificial pawns and buried casualties of selective media reporting.

Yes, it is true, none of the 9/11 attackers emanated from the “Militant 7”. Then again, it was September 11th where nearly 3000 people were slaughtered in a matter of hours by a handful of unarmed jihadists. Intent is everything and without the benefit of geography America would experience a far greater prevalence of terrorism. Failing to do everything in our collective power to prevent any loss of life at the hand of malice, whether a lone airport security guard or an entire metropolis, constitutes gross negligence and a callous disregard for our safety. These restricted regions are but a microcosm of the cultivated hate which incessantly festers and threatens our communities on a daily basis. In the end, their point of origin is a moot point for they embody a cruel culture of antiquated intolerance that is allowed to flourish beneath the selective apathy of globalists. Nevertheless, the inherent and unavoidable difficulties in eradicating terrorism – names, harbingers, accomplices – do not absolve our elected leaders from their constitutional duty and moral obligation to protect us from its ravages. The only thing extreme about restricting Islamic immigration and demanding extensive vetting, is the extreme opposition to employing common sense.

“Terrorism pales in comparison to the number of shootings and violent crimes in America.”

But of course it does. We are a nation of over 300 million people and a criminal element exists in all societies. However, such depraved actions are overwhelmingly the property of rogue individuals targeting a specific person or institution out of sheer disdain. Other crimes are completely random and a product of frustration, a break from reality, with no specific target or reason. The Newtown shooter was mentally ill, Dylann Roof was an aloof racist who targeted black Christians, and the Columbine shooters were jaded teenagers obsessed by a cinematic culture of glorified violence. There is a stark difference between acknowledging the inevitable pitfalls of human nature, anger or mental illness, and a religion of indoctrinated hate that preaches martyrdom as the highest aspiration to its near 2 billion followers. Likewise, the inevitable existence of criminal misconduct within our native population does not infer we must welcome, without prejudice, death and destruction from beyond our sovereign borders. Such reasoning is plain absurd. The problem with violent crime in America doesn’t reside in an animate object, as conniving pundits love to naively proclaim, but in the systematic decay of our societal values; those fundamental Judeo-Christian cornerstones of Western Civilization progressives have worked so tirelessly to undermine. So, in a not so ironic twist of fate, or a defiant lack of accountability, progressivism and Islam are symbiotic cancers eating away at the moral fabric of modern society. Their desire to enable and protect one another stems from a clear commonality: an insatiable lust for control and a mutual hatred for both America and Israel.

“Christianity is no better than Islam: the Crusades, the Inquisitions, the hypocrisy!”

Only a fool would deny that nearly every faith is tarnished by some degree of historical injustice. Because religion is practiced by flawed and fallible believers, the true delineation between good and evil is best achieved by filtering the dregs from actual dogma. The Crusades, in all their demonized misconception, were a direct reaction to the over 900 hostile incursions made my Muslims & Turkish Moors into Europe. While the brutality of both factions cannot be condoned, the Crusades were by no means an unprovoked campaign of blind aggression. Rather, they viewed the rapid expansion of Islam as a grave threat to their faith, or more succinctly, an innate calling to save the ancestral birthplace of Christianity and thus ensure their people’s survival.

The infamous Inquisitions, on the other hand, were sordid tools of righteous paranoia, Christian doctrine perverted by moral relativism, designed to exact loyalty through fear and thus eliminate perceived threats to the monarchy. However, unlike its obstinate Islamic detractors, Christianity willingly partook in a formal reformation over 500 years ago and learned over time that senseless bloodshed in the name of God was a fruitless endeavor that neither honored his commandments or the hopes of humanity. On the contrary, you’d be hard pressed to find another religion that comes close to the sheer depravity and death toll achieved by Islam in the past 100 years; from the Armenian genocide to widespread human rights abuses and the endless acts of terror carried by its devout followers today. To dismiss such soulless crimes as rogue aberrations is to deny the root philosophical affirmation of Islam: you cannot pervert that which is already pernicious by nature.

Whereas Christians have universally adopted the virtues of love, forgiveness and tolerance exemplified by the life of Jesus Christ and praised by the New Testament of his disciples, the same cannot be said of contemporary Sharia Law; that which has never swayed from the barbaric practices espoused by the hateful tenets of the Quran. Although there are undoubtedly decent and compassionate Muslims throughout the world, these voices of moderation too often fade into the obscurity of silent consent when confronted by the unrelenting shadow of unapologetic evil. As for those immoral acts committed by people who merely identify as “Christian” – pastors who abuse boys or poisonous sects like Westboro Baptist Church spewing judgement – such duplicitous actions are not validated or celebrated by the Christian masses, nor do they represent the moral canon of Judeo-Christian ethics. Unfortunately, even after 1400 years of endless human suffering, Islam still justifies beating/disfiguring disobedient women, sentences homosexuals to death, encourages sexual/marital relations with children, and seeks global supremacy by conquering, enslaving and/or killing all non-believers. If fear of malevolence is discrimination, the torchbearers of Islamophobia have more than earned that right.

Do you honestly believe Muhammad, a documented thief and polygamist, would have washed the feet of a known prostitute, embraced his enemies as his brethren – as equals in the eyes of the Lord – or sought salvation through the virtuous servitude of all mankind? Not even by decree of death. My goal is not to hoist the flag of Christianity and piously claim providence over the throne of divinity. My sincerest hope is to shed the shackles of distrust and discord to one day live among all faiths, without marches and martyrs, and share in a divine salvation not built upon bricks and beams but found in the hearts and souls of noble human beings. Regretfully, until that day comes, you cannot break bread with those who want to remove your hand for simply offering to coexist.



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A Clear & Progressive Danger

The progressive strategy is clear: to declare every policy decision made by Donald Trump as an unforgivable crime against humanity and immediate grounds for impeachment. The question is, where was this hyper-sensitive sense of duty for the past 8 years when the Prince of Persia abandoned Americans in Benghazi, aided and abetted terrorist regimes, redistributed earned income ad nauseam, lied repeatedly to pass socialized healthcare, authorized federal agencies to target conservatives, denied Christian businesses religious freedom, wiretapped the press, encouraged mass illegal immigration for electoral gain, incited racial animosity and civil unrest, validated violence against police officers as social protest, aggressively imported radical Islam, and flushed our economic vitality and national sovereignty down the toilet at every conceivable opportunity? Without double standards, how would a liberal journalist ever know the difference between a treasonous dictator and a conniving, lying despot? Simple…they voted for both twice. When millions are perfectly content with a bitter propagandist who put America last for nearly a decade, they cannot handle the culture shock of an undaunted patriot who instinctively fights for her first each and every waking moment. Sorry but only one man owes the American people an engraved apology and it’s not the one dutifully determined to restore our pride, prosperity and non-negotiable commitment to homeland security.

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Lost in Translation

There are military veterans – poorly paid, callously cared for and gravely injured in combat – who have never complained about their country or their circumstances; despite having every right to do so. Now we have foreign residents, temporarily detained in airports or delayed from returning to the U.S. in the comfort of their own homes until their visas can be cleared, claiming to be unjustly inconvenienced and the unmistakable victims of Islamophobia. Considering there have been over 50 Islamic terrorist attacks on American soil since 2001, imagine how many forsaken souls would eagerly reclaim their lives, limbs or their waning health if it meant being briefly inconvienced by the unbearable tyranny of a safety protocol. The inevitable dissatisfaction experienced by a small faction of international guests is a small price to pay for potentially saving the lives of thousands…including their own ungrateful existence. If you’re going to cry me a river of mass media victimization, make sure it’s a biblical flood of such visceral magnitude that it redefines human suffering rather than engratiating the type of omitted entitlement that involves impatiently eating a sandwich on a sofa while watching TV or posting annoyed emojis on your bored Snapchat selfie. A tragedy and irrefutable act of xenophobia is exactly what transpired on September 11th, 2001. Your momentary inconvenience is our unyielding desire to never again repeat that fateful day. Or perhaps you’d like to see the immortalized images of true depravity or the haunting last words of unspeakable injustice. Unlike yourselves, the grieving families of these marginalized victims will forever be “inconvenienced” by picking up the unidentifiable remains of their lost loved ones. For that, even as a natural born citizen, I would gladly give one year of my life for a fleeting hope to assuage 3,000 lifetimes worth of suffering.




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Dear Sad, Angry Friends of Refugees


Dear sad, angry friends of temporarily inconvenienced refugees…

I haven’t seen this many crocodile tears since I watched Titanic…the ‘lost cutlery’ edition! Should we all have a good group cry for every terrorist attack thwarted, American life saved or jihadist captured? Of course not…complacency requires a general malaise of reality or partisan contempt for perspective. Judging by your bombastic and childish reactions to a prudent, justifiable order – one that is far from the first of its kind – it’s as if 9/11, the Boston Marathon, Fort Hood, San Bernardino and Orlando attacks never happened; let alone the minefield of victims scattered across Europe by a friendly caravan of “misjudged” refugees. In fact, if I were to believe the mainstream news and Nazi rhetoric of dignified protestors like yourselves, none of these infamous events had anything to do with the barbaric intolerance Islam has cultivated for over 1400 years without refrain or regret. Nope…just like the constructed memorials, somber anniversaries, and daily body counts…it’s all but a figment of our Islamophobic imagination. Apparently these temporarily banned migrants don’t shout “Death to America” or threaten to kill all Jews near enough to be taken seriously by your superior “progressive” mind. Yes, I concur, not all Muslims are terrorists but an overwhelming number of terrorists are Islamic militants. How many Christians are bombing cafes or slaughtering innocents as they invoke the teachings of Jesus Christ? There is no comparison for Christianity evolved by learning senseless bloodshed in the name of any God was a pointless endeavor that neither honored virtue or man. Unless martyrdom is no longer glorified in the Quran and taught as the highest aspiration in countries like Syria, Iran and Yemen, the only problem I see is that so many enlightened Starbucks baristas are completely oblivious to the universal existence and vile nature of one: Islam. Is it too late to ban a $5 Cup of Joe?

If liberalism truly isn’t a mental disease, or dare I say an unstable state of emotional regression, I’d venture to wager it’s a growing epidemic of hearing and visual self-impairment. No? Wrong again? Well perhaps the time has come to once again sing threatening songs of unity, violently assault Trump supporters in public, applaud Christian persecution in the Middle East and burn the white supremacist flag of America to honor the oppressed rights and legacy of Islam. Complacency is obviously not very fond of quoting history because it can’t pronounce “evil”. And therein lies the problem.

PS…The Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah, al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Boko Haram have all RSVP’d to serve as honorary, non-radicalized “refugees” for those with short-term memories. ISIS is ready to validate at the airport.

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A House Without Neglect

Barack Obama himself reluctantly admitted it was essentially impossible to properly investigate the backgrounds of Muslim refugees or track their ranks once they arrived in America. Unfortunately chanting ‘Death to America’ on an almost daily basis in their native countries just wasn’t enough to stir the banished institution of logic in progressive propaganda. If Donald Trump is truly a misogynist and bigot as unhinged leftists love to proclaim, what exactly is Islam; that antiquated diatribe of hate which oppresses millions, brutalizes women for merely dressing inappropriately or speaking without permission, instinctively preaches intolerance, and unapologetically seeks to both conquer and violently punish all non-believers? How can you faintly welcome or freely trust that which refuses to assimilate; to recognize your unconditional right to exist? A civilized nation cannot assist the alleged victims of theological and economic carnage by endeavoring to enable the very culture of radicalism that so egregiously failed them. In a post 9/11 world, it’s absurd and a clear dereliction of duty when our elected government investigates American citizens, potential employees or political adversaries, far more rigorously than migrants from the most notorious regions of the world.

Unless “We the People” have forgotten what constitutional ideals America was forged upon – individual liberty, equality, due process, religious freedom – President Trump represents a fleeting spec of dust in a never-ending desert of Islamic depravity. Temporarily banning Muslim refugees from the most notorious radicalized regions shouldn’t require an explanation or a media inquisition for its necessity is self-evident. It’s also a stark reminder as to why our original Continental Congress failed; it lacked the necessary resources, collective fortitude and derived authority to more effectively protect our rights, lives and national sovereignty. Islam is not only grotesquely incompatible with our values and way of life, it represents the most tangible threat to the ideological basis and survival of Western Civilization. In a nation as blessed and transcendent as America, these once non-negotiable precepts are now racist fodder for those scheming politicians, media pundits and opportunistic anarchists who are increasingly bitter over an election result, rather than indelibly committed to the non-partisan welfare of America, her people and the liberty she espouses. The human toll of Islamic barbarism can never be fully enumerated or internalized; especially by those who deny its sadistic charter or live free from its ravages. But it can be swept under the carpet of our slumbering senses, our unsuspecting children, by those who seek to undermine everything we built and ultimately sacrificed to protect: our home. To that end there is no amount of political subversion to which I will bend or ask permission.


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Catering to Madness


Who needs real leadership when the “fake news” turns the temporary ordered cessation of refugees from 7 terrorist dense nations into a complete Muslim ban? Furthermore, who needs standards when there are currently 16 countries that forbid the entrance of Israeli passport holders; and all without a single peep or threat from the progressive lynch mob? But of course.

Thousands of Muslim immigrants – including Islamic travelers from the likes of India, Pakistan, Turkey, and even Saudi Arabia – are still being granted visas and/or the opportunity to complete the naturalization process. Unfortunately such omitted details are of little consequence to a press that is much more interested in fueling further paranoia until fear destroys property, threatens lives and erects a permanent state of Trump “triggered” anarchy. It is therefore of little surprise an Obama appointed judge once again spitefully bypassed the law and issued an immediate stay restricting those powers explicitly granted to the Chief Executive by a former act of Congress. Not only will the Federal Appeals Court annihilate this embarassing decision, they will reaffirm refugees are not entitled to the same rights/privileges as citizens and a sitting U.S. president is fully within his or her authority to cease, limit or alter immigration from those populaces and nations deemed a credible threat. Just ask Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and even the Social Justice Warrior himself, Barack Obama, who exercised such expressed powers six times; including barring anyone under a U.N. travel ban. Being it’s literally impossible to properly investigate the backgrounds of refugees from a number of destitute, radicalized regions, why would our safety protocols suddenly cease to exist? For the sake of political correctness and kickstarting their bitter presidential aspirations for 2020? Ignorance is bliss until someone gets killed; for which the media will inevitably blame Donald Trump.

It’s unfortunate progressive zombies are still beguiled as to why American voters overwhelmingly rejected the Democratic relocation program. Their unyielding desire to subvert our electoral process and demographically terraform our founding values does not override our desire to exist; or better yet, to prevent terrorism in our communities. If politics actually dictated prudence, America would be fully justified in banning all Muslim immigration until Islam formally rejects its 1,400 year-old legacy of violence, discrimination and intolerance. Or perhaps said protestors would like to bury the future victims of Islamic jihadists with their own soft hands of calloused apathy. I’m sure the grieving families will understand that 9/11, Fort Hood, Chattanooga, the Boston Marathon, San Bernardino and Orlando – to name but a few costly “bumps” on the toll road to globalism – were just misreported figments of America’s xenophobic imagination. To hijack Robert Frost…I welcomed the guests least hostile and it made all the difference. When did self-preservation require an explanation, let alone a dinner invitation to our own demise?

Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 states: “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or non-immigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”


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Into Darkness

I freely admit it is difficult to bare witness to such disturbing images, but I believe the human cost is far greater when silent virtue fails to bring light to darkness, justice to depravity. These women represent the forgotten faces of unspeakable cruelty and the marginalized victims of true oppression; those crimes against humanity summarily dismissed by activists who now embrace Islam as a “progressive” partner in the fight for equality. Contrary to the mainstream news, the real War on Women isn’t being waged over free birth control, the tyranny of “mansplaining” or funding abortion clinics that profit from a dissected child. Nor is it a bombastic march of hate protesting a democratic election result by wearing knitted, pink hats and parading in vagina costumes while spewing the most grotesque profanity. Rather, it’s a millenia-old campaign that turns females into disposable objects, denies millions due process, glorifies pedophilia and human servitude, and justifies the most unforgivable forms of brutality against females for the most innocuous infractions.

In a free country where feminists are now “triggered” by how a man sits or the symbolic purity of the “Virgin Mary”, it’s preposterous the so-called voices of liberation would ceremoniously dawn a hijab as a symbol of empowerment, when it literally embodies censorship, mass suffering and unyielding misogyny. Don’t be fooled by those apologists dismissing these victims as “extreme” examples of an otherwise peaceful religion. Most “Westernized” muslims are only constrained by the consequences of our laws, a minority contingent restrained by the potential backlash of armed citizens, as their growing ranks endlessly conspire to impose Sharia Law across America without hesitation or regret. Until the civilized world stands in unison and demands a global reformation of Islam, an immediate cessation of its most discriminatory and barbaric practices, nothing will change. If we are to truly defend the dignity of life and seek equality for all God’s children, there can be no refuge or political absolution for those who mock the universal necessity of human rights.

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The Bare-Naked Truth of Feminism

If a woman’s ability to choose is truly paramount to liberals, why do they attack those who choose to stay at home and raise a family in a world that is brimming with immorality, promiscuity and absentee parents? Furthermore, if feminists truly care about women, shouldn’t they support their rights as individuals, equals, regardless of their political or religious affiliation? The real war on women has nothing to do with opposing abortion, protecting a child’s life, or free birth control; it’s a perilous product of the radical left’s undying hatred of those independent voices who don’t share their sexist views of how a woman should think, feel, and act. Whether a woman wants to pursue a career, raise her child full time, vote Republican or Democrat…that is entirely her choice. And Thank God she is free to exercise such personal discretion. After all, wasn’t it roughly a century ago women in this country were denied their natural born and Constitutional liberties; equality in the eyes of God and their innate ability to choose a life of their own bidding? Yes, how disconcerting is it that modern-day feminists are complicit in their silence as millions of Islamic women are deprived of basic human rights – free speech, the necessity of education, due process and protection from legalized brutality – only to religiously chastise those American women who are Christian and who espouse conservative ideals? Activists will celebrate “progressive” females who proudly have abortions or single women who have more children simply to garner more welfare, but they will viciously degrade Sarah Palin – a successful, self-made woman – who chooses to embrace motherhood and raise her handicap son as an equal. Sense any hypocrisy or glaring lack of respect?

Feminism, which arose from need and injustice, has tragically morphed into a fascist movement solely designed to redefine womanhood to further a political agenda and to squeeze our daughters into a stereotypical mold that is by no means progressive: it’s an affront to their liberty, intelligence, and individuality. Instead of fighting for the betterment of all women, regardless of their personal beliefs or lifestyle, feminists selfishly attempt to oppress those who do not cater to their fragile and warped sensibilities. Simply put, it’s discrimination of the worst kind for it is born out of choreographed deceit, political gain and sheer malice. Unbeknownst to the historically obtuse left, America was founded upon personal freedom and tolerance. Just because a woman doesn’t flaunt her sexuality, treat her children like bumps in the road, or attack men for professional or monetary gain, doesn’t make her old-fashioned, weak or naive. It simply means she embodies self-respect, accountability, and can delineate between choice, reality, and destructive political rhetoric. It also means, unlike Madonna, she doesn’t need to publicly share the geometric shape of her pubic hair or bribe every man willing to vote for Hillary with a blowjob in order to feel empowered, special or enlightened. Some crimes against humanity are best left to the naked imagination where shameless celebrities still believe they are somehow relevant or remotely appealing.


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An Unwilling Accomplice

Once upon a time an ambitious, educated, hard-working young man stepped forth into the world to make his father proud and honor the blessing that is America. The  of he spearheaded over 500 successful business ventures, created thousands of jobs, erected renowned real estate on four continents, was repeatedly lauded by all sects of society for his philanthropic and social work, and he even won the Republican nomination for President of the United States in the face of unwavering scorn and scrutiny. However, for the first time in his 70 year-old life and roughly just three weeks before the election, this devoted husband and doting father who chose a path free from alcohol and recreational drugs was suddenly accused of harassment and sexual assault by nearly a dozen women; of which an overwhelming majority were solicited by network/party operatives hunting for any hint of indiscretion or scent of jaded associates willing to imply guilt. Hour on the hour, choreographed press conference after choreographed press conference, the tears of the victims’ unsubstantiated stories were rolled out in front of cameras as feminist attorney Gloria Allred held their hands without ever once mentioning how her celebrity services were so deftly obtained – the very same political hotline used to sink and slander the campaign of Herman Cain – or if she enjoyed her trip to the Democratic National Convention in July as a Hillary Clinton delegate. Apparently “hearsay” is a billable foray.

Despite being “violated” by an international icon and affluent mogul, not one of these women filed a civil case, if at the very least, to secure a quick, lucrative settlement. Equally ironic, not a single criminal charge was ever filed by law enforcement against their alleged assailant, nor was a single interrogation ever required. To the surprise of no one, and without a shred of tangible evidence except that provided by the accused debunking claim after claim, the mainstream media viciously degraded this man night after night, 24 hours a day, engineering a blatantly false narrative that convinced millions a rising populist candidate was a womanizer, a misogynist, a pedophile and a serial rapist; a vile legacy Bill Clinton has been apathetically acquitted from by the same outraged partisans who buried a treasure trove of sexual impropriety and deceit. As a result of the media’s reckless tactics and criminal indifference, riots ensued, property was destroyed and countless Americans were assaulted for doing nothing more than honoring their civic duty and exercising their electoral rights.

Today, as part of a mass demonstration of ignorance and juvenile spite, thousands of women across this nation protested a man they never met, personally knew or ever asked a single question. In a deplorable display of bitter self-righteousness, Ashley Judd accused him of molesting his own daughter while Madonna gave a profanity-laced tirade glorifying her seething desire to bomb the White House and murder a sitting U.S. President and his family. How incredibly admirable. This cultivated hate harnessed by activists to incite such disgusting behavior is by no means a mistake, or an organic grassroots reaction, but an organized charade designed to delegitimize the greatest threat to the progressive agenda: an unwilling accomplice. That man is Donald Trump and I’m proud to call him my President.
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True to Thyself: The Populist President

For those who followed and supported Donald J. Trump since the announcement of his candidacy, today’s inaugural speech made no apologies and offered no refuge from the populist message he has conveyed without refrain or neglect of those he proudly represents: the marginalized masses of political contempt. In the brooding face of media elites and plotting Democratic foes, the billionaire bulldog spoke with unflinching resolve and a majestic sense of duty dedicated to honoring the country he loves and reforming a hostile government willingly bereft of common sense and culpability. Not only were his words powerful, his convictions refreshingly candid, it’s clear his vintage charter of “America First” will scuttle the globalist agenda in favor of reclaiming our economic vitality, restoring the rule of law, defeating Islamic barbarism and embodying the independent spirit of the American exceptionalism so tirelessly suffocated by progressive malcontents.

Despite mocking his every nuance or constitutional affirmation as divisive and dangerous on this day of national revelry – a characterization egregiously lacking from the unvetted Marxist beliefs, Islamic loyalties and anti-American associates of one Barack Hussein Obama – the press continues to operate under the delusion they are anything but a yellow stain of petulance on the road map to progress. When your pulpit of propaganda crucifies a man’s reputation and true intent, incites people to the point of fracture over an “incomprehensible” election result, the cross of betrayal is yours to bear alone. The truth is, after enduring 8 years of executive deception and pardoned corruption, Donald Trump shouldn’t have to mince words solely to coddle the tears of melting snowflakes or tread lightly to protect the fragile egos of the status quo simply because so-called educated pundits are now incapable of objective discourse, or at the very least, identifying the unrivaled source of our ills and societal division.

If putting ‘America First’ is such a radical and foreign concept, why do we vote, pay taxes, have borders, sing the national anthem or celebrate the Fourth of July? Better yet, before I believe China, Iran, Syrian refugees or the United Nations have our best interests at heart, I don’t ever again want to witness the “radical” proposition of electing a president that doesn’t love America or instinctively put the welfare of his or her countrymen first and foremost. Yes, contrary to paid protestors, it is entirely possible to lead a sovereign nation from a position of strength, a prudent platform of self-preservation, without abandoning empathy or the international community. And for those who don’t agree, tell me what goes through your mind when you tuck your kids in bed at night or endlessly endeavor how to best protect and provide for your family.


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The 10 Most Pervasive Lies about Conservative America

1) Conservatives are racist! Shall I quote the blissful bigotry of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Al Sharpton, or any slew of “socially conscious” crusaders; celebrities included? If I may, which party was founded as the anti-slavery party, ended Jim Crows and spearheaded the movement for citizenship, suffrage and equal rights? Here’s a hint…it doesn’t rhyme with “rat”! Conservatives welcome all races and colors in our quest to defend and preserve America’s founding ideals. Likewise, we unilaterally reject divisive victimization rhetoric used solely to incite animosity along socio-economic lines for political gain. Although racism exist in all facets of America, such hateful attitudes are infectious and only invite future bigotry upon yourself, your peers and your loved ones. Progress is not measured by the number of times race is invoked or celebrated. It is personified by the number of lives liberated from its requirement. Why again would “racist” Republicans support Allen West, Ben Carson, Dinesh D’Souza, Mia Love, Condoleezza Rice and Marco Rubio, let alone spread the transcendent wisdom of Booker T. Washington, Martin Luther King Jr. or Thomas Sowell? Refusing to support a rogue President’s spiteful, anti-American agenda doesn’t make anyone a racist, regardless of their heritage or political affiliation. It makes one increasingly cognizant of the destructive aftermath such deep-seated prejudice inevitably brings.

2) Conservatives are sexist! Naturally, because conservatives don’t have mothers, wives or daughters, nor do they care about their well being. We decry discrimination against either gender, detest violence against women in any form, and support equal rights and pay for all women. Conservatives simply reject the regressive agenda of modern feminism which seeks injustice where none exists – “psychological trauma” inflicted by patriarchal images, the sexism of “mansplaining” or the “rape culture” of “manspreading”, gender identity conditioning of children, free birth control and taxpayer funded abortions, the so-called prosecutable sexual paradox of “yes” means “no” – as a means of degrading the masculine image and traditional role of men in society. This adopted brand of radical activism ensures reverse discrimination by attempting to validate such absurd demands to the detriment of both society and all reasonable, responsible women that desire nothing more than equal opportunity and treatment under the law. Self-respecting women do no want to be coddled, made to feel hopeless and therefore given an emotionally crippled crutch of contempt. Whether pursuing a career of or raising a family full time, they deserve the right to live the life of their choosing without discrimination or the crass exploitation of bitter gender fascists. Parading around in public topless, shouting obscenities and performing vulgar acts doesn’t make you enlightened, let alone noteworthy. It makes you the willing failure of your own stupidity. Empowerment, much like equal rights, doesn’t illicit hatred or reject accountability.

3) Conservatives are Nazi “extremists”! Unless you passed a concentration camp on the way to work, hauled the smelted gold taken from numbered corpses, this is nothing more than media driven hysteria designed to justify progressive policies that are incompatible with our founding ideals, or better yet, common sense. You do realize Adolf Hitler, the infamous leader of the Third Reich, was a rabid German socialist who denounced individuality, capitalism, Christianity, and free speech? He also advocated imprisoning or executing political dissidents and all inferior ethnicities. Do you know what other fascist movement harbors almost identical beliefs? Progressivism. Conservatives aren’t the ones silencing intellectual diversity on campuses, clamoring for state-run media, physically attacking Trump supporters, rioting in the streets over a free election result, singling out Christian businesses for prosecution, mocking traditional values or publicly demonizing white Americans. Liberal fascism, the once fringe element that officially hijacked the Democratic party in 2008, is now the single greatest threat to liberty, tolerance, due process, prosperity, and the survival of America. Considering the Nazis sought absolute control and conservatives loathe intrusive, unilateral government, this accusation is about as wise as a transgender Jewish man asking to be circumcised by a Muslim butcher before he uses the little girls restroom. “Halal No” or until hell freezes over, the left is by far the greatest embodiment of extremism in America today. When the end justifies the means, truth is of no consequence.

4) Conservatives oppose immigration! Hardly. America was founded as a beacon of hope for all races, creeds and colors. On the contrary, we rightfully object to the pardoned excuses of “illegal” immigration and the mass influx of untraceable “refugees”. Not supporting our immigration laws, those protocols every civilized nation enacts and enforces, is a slap in the face to every man, woman and child who immigrated to America legally, not to mention those 3,000 victims who died on 9/11. Abandoning our borders, not shielding citizens from criminally and medically unvetted threats, is a dereliction of duty and a clear and present danger to our country’s sovereignty and security. Encouraging, dare I say “engineering”, illegal immigration solely to win elections and demographically override our founding principles is nothing short of treason. Despite such disingenuous ploys, all are welcome who respect our sovereignty and complete the process afforded by law. Perhaps someday activists will understand this “revolutionary” concept when sentenced to decapitation by an Islamic tribunal or while picketing corporations in the progressive soup lines of socialism.

5) Conservatives are gun fanatics! Like our forefathers, we unequivocally embrace people’s right to defend themselves against all forms of tyranny; Thomas Jefferson’s most profound reason for preserving our right to bear arms. Gun violence isn’t a disease but a symptom that reflects the  Rather than addressing the obvious moral erosion of our communities – an endeavor Hollywood has worked overtime to achieve by mocking our religious values – progressives are content exploiting national tragedies to justify their insatiable desire to repeal the Second Amendment. Not only is gun confiscation historically the final lynch pin to uncontested subjugation, gun control does little to deter those who truly want to harm others; especially when you realize both the Oklahoma City Bombing and 9/11 were carried out without a single shot being fired. Every day firearms deter crime and save far more lives than the soulless   of any disturbed individual. You can no more regulate human nature than an inanimate object can pull its own trigger and be convicted for murder. When mass death is the ultimate goal, the weapon of choice is moot for people will always find a vessel to deliver their wrath. The fact these mass shootings rarely occurred 50 or even 25 years ago is a costly reminder that parents, schools and our elected leaders have failed to instill our children with the proper values and universal respect for their fellow man. The question isn’t why do so many citizens own a gun. The question is why are so many comfortable ending a human life? Leaving decent, law-abiding Americans helpless against thugs, terrorists and aspiring dictators is never the answer; it’s the broken promise of armed regret.

6) Conservatives hate the poor! Of course…because we never get sick, lose our jobs or struggle to provide for our families. Sorry but poverty doesn’t discriminate and any President that doesn’t create jobs, lower taxes and eliminate waste is no friend of the American people. One of the benefits of living in a nation as resourceful as America is the financial assistance available to those in need. Nearly all people struggle, require assistance time to time, and there is no shame in that. And yes, Americans are a compassionate and generous people. However, Conservatives take great umbrage with those smug parasites who view welfare as a career opportunity and conspire incessantly to defraud the system when they should treat such blessings as a stepping stone to reclaim their life. Stealing bread from the mouth of honest labor – those taxpayers who have watched the number of welfare recipients and the national debt nearly double since 2008 – is a slap in the face to all hard-working Americans, as well as those families that struggle with real misfortune and lingering disabilities. Everyone owes it to themselves, their family and their country to find a job. A paycheck is a means to a means, a self-sustaining gateway to a better life, whereas welfare is a meal ticket to endless dependence, debt and discontent. For when the fog of propaganda and entitlement clears, no economic system has liberated more people from the clutches of poverty than capitalism; that independent engine of ambition most synonymous with liberty, prosperity, and human discovery. However, please note, and much to the chagrin of Marxists everywhere, capitalism only works if you do! A healthy work ethic is the fastest path to personal success.

7) Conservatives are religious radicals! Clearly. What’s the terrorist score card of the century? Which religion has never had a reformation? Yet again, this is but another baseless claim designed to insight fear, hate and paranoia at the expense of dispelling dangerous misconceptions. America, Western Civilization, was founded upon Judeo-Christian ideals; a fact liberals malicious muddle, twist and insistently attempt to discredit. Opposing abortion – the death of a human being even in its most glorified state – or rejecting Gay Marriage – the political corruption of a “religious” institution in Western Society which threatens the family dynamic – hardly makes us harbingers of hate or the equivalent of Islamic militants; those extremists who deny women basic human rights and kill gays for merely existing. As ardent constitutionalists, Christian conservatives advocate the tolerance of all competing beliefs that coincide with our founding values. No, Christianity is not perfect or without historical indignities. Christians simply learned killing in the name of God was a fruitless endeavor that undermined every tenet of their faith. What we absolutely refuse to condone is empowering those ideologies that violate people’s natural born rights, i.e. Sharia Law, or threaten our founding values to the debasement of our culture and national ethos. Not all laws are just or justified; not all boundaries are meant to be broken.

8) Conservatives are war mongers! Yes, because once again, Conservatives, those who are most likely to serve their country or volunteer for during times of crisis, do not have families who sacrifice and grieve so that “We the People” many live free from harm and bask in those liberties so often denied to millions across the globe. Like all Americans, Conservatives detest war and view it as an absolute last resort of recourse. That being said, we do not live in a world were evil does not exist and circumstance can rely on the unwavering good nature of our fellow man. To unconditionally reject military intervention regardless of the prevailing circumstances is the equivalent of watching a rape across the street and doing nothing about it. Frankly, when did we stop caring? The question all liberals should be asking themselves, and that of the entire civilized world, is why aren’t more nations and leaders taking a stand against mass injustice and depravity? No, America cannot be the savior of the free world or right all wrongs of humanity. We simply must refuse to be the doormat of tyranny and criminal apathy. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

9) Conservatives hate the environment! I’d love to indulge this popular progressive fairy tale, but we too drink from the sources of water, breathe the same air, and educate our children about the ravages of pollution. Rather, conservatives refuse using science fiction as to implement unnecessary regulations, collect more taxes, solely to expand government and claim more austerity over our everyday lives. The same bureaucrats who can’t balance their checkbook, protect our borders, or give the people a straight answer, want to control every aspect of your life out of the goodness in their hearts. No, right-minded Americans aren’t fearful of science, anything but, for we eagerly embrace its universal necessity, power and wonder. What we don’t accept is a political alarmist, i.e., a pseudo scientist named Al Gore and his celebrity salesmen, proclaiming the Arctic ice shelf would cease to exist within a decade and that the entire city of New York would become the lost ruins of Atlantis due to the impending catastrophe known as climate change. Sadly, not to spoil the inconvenient truth about his “D” in Natural Sciences, or his six figure speaker fees, glacier coverage of the planet is now as prominent as it was 20 years ago and the Yankees have yet to give away floaties during a single promotion. Bummer.

As firm believers in empirical data, reputable science, conservatives recognize the existence of global cooling and warming; we merely view both as natural climatic cycles that far outweigh the shameless ploys of politicians. Now that’s not to say mankind has no negative impact on the environment, bio diversity or even global temperatures. I have no doubt whatsoever. It’s just that our presence pales in comparison to the mercurial power of the sun and the instinctive reflux of mother nature. After all, if the truth be known, one of the hottest years ever recorded in our nation’s history occurred in the 19th century during pre-industrialized America. Believe it or not, just as many if not more conservatives live off the land, utilize nature for recreation, and tirelessly work to protect and preserve the source of their greatest blessing…their preferred way of life. Protecting our environment against corporate waste and individual apathy is nonnegotiable. Listening to those politicians who manipulate scientific data for political and financial gain, on the other hand, is entirely optional.

10) Conservatives are out of touch! Or perhaps we’re painfully astute of history and vigilant to the ides of tyranny. As the proud torchbearers of the timeless ideals America was founded upon – individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty – conservatives pose the biggest threat to the globalist agenda: a secular, soulless paradigm of mass conformity and institutionalized dependence. Progressivism cannot survive without inciting distrust, division and discord to conceal the truth from low information voters; those vulnerable souls most easily cajoled by such sensationalist propaganda. Any ideology that cannot stand on its own merits and is counter-intuitive to the Constitution – statism, Socialism, and Marxism – is inherently radical and a tangible threat to our way of life. If I may, how are any of these philosophies remotely synonymous with our founding creed, not to mention the supreme law of the land? Historically speaking, one must work far more diligently to protect a lie than to simply speak on the behalf of self-evident truths. Conservatives believe, and freely attest, man’s natural born rights are derived from a divine creator and not ransomed by the “benevolence” of centralized despots. At its most rudimentary core, our elected government has three fundamental duties: to protect our lives and liberties, to honor and uphold the prescribed limitations of the Constitution, and to provide transparency in all its dealings. I’m sad to report the corrupt cesspool of polarized bureaucrats known as Washington have egregiously failed on all three accounts. Defending the ideological cornerstones America was erected upon doesn’t make conservatives “extreme” or detached in any sense of the word. It makes our detractors hopelessly ignorant, toxic and irrefutably malicious.

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The Forgotten Dream

As we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr., it deeply disturbs me how so many have distorted the legacy and intent of the most influential civil rights leader in modern history. In the face of true injustice and bodily harm, Dr. King never wavered from his convictions as he spoke with a vigor and eloquence that could sway the most obstinate critic. No matter how perilous the situation or egregious the crime, he symbolically and literally embodied non-violence, the struggle for racial equality, by refusing to abandon the belief that people of all creeds and color deserved to be treated in the same light as they were created: as equals in the eyes of God.

Despite the media’s otherwise sensational claims, the same man who endured hatred and death threats on a daily basis never would have embraced the Ferguson or Baltimore riots, he never would have stood idly by as crime, drug abuse, unemployment and broken families ravaged the black community, he never would have invoked slavery or poverty to justify brutality, and he never would have demanded special treatment, for anyone, not already afforded to all Americans. Above all, the son of a former pastor preached accountability born from an acute self-awareness that rejected self-pity or entitlement. Failing to hold everyone to the same standard, especially oneself, meant succeeding in discriminating. Martin Luther King did not want to be seen as a victim, to shout racism at every perceived misfortune or disagreement; he merely wished for every soul the inalienable right to live the life of their choosing, to prosper according to their own unique gifts, without undue scorn or prejudice. Sadly, those voices claiming to be faithful disciples of Dr. King’s profound and indelible teachings – hovering parasites like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson – have exploited tragedy, invented injustice, and incited animosity ad nauseam almost exclusively for personal gain. Their presence has done little to assuage the actual plight of black Americans, the moral and economic erosion of our inner cities, because such a proposition requires principle over press conferences and sacrifice over sentiment. Change does not occur by raising a singular fist to protest a perceived injustice; it resides in the positive impressions made by loving parents, the resourceful faith of fortitude, and those overlooked contributions made by everyday people willing to act without malice or reward.

MLK’s dying wish was not that we continue to be defined by race but that all Americans would demonstrate an insatiable desire to live in harmony, to educate and empower our children, to thrive and contribute to a vibrant society, and most of all, to grow free from the destructive shackles of violence and hate. Progress is not measured by the number of times race is invoked or celebrated. It is personified by the number of lives liberated from its requirement. Before Barack Obama and Eric Holder grabbed the proverbial reigns of social justice, I honestly believed America was on a path to achieving that iconic dream. No, race relations were not perfect, bigotry will always exist in some form or facet of America, but more and more people simply realized that character, not the color of one’s skin, was the greatest measure of our humanity. Now, in the growing shadow of a luminary’s absence and the fading dream of his forsaken wisdom, this nation is as polarized as ever. As long as “We the People” allow bitter politicians and hostile hate groups like BLM or the KKK to dissect the world according to race – encouraging self-segregation, ransoming peace and flaunting color as a commodity – this country is destined to succumb to distrust and discord rather than forever bound by the inherent needs, hopes and dreams that should inevitably unite us all. As a white man whose heroes span the likes of Jackie Robinson, Michael Jordan, Morgan Freeman and Thomas Sowell, or better yet as a proud Christian who embraces the handshake of hope over the echo of fear, Rest in Peace, Dr. King….you are not forgotten.
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My Conservative Credo

I believe in the timeless ideals that once made America the last, best hope of mankind.

I believe one’s love of country – its survival, welfare and the privilege of citizenship – supersedes all partisan loyalties.

I believe any form of intrusive or oppressive government that does not serve the rights and will of the people is an enemy of humanity.

I believe “We the People” can accomplish anything when liberty, hard work, responsibility and respect are non-negotiable.

I believe we can reform healthcare, without denying individual liberty and succumbing to the highly cumbersome, ineffective leviathan known as socialized medicine.

I believe we can honor legal immigration, the promise that is America, without abandoning our borders and security solely to stuff the ballot box with an inexhaustible source of illegal votes.

I believe in rewarding ambition and work ethic, the innovative spirit of private enterprise, in lieu of encouraging envy, dependence and culturally convenient excuses.

I believe capitalism, the breathing fire of competition and discovery too often suffocated by the glass ceiling of socialism, is the genesis for our revered way of life and most synonymous with freedom, opportunity, and upward mobility for all Americans regardless of one’s abilities, education or life circumstances.

I believe we can reform entitlement programs, the near 50 million on welfare, without denying those with real struggles and disabilities the necessary assistance to live with dignity.

I believe intellectual diversity is the path to enlightenment, the transcendent blessing of free will, and that Freedom of Speech must never be denied or abridged in our public institutions regardless of our political beliefs or personal differences.

I believe we can embody the fight for equality, fairness, without succumbing to radical feminism, race-baiting, and the regressive stigma of victimization propaganda.

I believe we can protect a child’s right to be born, that a human life is worth far more than the sum of its parts, without denying women and men the “choice” to accept the inherent responsibilities of having sex.

I believe any gender identity conditioning of our youth is child abuse and a desperate attempt to push a LGBT political agenda that represents less than 3% of the population but nonetheless seeks to encourage and normalize gender dysphoria: a recognized psychological disorder with far-reaching consequences.

I believe we can teach our children to respect and properly use guns, to defend our Constitutional right to bear arms, without having to become an unarmed statistic of violent crime.

I believe we can honor God, share his universal wisdom in our schools, without forcing anyone to accept Christianity let alone embrace his existence.

I believe in preserving the sanctity of marriage, a religious institution and biblical covenant in Western society, without tolerating violence, animosity or discrimination against gays by denying equality in the workplace or their right to secular Civil Unions.

I believe we can defend religious liberty, our founders’ indelible belief in the divine source of our natural born rights, without allowing the barbaric and backward tenets of Islamic law to infiltrate our communities.

I believe we can honor our commitment and duty to protect Israel, their right to exist in a sovereign homeland free from hate, without aiding and abetting her sworn enemies of intolerance.

I believe the United States Military is the rock upon which tyranny must break, that lasting peace is best achieved by projecting strength through unwavering resolve, without abandoning our allies, moralizing only select victims of human suffering or failing to meet the everyday needs of our veterans.

And I believe we can hold our elected government accountable for a litany of failures and abuses, rather than enabling “blameless” politicians to destroy America with divisive politics and unending corruption.

These are not radical concepts; they are the ideological bastion of this nation’s founding and the common sense principles progressives have systematically undermined and usurped with their anti-American agenda. The time has come for responsible and competent leaders who genuinely care about this country, her future, and the people to reclaim the reigns of a rogue government and prove that integrity and progress are not just bankrupt promises used to cajole the masses under a deceptive banner of “hope and change”. In other words, with no corrections for political correctness or apologies to globalists, I believe in God, liberty, the Constitution, self-reliance, our brave servicemen and women, capitalism, and limited government. I believe in America!

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To Lead by Example

I do not deny that I love Donald Trump’s “no-nonsense, get shit done” mentality of leadership. The man tackles problems with timely vigor, he consults people from all schools of thought regardless of personal differences, and he views “politics” as an obstacle to sound, lasting solutions. An effective executive doesn’t lose daylight cultivating excuses – especially in the face of failure or apathy – and by no means accepts them from those delegated with his utmost trust and authority. While bitter partisans continue to cry and plot over an election result instead of protesting the egregious state of our Union – a feeble economy, reckless immigration, record debt, incited racial division, political censorship and eroding urban epicenters – the President-elect has already secured commitments for nearly 100,000 new jobs, restored consumer confidence, banned lobbyists from Washington, identified and rejected federal waste, rescinded his personal business interests and salary, donated all profits from international Trump hotels to the U.S. Treasury, and shown both cooperation and unflinching resolve in addressing our cultural differences, including the moral degradation and failing infrastructure plaguing our communities. And the man hasn’t even taken office yet.

Whether you love him or despise him, you will not find Mr. Trump’s tireless work ethic and love of country loitering on golf courses during times of civil unrest or spending 100 million of the people’s money on lavish vacations as families struggle to provide for their children. You’ll find it front and center, day or night, striving to better a nation and help her people despite continually facing endless hate and dishonesty. A legacy of change isn’t born from finger pointing, orchestrated outrage and shameless rancor designed to distract from one’s obvious failures and anti-American agenda. It resides in the “politically incorrect” candor and steadfast convictions of those willing to do and overcome whatever is necessary to solve our most pressing issues; to restore our forsaken founding charter of individual liberty and transparent, limited government. America doesn’t need more inflammatory stigmas born from false media narratives. It needs leadership – bold, fearless, accountable – willing to expose the corrupt establishment, endure the relentless hostility of social and political parasites, in order to reinvigorate the vitality and standards of nation that have been slowly anesthetized by those who reject our heritage and openly embrace our enemies.

If you do not love America, understand those timeless principles that made her great and thus a transcendent beacon of hope and opportunity, how can you truly have her best interests at heart? How can you tell the difference between terrorism and violence, socialism and economic liberty, equality and Islam, globalism and independence? Although mistakes will be made and uncertainty is inevitable, it is our actions – not regurgitated excuses or bankrupt apologies – that define our character, and yes, ultimately one’s legacy. I do not need a paid political rally or a choreographed news conference to realize Donald Trump was never accused of racism or rape before he ran for President. I just need to open my eyes to realize he chooses prudence over propaganda, results over rhetoric and hope over hate. If only I could say the same about his critics.



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The Price of Perspective

Meryl Streep is a talented actress but everyday Americans are tired of being treated like petulant children that must be incessantly lectured by condescending Hollywood elitists. If hard-working families are so “offensively” out of touch with “cultured” celebrities, what do you call wearing six-figure outfits to attend pompous galas honoring the same intolerant sycophants who are paid millions for pretending to be someone else a few months out of the year? Charitable role playing for our mental and financial health? Or perhaps those “racist” voters who have little-to-no life savings, struggle to meet their monthly bills and must pay ridiculous ticket prices to see Meryl’s movies, should simply embrace a government 20 trillion in debt that gives billions in taxpayer dollars to illegal immigrants and grants free trade to foreign business competitors utilizing cheap or slave labor. Obviously our “uneducated” privilege is showing again. Oh, misogyny too? Forgive us for liberal Hollywood never sells women as sex objects, promotes negative stereotypes or pays them less than men.

Apparently it’s hard to tell the difference between “fake” news and reality, terrorism and humanitarianism, when writing checks to the pay-for-play, “Clinton Cash” Foundation from your beachfront balcony at the Cannes Film Festival. I don’t need a Red Carpet of blind adulation or a politically hijacked pulpit of glittering vanity to realize Washington is overrun with corruption, mass deception, and a smug contempt for both the intelligence and the electoral will of the people…those independent thinkers who are the rightful owners of a federal leviathan that seeks self-preservation, unchecked power and personal favor, over transparency and the rule of law. And I sure as hell don’t need permission from delusional thespians who bask in the limitless blessings of liberty, their “progressive” and celebrity privilege, only to have the gall to marginalize Trump supporters as the ignorant harbingers of hate. Sorry but I don’t need bigotry or hostility to choose an unfiltered, successful CEO who unapologetically puts America first – the welfare of ALL citizens – over a glorified propagandist who struggles to utter a single positive word, let alone an honest one, about the country he claims to serve.

The very same wave of populism and palpable outrage that elected Donald Trump was born from the neglected aftermath of a rogue agenda that demonized our heritage daily, treated truth as a treasonous crime, incited discord without regret and justified entitlement (envy) over the absolute necessity of accountability. The fact the media, Mrs. Streep and her Hollywood cohorts are completely oblivious to the reality Barack Obama is by far the most radical, deceitful and hateful presidential candidate in our nation’s history – a self-professed Marxist who despises America, Israel, and is obsessed with race – merely confirms the best accolades in life never require a spotlight or an acceptance speech. They are the unspoken pearls of wisdom gained from the open invitation of reason; more commonly known as….perspective.



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A New Year’s Hope

Tonight is not about politics or obsessing over our inevitable differences, regardless of our gender, color, sexuality, wealth or religious beliefs. New Year’s Eve is a worthy cause for celebration, for appreciating our most obvious or overlooked blessings through joyous revelry with family, friends and the good will of complete strangers. It is a reminder that we are survivors, insatiable dreamers and forever bound by common needs and struggles. And although life is riddled with death and personal misfortune, despair and discord, I do not need to drift amidst the endless sea of tombstones marking departed loved ones and fallen heroes, or loiter in the streets of apathy and moral depravity, to recognize the ominous pitfalls that await my every step each 365 days of the year. Rather, on this festive night, I choose to drink from the fountain of humanity to honor mankind’s most quintessential gift: hope. Hope has resurrected hearts from the depths of hate, inspired the afflicted to cure illness, and slayed improbability by rousing starving peasants to defeat the corpulent armies of tyranny. Its strength is immeasurable, innately indelible, and represents the last untouchable vestige of liberty….our God-given rights….for hope is an undying remnant of love; of what could and can be when we drink from its universal chalice. So as you raucously raise your glass to the heavens tonight, kiss your loved ones or hug complete strangers, remember all that is right with this imperfect world and that no good thing ever truly dies; no matter how much we endure or must overcome. The most endearing resolutions are not those impulsive pledges made on any singular day or momentous occasion, but they are the unspoken virtues, selfless actions, we embody every uneventful day of our lives. God Bless, be safe, and Happy New Year!

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The Czar of Kiev

With Barack Obama it’s always about appearances, rarely truth, and that’s exactly why he levied sanctions and expelled Russian diplomats…to feed the baseless lie foreign agents violated the integrity of our elections, specifically targeted the DNC’s private apparatus, and therefore somehow stole the presidency for Donald Trump. As usual, Barry’s ultimate goal is to give credence to a false narrative that would undermine Trump’s authority, populist support, and thus hopefully incite voter outrage in 2018 and 2020. When all else fails, the President of the United States, the supposed dignified leader of the free world, proves himself to be a spiteful child bent on widening existing divisions and justifying further discord because America rejected the failed status quo: his indefensible record of blame and betrayal. Because propaganda hates precedent, did Mr. “Hope and Change” expel known jihadists from America, let alone ambassadors from known terrorist nations, after importing and welcoming those who despise our very existence and way of life? While we’re on the subject of electoral sovereignty, why didn’t our principled leader admonish, punish or expel DNC operatives for colluding with Hillary to defeat Bernie in the Democratic primaries? Better yet, why did three states catch the Department of Homeland Security trying to hack their servers on election day? And lastly, where was his unwavering concern and decisive call to action when the media admitted conspiring with Hillary to rig the debates, to slander Trump with a preposterous number of unproven sexual assault allegations, and whose reckless attempts to paint him as the reincarnation of Hitler resulted in violence and discriminatory acts against his supporters all across America?

When only select lives matter and the truth is the political equivalent of play-doh, your inner sociopath lives in an imaginary world where Russians steal elections from corrupt, pathological liars and your hateful, anti-American legacy is under siege by bigoted, white, Christian extremists who believe in the treasonous ideals of limited government, transparency, free speech, legal immigration, accountability, and duty. For a man who wasted 85 million on personal vacations, exported more jobs than Islamic martyrs and pleaded with college graduates to ignore those paranoid voices warning of government tyranny, reality is about as relevant as a Muslim ‘refugee’ wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt while demanding free tuition, the right to vote, Sharia Law, and a safe space in every building or city block to pray for the destruction of America without the interference of intolerant, Trump voting nationalists. In other words, the absurdity of a lie is only surpassed by the ignorance required to protect it: i.e., selectively reporting the race of police shootings, fabricating inflammatory hate crimes for votes or deleting the damning details of a nuclear agreement once hailed as a seismic victory for world peace. Obviously the most effective strategy to fight “fake news”, also known as self-incrimination in media circles, is to master the liberal performance art of deflection: a partisan process of enrichment, mass deception, in which you magically acquit yourself but simultaneously convict all whistle-blowers as “fake” sources by simply pointing a single, solitary finger of blame. Call it a preemptive strike for the post-departed alibi, or better yet…grade school in 1960 Kiev. In the case of our pious and pontificating President, only Hollywood could write such complete, utter bullshit and only the lapdog media could bury the unadulterated truth without choking on their own pungent contempt for our intelligence and welfare.

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Torah, Torah: The Deed to the Holy Land of Israel

For those allergic to reality, Obama’s latest UN stunt confirms the man is a raging anti-Semite, unrelenting propagandist & proud Islamic supremacist. Whether before or after Israel’s establishment in 1949 or the unprovoked attack on Israeli sovereignty during the Six Day War in 1967, today’s “Palestinians” – i.e., transient Muslims of neighboring Middle Eastern countries – have no legitimate claim on the West Bank other than spitefully opposing the very existence of Judaism, Jews’ native land, and using it as a staging point for acts of terror against Israel. And yet no one from the international community questioned or condemned the fact our plotting president gave the terrorist regime known as Iran billions in aid and a green light to build a nuclear arsenal. But of course he did for Mr. Hussein despises America and Israel – our Judeo-Christian heritage and ascendency – more than telling the truth itself. How else can someone actually say, with a straight face, that Muslims contributed as much as any other religion or ethnic group to the founding of this Constitutional Republic? Naturally, because Sharia Law is obviously so damn compatible with our founding ideals. Due process and religious freedom, anyone? For nearly half a century, the UN has systematically slid into a globalist, anti-American cesspool of progressive radicalism that seeks to strip us of our independence, identity, economic vitality and individual rights at every opportune moment. These so-called equitable voices of humanitarianism condemn America and Israel ad naseum but say little of the atrocities and grosteque human rights violations committed by Islamic nations on a daily basis; which include, to name but a few, the indoctrinated practices of genocide, human bondage, sex trafficking, the legalized oppression/execution of women, nonbelievers and gays, and pedophilia. If Mr. Trump so chose to restore sanity to the recognized pulpit of supposed civilized nations, turning the UN offices into housing for our homeless veterans would be a much better use of taxpayer money, if not a ethically redeeming choice for generations to come.

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Predators, Prey and the Age of Consent


Questioning or attempting to alter your child’s gender because you find it politically advantageous or socially admirable is nothing short of child abuse. Such contemptible behavior is a clear example of psychological conditioning disguised as compassionate, progressive parenting. Whether a child is ultimately straight or gay is of little personal interest as long as it happens on their own accord. Fifty years ago, let alone in the 1980’s or 90’s, children rarely displayed gender confusion because they were not bombarded with imagery and activism that both condoned and encouraged transgenderism. Feminism or masculinity, no matter how prevalent or uncommon, were present in both sexes and sexual orientations. These imperfect realities did not require public interventions, physical makeovers or notice of gender justification in grade school.

For the record I do not deny a very minute percentage of the adult population consciously seeks to change their natural born gender. However, their desire is more of a psychosomatic manifestation, an internalized response based upon how they are perceived, revered or rejected, by their peers. And yes, because no one is born instinctively hating or questioning their sex, some possess an insatiable need for attention. Either way, it does not change the fact there are only two genetically encoded genders and I don’t need to watch a man who identifies as a woman attempt to breastfeed his lover’s adopted son to comprehend the disturbing consequences of indulging such destructive fantasies. If “gender” is nothing more than a fluid state of mind, nature’s neutral role playing game, reality must be an erasable blackboard of pointless regret. Unless our androgynous spirit animals are romping free from the confines of guilt and bathroom privacy, common sense shouldn’t require a paper cut on your God-given genitalia to realize the “sex” listed on your birth certificate isn’t an undeclared prostitute paid with monopoly money and a complimentary pair of sexist pink or blue booties. Predators love to stalk or “dress” their prey and impressionable children should never be the nameless guinea pigs of culture warriors’ reckless “identity manipulation” campaign designed solely to validate their chosen lifestyle.

Although I proudly treat all people with equal respect regardless of their race, gender or sexuality, there is no evolutionary precedent for homosexuality or biological need for cross-dressing and gender dysphoria. They are acquired behaviors and social constructs of human interaction, whether we embrace their existence or not. Encouraging childhood dysfunction to make homosexuality, gender reassignment, appear more appealing – dare I say commendable and courageous – speaks to our downfall as an “evolved” society. Nobody deserves a televised award or special recognition of any kind for wearing their momma’s clothes…for being gay or straight. Likewise, no child should ever be the subject of the soulless left’s social engineering experiments simply to fulfill a counter-intuitive agenda that spitefully undermines our societal values, the intrinsic benefits of a strong family dynamic, and shows no regard for the long-term mental health of susceptible adolescents. Children don’t need to be “sexualized” and forced to carry the psychological baggage of conspiring con-artists. Politics be damned, kids just need to be kids…period! Our sons and daughters already have enough obstacles to overcome growing up in a hopelessly twisted and morally depraved world.
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A Petition for Perspective

If you’re going to promote a petition to overturn the results of an election, why not create one to increase the size of your bank account, transform winter into summer or cure cancer? I don’t know what plane of existence these juvenile malcontents are operating on, but it sure isn’t in the real world where choices have consequences and life rarely unfolds according your unfettered desires. Instead of wasting countless resources and inciting further division, why not sit down at the grown-up table and work towards building a better tomorrow? And yes, such a commitment requires tolerance and respect for all people and viewpoints through earnest discourse. Despite the media’s incessant rhetoric and repeated false accusations, Donald Trump has made a conscious decision and effort to Make America Great Again: to foster strength where there was once weakness, to expose globalism in favor of nationalism and to end the corruption that rewards political elitists. The President-elect has consulted leaders and pundits from both sides of the aisle – regardless of his personal feelings – met with corporations, foreign statesmen, and financial institutions to begin the arduous task of reinvigorating the private sector, identified federal waste of taxpayer money and the man hasn’t even been sworn into office yet. Apparently I’m not near offended enough.
Forgive my uncooperative memory…when did Barack Obama ever seek such a practical, beneficial and inclusive solution to our most pressing issues; i.e., seek compromise in lieu of forced capitulation through public mockery? He rammed socialized healthcare through Congress by buying votes and lying to the American people – yes it was a tax, premiums did rise and millions lost both their doctor and private insurance – empowered federal agencies like the IRS, DOJ, and EPA to wage political vendettas and selectively enforce the law as he saw fit, instituted a tidal wave of new regulations/taxes that suffocated business and hurt working families, religiously employed race, gender and class warfare to falsely sway public opinion that at times incited violence and death, openly embraced the sworn enemies of Western Civilization despite pleas from our intelligence community and the victims of Islam, and he recklessly issued Executive Orders – not to further expound upon the law – but to bypass checks and balances in hopes of fulfilling his personal agenda no matter what the cost or consequences to this country.
I don’t need to be a Republican or Democrat, let alone be an American, to identify the intent of one’s actions. And I sure as hell don’t need a petition to explain why millions of Americans are supporting and rooting for Donald Trump after 8 years of unilateralism and celebrated anti-Americanism. Everyday people are sick and tired of the lies and fighting, the endless race baiting and media victimization propaganda, the whining political activists of entitled intolerance, and they just want a competent, accountable leader who will do whatever it takes, especially when it requires swallowing one’s pride or admitting personal mistakes, to restore America’s economic vitality, ensure our national security, embody transparency in government and to reclaim our republic’s once unwavering work ethic and sense of pride. And if that’s too hard to understand, my friend – unlike safety pins and safe spaces – observation and objectivity are just not your strong suits. Never fear, I’m sure there’s a petition somewhere banning the use of both.


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The Sword of Silence

To some it may be very disconcerting Donald Trump is meeting with outspoken critics like Mitt Romney, Kayne West, Jim Brown, Al Gore, Bill Gates and Ray Lewis. One of the hallmarks of an effective leader is to build coalitions of cooperation. It doesn’t mean he is compromising his beliefs or abandoning his campaign platform but rather he is cultivating support where none may exist, showing basic respect to dull media engrained tension, regardless whether they embrace his ideas or personally loathe him; and vice versa. It is painfully obvious Trump is quite skilled at public relations, strategic planning, and that nothing is ever truly personal in his book. Whether he has to swallow his pride and listen to grown adults whine about fairness or bring a sledgehammer to a congressional House warming party, there’s little he won’t do or consider to get the job done. Not only do these tactics catch his public detractors and sworn enemies by surprise, he will undoubtedly dispell far more stereotypes and build far more bridges than he would otherwise through obstinance or isolation alone. In other words, a true leader or luminary finds paths to enlightenment, triumph, where others faintly believe they could possibly exist. Although I personally believe he embodies a rare mix of simply being a genuine soul and a shrewd businessman, I would be shocked if Donald Trump has not read “The Art of War”. He is not near as reckless as many may perceive and his successes in life, many against dire odds and formidable opponents, are indicative of a calculating mind, a seasoned general and an insatiable drive for achievement. Victory is not an infallible silhouette of force for a Samurai wins far more battles with his mind, his aptitude for adaptation, than he does through predictable anger and indulging his unsheathed blade in the absence of thought; or more succinctly, discourse.

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The Domestic Abuse of Foreign Policy

Who would you entrust more with your livelihood and the security of your family: a career politician who deceives with unconscionable regularity for personal gain, catering to a political agenda over the founding charter of a sovereign nation and the welfare of her people, or a proven executive who bodes the real world experience, responsibility and expertise necessary to succeed where so many have failed? As the uber-successful CEO of Exxon, Rex Tillerson is a respected businessman who understands leaders are accountable for their actions and cabinet appointments are not for individual glory, to wage petty political agendas, but to fiercely protect the interests of the American people by brokering the most advantageous policy possible. If I may, what good is “insider” diplomatic experience when it requires bathing in the same cesspool of corruption, diving off the same jagged platform of propaganda that defies logic at nearly every step, destabilizes the global economy in favor of rewarding inept regimes or ruthless dictators, and spends over $100 million to transport unvetted Syrian “refugees” into vulnerable civilian centers while its own veterans are dying everyday from inadequate healthcare? Does a “qualified” diplomat mysteriously lose 6 billion in taxpayer funds or sell 20% of our Uranium supply to a rival superpower for a cash donation to her private foundation? In the real world you either produce and set the bar of expectations or you’re the underlying problem. . . the whining status quo drowning in excuses and discontent. Skilled executives aren’t interested in playing political charades for participation trophies by signing off on nonsensical deals ensuring their own demise or that of their constituents. They’re interested in winning…every time! And that’s exactly why Donald Trump won: America first, politics third.

There is loyalty, duty, and then there are those globalist charlatans who plot to disgrace America’s heritage and usurp our Constitutional rights through the progressive vacuum known as progressivism. Sorry, Mr. President, but it’s to hard to claim the intellectual high ground when you’re last two nominees for Secretary of State…Hillary Clinton and John Kerry…embraced our enemies, if not their pocketbooks, with unbridled avarice and treasonous enthusiasm. The irreconcilable difference between a Trump administration and the smug subversion of Barack Obama is that his successor’s plan to defeat ISIS will not include James Taylor serenading jihadists with “You’ve Got A Friend”, the Islamic Caliphate of Iran will be condemned as radical sponsors of terrorism, Red China will be punished for oppressing human rights and manipulating international currency, and Saudi Arabia will no longer have a controlling interest in our government’s foreign or energy policies.

Unlike his vastly more “experienced” predecessors – i.e., the leftist league of anti-American apologists – Rex Tillerson is an exceedingly shrewd capitalist and a proud nationalist who has cultivated relationships with numerous governments across the globe. Before liberals turned the acronym “CEO” into a political beacon of class warfare – those commercial pillars of ambition, innovation, that actually created jobs and transformed lives – the term commanded respect and required a level of aptitude, achievement, few could fathom let alone boast. If the objective of an international ambassador is to develop or nurture relationships with allies and adversaries alike, to negotiate from a position of strength, conviction and competence, then how could Mr. Tillerson – an unapologetic patriot and proven executive – be any worse than the proud pallbearers of American Exceptionalism: Hillary Clinton and John Kerry? Malice is not by mistake, and murder is not without intent. If “God saved the Queen” then let us begin the arduous task of bringing back America from the depths of depravity and the fog of orchestrated division.

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Passing the Buck of Blame


There is now irrefutable proof of foreign meddling in national elections. First, our deepest apologies to Israel and the UK for our President spending millions in hopes of defeating both Netanyahu and the E.U. referendum out of the goodness in his heart. The CIA must have pardoned those illegitimate plots in the name of budget cuts. Obviously the Clinton Foundation’s efforts to undermine our national sovereignty and the integrity of November’s election with countless pay-for-play foreign donations didn’t raise the same degree of media outrage. Pity.

When recounts, intimidating electors, Russian conspiracies & riots fail, why not blame the Democratic party for shamelessly colluding to nominate the most corrupt & deceitful Presidential candidate in American history? Oh, that’s right: logic and accountability are racist, sexist and a grave threat to maintaining an ignorant, angry and endlessly “victimized” populace. And yet some people are still clueless as to why America’s work ethic and moral fabric are coming apart at the seams. No one wants to be responsible for anything anymore and respect is now incumbent upon our political or religious beliefs.


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Real Elections and Fake News

Apparently reviewing an election result the most corrupt and deceitful candidate in American history lost is now a matter of national security, unlike the thousands of unvetted refugees Obama continues to dump all across America without regret or refrain. The same President who blames racism for all his failures and critics, wants us to believe election integrity is of the utmost importance despite the fact he has undermined voter ID laws for 8 years and publicly encouraged illegals to vote just days before the election. When you’ve spent a lifetime mastering the art of propaganda, in addition to being the most qualified “community organizer” ever to run for president, “fake news” is your crowning achievement. I also hear the economy is strong, our borders secure, Trump is Hitler, guns are guilty of homophobic terrorism, “yes” means “no” and race relations are better than ever. Who needs truth, let alone tolerance, when our unbiased pals of persuasion are so dedicated to teaching voters how to think, feel and act. It’s hard to address our most pressing issues and daunting challenges as a nation – i.e., Make America Great America – when our own representatives can’t even be honest with the same people they claim to serve, yet endlessly mock with such divisive and juvenile derision. Not every victim requires a color and not every story needs a slant. Integrity makes no distinction except for the intelligence and welfare of others.



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The American Way

The business of America has always been business. Without the catalyst of commercialism – the market driven necessity of innovation and competition – “We the People” would forever be dependent upon the tyrannical and corrupt whims of Big Government; and the world as a whole deprived of some of the most transcendent discoveries in human history. Capitalism is the engine of our vitality, the genesis of abundant opportunity, and it is by far the most synonymous with economic liberty. If Obama truly created 850,000 manufacturing jobs, why are a record 95 million absent from the workforce, 47 Americans million on welfare and our Gross Domestic Product during his 8 year tenure (1.55%) the lowest since WWII? Is a monthly trade deficit of 50 billion dollars indicative of a thriving and competitive private sector or one suffocated by an encyclopedia of regressive regulations and the handicapped markets of free trade? Is a $3,000 drop in household income more likely to occur amidst a robust job market hiring skilled labor, or the fiscal fallout of an ideological shift to a menial service economy where part-time jobs are touted as a strong recovery? And finally, does the real world need more liberal arts degrees, soapbox activists demanding $15 an hour for choosing to work at Starbucks and McDonald’s, or more inventors, engineers, mechanics, electricians, and machinists needed to rebuild the sputtering engine of a strategically sabotaged economic super power?

Individual success and profit aren’t the exclusive trademarks of “greed” and privilege. Quite the contrary. They are overwhelmingly the derivatives of hard work, ambition, perseverance and choice. Do no pity the less fortune or assist the immediate desire to cast undue blame. Such destructive behavior does little to alleviate their actual plight. The best way to help those struggling get back on their feet, to reclaim their lives and forge a meaningful path into the future, is by empowering them to reach heights they never imagined or remotely thought possible. That is the American way. A means to a means…a business or a self-sustaining job…is far more enduring and transformative than cultivated dependency…or a means to an end: i.e., inescapable poverty and unsustainable debt. No excuse or political promise is worth your dignity or liberty.

An American President that does not protect and help create quality American jobs is no friend of the American people. There is a stark difference between a proven business executive who understands economics and a bitter political propagandist who seeks to punish America and redistribute private wealth out of an ingrained hatred for our heritage, affluence and unrivaled global influence. You can’t lead a nation into financial security, embody accountability and self-reliance, when you believe millions of able bodied adults are owed a “fair share” of the fruits of other people’s hard work, without sharing the same level of personal risk and sacrifice, simply because of one’s race, nationality or the inevitable pitfalls in life. Equal rights, opportunity, does not dictate equal achievement or outcome. Reality does not bend to the detached delusions of modern academia fostering a generation of “traumatized”, entitled, and intolerant thugs who sanctimoniously judge the world through the myopic keyholes of color, gender, class, political affiliation or religion; those career malcontents who falsely claim injustice, incite discord and who believe logic is a subjective construct of personal convenience. Rather, reality exposes these radicalized factions as the greatest living threat to those responsible Americans wanting nothing more than to grow old in a free, proud, moral and prosperous society.
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A Black Neurosurgeon from the Ghetto & the White Bureaucrat of Privilege Who Hates to Read!

A Yale graduate and former neurosurgeon who escaped the impoverished ghetto of Detroit is “disturbingly unqualified” to lead HUD? And yet wasn’t it his most vocal critic, Nancy Pelosi, who declared “educated” politicians must pass ill-conceived legislation before actually reading the infamous socialist Trojan horse known as Obamacare that made “affordable” healthcare unaffordable and euthanized thousands of jobs in the process? Is that like asking to see the toy gun your sworn adversary points at you…after they shoot you? If anyone is unfit to serve the American people, let alone hold the “change” jar at a lemonade stand, it’s a career bureaucrat who is the epitome of the mindless progressive policies that have destroyed our urban epicenters with excessive commercial regulations, cultivated moral depravity and endless victimization rhetoric. Exploiting the systemic ravages of poverty and crime by inciting racial and class discord for personal gain, only to do nothing to assuage the actual plight of our inner cities, hardly constitutes effective leadership. It’s indicative of a soulless parasite that feasts on the suffering of society solely to win an election every four years. And when it comes to mental health, Dr. Carson recognizes a diseased pathogen that threatens the moral fiber and political sanity of an American republic hanging precariously onto life support.


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(S)ore (N)efarious (L)osers: Taxing the Ignorance of Hollywood

Alec Baldwin: SNL won’t stop mocking Donald Trump until he releases his taxes.

Well, well, Mr. Apple Martinis and oranges…who knew seducing your 23 year-old yoga instructor gave one such profound insights into the twisted nature of public domain, or more aptly, ‘class’ warfare. I didn’t realize it was a Constitutional requirement for a candidate to release his legally filed and paid taxes to those millionaire celebrities that support a racist, anti-American President who nearly doubled the national debt, who’s administration spent more per illegal immigrant/refugee than on the average social security recipient or veteran, whose operatives shielded the Clinton “charity scam” Foundation from prosecution, and who shamelessly gave billions in aid to known terrorist regimes; including those Islamic nations responsible for cultivating jihadists guilty of committing mass murder on American soil. No, my jaded diva and smug sycophant, I’m of the belief unwavering Donald Trump doesn’t owe your crying cronies a damn thing except a blunt reminder that Barack Hussein Obama owes the American People an explanation, an apology, a refund made out to “karma” and his rightful place at a not so safe space in a federal penitentiary. Despite your feeble attempts at righteous humor, who knew accountability, irony, could be so truly entertaining without even really trying to be so desperately relevant? I hear legitimately losing a national democratic election is known to trigger the lesser, more juvenile mind; or better yet, put a spoiled spotlight on one’s fading career and revoked White House privileges. Never fear, Alec…if you’re dead set on dining with global corruption and partisan perversion, I hear Podesta’s favorite pizza joint delivers for the nominal gratuity of a Saudi King’s ransom. Just don’t don’t forget to sign the “freedom from Christian guilt” waiver and always tip the customs agent! Those children, err finger paintings, aren’t kosher for public consumption. I am not sorry to report, however, “The Donald” will not be in attendence at your next “SNL Liberal Arts Mixer”. He has a neglected country to run and a festering swamp to drain. Unlike the lobbyist Orgy Island of Washington and the morally bankrupt hypocrisy of Hollywood, his hands are untied, his ratings up and his ledger is in the black. Even a washed-up comedy sketch artist whose job was outsourced to a steet mime in Mexico could drink to that Netflix encore of thespian justice!




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Merry Christmas: The Soul of Science & the Birth of Salvation!

I have never understood why those who believe in “nothing” are so consumed with what an overwhelming majority of Americans accept and celebrate: i.e., the birth of Jesus and the sanctity of Christmas. If the symbolism of a decorated tree and a manger are now so utterly offensive, let alone the word “Christmas”, then so should the concepts of good will, charity and hope; for those are the virtues these objects inherently espouse. Apparently tolerance has become a revolutionary concept and a moral threat to the soulless, secular police state known as progressivism!

For the sake of Constitutional posterity, the First Amendment wasn’t designed to protect our government from our religious values; it was written to defend our religious values – those Judeo-Christian pillars of Western Civilization and our nation’s moral compass – from the clutches of government tyranny. “All men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights!” Hmm, that hardly sounds like a disclaimer for the agnostic apparition known as Separation of Church of State when our federal treasury reminds us daily it is “In God We Trust”! In other words, our founding values and societal norms – written or inferred – inevitably permeate every American institution and serve as the constitutional crux of this Republic. Recognizing and paying homage to a creator does not force anyone to be Christian, pray or to even believe in God. It’s but an indelible bridge to our humanity, our spiritual DNA as a free republic, and the divine source of mankind’s natural born rights! To deny these truths is to deny the very air we breathe. God is liberty, for better or for worse!

If irate activists must resort to disparaging believers and banning the harmless images of a sacred holiday to validate their nihilistic and/or anti-American views, they obviously harbor some serious doubt and insecurities over their own “enlightened” convictions. I love how atheists will openly mock Christians for believing God is a supreme consciousness, an eternal energy and omnipresent force, only to turn around and claim it’s scientifically probable for the same incredible amount of energy and mass needed to produce the Big Bang to somehow always exist without causality or explanation. And even if our universe is one of many, a side effect of a similar imploding/exploding dying entity, every living thing or inanimate spec of floating debris still must trace back to an inescapable beginning before one molecule of gas expanded or a single flash of light was visible in the heavens. Even Mistletoe needs a willing partner in this interstellar dance known as the human condition!

If the Big Bang is valid, and it very well may be, I’m putting my money on the notion it was but a mechanism of creation triggered by the discerning hand of intelligent design. Wherever there is structure, which is irrefutably evident on Earth and beyond our solar system, there is almost always purpose…or intent. A Mercedes doesn’t inexplicably appear without an engineering blueprint and the Mexican Axolotl doesn’t regenerate limbs or organs without a biological catalyst that is set in motion. “To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heavens.” Because evolution cannot account for the exact origins of life, or explain the sheer complexity and anomalies of all creation, don’t be surprised if you find God and science eating at the same periodic table. Otherwise, the Big Bang would simply be accepted as a secular conundrum in which atheists somehow magically appear at the stroke of Midnight to stop Santa Claus from eating Double Stuff Oreos and reciting the Lord’s Prayer on Christmas. Oh the irreverent irony! No matter what the genesis of humanity’s blessings and indelible gifts, to each to their own and to all a good life! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and may your hearts be filled with love and kindness every day of the year!

“To suppose that the eye with all its inimitable contrivances for adjusting the focus to different distances, for admitting different amounts of light, and for the correction of spherical and chromatic aberration, could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest degree.” ~ Charles Darwin

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Home is Where My Flag Resides

Dear College Administrators, Homeowner Associations, & Proud Anti-American Apologists….

How is the American flag a tangible threat to anyone, let anyone offensive and a breach of public decorum when it wavers in the republic for which it was commissioned? Instead of veterans and everyday citizens tolerating your offensive ignorance and shameless hypocrisy, I suggest that you somehow find it in your nonsensical wisdom to recognize Islam – those responsible for the bloodiest terrorist attacks on American soil and despised for mass human atrocities abroad – as the most credible danger to our homeland and that of all humanity. The American flag, an indelible tribute to those who fought and died for our freedom – whose colors bled to end human bondage, defeat Japanese imperialism and liberate Europe from the fascist grip of hate – is a threat to no one except to ignorant activists who stand in direct contrast to our founding ideals and hallowed way of life. Perhaps the time has come to declare yourselves as domestic terrorists, enemies of a free and civilized state of mind, who are irrevocably hostile towards any notion of patriotism, gratitude or historical precedent. The only actual crime committed here is by the likes of you; those intolerant bigots so hopelessly lost and twisted by a myopic predisposition that their radical factions have been reduced to attacking, childishly burning, an internationally recognized symbol of liberty rather than standing up for the universal hope it inherently espouses! On behalf of the American people, the forsaken heroes who bravely toiled and sacrificed their lives so you may freely spew your vile nonsense…good day and good riddance!

My home Is where my flag resides and Old Glory forever wavers in the corridors and courtyards of God’s undying grace.


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