ESPN & the Racist Sport of Liberal Hypocrisy

ESPN prevented Asian American Robert Lee from announcing a Virginia college football game out of fears his birth name was racially insensitive but the very same network has allowed Jemele Hill to continue working despite calling President Trump and his supporters white supremacists and Nazis. Not surprisingly, the same “idealistic” colleagues defending Miss Hill’s unabridged right to voice her opinion outside of work were rejoicing when Curt Schilling was fired for sharing his support of North Carolina’s transgender bathroom law or when Country music icon Hank Williams Jr. was removed from ABC’s Monday Night Football for criticizing one Barack Obama. Sadly, such unforgivable hypocrisy is hardly coincidental considering the “The ESPYs” once gave their annual Arthur Ashe Courage Award to a 65 year-old, cross-dressing celebrity instead of a female college basketball player who eventually died battling cancer or a double-amputee war veteran turned champion triathlete. There is syndicated propaganda and then there is choreographed political terrorism masquerading as social progress. Change the channel, cut your cable cord or end your ESPN subscription until their producers no longer justify insulting millions of sports fans – the very country that affords us the opportunities to enjoy such sporting events with family and friends – while religiously honoring an unemployed quarterback who calls all police officers “pigs” and America “racist” for not celebrating a jaded, millionaire bigot who proudly mocks our national anthem, ignores the unrivaled ravages of black-on-black crime and incites civil unrest with unbridled glee. No show is worth your dignity, the universal values we teach our children, let alone those innocent lives lost amidst the violent aftermath of such irresponsible rhetoric. Hate doesn’t need a misguided sports anchor to confirm its existence; it merely requires a morally bankrupt medium to spread the false narrative that injustice is a one-way street. Until Jemele Hill is fired and this incessant glorification of Colin Kaepernick ends, I refuse to even consider watching another second of their shameless political subversion of the games I have loved since my childhood.

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September 11th, 2001: The Watchtowers of Freedom

America was not forged with the red hammer of conformity, nor was our revered way of life preserved by the idle hands of modern entitlement. This republic was erected as an ideological bastion from which to harbor ordinary men and women from the historical remnants of injustice and to protect the indelible liberties of all mankind. As a sovereign nation defined by stringent geographic boundaries, our founding creed has no such limitations for life, liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness are universal birthrights derived from the dominion of God’s grace, creation and wisdom. And while it is true America cannot serve as the moral police of the world – bear the human cost of fighting every battle to free every forsaken soul from the clutches of oppression without their willingness to recognize and defeat tyranny themselves – there is no respite from the conscious aftermath of acquiesing to human atrocity.

Reducing our defenses to the point of non-existence, albeit for economic gain or misguided policy, is to leave ourselves at the mercy of malevolence. I do not subscribe to the pacifist conundrum that by burying our head in the sand, ignoring the atrocities of totalitarian states or Islamo-fascists, “We the People” make our country safer & the world a better place in which to reside. It is simply the equivalent of watching a rape across the street & doing nothing to stop it. Frankly, we are better than that. There is courage and then there is cowardice; no excuse will ever suffice in the annals of history or before the eyes of God. When our nation’s resolve was baptized beneath the ruddy carnage of Pearl Harbor our military was so vulnerable & neglected it took years of nationalizing private industry to rebuild our feeble defenses. For far too long the United States of America – the supposed fearless leader of the free world – callously hid behind a policy of isolationism as World War II raged on & millions were lost beneath the boot of German fascism & Japanese imperialism. In essence, by casting a shadow of weakness, our calculated indifference eliminated any hope of deterring or preventing such a horrific tragedy. Truly, how many more lives could have we saved? More profoundly, what if our families were the victims of Holocaust, the Ukrainian Famine or the Armenian genocide? Should I even have to ask such a selfish question?

Pretending evil does not exist, failing to prepare for its inevitability, will not save us from its wrath. Likewise, blaming America for 9/11 is but to embolden our enemies for they will never cease in their lust for our demise. If ISIS or North Korea can speak openly of their bloodthirsty hatred for Western Civilization, cultivate their culture of unapologetic brutality, why should this “last, best hope of mankind” cower in the politically convenient shadows of capitulation and appeasement? America is but a name, for it is freedom, tolerance, and our Judeo-Christian ideals they despise. To lower our guard out of some misplaced sense of guilt or to seduce political favor is to sentence this nation to that which we are already guaranteed: death. I do not fear death; I fear watching my loved ones needlessly suffer beneath the rolling fog of blind apathy as any chance for recourse or valor fades beyond the autonomy of my fingertips. For the sake of my children and the country I call home, I would rather fight for the soul of creation – the last vestiges of decency and hope – than to kneel before the soiled blade of subjugation of our. May God Bless the heroes and victims of September 11th, 2001 and may humanity forever honor its intrinsic duty to eradicate such unrepentant evil where ever it may exist.

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The Fault in Our Hearts

Little surpasses the sheer joy and excitement within the scientific community when discussing the mere possibility of discovering the faintest traces of life – the elemental building blocks of nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon and oxygen – beyond the celestial confines of Earth. Unfortunately for the so-called “evolved” minds of progressive thought, their lust for alien intelligence cannot begin to remotely fathom the unbridled passion a mother feels when cradling her newborn child for the first time; a sentient being she created without having to leave our solar system, the comfort of her home, and without the assistance of a microscope. While the human genome – the miracle of creation – stretches to the moon and back over an astounding 200,000 times, the concern secular science has for our own unborn is almost entirely negligible. Apparently love is not quantifiable in the plastic Petri dish of progress.
Abortion, even in its most glorified state, is nothing more than the death of a human being. Not only was the landmark case of Roe v. Wade a gross misinterpretation of the law, Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe) herself still publicly laments being the naïve pawn of soulless and scheming progressives. Since 1973 abortion has accounted for over 60 million deaths; a sum 10 times greater than that of the Jewish Holocaust. Planned Parenthood – the ‘oxymoronic’ embodiment of compassionate and responsible parenting – kills more black babies in one week than the 3,446 lynched by the KKK in almost one century. Likewise, despite the fact African Americans only encompass 13% of the total population, roughly 450,000 black lives are aborted each year; that’s 435,000 more deaths than all homicides in America annually, or approximately 50 times greater than all U.S. war casualties combined. It’s hard to proclaim any life matters, or that you unconditionally support the rights of women, gays, or minorities, when your backwards agenda and soulless pride refuses to acknowledge their most universal and natural right: the right to be born.
Any reasonable or even mildly empathetic individual would view these horrific statistics as a stain on humanity and a wake-up call to decisive action. Whereas researchers claim fetuses can feel pain as early as 5 months, the same can’t be said for militant activists – those shamelessly soliciting and lauding abortion as a celebratory rite of passage – who are now demanding to legalize all late-term and even post-birth abortions. Correct me if I’m wrong, but once a baby is born it’s a living, breathing human being endowed with certain inalienable rights according to law…including the right to life? After all, wasn’t this contention the very basis for the original abortionist argument; if a baby is not born, surviving independently outside the womb, it’s “technically” not a human life worthy of equal protection under the law?
As the proud torchbearer of bad news for the sadistic left, human conception, regardless of its gestational status, refers to the creation and presence of life. Otherwise, why would you have to “abort” or kill “it”? A newborn isn’t some disposable piece of property you toss in the garbage because you have buyer’s remorse, possess a sweet social life or feel the baby’s aesthetics don’t quite match your keen fashion sense. If that’s the case, please tell me the difference between abortion and killing your 5 year-old son because you’re tired of his financial baggage? Or, perhaps, it’s only a miscarriage of justice when someone is charged for murdering a pregnant woman’s unborn child against her will. “Choice” begins long before conception and one’s right to life should never be dependent upon another person’s refusal to honor it.
Not surprisingly, the same offended “humanitarians” who oppose the death penalty for convicted murderers and routinely denounce the killing of Islamic terrorists find it perfectly acceptable to murder their own child due to some twisted sense of devotion to the feminist concept of “choice”. When it comes to procreation – affecting a life other than your own – choice is the decision by two consenting individuals to accept the inherent responsibilities and ramifications of having sex. If you can’t deal with the consequences, both expected and unforeseen, read a book until you become mature enough to play both doctor and parent!
Birth control isn’t the capitalist brain child of virgin Right Wingers declaring an invisible war on women; stupidity, like Sandra Fluke, accomplishes that all by itself. If you can afford that $5 morning fix from Starbucks or buy the hottest new X-Box release, you sure as hell can take responsibility for your actions and seize control of your future. If you can afford and possess the self-awareness necessary to obtain an abortion, you most certainly can buy a box of condoms or arrange prescribed birth control. Or, if you dare, simply “choose” to visit your local health department where both are typically free, affordable and/or readily available. Irresponsibility, like ignorance, does not recover the nonrefundable value of a beating heart.
As for the so-called earnest “mistake” excuse – faulty latex, beer goggles or coital time travel – such misfortunes do not pardon us from reality for they always represent an inherent risk. If your tire blows out while driving are you suddenly absolved from the damages that ensue? Of course not. You chose to drive, you put your trust in the vehicle, you alone are responsible. Everything we do in life, intentional or not, has inescapable consequences. Why would sex, the fate of an actual human life, be any different? If exercising your rights requires violating or ending the rights of another, you’re hardly a victim. You’re the ethically abstinent executioner.
After the convenient excuses of money, conspiracy and mental illness are exhausted, the last resort is to shamelessly equivocate any opposition to abortion with the abhorrent indignity of sexual assault. Activists routinely exploit the extreme and horrific scenario of rape to justify all abortions, regardless of the circumstances, in order to demonize critics and deflect from the absolute necessity of everyday accountability. No sane human being is suggesting a rape victim is responsible for a violent and unpreventable pregnancy. That’s just callous indifference. Whereas the possibility of adoption or personally raising the offspring from such a traumatizing event would represent the most ideal outcomes, I could not justify forcing a brutalized woman to choose either option against her will. However, considering females of all childbearing ages now have access to the “Morning After” pill without a prescription, there’s no reason to abort an unwanted pregnancy months after an immediately suspected conception.
Aborting a fully formed fetus with functional organs is hardly the equivalent of stopping a cell from reproducing genetic proteins before a body is formed. Likewise, consequences from one’s actions is not the moral equivalent as being a victim of someone else’s or uncontrollable circumstance. Is having an abortion because a mother’s life is in danger a blatant hypocrisy, a necessary medical procedure to preserve her life when both cannot be saved, or should self-defense now be considered murder? No matter how much I detest abortion or believe that life begins at conception, there are no perfect scenarios – black and white solutions – when it comes to issues as convoluted as the human condition.
When an evolved society rejects the indefensible premise of unconditional death, doomsday feminists will predictably claim, “If abortions are relegated to emergencies or extreme cases, thousands of women will be forced to have them in unsafe environments or without proper medical personnel. You can’t throw everyone in jail!” So dissecting and selling healthy baby parts is acceptable, God forbid federally funded under the guise of “planned parenthood”, but just don’t use a coat hangar and a flashlight in your bathroom? Such inane logic bears the same rotten fruit as paying gang members not to commit crime or hypothesizing terrorists need more tolerant victims. You can’t transform a culture of depravity by paying a ransom on your most basic values. True, lasting change must be internalized as a conscientious state of virtue, not fabricated from mindless allowances that merely encourage further contempt for the sanctity of life.
Failing to heed the law and accept culpability for having sex does not constitute an injustice or justifiable homicide. Are we comparing the prohibition of drugs, or the sanctimonious movement to outlaw alcohol, to rationalizing taking a human life whenever it inconveniences our lives or absolves making foolish choices? In other words, you can’t be pro-life and pro-abortion solely because you’re afraid of other’s reckless responses and the innate challenges of demanding basic human decency. Besides, it is much easier to punish the source of crime, rogue doctors and Black Market service providers, than endeavoring to imprison every patient seeking an illegal medical procedure. If a woman is incarcerated for infanticide by throwing her premature born baby in the trash, should we also ignore those instigators who simply ask someone else to soil their hands instead? Ethics, unlike the politics of apathy, provides no refuge to those individuals seeking validation for choosing what is easy over what is right.
Regardless of the victimization narrative peddled by feminists who refuse to be “judged” or invoke reason, I’ve always been of the spiritual and scientific belief that life begins at conception and that it represents by far humanity’s most precious gift. Not only is mankind blessed with the innate ability to comprehend and manipulate its own environment, embrace and protect all forms of life, we embody the potential to reach beyond our planet and unlock discoveries no other Earthly species can. That being said, I find it extremely disconcerting liberals will zealously fight for the survival of a tree, oppose the abuse of animals (as they should), laud the discovery of a single cell organism as irrefutable proof of life in the cosmos, only to remain completely ambivalent, if not physically and ideologically hostile, towards the rights and suffering of our own children. Is there any greater hypocrisy? You don’t have to be a Christian or even believe in God to appreciate the universal connection and indelible beauty of all creation. You merely need to care.
“I’ve noticed everyone who is for abortion has already been born.” ~Ronald Reagan
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The Art of Voter Amnesia: What’s an ID?

Democrats never say they are committed to stopping voter fraud, merely that they’re dedicated to “everyone” voting. This slippery admission tells you everything you need to know, or in other words, nothing you didn’t already suspect. The truth is Voter ID doesn’t discriminate against or disenfranchise anyone. How can it when everyone is held to same standard of accountability? If you can’t even verify your identity, validate and protect the authenticity of your vote, how are you a victim of anything other than your own ignorance and apathy? Without proper identification how can election poll workers stop an unregistered voter who knows your name, date of birth and address, let alone someone casting multiple votes by assuming a different identity in each precinct? People have TWO YEARS in-between elections to obtain a photo ID; yes, the very same pertinence you need to drive a car, file for welfare, cash a check, win the lottery, buy beer, board a plane, adopt a pet or attend the Democratic National Convention! There are excuses and then there are outright lies. If our elected officials were truly dedicated to eliminating fraud and ensuring the legitimacy of our elections, our sacred duty as citizens, every American would be required to pass a computerized fingerprint or retinal scan before voting. Professional con artists like Hillary Clinton welcome and encourage voter fraud because 99% of its existence favors leftist candidates. And now you know why criminals hate red tape almost as much as they mysteriously misplace their mug shots. Apparently cameras are racist too.

Any party or politician that cannot stand on the merits of their own convictions and public service record without the benefit of voter fraud is inherently wrong for America and a disgrace to the people they claim to serve. If you need to invent injustice and incite animosity to rally support for your withering candidacy, perhaps your chauffeur can wipe the blood off your “Stronger Together” bumper sticker as you bypass the ghetto graveyard of broken promises on the way to your daughter’s lavish wedding paid for with pilfered disaster relief funds. I don’t need to resurrect the newly forged registration cards of the dead to realize most Democrats have little regard for the integrity of our elections, the viability of our laws or the sovereignty of this nation. If you actually believe illegal immigrants and Islamic refugees know what’s better for America than everyday, law-abiding citizens who are privy and loyal to our founding ideals, your God-given liberties, then you deserve to live in a corrupt cesspool as your freedoms, sanity and property are slowly liquidated from your naive grasp. Anyone that zealously courts or engages in voter fraud solely to win an election – albeit through absentee, repetitive or non-citizen voting – is a stain on the soul of those men and women who died to procure and protect our way of life. If I need photo identification to buy a gun, then so should those casting a vote to potentially strip me of my Constitutional right to bear arms and defend myself against all forms of tyranny; or more profoundly, legalized lunacy.


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The Tree of Liberty


For those who oppose or are outraged by President Trump’s decision to end DACA, or Deferred Action for Child Arrivals, I have one question: when does a lie built upon another lie suddenly become an unjust truth? As an Executive Order issued by Barack Obama right before the 2012 election, DACA was never legally binding let alone whimsically constitutional. While any President can issue Executive Orders that expound on existing law or direct certain federal agencies to act in a prescribed manner, our Chief Executive cannot use this inherent power as an attempt to bypass Congress, unilaterally write new law or invalidate current legislation. In other words, “illegal” immigration did and still does denote a punishable crime according to federal statutes.

The failure of Congressional Democrats to both ram and coyly sneak Amnesty by their Republican constituents on multiple occasions merely emboldened an already rogue President to further abuse his powers. Considering the Obama administration was later ordered by a federal Judge in 2015 to cease and desist distributing millions of Green Cards through the Department of Homeland Security as part of his Executive Amnesty plan – an oxymoron also known as Deferred Actions for Parents of Americans (DAPA) – it’s evident DACA was the first stone cast in a series of calculated distractions designed to specifically circumvent jurisprudence with the intent of triggering an unprecedented wave of unchecked immigration. When your goal requires using grown children as media props to deflect criticism in order to achieve De facto Amnesty for entire families – i.e., to protect countless illegals from deportation until Congress officially issues a reprieve or sanctuary states like California fraudulently grant them the right to vote – the Constitution, the welfare of actual citizens, is obviously of little concern in the Kangaroo Court of public opinion.

As someone who fully appreciates and supports the premise that is America, I openly welcome all legal immigrants who respect our sovereignty and complete the required naturalization process to pursue a better life. However, there is a stark difference between political exploitation – pardoned ignorance or indifference to achieve a corrupt political goal – and equal deference in the eyes of the law. Illegal immigration is not simply a harmless matter of trespassing that is needlessly blown out of proportion by white, patriotic xenophobes. In today’s climate of global terrorism and rising anti-American sentiment, illegal immigration represents a tangible threat to our national security, the functionality/survival of our schools and hospitals, and an undue burden on taxpayers; those men and women, in addition to competing with an influx of foreign labor for American jobs, must now account for the over $100 billion spent annually to care for impoverished immigrants or to incarcerate those criminal perpetrators among their ranks. Sound reasonable or remotely equitable…regardless of one’s nationality, creed or color? Or, if you like, just ask the survivors of Hurricane Harvey who now must reclaim their lives amidst the aftermath of $150 billion in devastation.

While I do not blame children for the wrongful misconduct of their migrating parents, such conscious choices do not negate a crime’s existence or change the nature of our laws. I for one do not and have never believed that a child born on American soil to non-citizens, especially ones conceived by illegal immigrants who knowingly disregarded our laws, is a natural born citizen. That, in my opinion, is purely wishful thinking born from false assumption. Whereas some believe the term “anchor baby” is a derogatory term used to wrongfully describe mere extenuating circumstances, I believe the acronym DACA is even more offensive once you realize a former President, ever fearful of losing his re-election bid amidst sagging approval numbers, concocted a completely illegitimate program that was actually designed to save immediate or extended families of illegal children from deportation by pulling on the heart strings of America. The fact DACA has existed this long without being struck down by the courts, dismissed by states or defunded by Congress is an absurd failing of our government’s clearly enumerated checks and balances. Since when did false appearances and corrupt intentions warrant concessions to the very pandering bureaucrats responsible for this enduring mess?

The Obama administration knew quite well most American voters with kids, or God forbid anyone with a soul, would not want to witness families being torn apart once a child was granted a protected status. Likewise, because most illegal aliens are not at risk of deportation, unless they’re felons, militant agitators or identified gang members, I believe Donald Trump’s pledge to delay ending DACA by six months so Congress can rightfully take action and “do their job” is both prudent and compassionate. Any subject matter as vast as immigration reform should always include the input and approval of all necessary parties and government branches. Not only have conniving politicians muddled a simple procedural issue of due diligence for decades, but in what other country can my “American or white privilege” receive immunity for illegally entering a sovereign nation; not withstanding committing robbery, assault, rape, tax or welfare fraud while claiming to be the victim of racism? And yes, excuse my common sense, but why aren’t Asian, European or Russian immigrants also marching under the hollow cries of injustice? As a firm believer in Karma, or more profoundly respect, accountability and honesty are the antidote for 99% of our ills both as a country and a species.

Despite the devious ploys of Democratic “Dreamers” and anti-American agitators, sympathy should never be a fabricated crisis molded into political capital but rather a sincere reaction born from true concern or mistreatment. For those DACA participants seeking to remain in America past the program’s termination despite lingering claims of “victimization”, I have no problem granting such a request as long as these individuals are fully vetted, abide by all terms of their “guest” worker/student status, are barred from receiving federal or state assistance during their stay and permanently denied voting privileges unless they leave the country, apply for re-entry and are granted citizenship under the new RAISED standards of naturalization. If DACA was truly about allowing “Dreamers” a chance to appreciate the countless blessings America affords to all – and not some bankrupt, partisan scheme to subvert our laws, discredit our founding values and forever tip America’s electoral balance – than hard work, earned trust and ample opportunity should more than suffice for those seeking to escape the depravity of their native countries to dine from the preserved tree of liberty.

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The Education Emancipation

Without the ability to control and manipulate students, progressives are like Pavlov ringing a bell; only they are the ones left salivating to the anticipation of mass indoctrination. The core responsibility of public education is to provide a functional skill set for our children, to fully prepare those who will seek further enrichment beyond graduation, and to instinctively foster well-adjusted, productive members of society. Unfortunately for the guardians of good intentions, ever since the 1950’s Marxist agitators like Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers realized the best manner in which to topple America – our fierce independent spirit, economic prowess and Judeo-Christian values – was not by brute force but rather by steadily poisoning the national pipeline of public education, generations of impressionable minds, with spoon-fed, anti-American propaganda. And judging by the dysfunctional state of modern academia where liberal educators now overwhelmingly outnumber their conservative counterparts by a 12-1 margin, I’m sad to report “Project Assimilation” is succeeding.

The incessant onslaught from social conditioning leaves a trail of carnage far greater than any singular battle or standing army. How else could you convince millions or voters and a majority of millennials that America is an evil empire built upon unrivaled injustice; that capitalism is the root of our problems instead of a transcendent engine of discovery, an economic ladder of opportunity, to liberate mankind from the ransomed dependency of unchecked government? How else could any American justify silencing free speech in our communities, let alone physically attacking intellectual diversity in our supposed institutions of higher learning…key cogs of any civilized society built upon human discourse and the natural dichotomy of competing ideas? I don’t need to bathe my senses in a filtered pool of mass conformity to realize the bubbles are America’s last breaths. And I sure don’t need to kneel before the altar of Howard Zinn to be baptized by half-truths beneath the sanctimonious drivel of progressive brain surgeons. I just need to breathe and think for myself without the euthanized consent of Big Brother.

The left’s opposition to Betsy DeVos goes far beyond contested credentials and the informal grammar of “tweets”. Her confirmation as Secretary of Education is a tangible threat to their monopoly on the minds of future voters. When educational excellence becomes the bell curve of mediocrity and behavioral problems become the gold standard of appeasement, why shouldn’t parents reserve the right to reallocate their tax dollars for the private instruction of their children? People’s hard-earned paychecks aren’t signed permission slips granting moonlighting political advocates the means to abolish the occupational integrity of objective learning. They now represent the voided vouchers of public trust in government.

Have you ever asked yourself who writes your child’s textbooks, investigated the publishers political associations or wondered what was the true genesis of the Common Core curriculum? I can assure you it’s by no means a coincidence or the ongoing subject matter of a PBS investigation. When a public educator stomps on the American flag in the classroom or zealously demonstrates a mock assassination of the President, it’s of little surprise when God is expelled for Right Wing “extremism” or a boy exercising his First Amendment rights is sent home for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. The fact students as young as elementary school are now being berated by teachers for not supporting Democratic candidates and/or liberal views is as disgraceful as it is abusive. There is madness and then there are publicly funded lies contributing to an ideological coup d’état: more commonly known as sedition or treason.

Do not believe for one moment the same radicalized forces willing to tear down monuments in a mad rush of misappropriation, including those so-called cultured celebrities openly cursing and threatening the President on national TV like rabid animals, would not hesitate in punishing conservative viewpoints, solely defining racism as white supremacy, replacing our national flag or allowing the government to seize property in the name of the ‘common good’. Mob justice born from cultivated hate has little concern with individual rights, moral objectivity or due process. Marxism’s goal is revolution through conditioned ignorance, a perceived state of perpetual victimization, to replace the supposed injustice of economic inequality with a politically oppressive, totalitarian regime. In essence, the liberty to achieve and believe as you please is stiffled so “the people” can be better controlled by an elite ruling class, or more profoundly, a singular despot. It is, by definition, the very anti-thesis of human evolution and America’s founding charter: our desire to think, feel and prosper according to our own unique gifts without undue interference or hostility.

My goal is not to disregard or pardon America’s historical transgressions for those are cultural scars, indelible reminders, of how far we have progressed as a nation. My goal is remind “We the People” that the Constitution, and not the flawed cultural norms of any era, provided the blueprint for overcoming our most daunting challenges and blatant injustices. For the 1.6% of Americans that owned slaves during the height of the Antebellum period, how many textbooks laud the over half a million whites who suffered and/or died to end human bondage? Do they mention or label Portugal as rampant “racists” accountable for importing 5 million black slaves to toil in their Brazilian gold mines; a number 15 times greater than those servants transported to America? How much credit is given to those Northern evangelical Christians who spearheaded the movement to both topple human bondage and secure suffrage for blacks? Is there any mention of how 46% of Democrats, compared to only 18% of Republicans, opposed a woman’s right to vote some 50 years later and therefore attempted to filibuster a formal vote on the 19th Amendment before its ultimate ratification in 1920? And lastly, were “Native” Americans not “nomadic” tribes who displaced/conquered other settlers, who slaughtered each other in droves over “territory” and who routinely enslaved enemies or engaged in slave trading? Or perhaps I should complain my non-native American “privilege” does not include free land, tax exemptions or a complimentary college education despite engaging in such historical depravity.

Contrary to the bland rhetoric of seasoned revisionists, history was never intended to be a politically correct menu of partisan delicacies passed around among pompous critics. It is but a vigilant reminder of the innate fallibility of man and our imperfect legacy as a global society. Whereas older generations endeavor to never forget about ravages of war, poverty or the threat of Communism, younger generations are endeavoring to forget everything history has taught us; most notably, that America was born from the ashes of tyranny and the creeping censorship of blind subjugation. And what exactly has leftist academia learned from the mass oppression and murder of dissidents under Stalin, Hitler, Mao or Castro? What textbooks or lesson plans have been adopted to warn our sons and daughters about an Islamic creed that still justifies and contributes to 1400 years of bloodshed, intolerance and misogyny? If you choose to label capitalism as the gospel of greed, please inform Cloward & Piven that capitalism has liberated far more from poverty – built more bridges, hospitals and universities – than the noble bread lines of socialism. The inevitable inequality of achievement, differing degrees of success born from the unequal application of ambition and sacrifice, is by no means an indictment of social or economic injustice. The best thing to happen to old, lingering Marxists is naïve, young millennials allergic to the aroma of common sense.

Instead of reaffirming America’s founding charter – those values, liberties and innovative discoveries that have repeatedly transcended modern civilization – progressive educators are promoting hate and conformity to exact political supremacy: i.e., think as we do, Government is your master, entitlements are your birthright. Whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, there is no excuse for disparaging intellectual diversity or suffocating a universal beacon of hope and liberty. The quickest way to handicap a child and ensure the demise of a free nation is to hijack the very tool of their empowerment…education. If students lack the critical thinking skills to decipher historical context from modern exploitation, dissect political propaganda from non-partisan prudence, how can any civilization forge a brave new path that both evolves from the struggles of its past without destroying the ideological cornerstones of its future?

The nonnegotiable function of our educational system is not to fund or streamline militant radicalization, the adopted anti-American indoctrination camps of our children, but to provide a quality, competitive curriculum that fosters an ingrained knowledge, if not an undying appreciation, of the timeless ideals America was founded upon: freedom, limited government, faith, hard work, accountability and duty. Honoring America does not require inciting division or demonizing dissent to suffocate the last gasps of individuality and independent thought. It rightfully demands honoring students, their parents, and those responsible teachers who still believe political terrorists have no place in our classrooms. Reclaiming the purpose and integrity of our public schools is the first step in preserving this last, best hope of mankind for generations to come.

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E Pluribus Unum

As Texas begins the arduous journey of recovering from the horrific aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, it is heartwarming to see so many complete strangers from different walks of life – regardless of race, wealth, or political affiliation – come together to selflessly help those in need. Although some critics will always attempt to politicize a natural disaster because they’re far too infantile to grasp the gravity of the situation or too callous to care for the true victims of misfortune, the courage and compassion shown by volunteers from across America are an inspiring reminder that it is not politicians or agendas that bind us, but a mutual love for life, liberty and an unwavering desire to protect our loved ones. And while we must not forget to grieve for those who died or to identity those soulless dregs who chose to loot property amidst the ongoing cries of human suffering, Texas is proof that a strong, independent spirit can also serve as the epitome of empathy and love. Just because fanatical factions within both parties tirelessly strive to dehumanize one another, to convince us hate, greed, and privilege are the most common modalities in society, by no means requires everyday people to accept their destructive premise or to follow the hollow prose of divisive parasites. For the moment we choose to abandon our humanity and God-given capacity to reason, to perceive one another as mortal enemies rather than innately seeing ourselves in all people and plights, is the moment America is forever lost. America is not a gender, a race, an economic class or the sum of a myopic two-party system where bitter pundits seek to drown our senses in misery and paranoia. It is the only country I want to call home. Tragedies like 9/11 or Hurricane Harvey should never have to remind us what it truly means to be an American; they should instinctively make us feel eternally grateful that we all are one.


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The Iron Fist of Infamy

When a scheduled Patriot Prayer Rally is reported as a white supremacist assembly by the media and therefore must be canceled due to security concerns, we’re no longer living in America – a country predicated on Judeo-Christian values and an indelible love of liberty – but George Orwell’s dystopian nightmare “1984”. Instead of Democrats and Republicans alike uniting in a civil setting for a peaceful demonstration of tolerance, a much needed refuge from the orchestrated hostility gripping our nation, AntiFa terrorists were allowed to harass and assault innocent bystanders as local police were once again nowhere to be found. Considering these brutal attacks would result in immediate arrests and an equal display of force by law enforcement on any other day, no excuse, degree of denial or apology will suffice. The only crime more hypocritical and egregious than hateful militants beating fleeing victims under the false flag of “stopping hate”, is for those officers who vowed to protect and serve our communities to consciously stand down in the face of such imminent brutality. When political allegiance or disdain for a President trumps common sense, duty, and any remote sense of remaining decency, the result clearly mirrors the madness.

Despite facing real injustice and oppression, Martin Luther King Jr. never hid behind a mask because true “social change” never validates violence, animosity through anonymity, it demands moral strength through visible courage. Those false accusers who blame the abused to justify smothering free speech or coerce undue concessions are by far the greatest embodiment of hate, societal division and civil unrest. The precedent we unwittingly set, or apathetically allow to endure, is the fire in which today’s children – America’s future – inevitably burn.

If progressives are not going to unconditionally condemn this proliferation of Marxist style propaganda and Nazi Gestapo tactics – justifying violence by fabricating fear and demonizing all political dissent as immoral extremism – it is only a matter of time before the oppressed bear arms against those seeking to put them, and their inalienable rights, in a permanent body bag. And on that perilous note, I call on President Trump, the FBI, and the Department of Justice to restore order, make arrests and to indict the unapologetic perpetrators of domestic terrorism. The single, greatest trick the media ever played was convincing millions of Americans “extremism” only pertains to the right side of the aisle, when in fact the intolerant left, the Democratic Party, is still the single greatest embodiment of radicalism in America today. How else can a political party built on racism, seduced by communism and now an adopted anti-American sanctuary of malcontents that increasingly moralizes mass conformity through the iron fist of fascism, continue to exist? Only in the alt-reality of disposable history, where indoctrinated ignorance and celebrated bliss converge to embrace the most notorious forms of human tyranny, are liberty and logic labeled as hate crimes for attempting to loosen the grip of tangible evil. The staged theatricality of blame and bigotry are powerful agents of deception in this escalated progressive war on truth, patriotism and ideological sovereignty.

Anyone who physically attacks Free Speech, terrorizes peaceful political rallies, should permanently lose their right to vote. Actual jail time/community service (no less than 30 days) and fiscal compensation should be dependent upon the severity of their crimes.



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The anti-AntiFa ‘Defense of Liberty’ Guide

1) When confronted, threatened or attacked by a hostile Democratic Socialist, remove fascist coward’s mask because “innocent revolutionaries” should never be required to conceal their “honorable” identities

2) Take a picture or record a video of said “anonymous” criminal perpetrator(s) with the assistance of friends and/or like-minded associates. There is nothing illegal about defending yourself or identifying your assailants

3) Confiscate backpacks filled with AntiFa propaganda, weapons and other potentially unlawful pertinence

4) Document all materials for publication on an internent database entitled “AntiFa Unmasked” to expose militant thugs and warn fellow Americans of impending danger

5) Turn all acquired evidence into the police, along with signed affidavits of assaults, to secure indictments or at the very least provide law enforcement with an acute awareness of active anarchists and other radicalized suspects

6) Return to the scene of disbanded AntiFa hate, sing God Bless America and embrace/shake the hands of all willing pedestrians: regardless of gender, creed or color. Unity born from natural volition is never defined by uniform submission to fear or coerced conformity, but achieved amicably through a universal respect for liberty – the indispensable necessity of intellectual diversity – and by equally protecting all peaceful applications of dissenting opinion.

Only by standing together against the violent aspirations of organized hate, by demanding accountability and embodying civility in our communities, can decent, law-abiding Americans defeat the armies of intolerance – the applauded terrorist wing of the Democratic “resistance” – and restore our country’s founding premise of individual liberty for all and freedom from all forms of tyranny: both foreign and domestic.



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The House of God

Knock! Knock! Who’s there? Pizza? Fluffy? Absolute awareness? While creationism has left the door open for a secular crescendo of doubt, science has sought to rip the House of God off its theological foundation and definitively answer the most evasive question in human history: who or what created life as we know it? Thus, the intergalactic search for the fingerprints of divinity and friendly aliens has produced perhaps the most controversial hypothesis ever put forth: the Big Bang theory.

As both a disciple of Christ and the evolutionary embodiment of science, knowledge gained through observation and mathematical probability, I too love the Big Bang: that iconic moment when atheists magically appear to protest an imaginary God. Or perhaps, just maybe, all that mass and energy that was bottled up and inexplicably confined for eternity…but not in the form of an omnipotent being or conscious energy of course…was the catalyst of intelligent design. Where there is structure; there is purpose. Where there is purpose; there is intent. Don’t you love when a Mercedes materializes out of thin air without a single engineer, commercial or mechanical blueprint? The fact the humane genome stretches to the moon and back over 250,000 times shouldn’t scare any “nonbelievers” or raise any red flags of evolution. Yes, that was empirical doubt disguised as sarcasm. Fred Hoyle, the scientific author of the Big Bang, called his celebrated hypothesis dubious at best and highly unlikely due to the massive statistical improbability the right amount of force and mass would correctly mix in order to form celestial objects and in the process, exact life.

In order to keep from becoming the biggest dud in unrecorded history, or the biggest anomaly since Pop Rocks and Pepsi, the Big Bang had to essentially catch lightning in a bottle. How so? Balance, Danielson; balance! If this cosmic explosion was too strong, matter would only exist in a gaseous form, diffusing at such a substantial rate that stars or planets would be unable to take shape. Likewise, if the bang was too weak, gravity would have pulled the expanding matter back unto itself, eradicating any possibility of celestial bodies forming. As a primer to this singular event, our world renowned astrophysicist Fred Hoyle estimated the odds of life forming on its own to the tune of one shot in ten to the forty thousandth power. That number is so astronomical, excuse the pun, not even a socialist with a meth, yacht and gambling addiction could spend it. Wow, good thing our Indian ancestors taught us how to count. Forget that, I need a solar-powered calculator.

The probability that life started on its own is 1 x 10-40,000.
Therefore, we would naturally ask ourselves if some “entity”
was behind the beginning of life. When scientists test
hypotheses, they test what is called the null hypothesis
or a statement opposite of the hypothesis that presumes
the original hypothesis is wrong. In this case a scientist
would attempt to validate the assumption there was no
entity behind the beginning of life; that it began by chance.
The researcher then determines the probability that the
null hypothesis being tested is false. The standard used
to reject a null hypothesis is = 0.95. A 0.05 probability
can be restated as 1 × 10-1.3. As such, the probability
that life started on its own is many magnitudes smaller
than 0.05. Thus, a scientist using standard statistical
methodology would easily reject the statement that
life began by mere chance.

Life, in its most elementary form, is far from some archaic stew; a random assemblage of mix and match proteins. The DNA of the simplest bacteria contains nearly ten trillion bits of information, more than five million paired bases, all precisely encoded for the purposes of survival and reproduction. And you thought your computer was a dinosaur? Don’t flatter yourself! By contrast, a human’s DNA is a scintillating sequence of approximately three billion paired bases of four separate chemicals; each arranged in perfect order. To duplicate the supposed biological splendor of human evolution, you must flawlessly sequence our DNA through mere adaptation and chance alone. Furthermore, you will be completely isolated, unable to consult anyone or anything, and must finish this paltry paradigm in a little less than 4.6 billion years. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. You cannot begin until the first sign of life appears, which, according to some scientists, will take at least a billion years under the most ideal circumstances; not excluding, of course, that little meteor mishap, the occasional ice age or the ecological plunder from the unlicensed fireworks of super volcanoes.

If you feel like you just gave birth to an accountant, or better yet Carl Sagan in a turtleneck, you’re not alone. And what does Charles Darwin think about his fashion sense or better yet the butterfly collar effect of this biological quagmire; you know, that English naturalist who floated the supremacy of evolution as the genesis of life and not the divine blueprint from which engineered life evolved?

“To suppose that the eye, with all its inimitable
contrivances for adjusting the focus to different
distances, for admitting different amounts of light, for
the correction of spherical and chromatic aberration,
could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I
freely confess, absurd in the highest degree.”
~Charles Darwin, 1859

Other than the inevitability of death, neither science nor religion can definitively lay claim to the throne of creation. Science cannot disprove the existence of a god, though it can “theoretically” account for the origins of life. Religion cannot prove the existence of a god, though any account of creationism must ultimately utilize some form of intelligent design…a scientific framework. Thus, by some literary twist of fate, it seems our two competing notions of universal induction are cosmically linked, or in modern nomenclature, sleeping under the same roof! Please excuse me while I read a little “Genesis” before going to bed and magically begin to feel “genetically” enlightened. I don’t need to solve a riddle or look in the mirror to know life is an unrivaled gift that cannot be enumerated, dismissed or reduced to the palatable tastes of scientific conjecture.

“As for me and my family, we will serve God, we will serve this constitutional republic, we will serve America.” ~Allen West

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Pulpits and Playgrounds

Nearly 1,000 protesters descended upon the NFL’s headquarters in New York to demand Colin Kaepernick is signed by a new team. Yes, the very same man who turned the football field into his personal political playground and who forgot he was paid to play a sport, is somehow now a victim of racist owners who refuse to lose more paying customers by indulging his wanton disregard. Yet, not one of these outraged activists have organized a single demonstration (let alone mentioned) concerning the 6,000 black homicide victims of annual black crime, the roughly 40% on welfare, the highest unemployment rate of any racial demographic in the U.S., or the fact less than 50% of blacks currently own a home. Raising a fist of solidarity through social media or kneeling during the National Anthem does nothing to assuage the true source of urban America’s struggles: the moral decay of our communities, absentee parents, rampant crime and drug abuse, insufficient higher education and job training, a crumbling work ethic and a glaring lack of respect for ourselves, our fellow man and America itself.

I don’t need a crystal ball to realize if Colin Kaepernick was a white player not one protest would have been held to validate his foolish actions. In what other universe can an athlete insult his fellow countrymen, disrespect their native flag, and not be attacked by fans, let alone keep his lucrative job? These volatile public displays concocted in the name of “social justice” are little more than opportunistic grandstanding designed to seek pity, fame or undue concessions through mass coercion, rather than getting in the unoccupied trenches of societal change and working tirelessly towards solving these perennial problems. Unfortunately for the resumes or Mr. Kaepernick, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, real “hope and change” requires responsible, competent leaders willing to lead by their actions – getting their hands dirty in the absence of fawning cameras and political agendas – without giving endless speeches, shouting racism at every misfortune and self-inflicted wound, or cashing seven-figure checks to further one’s professional aspirations. If you’re going to pawn off another decade of celebrated moral decadence, racial division and urban blight to the next sold-out generation of affirmative inaction, at least have the gall to admit the circus comes to town only once every four years. At least then the black community will know what the going price is for used stage props.


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In Living Color


ESPN has temporarily replaced an Asian American employee who was scheduled to announce a nationally televised football game in Virginia because his name is Robert Lee. No, that is not a typo and yes I wish I was joking. Somewhere a black Elvis has a job for not being Elvis and somehow no one has rioted or asked for a paternity test! Forgive my functional spine, but how do these neutered, hyper-apologetic and spoonfed sponges even make it out their door without spontaneously combusting from exhaling carbon dioxide or drowning in a kiddie pool overflowing with their own unbottled, politically correct tears? Although I typically love to watch a good farce, here’s a little friendly FYI, ESPN: your attempt to place bubble wrap around the fragile feelings of coddled Antifa and BLM viewers who probably cuss, drink, discriminate and watch porn even more than your network needlessly interjects social victimization into sports…was distinctly and unequivocally racist! Sorry but Asian lives matter too; no matter how bad your ping pong ratings may be! Next time try sending every melting snowflake traumatized by the mere coincidence of a name, a box of chocolate laxatives, a “shit happens” t-shirt and a signed picture of Forrest Gump wearing his U.S. Army uniform while defending his white hippie crush from an abusive communist at a Black Panther meeting. Or, if you prefer insanity with a side of infamy, just hire a surly replacement named Joseph Stalin and not one of your liberal viewers will be offended or wonder why the Ukraine never brings halftime snacks. Who would have guessed Gulags don’t have cable? Or food?!! Ignorance, not reality, is now the most widely acceptable form of political flattery.

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The AntiFa Police State

The reason the Supreme Court recently reaffirmed that hate speech constitutes protected free speech is because putting limits on self-expression inevitably invites further censorship, and if left unchecked, legalized tyranny. It is common knowledge the left wants to punish and even criminalize those political deviants who do not believe in global warming, gun control, abortion, illegal immigration or who refuse to address transgenders by their adopted pronoun of choice; and in some instances, some states and institutions have already sought to impose such nonsense. While I despise the racist rhetoric of the KKK, BLM, or La Raza, their right to do so is the crux of maintaining a free republic founded upon individual liberty. However, with that being said, please allow me to strongly digress. There is a stark contrast between detestable free speech and those who incite violence or seek to silence others through brutal oppression. The best way to confront the oxymoron known as AntiFa – the anti-fascist, fascist gang of partisan anarchists who oppose white supremacy with racial bigotry and defend democracy with death threats – is to confront them with overwhelming numbers wherever their hateful ranks seek validation through chaos. Only by recording their vile stupidity – their reckless assault on police, political dissent, patriotic Americans and the Constitution itself – can we defeat this rising tide of millennial fascism and educate the public, our children and future generations, as to the true destructive nature of the intolerant left.

The more the Democratic Party and the applauding media justifies the dissolution of discourse and all civility, the more likely these sponsored domestic terrorists are to exact further bloodshed and torment our communities. Nevertheless, as a fellow citizen and concerned friend, I must urge great caution. Never confront these masked cowards alone or without possessing some means of self-defense. The backpack brigade of college dropouts, gender militants, unemployed Marxists, and self-entitled video game assassins reside in a detached bubble, or quite possibly their parents air conditioned basement, where reality and empathy no longer exist. Any organization that is willing to drag an old woman with our flag, weaponize their bodily fluids against law enforcement, cut a pregnant mother, or ransack a public official’s home, obviously possesses no soul or any semblance of human decency. Because there is strength in numbers, but more profoundly providence by embodying unwavering resolve, “We the Everyday People” who come from all walks of life, who love our country and respect the rule of law regardless of our differences, will no longer be intimidated or accept living in a decaying state of perpetual moral depravity. Without coercion or needless savagery, our voices and mass demonstration of unity must dwarf any wandering band of sadistic malcontents or screeching bullhorn of blind contempt. The armies of ignorance who seek mass conformity to a regressive agenda, to demonize liberty and the voters of any election result they violently reject, represent the worst type of hate; fear born from the false propaganda of an aspiring police state. The only fate worse than living in a totalitarian nightmare is refusing to recognize the unopposed beginnings of one.


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The Scorpion and The Frog

For those who believe removing monuments has nothing to do with whitewashing history along partisan or racial lines, allow me an antiquated moment of indulgence. Although institutionalized remnants of Hitler and his infamous Third Reich were rightfully removed across Deutschland, there are countless young Germans today who know of his reign but are completely oblivious to the numerous atrocities committed by Nazi Germany. Many of their native citizens still do not believe concentration camps existed or that 6 million Jews were even exterminated as part of the Final Solution. Due to national embarrassment and/or fear of further retribution, these inconvenient truths were commonly omitted from their classrooms and history books; which, ironically, parallel the attempt by some U.S. educators and historians to conceal the Democratic party’s racist roots, insistence upon slavery, legacy of obstructing civil rights and indoctrination of Marxist/Islamic beliefs.

Until progressives accept that light and darkness innately exists in us all, for only our choices ultimately delineate our past from our future, their refusal to condemn their party’s tainted symbol and sordid history should be far more offensive than any weathered memorial that doesn’t reduce a man’s contributions to whether or not he associated with human servitude. Otherwise, please explain how an intolerant ideology founded by a glorified pedophile, misogynist, murder and thief has nearly two billion ardent followers today without the civilized world demanding a single reformation of its most barbaric practices and beliefs? Rather, now the executioners of American history are demanding Western xenophobes assist the unapologetic immigrants of Islam’s destructive creed.

If removing Confederate artifacts has nothing to do with sanitizing history or discrediting our heritage – subverting our founding values by demanding concessions through incited racial conflict – please explain how the besieged memories of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson or Abraham Lincoln are suddenly the American equivalent of Adolf Hitler or even Vladimir Lenin: a ruthless communist dictator guilty of genocide against his own people who Seattle currently honors with no less than 7 statues. And yet in this epicenter of progressive thought and social justice, not one, angry, offended soul has defaced them or demanded their removal? Although the Egyptian pyramids are universally revered as one of the seven wonders of the world, a monumental achievement of our ancient ancestors, I can find no condemnation by world leaders or organized protests over the fact they required prolonged slave labor, the forced conscription of peasants, and mass death. Do their lives or rights not matter or is history essentially a platform from which to evolve, dissect and understand, not posthumously adjudicate for political gain in order to justify mob violence hundreds of years after such injustices occurred?

Does the fact New York City harbored more slaves than any other city (except Charleston) and was founded by Dutch slave traders warrant its dissolution; a thriving metropolis that now resides over a notorious “Negro Cemetery” because black slaves weren’t deemed worthy of being laid to rest with Christian whites? No, not even one toppled statue or public accusation of White Supremacy? Hmm, how not ironic. As expected, not one of liberal New York’s historical sites or erected personages of pride was vandalized to resurrect the forsaken or seek recompense if only for posterity’s sake.

Without perspective and unbiased reflection, it’s disturbing how quickly basic decorum morphs into AntiFa militants impersonating ISIS henchman by cursing free speech, assaulting innocent bystanders and destroying anything that contradicts or poses a threat to their hateful agenda. As “We the People” now wander aimlessly in this weaponized cloud of orchestrated deception, how many campaign issues that were so crucial to voters and Congressional candidates in November have resulted in meaningful discourse and earnest cooperation during past sixth months? The same public servants citizens elected to fulfill their solemn duty of working towards solving America’s most pressing issues in a civil environment, are now fully content spending every waking moment spreading absurd accusations, trading juvenile dispersions and waging petty vendettas that merely deepen partisan distrust, impede lasting progress and allow our government to toil in a perpetual state of dysfunction and undeterred corruption.

When politicians refuse to acknowledge the most glaring hypocrisies and toxic ploys used to suffocate common sense and poison unity, everything America has fought to overcome is surrendered to her salivating enemies as the social decoys of sexism, racism and inanimate objects are religiously blamed to justify the aftermath of false allegation. In a nation predicated upon helping the opressed escape the unjust whims of tyranny, who needs the annoyance of anecdotal history when pointing the sanctimonious finger of mass hysteria is sufficient enough for triggering cultural euthanasia.


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A Human Trademark

When I watch a staged mockery of kneeling U.S. veterans weeping at the feet of modern tribal leaders, basically begging for forgiveness amidst a media circus of cultivated resentment for actions they did not commit, witness or entirely understand, it is nothing short of disgraceful. Such shameless propaganda validating Hollywood stereotypes merely inflames lingering tensions by seeking the blessing of those who willingly portray themselves as the living remnants of unprovoked American aggression – i.e., the helpless and unsuspecting victims of Anglo-Saxon brutality – but never as the descendants ruthless predators who routinely embodied animosity and death to conquer any vulnerable target or perceived enemy without fear or reservation.

As someone who has studied Native American history, the Trail of Tears and the legacies of Pontiac, Tecumseh, Sitting Bull and Chief Joseph, I take great umbrage with pundits who claim America was nothing more than a bloodthirsty invader who can never atone for its past transgressions. I make no excuses for our government’s measured betrayals or those rogue generals who sought glory and fame through the cross-hairs of hate. Such grotesque violations were wrong and unequivocally beneath our nation’s founding charter. However, if we’re merely being objective observers, and not coerced apologists, Native Americans were hardly the benevolent and peaceful “victims” of European imperialism as portrayed by cinema and liberal academia. Vicious tribes like the Apache, Comanche, Cheyenne and Lakota butchered each other in droves – attacked settlements, federal outposts and mere common transients out of spite – and even kept defeated enemies as trophy slaves; routinely engaging in human trafficking with other tribes or French, Dutch and English traders.

It is also of little coincidence that nearly all Indians were highly adept in the art of human suffering. From the infamous practice of scalping men, women, and children – which colonialists later adopted as proof of successful kills – to removing the organs of captured adversaries while they were still alive, the sheer animosity and distrust of competing civilizations, let alone neighbors, merely fed the incessant brutality of the day. If you can imagine being buried up to your chin in the desert, or left to rot beneath the glaring sun as a sacrificial snack for ants, scorpions, or snakes, “injustice” is hardly a historically exclusive term. It’s a human trademark.

The rise of the American Indian population was eerily similar to colonial expansion in that they displaced other supposed “invaders”, earlier nomadic cultures, by “infringing” upon their lands and/or using brute force to establish supremacy. In essence, those more adept at killing and conquering their enemy survived for sovereignty was only as relevant as the strength of your spear or the aim of your arrow. And unlike the countless victims of Indian hostilities, which are too often disregarded by history revisionists, many of these tribes received monetary compensation, land grants, and tax abatements…which modern day descendants now use for commercial ventures such as casinos and mining ventures, or via subsidized college tuition. If equality demands equal treatment and unconditional respect, why aren’t all victims viewed or paid the same? To say any sect of humanity owns the political rights to human suffering in a world defined by universal hostility is to claim one form of terminal cancer is far more tragic than another. Educating all subsequent generations and foreign creeds to unite against such senseless brutality, however, is far more beneficial to the moral evolution and survival of mankind than any misguided attempt at financial recompense.

Contrary to misconception, the so-called derogatory term “red skin” was first adopted by Indian delegations as a term of endearment and solidarity when meeting with then President James Madison, rather than a callous epithet created solely to belittle an entire race. Like our newfound republic, they sought strength in numbers to survive an inevitable battle of attrition. Regardless of how we judge one another through the spectrum of history, I will always revere Native Americans as fiercely independent, skilled survivalists who instinctively found a symbiotic relationship with nature. Although they were deeply spiritual and highly perceptive, their way of life inevitably succumbed, like so many others before them, to an even greater force of nature: technology, or more succinctly, the mind of man. While both groups adopted and assimilated advantageous aspects of each other’s culture over the centuries…horticulture, horses, medicinal applications, tactical weapons…the supremacy of any civilization has always resided in its capacity for war.

Unlike those European countries that evolved from perpetual warfare, American Indians simply lacked the numbers and technological advancement necessary to defeat a more powerful and versatile foe. And if they by some chance repelled the rapid proliferation of Western society, who knows how different the world would be today in the extensive wake of America’s absence, economic prowess, military might, transcendent discoveries and immutable ideals. Otherwise, in a parallel universe of political correctness and mandatory guilt transference, the rightfully proud society of surviving Native Americans could very well be asked to apologize to the victimized descendants of European colonialists for being the historically superior nation or for instinctively guarding their borders to preserve their country, their culture and their very lives. In other words, placing an asterisk on an epitaph marking historical injustice is as pointless as asking your newborn baby permission to forgive you for being born a white male who must now atone for his genetically inherited sins. We all possess an inherent right to forge a life free from the burden of assumed obligation and the wrongful allocation of past strife.

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Dear NFL Executives

If more spoiled athletes refuse to honor the flag, respect our veterans/fallen heroes and recognize the countless blessings America innately affords all people, I suggest playing the national anthem before players are introduced or can even take the field. Why give a growing faction of ungrateful millionaires a national stage to needlessly politicize sports and thus feed the cultivated myth injustice is the private property of any sole ethnic group? Just because some foolishly choose to believe the senseless propaganda claiming a majority of Americans, Donald Trump voters and police officers are white supremacists, doesn’t make it so. It makes overpaid, fully-grown men recklessly paranoid and ostensibly gullible.

This country, those families spending hundreds of dollars just to attend a single game, deserve far better than such a grotesque display of ignorance and coddled lack of appreciation. Since when did insulting generations of loyal fans become an acceptable form of entertainment? The same whining activists currently threatening to protest NFL games because Colin Kaepernick is now unsurprisingly unemployed, were eerily quiet when Tim Tebow – a former Heisman trophy winner who won 6 games consecutively and beat the Steelers in the playoffs during his first season as a starter – was routinely mocked for his religious beliefs and couldn’t even secure a roster spot as a back-up quarterback on a last place team only one year later. Perhaps if he beat his girlfriend, wore socks portraying cops as pigs or partied with escorts on a yacht in Key West, he would have generated enough “street cred” to win the support of the anti-American establishment.

It’s an ominous failing of our culture, our most intrinsic values, when reciting an universally inclusive prayer during a nationally televised game would garner far more contempt from the media than those applauded opportunists inciting hatred of our country, the law enforcement community, with their misguided actions and morally select outrage. Until 70% of NFL players realize less than 10 percent of the population accounts for 50% of all violent crime in America – the fact a black athlete is 30 times more likely to be murdered by another black man than shot by a “racist” police officer – the only flag anyone should be protesting on Sunday is that of the yellow variety. Although bigotry and injustice will always exist in some form or facet of society, a hypothetical future forged upon the replayed cards of racial distrust and adopted victimization will inevitably falter beneath the collective weight of endless accusation. United we stand, but divided humanity falls.


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The Ruse of Revolution

A few final thoughts on Charlottesville…

This entire political melodrama reeks of an orchestrated ruse for two reasons. First, the “Unite the Right” march organizer, Jason Kessler, was a known Occupy Wall Street participant and a vocal Obama supporter who held many traditionally liberal views: such as, but not limited to, gun control, abortion rights and socialist healthcare. He is no more a voice for right-minded Americans than I am for Antifa. Second, no self-respecting conservative, libertarian, Independent or traditional Republican would align themselves with the KKK, white supremacists, knowing how tirelessly the media has worked to paint Donald Trump as a lifelong racist and Nazi sympathizer since the inception of his campaign. While I do not deny hate groups have held public events for decades, it’s obvious this specific gathering was targeted and hijacked by prodding leftists with the explicit intent of instigating violence and manufacturing national outrage to further undermine the President’s endlessly besieged credibility. Why else would local police from a known Democratic state stand down in the face of eminent hostility, anarchy and potential loss of life? If it smells like fire but looks like arson, the most plausible explanation typically resides in the spark of false accusation emanating from the sponsored bullhorn of those critics who unapologetically wish for your death.

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The Cost of Ignorance


Media charlatans and lynch mob Democrats want to censure, even impeach the President for saying he unconditionally opposes hate groups and violence in his original public response to Charlottesville. And yes, I’m pretty sure that universal maxim included white supremacists, Neo Nazis and those KKK members who fought with Antifa and BLM agitators in the name of “unity”. When your only goal is to slander, assassinate or remove the President by any means possible, the simplest statements become the most offensive and misconstrued truths. Or, if common sense is far too taxing on the average anarchist, anti-American mind, perhaps the unbiased jurors of mob justice should smash some more historical monuments to end racism, dig up a few more Confederate graves to combat depravity, or demand the posthumous inquisition of our Forefathers who apparently must now be evicted from the very Constitutional Republic they risked their lives to build – to provide a better life for the poor, the persecuted and the forsaken from all walks of life – but just not stricken from the transcendent document that provided the indelible means for America to overcome the most glaring injustices stemming from any culturally accepted norm during any socially imperfect era.

Burning America to the ground will not make the world a better place, or right past wrongs, it will merely reaffirm who truly despises our way of life and seeks to divide us according to the identity politics of race, gender or any variety of “victimized” plights. Who needs the validation of foresight when fascism is offering ignorance by erasing history for free?

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Sticks and Stones and Assassination Prose

Free speech does not cease in a nation predicated upon individual liberty, nor does it inevitably qualify as a “hate crime” simply because you disagree with or are deeply offended by the personal beliefs of others. There are no ‘safe spaces’ from the self-inflicted micro-aggressions of reality…i e., one’s own insecurities or deep-seated biases. Tolerance, disregarding the newly socially engineered version that slanders or threatens divergence with now disturbing regularity, is a prerequisite of free will and the fundamental crux of open and constructive discourse; a Socratic ideal colleges should be obstinately preserving rather than forcibly constricting in the name of fostering political uniformity.

Students, our own sons and daughters, should never be afraid to speak their mind out of fear of condemnation or retribution in our institutions of higher learning, let alone in the sovereign confines of a constitutional republic that openly rebelled against intrusive government, religious persecution, and the oppression of mankind’s natural born rights. If the immediate goal is to label all conservative views as hate speech, then the ultimate objective is the dissolution of our nation’s founding premise and the justified demise of due process. Tyranny goes by many names and you don’t have to be a philosophy student to matriculate into the baited den of madness. One merely must realize that totalitarianism is a futile endeavor because human nature, regardless whether America is buried and replaced by the most progressive state, will always challenge the limitations of any authoritative society that seeks to stifle our unique faculties and man’s innate desire to be free. While freedom of speech does not guarantee freedom from consequences, nor does it pardon terroristic threats, those activists attempting to suffocate the rights of unwelcome perspective, using “racism” as a justifiable alibi to incite violence and civil unrest, represent a far more nefarious threat to America’s survival than those brash voices willing to speak their coarse minds and openly face their detractors. The first step in accepting tyranny or unconditional subjugation is to rationalize why you must first surrender your rightful independence.

Although I have no love, respect or earthly need for white or black supremacists, ANTIFA, La Raza, the Muslim Brotherhood or Marxist-Leninists, no one sect or ideology should be less entitled or more accountable for their actions. To quote Voltaire, and to rejoice in the “Common Sense” of Thomas Paine, I may disagree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it. Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative, Christian, atheist, white, black, gay, straight, rich, poor, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton…to bask in the light of liberty, the transcendent gifts of humanity’s intellectual prowess, spiritual and empathetic capacity, is to shed the shackles of coerced silence. Those beliefs which cannot stand upon their own merits and withstand the natural rigors of honest scrutiny, will in due time wilt beneath the unsustainable of their own hypocrisy. When confronting “hate speech” requires the political distraction of false accusation, juvenile antagonism and welcomed brutality, the so-called justified response becomes far more deadly and divisive than an annual parade of fools or the mere deployment of words. I am far more wary of those lost souls who are willing to adopt the morally bankrupt premise of senseless rhetoric, then those who merely speak of it to solicit attention.

Right or wrong, I would much rather embrace the uncertainties of individuality, encourage the open exchange of competing ideas to challenge my convictions and unearth the best possible solutions, than to faintly exist amidst the blaring stigma of stereotype to justify mass conformity. Progress, our insatiable thirst for excellence and innovation, isn’t born solely from the comfort of serenity or the pulpit of self-righteousness; it is most often forged from the fires of failure, dissent, necessity and most notably, self-discovery. If people are not willing to discern truth from fiction, volition from fascism as sentient beings, then perhaps it is the media’s job to tell us what to think, feel, eat and drink. Two and a half centuries of Americans didn’t toil and sacrifice so their tepid descendants could bite their tongue and recoil in fear amidst the Orwellian tactics of glorified political terrorists. They risked their very lives and the welfare of their children so the flame of freedom, the very First Amendment of our inalienable Bill of Rights, would endure without condition. These unfiltered voices of free will knew what it meant to be an American; more succinctly, they overwhelmingly understood their liberties were a birthright, derived from the grace of God, and not ransomed by any government decree or bloodthirsty movement.

As long as the media wastes more time and resources manipulating public opinion to needlessly demonize or potentially “assassinate” our President – his repeated recognition and clear rejection of hate in all facets of America – instead of equally exposing the actual instigators and perpetrators of mob violence, hate will grow in congruence with society’s unwillingness to identify racism without the prism of political consent. Inflaming century old racial tensions simply to selectively report hate exists, does nothing to alleviate its existence or to responsibly condemn intolerance in any of its sprouting forms. Even if ANTIFA, the KKK and the sponsored armies of fascism beat their perceived enemies into submission, they would merely ensure the reciprocal means of their own demise. You can no more command the dead than a tyrant can earn the respect of the brutally oppressed. When “tolerance” requires bloody knuckles and hateful epithets – flash mobs of masked thugs assaulting political dissent – America becomes the first casualty of partisan contempt. Anarchy, however, eagerly invites them all.



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The Offensive Flag of Truth


The Confederate or “Rebel Flag” so widely commercialized today, the suddenly controversial symbol which replaced the original “Stars and Bars” of the Confederacy in 1863, was merely the battle flag of the Northern Virginia Army under General Lee. It later became the official embodiment of state sovereignty in the face of excessive or intrusive federal power; a struggle that continues today against militant groups like Antifa who believe centralized rule – silencing dissent, wealth redistribution and assigning conditional rights – is the answer for erasing America’s imperfect history and finally achieving racial/economic equality once and for all. Wheres the infamous Nazi swastika represented white supremacy, fascism and mass genocide under Adolf Hitler, the Confederate flag came to fruition long after human servitude first appeared in America. To those proud descendants outside of the race-baiting media plantation, the “Dixie Flag” remains largely symbolic of those fiercely independent states that were loyal to our founding creed of limited government, rather than the sole product of those racist attitudes so prevalent throughout the 19th century world.

Just because liberal academia has convinced a sizable portion of America the “Confederacy” possessed no redeemable achievements outside of slavery – such as our early agrarian prowess or saving America by defending New Orleans alongside black and Indian volunteers during the War of 1812 – doesn’t invalidate their contributions to a country that now affords millions of immigrants and minorities opportunities their native countries could faintly fathom. And yet as we stand in this Orwellian whirlwind of purging history and labeling politicians racist who dare employ reason rather than joining the firing squad, how ironic is it no one is asking the Dutch, the English, Portugal or Spain -nations who streamlined slave trading to the New World – to surrender their recognized colors or commissioned monuments of so-called national identity? If “We the People” are going to be historically accurate in this politically correct centrifuge of posthumously adjudicating justice, shouldn’t America give equal credence and outrage to those symbols, leaders and organizations that bear equal, if not more horrific legacies?

Unless knowledge now requires a press pass to buy Nazi memorabilia on Amazon, which it doesn’t, the Democratic Party fiercely defended the institution of slavery for over 30 years since its inception, forged the KKK as the terrorist arm of their party to dissuade blacks from voting, and opposed nearly every civil rights reform from the Emancipation Proclamation to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If Dylann Roof was guilty of being an unapologetic racist, the twisted disciple of the KKK, Democrats are undoubtedly his founding father; the same ideological seed behind the fascist/supremacist factions of the Black Panthers, the Weather Underground, Occupy Wall Street, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter. Coincidence? Hardly.

The black flag of ISIS, an internationally despised symbol of religious intolerance and hatred – guilty of denying women basic civil rights, killing gays for merely existing, and beheading nonbelievers at will – has been spotted in Muslim communities across America and its representatives have even been invited to college campuses; the supposed safe harbors of enlightenment for our youth. Does embracing such antiquated evil not enable further depravity, degrade our societal values and inherently invite more death? How is it a flash mob of rabid delinquents “rightfully” destroyed a divisive city memorial that had nothing to do with the civil unrest their ranks consciously sought in Charlottesville, but the images of Che Guevara, Vladimir Lenin and Karl Marx, infamous Communists and/or known mass murderers, have become an honorable political statement and the preferred wall décor of students and educators nationwide; yes, notorious butchers also displayed in the election headquarters of the former President of the United States. If I may be so bold, where is the outrage, the acute awareness and ingrained sensitivity for mass injustice? Those who violently seek to eradicate history for the “common good” are typically the one’s most readily implicated its existence or most likely to repeat its timeless failings.

If people find solace in toppling statues and blaming a flag that has flown for 150 years for the misguided actions of a deranged driver triggered by the violent clash of orchestrated chaos, so be it. There is enough tangible guilt and cultured misconception to indict both sides. But know this; banning a colored piece of nylon or smashing monuments to sanitize history and appease anarchists will not heal America’s racial divide or assuage this culture war progressives are waging to achieve their goal of criminalizing American history. It is but a convenient scapegoat camouflaging America’s true ills and moral decay. And because most of these radical leftists view America as an evil construct of white imperialism and greed, where does this purge of the most transcendent country in modern history effectively end? Better yet, where would this “beacon of hope” be without our imperfect past and subsequent cultural growth from these transgressions?

Does the fact George Washington and Thomas Jefferson owned slaves during an era when it was culturally acceptable, diminish their indelible contributions to this nation, the Constitution, or somehow negate their life’s work? If a black athlete murders his wife or an illegal immigrant kills an officer while fleeing arrest, does that make their life moot and devoid of all meaning? Apparently not if you’re an anti-American radical who views all morality, one’s intrinsic value, almost solely through the prism of race. The more “anti-racists” view patriotism as the most prevalent form of enduring bigotry, how long will it be before our flag, the National Anthem, is stripped from our schools, the military or sporting events because its deemed just too offense for public consumption? Once you realize our sons and daughters are being sent home for wearing patriotic clothes, penalized by teachers for supporting the Second Amendment, Donald Trump or God forbid the rights of the unborn, the delineation between freedom and fascism has never been so frail.

America, like all noteworthy civilizations, clearly bears its share of misgivings and missteps. However, the United States Constitution, and not the flawed cultural norms of any era, provided the blueprint for overcoming society’s most daunting challenges and glaring injustices. Because of our Founder’s sacrifices and the foresight of their surviving wisdom, our capacity for self-reflection and societal evolution, I earnestly believe America has contributed far more to the dignity, potential and liberty of mankind – from her countless transcendent discoveries to centuries of economic liberation and by repeatedly confronting tyranny across the globe – than those despotic regimes and inhumane ideologies that continue to flourish today beneath the slumbering scorn of opportunists who continue to disparage America with unbridled pleasure.

While historians and media revisionists attempt to make America the immortalized epitome of human bondage, despite the fact less than 2% of all Americans owned slaves at the height of the Antebellum period, slavery was a global product of cultural relativism that stretched from Mesopotamia to the heart of Africa – the custom bartering practices of African tribes that sold their brethren for common trinkets and an industry that still thrives today with little to no protest or interference from the international community. Contrary to tales of unwavering moral clarity and universal symbiotic harmony, even Native American tribes engaged in slave trading and claimed conquered enemies as indentured servants. Are the armies of millennial mob justice picketing Indian casinos, protesting their federal and state tax exemptions, or burning Teepees dawning hundreds of Southwestern gift shops? Whether proceeded by a spear, a whip, or an Apache Attack helicopter, human nature is the most consistent trigger of injustice but the most grotesquely misconstrued fingerprint of politicized blame.

No, I’m not absolving the South for its sins, I’m just putting them into perspective. There are millions of decent, compassionate, law-abiding Southerners who aren’t racist or murderers, who proudly bear the colors of the Confederate Flag to honor their ancestors, and who also unconditionally weep for any man or woman killed by soulless bigots. If the enduring struggle of racism and mass violence can be pinpointed to the existence of inanimate objects and not the rogue acts of disturbed individuals, blind hate groups, then we should rejoice in the naïve delusion that wiping the enduring images of Islamic extremism and Communist oppression off the face of the earth will eradicate their destructive creeds forever. Or is their survival simply a matter of historical context and personal choice? Well that depends on whether or not you’re the modern disciple of 60’s radicals and subversive Marxists living in a land predicated upon individual liberty. Although disagreement is inevitable and discourse the innate blessing of living in a free republic, indulging militants who abolish civility for celebrated anarchy marks the end of everything our Constitution represents and what centuries of Americans fought to preserve.

Do not believe for one moment the same lynch mob mugging the moral high ground would not hesitate to destroy Mount Rushmore, drag “demonized” conservatives from their Congressional offices or ransack Corporate offices in the name of social justice. Any person or party that can support an organization founded by a Nazi supremacist with the founding goal of exterminating the black race – one that sells dissected baby parts for profit, no less – will have few qualms following in the soiled footsteps of fascist Germany or Maoist China to coerce conformity, imprison ideas and destroy the mindful teachings of mankind’s ascent from institutionalized persecution and lingering injustice. When the end justifies the means, the means of erecting an imaginary utopia is as easily concealed as the brainwashed bodies willing to bury any proof of their own graves. To each his own beneath the offensive flag of truth.

“…In this enlightened age, there are few I believe, but what will acknowledge, that slavery as an institution, is a moral & political evil in any Country. It is useless to expatiate on its disadvantages. I think it however a greater evil to the white man than to the black race, & while my feelings are strongly enlisted in behalf of the latter, my sympathies are more strong for the former. The blacks are immeasurably better off here than in Africa, morally, socially & physically. The painful discipline they are undergoing, is necessary for their instruction as a race, & I hope will prepare & lead them to better things. How long their subjugation may be necessary is known & ordered by a wise Merciful Providence.”

– A letter from Robert E. Lee to his wife, 1865


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Hate is Hate

According to the unbiased media pundits and self-righteous soldiers of unity, Antifa represents “tolerant” revolutionaries, terrorists aren’t real Muslims, BLM advocates murdering police to end “racism”, the Democratic Party founded the KKK to politely educate black voters, Barack Obama empathized with race rioters in Ferguson/Baltimore to save lives, feminists urged the rape of Sarah Palin and Melania Trump to protect women’s rights, Hollywood fantasizes about Presidential assassination to promote compassion, gender conditioning empowers child transvestites by encouraging pedophilia, la Raza celebrates diversity by intending to demographically conquer America, but somehow a twisted faction of parading supremacists confronted by leftist militants speaks for Donald Trump, 63 million of his voters (including minorities) and all patriotic, white Americans? Naturally. What other insipid, irresponsible conclusion would I expect from the divisive, fake news, alt-truth, violence inciting media establishment?

Instead of unanimously agreeing hate is hate and holding all parties equally accountable without making reckless accusations designed to inflame tensions, partisan politics and petty vendettas are destroying any hope of racial harmony. When your only goal is to destroy Donald Trump and the common sense reforms so many Americans desperately crave – especially after the distinctly prejudiced and unapologetically anti-American policies of the past administration – anything will make sense to the millions of malcontents still conspiring to overthrow an election result by any means necessary.


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Last Man Standing

Contrary to contemporary paranoia, i do not have a problem with nationalism – a fierce respect and undying love for one’s country, its welfare and survival – as long such reverence is not based upon the violent oppression or senseless discrimination of any sect of society. Racial supremacy, however, is a pointless, naive and entirely self-destructive endeavor. Even if one’s claim of racial superiority was rooted in incontrovertible fact, it’s of little relevance in a country as diverse as America, let alone one predicated upon individual liberty and tolerance. Refusing to “coexist” is as much of an attack on our founding values as coercing free will into mass conformity. Furthermore, attempting to silence or limit free speech, the most fundamental manifestation of our natural born rights and the cognitive domain of sentient beings, merely justifies the very form of tyranny censorship inevitably invites.

The greatest contention I have with the chaos in Charlottesville or anywhere else for that matter, besides the grotesque display of inhumanity and needless loss of life, is that professional political agitators like Antifa and BLM solicited protesters, distributed detailed “playbooks” and transported hundreds of militants into Virginia with the explicit purpose of ensuring confrontation and exacting bloodshed. These radical organizations have repeatedly called for the death of police, even proclaimed a need for white genocide, with little to no outrage from the mainstream media or our elected representatives. Since when did unabashed bigotry and orchestrated anarchy not become worthy of being declared hate crimes, or dare I say recognized terror threats, in this hyper-sensitive age of political correctness and publicized mass murder?

Being the KKK has been designated a hate group for over half a century, and rightfully so, shouldn’t the Black Panthers receive similar treatment for their vile rhetoric and cultivated animosity towards millions of white Americans, the very political party that ended slavery and our law enforcement community? Unlike Barack Obama who immediately exonerated and racially exploited Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Freddie Gray, triggering riots and a national wave of police assassinations, the President has made no such malicious assumptions or “call to arms” to fulfill a bitter, divisive agenda. He simply denounced the horrific hostility unfolding on national TV and made a renewed plea for mutual respect among fellow Americans; regardless of our skin color, political beliefs or inevitable differences.

Much of the discord currently enveloping America is a choreographed fire sale to give the illusion the country, if not the world, is coming apart because of one man’s ill-conceived policies and contemptible nature; or in layman’s terms, his resolute rejection of the corrupt, prejudiced and failed status quo. Despite his well documented past of social philanthropy, accolades and praise received from the same civil rights leaders now invoking racism, it’s obvious progressives are far more concerned with linking Donald Trump to white supremacy – yet another shameless ploy to disparage his name and discredit his presidency through false association – than fostering amity by addressing the true source of these avoidable hostilities: liberal fascism.

When societal apathy, clear political favoritism, allows criminal malevolence to fester and operate with reckless impunity, tragic events like Charlottesville are hardly aberrations…they are the acceptable aftermath of pardoned hypocrisy. Freedom of speech only becomes a buried anecdote when political charlatans preaching “unity and social justice” implore their followers to belligerently “get in the face” of anyone who disagrees with their partisan aspirations. As repugnant as some views are, our response to those ideas can be equally appalling if not more obscene than the mere exchange of words. When the battle of ideas recuses civility and the merits of one’s convictions for fisticuffs and homicidal threats, ignorance is always the last man standing.


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The RAISED Standards of Immigration Reform

Before 1965 roughly 200,000 immigrants were approved annually to reside in the United States; largely to pursue professional opportunities and/or to reunite with estranged family members. Regardless of their circumstances, these individuals had to demonstration a willingness to assimilate to our culture and provide for themselves without harboring any undue animosity towards America. In fact, applicants were required to demonstrate a working knowledge of our founding ideals, government procedures and laws, in addition to formally pledging allegiance to America while denying serving as a foreign spy or Communist agent. In essence, citizenship was a privilege with firm requirements and stark expectations. Not only were our immigration laws viewed as fundamental necessities designed to protect America’s interests, her citizens and sovereignty – yes, legislation written and ratified by both political parties – they were routinely enforced without any organized protest, media outrage or inflammatory rhetoric from duplicitous politicians plotting to grant Amnesty to an additional 11 million Democratic voters. Immigration was universally accepted as a matter of prudence, non-partisan pragmatism, not a destructive platform to invalidate intellectual diversity through electoral supremacy.

Since 1970, but even more so during the past 15 years, immigration has divulged into a chaotic dereliction of duty that now accounts for over one million immigrants entering America each year; a majority of which are illegal, unvetted, harbor almost no loyalty towards America but somehow were awarded federal benefits, healthcare and education at taxpayer expense. If this astronomical trend continues, 40% of all children in the US will have come from foreign born parents by 2060. To make matters worse, elected public servants who once swore to uphold our laws and the Constitution itself, including one Barack Hussein Obama, have purposely muddled an elementary issue of national security for political gain. “Hope and Change” were obviously the misunderstood, monosyllabic cousins of “Confuse, Conspire and Conquer”.

Despite the disturbing reality illegal immigration costs America approximately 100 billion annually, increases the prevalence of crime and threatens the integrity of our elections through the auspices of voter fraud, sanctuary cities are actually attempting to sue the Justice Department for upholding the law and doing their job. Illegal aliens account for over 25 percent of the current U.S. Prison population, with each inmate averaging 12 criminal offenses and 8 arrests for a total incarceration cost of 7 billion taxpayer dollars per year…ironically almost the same “unaffordable” price tag of building a border wall, minus the cost of deporting repeat offenders. Yet by some unintelligible form of “progressive” reasoning, our President is a radical supremacist for specifically ordering the deportation of career criminals and violent gang members who pose a threat and financial drain to all sects of society; including other illegals, and both naturalized and natural born citizens? Naturally!

Considering Los Angeles alone has spent an estimate 1.6 billion in the past two years providing for and shielding illegals, including offering driver’s licenses, tuition waivers and free legal assistance to sue actual American citizens, bankrupt California is the epitome of the detached bureaucracy attempting to dismantle America in favor of a globalist socialist utopia that criminalizes common sense and seeks to euthanize any concept of self-preservation; if you’re a patriotic, Christian American with a job, a gun and an acute awareness of history, that is.

Under the Trump administration’s new “RAISE” program, common sense will replace political chaos and points will earn the privilege of residing in America. Immigrants seeking work visas and/or citizenship will be given special preference according to their job skills, knowledge of the English language, and willingness to assimilate as productive, law-abiding members of society. In other words, the reignited “Don’t ask what America can do for you, but what you can do for America” creed of John F. Kennedy will help filter out those aspiring burdens who are more concerned with handouts, exploiting both the system and struggling taxpayers, than working towards the betterment and preservation of a free, independent and economically vibrant nation. And yes, these reaffirmed goals of naturalization will also help better identify those bitter transients who despise America and have no regard for her people or survival. Unless burning the American flag, cursing our heritage and attacking Amnesty opponents are now acceptable behavior for foreign guests – smugly waving the symbol of their native countries which so egregiously failed them – such unapologetic logic is long overdue and sorely unappreciated.

The problem with enacting policies rooted in reason, historical precedence, and beneficial to the U.S., is that progressives are bound to protest anything that makes too much sense. Despite the knee-jerk “resistance” prescribed by Democrats, the liberal commune of Canada utilizes a similar merit-based system and routinely denies or delays migrants entrance into their country for both economic and security reasons; despite Trudeau’s mindless proclamation “all refugees are welcome” to assimilate naïve Westerns. Of course, you will hear no such admission by the mainstream media for truth is not welcome in the production meetings of mass manipulation. When buying cigarettes or applying for a loan requires more screening and due deligence than stepping across the unguarded border of a sovereign nation, in a post 9/11 world no less, the insane asylum has obviously mastered the art of absentee voting.

If you thought Sitar music was the annoying aftermath of lazy indigents attempting to become existentially enlightened through hallucinogenic horticulture – the Marxist love child of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren – the red Armies of Entitlement fed by the wealth redistribution scheme of the Obama administration quietly doubled our national debt by nearly 10 trillion and triggered the first two credit downgrades in American History; an astounding figure nearly equaling the accumulative debt accrued by all other Presidents combined. And to think publicly funded abortions and sex changes, albeit for prisoners and incarcerated illegals deported multiple times, are now being promoted as natural born rights by social activists.

Whereas his predecessor recklessly distributed over one million green cards each year, using them primarily as a criminal means to help illegals escape deportation, Donald Trump will limit that number to 5000,000 or less and require all approved immigrants to wait at least 5 years before qualifying to apply for public assistance. If you’re outraged by one man’s attempt to restore accountability and fiscal responsibility to a politically hijacked matter of national security, but are completely ambivalent towards the treasonous ploys of an anti-American propagandist seeking to supplant our founding values and electoral balance through an orchestrated demographic invasion, you definitely flunked Ethics and hate your grandparents’ powers of observation. How else can an American Governor, bound by the state ratified supremacy of the Constitution and subsject to the jurisdiction of the Department of Justice, refuse to release election data when 11 of his counties cast more votes than citizens or legal voting age?

When the argument is lost and all credible options of opposition are exhausted, one word always remains in the progressive pantheon of victimization: racism. Luckily for civilization, outside the regurgitated excuses of the irrational mind where photo identification is somehow the most unattainable form of pertinence but a nonnegotiable necessity to attend the Democratic National Convention, lies the single greatest manifestation of the real world: consequences. If a white American stood in the heart Mexico City, demanded the right to vote and free entitlements, all while waving the U.S. flag and cursing those Mexican “bigots” who dared to disagree, how long would it be before he was beaten, jailed, or buried? Would I be offered “sanctuary” for committing larceny, assault or raping a Mexican child? No? How quaint. Apparently logic has a passport with an undocumented carry-on of tuberculosis.

There are numerous cases of Americans jailed in Central and South American countries for imaginary or pedestrian infractions, corrupt nationals ransoming their life savings as recompense for their reclaimed freedom, with almost no public outcry of “racism” from those very critics demonizing our right to protect our borders. Yes, it is true, a border wall will not stop all illegal immigration, but such an ominous edifice, fortified by the public knowledge of our recommitment to enforce our laws, will discourage and stop far more people than it entices. I openly welcoming those individuals and families seeking a better life by contributing to a moral and prosperous America, as long as they respect the process and accept the inherent responsibility of becoming a citizen. I simply refuse to provide the kindling for opportunistic malcontents who would gladly watch America burn, bleed her dry behind the veil of political correctness, before lifting a finger to act on her behalf. If thousands can successfully immigrate from Asia, Europe and Australia without organizing a single protest or demanding a billion dollar door prize, our contemporaries South of the border shouldn’t require need a translator to explain why houses have locks and bank cards have pin numbers. Likewise, if the pompous Pope can lecture America behind a 1167 year-old wall designed to repel pillaging invaders, why can’t America build one to weed out aspiring terrorists, disgruntled anarchists and uninvited parasites?

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To Russia with Love: Robert Mueller


As numerous sources have alluded to previously, former FBI Director Robert Mueller was not only privy to the secret sale of 20 percent of US Uranium stockpiles to Russia, he was a key participant. And now we know why the Clinton Foundation has never been investigated for receiving a total of 145 million in “donations” from the Kremlin, including various Russian banks and businesses. Oh and PS…even the notorious Russian Lawyer, Natalie Veselnitskaya – who was a personal guest of the Obama administration – has ties to the infamous Bill Clinton/Loretta Lynch tarmac meeting where this entire Russian narrative was set into motion as a viable distraction from investigating real criminality, collusion, and thus incriminating themselves. How deep is the swamp? Deep enough to hide the skeletons of every crooked bureaucrat, congressional kickback, awarded government contract, electoral scheme and treasonous foreign affair for over the past 100 years.




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Collusion to Convict

While convening an “impartial” Grand Jury in any investigation – especially one with so little credible evidence – is largely a procedural issue to request documents or solicit testimony, it is still a convenient political tool of public manipulation. Despite the remarkable feat Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have endured no such invasive inquiry, a thoroughly debunked meeting stemming from an admittedly fake dossier, fabricated by a known foreign political agitator colluding with a Russian lawyer (and former White House guest) who was previously and “coincidentally” awarded an emergency visa by the Obama administration, apparently now deserves the ominous specter of a Grand Jury to possibly indict Trump or his son for criminal misconduct. Yep, I concur, truly amazing. Of course I’m completely disregarding Mueller’s relationship with Comey – a clear conflict of interest with a personal friend and FBI colleague who already admitted leaking classified information – his shameless ploy to load this partisan inquisition with bloodthirsty Obama/Clinton cronies and his abusive attempt to expose all of Trump’s financial records and business ties over the past 25 years. Keep in mind these are serious infractions prosecutors could not get away with in the most liberal court of law. Yes, if you can’t convict a man of electoral collusion, at the very least you can legally data mine his private information to be mysteriously shared and weaponized before the 2020 election.

This fiasco has become so blatantly absurd that it’s unmistakably clear Mueller is attempting to dupe Trump into dismissing him, solely to imply scandal and guilt in the court of public opinion because no hard evidence exists, or the swamp has simply abandoned all sense of legal protocol and ethical behavior in a desperate attempt to overturn an election result they still cannot fathom. Regardless of the juvenile posturing, I honestly do not fear the “truth” for all formal requests for clarification have been promptly answered, or even precipitated by the willing release of any relevant correspondence, and this so-called investigation has all the hallmarks of a “witch hunt” because the left is obsessed with drowning the President’s agenda and perceived legitimacy with an avalanche of obscene accusations, frivolous lawsuits and choreographed media ridicule. In the immortal words of Snuffleupagus, so be it. A lie takes far more effort to perpetuate and conceal, than the truth requires to expose the swarming rats biting your kicking feet.


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To Hue and Back

For those who are appalled at the Justice Department’s decision to review the aftermath of affirmative action, please allow me to colorfully digress. Before the concept of affirmative action was introduced and implemented via Executive fiat by John F. Kennedy in 1961, discrimination was plainly prevalent and racism institutionalized throughout America. After all, segregation ended but a mere 7 years earlier and the Civil Rights movement was just beginning to gain steam; as noted by MLK’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail and his iconic “I Have a Dream Speech” during the March on Washington in 1963. While the introduction of these protections was justifiable, whether or not critics agreed, there was little doubt black citizens lacked equal opportunities in many facets of American society.

Unfortunately for the pallbearers of good intentions, 56 years of affirmative action has turned into a vindictive platform to exact social justice; that modern day construct used to consciously discriminate against people of non-color because of assumed “privilege”, an unpaid historical debt or to simply inflame racial tensions. In essence, rather than judging everyone based on the merits of their accomplishments and the content of their character, universities, our government, and supposed humanitarian organizations themselves have used race as a determining factor to reject more worthy candidates.

Now I’m not going to sanctimoniously decree every minority hired under affirmative action was unqualified or that some businesses do not consciously seek to favor white employees or students. Not at all. Humans are highly subjective creatures by nature and the ideal of racial harmony requires equally invested partners. I’m simply stating it’s wrong to deny an Asian American entrance into Harvard, or any race for that matter, simply to accommodate a Native American given preference due to historical transgressions which neither party were victimized by or guilty of committing. Empowering underrepresented segments of the population to find the means to succeed in the workplace or the classroom, albeit by individual mentoring or financial scholarships, is vastly different than giving a promotion to someone who is much less experienced or qualified solely because of the color of his or her skin. In fact, it’s legalized racism and moralized reverse discrimination stemming from an exceedingly false assumption: it’s needed. Oddly enough, despite the reality Irish and Italian immigrants were the routine victims of violence or cultural bias, no special edicts or state sponsored sanctuaries were declared to ease their plight.

Whereas common sense doesn’t require a political affiliation or agenda, obviously acceptance does. Until every member of society is held to the same applicable standard, regardless of one’s heritage or biological attributes, the concept of equality will remain as hollow as it forever will become unachievable. Considering 1960’s black America boasted higher employment numbers and lower crime rates than their contemporary counterparts, despite facing much more daunting challenges, I’d say the only crutch today’s generation needs is the one that spanks their sense of apathy and entitlement. Dysfunctional homes, absentee parents, and eroding family values – a glaring lack of respect for oneself and others – has contributed to a society that somehow believes oppression involves being required to do homework, respecting differing opinions or not spewing profanity in public, in lieu of being forced to use a separate bathroom, beaten for being black or forced to only apply for demeaning, menial jobs.

This grotesque lack of perspective and appreciation is as unforgivable as it is now justifiable in pop culture. If being chased by the Paparazzi and living the celebrity lifestyle of adored athletes and entertainers is the only cure for perceived prejudice, I deserve to play center for the Boston Celtics because 13% of the population constitutes 75% of the NBA and I twice beat my 10 year-old sister at “HORSE” while hungover. As long as the guardians of affirmative action continue to indulge this divisive fantasy rather than equally recognizing the efforts of all who sacrifice and aspire to achieve, “racism” will forever become a politician’s word used to feed off the buried cries of a hopelessly broken system.

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The $15 Question: Who The Hell Are You?

Do responsible Americans, excluding the unemployed socialists protesting the cost of xbox live in their parents’ basements, actually believe private enterprise is obligated to share or “redistribute” their profits with the general public; albeit paid employees, the unemployed or complete strangers? If I have a job and my neighbor doesn’t, or God forbid I make more money, am I obligated to give this person a percentage of my income? Is “Bob” going to give me his money if I lose my job and become homeless? Hell no! People open businesses to make money…period! It’s not rocket science or a Right-Wing conspiracy. It’s called risk, work, reward!

If a business or an individual is concerned about economic inequality, wants to donate a percentage of their profits or income to charity, that’s their personal choice. No one – not the government, politicians or celebrities – has the right to tell you how to allocate your own property. Otherwise, these offended activists can open their own establishment, dig deep into their own pockets, and doll out every last dollar to whomever their baroque hearts desire. These smug propagandists will single out Corporate America as capitalist marauders, the purveyors of the poor, yet make no mention of entertainers, actors, and athletes who command astronomical salaries by fleecing struggling Americans with outrageous ticket and merchandising prices. But that’s not capitalism, right? Right?! If you have the gall to accept those million dollar endorsements, have the brass tax to admit you’re a convicted hypocrite who decries homelessness by shopping for “economic justice” on Rodeo Drive. The more able-bodied Americans no longer provide for themselves, prefer to drown in self-pity or willingly become a burden on society, the quicker our only remaining vessel of economic independence sinks.

Capitalism may be the convenient scapegoat of socialists who want to ensure your dependence on Big Government, but it is by far the most synonymous with liberty, opportunity and prosperity. In a market economy, the only limits or chains one must shed is that of their own device. If the armies of entitlement are going to orchestrate public demonstrations and demand $15-an-hour jobs for unskilled, fast food workers, perhaps they should start by buying their iPhone mafia a mirror. There are construction grunts who bust their back everyday and don’t make that much money. If you truly want a better job, try building a thriving business from scratch, educate yourself, learn a trade, or gain valuable experience by working your way up the proverbial ladder; anything besides standing on a corner and bemoaning your “woe is me” Twitter status. No one is forcing you to live in poverty, pay rent in Seattle or to work at McDonald’s. That, my friend, is entirely of your own choosing. For every city ordinance that recently turned the concept of minimum wage into a legalized form of political extortion, there is a cemetery of small businesses who paid their “fair share” without as much as a solitary thank you card or a single, deferred tax credit. But who’s counting, right?

If your future prospects require soliciting “guilt” or protesting “white privilege” to get paid, you don’t deserve to get paid because minimum wage was never intended to be anything but pocket change. Just don’t make me pay $15 for a Big Mac because you refuse to accept what every right-minded American already knows: life is unfair, there are no magic rainbows and no one owes you a damn thing except yourself! In other words, just like two centuries of Americans before you, get off your ass and make it happen. Until then, get off my lawn! You have to EARN that right.

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The Unpaid Pawn Stars of Slavery

Every time I hear someone invoke slavery or demand reparations, albeit a politician, academic or unhinged activist, I literally cringe. Unless I’m mistaken, the Emancipation Proclamation was issued over 150 years ago, only 1.6 percent of the American populace owned slaves at the height of the Antebellum period and nearly 400,000 white soldiers died to procure their freedom; not that race should ever discern the value of a human life or disregard an abolitionist movement spearheaded by white, evangelical Christians. It is also common misconception the Civil War was fought solely to end slavery when in reality it was far more about state sovereignty (as intended by our Founders), economics, the rapid industrialization of the North, a lack of railway access in the South, and tariffs. Likewise, it is obviously of little concern to reparation revisionists that no living American breathing today “is” or ever has been a legal slave of this Republic.

For anyone, black or otherwise, to consciously compare themselves to lifelong servants – those who toiled, suffered and died under the auspices of slavery – is offensive and illustrates a complete disregard for these victims’ horrific plight. If the millions who were sold into bondage had the liberties every American enjoys today, there is no dollar amount that could quantify their sheer joy and appreciation for reclaiming their God-Given rights and forging their own destiny as equals. Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t identify as a Republican out of some misplaced or partisan need to bury the truth. The civil rights icon knew that if not for the efforts of the anti-slavery party founded in 1854, the dignity of every black sentient being would have remained shackled to the fields of Democratic apathy for years to come.

Not to question the sterling anti-American credentials of the United Nations, but why has no official condemnation or financial recompense been sought in memory of the astounding 5 million African slaves transported to toil in Brazilian gold mines; a sum 10 times greater than the number brought to America between 1750 and 1860? And while we’re on the subject of globalists posthumously adjudicating guilt, why haven’t the Spanish, Dutch or Portuguese governments been implored to pay reparations for sponsoring and harboring notorious slave trading operations for Icenturies on end? Furthermore, unless thousands of Irish families have unceremoniously received a check as compensation for their ancestors being starved, driven from their homes and forced to work as indentured servants in English colonies, perhaps I’m confused as to the true definition of crimes against humanity worthy of absentee enrichment.

Between 1641 and 1652 alone, half a million Irishmen, women and children were murdered by the Crown and another 300,000 were sold as “white” slaves in the West Indies and New World, causing their native population of 1.5 million to plummet to 600,000 in less than a decade. Yes, numbers far more daunting than the estimated 3,000 blacks lynched in America; a grotesque atrocity regardless of the totality. Apparently “victimization” in the modern theater of social justice requires an invitation to sequester an equally detached alibi to not give a damn.

History was never intended to serve as a politically correct blueprint fortuitously spared from the ravages of human vice, conflict and folly; rather it is a road map for mankind to consciously elude the missteps of an imperfect past to forge a universally beneficial future where the innovative prowess of the human mind is as poignant as its cultivated respect for the lives, welfare and rights of others. If I may be so brash, how does paying blood money to disjointed descendants who have little or no knowledge of their own legacy – let alone a respectable appreciation of the opportunities their ancestors’ pain made possible – honor or alleviate the gross injustices committed against the actual victims? Simply put…it doesn’t. Such an exploitative ploy would merely reward those shameless opportunists seeking a free paycheck while punishing innocent taxpaying citizens who never owned a slave or supported its vile existence in any manner whatsoever.

Considering how much the U.S. Government has doled out in public assistance and disingenuous disability claims over the past 25 years, not to mention the eight and nine figure bank accounts many black athletes and entertainers now command, I’d venture to say the term “slave” is about as irrelevant as a black president in a White House. It’s just too bad the modern day pawn brokers of historical “injustice” are so incredibly immune to the human trafficking epidemic that continues to plague the Middle East, Asia and Africa because the perpetrators lack the proper nationality for an indictment of racial iniquity. Apparently the allure of the almighty dollar, appeasing America’s “unpaid” political detractors, is just enough moral recompense to dull the contemporary screams of unchecked human suffering.

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Straws, Spitballs and the Coordinates of Kim Jong-un

History is littered with the human aftermath of tyrannical regimes and aspiring dictators who sought global power, coerced adulation, at the expense of the oppressed. And yet the only revelation more hypocritical than the “civilized” world’s willingness to appease such evil is their concerted effort to marginalize the suffering of their victims; so-called statistical aberrations too often relegated to the triviality of banned history books.

Kim Jong-un is far more than the mindless byproduct of neurotic nepotism compensating for a Napoleonic complex and a bad hair cut, he is a displaced relic of the Cold War. While a petulant child wastes billions of dollars pursuing his recurrent wet dream of a nuclear arsenal – a singular intercontinental ballistic missile that can reach American mainland – the North Korean people toil in poverty, lack basic amenities including a functional infrastructure, and are incarcerated, even terminated, for the slightest signs of dissent or acts of misconstrued disrespect. For a country that allocates the least per capita on healthcare in the world, wastes millions brainwashing children with history revisionism and the mandatory deification of a tyrant – the very man responsible for their unapologetic suffering – it’s of little surprise the North Korean Education Minister was executed for not sitting properly during a cabinet meeting. Who needs critical thinking skills, universal standards of basic human decency, when native children are taught Kim II-Sung used teleportation to single-handedly defeat one million Japanese? More profoundly, who knew Star Trek wasn’t science fiction?

The Korean Demilitarized Zone, considered the most dangerous strip of land in the discovered world, is but a microcosm of the institutionalized denial present in Western Society. Whereas media propagandists and detached progressives love to morally equivocate Donald Trump with Adolf Hitler, a mass murderer guilty of some of the most grotesque atrocities in human history, their love of Marxist principles leaves their ranks almost completely oblivious to the true nature of Communism. Who in their right mind would tout Cuba as a ‘progressive”, modern state – an indigent, totalitarian cesspool its citizens are fleeing in makeshift rafts – let alone acquiesce to the insatiable demands of Iran and North Korea – barbaric and intolerant manifestations of fascism – to grant a homicidal madman the means to murder millions in one rash moment of unbridled hate? Sadly, their identity is as unmistakable as it is treasonous: they are the same delusional 60’s radicals and entitled millennials who need safe spaces from accountability, who religiously attack free speech on college campuses and who still linger under the academic delusion Communism is the ethically superior choice for a Constitutional Republic predicated upon individual liberty and limited government.

I find it insulting, morally irreconcilable, the United Nations and self-proclaimed humanitarian organizations such as WHO and CAIR zealously demonize America for enforcing its immigration laws, combating terrorism and preserving its citizens’ right to defend themselves against all forms of tyranny, only to consciously dismiss and politically pander to jihadists and tyrants guilty of unyielding crimes against humanity. Yes, those disregarded transgressions that far exceed denying ‘transgenders’ a dress on the battlefield or the unique gender privilege of using the bathroom of their choice; requests that would result in their imprisonment, torture or execution behind the very fortified walls of bloodthirsty rulers globalists spitefully protect. Rather than encouraging these tormented populaces to rise-up and reclaim their homeland, restore the dignity of all human life and their natural born rights, the New World Order is content pardoning murderers and thieves to procure the downfall of Western values.

In the early 1980’s, unprovoked terrorist attacks rippled across Europe targeting civilian cafes and nightclubs, which culminated in the deaths of 241 sleeping American servicemen after their barracks in Beirut, Lebanon were bombed. President Reagan, acutely aware of the state sponsors of Islamic militants and their ties to the Kremlin, bombed Libyan military installations and even the palace of Muammar Gaddafi himself under the veil of night. Unbeknownst to critics, the perpetrators of these “mysterious” attacks immediately ceased. Kim Jong-un, if he so foolishly desires, can conduct missile tests and hurl spitballs at America’s geographic sense of security until he turns blue in the face. However, know this truth; for every singular missile that can reach our mainland or strike our allies, the United States possesses the means to annihilate North Korea with a solitary launch for the next 4,000 consecutive days without refrain. If you’re going to tug on Superman’s cape solely to solicit a pre-emptive response of unrivaled recompense, do not decry the results when your research facilities, missile silos, secret bunkers or your lavish living quarters are buried beneath the midnight rubble of pinpoint bombing campaigns; an ability your scientists can faintly fathom.

Like the unwavering “Peace through Strength” doctrine of Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump, General Mattis and Chief of Staff John Kelly do not believe the best way to defeat unrelenting evil is by apathetically waiting for the inevitable body count of senseless appeasement. Therefore, in the immortal words of “The Gipper”, I leave Kim Jong-un with one final straw of prophetic advice: “They counted on America to be passive…they counted wrong.” If self-preservation requires no explanation, the unannounced reminder of our resolve will be as short lived as your vile legacy.


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The Coffee Mafia

Although I commend Reince Priebus for ceasing his ankle-biting criticism of Donald Trump long enough to help him win in November, he is representative of the new spineless GOP that is far more afraid of being called “conservative” – torchbearers of those timeless ideals most synonymous with America’s ideological founding, independent spirit and economic vitality – than being a willing accomplice to the suicidal progressive agenda. Contrary to the incurable misery of victimization peddlers, you can’t drain the swamp when you’re content drowning with the same dregs incessantly inciting race, class and gender warfare to achieve their anti-American dream of establishing a soulless, centralized state. Make no mistake about it, the President is going to war with Congress because the once proud Party of Reagan has become so afraid of its own shadow, its retreating ranks have abandoned their sworn duty of preserving this last, best hope of mankind for future generations waiting to be baptized by the abundant blessings of liberty. Whereas Mr. Priebus preferred tip toeing across Washington to passively avoid breaking the skeletons of the corrupt status quo, General John Kelly will unceremoniously bust balls, take out the trash and make grown babies cry before having his morning “covfefe”. Leakers, propagandists and Benedict Arnolds beware…there are no apologies, social graces or half measures when the only remaining option on the breakfast menu is to Make America Great Again. Yes, garnish is for suckers.

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Tokyo Rose & the Wilting Memory of John McCain



Whether crawling through the ruddy trenches of the Western Front or speaking from the esteemed floor of the U.S. Senate, honor and integrity should ring equally true. Unfortunately for those American citizens currently drowning in the Congressional cesspool of broken vows, John McCain has become the epitome of a bitter obstructionist who will religiously contradict himself solely to spite anything the President endorses, touches or desires; regardless of the foreseeable consequences. The same outspoken critic of Obamacare who condemned its ill-conceived legislation on at least a dozen occasions, calling it an affront to our liberties and a wasteful burden on taxpayers that threatened the quality of our healthcare, has allowed his blind obsession with stonewalling Trump to sacrifice his own ideological principles and thus abandon his electoral obligation to Arizona voters, his fellow party members and most of all, the welfare of the American people. However, unlike many of my fuming friends who are disgusted by his increasingly calculated and shameless hypocrisy, I believe his selfish betrayal could be far more beneficial, dare I say educational, than simply repealing inept socialized medicine only to replace it months later with more bad government healthcare; that identical liberal leviathan the GOP so adamantly opposed a mere 6 years ago.

If 51 elected Senators refuse to accept the fact Obamacare is literally imploding as we speak, causing massive premium hikes and widespread cancellations of policies as more and more state exchanges drop their coverage entirely, so be it. Let it crash and burn and explode again until there is no one left to blame, no excuse left to hold, except the smoldering ashes of a grotesque lie told for the explicit purpose of achieving a morally bankrupt end. Yes, an elaborate ruse Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber himself already confirmed and the socialist death panel of Charlie Gard brutally reaffirmed. Allow the people, once and for all, to realize how poorly construed Obamacare truly was and that its invention was never about affordable, compassionate medical care but rather a Trojan horse for a single-payer system designed solely to expand the control of government over our everyday lives.

For a man who willingly served his country and endured five horrific years of torture at the hands of the Viet Cong, it’s disheartening to watch a once mutually respected presidential nominee so easily manipulated by sensationalist ‘doomsday’ propaganda and to consciously align himself with anti-American statists like George Soros, the Pivotal Foundation and the infamous Clintons themselves. While I wish Mr. McCain well and pray for his convalescence from brain cancer – a highly fatal condition too often uninsured for elderly Obamacare patients – I cannot extend such pleasantries for his wilting convictions, his paid vacation from reality and his reignited love for the opportunistic spotlight of public adulation; those hollow praises bestowed by the same miscreants who mock our veterans, country and values with insatiable regularity and callous indifference.


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Chromosomes and Common Sense

The United States Military is not about indulgence, political agendas or pointless self-expression; it’s overriding mission is to mold a group of men (or women) into an effective fighting force designed to achieve a strategical objective with a minimal loss of life. These protocols are not an open invitation to debate, nor a stage for interpretation, for they are intended to instill respect, minimize distractions and foster an undying sense of unity. From the rigid specifications of uniforms to the perilous details of combat training, the single greatest modality of interest to our Armed Forces is that of conformity. Furthermore, any perceived physical weakness or sensory impairment, such as obesity or a lack of visual/auditory acuity, are routine grounds for denying applicants admission.  While their unflattering methods and stringent regulations may seem harsh or even unnecessary, they are deeply rooted in scientific observation – psychological precursors and suppressed deviant behaviors – forged by centuries of military training and global conflict. Maintaining a modern army is far more of an applied science focused on cultivating a productive environment…definable roles, unwavering discipline, steadfast resolve and group morale…in lieu of entertaining a social experiment designed to stretch the whimsical boundaries of gender identification.

So what do my boring textbook affirmations have to do with Trump’s “discriminatory” transgender ban? Everything. Supporting one’s right to be gay, a private matter and sexual orientation, is by no means the equivalent of indulging a recruit’s fantasy to live as the opposite sex; a psychological disorder known as gender dysphoria and recognized by both academia and the medical community. While I highly commend anyone’s willingness to serve their country, a truly honorable endeavor, that selfless commitment must respect the privacy/safety of other soldiers and abide by universal gender norms. Wearing a dress no more grants one the unabridged right to shower and bunk with actual women, than it affords a man a special accommodation to wear female attire or present himself as a woman among a male company of servicemen. It’s not a matter of tolerance; it’s a matter of functionality.

If enlisting is truly paramount to your beliefs, distinguishing yourself according to your actions instead of merely collecting a check and free government healthcare for a complimentary sex change, who in their right mind would confuse their wardrobe with their career? Considering recruits must bunk with the same sex and wear the same standard issued clothes regardless, what is the purpose of declaring your imaginary gender except to bring undue attention to yourself or seek special treatment? On the binary battlefield of life or death, whether pulling a trigger or residing in its cross-hairs of denial, any issue that distracts from your mission and threatens your camaraderie is but another senseless casualty of the progressive culture war on common sense. “Transgenderism”, which provides the perfect vessel for political terrorists to further erode self-evident truths and societal values, is far more of an adopted coping mechanism to physically accommodate one’s sexual orientation than a gross violation of civil rights; i.e., a gay man attempting to become a woman or a masculine lesbian identifying as a man to consciously compliment her more feminine or submissive girlfriend.

Before the Obama administration rejoiced in mocking our military and societal values, the U.S. Armed Services, like a majority of reasonable Americans, only recognized two God-given genders; that genetic dichotomy defining every human being’s anatomical birth. (And please spare me those rare genetic mutations and birth defects contrarians invoke as irrefutable proof of gender fluidity) These military institutions do not believe bathrooms or gender exclusive units are a matter of personal preference and wishful thinking. Being denied a locker room of your choice or entrance into a military branch hardly constitutes discrimination simply because you refuse to accept reality by acknowledging the tangible genitalia of your natural born sex. That is your failing alone. Likewise, any attempt to link the historical fight for racial equality or women’s rights with this campaign to secure transgender privilege is a callous and ignorant disregard for the millions who suffered under a sordid legacy of oppression, human servitude and bigotry. Could a runaway slave magically change the color of his skin to evade his captors any more than a mother could alter her anatomy to cast a vote in 1919, avoid sex trafficking in Asia or become a Catholic priest? Nor should they have too. There’s a stark contrast between the systemic persecution of one’s biological heritage, an involuntary target of circumstance, and decrying the uncooperative consequences of one’s actions or blatant lack of accountability.

While I do not deny the transgender community endures ridicule and hate, often stemming from their insistence to demand acceptance, supporting one’s conscious decision to identify as “transgender” does not transform his or her true identity. Asking society to forgo verifiable truths, those natural constructs of gender delineation used to identify our strengths and weaknesses or ensure your safety, is as absurd as calling your poodle a cold-blooded invertebrate because it likes to drink from the toilet. Honestly, how long will it be before uncooperative bystanders are reprimanded, expelled, fired or sued for not entertaining the gender delusions or advances of their peers? Enjoying the individual freedom to pose as the opposite sex, for better or worse, does not change your gender, suddenly invalidate the legitimacy of public standards or displace your neighbor’s right to reject your lifestyle without reason or explanation.

Conspiring to make the world “gender neutral” will not end discrimination, save more lives or heal the planet by placing our cognitive abilities in a plastic bubble of “unoffensive” ambiguity. And it definitely won’t improve the mental health and emotional stability of our youth – those impressionable minds now being conditioned by schools and pop culture to question or reject their natural gender while attempting to overcome the everyday challenges of adolescence. Teaching our sons and daughters to appreciate their innate differences and symbiotic connection is not regressive; it’s indigenous to our survival and evolutionary proliferation as a sentient species. Nevertheless, a biological woman or man can still play sports, fire a gun, open a boutique and love the gender of his or her choosing without regret. However, breaking barriers solely for the spiteful sake of eradicating biological order or any remaining sense of basic decency is about as logical as a man who identifies as a pregnant mother attempting to publicly breastfeed his own baby to protest gender bias; excluding those cute little pink or blue blue booties of course. The more the rational world accommodates this destructive nonsense, the more future generations will be unable to distinguish the most elementary truths or God forbid complete the simplest tasks without having to first visit the Island of Misfit Toys in hopes of saving the malformed appendages of gender fascist capitalists.

The difference between a privilege and a right is that neither you nor I can dictate the terms of our desired acceptance. The same LGBT activists demanding political concessions to appease a blissful state of mind, are also oblivious to the fact “old, sexist” generals originally spurned women in combat roles because studies confirmed their male counterparts became psychologically distraught by the mere site of their deaths and needlessly lingered over their dismembered bodies. Should I even mention the exponentially higher risk of rape at the hands of enemy combatants, including the increased incidents of abuse, fights or operational dysfunction among transgender integrated troops? Contrary to the victimization propaganda of science fiction fans, not every pragmatic decision requires a politically correct pronoun to appease any one of the approximately 58 genders now claiming dominion over the human anatomy and the social gentrification of modern warfare. It merely requires a sensible leader willing to understand the mental manifestation of transgenderism, an aesthetic desire for sexual transfiguration, does not supersede biology or negate the necessity of maintaining gender norms in the private barracks and front lines of national security.


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A Game of Thrones

Ever since the orchestrated hysteria over Russia collusion and electoral interference emerged as a marketable excuse to better contextualize Hillary’s loss, one thing is for certain: the liberal media and Democratic hierarchy are irrevocably invested in the mere suggestion, dare I say the indictable hope, of conspiracy and scandal. In fact, by pushing all their collective chips to the center of the political poker table, it’s clear many progressives believe this is their last, best chance to undermine Donald Trump’s reforms, but more profoundly to derail his re-election chances. The problem with playing Orwellian roulette is you must either push a known lie to the proverbial edge of the cliff, thus potentially implicating and destroying yourself, or you must relinquish your remaining political capital to your opponent who subsequently sits that much higher on the throne of public perception. As long as those bitter, conniving voices occupying the Halls of our Forefathers increasingly view public service as a vindictive game of selfish recompense rather than a solemn duty to preserve our founding values and the symbolic pinnacle of intellectual discourse, the results will mirror the malevolent nature of their despotic intent.

If Russia is now the eye of the political hurricane, Robert Mueller is undoubtedly the surly dealer with a score to settle for either partisan or posterity’s sake. No matter what his true intentions or how much he tilts the odds in favor of his true allegiance, albeit for the integrity of truth or to feed personal distaste, there are basically two likely outcomes. One, he admits there is no tangible proof of Russian Collusion, i.e., a smoking gun, and concludes the Trump campaign made some questionable but innocuous contacts without any criminal intent or obvious wrongdoing. Or two, despite possessing no damning evidence of real conspiracy linking the President directly to punishable misconduct, Mueller opts for the theatricality of implied guilt by weaving every coincidence, chopped communication and circumstantial crumb into some passable pattern of misbehavior solely to support the media narrative of “probable” collusion and a complicit subversion of the Democratic process; something the DNC, Bernie Sanders and their marginalized primary voters know all too well.

Regardless of his final conclusions, I’m of the humble opinion Mr. Mueller is grasping at straws, questioning anything that moves or anyone who has ever mentioned “Russia”, because a house of cards cannot withstand the faintest whisper of its own hypocrisy. Any career disciple of “Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity” who intentionally stacks the deck with Democratic lawyers and Clinton donors is either foolishly hostile to the concept of “objectivity”, has no discernible regard for his own reputation and due process, or he is smugly trying to solicit a rash response from a known impulsive leader who will not hesitate to tweet at three in the morning. In other words, if Trump fires Mueller and his “Ides of November” assassins – a justifiable course of action being both James Comey and the former Head of Homeland Security testified there was no evidence of collusion – every liberal politician and media pundit would interpret such a move as a glaring admission of guilt; a desperate attempt to avoid prosecution and the impending humiliation of impeachment. When the judicial adage “beyond a reasonable doubt” is far too stringent for the foaming lynch mob, the court of public opinion requires no such logical restraints. And to think documented perjury, obstruction of justice and a little blue dress autographed by DNA in the Oval Office were by no means worthy of Presidential disbarment.

Buried beneath the media’s endless minefield of accusations lies perhaps the most disturbing and disregarded revelation of them all. Almost every misreported meeting, misconstrued conversation and twisted detail used to the slander President, his family and his cabinet, was gleamed from Barack Obama and Susan Rice illegally wiretapping his campaign, his presidency, and through the premeditated leaks of remaining loyalists. Yes, all egregious crimes. Likewise, it’s also painfully obvious Natalia Veselnitskaya was a private Russian citizen, not a Russian government agent, when she sought a meeting with Donald Trump Jr. under false pretenses or when the Obama administration gave her a Disney Express Visa Pass into the epicenter of our government; thus allowing party constituents to fortuitously dust her off when needed as a prop to insinuate a massive cover-up of alleged treasonous activity.

Maybe my recollection of “collusion” or “election interference” is a bit hazy but it doesn’t take a private investigator or a political scientist to realize the possibility of a Trump presidency caused widespread panic within the Washington establishment and a fair amount of doomsday planning. Then again, when your vacationing conscience forgets plotting and spending millions to taint the legitimacy of Israeli elections, flying in unvetted refugees or encouraging mass illegal immigration to tip America’s electoral scales and incite a seditious culture war, you’re hardly an innocent bystander or a traumatized victim of Russian deception after claiming “more flexibility” to willingly collude with our supposed enemy after your re-election. The same raucous media inquisition designed to invalidate an election result by condemning Donald Trump over mere wishful thinking, despite his unrivaled transparency, religiously ignored much more nefarious and substantiated charges levied against his obstinate predecessor. Apparently advocacy and accountability are now entirely symbiotic in the moonlit studios of political prostitutes.

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The Gift of Tough Love

While I typically digress to more private means of communication, especially in the poisonous vacuum of political theater, Donald Trump is understandably upset for being incessantly persecuted by the same toxic sewer he adamantly campaigned against simply because his Attorney General needlessly recused himself from debunking the left’s syndicated Russian hoax. To make matters worse, Robert Mueller – a known progressive confidant and personal friend of Comey who partook in Hillary’s notorious Uranium deal – has hired an investigatory team almost solely comprised of Clinton cronies, Democratic donors and the rabid anti-Trump “resistance”; all dedicated to maintaining the control of the corrupt establishment at all costs. And yet no matter how much progress the President has procured in strengthening the economy, cutting fiscal waste, curbing illegal immigration and negating the destructive regulations and executive orders of his predecessor, his success has been obstructed by the endless media circus that has ensued and the unforgivable fact the GOP has repeatedly empowered his enemies while Hillary and Obama have yet to be held accountable, dare I say earnestly investigated, for a laundry list of clearly illicit activities and treasonous foreign collusion.

Whereas Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner have freely testified before Congress and shared all relevant information regarding their private interactions, Susan Rice refused to testify (i.e., incriminate herself) and Hillary Clinton has been pardoned by the 95% liberal mainstream press – the so-called principled lynch mob – despite deleting 33,000 emails, bleaching hard drives and ordering her subordinates to destroy their phones and laptops because she obviously did absolutely nothing wrong. The hypocrisy is so undeniable, so unbearably insane, I too would question any decision or misstep that allowed such hypocrisy to fester and threaten the future of my family. Although I do respect and commend Mr. Sessions for his relentless efforts in exposing pedophile rings, human trafficking and banking corruption, none of these illegalities threaten the legitimacy of Trump’s presidency, the integrity of our elections, or the concept of due process as much as this partisan mockery of justice currently infecting Washington’s corridors. You cannot embody the fight against injustice by consciously sidestepping real impropriety for the sake of avoiding public outcry or the inherent challenges of prosecution; you must unravel every instance of its embodiment with equal discernment and conviction.

As one of the most successful and misunderstood CEO’s in American history, Donald Trump does not confuse “results”, expectations, with “loyalty” or friendship. Why? A man’s livelihood, his legacy and the indelible promise he made to voters to reclaim a country’s abandoned founding charter, extends far beyond common pleasantries and the convenience of company. It resides in one’s capacity to lead without fear of ridicule or reservation; even when wrong or seemingly inconsiderate. Although I fully respect Jeff Sessions and believe he is fully capable of restoring the rule of law and draining the swamp, only one man is ultimately responsible for his triumphs and failures. Whether or not I agree with Trump’s tactics or timing is moot, for tough love, the unapologetic art of survival, rarely seeks permission in the political arena of tireless predators.


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The Fascism of Feminism: No Conservative Victims Allowed

Do I have a problem with the modern feminist movement? Hmm, that depends if that’s a multiple choice question! Before feminism was hijacked by militant activists such as Code Pink, and yes, even the heralded NOW, it was designed to empower, support, and defend the rights of women regardless of their personal lives and affiliations. Now, no pun intended, it is a twisted political platform that discriminates against women who don’t adhere to a malformed stereotype of what progressives deem as worthy of their ‘cause’. Today’s feminist cults pick and choose whom they defend, they maliciously incite discord and tarnish lives with imagined slights – i.e., Gloria Allred’s political theater of phallic defamation – and anything overtly masculine/paternal is labeled as misogynistic and a palpable threat to their esoteric vision of an “evolved” society. In other words, these radical feminists are hopelessly insecure, biased, and extremely vindictive when they cannot discount or emasculate the traditional male role model into a submissive tool of political servitude. For some unresolved childhood issue, perhaps their socialist dream of secular serfdom put to show tunes, it makes them feel better about themselves and the Boy Scouts!

Unfortunately for country music and the “XY” chromosome, the strong jaw, blue collar, gun-owning, meat-eating, God-fearing, flag-saluting silhouette of manhood is now classified as a predator to women everywhere; regardless whether “said man” is a good father, treats women with the utmost respect, and leads a moral life. The reality such misguided activism places effeminate, emasculated males on a pedestal of exceptionalism and enlightenment – because it’s least offensive to their frail sensibilities and innate to their “gender simplification” mantra – begs to the exact degree of their sexual neurosis. I believe Mr. Freud called it penis envy, or more profoundly, jealously without snow tires. A true woman requires no such infantile generalizations for she is fully content in whom she is, confident in what she can achieve, and seeks only to be judged according to her actions; that is, equal opportunity does not necessarily dictate equal outcomes or demand profane displays of juvenile rage whenever life’s inevitable struggles ensue. Dying your armpit hair, refusing to bathe or reducing your self worth to objectifying your vagina doesn’t empower generations of impressionable young girls, it repels the civilized world. Our innate biological differences are not our weakness, a bitter platform of insecurity from which to discriminate or breed discontent. They are natural gifts, blessed with unique attributes and God-given strengths, designed to foster symbiotic relationships that compliment both genders for the benefit of all humanity.

So, do I have a problem with feminism? Hmm…I have a problem with the validity and intelligence of any movement that happily allows Sarah Palin to be called a slut, the hopeful victim of a rape, because her detractors – most notably the liberal media – would rather disparage her as a conservative woman, her right to express herself in a land predicated upon liberty, than simply refute the factual strength of her argument. (Yes, slander is the tool of the defeated) I have a problem with anyone who demeans a woman for staying at home to personally raise her children and maintain her household, rather than seek out a professional career of advancement and accolades. As a true believer in equality, I always assumed both were highly commendable and solely a woman’s choice. Obviously, I’m wrong.

I reject any bankrupt ideology that judges the worthiness of a woman’s plight according to her sexuality, gender, wealth, race, religion or whether she believes in abortion or not, rather than recognizing her as a sentient being blessed with certain unalienable rights. And last but never least, I detest any hypocrite or fascist faction that finds it necessary to discriminate against and belittle men, individuals worthy of respect until proven otherwise, in order to justify the type of unapologetic sexism some women are tragically fighting. True men, not the extreme cases of misbehavior used to objectify our entire gender and ignite political firestorms of opportunism, see themselves and the struggle for gender equality through the eyes of their sisters, wives, daughters, and mothers. It’s called empathy, objectivity, humanity. No political affiliation or gender bias is necessary or required!

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Vodka, Caviar & Fish Sticks


There is the foul stench of political desperation, and there is the echo of fumbling footsteps loitering in their own delusional waste. In the curious case of the American media chasing yet another Red Herring, it’s hard not to pin the tail on the drunk donkey wearing a Ushanka while selling party favors in Red Square. In other words, if you can’t defeat a politically incorrect capitalist with a bad comb-over who suplexed your credibility on the wrestling mat of social media, blaming a hated political rival for the identical crimes committed by your absolved constituents, why not besmirch the prodigal son who bears his very name but never ran for public office?

Not to burst the 99 balloons of Russian roulette, exactly what law did Donald Trump Jr. break; regardless of his intent or status as a private citizen? It’s well known English publicist Rob Goldstone initiated contact on behalf of Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya, she recently admitted to not possessing or passing any notable information during their meeting despite misreported claims of damning revelations, and the President’s son freely and adamantly released all records of their so-called “scandalous” correspondence. Hmm, color me cognizant of the difference between Caviar and fish sticks, but this woman sounds far more like a political plant, a wealthy sycophant and convincing decoy used to imply misconduct, than a rogue character assassin conspiring to conquer the world with a married man from New York who religiously takes selfies with his kids in his waders.

And yet every election season, with little to no criticism or ethical standards, the DNC hires an army of lawyers and private investigators to find any crumb of usable intelligence to slander Republican candidates into submission. Not that Herman Cain would or Gloria Allred would digress! After all, just because the Clinton campaign initiated a quid-pro-quo rendezvous with Ukrainian officials last year to discuss trading Trump’s dirty laundry for possible future political concessions, or Ted Kennedy begged a Russian diplomat to defeat Reagan by directly interfering with the integrity of our elections, there’s no need for mass hysterics over real collusion and unpunished treason. Naturally the liberal press rarely mentions such shameless behavior because they’re the DNC’s proud propaganda pimps pushing an endless array of salacious narratives with zero discernible proof. Considering the Clinton’s longtime ties with the Kremlin, Uranium One and Moscow banks like Renaissance Capital sponsoring $500,000 speeches – yes, no foreign government is more acutely aware of Bill and Hillary’s sordid past and shoddy dealings than Russia – you would be a fool not to exhaust all leads blatantly ignored by the mainstream media when the most corrupt and dishonest candidate in our nation’s history was mere months away from permanently liquidating the American dream.

This entire, nonstop Russian conspiracy fiasco is but an absurd microcosm of how desperate the Fourth Estate has become to deflect from Trump’s growing list of successes and thus derail his extensive reforms loosening the grip of the Washington establishment. If anybody needs to be investigated for consciously colluding with Russia, China, Europe and the Middle East, for intentionally demonizing America’s heritage and values at every conceivable opportunity, it’s Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Does anyone honestly believe the $100 trillion dollar Paris climate agreement was actually about addressing global temperatures – a proposed scant reduction of .3 degrees by 2100 when solar activity alone can account for such variation in a single year alone – in lieu of perpetrating a globalist Ponzi scheme clearly designed to redistribute America’s wealth, sovereignty and historical influence? Why was Iran, a radical Islamic regime and sponsor of jihad against the West given permission to “eventually” build nuclear weapons, with almost no enforceable oversight, let alone made the beneficiary of a 400 million dollar ransom payment made out to “sorry”? Did Valerie Jarrett, a self-admitted anti-American Marxist, not possess ties to both Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood while serving as Obama’s most trusted adviser in the pinnacle of our government? Apparently not.

Unfortunately for “We the Pawns” of public perception, the media isn’t interested in ascertainable truth, exposing real impropriety through objective research, merely fabricating false appearances to incite further societal division and discord for the explicit purpose of destroying the President and his family by any means necessary. And to think Seth Rich’s death – a DNC operative gunned down outside his home in our nation’s capital – generated far less genuine concern or moral outrage than a completely legal and fully justifiable series of communications regarding one Hillary Rodham Clinton; a notorious lifelong politician and reckless reprobate whose name is synonymous with pathological deceit, inappropriate associations and personally profiteering from foreign dissent. It’s a tragic failing of journalism, our national ethos, when an unsolved, cold-blooded murder of a young man “resisting” rigged primaries, or God forbid a presidential nominee using her own “charitable” foundation as a campaign slush fund to defraud disaster relief victims in Haiti or for accepting “pay-to-play” bribes from foreign governments, doesn’t quite equate to the delusions of rabid partisans obsessed with chasing a figment of their imagination by ‘wagging the dog’ of implied indiscretion. Although there are no doggy bags big enough to dispose of the incalculable intellectual waste produced by the proud lapdogs of the progressive state, for the first time in modern history a man has dared to stick their collective noses in it. And the smell is glorious!


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Make George Lopez Funny Again

Deport all police officers in lieu of those illegals who have criminal records, gang affiliations and are receiving public benefits at taxpayer expense? Sure, George Lopez, and turn America into the same destitute, lawless abyss known as Mexico; that corrupt cesspool of disrepair millions are fleeing for any semblance of a normal life? No, thanks! Don’t blame us because your ancestral homeland is incompetent and struggles to provide basic sanitation and a high school education, let alone passable drinking water. Rather than criticizing our laws, mocking our servicemen and women who put themselves in harm’s way each and every day, you should be grateful centuries of immigrants have benefited from the unique opportunities, abundant liberties and revered quality of life America affords.

For those who actually honor and welcome the privilege of becoming a U.S citizen, I have one suggestion: fill out the damn paperwork before crossing an internationally recognized border of a sovereign country. Millions have done it, millions more have foolishly refused or abstained. It’s a not a racist conspiracy, nor rocket science, but a universal necessity designed to ensure the security of any civilized nation and the safety, economic efficacy, of her citizens. Of course that would require common sense, the faintest hint of humility and an ounce of respect for those American lives and livelihoods outside of Hollywood’s self-indulgent bubble. And apparently you have none. If your blind pride and myopic political beliefs are immune to the “racist” concept of accountability, perhaps you should start a petition to ‘Make Mexico Spain Again’ before surrendering your identity and the keys to your lavishly, secluded home. At least then the joke would be on you and no “foreign” citizen would ever be denied the right to vote for a government that doesn’t expect its neighbor to pay for their 200 year-old bar tab. Until that improbable and refreshingly sober day, please remind all visitors to kindly knock before permanently entering.

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Crazy, Crooked, Creeper

If anyone needs a psychological exam, Maxine, I suggest testing the mental health of the man who has been stalking Donald Trump around the globe and operating under the delusion he is still president: one Barack Hussein Obama. The very same megalomaniac who became the first American leader to wiretap a Presidential candidate and his newly selected administration, also empowered his remaining staff within the Executive branch to leak classified information with no regard for national security. As for Mrs. Waters, she proved long ago that psychological distress and progressivism are one in the same by asking why the CIA only sells Crack in black neighborhoods. Hmm, forgive my Johnny Cash but my guess is because the “CIA” was purposely placed and misspelled on speed dial to better patronize, dare I say victimize, all those non-white voters illegally profiled and bribed with free Obama phones at taxpayer expense. Or, in your own words, did I just pull a “360” on you, Congresswoman? Apparently mathematics, just like “the truth”, isn’t your friend either.

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The Hijacked Gender of Jihad

Oh, Linda Sarsour? Methinks the grifter doth protest too much! Or shall I compare you to a soiled blade betrayed by a handle bearing your unindicted name? There are innocent laughs shared among mutual friends, and then there are malicious plots waged by unarmed saboteurs who squat on your hospitality, seduce your sense of security, solicit dowries to consummate your demise, before unlocking your backdoor to smile at sovereignty’s death. The only revelation more hypocritical than an anti-Semitic “feminist” advocating Sharia Law in a country predicated upon universal human rights is the militant Islamic offspring of anti-American immigrants organizing a national protest march to galvanize women already liberated by Judeo-Christian values. How else can the self-identified, third party victim of a democratic election result rise to the forefront of American social justice by advocating “jihad” against the Leader of the Free World? Yes, whenever tolerance and self-respect won’t suffice, there is always the honorable platform of making terrorist threats and invoking Taqiyya; i.e., the Islamic practice of deception to topple a foreign foe by any means necessary. Or, unless I’m horribly mistaken, are your Zakat payments made out to “I Love America”…regardless of who is president?

I find it ironic the outspoken daughter of Palestinian parents who fled the decadence and destitution of the Middle East to bask in the ubiquitous opportunities and freedoms of Western Civilization, dismisses the uncooperative reality she would be beaten unmercifully by the barbaric tenets of the same Islamic creed she willingly applauds with such wanton ignorance. If Hamas and Hezbollah are indeed freedom fighters not bent on eviscerating the Jewish state, how is glorified misogyny and an unyielding legacy of mass murder no longer a travesty simply because you consensually cover your head and accepted an arranged marriage to honor a deified “prophet” who believed martyrdom begets 72 virgins of “virtuous” fornication? Refusing to assimilate to Western customs, an American nation forged upon the anvil of individual liberty to shatter the glass sword of religious persecution, is about as ingenious as banning water in hell. An ounce of common sense is more than enough divine recompense for 150 pounds of seering flesh. Gratitude reciprocates grace.

While it’s easy to predict your obnoxious opposition to Donald Trump – a patriotic President who recognizes Islam as the greatest singular threat to humanity – it’s extremely disconcerting to witness the Democratic party (American citizens, mind you) confuse political disagreement with ingratiating the ruse of a seditious ingrate who would gladly watch America and Israel burn beneath the same vile breath she spent praising terrorist attacks against both nations. Obviously there must be something so morally redeemable about a self-proclaimed “social justice warrior”, one who actually mourned the death of Saddam Hussein, spearheading an orchestrated coup to dehumanize our President – excuse me, publicly opine for his overthrow or death – only to consciously conceal the suffering of millions whom continue to toil beneath the tyrannical rule of a religion that still beheads nonbelievers, profits from slave auctions or rationalizes raping “infidel” women in lieu of eating a ham sandwich; a despicable act of “questionable” character strictly forbidden by the Quran.

It’s a sad indictment of our God-given capacity for empathy and love when basic human decency, the value of human life, is increasing incumbent upon one’s political loyalties some 2000 years after Jesus’ crucifixion. Truly, what remotely reputable movement barters the dignity and equality of all women by demanding their submission to a violent theocracy which treats our sisters, wives and mothers as disposable pieces of property unworthy of education, let alone free speech? The moment saving an unborn baby, buying your own birth control or “manspreading” are condemned as more ideological extreme, dare I say sexist, than suicide bombers, genital mutilation or throwing gays off buildings to honor Muhammad – a known murderer, pedophile and thief – no amount of sanity will justify grown women wearing pink hats to collectively acquit real injustice.

The same gender terrorists who somehow believe bitter nude females screaming obscenities in our city streets is the highest form of maternal empowerment, or God forbid child friendly entertainment, are now validating Islam’s grotesque treatment of women simply because they both increasingly share a misguided hatred of America. Strong, independent women don’t require a fake cross of false victimization or harbor a shameless desire to weaponize their menstrual cycles to prove their self worth to the detriment of society. Real women who appreciate the evolution of gender equality in a free republic, especially those mentors and mothers not fooled by dysfunctional political stunts, see themselves in all people and plights; including those voices marginalized by the myopic propaganda of religious bigots like yourself. Only in the malformed mind of modern liberalism is Linda Sarsour a feminist hero and Islamic Law most synonymous with America’s timeless ideals: life, liberty, due process and the pursuit of happiness for all crying partisans, hijacked genders or unapologetic infidels.


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Making America Great Again

‘Making America Great Again’ isn’t about disrespecting our transcendent past or selectively favoring any gender, race or economic class to secure a privileged future. It’s about working together to solve our most daunting challenges by rededicating ourselves to the timeless ideals – liberty, equality, limited government, faith, hard work, self-reliance, and duty – that once made this nation a beacon of hope and opportunity for all mankind. Poverty, disease, discrimination, crime, and moral apathy are not new obstacles or an unexplainable phenomenon. They’re exploited realities whose corrosive effects have been exacerbated by career politicians and poisonous agendas that welcome division and discord, encourage victimization in lieu of self-empowerment, and purposely mislead the masses solely to spurn our collective struggles into voter discontent. These soulless parasites freely dispense blame to deflect from their failed policies, their true radical intentions, to ensure their own electoral survival by feeding off the misery and misfortune of the very people they sanctimoniously betrayed.

However, when our economy is strong, our schools and streets kept safe, the Constitution upheld, our immigration laws respected, and America’s societal values protected from the nonsensical subversion known as progressivism – unapologetic anti-Americanism, social entitlement, race-baiting, gender/sexual identity conditioning, and Islamic indoctrination – than a new era of prosperity and robust optimism can flourish beneath competent and steadfast leadership. Despite enduring an avalanche of preposterous attacks inciting both fear and violence against his supporters, it is not Donald Trump who is recklessly threatening America’s future and decaying communities. That danger exists in the false narrative of media propagandists attempting to divert attention from the true source of our country’s ills: an inept, detached, self-self-serving and unchecked political establishment.

If “We the People” return accountability to government, reward ambition instead of envy, honor God and our fellow man by taking responsibility for own lives and actions, America can leave behind the destructive status quo to reclaim the sanity and ideological soul of an industrious, free republic. It is not higher taxes and shameless identity politics that make us “stronger together”; it is the fearless heartbeat of liberty, the spirit of boundless innovation, and the firm handshake of dependability. A proven leader doesn’t need special accommodations and media manipulation to greet the public as disposable stage props every four years. A real executive merely needs to look you in the eye and speak the inconvenient truth; for better or for worse. A better tomorrow does not reside in the broken promises of Washington elitists or the doctored legacy and condescending rhetoric of a detestable globalist. The fate of America’s future resides with you; a singular vote cast by every fleeced taxpayer, forgotten veteran, mocked Christian, marginalized minority, naturalized citizen, and ‘deplorable’ patriot who simply wants to live in a proud, prosperous nation free from hate, deception and federal abuse. On November 8th, 2016, the sacrificed pawns of party politics toppled the kings and queens of corruption by choosing the only candidate seeking to renew the promise of America’s founding fathers every waking moment of his presidency. That man is Donald. J. Trump and unlike “the resistance” he’s fighting to make America great again!


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From Sea to Shining Sea

As we prepare to honor America for the 241st time since its iconic inception – those brave souls who fought for liberty and those servicemen and women who continue to selflessly sacrifice for our freedoms today – it’s equally important to recognize the unsung heroes who tirelessly contribute towards a better tomorrow: the proud parents, devoted single mothers and fathers, emergency responders, educators, social workers, engineers, researchers, mechanics, construction workers, truckers, farmers, cooks, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, janitors, volunteers…and yes, those unwillingly unemployed, ill, injured or handicapped patriots who love their country but are struggling to live the American dream. Without everyone’s efforts and unique attributes, America would not survive as it was intended: a beacon of hope and opportunity for people from all proverbial walks of life. Regardless of our race, gender, sexuality, ideological beliefs or economic disposition, there is literally nothing we cannot achieve or overcome when hard work and accountability serve as virtue’s transcendent light. For it is not our disagreements that ultimately define us, but our humanity and compassion; how we bridge our inevitable differences through constructive discourse and a mutual respect to heal our wounds, join our hands, and collectively reach heights previously thought unattainable. Although I have family, friends and associates with vastly varying beliefs and lifestyles, I am grateful for their existence and religiously pray for their success, happiness and well-being. Without the beauty of diversity, the fertile tree of liberty and the non-negotiable necessity of tolerance, America, but more profoundly civility, would cease to exist. Despite the discord incited by those misguided malcontents who will incessantly seek to divide mankind, we are all brothers and sisters, guardians and God’s children. May America continue to harbor the poor and the persecuted, the aspiring and the afflicted, and may God forever bless all of you.



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Land That I love



Freedom, both the incandescent whisper of revolution and the reduced triviality of commercialism, is the seed from which the most opulent columns of civilization have sprung and the hammer from which the most prolific empires have fallen. If history has taught us anything – other than man’s propensity to achieve the improbable and preside over humanity’s most grotesque atrocities – it’s that you cannot fight or defeat an idea, even long after its armies are vanquished. It endures as long as man endures and a single vessel believes in its undying premise.

What is liberty’s most quintessential definition? Is it merely a politician’s word, wrapped around the sentimentality of patriotism, or does it reside in the solemn handshake of a handful of idealists who risked their lives, the very future of their families, solely to taste its fruits without condition or regret? Freedom, that which cannot be enumerated or quantified, is by no means a guarantee of equal means or outcome; it is a potential gateway to endless exploration and limitless potential. Liberty is both the twisted flame of malice that willingly ensnares the souls and limbs of men into the ruddy bonds of subjugation, and the divine light that inspires ordinary people to liberate their suffering. And yet those who use a pen or a gavel to tell you what to eat, think, feel or say in the name of the common good, no more speak on its behalf than those who slumber beneath our flag as their neighbors are condemned for merely speaking their convictions.

George Washington once uttered the prophetic words, “It will be found an unjust and unwise jealousy to deprive a man of his natural liberty upon the supposition he may abuse it.” Why else would a so-called man of privilege, besieged by an endless litany of defeat and apparent futility, lead 2,400 starved, ill-equipped and frostbitten recruits across the icy waters of the Delaware River on Christmas night as the American Revolution stood on a whisper’s edge of failure? Why else would thousands of young men, many who would never know true love or hold their own child in their arms again, charge the fortified beaches of Normandy to the foreign tombs of their impending deaths? “Why”, you ask? Because of freedom…that’s why! Without equal regard for all mankind, the dignity of life, liberty cannot endure.

Freedom is not an artifact to be dusted off at our complacent convenience or invoked at injustice’s greatest hour of need, nor is it a man-made institution to be hoarded and ruled over by the deluded whims of conspiring leaders. Those who are most determined in shackling the free will of others are often the least likely to abide by their own decrees; or the bidding of others. Liberty, without distortion or deceit, is a construct of God’s grace, the derivative of free will and the natural state of sentient beings. Do not believe for one moment that the same omnipotent creator who blessed us with rational thought and the ability to discern, would subsequently bemoan their usage or place limitations upon their inevitable dangers. Society cannot legislate human nature any more than it can harness perfection. To choose is to learn; to learn is to accept accountability for one’s actions. An astute government does not poison the fruit of industry, aspire to control the mind of human discovery, for only virtue safeguards America’s blessings against gratitude’s greatest foes: envy, enmity and apathy. No autocratic regime or glorious leader has liberated more people from the clutches of oppression and poverty than the divine institution of choice: to toil and prosper according to one’s volition, own two hands and unique gifts.

Much of the world, but specifically America, has lost its intrinsic love for freedom because we longer appreciate its most invaluable gift: opportunity. Rather, we’ve allowed jaded politicians and counter-intuitive agendas to pervert the word of God and our nation’s founding creed under the wailing siren of mass conformity. That is, man’s natural born rights are derived from God, and not rationed by the self-serving hand of government. On this Fourth of July, our 241st celebration of our lauded independence from British rule, if “We the People” bestow one final gift to our beloved homeland let it be this indelible truth: America didn’t become the most affluent, powerful and revered country on Earth because our elected representatives fostered endless dependency, divided the people into warring factions and dictated our every decision. The United States of America ascended to the pinnacle of hope and humanity because the work ethic and innovative spirit of her people, our love of God and our unyielding desire to be free, could not be bartered or threatened by any personality or party that sought to dispose of our identity under the entitled cries of spoon-fed discontent. Yes, when patriotism is branded as extremism and the Constitution derided as a dangerous relic, speaking the truth indeed becomes a revolutionary act; if not our most fundamental duty and unbreakable vow in a land predicated upon individual autonomy.

Instead of berating the choices of our brethren and rejoicing in their capitulation to one despotic will, why not simply be thankful for residing in a sovereign nation that was erected with the explicit purpose of allowing all Americans to associate with like-minded people while respecting the rights of all God’s children; if not, at the very least, to preserve the remaining vestiges of liberty and protect the founding charter of this republic? The further we allow the harbingers of hate, race, class and political propaganda to destroy our ability to reason – this last, best hope of mankind – the further we fall, both literally and ideologically, from perhaps the most transcendent point in modern human history: July 4th, 1776. God Bless America and may freedom, that eternal light of the human spirit, forever break the fog of tyranny.



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Fake News is not Real Journalism


Oh lawdy, please! CNN is decrying “juvenile” behavior, begging for partisan media solidarity, when they have lied, solicited criminal leaks & peddled reckless conspiracy theories ad nauseam. Are we talking about reporting “two scoops” of childish behavior, applauding a Broadway play repeatedly stabbing the President, or just selling a “big nothin’ burger” as confirmed by Van Jones? You deserve far more than a “body slam” on the virtual concrete of the Twitter universe. Karma is a consequence best served cold and the mainstream media’s spanking has been long overdue. Now go to your room and write “Fake News is not Real Journalism” 1000 times in crayon.

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Rinse, Lather, Retweet


Donald Trump didn’t ascend to the pinnacle of real estate or become a global business icon because he was afraid to speak his mind and step on a few uncooperative toes. He made his proverbial bones by being a brash, fearless entrepreneur who learned to survive, dare I say thrive, in a cesspool of bloodthirsty sharks, yellow journalists and political parasites. The man does not apologize for his success, his survival instincts or Darwinian tactics, any more than you or I would apologize for being shot by a home intruder. If you choose to berate him, Mika – repeatedly labeling him a goon, a liar, a fraud and joyously mocking his appearance – he’s going to piss in your Morning Joe and posterize your hypocrisy for the entire world to see. Your smug ploy for ratings solely to promote a hateful narrative, neither invites or requires grace and tact. And yet despite his rough, politically incorrect exterior, his compassionate nature has recognized and assisted countless people from all walks of life with his generosity, vast resources and sincere appreciation. Too bad your sagging journalistic integrity omits reporting the unadulterated truth.

For over a year now, the President’s family has been viciously slandered, harassed and threatened by nearly every facet of society with little outrage or condemnation from the supposed moral high ground; specifically, those pundits who believe social media is somehow beneath the dignity of the Presidency but a worthy platform for his obscene assailants. Celebrities have openly fantasized about his assassination, feminists urged raping Melania to defend women’s rights, Barron Trump has been called an autistic brat who should have been aborted, and even the President’s young grandchildren have been subjected to profane attacks in public settings. If the hysteria surrounding Trump has taught us anything, it’s that progressivism has become the epitome of a soulless dystopian culture which celebrates Planned Parenthood, a baby chop shop founded by a genocidal white supremacist, only to decry the frequency and nature of a populist’s “inappropriate tweets”. Unless using a young intern as human humidor for your Cuban Cigar is now offensive to the guardians of slumbering standards, my guess is the Bill Clinton litmus test for Presidential etiquette miscarried the righteous perception of moral relevance long ago.

Today’s political landscape is no longer 1950’s America, let alone the patriotic renaissance of the 1980’s, where right-minded politicians could voice their beliefs without every word being doctored, fact misrepresented or logical solution maligned by the media. The 2016 election confirmed the press has no intention of honoring the faintest notion of objectivity, instead choosing to advocate for the Democratic Party on a full-time basis. A recent Harvard study revealed 90% of all media coverage during and after the campaign has been overwhelmingly negative towards Mr. Trump. The liberal establishment, even that of the new “progressive” GOP itself, has worked assiduously to destroy his reputation and fabricate any imaginable instance of impropriety, perceived failure, as long as it results in his humiliation, impeachment or future electoral defeat. Yes, when you’re suffocating beneath a poisonous blanket of propaganda, you’re not exactly concerned about articulating the most respectable response to the rabid lynch mob zealously plotting your demise.

Do I wish Donald Trump would engage in fewer social media spats to better concentrate on the tasks at hand? Of course. Then again, when your family is the incessant target of such insatiable hatred and shameless dishonesty, I cannot blame him. Public perception, that psychological weapon used to taint one’s reputation and incite blind resistance against real reform, is a commodity that cannot be undervalued or ignored. Whether you admire or despise the President, he is clearly a master at beating the media at its own game. He confronts their monopoly, lures their sense of superiority, unhinges their violent intolerance, and ultimately exposes just how corrupt and destructive the press has become in its partisan quest to control the electorate at all costs. By the mere suggestion he was going to resurrect the “birther” issue – an accusation the Clinton campaign originally researched and introduced – Donald Trump duped every cable network pledging to blackout his speeches into unwittingly broadcasting a campaign ceremony honoring our veterans. That’s power you cannot buy, but is paid for by the karmic manifestation of your adversaries’ malicious intent.

Whereas some of the President’s communications are admittedly unnecessary or self-indulgent, there is undoubtedly a method to his so-called madness. No other figure in contemporary society has done more to single-handedly discredit, or potentially topple, the mainstream news hierarchy. In the matter of a few seconds, or 140 characters if you will, he can instantaneously bypass the filtered progressive bias of traditional media and literally reach, dare I say liberate, 100 million brainwashed minds from the matrix of corporate news and public education. In a single tweet alone, Trump convinced James Comey to tell the truth by insinuating he taped their conversations. In a matter of minutes, he reduced CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post into supermarket tabloids whose most trusted sources teetered between the Arkansas Booger, the Southern Sasquatch, and an Oval Office desk plant that was once watered by the ghost of Abraham Lincoln. By smashing the misconception the media represents an independent, credible source of information, Donald Trump has transformed the once sacred bell cows of syndicated thought into sniveling relics of privilege complaining their Depends are too tight. Apparently the unyielding stench of their disposable duplicity is not near as uncomfortable.

In 2012, despite challenging a divisive socialist sporting the worst economic record since World War II, a polished politician codenamed “Mittens” lost with a “dignified” smile and a cordial concession speech. As a result, eight years of unchecked anti-Americanism ensued. Now those same media mouthpieces and spoiled celebrities who ravaged Romney’s record and “fact checked” his intellect without refrain – burying the numerous failures, lies and abuses of Barack Obama – are suddenly upset their new victim is unwilling to be a political piñata; i.e., refusing to honor the media’s “house” rules when “tweeting” against the crooked status quo. Spare my cinematic nostalgia, our President’s abrasive persona, but honestly “We the People” need him on that wall; I want him on that wall fighting to preserve those forsaken timeless ideals that once made America great. I’d much rather have an undeterred President who lives and breathes to reclaim our vitality and security, engaging his detractors at 3 am, than watching the country I love dismantled behind the affable Orwellian facade of “Hope” and “Change”. While Donald Trump may lack Reagan’s oratory refinement and social elegance, his political instincts and the unflinching manner in which he acts upon them are equally if not more impressive. The difference between proven leaders and regurgitated rhetoric is that only “fake news” serves garnish 24 hours a day to the malnourished masses. Bon appetit!

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Deep State Cover

No, Susan Rice, you’re not being forced to testify because you’re black or a woman…you were duly summoned for lying, colluding and abusing the authority invested in your office to serve this Constitutional Republic. If you’re going to play the “victim” wildcard, at least have the decency to apologize to those victims wrongfully railroaded by your bigoted and shameless partisan schemes. As the former National Security Adviser to one Barack Obama, you now hold the dubious distinction of representing the first administration to wiretap a Presidential candidate during an ongoing election and subsequently spy on an incoming administration to unearth any crumb of usable intelligence for political gain. Surely, Mr. Comey shared that useful patriotic memo. While I hesitate to use petty and egregious in the same rumination, your behavior was painfully juvenile and undeniably treasonous. How many leaks does it take to get to the epicenter of real scandal and trigger a Congressional investigation over an aspiring ‘Deep State’ coup d’etat? You tell me!

No matter how much you deflect from the truth and blame those who dare to hold you accountable, Mrs. Rice, you obtained FISA warrants under false pretenses and showed no regard for national security or those public officials you unmasked with the intention of destroying their livelihoods; or better yet, a newly elected Chief of State and his pledge of systemic reform. Despite the fact you knew the Trump-Russia conspiracies were outright fabrications used to potentially topple or undermine his presidency – debunked by the FBI, Homeland Security and now even CNN itself – you consciously ignored documented security breaches into the DNC database because the Democratic Party was too busy rigging the nomination against Bernie and hiding Hillary’s numerous indiscretions, inflammatory remarks and radical associates: including the Clintons’ vast ties to the Kremlin, the Russian conglomerate Uranium One and Moscow’s Renaissance Capital.…none of which raised your convenient sense of ‘social justice’. Or perhaps “We the People” should just be thankful you helped secure a “nuclear” Iran to fight true misogyny and anti-White supremacy. Now I may not be a World Series Poker Champion but I know the difference between an obvious political bluff, a smug opportunist, and a persecuted woman asked to sit at the back of the bus because of the color of her skin. At least Rosa Parks had the integrity and courage not to wilt beneath the scorn of true injustice.

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Resisting the Logic of Self-Preservation

Those critics who actually believed Donald Trump’s travel ban was unconstitutional, an unprecedented hate crime against humanity, were clearly duped by the same “Russian Conspiracy” hysteria that has triggered mourning millennials into licking toilet seats or pledging to remove their beta-male genitalia for proper submission to alpha-Islamic jihadists. And for the record, October’s hearing is but a formality otherwise the Supreme Court would have clashed over maintaining the Appeal’s Court ruling. If the President was guilty of anything, other than opposing the reckless immigration policies of his anti-American predecessor, it was for exercising the same authority and discretion Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter invoked to restrict travel from specific nations or populaces without any such opposition from their fellow constituents; most notably, those Democratic officials who encouraged partisan judges to “resist” explicit law in favor of pursuing personal vendettas over an election result. Despite the fact these individuals knew Trump’s travel ban was completely legal and historically relevant, their intent was to once again fabricate the appearance of scandal – using mass media to paint the President as a reckless supremacist mired in Executive overreach – with the real goal of delaying his order or defeating his resolve to implement such a “controversial” action. And here I thought the safety and security of the American people, not childish games and political sabotage, were of paramount importance to our elected officials.

Immigrants, especially those hailing from known tumultuous regions, can no more dictate the terms of their entry into a foreign country than a child can choose his or her biological parents. Unless “Give Terrorism a Chance” is America’s new lottery motto, did 9/11 and the over 90 terrorists incidents perpetrated on American soil since that horrific day never happen or are we still debating whether knives, guns, trucks and planes murder the “infidel”? Has the new European playground of militant Islam sounded any bells of civilized concern over unvetted radicals or are “We the People” still believing “moderate” Muslims share our values, respect human rights and possess a mutual commitment to the survival and sovereignty of America? The reason Poland and Japan have not become a complicit statistic is because both refuse to accept refugees and believe there is a direct correlation between Islamic terrorism and Islamic immigration. Yes, logic burns the ill-prepared, or more specifically, the powdered blue ploys of electoral supremacy. Apparently the progressive brain trust of “Pelosi and Schumer” did not share that memo because plotting globalists must extinguish the light of liberty before their victims can read the paper it’s printed on.

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Repealing the GOP

I said it three months ago, I’ll say it again. The same GOP so adamantly opposed to Obamacare & socialized healthcare in 2008 is now advocating its own brand. Why?

I support a full repeal of Obamacare, not a replacement. Government healthcare – single payer, individual mandate or not – is a construct of statism and therefore an exercise in abusive ineptitude. Even if you improve upon the disastrous fallout from Obamacare, the next “progressive” administration that comes along will simply pass further regulations and requirements to expand the degree of control Washington can exert over the electorate, but more specifically, our everyday lives. There are much saner, more effective and affordable healthcare reforms that do not require accruing mass debt or sacrificing privacy and personal freedoms in the name of the ‘common good’. If I may, what has our federal bureaucracy ever done in a competent, conscionable and timely manner? Socialized medicine in any form is a grave threat to America’s founding charter of limited government and individual liberty. Call me a colonial conservative or merely acutely aware of the historical dangers such excessive power inevitably invites. People deserve the best care possible, one driven by competition, trust and responsible oversight, not endless manipulation designed to serve a singular political end. Although I do have faith in a handful of elected representatives within Congress, the centralized cesspool of revolving special interests and partisan dysfunction is about as coherent as a Nancy Pelosi speech on ethics. Excuse me while I abstain from the most ignorant form of self-assisted suicide.

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The Real Resistance

If last night was a referendum on the Presidential election, the tireless accusations of Russian collusion, “illegal” travel bans and Executive obstruction, I’d venture to say America is tired of the bullshit. Excuse my adopted Georgia Bulldog. You don’t win the respect of voters by spending almost 10 times more than your opponent and running a candidate that cannot even vote in the same Congressional district he claims to wholeheartedly represent. You earn hard working people’s respect by clearly and passionately articulating your ideals without needlessly berating your opponent to incite hatred and false judgement. Taxpayers and concerned citizens want America’s most pressing problems remedied, not worsened by media campaigns designed to siphon our liberty, prosperity and security solely to fulfill a radical social agenda forged upon racism, moral apathy and entitlement. Unless you’re “resisting” the numerous failed policies and clear anti-American zeitgeist of the past 8 years, your detached notion of “injustice” represents the undisputed impetus as to why the marginalized masses elected one Donald Trump. The real “resistance” spoke over 7 months ago on November 8th when half of your current campaign volunteers cried in their parent’s basement without the aid of a Snapchat filter. Sadly no such tears were shed for the approximately 5 million illegals allowed to vote in integrity’s stead.

Contrary to the intolerant left, lasting reform requires dedicated and reasonable professionals working together to find the best possible solutions, regardless of the Congressional majority; not kicking and screaming juveniles triggered by a name or threatened by the mere thought of differing opinions. If your beliefs discourage constructive discourse and cannot weather earnest scrutiny by simply standing on their own merits, instead invoking conspiracy theories and partisan paranoia for political capital, then you’re merely a used car salesman riding the bus to cash your donor’s check at the next Antifa crime reunion. In layman’s terms, please send Mr. Soros my regards and a pair of overalls….and not the pre-stained, $400, Velcro variety decorated with the blood of American sovereignty. Perhaps someday he’ll have the courage to do his own dirty work rather than sending a smug pajama boy who majored in European socialism, is the textbook progressive definition of ‘White Privilege’ and who boasted 5 months of National Security experience (5 years in Starbucks time) as a staffer. After all, public service should never require a Hollywood entourage and a Google map to locate your gerrymandered claim of residence.

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The Aftermath of Appeasement

So it’s “big city life” when jihadists murder Westerners but it instantaneously qualifies as a “horrific tragedy” when Muslims die at the hands of an English assassin who targeted a mosque with suspected terrorist ties? Yes, make no mistake about it, London Mayor Sadiq Khan is a disgrace. For the record, I condemn all acts of senseless aggression…regardless of one’s nationality, race or religion. The man and any possible accomplices who perpetrated this brutal plot are criminals and should be shown no mercy in a court of law. However, when the British people endure attack after attack only for globalist activists to sweep such systemic radicalism under the rug in the name of unity, or more succinctly encourage submission to the hateful, intolerant and historically unaltered diatribe known as Islam, what do the Marxist merchants of “One World, One Government” truly expect? Simple: a slow, complicit death of our culture, sovereignty and values.

In the growing prevalence of such callous indifference, it’s only a matter of time before the sacrificial lambs slain by Muhammad’s soldiers become the unchained lions of liberty defending their fellow brethren and threatened homeland. While the media rejoices in selectively identifying the “worthy” victims of terrorism, they conveniently forget that assimilating to the societal norms of the civilized world is not a rhetorical question, a “get out of jail” free card or an open invitation for endless political debate to justify misogyny and martyrdom. It is a universal affirmation of human dignity that must not be abridged or broken to appease anyone regardless of your political preferences. And nor should it ever be disregarded when millions of Islamic immigrants supposedly weep for the opportunity to flee the depravity and desolation left by over 1500 years of Islamic oppression and indoctrination. If all we seek is the exploitation of death by marginalizing tragedy to manipulate the voting masses, then the innocent blood spilled during last night’s rampage is also on the hands of those who treated the countless Anglo-American victims of Islamic terrorism, for well over a decade, as arbitrary ‘bumps in the road’ to a New World Order; one that obviously doesn’t manufacture “Stop” signs in Arabic.

Once upon a time Western Civilization was a beacon for hope and a road map for securing human rights; now we willingly make excuses to protect those who silence, rape and beat women, who punish free speech against Islam as hate crimes, and who defend pedophilia, genital mutilation, as freedom of religion. Forgive my disgust, but where have all the feminists and humanists gone? Obviously to sleep…to protest a Judeo-Christian, capitalist, “patriarchal” society that ensures their economic, sexual and civil liberties in the face of such unrelenting evil. In Machiavellian terms, never confuse taste with tantrums when equality is a corpse and a cappuccino best served cold.

If you must dance naked and scream anarchy in the streets of “injustice” to condemn those who value the sanctity of life and free will, only to empower those militants who seek to religiously cover your face and demand your unconditional obedience, you’re earning less money and daily respect because you obviously misunderstand the relevance of “choice”. Gender is not an adopted identity of real victimization and human suffering is not a self-aggrandizing march eagerly embracing modern profanity and ignorance by pardoning a millennia of cruelty and intolerance to celebrate your heartless misappropriation. It is, however, most commonly the jagged aftermath of incited hate, dismissed circumstance and blind apathy colliding in history’s frozen wake. Only so many can needlessly die, without repercussion or remorse, before the abandoned prey become the undaunted predators of self-preservation. May God comfort the dead’s grieving loved ones and may he give mankind the unwavering courage and moral fortitude to save far more lives than those acceptable casualties eulogized by the part-time tears of political thespians.

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