Aloha, Snowflakes!

The same neurotic drama queens blaming the President for an Emergency Broadcast “error” thousands of miles away, would also immediately ask what happens to Hawaii’s electoral votes if it was destroyed by a Super Volcano. That’s right…spare me the opportunistic outrage when these moonlighting “humanitarians” have no idea what the cost of gas, milk or a decent home is in the Aloha state. Unless they’re one of the millions of North Korean citizens who are starving, oppressed, imprisoned and even murdered by a fanatical dictator, they should be thanking God someone has the courage to confront tyranny rather than appease a madman’s ruthless ambitions; a myopic and self-destructive mistake consistently prevalent throughout history.

The same fawning snowflakes who applauded one Barack Obama for allowing ISIS to flourish for 8 years are now predictably oblivious to the fact Donald Trump has decimated over 80% of their terrorist network in a single year. Yes, here in the real world where political propagandists invent injustice for personal pleasure and smear American resolve as Right Wing fascism, it takes a leader not lobotomized by political correctness to remind those willing pinatas that pretending evil does not exist, justifying or enabling the nuclear ambitions of radical regimes, will not save the naive masses from their own ignorance. If World War II veterans were given the option of fighting a global conflict that spanned six continents and claimed 50 million lives or enduring the brief, albeit startling inconvenience of an erroneously triggered emergency alarm in their own backyards – most notably those heroes who fought and died at Pearl Harbor for our freedoms – my guess is they would ask how anyone could possibly determine the number of medals needed for those brave souls who cried themselves to death in less than 60 seconds while holding their own cell phones. In other words, why foolishly complicate an already embarrassing situation for the State of Hawaii by making reckless, absurd assertions when simply finding an employee who drinks less caffeine will clearly suffice.

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The “Oral” Grounds for Censuring Hypocrites

What are the tangible grounds for a formal censure, except of course to validate the liberal media’s insatiable anti-Trump crusade, when two Senators claimed the President never said “shitholes”, a known Democratic agitator is the source of this accusation, no audio proof exists of these comments, and technically, well, they’re a factual description of a number of destitute countries ravaged by corruption, crime and disease? Demonizing a successful populist the left hates regardless and therefore incessantly plots to end his presidency sounds far more like a desperate ploy to gain concessions for a more favorable DACA deal, an opportunity to stir greater public outrage over the necessity of building a border wall, than any punishable transgression that rises near the level of “uncensured” misconduct as illustrated by Bill Clinton lying under oath or receiving oral sex from a young intern in the epicenter of our trust: the Oval Office.

No, pardon my perfectly operational “bullshit” detector but I’m far more offended by the Obama administration labeling liberty lovers as the greatest terrorist threat in America – a country predicated upon individual liberty and limited government – while having the audacity to call Islam a peaceful religion which played an instrumental part in the founding of this nation. If “respected” Democrats, celebrities and media pundits alike can repeatedly call Donald Trump the most vile names on a daily basis and incite violent discord by spreading the most outrageous propaganda with no regard for the aftermath, only to somehow find the moral fortitude to transform an unconfirmed characterization into a Watergate inquisition, I neither have the time or the inclination to entertain the insanity of bitter partisans who actually believe America is a “shithole” every time they don’t get their way.

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Black Pots, White Lines and Brown Paper Bags

A startling majority of immigrants who come to America, many with little more than the shirts on their back, do so to escape the extreme poverty, corruption, oppression and inept leadership plaguing their native countries. Sadly, having three meals a day, let alone a high school education or a functioning hospital, was and still is considered a luxury. As someone who has personally known and befriended people from Mexico, El Salvador, Haiti, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Uganda, I couldn’t help but ask them one inescapable question: “If you had the opportunity, other than to visit your remaining family or friends left behind, would you return to your homeland?” Their unflinching response? “Hell no!” These individuals and their loved ones literally lived in dilapidated “hell holes”, routinely watched people die of starvation, violence, rampant pollution or non-existent healthcare, and therefore chose to do everything in their power to escape the depravity of these dysfunctional regions.

Whether or not a known politically incorrect President actually made these truthful remarks is actually a petty and moot point considering the harsh reality millions are facing and fleeing on a daily basis. Rather, it is incumbent upon our government, our founding charter as a beacon of hope for all people willing to respect and preserve America’s abundant opportunities, to find an equitable balance between properly/diligently documenting the skyrocketing numbering of immigrants seeking our shores, a better and more humane life, and how to ease their suffering through the auspices of responsible, legal immigration. In a world where shock value is no longer shocking and FBI collusion commendable, I’m far more offended by the now acceptable obscene, profane and immoral content of pop culture and social media – a supposed feminist icon and crooked presidential candidate that used her “humanitarian foundation” to siphon millions in donations from disaster survivors in Haiti – than an unfiltered CEO who views progress by results, pragmatism, instead of the pampered sensitivities of shameless propagandists who cry racism and sexism every time someone disagrees with their fragile, ignorant and distinctly Anti-American beliefs.

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Walls, Whims and the Border Less Traveled

For those who refused to surrender their critical thinking skills after 2008, DACA was never about saving a handful of wrongfully persecuted “Dreamers” from the xenophobic pitchforks of Right Wingers. It was and still is about shamelessly exploiting the plight of roughly 800,000 adolescent illegals, a majority of which are now adults, to justify cultivating an additional 3.2 million relatives: i.e., an untapped expanse of eager Democratic voters. In fact, according to a campaign memo co-authored by Hillary’s former Communications Director, Jennifer Palmier openly admits “the Democratic Party needs to protect illegal immigrants brought here by DACA in order to ensure those additional votes”; which, of course, was the unwavering contention of conservatives all along despite the media’s exhaustive efforts to paint such allegations as heartless and false. Even if “Donald Trump the White Supremacist” allowed all DACA families to remain and prosper in the United States, contingent upon forever relinquishing their right to vote as recompense for their illegal status, Democrats would still cry injustice despite his willingness to pardon their incontrovertible crimes so they could pursue a better life without fear of arrest or deportation.

Once you factor in the realization 40% of Hillary’s votes came from states which rejected Voter ID laws and currently house over 5 million illegal immigrants of voting age – many of whom harbor negative, exploitative or even hostile views towards this country – it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize the Democratic Party has almost zero regard for America’s sovereignty, ideological and fiscal survival, let alone the rule of law. If over a century of immigrants from across the globe managed to respect our borders and fulfill the naturalization requirements under the most dire circumstances, surely a handful of “dreamers” and their tailgate-crashing relatives can understand the need for a wall, if not a moment of silence for those Americans denied the same level of impunity, economic entitlement, by “racist” Central and South American governments. That’s right…who needs easy lighting briquets when U.S. bureaucrats will provide a bonfire burning the effigy of American gullibility.

It is common knowledge, except for millennial marshmallows inviting themselves to a free lunch, the Marxist minions of cultural suicide have conspired for decades to undermine our immigration statutes by encouraging mass migration, shielding trespassers from prosecution and even giving preferential treatment to those perpetrators over actual citizens; including those individuals with extensive records or radical associations. And because victimization indoctrination is the affirmative action appetizer professional propagandists, progressives have fabricated a humanitarian crisis to pull on the heart strings of America and thus justify their reckless, if not emphatically criminal behavior. DACA, in all its misappropriated glory, is little more than an extension of this inexcusable endeavor. Not only is Obama’s electoral trafficking program completely unconstitutional, as recently confirmed by the Supreme Court because it was never ratified by Congress and his executive order violates existing immigration law, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals futile attempt to force President Trump to honor such an abusive, non-binding farce is the equivalent of a slumlord decreeing every new tenant must sleep in the previous owner’s pissed stained sheets.

Until these spiteful judicial obstructionists are put on trial and impeached for their pronounced abuse of power, choosing to collude with pandering plaintiffs by placing shared partisan hatred over legal precedent, the President should either openly disregard and/or bypass these obscene rulings which are completely antithetical to any sense of moral obligation. After all, the sheer level of lawlessness prevalent in the Obama administration would make such a principled stance, dare I say, seem revolutionary. With the unapologetic assistance and/or convenient indifference of the DOJ and FBI, Obama’s regime was able to auction off nuclear grade uranium to a known historical adversary, finance Islamic terrorism with unauthorized ransom payments, absolve Hillary’s countless transgressions with admitted preferential treatment, instruct DHS agents to distribute millions of green cards to unvetted recipients despite federal court injunctions, weaponize the IRS to target conservatives, empower the BLM to terrorize ranchers or needlessly confiscate state/private lands, and validate a knowingly fake dossier used as justification to wiretap a Presidential candidate for the first time in U.S. history, the crime syndicate now known as the former party of JFK could use a double dose of reality, better known as, accountability.

The growing crescendo to end DACA and to build a wall are both justifiable and crucial to restoring responsible immigration. However, even as a staunch conservative who has advocated swift action for years, desire doesn’t always dictate with the complexities of legislative reform. It is true, within several months, DACA will expire on its own accord without further intervention. And yes, I’m confidently assuming the Supreme Court will once again vacant the 9th Circuit’s newest display of masturbatory lunacy. Unfortunately, erecting a border edifice over 2,000 miles by navigating between three separate, polarized but intertwined branches of government is not nearly as simple as many mistakenly assume. While it is true the cost of constructing a wall pales in comparison to the annual $100 billion price tag of harboring approximately 15 million illegal immigrants, funding requires Congressional approval. Republicans hold but a narrow 51-49 advantage in the Senate and a number of GOP Senators – McCain, Flake, Collins, and Murkowski to name but a few – have expressed resistance to the idea of a border wall, let alone any agreement/compromise that doesn’t include explicit protecting “dreamers; that political manifestation which turns logic, rightfully enforcing existing immigration laws, into genocidal hyperbole on the five o’clock news.

Therefore, in the face of rapidly deteriorating circumstances and the increasingly anxious expectations of his supporters, I believe Donald Trump has but two viable options…

1) Allow DACA to expire in March and seek funding for the wall elsewhere. As much as I’d love to see a modest “border tax” on all travelers entering from south of the border, as well as imposing duties on money transfers sent to these respective countries, revenue changes are still incumbent upon Congressional approval. Unless the GOP is willing to wait for the conclusion of the 2018 mid-term elections, which could either bolster their advantage or negate it entirely, a more pro-active solution is required. If the President really wanted to push the proverbial envelope, he could stockpile funds “donated” from foreign governments in exchange for technology allowances or military assurances. Or, he could personally solicit money from private entities – corporations, wealthy individuals, endowments – that have a personal interest in contributing to enhanced border security. Either war, success is far from guaranteed. Luckily, the fact $1.6 billion was specifically earmarked for initial construction in the recent temporary spending bill is a good sign the wall will be built one way or another.

2) Use the DNC’s insistence upon saving DACA to barter greater concessions. Many Republicans have reiterated their support for universal Voter ID, as well as ending the destructive aftermath of chain immigration and the Lottery system. Of course, such prudent measures threaten the left’s long-term goal of permanent political supremacy through foreign demographic superiority. If the President really wanted to put Democrats on the spot, he could publicly challenge their supposed unconditional support for “dreamers”; those political props used by media pundits to discredit our laws and dehumanize critics. If Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi refused to capitulate, Trump could appeal to Latinos directly to vocally demand a compromise. Likewise, if he failed, at least the President could say he earnestly tried to reach a resolution. The one caveat I would insist upon in any potential deal is that no new “dreamer” designations could be made and those approved will applications currently residing in this country must be fully vetted, regularly monitored and required to abide by all laws in order to avoid deportation. Furthermore, because I have no doubt the next Democrat elected to the White House would immediately seek a “tear down that wall” Kodak moment etched into the annals of liberal academia, the completed fence could be officially designated the property of a private organization/company; a binding agreement granting exclusive rights for 25 or perhaps even 50 years under the prerequisite of actively monitoring/maintaining border security by working in conjunction with federal immigration agents and state law enforcement.

Regardless of the inherent difficulties or inevitable political posturing, Donald Trump did campaign on the absolute necessity of building a wall. That being said, those concerned spectators demanding immediate action must realize such a daunting and politically volatile endeavor is a collective process, not a unilateral whim. Truly, the sheer number of variables and conflicting interests involved is dizzying to the most accomplished statesman. Even though we may all concur DACA represents a tangible threat to the legitimacy of our laws and the integrity of our elections, that protecting our border in a post 9/11, caustically anti-American world is both ethical and our sovereign right, the Checks and Balances bestowed upon our Constitutional Republic requires an equally reverent level of respect; no matter how much progressives are willing to circumvent their sworn duty, if not any remaining vestiges of personal credibility.

Before “We the People” vow to abandon arguably the most persecuted and daring President in our history, a man whose family has withstood an endless barrage of hateful epithets and criminal partisan schemes to confront a corrupt ruling class, let us remember that unity – unrelenting faith in the face of the most trying circumstances – and not ultimatums, is what nurtures success. How many angry voters lamenting the repeated failed attempts to repeal Obamacare, myself included, actually predicated a sweeping tax bill would essentially remove the individual mandate and thus cripple Barack Obama’s Trojan horse intended to usher in an eventual single-payer system? The more plotting leftists know Donald Trump is left isolated with little flexibility or recourse, the more their unscrupulous ranks will feel compelled to sabotage his aspirations with the added leverage of our discontent. Honestly, what other Republican nominee would have achieved half as much, let alone survived the incessant onslaught of public humiliation, media duplicity and unprecedented degree of Deep State collusion? Patience isn’t a virtue because fear demands immediate reassurances from the unforeseeable means of achieving closure. Patience is often the conscious revelation that one must open a new door to remove the greatest obstacle hindering progress: our closed minds.

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Hollywood’s Black Mass of Cognitive Dissonance

What could possibly be better than watching an ostentatious parade of detached, condescending, and grossly overpaid thespians lecturing everyday Americans about exercising their political freedoms? Hmm, how about yet another pompous, privileged award gala that blissfully celebrates Hollywood’s rape/pedophilia culture by attacking those “immoral voters” who have the audacity to pay their “unfair share” salaries but somehow adamantly refuse to applaud the entertainment industry’s smug, hateful hypocrisy? When an annually televised circle jerk of bitter celebrities demands a Red Carpet of international adulation, hijacking a once revered artistic platform to needlessly slander a President seeking to restore accountability and prosperity, reality is as foreign as the concept of patriotism; i.e., preserving a sovereign Constitutional Republic conceived in liberty, the human capacity for self-government, forever incumbent upon intellectual diversity. Unlike the hostile pulpit of political intolerance, respect for others, the blessings of America, never requires a scathing acceptance speech.

Despite the orchestrated pageantry of designer black dresses proudly revealing their own “me too” cognitive dissonance to fawning cameras, the so-called social pioneers of Hollywood knew countless actresses were being sexually exploited and they did absolutely nothing because the entire industry feared the public humiliation of scandal, preserving their own careers, far more than ending decades of perverse injustice and discrimination. And what did the “honorable” heroes of the progressive left gleam from these disturbing and brazenly self-righteous turn of events? Oprah should run for President! So much for the noble humanitarian icons of cinema. #GoldenGlobes #TheyKnew




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Et Tu, Bannon?

I have always have always respected Steve Bannon’s fierce intellect and steadfast convictions, and I by no means blamed him for the Roy Moore fiasco which entirely resulted from the shameless meddling of the spineless GOP establishment. However, I cannot deny being sorely disappointed in recent revelations no matter how casual his words or misconstrued his intentions. In my humble opinion his greatest mistake was even conversing with Michael Wolff in the first place, an unabashed opportunist and propagandist, who has a long history of distorting/fabricating comments without proper context, confirmed sources or any detectable sense of journalistic obligation. Second, and perhaps most revealing, these remarks were reportedly conveyed shortly after the Russian fiasco was in full hype mode when the media discovered Donald Jr. had met with a Russian lawyer who requested a private meeting to supposedly share dirt on Hillary Clinton; an obvious set-up since day one, not to mention a common political practice which is neither illegal nor constitutes election collusion.

Of course, as we all know, the Russian dossier has since been debunked as a complete fabrication, paid for by the Clinton campaign with the knowledge/assistance of the FBI and DOJ, to wrongfully obtain surveillance warrants in an attempt to frame the Trump administration through the mere repetitive accusation of alleged misconduct. In other words, just like Steve Bannon will freely admit, it was all one elaborate ruse designed to give the impression of extensive election tampering, a conveniently deployed smokescreen if you will, to conceal the undeniable fact the Obama administration (including one Hillary Clinton) was already knee deep in scandal, voter fraud, treasonous conspiracy and the continuous misappropriation of public funds. Deflection and blame are powerful allies in the War on Truth.

While I do understand why Mr. Bannon is still bitter from being excommunicated from the White House, mainly due to the growing media narrative of White Supremacy and Right Wing extremism, much of this conflict truly stems from clashes with Jared Kushner and Ivanka; both of whom are social progressives, globalists, have voiced their opposition to the travel ban, the border wall, and whom have needlessly given credence to many of the President’s critics by supporting Planned Parenthood or the recently affirmed unconstitutional DACA program. However, no matter how valid his opposition may be, I find it inexcusable that such a close confidant allowed access to the highest levels of our government was consciously contributing to a fallacious book despite signing a confidentiality agreement; especially when you realize the Breitbart executive is acutely aware of the endless hate and propaganda Donald Trump has had to overcome in his arduous quest to restore American prosperity and expose the true depths of partisan corruption poisoning Washington.

Therefore, knowing what is ultimately at stake, why on God’s green earth would a known conservative – one who understands this blessed nation was but a fraction away from sinking to a point beyond salvation – give more false hope to already compromised, stagnant investigation gasping for any hint of legitimacy and relevance? If anyone was guilty of committing treason, other than the obvious Deep State puppeteers ensuring the survival of the progressive cesspool, it’s hard to deny how his planned betrayal was anything but a seditious act of treachery. My best guess, or should I say hope, is his escalating frustration with Ivanka, Jared, GOP apologists and some remaining Obama loyalists fell on deaf ears and Wolff’s project presented an opportunity to clear the air, if not an impulsive attempt at altering public perception to salvage his damaged reputation and thus assuage his unrelenting anger.

Despite Steve’s clearly reckless interaction with a notoriously shady journalist long ago, his foolish decision will most likely result in being subpoenaed to testify under oath and the manuscript in question confiscated as potential evidence. Although his rash comments will ultimately present no tangible proof of wrongdoing, it may give Mueller a much needed breath of political momentum to persuade his kangaroo grand jury to issue an indictment against Donald Jr.; one of his goals all along since his father can only been linked to media hyperbole and little more. Like I said months ago, Mueller doesn’t care whether or not he can actually prove collusion because appearances are far more valuable to the left…especially when these deceptive ploys rarely result in consequences or forced accountability. If a sizable percentage of the people believe anyone associated with Donald Trump acted inappropriately, such manufactured fervor will immediately be interpreted as validation by Democrats salivating at the mere thought of an impeachment media circus if they somehow regain control of Congress in 2018. After all, public sentiment born from misplaced paranoia can carry far more of a damaging stigma come election time than any vindication from an appellate or even the Supreme Court months or even years later. In today’s culture of hyper-partisan judges where the law is quickly becoming secondary to personal agendas, anything is now possible. I for one mistakenly assumed Steve Bannon understood that perilous concept and the true nature of Marxist politics.

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More Taxes, Please: Said No One Ever!


Tax relief is now officially a reality and by some inexplicable twist of luck, nobody has died from spontaneous economic growth, the Earth is still round hand no working American is being deprived the right to earn a living; unless, that is, the media is referring to those federal money launderers rewarding envy, inciting class warfare, and getting rich by punishing success to achieve their socialist wet dream of permanent electoral control through forced mass dependency. Ask almost any economist or financial expert and they’ll explain how tax cuts increase disposable income/ profits, fuel greater commercial investment, foster more opportunities for workers and entrepreneurs, which ultimately creates more private wealth. Not only will the entire middle class benefit from the most significant tax reduction in over 30 years, the newly designated corporate tax rate of 21% is now competitive with the rest of the world; including those destitute countries that use cheap labor to harbor American companies like Apple and Nike. Instead of being mindlessly berating those who pay a bulk of American duties, who create the most jobs, and donate the largest endowments to public/private institutions, perhaps we should be thankful these successful individuals and businesses even exist. The fact not one Democrat voted to lower your taxes should be as disturbing as it is indicative of the party’s rapid regression. If Donald Trump is willing to sign a bill that will effectively raise his own tax rates to lessen the burden for over 90% of the American people, shouldn’t every Congressional member making a six figure salary, at a minimum, be willing to do the same? The fact not one Democrat voted to lower your taxes should be as disturbing as it is indicative of their party’s rapid regression which once extolled the patriotism and prosperity of such economic freedom under JFK.

Considering the Obama administration nearly doubled the national debt despite collecting record tax revenue between 2009 and 2016, it’s about damn time “We the People” were allowed to enjoy more of the fruits of their own labor. Contrary to Marxist hypnotists, paying high taxes isn’t patriotic; it’s apathetic, ignorant and an indoctrinated excuse for anti-American statists to redistribute your blood, sweat, and tears in the name of social justice by spending billions on terrorist nations, clearly favored non-citizens, and those senseless progressive projects designed to demonize our ideological heritage. For how long have wealthy bureaucrats bathed in a dirty river of misappropriated funds – your property, income and social security taxes – solely to reward party operatives/donors, live the 1% lifestyle and to feed their criminal sexual appetite? While you go to jail for unpaid parking tickets or for refusing to pay an “individual mandate” infringing upon your individual rights, the political establishment dines on the remnants of an increasingly disregarded Constitution. Unless “Death before Taxes” is no longer incumbent to the founding of our Republic and a prerequisite of limited government, then by all means feel free to send a monthly check of your hard-earned money to Washington, DC. And since no one in their right mind would resort to such an idiotic gesture, why spread such vicious propaganda about its elementary necessity by ignoring our historical aversion to Big Government? The only thing remotely scandalous about affordable taxes is the inability of millions of partisan contrarians to realize excessive taxation is theft and that our rogue government rarely puts anyone’s interests in front of its own radical agenda.



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Man vs. Mud: The Dirty South

Regardless of the media’s predictable attempt to use Roy Moore’s loss as an indictment against Trump’s presidency, I’m not near as angry by the fact he lost – after all, the same Senate seat will be re-decided in less than 3 years – in comparison to how the man was actually defeated. If an allegation of sexual impropriety appeared 30 years ago or even during the Alabama Republican primary, I would have given such a claim much more validity. In all fairness, if the evidence proved credible, I would be the first in line to demand his unconditional withdrawal. However, these accusations didn’t appear until after he faced a Democrat, Doug Jones, and until after GOP leadership did everything in their power to torpedo his conservative campaign against Luther Strange. Even more disconcerting, a Jeb Bush aide colluded with the Washington post to reveal the now infamous “yearbook” message; a completely fabricated scandal with a self-admitted fake signature that even if genuine didn’t constitute sexual harassment or assault. In what other universe do these fraudulent actions not constitute crimes, seem even remotely plausible, let alone worthy of Mitch McConnell abandoning a man who campaigned on ‘Draining the Swamp’ and returning accountability to Washington? And did the national media share any of these vital truths, if only for the sake of a man’s reputation and livelihood? Of course not; for partisan supremacy is their goal, never electoral integrity.

Considering how the GOP has been plagued by defecting Senators – Collins, Flake, McCain, Corker – impeding much needed legislative forms Trump promised to the American people, in what way are Republicans remotely representing its base when completely unproven and clearly suspicious allegations leads Senator Shelby to urge Alabama voters to cast over 20,000 write-in votes resulting in twice the margin of votes needed for such a crucial victory? It’s irresponsible, reckless and a complete betrayal. This absurd behavior all stems back to an internal report the GOP commissioned after winning the 2012 election. In short, the author concluded Republicans needed to become more like Democrats in order to regain the White House; yes, inane reasoning when you realize Tea Party “conservatives” just handed the party a historic victory in 2010 and again later in 2014. And what did the Grand Old Party do with their newfound mandate to restore economic sanity, solvency and federal transparency? The bright, shiny, and new “progressive” GOP – headed by the same two-faced monster of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan who still, to this day, religiously undermines conservative values and obstructs their Republican president – repeatedly acquiesced to the most radical agenda and unqualified candidate in U.S. history; the anti-American, statist policies of one Barack Hussein Obama.

No, the problem isn’t that Republicans must endeavor to play cat-and-mouse games with themselves solely to appease politically correct hypocrites who oppose lower taxes, criminalize Christian liberties, applaud socialism, erase our sovereign borders and increasingly view patriotism as a form of white supremacy. The problem is that the GOP, the once proud party of Ronald Reagan, passed the torch to glorified fence sitters who were more afraid of being called conservatives in a nation founded upon conservative values than simply properly articulating their convictions with unflinching resolve and infallible common sense. The reason the radical left has declared war on white male conservatives like Roy Moore – deployed “sexism” and “racism” as electoral weapons of mass destruction – is because they are far more resistant to regressive identity politics, Big Government and the endless victimization excuses of media propagandists.

Despite their attempts to convince the gullible masses otherwise, Democrats also reluctantly know Republicans have far more in common with Hispanics – a proud, hard-working, religious, family oriented people – than the modern political descendants of Jim Crow and the founders of the KKK have with the black community; those “reduced” human beings the Democratic party have continuously treated as helpless, indigent props to be dusted off every four years for the explicit purpose of inciting fear, class/race warfare, instead of collaborating towards the betterment of their communities and children’s future. When appearances, not action, are your forte, telling the truth indeed becomes a revolutionary act.

Unless I’m hopelessly naive to the concept of friendship, dare I say justice, the GOP’s unforgivable betrayal of Roy Moore is the equivalent of a snake eating its own tail in an attempt to satisfy those circling predators seeking its demise regardless. And for those keeping record, that’s self-assisted, political suicide with an extra side of public humiliation. Likewise, until every man maintaining their innocence is given the benefit of the doubt and the judicial burden of proof once again placed on the motives and timing of the accuser, every candidate that poses a threat to the progressive agenda and their insatiable lust for control will meet the same end. I’d much rather support a law requiring all claims of sexual misconduct to be reported at least 6 months before an election, with severe punishments for false accusations and uncovered plots of collusion, than to allow these criminal tactics to continue one more second. As long as scheming partisans and paid mercenaries are allowed to act with reckless impunity – mere speculation given preference over the Constitutional right of due process – America’s electoral process will continue to more resemble a Jerry Springer episode where screaming juveniles never applaud candidates based upon the merits of their ideas, the quality or consistency of their resume, but rather for how much mud their drunk posse can sling.

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To Eliminate with Extreme Prejudice


Since the declaration of the Republican presidential nominee, the Democratic establishment, disgracefully aided by the betrayal of GOP globalists, have cajoled and relentlessly plotted to displace Donald Trump by any conceivable means necessary. In essence, the desperation of their inane schemes has only been surpassed by the escalating absurdity of their baseless claims. When publicly unveiling nearly a dozen, self-proclaimed victims of sexual misconduct just weeks before the election proved inconsequential, PC militants opted for the stale racist stigma of white supremacy. When fabricating/funding a Russian dossier failed to frame a sitting President for election fraud, the Swamp chose to reignite the Clinton gender warfare of misogyny and toxic masculinity. After Obstruction of Justice proved to be the unclaimed baggage of Deep State magicians unmasking their own sedition, the exposed architects of Fake News conveniently decried suppression of the free press to digress from their singular goal of impeachment.

And yet despite the left’s tireless allegations and juvenile ploys, nothing has changed except the accumulating accomplishments of the elected recipient of their collective disdain. This is why I honestly believe, beyond the endless hoaxes and spoon-fed hysteria of regurgitated hyperbole, George Soros and his soulless band of puppets have a much better chance at opening a lucrative PB&J gourmet bistro in Paris than forcing Donald Trump to resign over rehashed and blatantly false allegations. Despite George’s best attempts at misdirection to laughably “reclaim” a moral high ground he never once visited, even a Marxist billionaire cannot conceal the fact the Democratic Party and its incestuous Hollywood partners are now the unrivaled sponsors of sexual impropriety, perversion and criminal collusion. And as we all know, false appearances are the laced dime bags of laundered “anti-fascists” who always believe the end justifies the immoral means or the quality of their peddled propaganda; especially when your anti-American crop of millennial terrorists has no independently functioning brain or moral compass.

The same John Conyers and Al Franken who defiantly pledged to remain in office regardless of any threatened consequences, vocally defended by celebrities and congressional peers alike, only had a change of heart after DNC leaders concluded their unsalvageable reputations were far more valuable if used to demonize Donald Trump and Roy Moore’s refusal to respectfully submit their measured necks to the highly-esteemed court of lynch mob justice. Unfortunately for the Soros money train which leads straight into the anti-Trump documentary of Brave New Films and through the heart of the mainstream media’s renewed obsession with previously discredited sex accusers, including one extremely bitter Megyn Kelly, innocent men are never going to acquiesce to political mercenaries that failed to produce one tangible piece of credible evidence. Giving credence to any jaded woman craving national attention or seeking to fulfill a political vendetta significantly hurts the real victims of sexual harassment and assault from ever pursuing/receiving justice. And if that rudimentary revelation is somehow too difficult for whining divas to digest, it’s also of little surprise as to why Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi spend far more time trying to sabotage political opponents than faithfully serving the America people and the unwritten future of this Constitutional Republic; because it’s just not in the nature of liars, traitors and thieves to say pretty, pretty please.

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The Blindfolded Victims of Political Injustice

There is the inevitable ignorance of detached moral relativists drowning in contemporary pop culture and there is political radicalism masquerading as due process and equality in the eyes of the law. How can a man receive a 15 year sentence for placing bacon on the door of a Mosque, regardless whether it was a foolish prank or a malicious act, when no one was physically hurt or any financial losses incurred? If the mere designation of a “hate crime” warrants such a harsh sentence, how are 4 Chicago teens only given probation for kidnapping and streaming the torture of a terrified handicap boy? How are street thugs spared prison, the obvious designation of a hate crime, after assaulting and knocking out innocent bystanders in public, including women, senior citizens or those peacefully leaving political rallies? And how can an illegal immigrant with 7 felony convictions who was deported 5 times not serve a day in jail for murdering an innocent woman, whether intentional or not, while repeatedly fleeing extradition from federal agents?
When it’s no longer uncommon for a rapist or pedophile to be incarcerated for less than a year for physically assaulting and/or sexually violating another human being – such as the recent verdict of a Stanford athlete actually upset over serving 3 months of an imposed 6 month punishment or three Muslim refugees spared incarceration for raping a 5 year-old girl in Utah – I’m confused as to what constitutes an egregious act or who isn’t a danger to society.
If the legal adage “the penalty should fit the crime” is still a self-evident maxim, do you actually believe an atheist smearing animal blood on a Christian church door in today’s America would be given 15 years in a penitentiary, plus an additional 15 years probation? Not by a long shot for such an ignorant act would most likely be adjudicated as petty vandalism. How about a Muslim baker or jeweler who declined to serve or poisoned any homosexual customer; those who are routinely condemned to death in Muslim nations for merely existing? Is it not also a “hate crime” when a couple specifically targets a Christian bakery for the explicit purpose of suing an owner who respectful declines service, resulting in the loss of their business or even bankruptcy for simply exercising their religious freedoms?
Make no mistake about it, this obscene double standard and clear disregard of jurisprudence is far more synonymous with Sharia Law – a hyper-fanatical punishment of any perceived blasphemy against Islam – than any semblance of equal application of American law. Even more disturbing, the same modern-day progressives, “ardent secularists”, who have become increasingly hostile towards Christianity are overwhelmingly indifferent or outright supportive of Islam; despite its unending legacy of indoctrinated hate, violent intolerance, and unapologetic goal of global supremacy. The more political subjectivity pervades and supersedes our judicial ideals and institutions, dare I say the decaying faculties of common sense and Western Society, the closer America is to becoming a unrecognizable, lobotomized vagabond wandering aimlessly in its own ransacked home condemned for the use of logic.
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Dollars & Sense: Because Facts Matter

A little FYI for a certain former President having the audacity to take credit for America’s current economic resurgence. Because facts matter!
Barack Obama never enjoyed a single annualized growth rate of 3% and his 1.8% average was the lowest since World War II, welfare recipients skyrocketed from 26 to 47 million, he nearly doubled the national debt from 10.5 to 19.5 trillion – surpassing 100% of our total GDP and roughly the equivalent of all other presidents combined – despite collecting record tax revenue from the highest number of domestic regulations/duties ever imposed, he nearly bankrupted the coal industry, and America suffered its first two credit downgrades in our nation’s history. And for the record, the unemployment rate only fell significantly during his second term because the U.S workforce suffered the largest mass exodus since the Great Depression…an estimated 14.5 million Americans freshly excluded from the true jobless equation by Jan 2017. The man was an unmitigated disaster for our economy but a hero to socialists and Marxists because his true goal was to dismantle private enterprise, foster mass dependency and redistribute other people’s hard earned money in the name of social justice: an insatiable hatred for our founding Judeo-Christian heritage, our rapid global ascendancy, and most notably that innovative, transcendent catalyst most synonymous with liberty which made it all possible…capitalism.
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What Lies Beneath

Peter Strzok – a vocal, anti-Trump, FBI agent who praised resisting DOJ holdovers like Sally Yates criminally leaking classified information, was allowed to question General Flynn and fraudulently changed the concluding remarks of the fake Hillary email investigation from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless” – was a senior lieutenant on Mueller’s partisan hit squad. He was only recently dismissed after his duplicitous ties and nefarious motives were publicly revealed.

Andrew Weissmann, a lawyer currently aiding Mueller’s Russian witch hunt to unearth any discernible crumb of vaguely interpreted indiscretion, was invited to and attended a Hillary election party in New York City.

Another attorney, Aaron, Zebley, the same accessory who represented the infamous Clinton IT specialist and who actually physically smashed evidence to protect Hillary, is also assisting Mueller and Comey’s vindictive campaign to evict Donald Trump by fabricating election collusion. He is still an active participant in the never-ending probe despite his obvious conflict of interest.

Robert Mueller’s “grounds for impeachment” inquisition is so hopelessly biased and fatally compromised that no matter how many indictments he issues or what his final conclusions may be, any sane court of law would immediately invalidate the findings over a clear unethical breech of legal protocol and for failing to provide an objective, fair evaluation of evidence, subpoenaed testimony and wrongfully targeted suspects.

How dangerous and incestuous has the Deep State community become? So corrupt that the FBI knowingly accepted/conspired on the creation of a fake Russian dossier to help the NSA obtain a surveillance warrant under false pretenses so the Obama administration could spy on a Presidential candidate and his transition team for the explicit purpose of attempting to frame an innocent man solely to overturn an election result and thwart his “America First” agenda. If treason and sedition are still crimes, there are more than one pair of handcuffs lacking an accomplished felon.

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The Gift of Charity

For the over 2 billion Christians around the globe, Christmas is a sacred celebration marking the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ. It has also become increasingly synonymous with commercialism, materialism, and the almighty power of the dollar. Now before you sense a lengthy diatribe against greed or self-indulgence, my answer may honestly surprise you. I personally do not have a problem with gift-giving as long as these traditions are put in proper context. Charity is not only a virtue but one of humanity’s most redeeming qualities when it is done strictly from a standpoint of love, altruism, rather than the jaded expectation of reciprocal reward. I do freely admit many children have lost sight of what Christmas embodies – God’s undying love for mankind, his children, and that of his only begotten son – but many have not been properly taught, and two, well, they’re kids. It is neither insidious or unnatural to be excited by the prospect of receiving presents for they fill our hearts with both joy and wonder. However, above all else, we should be even more enthusiastic and grateful for those everyday blessings present in our lives – the lifelong love of supportive parents, a caring and faithful spouse, healthy children, and the basic amenities of food, shelter, education – modern complacency too often takes for granted or freely expects.

And yes, even when people lack any of these invaluable necessities and struggle to overcome such trying tribulations, we as Americans must never forget to give thanks for the divine gift of liberty, an eternal light conceived in God’s compassion and grace, which warns ours senses and strengthens our hearts against hate, cruelty and depravity. For no matter how bleak or barren tomorrow may seem, America offers a bounty of self-fulfilling opportunity, generosity and level of hope from despair that millions throughout the world, still to this day, can scarcely imagine.

As someone who truly rejoices in the festive revelry of the Holiday season, a virtuous reminder of personal rebirth and redemption that should last throughout the year, there is no greater gift than human empathy…most notably, a genuine concern for the well-being of family, neighbors and complete strangers. Muddled in the hustle and bustle of our own daily lives, our growing impatience and demand for satisfaction, society is too easily blinded or even numb to the struggles of our fellow brethren. As we are increasingly consumed by modern contrivances and hoarded possessions, there are countless souls who have never known love, who cannot escape the ravages of disease, who sleep in abandoned warehouses or parked cars in the dead of winter, who frequently go to bed hungry, are sexually abused by supposed figures of trust, or lack the support to overcome loss, domestic violence, depression and substance abuse. To these forgotten or falsely stereotyped individuals, the slightest hint of compassion or a kind face with whom to share their feelings – perhaps a cup of coffee, a phone call for help made on their behalf or a warm embrace – exceeds the dollar amount of any highly coveted, mass marketed, commercial item.

Making a lasting difference in the world, endeavoring to walk in the benevolent footsteps of Christ, begins by teaching our children the greatest act of charity is their time, humanity, forgiveness and willingness to think of others before themselves. And although it is true I believe no child should go without a present or a family’s love on Christmas day, I gain far more satisfaction from giving to and helping others than any ornate present I may receive. Whether volunteering to feed the homeless, befriending an orphan in foster care or donating services to a senior citizen in need, hope resides in our capacity to embody charity, spread good will and cheer, each and every ordinary day of the year.

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” ~Mark Twain

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Diapers and Double Duty

I hate to burst your pompous bubble wrap, Al Franken, but you personally admitted to sexually harassing\assaulting women after irrefutable evidence surfaced of your vile behavior. Unlike your woefully insincere apology and your party’s clearly calculated attempt to claim the moral high ground, your resignation was more than warranted. Roy Moore and President Trump, on the other hand, were clearly targeted by an orchestrated wave of unsubstantiated accusations just weeks before their respective elections. Not only was no credible proof offered and not one criminal charge filed, Gloria Allred represented nearly every so-called victim: many of whom had direct ties to the Democratic Party, a history of false allegations or later admitted to being contacted as potential accusers. Despite your spiteful and vindictive claims, wishful thinking or private “locker room talk” does not constitute actually physically groping, kissing or repeatedly harassing another human being against his or her will. Unless innocence is no longer presumed in a court of law and guilt pardoned from any required burden of proof, I’m going to have to ask you to check your diaper. America is sick of your delusional and divisive stench.

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From Abraham to America: The Divine Capital of the Judeo-Christian State

For the sake of posterity, not indulging the baseless claims of revisionists and anti-Christian antagonists, I’ll try to be as credibly concise as possible. The theological, geographic roots of Judaism stretches back over four thousand years – or three times greater than the first documented revelations of Mohammad – and Canaan, better known as modern-day Israel, represents a covenant between God and Abraham to consecrate a “Holy Land” for a “sacred” people. Likewise, the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem to his transcendent Sermon on the Mount near the Sea of Galilee until his mourned crucifixion in Golgotha, the divine source for our natural born rights, serves as the moral basis of our Constitutional charter and the very ideological foundation of Western Civilization itself. To claim Islam or modern-day “Palestinians” have any legitimate claim over Israel’s ancestral homeland, the newly and rightfully recognized capital of Jerusalem itself, is to disregard history itself.

In 624 AD, Mohammed plundered an Arabic caravan and murdered 70 Meccans for material gain. Between 630 and Mohammed’s recorded death in 632 AD, Muslims conquered the bulk of Western Arabia and southern Palestine through approximately a dozen separate invasions and bloody conquests. These clashes were in large part “Holy Wars”, debunking the popular myth the Crusades were “The First Holy War”, as if Christians nefariously invented the mere concept of religious conflict. Immediately following Mohammed’s fall, the new Muslim caliph, Abu Bakr, launched Islam into nearly 1,500 years of perpetual imperialism through invasion, war and forced subjugation; a blueprint Islam still follows to this very day.

The lust for Muslim conquest stretched from southern France to the Philippines, from Austria to Nigeria, central Asia to New Guinea and included over 1,000 incursions into Europe alone which predated the onset of the “Crusades”; that infamous Christian “Holy War” which is routinely depicted by academia as an unprovoked campaign of intolerant, brutal aggression. While I will not deny the fighting was undeniably vicious and some European armies made no distinction between Muslims and Jews, the Crusades were clearly calculated reciprocity, not unsolicited hostility.

Headquartered in Arabia, the Muslim goal was to first erect a central government in Damascus, followed by Baghdad and later at Cairo, Istanbul or any other advantageous Islamic center. The local governors, judges, of these distant colonies were appointed by central authorities, Islamic law was introduced as the absolute decree of their newfound rulers. In essence, two classes emerged in these newly captured territories: the native, tax-paying residents and their colonialist dictators…the Islamic Caliphate.

Predominantly populated by Jews and Monophysite Christians, “Palestine”, the prophesied “Promised Land”, was the first Western, non-Arab region invaded by Muslim imperialists. At the time, Palestine was in great decline under the rule of the Byzantine or Eastern Roman Empire, a Greek speaking people. The Muslim annexation of Palestine began with the battle of Yarmouk in August of 636 AD with an estimated 75,000 soldiers. With the help of local Jews who initially welcomed the Muslims as liberators due an underlying hatred of their current despotic leaders, these Islamic invaders eventually conquered the remainder of Palestine but were unable to capture Jerusalem. Beginning in July 637, Muslims laid siege to Jerusalem, which lasted for five months, and concluded with its surrender in February 638 AD. And although Arabs did not ransack the esteemed city, the attack was but a taste of Islamic tyranny which in due time would illustrate many trademarks of Muslim oppression. In short, only Christian and Jewish people were made to pay tributes and neither could bear arms, ride horses, proselytize (preach their faith) or build without Muslim permission. Baghdad also used these colonial wars of conquest to provide the Caliphate with a steady stream of slaves, many of whom were turned into eunuchs.

Beginning in 725 AD, after nearly a century of Muslim occupation, the centralized Islamic government was subverted by a rise in extremist factions which deemed Arabic the official language, demanded the conversion of all “infidels” to Islam, and systematically drained the wealth and economic vitality of Jerusalem. In approximately 750, the reigning Caliph destroyed the walls of Jerusalem, leaving it defenseless, only to later be rebuilt in time to defend against the Crusaders. During this period, Jerusalem and its Christian/Jewish majority suffered greatly during alternating periods of peace and war. The countryside of Israel (970-983 AD) and that of Jerusalem (1024-1077 AD) was repeatedly laid waste and local resources pilfered. The Caliphate ordered the wholesale destruction of Christian churches – although Islamic mobs independently unleashed their own ruinous wrath – and in 1020 the Caliph of Cairo ordered the cultural genocide of Jerusalem by building small Mosques over existing Christian churches, robbing Christian pilgrims traveling from European countries and by attacking Christian processions in its city streets.

Not until 1099 AD or after roughly 450 years of uninterrupted Muslim rule was Jerusalem briefly recaptured before changing hands on numerous other occasions. All in all, Jerusalem has been destroyed at least twice, besieged (surrounded) 23 times, attacked on 52 separate instances, and captured/recaptured an astounding 44 times. The “City of David” – including Eastern Jerusalem’s subsequent Christian proliferation and the West Bank remnants of Islamic infiltration – was not fully returned to the rightful descendants of Abraham until the victorious culmination of the Six Day War in 1967 when Israel decisively repelled the combined advances and undying aspirations of Jordan, Syria, and Eqypt. Furthermore, a number of today’s self-proclaimed “Palestinians” currently occupying the Gaza Strip, the same archaic militants defined by incessant depravity, are most likely the direct descendants of 12th century, seaborne Philistines indoctrinated into conquering Islamic tribes.

For those anti-American apologists who adamantly disagree with President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and the proper home for our foreign embassy, claiming it will destabilize the Palestinian “peace process” and compromise their right to a sovereign homeland, please allow my “Islamophobia” to digress. The very basis of Islam is the unconditional submission and forced conversion of non-believers. Nothing during the past 1500 years has led mankind to believe their sordid mission has changed or reconciled the Q’uran’s belligerent teachings, inhumane practices, with the societal values of the civilized world. Even during the renovation of Jerusalem’s famed walls and city infrastructure under Suleiman the Magnificent, the occupation by the Ottoman Turks between the 16th and 19th centuries, the subsequent rise in Mosques and Islamic symbols were specifically commissioned to commemorate a “great victory” over a conquered indigenous people and their native religion. Assimilation was little more than a sharpened ultimatum without an address.

“Peace and Palestinian sovereignty” is an oxymoronic fallacy that is as prevalent in anti-Semitic circles as it is historically obtuse. After all, when the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar II pillaged Jerusalem and its sacred Temple – one of three great exoduses of Israelites into Egyptian bondage – it was populated by Jews, not Palestinians. Why, you ask? Because “Palestinians” were not invented yet. Yes, I concur, a most troubling revelation. Regardless of these omitted facts and the Islamic incarnation of such cultural misappropriation, America and Israel are forever intertwined by an unbreakable premise. America was established upon the moral cannon of Judeo-Christian principles – the indelible ideal our Constitution was forged solely for a moral and religious people – and the Biblical account Christians are called upon to defend the “Holy Land” for God’s “chosen people”; or more succinctly, the salvation of all mankind.


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The Anatomy of Entrapment

For those unfamiliar with the Logan Act, it is little known piece of legislation that prohibits private citizens from acting on behalf of the United States in disputes with foreign governments. It also became the preferred form of entrapment when the Obama administration obtained a warrant from the FISA court under false pretenses to illegally wiretap a presidential candidate, the eventual nominee, and unmask his transition team; a first in American history. If Flynn is guilty of violating the Logan Act for simply engaging a Russian diplomat, with whom he had a relationship with for years, to discuss United Nations policy concerning Israel, what exactly has Barack Obama been doing for the past year by shadowing President Trump around the globe and holding private meetings with foreign dignitaries concerning global warming, immigration and free trade? Perhaps my definition of intentional subversion, impersonation or even treason is a bit hazy. Regardless, telling a lie to conceal a harmless act was Flynn’s only real mistake. It’s even more silly when you realize Martha Stewart was charged for the exact same thing, lying under oath, only for those charges to be dropped because her most significant indiscretion was insider trading…a much more serious transgression.
If this entire media induced hysteria over Russian election collusion never materialized – a false narrative the scandalous Clinton campaign concocted to pardon her failed candidacy and in the process undermine Trump’s legitimacy – an honorable man who dedicated his entire life to serving this great country would not be disgraced by those who disparage America and our military on a religious basis. For those keeping score of these petty games and who grow tired of con artists fabricating injustice and exploiting mere technicality, that also means the President never obstructed justice…he merely exposed the laughable hypocrisy of the intelligence community and fired a failed FBI director who leaked memos, faked investigations and routinely ignored real corruption.
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Pallbearers and Tax Collectors

If you’re seething about most significant tax cuts in modern US history –
i.e., giving less of your hard earned money to a government that nearly doubled the national debt to 19.5 trillion in 8 short years, watched welfare recipients skyrocket from 26 to 47 million, sent billions in aid to known terrorist regimes, and funded idiotic projects such as studying fish on treadmills or documenting alcohol consumption at frat parties – then by all means feel free to send Washington a monthly stipend emblazoned with the inscription, “sucker”. But if you freely accept America was founded upon the non-negotiable precepts of limited government, transparency and fiscal responsibility, then you refuse to give your car keys and checkbook to a habitual drunk driver crying because actions have consequences and voters expectations. Instead, put a pinwheel on their head, push each one down the Congressional hill of dishonor and tell these detached bureaucrats to find one business in the private sector that would indulge their incompetence, corruption and recklessness.
If everyday citizens ran their finances liked Washington – elitists who got rich off the system, including the record debt they themselves created – “We the People” would be bankrupt and living in the gutter within months. The only difference is that regular people are cannot give ourselves a bailout, simply print more money or play “distract and blame” politics to conceal our own negligence. Sorry, but mortgage companies don’t deal in excuses or sensational speeches that do not abridge equity or debt ratio, they accept interest, foreclosures and liquidation. The fact we this country is enjoying its third consecutive quarter of over 3% growth (current estimates have our fourth quarter GDP at 3.9%), consumer confidence is at its highest level in over 17 years, more foreign businesses are investing in our communities and affluent American companies like Apple are bringing their manufacturing operations back from foreign markets, is proof capitalism is far more synonymous with economic vitality and opportunity. In other words, if you’re doing everything in your power to succeed and provide for your family – millions of law-abiding Americans who struggle, sacrifice and live paycheck to paycheck – shouldn’t you be rewarded for your work ethic, innovative spirit, rather than handcuffed by those political parasites attempting win an election who disparage your efforts as “privilege” solely to justify giving the fruits of your labor to a millennial culture paralyzed by envy and entitlement?
This isn’t a matter of partisan politics but of economics and common sense. Lower taxes, practical spending, plus a more diverse job market and increased entrepreneurial opportunities means more prosperity and disposable income…which in turn fosters greater tax revenue without actually having to raise taxes and further burden the middle class or small businesses. While no socialist or communist country has ever taxed its citizenry into prosperity, statists are extremely adept at turning capable, ambitious, self-sufficient individuals into dependent, apathetic zombies who are somehow content with food rations and inept healthcare, a politician’s promise of uninterrupted mediocrity, in lieu of an elected body empowering every man, woman and child with two hands a dream to seize control of their lives and reach a level of satisfaction no self-serving form of government could ever provide.
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Dining on Desperation

A national security adviser was asked by a senior Trump official to speak to a Russian dignitary, among others, to solicit support for a UN resolution regarding Israeli settlements. Oh the horror! If it was any other country, at any other time, “crickets” from the media and Democratic peanut gallery. Let us not forget, the man was spied on, illegally unmasked and the wrongfully obtained information from a private conversation used against him. But we all know false election collusion narratives must be fed and God forbid if Hillary was charged for lying about her illegal server, sending classified information over unauthorized communications or destroying evidence to “prove” her innocence. If General Flynn lied to protect a simple breech of protocol regarding foreign contact, without any real malicious intent or serious crime committed, then so be it. He should and did admit to his mistake. But why isn’t this heightened sense of scrutiny for any possible infraction being applied to those guilty of far greater indiscretions?
“The false statements involved mirror the false statements to White House officials which resulted in his resignation in February of this year. Nothing about the guilty plea or the charge implicates anyone other than Mr. Flynn. The conclusion of this phase of the Special Counsel’s work demonstrates again that the Special Counsel is moving with all deliberate speed and clears the way for a prompt and reasonable conclusion.” ~White House Lawyer, Ty Cobb.
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Kate Steinle: A Victim of “Privilege”

san fran

How are you not guilty of murder, let alone involuntary manslaughter from “accidental negligence”, when there’s a dead body, gunshot residue on your hand and you admit firing the weapon that killed her; a firearm stolen from a federal agent, no less? When political hearsay replaces logic and common sense becomes a micro-aggression! Apparently if you’re an illegal immigrant living in California, shielded by the sheer lunacy of Sanctuary Cities, the law is secondary to the warped perceptions of bitter social anarchists. It’s obvious a sizable percentage of judges and jurors are incapable of delineating fact from identity victimization propaganda; i.e., the growing mindset in extremely progressive states that politics trump judicial obligation because illegals are obviously helpless victims of a racist American society and therefore worthy of special considerations. Sorry to disgrace the “honorable” court but “intent” does not magically exonerate criminals from the consequences of their actions.

A conviction of guilt doesn’t require three bystanders filming a suspect standing over a bleeding body while holding a smoking gun. You simply have to prove there is no other likely, plausible explanation within the scope of the evidence at hand. Regardless of your personal opinion of the verdict, the fact liberals are rejoicing over this historic injustice, claiming Kate’s Law should now be nullified to allow similar future tragedies, illustrates just how shameless, morally bankrupt and dangerous the left has become in the wake of such a senseless loss. It’s painfully absurd to call yourself a “feminist” or a champion of women’s rights after celebrating the unpunished murder of a callously marginalized life. 

Sorry to disappoint the Jose Garcia Zarate fan club, but I never viewed our legal system as a color-coded game of partisan contempt – white versus black, man versus woman, Christian versus atheist, Democrat versus Republican. Rather, I recognized the concept of “justice” as the most sacred duty of a sovereign, constitutional republic to reassert the rights and value of a human life. For once our judicially system is irreconcilably compromised, tyranny and mass injustice are merely a formality. If we as a nation of laws cannot demand accountability, deliver legal recompense with damning proof and grieve for an innocent woman gunned down in the prime of her life by a trespassing non-citizen with 7 felony convictions and deported 5 times, this nation is no better than a banana republic that claims witnessing a rape is a violation of one’s right to privacy. And if that’s now the universal standard of prescribed innocence, Europe would like to share their secrets of culture capitulation by teaching unreasonable Americans how not to trigger foreign militants into robbing, assaulting or killing their loved ones. As long as subjective advocacy perverts the rule of law and tangible evidence no longer indicative of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, “justice” will remain the battered political hostage of detached apologists who actually correlate forensic science with white privilege and “racism”.

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A Fear of Ignorance

While globalists and the media conspire daily to protect and enable Islam’s destructive creed, its refreshing to have a President who actually has the conviction and courage necessary to expose their hateful, violent intolerance of Western society. The only thing “shocking” or “inappropriate” about those disturbing videos he shared is the disgusting fact so many progressives continue to blindly defend the vile behavior of those Islamic immigrants who tirelessly seek our submission – albeit through economic collapse, cultural coercion or demographic attrition – to a barbaric ideology that is unquestionably incompatible with our founding ideals. Actually, it’s “shocking” Western leaders have never demanded a formal reformation of Islam’s most barbaric practices and regressive beliefs despite an unyielding legacy of bigotry, misogyny and death.
If 1500 years of mass oppression and human atrocity is not convincing enough to stoke the fires of international concern, then we deserve to suffer the same fate as those European nations currently inundated with acid attacks, sexual assault and public battery, pedophilia and incessant terrorism. It’s not simply a matter of weeding out the “bad apples”, for those who are not the proverbial “tip of the spear” are either steadying the hand plotting our demise or applauding the victorious aftermath of evil. Rejecting all forms of malice, albeit Islamic supremacy or domestic crime, is incumbent upon our ability to combat and differentiate the two. One is the product of our society’s decaying moral values and encouraged political hostilities, the other extends from openly inviting nearly two millenniums of unrepentant “Jihad” to freely walk through our door without a care or legitimate suspicion.
Do you actually believe it was a coincidence the Obama administration enabled Iran’s nuclear aspirations, illegally gave radical regimes and organizations billions in foreign aid, condemned Israel with spiteful regularity or transported as many unvetted refugees into our slumbering cities as possible? Hardly. Even more telling, if you were a destitute foreigner from a war ravaged region living under a host country’s grace and generosity, would you deface their sacred monuments, attack handicap kids, murder gays or gang rape children and women? Not a chance in hell unless you were a sadistic cult which neither had the sanity or basic decency necessary to appreciate the opportunities, life sustaining amenities and safety, afforded to your people! Linda Sarsour and Valerie Jarrett have repeatedly disparaged and threatened this nation – the exploding Muslim community in Dearborn, Michigan waves the ISIS flag and shouts “Death to America” – despite basking in those liberties and protections they would not find in any glorious Islamic caliphate. How many so-called “moderate” Muslims have condemned these ungrateful actions or marched in our streets to demand accountability, cultural assimilation, as a means of preserving their newfound blessings? More profoundly, how many Islamists truly love America, respect our Constitutional sovereignty or unconditionally recognize our right to exist, if at all? So few you would need to detect a muffled whisper beneath a roaring train fleeing an advancing avalanche during an earthquake.
No, contrary to politically correct accessories, defeating Islamic tyranny is very much a grave matter of having the fortitude and wisdom to realize if Muslims were the dominant populace or in control of our public institutions, to what end would they unleash their wrath on our families and unsuspecting communities. Whether “We the People” acknowledge the lion in the room is of no consequence because predators do not recognize the rights or screams of their prey. Rather, they feed on their victim’s ignorance, vulnerabilities and false sense of security. “Islamophobia” is not a racist or mindless fear of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims. It is an educated and rational response, an offensive oxymoron, to anyone who is acutely aware of Islam’s teachings, history and unbridled aspirations to harm our loved ones and topple this beloved republic’s enduring creed; a beacon of hope from despotic rule and religious persecution. Islam is, and always has been, the mortal enemy of modern civility, our capacity for human empathy and the divine concept we are all born equal, blessed with inalienable dignities, to live free from the soulless depravity of forced subjugation; that which still breathes in the Middle East, Africa and Asia without refrain or global condemnation.
“The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property—either as a child, a wife, or a concubine—must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men. Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities. Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the Queen: all know how to die. But the influence of the religion paralyzes the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science—the science against which it had vainly struggled—the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome. Islam is as dangerous in a man as rabies in a dog.”
~ Winston S. Churchill, The River War
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Smoke Signals and War Paint

Sorry, Elizabeth Warren, but being called “Pocahontas” isn’t a racial slur when it refers to a white pathological liar who really isn’t a Cherokee native, but routinely plays the historically oppressed victim of Anglo-American aggression on TV. Actually, when you factor in your refusal to take a DNA test, it’s downright hilarious! The fact the President had the brass to share your repeated “cultural misappropriation” in front of a group of Native Americans – honorable World War II veterans, Navajo Code Talkers, who proudly served their country – is no less than an epic form of social justice. After all, if “White Privilege” is so unbearably rampant in modern America as you love to proclaim, why did you repeatedly misrepresent your heritage to advance your education and career? To collect a seven-figure, permanently paid vacation for self-identified martyrdom? The next time you feel the “privileged” need to wear your Harvard headdress to a job interview or shamelessly pander to ethnic voters for the fleeting hope of exploiting their racial plight, have the courage to accept your just desserts before you fraudulently contribute one more “family” recipe to a culinary collection featuring the descendants of the Five Civilized Tribes. My guess is your newfound trail of liberal tears flowing down the “you didn’t build that” Marxist driveway of your multi-million dollar home will find no such sympathy among the displaced remnants of the Choctaw, Chickasaw, Cherokee, Creek and Seminole nations.

If you play your gender Tarot cards correctly, Pocahontas, perhaps you can even cash in on the newest “me too” fad by falsely claiming the ghost of Andrew Jackson chased you around your prized Ted Kennedy-autographed-desk because he mistook your Khrushchev Kachina doll for a third-string “Redskin” linebacker; a self-adopted term of respect, ferocity and unity among Indian delegations who despised traitors, government treaties and duplicitous politicians just like yourself. In the meantime, keep taking a knee on the Constitution, the real victims of bigotry and the intelligence of the American people because karma is a public dish best served cold.

“The Marines made us yell “Geronimo” when we jumped out of planes & that didn’t offend us either!”  ~Thomas Begay, decorated Navajo Code Talker



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Blue Booties, Pink Hats and the War on Masculinity

In the never-ending battle for America’s soul, the newly endangered institution of common sense, the problem isn’t toxic masculinity. The problem is toxic insecurities; that insufferable transference of implied guilt born from a weak victimization mentality. The innate differences between men and women are not a sexist conspiracy intended to define or limit our aspirations, abilities, for what we ultimately become is of our own volition. Our biological distinctions are evolutionary attributes designed to instinctively protect and proliferate our species. And while it is true each sex possesses unique strengths or generally unequal capacities, these delineations serve as symbiotic reminders we are “stronger together” when we reject Hillary Clinton’s quest to dissect humanity through the social justice cross-hairs of gender warfare.

If boyish lesbians are celebrated for their adopted masculinity – “feminists” typically obsessed with seeking the physical appearance of their gender identity to, ironically, “balance” their sexual relationships – why are men now negatively stereotyped for exercising their natural inclination for contact sports, action movies, fast cars, shooting a gun or passionately defending their political convictions; whose freedom of expression, by the way, is now negatively stigmatized as “mansplaining”. Apparently your father or brother’s opinions are entirely contingent upon whether or not their genitals tip the weighted scales of acceptable “conservative” baggage. As long as millennial women are fatally triggered because a majority of people instinctively use a masculine reference to describe God, despite the biblical account man was theoretically fathered in his image, then please express equal offense at the countless instances “her” is used to describe one’s car, America or Bruce Jenner’s androgynous hypnotherapist named Billy LeDisco. After all, dressing and acting like a man no more turns Paris Hilton, a natural born female, into J.J. Watt than wearing a dress and lipstick magically transforms Charles Manson into Mother Teresa; no matter how many hormone injections or plastic surgeries someone receives.

Honestly, how does the mere utterance of a pronoun – the sex of an author, a cook or your dog – hinder or change your life for the better? Does crying over God’s “assumed” appendage alter “science” or the eternal blessings of love, forgiveness or faith? Fair treatment begins by realizing “equality” is oblivious to your political desire to reject or redefine the real world according to your prejudices; a veiled attempt to compensate for your own inadequacies. Likewise, reducing God’s relevance to a genetic marker, a chromosomal precursor of a baby’s sex that more and more “educated” progressives believe no longer exists, is as inane as claiming criminal intent is incumbent upon one’s gender. If Americans spent more time embracing the universal wisdom of the Scriptures in lieu of perverting the Bible to fit their morally skewed beliefs, chivalry would not require a permit to wake Sleeping Beauty from her cursed slumber without her consent. Yes, believe it or not, many of the most overtly masculine archetypes are also some of the most respectful and protective gentlemen due to their supportive, demanding upbringing.

When your own hyper-sensitive insecurities cannot escape the cultural black hole known as political correctness and therefore fail to process the harmless nuances of human interaction, you literally live every minute of every day being offended by the truth; that inedible garnish touching your imaginary vegan steak. It also means you probably lack the ability to discern mischief from malice. How does the immature act of a Navy Pilot leaving a penis plume in the sky draw more outrage than naked activists publicly threatening the President and screaming profanities in front of children; many times their own, no less? Dare I even mention the thousands of “empowered” female sex workers and nude models using social media to willingly objectify themselves for a buck and forever warp the mental health and sexual behavior of young kids? And to think we’re still talking about tyranny of God’s ‘kibbles and bits’, marginalizing our savior and his 7.6 billion distinct, sovereign children to the non-descript pacifier of “it”.

America would be a far more inviting if political pundits and triggered feminists spent more time focusing on their own lives and personal “transgressions” in place of policing the sociological intricacies of individual discretion. “Equality” is not achieved by attempting to coerce “respect” or by forcing others to acquiesce to your subjective whims and perceived slights. It is as much an imperfect manifestation of choice as it has become a politician’s crutch to distract society – those lost souls conditioned by academia/media and whose lives are defined by perpetual misery – from the fact we are our greatest oppressors and liberators because life’s most daunting obstacles overwhelmingly reside within ourselves. Both women and men play integral parts in our society’s development, survival, and neither should be discounted or diminished for their invaluable contributions.

The sooner political antagonists accept responsibility for waging nonsensical campaigns that provide no foreseeable benefit, the quicker common sense forever puts feminist fervor over mere technicality to rest. Instead of arguing the perceived anatomy of God solely to coddle gender militants seeking our unconditional surrender to an agenda that equates smooth arm pits to patriarchal subjugation and promotes non-binary identification as a bonafide biological sex, why not simply embody the timeless virtues of prudence and temperance over the hostile paranoia of manufactured misappropriation? The rapid attrition of strong male role models and rise in apathetic parenting has provided a fertile breeding ground for a millennial generation content rejecting any sense of societal obligation and necessity of reciprocal respect for a trite existence seduced by entitlement, envy and the limitless perversion of moral restraint.

To be a “she” or a “he” was never a rhetorical question, but an accepted formality of birth for masculine and feminine traits are both native and conditioned behaviors. Likewise, to deny who we are, one of two sexes and not any combination of 51 gender identities conceived on the comforting pillows of self-indulgence, those “not-so-rare” genetic anomalies known as hurt feelings, is the epitome of madness. Purposely interjecting gender into every conversation, decision or life event is not only the most petty form of discrimination, it’s no different than unsolicited religious indoctrination because such convictions also represent an imposed ideological set of personal beliefs; or more profoundly, the voracious desire to dispute/corrupt someone’s gender or inherent sexuality to validate one’s twisted assertions. Unless separation of “Church and State” is no longer the sacred bell cow of progressive secularism, excuse me while I abstain from joining the cross-dressing cult of gender sadists attempting to shame Barbie for shaving her legs but not for emasculating Ken with bedazzled pajamas, a crocheted pink hat and electoral shock collar. I have far too much respect for those secure, self-respecting women and men who are neither threatened by the opposite sex – the natural connection and biological gifts of each gender – or feel the need to acknowledge those hypocrites attempting to neuter unapologetic Alpha males just so they can more successfully impostor one.

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Thankful to be an American

October 3, 1789

A proclamation by the President of the United States of America, George Washington.

“Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor—and whereas both Houses of Congress have by their joint Committee requested me “to recommend to the People of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness.

Now therefore I do recommend and assign Thursday the 26th day of November next to be devoted by the People of these States to the service of that great and glorious Being, who is the beneficent Author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be—That we may then all unite in rendering unto him our sincere and humble thanks—for his kind care and protection of the People of this Country.”

America’s Founding Fathers were by no means passive bystanders whose convictions withered beneath the earthly pleasures of solitary indifference. They were devout Christians and ardent patriots who believed our natural born liberties, the creation of this Constitutional Republic, were an extension of God’s wisdom; a divine calling for mankind to choose virtue over virulence, charity over tyranny. Regardless of our innate differences or disagreements, our triumphs and struggles, America cannot survive when a growing faction of our brethren, those who also slumber and dine from the same tree of liberty, seek disrespect through shared discontent rather than unity from universal esteem. Thanksgiving is a joyous occasion to celebrate our faith and family, breathe hope in the face of despair, so we may appreciate the smallest blessings in life…no matter how seemingly insignificant or difficult to comprehend. And while it is true some are more fortunate than others – more affluent in success, health or happiness – our lives cannot be marginalized or reduced to pompous rivalry when we persevere to embody God’s grace: to embrace our challenges, bring humanity to those in need and fill the footsteps of everyday heroes who sacrificed so we may still choose how to both live with dignity and amend regrets. Today is not just another frivolous day of food and festivity; it is our privilege to gather with family and friends, welcome complete strangers into our homes, to reflect upon what it means to be an American, and with it, a humble messenger of faith. May God Bless you all for he has blessed me with your amity and yet another bountiful Thanksgiving.

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The Corrupt Temple

If you’ve never heard of the “Office of Misconduct”, apparently it’s a soulless specter, secluded deep in the Second Estate, bleeding cash in the tunneled vault of buried virtue and blinded oversight. The fact U.S. Congressmen funneled 17 million dollars of taxpayer money to silence the victims of sexual harassment and/or assault is as morally reprehensible as it is unforgivable. It’s hard to proclaim yourself a champion of women’s rights, basic human empathy, when you’re violating someone’s wife, sister or daughter for your own sadistic pleasure and reducing their suffering to a privileged form of unsolicited prostitution. I don’t care whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, those responsible for the creation of this criminal reserve – including every member who used it to conceal their crimes – should be removed from office and forced to pay full restitution. Honestly, for how many years have the people been fleeced and shielded from the true depths of the establishment’s depravity? Washington has become little more than a polarized cesspool of perversion and corruption; a psychological disease masquerading as its own sociological cure. While sick degenerates violate nearly every Constitutional ethic of public trust, America is drowning beneath a tidal wave of dysfunction, deceit, and mindless self-indulgence. When will “We the People”, those second citizens tired of the federal aristocracy’s incessant schemes and cavalier betrayal, tear the entire corrupt temple down?

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The Seers of Sabotage

The moment news broke revealing the recently finalized Keystone Pipeline had ruptured, I immediately suspected sabotage from leftist militants; those endlessly plotting malcontents who deemed its creation a disaster waiting to happen. Alas, and right on cue, reports are now surfacing it was a deliberate attack on America’s infrastructure and economic sovereignty. Funny how those claiming to care so much about our environment and the delicate balance of our ecosystems – yes, the same hypocrites who shamelessly polluted the North Dakota countryside with garbage and diseased waste while busing in paid protesters – are willing to spill thousands of gallons of crude oil just to preserve their false narrative concerning fossil fuels and multinational commercialism. However, because these vital resources naturally come from the Earth, let us be thankful this act of domestic terrorism didn’t occur in our oceans or waterways. It appears state and federal authorities will have to find a more suitable means to better protect the thousands of miles of unguarded pipeline, and in the process, the safety of the American people.

“That pipeline was inspected less than a year ago and we’re supposed to believe that more than a dozen bolts gave away to corrosion in that amount of time? The hardware used on those pipelines is galvanized and painted with rust treatment twice a year. This was no accident.”


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A Court Without A Ball

Note to Lavar Ball…

It is not uncommon for perpetrators to spend 5 or even 10 years in Chinese prisons for crimes that would normally constitute misdemeanors in the United States. Not only are their communist courts notoriously hostile towards foreigners and love to make examples of smug Americans who knowingly break their laws, many suspects are deprived due process and adequate representation; let alone ever granted a jury of their “peers”. It’s not a matter of lavishing President Trump with undue praise but instead showing a little damn appreciation for the fact that your spoiled son who drives a $250,000 Ferrari wasn’t left to rot in a diseased cell while awaiting trial with two other players for shoplifting from three stores; most notably, a pair of designer sunglasses any self-respecting teenager could afford with a minimum wage job. Your predisposed hatred of the President’s selfless gesture by no means pardons your reckless ignorance and juvenile need for national attention. Apparently “Big Ballers” lack the necessary skill set to realize convicts wash their prison blues below the rim.

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Innocence Lost

Maybe I’m just an old fashioned prude but I’m saddened by the skyrocketing number of female teachers – many of whom are younger newlyweds – now caught sexting, sending explicit pictures or engaging in sexual relationships with their students. And while I’m sure many will say their male targets were hardly unwilling “victims”, imagine the consequences if the perpetrator was a grown man who seduced, harassed or slept with your teenage daughter or grandchild? Not only is there an obvious double standard in terms of outrage and sometimes punishment, this type of deviant behavior is further proof of society’s steep moral decline and obsession with indulging our most intimate sexual desires and fantasies at any cost; i.e., “living life to the fullest” because sex between two legal adults, God forbid a couple, is not near extreme enough to satisfy today’s twisted requirements of acceptable gratification.

Once a upon a time, women were the gold standard of moral etiquette; both in terms of expectation and reciprocation. Their personal expectations of men were not dependent upon objectifying themselves for meaningless attention or reducing their self worth to the size of an unsolicited appendage. While our parents and grandparents primarily endeavored to raise respectful, well adjusted children, a disturbing number of contemporary “adults” are content spending countless hours creating crude quips or sharing explicit photos of themselves on social media simply to garner the maximum number of likes or retweets. Not surprisingly, the record number of divorces and single parent households are a direct reflection of what we value in a partner, or better yet, ourselves. Lasting commitment, dare I say love, isn’t a beer commercial where two fashionably dressed models toast to the ‘good life’ and dance on New York City rooftops until 5 am without ever getting hungover, angry or jealous. It involves work, sacrifice, and yes, even the inevitability of disappointment. Despite the inherent challenges of human relations, such heartfelt appreciation for another also offers a level of reward, personal satisfaction, that no one night stand or insatiable fetish can rival. More profoundly, it serves as an endearing example that happiness – a romantic note hidden in your pocket, a kiss on the forehead during a long embrace, a hand to hold when hope seems spent – is the greatest, enduring pleasure of all.

No, I’m not suggesting you can’t tell a dirty joke, dress a bit risque for a night on the town or unapologetically love sex; passion is natural, healthy, and at its zenith when an extension of our true feelings for someone we truly care about. Furthermore, it is of little consequence whether or not people approve of what happens between two consenting adults in the privacy of their own bedroom. However, how can we empower and teach healthy behaviors to our youth – those impressionable minds already inundated with internet pornography, gender-bender pansexuality and raunchy pop culture before they even go on their first date – when modernity’s Tinder mentality teaches kids they need only be concerned with getting off or getting laid; exploits far too many parents and community mentors are still recklessly pursuing because narcissism, vanity and mindless hedonism are the new American Dream? Unless fathers and mothers are appalled at the idea of our daughters being viewed as nothing more than a disposable “piece of ass” – young women actually believing it’s their greatest asset to command “respect”, let alone a worthy spouse – our classrooms and workplaces will continue to serve as fertile playgrounds for sexual predators everywhere. You cannot raise expectation, universal empathy, by consciously lowering the bar of basic decency without regret. The longer our communities feed these destructive attitudes, the closer Hollywood hedonism comes to accurately portraying the depravity destroying our own homes and families.

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The “Californication” of America

If you have any doubts to the depraved depths progressives want to submerge America, look no further than the once Golden Republic of California. Inundated with 1.3 trillion in debt despite possessing the highest sales tax and marginal income tax rates in the U.S., California is now attempting to borrow from itself to pay outstanding retirement pensions. Why? When counties and cities continuously offer exorbitant employee benefit packages – the over 20,000 residents currently collecting 6 figure pensions – while the taxable revenues/disposable incomes of private businesses and corporations are fleeing suffocating regulations in record numbers, somebody’s trying to eat Prime Rib on a McRib budget. The dichotomy between rich and poor could not be more evident than the 34% of 39 million residents, over one-fourth of all Americans on welfare, attempting to float across the rising river of public assistance without ever reaching a recognizable state of self-sufficiency. Not to pour salt into insolvency or double dip those $15 minimum wage fries waving in the Western horizon, but Illegal aliens and their dependents cost Californians $25.3 billion per year according to FAIR’s 2017 report: The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on California Taxpayers. The state’s 3 million illegal immigrants and their 1.1 million US–born children cost the average California household — headed by a U.S. citizen — $2,370 annually. And what special allowances have been granted to those struggling, natural born families who pay must foot the bill of the Democratic Party’s foreign voter adoption and affirmative action estate? Mind your white privilege; even if you’re not white, live paycheck-to-paycheck and still can’t afford to rent a cupboard in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights.

Enough about redistribution and devaluing a sentient being’s “worth”. Let’s talk about how California residents can now knowingly infect another person with HIV without informing their partner of their status, but state workers (including teachers and social workers) can be fined or even jailed for using the incorrect “gender” pronouns. In some educational institutions where gender-queer conditioning of elementary kids has become mandatory conditioning masked as sensitivity cognition, grade school students themselves can be reprimanded for not indulging their peers’ non-binary, role playing fantasies. In other words, ignore your genitals and reject your biological birth, liberate hate by wearing a dress, because little is more abnormal than just letting kids be kids without the inherited baggage of “sex” obsessed malcontents. But never fear, calling for the assassination of the President, beating peaceful pedestrians expressing political dissent or slandering any patriotic Republican as a Nazi bigot, is both commonplace, if not admirable, on enlightened college campuses and now in the “non-discriminatory” workplace.

Not to invoke the irony of future mugged constituents, California lawmakers recently passed Proposition 57 mandating early release for all “non-violent” criminals”. And what exactly constitutes a non-violent crime worthy of such leniency? Oh, just the rape of an unconscious person, human trafficking involving sex acts with minors, and assault with a deadly weapon. And here I thought legalizing child prostitution was but another attempt to normalize pedophilia among Hollywood benefactors lecturing Middle America about equality and tolerance. Once you breech and discredit one ethical boundary – those societal foundations of gender, family, faith and love of country – people will literally defend the most senseless, soulless acts for their existence is defined by limitless pleasure, perceived entitlement and a glaring inability to think for themselves. “Progress” isn’t derived by forcing people to handicap their success, bake a sacrilegious cake to the extortion of financial ruin or purposely exposing innocent children to perverse Gay Pride parades and profane feminist rallies. Progress is realizing living the lifestyle of your choice, the literal sanctity between right and wrong, should never require confiscating the rights and dignity of others solely to validate/advertise one’s bombastic beliefs.

With such inane reasoning masquerading as good government, it is of little surprise Governor Jerry Brown declared our immigration laws moot by further investing in sanctuary cities and attempting to obstruct ICE officials from apprehending known fugitives. When you’re more distraught over the safety and so-called rights of non-citizens than the death of a 32 year-old woman murdered by a seven-time felony convict deported 5 times, prudence and justice are antithetical anomalies. This defiant lunacy is as absurd as spending $25 billion on enabling illegal immigration while the now infamous Oroville Dam, providing irrigation for 755,000 acres and electricity for 25 million, eventually collapsed due to disrepair. Not only are California illegals now eligible for driver’s licenses, they can legally vote in an election if they are officially registered to vote. And what does it take to register to vote in the great state of California? A driver’s license and a personal guarantee you’re a citizen. Yes, you heard me correctly, the legitimacy of our elections, the survival of our 241 year-old republic, is now based entirely on the honor system; or if you prefer perspective over subjective bliss, foreign invaders who consciously broke our laws without a hint of regret, only to be congratulated with a complimentary door prize, the honorary American oppressed immigrant mindset, of leftist socio-economic contempt.

I take umbrage with any self-respecting American, God forbid elected civil servant, who is completely indifferent to the estimated 3 million unlawful votes cast in 2016 simply because they believe small town America values and the electoral college should acquiesce to the moral degradation and militant activism of urban epicenters like San Francisco, Los Angeles or Chicago. Considering California alone accounted for over 10% of Hillary Clinton’s final vote total, a 3.4 million difference that exceeded her 2.86 million final popular vote lead, I’m confused as to how those Donald Trump supporters representing over 90% of American territory – or precisely 3,084 counties of all 3,141 U.S. counties – should take a knee with Colin Kaepernick to empower a regressive state that dismisses the rule of law, mocks rural America and remains visibly contentious towards any concept of electoral sovereignty.

There’s also another term for those politicians who willingly subvert the immigration process and disregard our voting statutes to their personal and civic benefit? It’s called sedition, dereliction of duty, treason. If I may, when did defiant trespassers become “Dreamers” and doorbells a humanitarian crisis? Have millions of aspiring Americans from across the globe, for well over a century, not honored the afforded requirements for securing the privilege of becoming a U.S. citizen? Conspiring to invalidate prescribed protocols ratified to ensure legal and orderly naturalization – those measures explicitly enacted to protect America’s citizens and welfare – makes about as much sense as giving convicted felons the right to vote because of “felon disenfranchisement”; i.e., the admitted hearsay of political opportunists salivating over the fact 60% of released California convicts are minorities who deserve the opportunity to vote Democrat.

The same bureaucratic terrorists who forced 53 dairy farmers to go bankrupt and/or relocate to saner pastures due to absurd regulations on cow flatulence are somehow entirely satisfied with the unsubstantiated word of an undocumented, unvetted immigrant. Surprised? Not unless logic and liberalism share a nonflammable unitard. And while peace activists remain adamant U.S. citizens must undergo extensive background checks to exercise their constitutionally affirmed right to bear arms – naturally excluding those potential militants illegally entering a sovereign country in a post 9/11 world – their unflinching “non-partisan concern” for human life magically ceases at the recognized borders of radical agents like Iran and North Korea; inhumane, totalitarian regimes that globalists duplicitously believe possess an inalienable right to develop nuclear weapons despite vowing daily to destroy Western Civilization. So what’s the common denominator? Rampant, unabridged, unapologetic anti-Americanism.

When voting is no longer our most sacred duty and the integrity of our elections becomes a racist endeavor, as denoted by California’s refusal to investigate massive vote fraud uncovered in November, America becomes a second class citizen unable to defend itself in its own home due to fear of “offending” the same guests who would outlaw our flag, silence free speech and ban the national anthem if given only a fleeting chance. In essence, any policy that strengthens or reaffirms America’s independence, influence and economic vitality is an affront to the liberal narrative America must surrender its identity and founding Constitutional charter for being an evil empire built upon greed and White supremacy. Or in historically accurate terms, a superior culture displacing an ethnocentric population which supplanted other nomadic societies via the auspices of war, commerce, adaptability and/or technological superiority. Whereas California and New York are hopelessly lost to the left’s orchestrated demographic coup d’etat and ideological conditioning of their respective populaces, states like Virginia, Colorado, and Michigan are not far behind.

Regardless of one’s political persuasion, you don’t have to be a historian or even watch the History channel to understand America was erected as a free republic for a moral, self-sufficient people acutely aware of the triggers of tyranny, poverty and religious persecution. Individual liberty, limited government, transparency and accountability were never optional amenities on an academic drug trip to worship the Lenin statue in Marxist Seattle. These autonomous attributes represented conceptual necessities whose only negotiable features were the exact method and expected integrity of implementation.

Unfortunately for the idyllic state of California, squatting on the world’s sixth largest economy and boasting vast untapped natural resources, its propensity for dysfunction and waste is only superseded by its systemic rejection of America itself. Whenever West Coast socialists are not charging working families and commercial transportation the highest fuel taxes in the nation, environmental terrorists who cannot differentiate between ecology and political alarmism are manufacturing water shortages and sparking unnatural disasters with pseudo-scientific regularity. Fixing the error of your naive ways is near impossible when rogue political fantasy displaces sound judgement and the Constitutional authority of your native country. How else can controlled thinning of excessive forestation designed to reduce the risk of uncontrollable wildfires, similar to the recent devastation which devoured 9,000 homes/buildings and 250,000 acres of habitat, be equated to “clear cutting” or raping the land?

It is also of little surprise California elitists, aka doomsday legislators seeking another excuse to tax common sense, believe Global Warming is not a natural, cyclical occurrence predominantly caused by solar fluctuations and the temperature of the Earth’s core. Never mind Antarctic ice levels are far greater than 30 years ago and New York is not submerged beneath Al Gore’s “unnatural science” grade point average, if you believe a .03 reduction goal in global temperatures in a century’s time at an eventual loss of 2.5 trillion in annual GDP is a winning strategy, than counting cow farts and banning combustible engine cars by 2040 is your golden ticket to getting assaulted on Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) for reading 1984 without a permit. But never fret, Sacramento City Council approved a motion to pay gang members for the conscious decision not to kill one another; or in layman’s terms, obey the law and stay in school. And to think millions of decent, hard working Americans are ineligible because of their offensive civilized “privilege”.

Although it’s mathematically impossible to pinpoint exactly what alternative universe California Democrats reside, our Forefathers would have called for a second armed revolution long ago. No, Really! Whether or not progressives approve of President Trump is a moot point if their own policies and authoritative abuse do not adhere to the prescribed constitutional checks of adopted statehood. Likewise, embodying the fight for state sovereignty by no means justifies endeavoring to become like those impoverished, inept nations your exploding illegal immigrant population is instinctively fleeing. It’s hard to fathom how the once “Go West” mantra of American pioneers that catapulted California into an unprecedented wave of prosperity, proud nationalism and a vibrant centrifuge for diversity, has dissolved into an immoral state of cultural Marxism that believes government is god, gender is a fluid state of mind, exploitation a form of education, and patriotism an unjust form of racial oppression.

It is obviously no secret the once predominantly “Red” stomping grounds of Ronald Wilson Reagan has been turned bright blue by an unprecedented wave of immigration and indoctrinated anti-Americanism. That was and always has been the goal of the radical statist quo. Where this nation was forged as a beacon of hope and opportunity for millions of law-abiding aspiring citizens seeking a better life, California has descended into counter-intuitive cesspool that preaches victimization over accountability, reverse discrimination over equality, intolerance over intellectual diversity. No matter how pure your intentions or how strong your faith in the nature of human volition, you cannot coexist with partisans so obsessed with maintaining political supremacy they would gladly surrender their own country to those who tirelessly seek our demise or break any rule to control our lives out of some misplaced sense of social justice that gives no such credence to their own failures and hypocrisy; most, notably, those corrupt, foreign governments globalists so foolishly favor to the liquidation of civility and the downfall of mankind. In its most celebrated form, modern progressivism is a communicable virus that consumes every last crumb of logic, vitality, identity, accountability and unity from the American frontier.

While no American wants to witness the secession of California, or more profoundly the dissection of America’s legacy and the abandonment of our fellow right-minded countrymen who represent the powerless minority, how long can you spare a cancerous appendage before it spreads, poisons your soul and ultimately takes your life? Will apathy reclaim our revisionist classrooms or assuage the sponsored anarchist war on police and freedom of speech? Once again, the left’s goal is not to coexist under the ideological umbrella that was and is America. Their unrelenting mission is to whitewash history, ensure conformity and redefine America by eradicating all borders, natural human distinctions – symbiotic gender roles and the family paradigm – so the concepts of liberty, individual achievement and morality quickly become outdated manifestations that can no longer threaten the secular supremacy of a progressive state. The systemic decay of California is as much a symbol of our failure as a society, as it is a dire warning to every governor and undaunted patriot that still believes God is the liberty of salvation, character does not fear consequence, and raising respectful, responsible children is by far our greatest contribution to humanity; that indomitable virtue of a free nation born from the bounty of a Judeo-Christian seed but distinctly American creed. If this transcendent republic has any chance to coalesce and preserve the timeless wisdom of a handful of visionaries marked for death by the tyranny of a crown’s crest, I believe hope resides in the heartland of an industrious people – a convened Convention of States faithful to independence and the merits of intelligent debate – still rightfully proud of their heritage and ever cognizant of the evil contempt and complacency breed.

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Make America Sane Again

Like Robert Mueller’s Russian investigation turned global Deep State inquisition, the introduction of Articles of Impeachment by Democrats are an absolute farce that have no chance of succeeding; well, except in the detached minds of bitter partisans joyously “resisting” logic and rigging reality. Such juvenile semantics are just more undeniable proof the radical left is all about appearances, cultivating national headlines, to validate a blatantly false and vindictive narrative for political gain. If Congress could actually impeach a President for being disliked, let alone for being the victim of a never ending smear campaign, nearly every Chief Executive in American history would have been disposed of over the mere heated exchange of words. The Constitutional prerequisite of “high crimes and misdemeanors” does not take into account your feelings, unproven accusations or one’s glaring inability to comprehend the law; i.e., Donald Trump’s explicit authority to restrict or ban travel from dangerous regions, to enforce our existing immigration laws or defund sanctuary cities in red states, and to negotiate with foreign dignitaries however he sees fit. Ironically, if the President was Bob Menendez or Hillary Clinton, he would have been tarred and feathered by the press, forced to resign or duly removed from office before he could send out one more politically incorrect tweet.
If I may, where was this hyper-sensitive, sensationalist call for “justice” when the Obama administration routinely incited racial, class, gender and religious discord, circumvented nearly every Constitutional check and balance to expand the reach of government, weaponized federal agencies to target and spy on political opponents, and empowered our conspiring enemies with complicit regularity. Fortunately for “We the Sane People”, it is painfully obvious progressives have no interest in coexisting or cooperating to better America because they can no longer discern liberty from liberalism, discourse from demagoguery. Rather, Democrats and establishment Republicans are entirely content pointing fingers, misleading the public, criminalizing dissension, and catering to the lowest common denominator of human nature; those hateful, destructive behaviors children are often punished for without hesitation. If you’re irrevocably hostile towards the founding ideals of this 241 year-old republic and the bi-partisan ratified stipulations that incessantly guide her, insanity is your only viable defense. Until that fateful day, the American taxpayers would like a refund and the only key in existence to your Obamacare mandated padded room.
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Now and Forever

The American soldier is the backbone of our liberties; the rock upon which tyranny must break. Without their sacrifice, their unwavering commitment to this nation and the ideals it espouses, this republic not only would have fallen but its beacon of hope would have been extinguished long ago beneath the smoke-ridden battlefields of Lexington, Bunker Hill, or Yorktown. Tragically, despite the fact millions of Americans bask in the opportunity and affluence of their God-given rights, those procured by the unassuming few, the sacrifices and struggles of our veterans too often go unappreciated or unnoticed; especially by those with the most blessings or disagreeable political beliefs. Many needlessly suffer from debilitating physical injuries or undiagnosed mental illness, countless are unable to find work or sufficiently provide for their families who faithfully endured sleepless nights, and a disturbing number of our veterans – roughly 40,000 without shelter and an estimated 300,000 lacking adequate food – roam the littered streets of modern apathy without proper healthcare or even the faintest gesture of concern. And yes, there are those forsaken souls who commit suicide, one veteran nearly every hour of every day, to escape a hell most ordinary citizens could scarcely conceive.

The next time you stand in line for the newest technological marvel, complain about traffic or the everyday contrivances of modern inconvenience, remember that these brave men and women represent the forgotten, the nameless, the silhouette of bravery manning the gates of freedom; the billowing breath standing steadfast in the darkest corners of the world so that America, war’s widowed children, may peacefully slumber beneath the unfurled dawn of liberty’s light. Duty, valor, honor, God, country? These are not commercial taglines left to bleed off a bumper sticker or fade from a politician’s neglected promise. They are the timeless values, the intrinsic calling, the undying creed of United States veterans; those fathers and friends, brothers and brethren, who proudly served so the huddled masses may continue to breathe. Veteran’s Day is not just another day of empty revelry and convenient celebration. It’s our unbridled privilege, our inherent obligation as free men and women, to stand beside those heroes who restored our faith in humanity. It is our nonnegotiable responsibility to thank our veterans, not on any singular occasion or nationally ordained day of recognition, but to seek out those who have fallen into the callous cracks of society’s indifference and restore their faith in America. It is our sacred duty to honor theirs, now and forever!

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Table for Two

If you love a bad rerun amidst an endless saga of orchestrated and entirely predictable character assassinations, welcome to America. In yet another highly questionable crusade to crucify yet another Republican candidate in hopes of achieving their goal of recapturing Congress – i.e., fabricating public hysteria in hopes of forcing an immediate resignation without a hint of proof or due process – it appears the Democratic party is forgetting one, all too ominous detail. By some misplaced crumb of cosmic justice, Judge Roy Moore’s accuser Debbie Gibson worked for the DNC as a sign language interpreter….most notably, during campaign rallies for both Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. While some will claim this discovery is mere coincidence and therefore inconsequential, I’m guessing the fact she’s actively campaigning for Judge Moore’s opponent, Doug Jones, is anything but. Although I abhor any man who sexually harasses and/or assaults a woman, regardless of one’s political affiliation or beliefs, I’m hesitant to unconditionally believe a Democratic operative who waited 40 years and one month before an election to publicly name her abuser, dare I say frame, her sacrificial lamb of choice.

As we all know too well, the three major news networks rolled out nearly a dozen crying wolves in librarian clothes just weeks before the 2016 election – from beauty pageant contestants to former participants on his show Celebrity Apprentice – after aggressively soliciting any female from Donald Trump’s past who had a grudge to itch or could somehow twist any perceived slight, perhaps a humorous casual remark, into the most tenuous allegation of rape or sexual misconduct. Of course, by yet another completely innocuous and coincidental twist of fate, nearly all of these so-called traumatized women were represented by the famed feminist instigator, attorney Gloria Allred, and not a single “victim” sought charges if only to obtain a quick payday from a known celebrity billionaire. Not only did any of these women offer a shred of evidence, a leaked DNC email acknowledged that all sexual allegations should move forward because Trump’s campaign had yet to become “litigious”. Once the damage is done, whether such claims prove fatal or fruitless, the perpetrators of these ploys are overwhelmingly unphased and unrepentant even when their assertions are unequivocally debunked.

Unless you’ve been living on Fantasy Island and are completely unfamiliar with the Spanish inquisition of Herman Cain, the left’s Marxist manifesto begins with falsely accusing a high profile, Republican male with sexual impropriety and immediately initiating an avalanche of accusatory media coverage to secure a conviction in the kangaroo court of public opinion. In other words, every political threat to the progressive agenda must be successfully neutralized by being depicted as sexist, a womanizer, a racist or any combination of the three. The only thing I detest more than pathological liars are establishment charlatans like Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, John McCain and Mitt Romney joining the foaming lynch mob to conveniently dispose of an “America First” conservative they disapprove of regardless. The most dangerous party of a conspiracy isn’t the jaded accomplice willing to shake the tree of public perception, it’s almost always the striking snake lurking beneath the grassy knoll.

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The Good Shepherd

That is correct, snide celebrities, prayers alone are not enough to prevent future tragedies similar to the senseless massacre at Sutherland Springs. And yet despite your successful attempts at unabashed blasphemy, your greater contempt for the Second Amendment than the corrupted soul denied a gun permit – the same bitter atheist who viciously targeted the faith of vulnerable innocents – blinds your arrogance to the most self-evident hypocrisy of all. America needs far less glorified depravity and far more armed, law-abiding, Christian citizens ever cognizant of the cultural hostility Hollywood intentionally breeds with its libertine lifestyle and obnoxious propaganda…i.e., your condescending politics of perverse hate. If God is truly a figment of our naive imagination, the greatest trick moral relativists ever played was convincing the countless victims of rape, child abuse and murder that Satan by no means exists

Unlike the Box Office and Billboard charts, the Ten Commandments are invaluable virtues that reward humility, instill respect and embody love. Our Heavenly Father does not stop bullets in our sacred halls of worship to satisfy the facetious validation of scornful nonbelievers. He steadies the hand of malice, eases the burden of discontent, by granting humanity one indelible bridge to eternal life: choice…that conscious crux of a meaningful existence born from consequence. Within the divine gift of free will lies our salvation for the Kingdom of God cannot be displaced or destroyed by any earthly pleasure, political measure or wielded weapon of mankind. It resides in the weeping hearts of penitent men and women who seek forgiveness from sin, wealth from wisdom and the courage to defeat evil amidst the despair of human strife. The Holy Scriptures do not abandon the shepherd amidst the wolves to be hopelessly conflicted and thus powerless to protect his flock. The Almighty commands his followers to carry the lamb, defend the orphans and oppressed, so mere mortals will no longer terrorize them.

The Gospel is and always shall be the light from which life, liberty and justice portend; our strength of conviction to feed the hungry, shelter the poor, heal the afflicted and free the persecuted from the twisted darkness that will never relinquish its sword. I do not hide behind the Bible and invoke my right to bear arms to incite fear from false accusation or punish rightful dissension. I “cling” to my faith and arm my God-given senses because I choose salvation over suffering, compassion over complicity, by endeavoring to preserve what remaining good still strives to better this world. As long as I draw breath and tend to the welfare of his people, so shall the word of the Lord.

“I am the good shepherd….I will rescue my flock and they shall no longer be prey.” Ezekiel 34:22

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For Your Entertainment

As America mourns the horrific aftermath of 26 murdered in cold blood and over 20 seriously injured – in some cases entire families wiped out while gathering in peaceful worship – little is more insulting to their memories and grieving loved ones than eager opportunists once again attempting to blame such calculated carnage on an inanimate object. If guilt is no longer reserved for the actual lawbreaker, a deranged family member and reported Antifa sympathizing atheist seeking mass death to fulfill a personal vendetta, I condemn the systemic moral degradation of our most basic societal values in film, music, video games and television; those mediums which not only desensitize millions of impressionable minds to the actual human toll of violence, but glorify bloodshed, validate vengeance, fantasize about presidential assassinations and mock Christianity as a legitimate and lucrative form of entertainment. And yet how many domestic mass shootings, plotted and carried out by unsuspecting individuals devoid of known criminal enterprises, occurred 50 or even 25 years ago?

Today’s homicidal mentality is a disturbing reminder mass murders skyrocketed under Barack Obama by nearly 300% or roughly a number equal to all mass shootings between 1981 and 2009. But yes, by all means, let’s blame a tool of ignorance and pray the perpetrator is a white Republican to fulfill the left’s unending goal of eradicating the historical necessity of the Second Amendment in lieu of addressing the hostile aftermath of political agitators inciting class, race, gender and religious warfare in nearly every crevice of America solely to achieve a morally bankrupt end; the secular supremacy of progressivism in all phases of our daily lives. When the unsung actions of everyday role models are buried beneath the deafening applause for the false idols of pop culture, our children blinded by the almighty glare and avarice of Hollywood’s golden calf, real heroes who transform countless lives for the better are incessantly lectured by celebrity hedonists, Red Carpet narcissists and aspiring political arsonists.

Unless a gun or any weapon of choice is not equally capable of saving a life and foiling an indeterminate number of crimes – including the armed citizen who courageously stopped Devin Patrick Kelley – what is the intangible difference between the two fates? There is no greater instrument of death than that of ideology, indoctrinated and insatiable hate: albeit Islam, radicalized academia or armed fascist activism. Pretending evil does not exist will no more save us from its wrath than legislation can prevent the infinite triggers of human nature. Changing this insidious course of extreme violence can only be achieved in our homes, classrooms and our eroding community standards of acceptable behavior. Instead of treating the victims of gun violence as political pawns used at the most opportune moments, drowning the underlying causes of such soulless brutality with those fake tears shed by media chameleons for public consumption, let us renew our societal obligation to teach our sons and daughters the value of human life – respecting the law, America, our elders and fellow man – rather than asking the contemporary price of admission to dehumanizing and ending one.

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Failure to Act

No, Jeff Sessions has not recused himself from investigating Uranium One. Rather, he is personally recusing himself from fulfilling his obligations as Attorney General because he believes prosecuting Hillary is far more trouble than it’s worth. However, does anyone truly believe the perceived struggle or difficulty of conviction would ever deter Democrats from indicting Donald Trump? They’re actually attempting to usurp his authority and impeach him from office with no credible proof other than their insatiable hatred for a continuously disparaged and dehumanized man. When our laws have no teeth, regardless of the inevitable challenges to ensuring justice, checks and balances are but a figment of our imagination. If your campaign themes are “drain the swamp” and “lock her up” to end the systemic corruption crippling Washington, nothing less than your unwavering commitment to prosecuting obvious misconduct will suffice. Until a supposed “untouchable” is made to answer for her documented legacy of “deplorable” actions before the world, nothing will change. In fact, the absence of consequences will merely emboldened a increasingly defiant culture of political extremists who believe the end most certainly justifies the means.

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Giving Terrorism A Chance

Sayfullo Saipov, the jihadist arrested in NYC for using a rental truck to kill 8 pedestrians on a bike path, was a Uzbekistan immigrant who entered America via the Diversity Visa Program; i.e., the honorable “lottery” system of undeclared intent. And, of course, let us not forget the unreported tidbit of journalistic integrity he was inspired by instructional ISIS propaganda. To add insult to the additional 15 individuals reportedly injured, Saipov was supposedly interviewed and cleared by federal investigators in 2015. Enlighten me again as to why America doesn’t need immediate immigration reform or extreme vetting protocols for the explicit purpose of our safety? When properly investigating or denying potentially radicalized agents from known hostile regions is considered racist, dare I say “xenophobic”, what excuse suffices for the epitaphs of loved ones murdered by Washington’s clear dereliction of duty and obstinate indifference?

Once again, this is not 1800,1900, or even 1984 where America was far more revered by migrants than despised by contentious factions indoctrinated by the incessant conditioning of leftist academia or a globalist press relentlessly demonizing our affluence, influence and founding heritage. There is a vast contingent of anti-American zealots – albeit Islamic supremacists, disgruntled dissidents or professional agitators – who want nothing more than to fatally wound this nation to satisfy their misplaced sense of entitlement, ideological duty, or insatiable lust for the West’s expedited decay. Failing to take every precaution possible in a post 9/11 world, both to protect our citizens and our blessed way of life, is a wanton criminal act of ignorance, if not complicit treason. I find it morally repugnant progressives are far more offended by teaching our children to pledge allegiance to the flag or requiring millionaire athletes with rap sheets to stand for the national anthem, than decrying any detectable manifestation of foreign terrorism, or more profoundly any legitimate attempt to confront its proliferation. Then again, it is no coincidence a majority of terrorist acts and mass murders committed in the U.S. are perpetrated by Muslim extremists and/or hyper-sensitive “humanitarians” triggered by everyday socio-political events.

While I do confess a majority of immigrants are merely pursuing a better life, seeking to partake in the abundant opportunities liberty offers, that does not abstain our elected officials from thoroughly disseminating the countless threats against this nation and preventing as many agents of malevolence as humanly possible from ever crossing our sovereign borders. Yes, I’m perplexed as to why a constitutional republic defined by laws and prescribed privileges of citizenship is obligated to “give terrorism a chance” – i.e., welcome known foreign catalysts of death and destruction – simply because Americans kill Americans. One is an unavoidable circumstance of birth, the inevitability of native crime, the other is choosing to risk further bloodshed by ignoring the fact militant Muslims kill, assault and rape far more natural born Westerns in unprovoked acts of cultural aggression than Islamic visitors slain by American civilians. If 1400 years of unabridged brutality has taught us anything, other than Western Civilization being the sworn infidel of the Muslim faith, it’s that hate is Islam’s undying creed. “Islamophobia” is not a baseless fear of a religion itself, but a rational distrust and united opposition to loved ones needlessly dying at the hands of an unevolved ideology that has never had a formal reformation of its most barbaric practices and antiquated beliefs.

Banning or severely restricting the flow of immigration from certain geographic regions, ideological backgrounds or ethnic populaces is only unjust to those who refuse to recognize the aftermath of historical anonymity, let alone the fact American cultural apologists are intentionally watering the seeds of sedition. Besides, how many Orthodox Russians, Hasidic Jews, Buddhist Asians or impoverished South American families declare “Death to America” on their route to greener pastures? Assimilation, loyalty and tolerance are not optional conveniences, they’re the required price of admission to the civilized world; specifically, our homes, this nation and liberty’s inalienable rights. If America is to remain a transcendent beacon of hope for all people, from all reaches of the globe, then it must be equally defended against those virulent malcontents religiously endeavoring to extinguish her flame.

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The Path to Prosperity

Consumer confidence rose to 125.9 in October, the highest since December of 2000. The DOW has set over 70 new benchmarks since the election, even surpassing 23,000, and subsequently has added over 5 trillion dollars to the economy. Home prices have hit record highs, registering a 6% annual gain. The unemployment rate has dropped to 4.1%, down from 4.8% in January, and jobless claims are at their lowest level since 1973. One and half million fewer Americans are on public assistance. The US has now enjoyed two consecutive quarters of 3% GDP growth…even despite two devastating hurricanes, wildfires and the anti-business trust of California, New York and Illinois. By Contrast, Barack Obama’s median annual GDP was 1.6% in 8 years. And all this without a new budget in effect to aggressively lower the national debt or sweeping tax cuts to trigger even greater investment and expansion. Just imagine what the President could accomplish if 95% of media coverage didn’t purposely mislead the public, Democrats sought constructive discourse over scorched earth politics or 100% of his own party was dedicated to passing much needed legislative reforms. As Donald Trump continues to trim the endless Red Tape of excessive bureaucracy and federal overreach, I’d say such impressive initial progress more than qualifies as a worthy opening act for “Making America Great Again”.
If you’re interested in genuine economic upward mobility for individuals and families and not runaway statism dividing the fruits of other people’s labor, then true vitality and independence reside in a robust and diverse private sector. When a fertile environment for commercial growth produces more profitable businesses and quality jobs for an ever industrious populace, people are far more likely to own their own home, buy their own health care, and properly provide for their children. Unless you believe billions in taxpayers’ hard-earned money should be used almost exclusively as a means to an end – inviting mass dependency by rewarding envy and apathy to the point of federal insolvency and bankruptcy – why would you empower the most inept, corrupt and wasteful institution in America; or in socialist terms, legalize theft and the equal division of misery in a country predicated upon limited government? Considering no nation has ever taxed itself into prosperity and the top 20% of earners now pay 95% of all income taxes, as recently confirmed by the Office of Management and Budget, I believe “fair share” should equate to the amount of personal responsibility people accept for their own lives; including the greatest usurpers and domestic abusers of all, the Washington establishment. Once you realize a majority of globalists would rather watch America burn than Donald Trump succeed – our founding ideals, economic prowess and sovereign identity survive – the only acceptable path forward is a free republic’s unflinching resolve denying political arsonists a match.
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To Deflect by Design

Because of the damning revelations detailing the Uranium One deal and news of the fake Russian dossier finally coming to public fruition, the “unmasked” left is scrambling to maintain their mass media illusion of Trump colluding with and soliciting Russian interference…that which Hillary has perpetrated for years with both Robert Mueller’s and James Comey’s knowledge and/or involvement. Therefore, it is of little surprise Mr. Mueller has reportedly filed his first official charges being both politicians and pundits have called for his termination due to recent developments. My best guess is Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager who was fired and replaced with Kellyanne Conway, will be indicted for providing conflicting testimony and legal infractions regarding his business dealings while lobbying for the Ukraine in 2014. Beyond that, any possible charges implicating the President, his family or any of his cabinet would be a malicious abuse of power and obvious political stunt to salvage a rapidly sinking ship. The fact Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch and James Comey have not been indicted for a slew of conflicts of interests, orchestrated leaks and repeated instances of collusion, is a crime in itself. What started out as a media induced hoax, a baseless investigation into alleged election fraud, quickly transformed into a partisan witch hunt for any conceivable crumb of wrongdoing capable of toppling a man Democrats want to unilaterally impeach for simply existing.

When yesterday’s definition of treasonous collusion becomes today’s interpretational alibi, or “opposition research”, prison somehow requires a convict’s consent. Any response to these disturbing events other than an immediate investigation into Uranium One, the fake Russian Dossier paid for by the DNC/Clinton operatives and fraudulently delivered by John McCain to the FBI, and the first ever ordered wiretapping of a presidential candidate and his campaign staff – an egregious action which presented the fake dossier as justification and continued even after his successful election – is a clear and present danger to the very concept of law and order and the absolute necessity of Constitutional checks and balances. The progressive establishment is not interested in justice or even necessarily concerned whether convictions are obtainable. Their overriding goal is to monopolize the national headlines by maintaining the false public appearance of scandal. The mere suggestion and political stigma of criminality is often far more powerful than the finality of any discernible truth. If the people’s voices ever needed to rise above the corrupt status quo, our moral convictions and demand for universal accountability in all facets of our government, that time is now.

***Just to clarify some misconceptions claiming the Washington Free Beacon, and not Hillary, was responsible for the fake Russian dossier.

Paul Singer, owner of the Washington Free Beacon and an open borders establishment Republican who gave freely to John McCain, was the original funding source for Fusion GPS’s research against Donald Trump. However, Fusion GPS’s research was later funded/continued by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, which was directly responsible for the creation of the now-infamous fake Russian dossier; a document fabricated by former British intelligence, Christopher Steele, and eventually leaked to the FBI by Senator McCain. Shortly thereafter, a British publicist set up the well publicized meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer under the false pretenses she had damning information on Hillary. Yes, it was all an elaborate set-up from the very beginning with the explicit intent of manufacturing the perception of foreign collusion and solicited election interference.

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Why Hillary Really Lost

Why did Hillary really lose the presidency? Because she is forever synonymous with scandal!

1) Russian Uranium One scandal – with Barack Obama’s consent, the knowledge of the Department of Justice and the involvement of former FBI Director Robert Mueller, Hillary sold 20% of U.S. Uranium rights for a total of $145 million in donations made to the Clinton Foundation by Uranium One stockholders. Russian influence/dollars were also used to incite civil and racial discord across America for political gain.

2) Clinton Foundation – Established in 1997, the Clintons’ “non-profit” charity morphed into a political slush fund for Hillary’s political aspirations by funneling “tax free” campaign donations from wealthy investors, corporations and foreign governments.

3) Haiti Relief Ripoff – The Clinton Foundation siphoned millions in public donations collected for Hurricane survivors – administration costs, insider or defaulted reconstruction contracts, pocketing the difference for overpaid supplies – to subsidize her political aspirations and personal expenses such as her daughter’s lavish wedding; as confirmed by emails between John Podesta and former Clinton aide Doug Band.

4) Pay-to-Play – As Secretary of State, Hillary solicited donations from foreign donors/governments/organizations – Abu Dhabi, the Muslim Brotherhood, Uranium One – in exchange for current and/or future political favors: staff appointments, access to resources and favorable foreign policy decisions.

5) Benghazi – Despite repeated requests for additional security due to an increased terror threat at the US Embassy in Libya, including direct communications from then Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Hillary Clinton failed to properly act or notify the Pentagon. Furthermore, her failure to promptly respond after confirmation of an attack was underway, essentially abandoning staff and security personnel for the duration of the 7 hour attack, culminated in the deaths of 4 American citizens. In response to repeated questions lamenting the senseless loss of life due to her indifference and clear negligence, she angrily snapped, “What Difference Does It Make” to members of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

6) Established an unauthorized private server to engage in government related communications and illegally transmit classified information. Roughly 33,000 emails and all relevant electronic devices were destroyed in an attempt to conceal her “innocence”.

7) Russia, Russia, Russia – Hillary Clinton knowingly broke campaign finance laws by secretly hiring DC research firm Fusion GPS to fabricate ties between Donald Trump and Russian operatives. The fake dossier was later given to the FBI by Senator McCain, which was also used to obtain FISA surveillance warrants under false pretenses. Media hysteria and Democratic outrage triggered a criminal investigation headed by former FBI Chief Robert Mueller – a personal friend of fired FBI Director James Comey – and staffed overwhelmingly with known Clinton lawyers and donors.

8) Conspired with DNC operatives to rig Democratic presidential primaries to defeat Bernie Sanders; actions the Democratic party confirmed in a recent lawsuit. Seth Rich, a DNC staffer who despised Hillary and was vocal corruption within the party, was murdered near his home in May of 2016; in the middle of a hotly contested primary season after DNC emails were leaked to Wikileaks from an anonymous source within the party. Shortly after Hillary won the nomination, it was confirmed she received presidential debate questions from then DNC Chair, Donna Brazile.

9) Whitewater Scandal – A precursor to the subprime mortgage crisis, the Clintons formed Whitewater Development Corporation with friends Jim and Susan McDougal as part of a joint real estate venture. Rose Law Firm, in which Hillary became a senior lawyer and billing partner, provided legal services. With an additional 1.2 million in credit illegally obtained from the Madison Savings and Loan, of which Jim McDougal was also a primary partner, home loans were given to unqualified applicants. After attempts to resell the foreclosed properties failed due to skyrocketing interest rates and a collapsing market, both entities collapsed. The scandal cost taxpayers $73 million. Fifteen people were convicted of crimes, including the McDougals, of which Bill Clinton later pardoned four of the participants as Arkansas governor.

10) Reprimanded by the House Judiciary Committee for misconduct after attempting to submit a fraudulent brief during the Watergate investigation.

11) Defended a child rapist who served less than a year in jail despite beating a defenseless 12 year-old girl into a coma. In an interview given years after the trial, Hillary humorously referenced the “fortuitous” verdict which left a girl with a lifetime of emotional and physical trauma; most notability, the inability to bear children.

Hillary Clinton didn’t lose the presidency because she was a helpless victim of cultural sexism or “Republican racism”, she lost because she is a corrupt, condescending, and soulless opportunist who reduced the electorate to “deplorable human beings, super predators, and taco bowl voters”. Her lust for power was only superseded by her disregard for the truth, the rule of law and any sense of accountability to the American people for her numerous criminal transgressions. In light of her sordid history and pathological hypocrisy, Hillary Rodham Clinton had no business being nominated for President of the United States, or running for a public office of any kind, because her vainglorious memoirs should have been written exclusively from inside the confines of a Federal prison.

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Flakes, Widows, and the Cold War on Reality

At no time during Jeff Flake’s self-aggrandizing sermon – a slanderous diatribe so scripted that the non-functioning brain trust of CNN and Salon applauded its detached duplicity – did the proud turncoat mention he had no chance of winning re-election in 2018 because he personally broke nearly all his campaign pledges to Arizona Republicans solely to spite President Trump. Arbitrary semantics aside, Senator, when exactly did your party, let alone those marginalized conservative voters responsible for your election, support Obamacare, higher taxes, amnesty, unrestricted refugees, gun control, and the media malpractice of anti-American race-baiting used to discredit conservative ideals, demonize patriotism and obstruct common sense reforms? For every Bob Corker lamenting hurt feelings and “unprofessional” behavior, there is a struggling working family burdened by the unsustainable costs of illegal immigration or a patient dying from failed healthcare abandoned by a handful of whining Republicans content on playing politics, orchestrating public spectacles to further imbue leftist talking points, in lieu of actually helping people and fulfilling their discarded obligations.

Unless you’ve been hypnotically lobotomized by fellow Arizona malcontent John McCain – still fuming over the realization a prisoner of war does not constitute a hero and personal vendettas never justify deserting one’s core political beliefs – don’t blame the abrasive demeanor of a relentlessly maligned populist for choosing to fallaciously present yourself as a right-minded patriot who believes life, liberty, unity and the pursuit of happiness are irreconcilable with modern progressivism. In other words, if you believe a politically incorrect CEO is a horrific human being because 93% of the media coverage is unforgivably negative and maliciously contrived, then you are bound to believe a lifetime Democrat and military widow showcased by every talk show, radio host and newspaper – shamelessly exploited by the obnoxious Frederica Wilson herself to publicly validate her anti-Trump obsession – has nothing to do with race, newfound fame and fortune, or the incessant “Nazi” narrative of the endlessly conniving Democratic party.

The same outraged “humanists” responsible for funding/fabricating the infamous Russian dossier and politicizing/doctoring the intent of a private conversation conveying a Commander in Chief’s condolences – a gesture Barack Obama routinely acquiesced in favor of written correspondence or delegated to subordinates – are plotting day and night to destroy the single greatest threat to the fake media monopoly and corrupt Washington establishment intent on fundamentally transforming America to ensure permanent control. While I grieve for the loved ones of all our brave fallen, I have no remorse for the soulless schemes of a hopelessly compromised press. The moment context and integrity are no longer relevant, dare I say conducive to controlling what pundits want the masses to despise and believe, is the day the left’s ambition of achieving a permanent state of political supremacy becomes an omitted anecdote in the crocodile tears of seasoned “super predators”.

For those avid history buffs, Nazi fascists and Marxist revolutionaries were both extremely adept at one practice: blaming their most vocal critics, political detractors, for that which they themselves were guilty of…fraud, conspiracy, bigotry, greed, treason. Because it takes a complicit village to raise and conceal a lie of such grotesque proportions – Hillary Clinton lost to a sexist “White Supremacist” because of solicited Russian interference – what’s the going price for a former POW, a bitter ex-First Lady and even the FBI itself colluding to frame a sitting President of the United States for that which they attempted; financing a vicious plot through the Washington D.C. firm Fusion GPS to incriminate a common political adversary? Better yet, what’s the incarceration rate for personally profiting from selling 20% of America’s Uranium stockpiles as the former FBI Maestro and Deep State magician, James Comey, exonerated his comrade Hillary Clinton before an “investigation” into her illegal activities even began?

Can you imagine the sheer chaos, the unrelenting screams for “justice”, if Hillary had won the presidency and Donald Trump attempted to falsely implicate her by conspiring with the identical historical adversary he publicly decried as our greatest foe? Just like the Democratic Socialists and Red Bolsheviks of old who invoked injustice with insatiable regularity, the loudest whistle blowers are the table-fed, seditious sneaks who wiretapped political opponents, sponsored hate groups, consorted with our foreign enemies and somehow managed to force a criminal investigation of an innocent man through the mere theatricality of accusation and media manufactured hysteria alone.

Whenever the billowing smoke of an impending fire sale draws an inquisitive crowd, the progressive circus sends out a glittering, one-trick pony who’s safe word is “racism”; or even worse, a grieving and graciously politicized military widow who only draws tears of outrage from the Anthem-separatist press corps during a Republican presidency. Only in the festering swamps of mass media manipulation would the death of four Special Forces members ambushed by militants while providing assistance to Nigerian counter-terrorism efforts, equate to four Americans murdered in Benghazi amidst repeated unanswered requests for additional security at a stagnant embassy due to intelligence reports warning of a possible terrorist attack: documented pleas that Hillary Clinton self-admittedly ignored, including rejected calls for military assistance over the entire duration of a 7 hour siege which left Ambassador Stevens dead. If Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Hollywood, media muckrakers and violent social activists were held to the same intolerant standard as Donald Trump – their every move scrutinized, spoken word distorted and very existence dehumanized – Senator Flake’s pandering attempt at martyrdom, the deceitful and destructive antics of the so-called “resistance”, would be impeachable forms of hostility awarded a much needed dose of prison cell humility.

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The Exploitation of Unequal Taxation

It’s common knowledge the socialist left would love nothing more than to excessively if mot fatally tax wealthy individuals, private business owners and corporations who already account for 70% of all duties collected; not to mention the countless jobs and disposable income their success inevitably generates. Regardless of what laws Congress may pass or what selective rules are used to justify such abuse, what gives our government the “constitutional” authority to tax one citizen more than another, one business or a specific industry more than the other? It is nothing more than discrimination, a violation of equal rights and equal protection under the law. Honestly, do these people toil or risk less? If every affluent household or aspiring entrepreneur went broke tomorrow, or even 5 years down the road, would they recoup their time, lost income or confiscated possessions from those disgruntled voters who supported such excessive taxation as a form of political protest; or more profoundly, compensated envy? Absolutely not. Such regressive reasoning makes about as much sense as a Death or Estate Tax, a government’s soulless attempt to profit from the loss of a loved one, despite the fact citizens already pay income, social security, medicare, property, state and/or sales taxes from adolescence through the duration of their adult lives.

This very conundrum is why the 16th Amendment, in part, is unconstitutional; it provides no constraints or limitations on the methodology of exacting tax rates. Does a doctor earning $200,000 still not contribute more tax revenue than a Fast Food worker also paying a flat 10% fee? If we are all created equal, and not reduced to the progressive sliding scale of class, race, or gender appropriation, shouldn’t our tax laws also reflect that founding principle and universal maxim? I myself have never been wealthy; however, if I were to come into money, I’d like to think I was entitled to keep my property and enjoy the earned fruits of my labor. That’s what America was predicated upon; rewarding hard work and protecting individual rights, liberty, without the illicit intrusion of excessive government regulation and taxation. If Washington truly wants to reduce the record $9 trillion deficit Barack Obama accrued alone – nearly double the national debt of all other Presidents combined – and restore the now politically incorrect American dream, they might start by cutting the trillions of dollars wasted on those improperly monitored socialist programs riddled with fraudulent claims, the continuous kickbacks of pork barrel projects, or by eliminating an indulgent caveat of Congressional perks; including, but not limited to, a lifetime pension and private healthcare for those elected officials serving only a single term in office.

While I willingly accept taxes are vital to public works and the civic/state/national infrastructure millions use on a daily basis, the methodology in which our government derives and collects these funds is as important as the manner in which they are allocated. The same progressive propagandists duping millennials into believing paying higher taxes is patriotic and society’s solemn duty – i.e., their those responsible citizens and parents who work tirelessly for a better life – have no reservations taking bread off our tables to feed a corrupt, failed establishment that subsidizes illegal immigration, refuses to balance the budget or enforce a debt ceiling, and has aided and abetted terrorist regimes with no regard for the American people’s safety or economic prowess. Why should those taxpayers already suffering the immediate consequences of such callous negligence bear the long term costs of enabling Congress to bankrupt America and destroy private industry in the process; the greatest known vehicle of economic independence and upward mobility in Western Civilization?

Whereas Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren love to decry greed and the inevitable commercial goal of profit, they both got rich off the “system” by convincing millions of able-bodied Americans they were “victims” because economic injustice and the natural inequality of achievement are somehow one in the same; and all despite regularly dining with fellow limousine liberals, sharing their campaign collection plates with donors earmarked for federal dollars, pandering to America’s most affluent enemies, and turning corporate America and collegiate campuses into their political pulpit of private speaking fees. It is by no means a coincidence the ten most solvent and economically vibrant states also have the most friendly tax codes and attractive investment packages: Texas and Wisconsin to name but a few. Adding and subtracting is not a revolutionary concept, nor is giving families a fertile environment to thrive, although expecting our elected officials to understand basic economics and act on the behalf of the people’s interests is quickly becoming an extinct one.

Every senator and state representative, regardless of party affiliation, should be required by law to balance the budget or thus automatically become ineligible for re-election. Being it’s the people’s money to begin with, the liquidated seeds of our blood, sweat and tears, this is neither an unreasonable request or a rhetorical question inviting pointless debate. If everyday Americans ran their affairs like the detached parasites plaguing Washington, they all would be destitute and homeless within a month; only “We the People” cannot simply print more money or shamelessly give ourselves a bailout at our neighbor’s expense. If the buck truly stops here – at the fiscal crossing of common sense and accountability – our government should have been foreclosed years ago for entertaining the indoctrinated lie collectivism is a harbinger of prosperity and justice, rather than the oppressive aftermath of scheming bureaucrats attempting to discredit the individual attributes of hard work, ambition, talent and education to reconcile the Socratic revelation equal opportunity will never guarantee the Marxist fantasy of equal outcomes.



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Bushwacked: From Apples to Alzheimer’s

As someone who voted for him twice and routinely defended his administration from partisan witchunts, I find it disgraceful globalist George Bush took a silent knee for 8 long years as Barack Obama divided & dismantled America with reckless abandon – insidiously inciting a culture war against the Constitution, conservatives, Christians, police and even our historical heritage – only to suddenly find the nerve to join the media lynch mob unapologetically attempting to destroy Donald Trump by any means necessary. Sorry, George W., but the same conniving propagandists applauding your decision to suggest white supremacy is our President’s burden to bear, let alone proliferating at all, also cursed your “failed and racist” tenure on a daily basis, organized monthly marches protesting a sanctioned campaign to overthrow a murderous tyrant, and even sought your removal from office by releasing fake memos disputing your military service. And despite what your selective establishment memory may wish to believe, or foolishly convey, Barack Obama was by far our most divisive President ever because “bigotry” was not only emboldened under his stewardship…it was his motive of operation, the bane of his bitter existence, his conduit of social change through anarchist activism.

The fact a self-confessed Marxist steered this transcendent republic so unimaginably far left is exactly why so many liberals suddenly cannot fathom a President who rejects discrimination as a one-way street and staunchly refuses to surrender America’s sovereignty to a globalist ideology that embraces the intolerant legacy of Islam, encourages the hostile exploitation of limitless immigration, breeds universal contempt for our laws, and justifies wealth redistribution (theft of earned property) as a form of reparations for historical inequities; or better yet, modern entitlement. Not only did Barack Obama fail the black community by choosing inflammatory rhetoric over responsibility – idle dependence in lieu of economic liberation, opportunity and urban gentrification – he funneled nearly every political issue and public event through a jagged lens of color, gender, sexual orientation and religion to solicit/galvanize a negative public reaction in order to distract from his own failures and radical aspirations.

The more we as a society acquiesce to “racial” grandstanding and the malicious media norm of false accusation, the more the real issues dividing and hindering this country are forever obscured by the functional fallout of identity politics; i.e., our ability to critically think independently, logically, and function as a nation predicated upon due process and limited government beyond the diversions of blame, stereotype or mass hysteria. When the “resistance” blueprint seeks to avoid individual accountability and never engage in substantive debate – acknowledging reality, not hyperbole, by accepting relevant points of contention instead of drowning dialogue in endless demagoguery – kneeling during the anthem becomes a celebrated fad, national security branded a form of white supremacy and every word spoken or decision made by Donald Trump is molded into a Red Light scandal of Right Wing extremism.

In other words, never mind jobless claims are at a 44 year-old low, the stock market has added over 5 trillion to the economy with repeated record highs, over 200 million in Executive waste has been eliminated, the DOJ is waging an unprecedented campaign against pedophilia and illegal immigration has dropped by over 70%, because only Hitler would want to lead a nation of proud, prosperous, law-abiding citizens against the clearly treasonous subversion of its founding charter. Until “We the People” can have an honest conversation about real issues without crass condescension and the malicious media manipulating every single detail for partisan gain – understand equality is not affirmative action or verbose millionaire athlete’s ignoring the urban epidemic of absentee parents and systemic crime – the closer America comes to committing self-assisted suicide; a fate a number of morally twisted and financially bankrupt states like California would hail as a “progressive” milestone. If a house divided against itself cannot stand, neither can a propaganda state built upon victimization politics, spoon-fed anti-Americanism and a growing belief Government, and not God, is our salvation from the tyranny of a corrupted heart, mind or regressive regime.

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Tinsel, Gold Teeth and A Warm Body Underneath

The best tours of Hollywood should always begin with the seductive long legs of la la Land leading to the toast of Tinsel Town where it’s not what you know but who you know can fill your glass with their unquestioned sexual needs. Whether you’re greeted in the 5 star foyers of celebrity bliss or lured into the wine cellars of the ultra 1% dream, privilege is a political podium tied to the trysts of Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan or Miley Cyrus spoiling the fruits of our unsung labor. Unbeknownst to the nostrils, bank accounts and notched bedposts of America’s most wanted lifestyles, the “Go Fund Me” extravagance of fan-paid escapades, America would be a far richer place – ethically and financially – if “We the People” withheld a dollar and an hour of our time every time Michael Moore, Katie Perry, Eminem, Robert De Niro or Rosie O’Donnell mocked middle America as a hateful abyss of Right Wing supremacy. For every James Woods or Tim Allen blacklisted for quoting the Constitution and lamenting the unborn, there’s an anti-American Jane Fonda or racist Whoopi Goldberg fanning the flames of societal discord for the syndicated shock value of gross exaggeration.

The only public menace more hypocritical than the entertainment industry incessantly lecturing America about discrimination, equal rights and human decency is their unquenchable thirst to bathe their ego – sow their political seeds and feed their carnal desires – wherever and whenever they please. Just like the pharaohs and kings of old, no amount of self-indulgence or moral subversion can fill their vacationing hearts; a lifestyle define by excess and adulation. And yet amidst the suffocated stories of coerced victims the world is finally beginning to see the film and music industry for what it is worth; a cesspool of greed, sexual exploitation and social degradation that not only poisons the minds of generations of our youth for the price of a ticket or song, but eagerly ransoms the frail, budding aspirations of “dreamers” who too often are forced to pay a pound of flesh for the slightest hope of fortune or fame.

For years renewed claims of sexual harassment, rape and pedophilia have plagued the entertainment industry with little action or collective concern from the inner circles of cinematic, sports, and music executives. Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, both of whom were prominent 80’s childhood stars, admitted to being raped on the same night in separate rooms. And while Haim eventually succumbed to a drug addiction – one he battled for years after being introduced to cocaine as an emerging teenage star – Feldman has been ostracized for his campaign to expose what he calls “rampant pedophilia” in Hollywood. As expected, his assertions based from personal experiences were immediately dismissed as “false and damaging” by Barbara Walters during a televised interview. Then again, if you can stomach former Chief of Staff Jon Podesta’s taste in modern art as much as a slice of his brother’s pizza, no child is really off limits. It’s therefore of little surprise pop star Kesha was also shunned by the press after revealing music producer Dr. Luke raped her when she was an 18 year-old virgin and that he threatened to destroy her career if she ever exposed his vile behavior. Naturally many within the mercenary mud pit known as journalism labeled her accusations as spiteful, baseless indictments without merit. But as we all know, appearances are everything when entitlement and self-gratification are the greatest impetuses of achieving such control…the OJ Simpson illusion of innocence. Money buys influence and access is a drug the adoring media rarely moralizes no matter what the human cost.

Although Harvey Weinstein has become the tip of the proverbial storm – rightfully so considering Rose McGowan was allegedly raped by him, a young model pressured into allowing him to perform oral sex, a reporter forced to watch him shower/masturbate, and now other woman have come forward with stories ranging from repeated harassment to forced sex acts – how many other aspiring actors, actresses, models and musicians fell in the cracks of his constituents’ complacency; even worse, the media’s silent consent or willingness to falsely debunk almost any claim of industry indiscretion to maintain a reputable lie of social activism?

Of course when so many detailed allegations come forward with such ferocity, victims can finally breathe and the dam can no longer deny the portending public relations nightmare, the truth finally finds the light of day. A video of “esteemed” Trump critic Jimmy Kimmel recently surfaced showing him asking an 18 year-old girl to guess what was in his pants, along with a dignified plea for her “to put her mouth on it”, while footage of Oscar winning writer and actor Ben Affleck relentlessly groping and objectifying a television host has empowered other actresses, including a well respected make-up artist, to go public with similar tales of abuse at the hands of the now infamously dubbed, “buttman”. Whether you’re a common stage hand, a doting fan or yet another Red Carpet VIP sipping Chablis in a guarded trailer, it’s obvious no one is immune from being the recipient of such unwarranted advances; i.e., the moral relativism and callous apathy of Hollywood’s so-called imaginary “rape culture”. Few examples can better exemplify the dichotomy between private deviance and public admiration than Bill Cosby. For decades he was universally beloved for his comedic genius, a devoted family man regarded as the epitome of wit and clean humor, only to be exposed as serial predator who drugged unsuspecting women for the explicit purpose of violating them. When fame or wealth can no longer seduce the adoring senses, the spoiled celebrity appetite for excess too often attempts to cash a forged check forgoing the prerequisite of individual consent.

In light of the worst offenders, I’m not recklessly suggesting everyone in the entertainment world is guilty of sex crimes and unparalleled misconduct. There are a number of conscionable thespians, musicians, and athletes who walk the walk and tirelessly work to make the world a better place with their time and money. However, as much as I agree all people should be judged on an individual basis and given the benefit of the doubt, that same has not been afforded to Republicans, Christians, or anyone in traditionally conservative states who have fought to preserve our Judeo-Christian values and have repeatedly warned about the consequences of eroding the family paradigm. The last time I checked, glorified violence, ingrained disrespect and unchecked hedonism sit squarely on the shoulders of “cultured” urban activists who believe a married woman choosing to raise her children is sexist oppression and who portray self-defense as an armed crime that pales in comparison to movies or video games that mindlessly shoot or invite viewers to kill everything in sight; including cops, free speech or God-forbid our own President.

When sex, materialism and an insatiable desire to live the celebrity lifestyle – mass adoration, soulless vanity and living a life without regrets or boundaries – replaces society’s need to raise generations of respectful, well-adjusted youth ever cognizant of their choices, the results speak for themselves. Social change and female empowerment isn’t achieved by parading around naked in the streets, scrawling slut across your chest and profanely degrading anyone who finds such lack of decency offensive. Such obscene sensationalism merely seeks validation through political intimidation and does nothing to encourage civil discourse, let alone instill an acute sense of accountability in anyone; regardless of their political leanings or sexual identity.

True feminism is about reminding our daughters they are not reduced to the sum of their body parts; that the content of their character and the legacy of their actions are the greatest indicators of their self-worth and natural born rights. Equality begins by teaching girls to respect themselves, as much as it does empowering young, impressionable boys to see all females as their sisters and mothers; deserving of equal regard for their well-being and aspirations. It does not require a political affiliation, demonizing the opposite sex or denouncing morality and basic decency as fascist gender control. Likewise, sexual freedom or personal gratification without restraints, an innate concern for others, merely invites philandering, uninvited aggression and even pedophilia. One needs only to peruse the unfiltered depravity of social media, those more concerned with their genitals, convincing Holocaust survivors Trump is a Hitler or garnering the maximum number of “retweets”, to conclude regression and progressivism are now one in the same.

Not to rain on Hollywood’s incestuous love affair with itself, but not all boundaries are meant to be broken and conditioning society to treat violence as entertainment and women as stage props hardly exonerates their ranks from culpability. Harvey Weinstein personally befriended and/or routinely partied with cinematic heavyweights such as George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Matt Damon, Quentin Tarantino and Russell Crowe. And despite the reality so many witnessed and/or personally learned of his improper behavior from colleagues, not discounting published pictures revealing the distressed faces of actresses like Emma Watson while in his libido’s therapeutic presence, little was ever said or done out of fear of hurting their careers by unnecessarily writing a best-selling script of industry scandal; or better yet, self-incrimination. Yes, how utterly courageous and apropos when the names of modern sex toys are seen as more life-like, more memorable, than the actual expendable victims of Hollywood sex crimes. Apparently only Brad Pitt, seething over the mistreatment of then girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow, had the gumption to confront the film mogul with a “Missouri Whipping” if he did not cease and desist.

Only under the protective halo of the colluding press could a heavyweight Democratic fundraiser like Harvey Weinstein, a personal confidant of both the Clintons and Obamas who was repeatedly invited to White House events, be publicly hailed as “a wonderful human being” without one network rewinding the remarkably absurd comments of one Michelle Obama for posterity’s sake. And to think Hillary kissed congressional colleague and former Klan leader Robert Byrd on the cheek, while the President has been disparaged daily by networks as a white supremacist for saying hate is not a race because it inevitably exists in all facets of America. Who in their right mind could actually believe the media isn’t hopelessly compromised, built to indoctrinate trusting, ignorant minds, when incontrovertible maxims are clearly twisted to house partisan lies? How many women, without a shred of evidence, were given press conferences by the major networks just weeks before the election in hopes of thwarting Donald Trump’s campaign? Twelve more than the number who made police reports or filed lawsuits: none.

The fact Mr. Weinstein “bravely” announced he’s entering rehab and hired a high profile criminal attorney reveals his response is as phony as it is entirely devoid of remorse. Of course, the real question is what happens now? How many conspicuously silent talk show hosts – the same politically conscious hacks who lambaste the President daily over mere hyperbole and unsubstantiated paranoia – will demand its viewers choose between rejecting the cultural rot of pop culture, the sexual impropriety of celebrity affluence, or watching their obnoxious programs? How many award galas, public classrooms or athletic venues will be hijacked to rail against Hollywood indecency, exploitation and liberal hypocrisy? And lastly, when will America unite to reclaim their dignity by stripping away their support and hard-earned money from those detached elitists, moral degenerates, and political terrorists who sanctimoniously dehumanize any dissension from the celebrity status quo? “Strip away the phony tinsel from Hollywood and you will find the REAL tinsel underneath”: Sycophants, narcissists, traitors and always a warm body beneath. The real American heroes we crave and so desperately need are not born from fiction or cut from the commercialized cloth of a marketed name, they quietly walk among us everyday in our homes, schools, hospitals and uneventful streets.


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Celebrity Slaves & Stale Political Stunts

Now that the NFL is losing millions in ticket sales, merchandising and advertising revenue, Commissioner Roger Goodell has come to the miraculous conclusion players should indeed stand for the National Anthem. In fact, after watching the NFL’s favorability rating plummet to below 50%, he recently sent a letter to all 32 owners suggesting the phrase “players should stand” in the official league handbook should be changed to “required to stand” for the National Anthem. Naturally, such a self-evident and rationale revelation stirred racial parasites like Al Sharpton who are now calling for an all-out player revolt if this new language is adopted, while ESPN commentator Michael Wilbon even had the gall to call Cowboys owner Jerry Jones a “slave owner” for already requiring his players to do so. Excuse my penchant for historical perspective, basic human decency, but when did millionaire athletes become “slaves” and exactly which employers allow workers to make the rules – dictate or rewrite the terms of their employment – let alone encourage them to insult good-paying customers with such reckless abandon? Whether you work at a convenience store or head a Fortune 500 company, every staff member is required to follow a universal code of conduct. If you don’t like it…quit, find a new job or buy your own damn team. Then again, even owners who purchase a NFL franchise must adhere to league guidelines or they too will be forced to sell their team. That’s not discrimination, that’s not racism, that’s common sense!
Comparing overpaid, pampered players to lifelong servants who toiled, suffered and died under the auspices of human bondage – victims of real oppression and injustice, mind you – is morally grotesque and blatantly obtuse. If I may, when did slaves own Malibu mansions, drive Ferrari’s, wear $100,000 suits, tweet to millions of adoring white fans or safely conceal the numbers of their “side bitches” on their back-up, gold-plated iPhone? I think not. Many slaves were lucky to eat a decent meal or God-forbid enjoy clean drinking water. In contrast, today’s affluent athletes refusing to stand at attention for 60 seconds to honor our National Anthem, despite basking in the immense blessings America affords, are either too ignorant or hateful to realize they’re living a life few will ever experience for doing little more than playing a little boy’s game. I don’t need to watch a condescending, self-indulgent video showcasing the homophobic, obscenely profane, recreational addict and serial misogynist known as Eminem – the same hypocrite who religiously raps about killing his mom, partying with “niggers”, shooting enemies and violating women – to know these protests are nothing more than a leftist orgy hijacking yet another national venue to express their insatiable hatred of Donald Trump; a man they were predisposed to reject regardless.
This media orchestrated movement to turn Colin Kaepernick into a glorified martyr by encouraging similar anthem demonstrations, recruiting and teaching participants as young as grade school to despise America in the name of a syndicated lie, is far more about seizing every conceivable opportunity to further demonize America’s heritage and viciously slander all Trump supporters as white supremacists than fighting any semblance of true oppression. The same intolerant celebrities who can’t tell the difference between an undaunted Chief Executive challenging modern identity politics and a genocidal war criminal from the Third Reich, want you to believe they sincerely respect the military, first responders and uninfringed freedom of speech; well, except on college campuses and nationally televised award shows. Not surprisingly, a clear majority of those “brave” kneeling athletes and plotting activists claiming they simply want an honest discussion on real societal issues, label anyone who quotes crime statistics, blames eroding societal values or invokes a need for personal accountability as racist, sexist or a Nazi Republican. Truly, there is no greater bigot than someone who judges everything through the subjective political lens of race, sexuality and gender.
Refusing to control your political impulses in entertainment forums that once allowed families a much needed escape from political discord hardly constitutes discrimination or a matter automatically worthy of immediate concern. Furthermore, shamelessly attempting to politicize the American flag to further fracture an already divided country merely confirms a clear lack of regard for the time, money and rights of others. Any self-respecting citizen who truly loved America and supported our unsung heroes would never disrespect, publicly or privately, the very symbols of hope and opportunity so many lost their lives defending and still sacrifice to preserve today; regardless of their political views, economic class or skin color. A reasonable adult would have simply concluded Colin Kaepernick was an unapologetic, anti-American opportunist who still refuses to accept the consequences of his foolish actions. If workers from all walks of life are fired every day for the slightest infractions – failing to be punctual, dressing improperly, or unnecessarily imposing their personal beliefs on others – what makes a football player immune to being held responsible for alienating millions of consumers and rightfully proud Americans? Unfortunately for the future prospects of America and the forsaken sanity of sports fans, truth is no longer a commodity accepted in the real world.
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Life, Liberty & Liberal Gun Lies

Of the roughly 4,300 shootings in Chicago last year, how many were perpetrated by NRA members? Less than one one-thousandth. Grossly misrepresenting the deranged actions of a mass murderer by no means makes the NRA a terrorist organization or its over 5 million law-abiding members Right Wing extremists…especially when a clear majority of gun owners support background checks, mental health stipulations and restrictions on high capacity, automatic rifles. Otherwise, the documented fact a majority of mass shootings are committed by disgruntled or radicalized leftists would support an immediate public outcry to permanently disband the Democratic Party; that same accusatory organization which espoused slavery, founded the KKK, repeatedly marginalizes Islamic terrorism, misogyny and homophobia, incited a nationwide war on police, wields racism as a unilateral weapon of ascendacy, and encourages an increasingly militant response to conservative views and politicians. Educating our youth on how to properly use firearms, respect human life while protecting the vulnerable, is a far more effective solution than contributing to a belligerent culture of hyper-partisan paranoia that displays little outrage over the exponentially greater number of defenseless victims of urban crime.

Whereas ignorant stereotypes and reckless accusations merely inflame societal divisions by needlessly politicizing human tragedy, real progress requires holding individuals accountable for their choices regardless of any societal failure or partisan agenda; including those media, congressional and celebrity opportunists who are quickly becoming the unrivaled harbingers of hypocrisy, hostility and hate in contemporary America. Within every inconvenient truth buried by Snopes or Politifact to protect a false narrative, those sacrificed pawns of abandoned reason, resides the means necessary to both save lives and preserve liberty.


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The Moral Carnage of Cultural Terrorists


Blaming guns for mass murders is like accusing cars of kidnapping drunk drivers. Until we somehow remember to respect our neighbor and value life, teach our children morals rather than brainwash them with soulless pop culture, the weapon of choice is moot. Better yet, it’s garnish for the logically impaired. Criminals rarely follow gun laws and will always find a way to unleash their hate. September 11, 2001 is case in point…a terrorist plot carried out with nothing more than box cutters. When mass death is the objective you could drive a semi-truck through a parade or public gathering and instantly kill hundreds without blinking an eye. Critics refuse to invoke morality, let alone God, because they’d rather exploit death for political gain,fulfill a predisposed campaign agenda, instead of addressing the actual source of the problem: the rapid decay of our most basic societal norms and a glaring lack of respect for our fellow man.

Contrary to the doomsday prophecies of political opportunists, the weapons Stephen Paddock used were already banned by state statutes and federal laws; he simply modified their magazine capacity to inflict maximum casualties. Like the failed policies of Chicago, the left’s gun control narrative is false, futile and naive. History has proven excessive regulation merely leaves law-abiding citizens defenseless because criminals – oppressive regimes included – will always obtain firearms and/or any other weapon necessary to terrorize society. You cannot stop mass shootings anymore than a government can legislate evil…i.e., human nature. The question isn’t why are guns legal; the question is why are so many people now comfortable ending a human life? A crisis of culture, an erosion of our everyday humanity, cannot be abridged by any law or solved by any soulless politician seeking to exploit a tragedy in the name of a lie. The Windy City boasts some of the strictest gun control measures in America and in a mere matter of months routinely exceeds the total number of individuals who were killed or injured in Las Vegas: the single, greatest mass shooting in American history. Progressivism no more mourn the victims of violence than it values a free, prosperous and independent populace capable of defending itself against all threats; most notably, a corrupt media, modern academia and celebrated anti-American hate groups.

I’m not foolishly claiming guns are the solution to all our problems, not by any means, but they’re a necessary liberty and viable defense in a world rife with crime, danger and tyranny. A majority of Americans fully support the safeguards of background checks, as well as those legal limitations placed on the sale and ownership of automatic weapons since 1986. Ultimately, however, these inanimate objects are only as “evil” as the souls pointing them. Accountability and America’s founding Judeo-Christian values aren’t revolutionary ideals; they’re abandoned “relics” in the name of “progress”. Instilling a sense of decency in our youth and demanding personal culpability from all people is not a matter for partisan debate, but a prerequisite for ensuring the survival of any civilized society.

Celebrity semantics aside, I’m confused as to how an Antifa sympathizing, anti-Trump lunatic targeting patriotic Americans constitutes a legitimate demand for responsible gun owners to further surrender their right to bear arms to the same conniving Democrats who have publicly advocated a hostile “resistance” since November 8, 2016. Perhaps if media propagandists and militant activists didn’t constantly preach class, race, and religious warfare – inciting mass paranoia with the goal of convincing millions Donald Trump is Hitler reincarnated – the world would indeed be a much more united, responsible and safer place. It’s pretentious at best to claim you’re part of the solution to end gun violence when the problem begins with your equally smug rejection of family values, a growing intolerance of political dissension, a hostile ignorance towards the Constitution, or better yet common sense, and an unrelenting desire to demonize America’s heritage and/or poison her future in the name of secular globalism. I fear the fascist goals of aspiring Marxists and the moral carnage of cultural terrorists far more than the inherent risks of living in a country blessed with free will, ample opportunity and natural born liberty.



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To Kill with Prejudice

The Las Vegas Sheriff has reported ammonium nitrate was found in the shooter’s car, along with a cache of rifles, automatic weapons and explosives (tannerite) in his hotel room and at his Nevada home. This attack was not some random act of violence committed by a depressed gambler. Stephen Paddock was a wealthy, retired accountant and real estate investor who frequently traveled across America and Asia; in fact, his girlfriend is currently in Tokyo. This mass murder was planned to exploit a vulnerable location and callously perpetrated against a specific audience: country music fans who have historically identified as patriotic and/or conservative. While many details will come to fruition in the weeks and months ahead, spare me the media narrative this coward was some deranged gun fanatic and probable Trump supporter who snapped after a drunken binge at the poker table. Anything but.


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A Legacy of Hate, Race, Division and Discord

I find it amusing Donald Trump is routinely derided as “divisive” and hateful when his predecessor set race relations back by 50 years and weakened/disparaged America at nearly every opportune moment. For those rabid critics who “misremember”, it was Barack Obama who mocked middle-America voters as bitter, small town xenophobes needlessly clinging to their guns and bibles. If I may, when did supporting the Second Amendment, LEGAL immigration and honoring our nation’s founding Judeo-Christian values become a radical concept? And yet it was under his explicit direction the IRS admitted to singling out businesses and community organizations that identified as conservative, patriotic or even Christian. Yes, once again, nothing remotely discriminatory here. Why again did Homeland Security place proud, law-abiding citizens on the Terror Watch list by declaring “liberty lovers” as America’s greatest terrorist threat…in a country predicated upon liberty and amidst the horrific aftermath of 9/11, no less? The same government operatives who never punished Islamic businesses over their marriage beliefs and ignored the terror radicalization occurring within American mosques, harassed Hobby Lobby and Catholic churches for refusing to provide birth control or insurance coverage for abortions; a procedure that violated their faith and religious freedoms. Still not convinced yet? Of course not.

As much as Obama’s election was a watershed moment in American history, his proclivity for racial discord has been exponentially greater. He immediately politicized the cases of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Freddie Gray, with little regard for the evidence or their criminal records, resulting in riots, destruction of property and further loss of life. Sadly, the former President made no such emotional tributes or pleas for justice after 25 year-old NYPD officer Brian Wilson was shot in the head or when Kathryn Steinle was murdered in San Francisco on July 1, 2015 by an illegal immigrant with seven felony convictions. In response, Democrats publicly vowed to save Sanctuary cities. Barack Obama sent sizable delegations to the funerals of all three black males, personally and very publicly mourned the passing of each individual, but failed to even mention the tragic death of American sniper Chris Kyle in February of 2013. Rather, the White House issued a statement commemorating the death of Whitney Houston later that month. When you’re busy bribing millions of minorities with free “Obama phones” using taxpayer money, who has the time for such colorblind statesmanship, or better yet, basic human empathy?

Anytime a sitting Commander-in-Chief plays golf during the funeral of General Harold Greene – the highest ranking service member killed in combat since Vietnam – no imagination is required to decipher his true loyalties. Mr. Obama’s incessant race-based rhetoric eventually gave rise to militant groups like Black Lives Matter and AntiFa, but more profoundly incited a partisan war on police which triggered an unprecedented wave of assassinations against law enforcement; including 5 officers gunned down in Dallas, Texas. Instead of bringing a troubled nation together, one increasingly fractured by his cynicism, anger and clear racial favoritism, he was content praising Colin Kaepernick for his “courageous” decision to kneel during the national anthem only a few months following the traumatic bloodshed. The same man who illuminated the White House in LGBT colors to spike the proverbial football of social justice, found no such nerve to honor those fallen officers murdered in cold blood while serving their communities.

Not to question the unifying theme of “Cops are Pigs” socks worn by a celebrated racist athlete, but did Barry ever condemn a single case of police brutality regarding a white, Hispanic, or Asian victim, justified or not, let alone publicly decry (without media coverage) a single cop murdered by a drug dealer or due to a violent suspect resisting arrest? No? I guess we should just be satisfied the media’s former Uniter-in-Chief spent hundreds of billions providing for and protecting illegals while our veterans slept in the streets or died waiting for inadequate medical care. Does it even matter the Obama administration denied the request and visa applications of countless Christians attempting to flee oppression in the Middle East and Indonesia in favor of transporting thousands of improperly vetted and/or tracked Muslim refugees into cities across America; many under the veil of night? After all, what American president in their right mind wouldn’t honor tyrannical Cuba as a progressive state, green-light extremist Iran’s nuclear aspirations – a country that vows to annihilate America and Israel on a daily basis – in addition to sending a $400 million dollar ransom payment, attempt to illegally transfer $221 million to the militant Palestinian Authority just before leaving office, characterize the murderous exploits of ISIS as the amateur actions of a “JV team”, or dine with the racist leaders of la Raza and the Muslim Brotherhood?

Any offended critic claiming Donald Trump is the most racially divisive and inflammatory leader in recent memory, must have been completely oblivious, asleep or complicit to the toxic rhetoric and subversive dealings of Barack Obama. At no point in our 241 year history has the needle of American politics moved as far left as it did during the course of his 8 year tenure. In fact, if his Marxist upbringing and radical beliefs received the same level of media scrutiny and hostility as his successor, he never would have even been nominated. Unless I’m completely foreign to the true nature of division and discrimination, nearly all of those who benefited from Obama’s ill-conceived policies and personal associations were either non-white, non-Christian/Jewish, openly hostile towards America, or all of the above. Are we talking about an equitable, patriotic leader defending the interests of all people – most notably the survival and sovereignty of America – or a bitter, divisive bigot who despises America’s heritage with his every breath and still seeks atonement by judging everything through the prism of race and wealth distribution? Until everyone is held to the same standard of accountability, offered the same level of innate respect, racism, sexism, and all other forms of hate will endure unchecked; especially when such distinctions are now repeatedly wielded as weapons to attack any dissenting opinion. It’s just too bad so many supposedly “educated” men and women at the forefront of our national media, entertainment world and social activism no longer have the desire or the decency to admit the difference because they’re still too preoccupied crying over an election.

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When Life Is Not A Game

If athletes, the media and racial activists want to claim injustice and oppression at every conceivable turn, shout racism from every corner, so be it. But if they truly want to make a difference and invoke meaningful change for millions of our youth, then America needs to have an open, honest conversation about crime and the countless lives, both victims and perpetrators, being destroyed on a daily basis. As someone who has friends from all walks of life, races, and economic dispositions, I’m by no means implying whites don’t commit crimes or that the prevalence of poverty, absentee parents, and a lack of education do not contribute to systemic, generational crime. Of course they do. And while it is not my intention to seem insensitive or haughty, these statistics are so damning and unacceptable that we as a diverse, civilized society can no longer be afraid to speak uncomfortable truths simply because they may offend others. There is simply too much at stake. More than ever, this country and our inner cities need role models with an acute sense of accountability, community, not grandstanding players/owners dedicated to publicity stunts or political vendettas that do nothing to address these failings or assuage the suffering of so many people. Giving children hope begins by giving them a sense of pride, moral obligation and an unbreakable belief in themselves that transcends all barriers or racial narratives. The intersection of crime and race is not a juvenile matter of screaming “I told you so” or solved by “taking a knee”, but represents a grave threat to the safety of our communities, the unity of this country and the future of all our loved ones. Denial, albeit by refusing to act upon this crisis of culture or by mastering the accusatory art of political deflection, is no longer an option.

There are dramatic race differences in crime rates. Asians have the lowest rates, followed by whites and then Hispanics. This pattern holds true for nearly every crime category and virtually all age groups. All statistics were provided by “The Color of Crime: 2016 Revised Edition” from Edwin Rubenstein of the New Century Foundation.

  • The evidence suggests that if there is police racial bias in arrests it is negligible. Victim and witness surveys show that police arrest violent criminals in close proportion to the rates at which criminals of different races commit violent crimes.
  • In 2013, a black was six times more likely than a non-black to commit murder, and 12 times more likely to murder someone of another race than to be murdered by someone of another race.
  • In 2013, of the approximately 660,000 crimes of interracial violence that involved blacks and whites, blacks were the perpetrators 85 percent of the time. This meant a black person was 27 times more likely to attack a white person than vice versa. A Hispanic was eight times more likely to attack a white person than vice versa.
  • If New York City were all white, the murder rate would drop by 91 percent, the robbery rate by 81 percent, and the shootings rate by 97 percent.
  • In an all-white Chicago, murder would decline 90 percent, rape by 81 percent, and robbery by 90 percent.
  • In 2015, a black person was 2.45 times more likely than a white person to be shot and killed by the police. A Hispanic person was 1.21 times more likely. These figures are well within what would be expected given race differences in crime rates and likelihood to resist arrest.
  • In 2015, police killings of blacks accounted for approximately 4 percent of homicides of blacks, or approximately half of the total number of whites killed by law enforcement. Police killings of unarmed blacks accounted for approximately 0.6 percent of homicides of blacks. The overwhelming majority of black homicide victims (93 percent from 1980 to 2008) were killed by blacks.
  • The great majority of people who died at the hands of the police fit at least one of three categories: they were wielding weapons, they were suicidal or mentally troubled, or they ran when officers told them to halt.
  • Both violent and non-violent crime has been declining in the United States since a high in 1993. 2015 saw a disturbing rise in murder in major American cities that some observers associated with “depolicing” in response to intense media and public scrutiny of police activity.
  • Roughly 6-7% of black Americans, mainly males between the ages of 20-40, constitute 38% of the federal prison population and 35% of local jail inmates.
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Truth, Fame and the American Flag


Disregard those excuses claiming Donald Trump’s “divisive” rhetoric is to blame for all the conflict in America and turmoil in the sports world. This nonsense has been escalating since 2008 and he is one of the few high profile names who actually had the courage to expose their duplicity without mincing words. The truth is, despite all the partisan finger pointing and anthem publicity stunts, the President was embraced as a positive force of change by Democrats, Republicans, racial activists and even liberal Hollywood for over 30 years. He was a welcomed guest at their private soirees, regularly hosted celebrities/dignitaries at his hotels and resorts, won awards for his social philanthropy, was applauded for his random acts of kindness, appeared on nearly every syndicated talk show, garnered fans from all segments of society and routinely interacted with many of his most vocal critics from today on a first name basis. To suddenly proclaim he is the scourge of humanity is to condemn his newfound adversaries by their willing association and unmistakable admiration.

It wasn’t until Trump announced his candidacy, or more profoundly when he actually won the presidency, that Democratic operatives and the media establishment viciously conspired to paint him as a racist, radical xenophobe who kicks puppies on Christmas and rapes women for entertainment. Before the man sought political office, he was never condemned as a white supremacist, let alone called a bigot or once questioned by police regarding a single, alleged sexual assault. These shameless tactics were nothing more than a desperate attempt to slander his name and cripple public support for the extensive change his populist reforms would inevitably bring.

Likewise, this entire National Anthem fiasco, which began long before his campaign ever ensued, simply gave those critics who already hated him and America to begin with but another platform to claim injustice beneath the public spectacle of “racism”. Donald Trump is not responsible for the disproportionate amount of crime in urban America, the number of single parent households, the prevalence of drug abuse, a protected foreign workforce or a growing lack of respect for the law, America and our fellow man. That distinction overwhelmingly belongs to the incessant victimization narrative of pandering lawmakers who would rather collect a paycheck then demonstrate the competence and resolve necessary to exact meaningful, lasting change. Just because political opponents and ignorant athletes choose to believe such sensational propaganda, hardly makes it true or excuses coddled athletes for refusing to stand at attention for a mere 60 seconds before every game to honor the very country and those brave individuals who make our way of life possible; including those black Americans who fought in the Civil War and every subsequent war to protect this nation and secure freedom around the globe.

The American flag and the national anthem were never truly politically contentious until Marxist cultural terrorists sought out to destroy anything that conveyed patriotism or remotely honored America’s “imperfect” heritage. The fact not a single American flag was initially visible at the 2016 Democratic national convention and their delegates successfully voted to exile God from their platform in 2012 before party leaders sought to quell public outrage, leaves little doubt as to the sheer level of radicalization that has destroyed the once proud party of JFK. As long as “We the People” possess faith in a higher power, a steadfast belief in a set of indelible ideals that supersede any man-made, oppressive state seeking to dictate every aspect of our lives, progressives know they can never fully achieve their goal of erecting a dependent, obedient populace that is more concerned with earthly pleasures, entitlements, than any virtuous calling that defines progress as the character of individual liberty.

The escalating racial discord and civil unrest engulfing America is hardly by accident, and by no means a coincidence, for it is a cultural coup of subversive design. The systematic unraveling of the traditional family unit, attacking our founding Judeo-Christian values and the increasingly crass and obscene behavior of violent activists are but a political means to an immoral end. As long as political agitators can hide behind false accusations of racism, homophobia and sexism as the media selectively reports the truth – immigration laws are cruel, only black lives killed by white cops matter, gay marriage will never legalize polygamy, gender conditioning is not child abuse, Obamacare is not an unmitigated failure, natural disasters are proof of unnatural global warming and patriotism is unchecked racial supremacy – they avoid having to engage in substantive debate, earnestly educating voters or being held accountable for their extremist views and endless litany of failures. Although freedom of speech and tolerance are always paramount, freedom from consequences and culpability are not human rights. They’re cracks in the foundation of any evolved, self-aware society inviting tyranny, dysfunction and corruption to conceive under the same roof.

Because the modern left knows it cannot logically defend a majority of their claims, not to mention their “moralized” fascist tactics, they attempt to create a sensational distraction by which to permanently polarize the masses and demonize anyone who dares expose their hypocrisy. If the American flag and national anthem are the unrivaled enemies of the black community, generations of minorities who now claim to be the sole victims of mass injustice and unfairly oppressed despite ample opportunities and special accommodations such as affirmative action, what exactly is Africa to all her descendants and indigenous people; a continent which continues to enslave, murder and impoverish millions of Africans with frightening efficiency and international indifference? Appreciation for one’s lot in life, respect for their country, would never duly exist if such conclusions were incumbent upon eradicating all dissenting opinion or politicizing every injustice and tragedy. Perspective is not a matter of favoritism or forced concessions, but a lesson in humility and personal reflection that demands our participation.

America is only forsaken when we take her for granted by allowing conniving malcontents obsessed with judging her past to divide us into bitter, warring factions incapable of reason or rationale recourse. Black and white, man or woman, rich and poor, gay, straight, or aspiring citizen…our strength is not in the brute totality of our numbers, but in the undying ideals we embody and our collective support for the one nation that tirelessly fights for their survival. If the struggle is indeed the glory and our journey a testament to how far we have come as a diverse and resilient people, the American flag has more than earned the right to fly free from politicized scorn or false strife on native soil. To protest or teach hatred of a respected symbol of freedom is to welcome the demise of the very country and natural born rights one claims to fraudulently represent.


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Stand for America

Players are pledging to #standwithkap but refuse to stand for our flag, veterans and emergency responders? Selfish and ignorant! Those media apologists claiming these protests represent our most basic freedoms, forget the same “tolerant” NFL criticized Tim Tebow’s gestures of faith and rejected a team’s helmet decal honoring 5 slain police officers in Dallas, as well as a pair of commemorative cleats honoring 9/11 victims and heroes. Too bad Mr. Colin Kaepernick’s “Cops are Pigs” socks failed to generate the same level of outrage. Yes, liberalism is cancer, indoctrinated hate and a rejection of our most basic values: specifically that of respect and appreciation. The flag and national anthem are not the political property of any singular gender, race or party, they’re universal beacons of hope residing in a revered and blessed way of life…an ideal that transcends all agendas and agents of hostility. They’re timeless reminders, regardless of our struggles and triumphs, of those men and women who sacrifice daily so America may endure and continue to provide opportunities many across the globe still cannot fathom. The fate and survival of the country I love is far more important than any anti-American sports league that coddles spoiled athletes. I choose, and always will, to stand for America!


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