Raw Sushi, Bleached Servers and Russian Roulette

There is a stark difference between a rogue cyber attack on a vulnerable target, ignoring repeated warnings of imminent danger, and international election “collusion” conducted on a flagrant scale between two historic adversaries. For those drunk Sushi Chefs who have tested the wisdom of Murphy’s “R”aw, if Hillary Clinton had never set up an illegal server in the bathroom closet of a small private establishment, flagrantly violating federal law and foolishly sending classified information across unsecure channels, the DNC’s crooked dealings would have likely never been discovered. However, once the depraved details of their scandalous endeavors were leaked on the information super highway, the Clinton campaign panicked and hatched an elaborate ruse to both deflect legal scrutiny while simultaneously implicating the greatest threat to the re-election chances of the corrupt progressive establishment: Donald J. Trump.

The moment Democratic officials refused to immediately notify the FBI of a national security breach, surrender the “hacked” server and those incriminating emails operatives destroyed to avoid prosecution – dare I say public humiliation – they not only became collateral damage to their own criminal stupidity, but the American people have been forced to endure endless media hysteria over a shamelessly preserved lie, protected by a hopelessly biased FBI investigation, for almost two years. And yet if not for the twisted actions of a deplorable, deep statist, the true depths of political misconduct within our intelligence community and the now unintelligible party of JFK would still not be known today. Like the unsolved murder of Seth Rich, a suspected voice of conscious dissent surrounded by blind surrogates, coincidence may get you shot twice in the back but it rarely leaves your watch and wallet to reward your sense of naivety.

While I hate to disappoint the social architects of fake tears, my heart does not bleed for Hillary’s karmic defeat, nor her insatiable apologists appetite for coerced concessions, because their blatant, systemic deception has caused this country far greater grief than Vladimir Putin could ever dream. Unless open borders, sanctuary cities, unvetted refugees, urban crime, high taxes, socialist healthcare, illegal surveillance, gender conditioning, disrespect for our flag, vote fraud, militant activism and police shootings are somehow a Russian conspiracy app launched on a laptop in Red Square, when will those domestic, anti-American terrorists weakening this country at every conceivable opportunity be held in equal contempt for playing Russian Roulette with our collective future? I fear the rising military prowess, technological acumen and acquired U.S. debt of Communist China, the cultural subversion of Islamic supremacy, and the unchecked propaganda state of the mainstream media far more than any wrongfully maligned President’s refusal to cater to the political sensitivities of emotionally bent adolescents suffering from unresolved election delirium.

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Progressive Trysts & Pitching Fits


The same deluded journalists pitching fits over President Trump’s public decorum and cordial respect for Vladimir Putin, did nothing to condemn the unconscionable sale of U.S. Uranium rights to a Russian conglomerate in exchange for $145 million donated to the Clinton Foundation and remained conspicuously silent as Barack Obama gave the militant regime of Iran $150 billion in aid, secretly granted 2,500 Iranian officials citizenship and then paid another $400 million for a likely staged hostage negotiation. But we’re still talking about hurt feelings, executive dignity and public appearances, right; not rampant injustice and unapologetic treason?

Because irony loves ignorance, the righteous flash mob’s conscience also conveniently abstained from the Obama administration’s illegal surveillance of the press and fraudulently obtained FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign – the first such espionage waged on an incoming administration in American history – emphatically refused to discredit Mueller’s tireless witch hunt despite knowing it was predicated on a proven fake dossier, were complicit during Jim Acosta’s daily tirades at White House briefings and the repeated vicious attacks on Sarah Huckabee by liberal celebrities, encouraged vigilante violence against law enforcement by selectively reporting police shootings, and even endorsed Hillary Clinton despite the irrefutable fact she shared classified information on an illegal server, destroyed incriminating evidence and shamelessly colluded with the DNC to defeat Bernie Sanders. When your fickle recollection cannot discern between criminal aspiration and mere legal political dissension, your incestuous ethics are but willing accomplices to the aftermath of real depravity and pardoned deception. The insulting dichotomy of news coverage praising a bitter propagandist who did everything in his power to weaken and divide America, contrasted against their universal animus towards a faithful servant who works tirelessly on her behalf, the deceived and forsaken people, is nauseating to say the least.

Considering 90% of media reporting has not only been absurdly negative towards a highly accomplished and transparent President, but outright hostile to the occupational necessity of journalistic integrity, spare America the high and morally indignant routine of acceptable behavior. Network pundits will instinctively find fault with his actions regardless of the circumstances. How can any elected leader normalize relations with a former adversary, one that consciously abandoned the destructive legacy of communism, without engaging his or her counterpart in a civil, constructive manner? More profoundly, when did the facetious demands of your most bitter and belligerent domestic enemies supersede the potential diplomatic, economic and military benefits negotiated with an evolving superpower open to breaking old chains for new paths of mutual respect? I’d much rather have our President embrace Putin on the world stage as an equal to expand new markets, international cooperation, than a pandering apologist who despised America’s heritage and capitulated to every abusive tariff and trade deal possible; even praising the murderous legacy of Castro himself before the entire free world.

In light of their psychotic and hypocritical obsession with election collusion, the fascist press lacks the necessary credibility to disparage anyone, let alone the right to claim they represent the prevailing “disgust” of the American people; i.e., those not bound to hate Donald Trump for all eternity. Their singular agenda is to destroy any person, party or ideology who threatens their stranglehold on public perception. I, for one, have far more respect for two competent, patriotic leaders wading through the endless minefield of globalist shills to lead their respected countries to the last respite of national identity, cultural and commercial independence, in lieu of being coerced into indulging the pathological ploys and gross exaggerations of politically deranged sycophants for one second longer. However, before conspiracy theorists continue to rage against the undaunted Trump foreign policy machine, let me digress. The United States has spied on nearly every perceived threat or sworn foe without progressives ever protesting the every nuance of those Heads of State willing to graciously embrace a Democratic president’s diplomatic duplicity. Who knew the difference between semantics and sedition is the company that you keep?

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No Country for Old Cons

President Putin inviting the legal charlatan Robert Mueller to investigate his fraudulent claim of Russian election interference is absolute gold. He knows without hesitation it’s a partisan sham based on a fabricated lie designed to deflect from the DNC’s numerous leaked scandals, Obama’s domestic espionage and foreign policy abuses, in the face of our President’s growing popularity and historic successes. The best way to deal with a coddled bully is to call his treasonous bluff on an international stage where he has no power to manipulate the final outcome. Check and mate, my friend. Even liberal media censors were stunned, unsure of how to respond or proceed with their carefully preserved ruse, because no nation or leader is more aware of Hillary Clinton’s scandalous past – Mueller’s Deep State, underhanded dealings – than the former KGB agent and “Grey Cardinal” himself, Vladimir Putin. Being everyone loves a good bedtime story almost as much Democrats love starting a new dumpster fire every week, perhaps we’ll finally learn the real-life identities of Sergei and the Seven Dwarfs. Rumor has it The Winter Soldier was too busy hacking Fitbits for the IRS.

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Dear Hillary…

If Donald Trump wanted to return America to 1850, slavery would still be legal because the Republican Party – founded as the anti-slavery party and responsible for ending human servitude, granting suffrage for both blacks and women, and protecting civil liberties in the 1960’s – had yet to come to fruition. And yes, lest we forget, that forgotten little anecdote known as the “Trail of Tears” was spearheaded by fellow Democrat and staunch anti-abolitionist, Andrew Jackson. Since you’re so much more adept at social semantics, victimization propaganda and class warfare, I thought an “esteemed” historian like yourself should know the untainted difference before further staining your “presidential” resume with the dishonored sacrifices of real American heroes, evangelical Christians and Civil Rights champions. Fortunately, our often forsaken forebearers of that conveniently ignored treatise on Constitutional Republicanism made keen preparations for your predictable insurrection. It’s called the Electoral College. Never fear, denial is not fatal when your hateful duplicity finally convinces voters what’s best for their families and the future of this reborn Republic: your retirement, imprisonment, both.

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Media Blackouts and Backwoods Beheadings


Absolutely sick. My heart literally breaks for this young girl who was forced to watch the murder of her grandmother before being driven into the backwoods and beheaded by an illegal alien who belonged to a Mexican drug cartel. Apparently only Stormy Daniels, Russian conspiracies or an anti-Trump balloon flown in the UK are worthy of national media attention. This is but one of countless reasons why ‘Open Border’ advocates are out of their collective mind. Contrary to pandering globalists, the immigration dynamics of the modern world is wrought with far greater dangers than the late 19th century or even the mid 20th century when grateful “legal” immigrants almost exclusively came to America seeking a better life and to protect their newfound blessings, not to demand social entitlements, undermine our electoral process or perpetrate unspeakable hate crimes.

Sadly, several months ago a German mother was stabbed to death and her 1-year-old baby beheaded by the father, a Muslim immigrant, in a Hamburg train station. Prime Minister Merkel, in all her infinite wisdom, forbid the German media from even acknowledging the child’s death, including reporting the disturbing details. When speaking an uncomfortable truth – protecting your fellow countrymen from the well-documented evil your leader naively invited – draws more contempt and consequences than ensuring the survival of a murderous lie, you’ve officially surrendered your dignity, humanity and God-given liberties to an elected executioner of Western Civilization. This is the tragic but avoidable aftermath of “progressive” policies that criminalize common sense and turn border security, the mandatory enforcement of existing laws, into racist conspiracies.

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Breaking News: The Young & The Naive

The reason a majority of younger Americans listed Barack Obama as the best president of their lifetime is because he appealed to their naive, celebrity misconception of “progress” with politically correct, glittering generalities while the media hid the true depths of his failures, abuses, bigotry and anti-American agenda. After all, over half of all “enlightened” millennials can’t name more than three of our Founding Fathers, divulge the total number of amendments in the Bill of Rights, and/or identify one notorious Communist mass murderer.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, speaks politically incorrect truths to implement common sense reforms whose successes are religiously buried or distorted by an onslaught of negative press. If I may, when’s the last time the MSM cartel collectively pushed a positive accomplishment of our 45th Chief Executive, when I can literally think of ten historic achievements without delay? Now, how often do you come across the same rehashed news stories…Russian collusion, separated families at the border, climate change, Supreme Court “stacking”, $15 minimum wage, LGBT rights, police brutality, “protectionist” tariffs and Islamophobia…aired in unison on every major network or publication and mercilessly repeated until you know their stale talking points by heart? It’s much more than a partisan conspiracy; it’s a deep-seated contempt for your intelligence, natural-born liberties and the absolute necessity of an informed, independent electorate incumbent to preserving a Constitutional Republic. When 1500 media/entertainment outlets are owned by three corporations, the syndicated password for “public education” is voter indoctrination. Joseph Goebbels would be proud.

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Shenanigans and Sheep

Despite his widely unreported disclaimer – “There is no allegation that any American citizen committed a crime….there is no allegation it changed the vote count or affected the 2016 election result” – Rod Rosenstein’s very public indictment of 12 Russian operatives was announced without a shred of factual evidence but a great deal of sensational fodder for ravenous journalists. Condemning a dozen foreign agitators who will never see the inside of a courtroom for allegedly hacking DNC files reeks of a desperate political stunt to deflect from embarrassing FBI hearings right before President Trump’s much-anticipated visit with Vladimir Putin in which Chuck Schumer pompously demanded a Democratic escort accompany our Commander in Chief to ensure “acceptable” negotiations. As expected, media surrogates are now demanding our President cancel the meeting entirely since such a diplomatic gesture will somehow confirm the left’s stale accusation that an extensive plot existed between two “notorious” leaders determined to hijack our electoral process for personal gain. And yes, the Grinch really stole Christmas.

Of course, the DNC initially refused to report “the breach” due to publicly revealing their own illicit behavior…incriminating memos concerning Hillary’s destroyed illegal server and foreign fundraising efforts, an unauthorized IT specialist granted unrestricted access to classified Congressional accounts, the death of suspected mole Seth Rich, Donna Brazile conspiring with the Clinton campaign to defeat Bernie Sanders, John Podesta’s questionable ties/activities with Kremlin bankers and child sex trafficking, inflammatory emails disparaging various voting demographics…and because top Democratic officials already knew a “Russian collusion” dossier was already being formulated through Fusion GPS, FBI spies/informants stationed in the U.K. and the fabricated research of former British intelligence agent, Christopher Steele. Furthermore, both Wikileaks and Julian Assange have repeatedly asserted neither the Russia government, nor any rogue entity emanating from that region, was the source of the “leaked” emails released to the public.

Sorry, but this announcement is clearly a publicity ruse designed to once again seize national headlines by validating Robert Mueller’s never-ending investigation – which has yet to prove “election collusion” of any kind – as well as to give credence to the fictitious narrative Hillary Clinton only lost the White House due to an unprecedented plot spearheaded by Donald Trump rather than the irrefutable reality the DNC criminally colluded to nominate the most distrusted and detestable candidate in our nation’s history.

Progressive strategists know the average voter is easily swayed with simplistic, sensational allegations because a majority are misinformed and/or hopelessly apathetic. How else can so many anti-American politicians touting such a radical agenda get elected to the highest levels of our government despite promising to dictate nearly every aspect of our Constitutionally-protected liberties? Without inciting hatred and discord behind the incessant smokescreens of manufactured scandal, the same bureaucrats espousing socialism, criminalizing self-defense and promoting open borders would be forced to run on the merits of their record and counter-intuitive beliefs. The incessant Russian collusion fairy tale is but another tool of mass persuasion in their prized, propaganda shed to topple the greatest threat to their political monopoly on public perception: the unadulterated truth. Apropos, if Hillary Clinton’s private server was under the required protection of government security instead of hidden in a bathroom closet, her most sordid dealings would not have become public domain. Who knew karma was an absentee soul.

Whereas the Democratic Party was desperate to salvage any credibility in the wake of multiple scandals during an election year, the syndicated “Russian hacker” melodrama – supposedly perpetrated under the watchful eye of Obama’s surveillance state, no less – was a perfectly timed excuse to derail public scrutiny by once again playing the helpless victim. If Mr. Rosenstein and his Deep State mentor Robert Mueller aren’t too busy chasing cyber ghosts or attempting to sabotage Brett Kavanaugh’s looming confirmation, perhaps they could arrest and indefinitely detain Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Imran Awan and themselves for embarking on the most deceitful, costly witch hunt in modern American history. At least someone who is unquestionably guilty of treason would finally see the inside of a Federal penitentiary.



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Objects and Operatives



If one, dare I say multiple FBI agents conducted themselves in the same seditious manner Peter Strzok and Lisa Page attempted to subvert a legitimate election, violated the century-old mission of our intelligence apparatus, smugly insulted over 60 million Americans, and proudly referenced an ongoing plot to frame Barack Obama, that individual would be in jail or indicted without hesitation. And to think Paul Manafort is being denied due process by a Federal Judge, subjected to solitary confinement in hopes he’ll turn state witness for a fraudulent Russian investigation, without an impending trial or criminal conviction. Not only would the consequences be swift and stern, generating near inconsolable outrage among the mainstream media and congressional Democrats, any attempt by Republicans to defend, God forbid praise these treasonous actions would result in widespread condemnation if not a possible formal censure. Public service without a profound sense of patriotic duty to the rule of law, regardless of who is president, too often invites rogue or politically motivated activism. Judging by the nauseating hubris of a remorseless mule whose relative was pardoned for leaking classified information by the same political espionage President Mr. Strzok has known since 1988, a corrupt soul doesn’t fall far from the family tree.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what “We the People” witnessed today in the halls of our forefathers, the supposed epicenter of our conferred trust. That televised moment a partisan agent’s inexcusable behavior fails to generate an unconditional, bilateral reprimand, a simple acknowledgement of clear illicit intent, moral objectivism is officially dead. If the preoccupied masses ever needed a disturbing reminder as to how consciously close the progressive movement has veered towards embracing mutiny – rejecting punitive recourse, logical discourse and the required transparency of constitutional democracy – today was a disgraceful declaration of their party’s reckless animus and unending quest for unrivaled, amoral control. The guiding conscience of an enduring free nation is only as relevant as its citizens willingness to sincerely distinguish right from wrong, malice from careless negligence. This once solemn duty is quickly becoming a buried dagger of subjective concern.


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Allies & Asterisks

Watching a fearless Chief Executive expose the inexcusable hypocrisy of NATO elitists on a global stage is nothing short of long overdue. Unless 70 year-old “allies” fighting communist aggression are knowingly content fleecing a loyal colleague that has provided international security, advanced military equipment, and vast economic opportunities for their vulnerable populaces, our feckless press should be applauding the unappreciated fact America finally has an “embarrassing” leader who refuses to politely acquiesce after years of “acceptable” exploitation by the same “sophisticated” European community our loved ones once liberated from Nazi occupation.

For all of the lauded “fair share” rhetoric regurgitated by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, despite the inconvenient reality corporations actually create jobs, new wealth, the top 20% wage earners account for over 80% of all income taxes, and both Senators got rich selling the liquidated lie of socialism, when did grossly disproportionate tariffs and unequal NATO defense contributions the best interests of American taxpayers, let alone the surviving unity, safety, of the free world? Dismissive globalists offering little in return while expecting preferential treatment, financial sacrifice, are neither trustworthy confidants or faintly self-aware. Rather, it’s refreshing to wake-up every morning knowing America has no greater friend, tireless advocate and astute ally, than the one constantly misrepresented man who was not only elected to restore common sense and accountability to the barricaded landfill of progressive regression, but who categorically refused to retreat from the arduous goal of his stated presidential obligation: government reform and the restoration of American Exceptionalism, even in the face of overwhelming media manipulation and escalating political hostility.



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Law & Democratic Disorder

Rod Rosenstein personally requesting to initiate a massive investigation of a Supreme Court nominee is so blatantly absurd and abusive that he should be universally admonished by every self-respecting member of our government. The same Deputy Attorney General who should also currently be indicted and/or fired for conspiracy, dereliction of duty and obstruction of justice for failing to submit subpoenaed documents detailing FBI collusion to Congress, needs a stern legal reminder that our intelligence community has no jurisdiction in the confirmation process. Yes, it’s called Checks and Balances, not unhinged partisan hysteria justifying criminal subversion of due process. If I may, did conservative politicians recklessly plot to circumvent the Senate’s authority, incite hostilities on mainstream networks or mindlessly slander political opponents when the unapologetically liberal Sonia Sotomayor or Elena Kagan were selected to serve on America’s most consequential court? Were the most sacred convictions of right-minded voters not under equal duress? And finally, where is the dormant Jeff Sessions amid his subordinate’s illicit scheming and continued unabashed contempt for our federal institutions?

If panicked leftists ceased believing their own doomsday propaganda for one lucid moment, they might actually realize Brett Kavanaugh was clearly the more moderate choice on Trump’s short list of candidates. Regardless, centuries of parliamentary procedure don’t arbitrarily dissolve just because the Democratic Party refuses to accept losing control of Congress and the presidency due to the exploding radicalism, “moralized” anarchy, engulfing their spiteful ranks. Why is perfectly reasonable if not commendable for an unapologetically progressive President to potentially shift the ideological balance of the Supreme Court for years to come, but suddenly a national emergency, a criminal undertaking, when Donald Trump seeks the same legitimate end?

Numerous, nominated justices possessing vastly conflicting beliefs have been questioned and confirmed by both Republicans and Democrats without sacrificing decorum, civility, let alone the undisputed rule of law. If elections indeed have consequences, as Barack Obama once so ominously uttered, perhaps the militant Thought Police should surround themselves with more distinguished company, learn how to rationally and respectfully articulate their dissenting views, before making such insulting, despotic demands on the functional integrity of this 229 year-old Constitutional Republic.

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Supreme Choices and Cheap Publicity Tricks

While Brett Kavanaugh was not my first choice for the Supreme Court due to lingering concerns regarding conflicting reports over government overreach issues such as Obamacare and state surveillance, not to mention his ties to the political establishment, he does possess a deep reverence for Constitutional textualism; i.e., ruling as the Constitution was actually written and intended to preserve individual rights. This strict constructionist view is also a fundamental cog and prescribed duty of equality before the law that is becoming increasingly eroded at nearly every level of our now hyper-partisan judiciary system. The endlessly conniving liberal establishment isn’t so much concerned with conservative justices, per say, as it is validating the original context of the Constitution in the public’s eyes by failing to paint contemporary loyalists as religious extremists, bigots and Right Wing radicals. The inherent deviance of rogue judicial activism cannot survive without the cultivated ignorance of widespread voter support. If Mr. Kavanaugh stays true to his pro-gun, anti-abortion convictions, he could be an invaluable asset in the Supreme Court and a respected champion of America’s founding values for many years to come.

Despite the obvious fraudulent schemes of plotting obstructionists, my gut tells me the Yale graduate and Federal Appellate Judge will ultimately end up somewhere between former Justice Scalia and John Roberts ideologically. I also believe Trump chose Brett because Mitch McConnell convinced him Amy Barrett probably wouldn’t be confirmed in light of mounting opposition from GOP moderates. This way, if the left somehow successfully manages to thwart Kavanaugh’s bid, they know the next choice could potentially be even more conservative with even greater electoral repercussions at stake come November. I have long said Donald Trump is a pragmatist, not an unyielding partisan, and this is but another example of his life’s guiding philosophy. No matter how diverse our opinions, imagine the very plausible alternative where Hillary Clinton could have selected the last two Supreme Court candidates; each “progressive” choice guaranteed to be infinitely worse than Brett Kavanaugh. As such, regardless of our personal favorites, our best course of action is to fully support the new nominee, debunk the left’s viscous smear campaign with unflinching vigor, and pray he stays true to his touted conservative ideals. Unnecessary negativity will only split our ranks and needlessly deflect from preserving our nation’s sovereignty, moral and intellectual integrity, during such a pivotal point in American history.

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Custody & Consequence

Immigration activists suddenly and vociferously demanded trespassing families be kept together at the border, which our President has graciously agreed to despite the Obama administration’s unquestioned failure to do so, but now their jaded court jesters are refusing to afford the necessary time for DNA testing to ensure children aren’t being smuggled by sex trafficking pedophiles pretending to be a parent or guardian. So much for “humanitarianism” when political semantics makes no genuine effort to curtail the multi-billion dollar global empire of human trafficking. In other words, disregard the detestable fact the “terrorist organization” known as ICE apprehended illegals responsible for 1800 murders and 76,000 drug offenses in 2017, let alone the 904 children rescued from mass exploitation. As long as Mexico, Central and South America, have no discernible interest in fighting real depravity, I’m going to assume they don’t have the time or moral fortitude to cash any additional foreign aid checks out of respect for the safety of soulless, “racist”, American taxpayers. The ethical euphemism for progressive intent is voluntary rape in the subsidized House of ill repute.

If “invested” politicians spent more time educating the public and supporting our immigration laws, not fundraising off half-truths or inciting discord solely for self-aggrandizement, this overblown debacle would be void and moot. When did it become a humanitarian crisis for migrants to follow the prescribed naturalization process or responsibly seek asylum at a recognized Point of Entry? No crimes would be levied or families divided due to such reckless actions. Of course, it’s common knowledge gang members, drug mules, serial convicts, those with communicable diseases and generally unqualified applicants purposeful skirt detection because they or a member of their caravan would never be granted entry into America regardless.

Just in case the melodramatic media needs an academic reminder, foreign nationals apprehended at the border are not owed any due process whatsoever….that which Congress must officially and specifically designate. Rather than enabling costly lawsuits and endless legal maneuvering making a mockery of our immigration laws by invoking imaginary rights of trespassing non-citizens, the Executive branch has the full authority to process and swiftly prosecute illegal aliens apprehended within the United States. Immediate deportation without lengthy detainment, including a mandatory criminal conviction barring any chance of future citizenship, is by far the best course of action until and after an effective border wall is constructed.

The moral conflict of natural-born liberty isn’t simply unadulterated “choice”, but the glaring lack of equitable consequence absent in its wake. How else can the apoplectic advocates of social outrage rejoice over the 60 million babies legally separated from their biological parents since Roe v. Wade, or consciously support the sale of healthy baby parts by Planned Parenthood? If moonlighting “humanists” refuse to make any concessions regarding our civilized obligation to combat drug, sex and weapons smuggling – human servitude and slave labor markets in the year 2018 – then I fully support our President taking whatever actions are necessary to act in the best interests of the American people and on behalf of those innocent children used as pawns by crime cartels or callous parents with no regard for the rule of law, or God forbid, human life. Lest we become the “means” to end this absurd political ruse of unchecked immigration, fabricated concern and false contrition to conceal the unreported aftermath, our border might as well serve as the last sovereign checkpoint of surrendered self-respect instead of a mutually-respected path to a better life. I hear the forgotten names of victims aren’t near as valuable as the electoral body count of bartered flesh.


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Good Fortune and Sour Grifters

Drudge Report: Democrats blast “reckless” job boom as a record 155,576,000 Americans are now employed with another 213,000 new positions added in June; once again beating Wall Street expectations.

Lord, please stop the “terror” of an expanding private sector, lower taxes, higher median household income, rebounding home ownership and fewer bureaucratic regulations! And here I foolishly hoped goodwill and good fortune – a strong, reciprocal economy with limitless opportunity – transcended petty politics and party lines. When fellow Americans cannot even agree of the universal benefits and constitutional staples of individual liberty, open markets, “fair” trade and limited government, we’re literally two foreign populaces forced to play tug-of-war on the same burning island.

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Shock Treatments & Socialist Demigods

Since America apparently no longer needs ICE or border patrol agents to enforce our immigration laws – to prevent the proliferation of crime, infectious diseases or terrorism by combating human, sex, drug and weapons trafficking – why do we need Congress; those deceitful, bureaucratic dregs who profit from legislative kickbacks, reckless propaganda and incessant partisan games? Hell, while the so-called egalitarian left teeters on the precipice of sponsored anarchy and visualized economic ruination, why does anyone need the police, a standing military or a judicial system? No wonder the IRS admitted to harassing law-abiding conservatives only to disperse refunds to Illegals who never paid taxes…because it makes so much sense to betray the very country, loyal citizens and rule of law your “loving” political neurosis so predictably but ignorantly despises. What could possibly be more redeeming than transforming the United States into a national sanctuary for trespassing indigents, fugitives from justice and anti-American agitators whom liberals already tirelessly groom and shamelessly favor in educational opportunities, government jobs, and public benefits? Or is equality in the eyes of God and the blind wisdom of activist judges still an affirmative action program with complimentary gift bags?

The moment “resisting” a President’s mounting achievements and populist reforms requires abandoning reason for madness, the mere prospect of facing reality turns elected statesmen into kicking and screaming delinquents at the slightest hint of accountability. Better yet, when the DNC chairman zealously proclaims Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the future “gold standard” of the Democratic party’s silver bullet, a privileged but “victimized” millennial possessing far more socialist hyperbole and racial angst than real-life experience or acquired expertise, sanity is the hidden, dissenting elephant euthanized in the romanticized media narrative of the “honorable” Bronx zoo. Unfortunately for the common man caught in the cultural cross-hairs of clueless Marxist ideologues, including 28-year-old “oppressed” debutantes raised in Yorktown Heights of Westchester County, reality and regurgitated rhetoric rarely cross political paths in the same plane of existence.

Pay no attention to the undaunted pioneer trailblazing towards a limitless horizon of self-actualization, welcome to the cognitive re-calibration asylum where recognized (U.S.) borders are a form of illegal enticement, unearned entitlements are a human right, basic civility is a tool of Right Wing fascism, where universal tax cuts promote poverty, and profit-producing businesses must relinquish the private fruits of ambition, professional skill and personal sacrifice to the mandatory custody of the bloc-voting welfare state. Unless these absurd agendas and insipid insinuations poisoning our most fundamental ideals are denounced as clear and present dangers to the rationale world, that symbolic yet indomitable American spirit breaking free from oppressive rule will inevitably become a blasphemous metaphor for breaking the untouchable glass motives of Democratic demigods. I, for one, am tired of false idols and glorified carnival tricks.





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Fireworks and Fissures: The Arsonist’s Wet Dream


The disturbing descent by the once fiercely patriotic party of JFK is as painfully disturbing as it is inherently dangerous. This salient shift is even more disconcerting considering this Gallup poll was taken during the Obama presidency when liberal ire was predictably and hypocritically dormant amidst a media fire sale of absolved abuses, deceptions and failures. And yet many “principled” leftists are still somehow confounded as to why they’re routinely characterized as bitter, ungrateful, anti-American antagonists. Sorry but my love of America and appreciation for the blessings liberty innately affords is not contingent upon any political group, contested policy or revered figure. It is unwavering and an immutable testament to who I am today, but more profoundly a faithful reminder of my surviving  heritage as an independent, industrious and Christian man. The everyday opportunity to better myself by forging a path of personal conviction, regardless of personal misfortune or unequal achievement, has never diminished my love for a sacred, transcendent way of life my family graciously embraces without fear, blame or undue expectation.

As for those Democrats who have become increasingly intolerant and overtly militant towards our founding ideals – incapable of differentiating between patriotism, sworn duty, and partisan propaganda – they only need to look at the regressive state of California to see both the true aftermath and ominous future of modern progressivism. Rampant homelessness, excessive taxation, unsustainable assistance, unchecked corruption, social engineering, reverse affirmative discrimination, class warfare, political censorship, gender conditioning, education indoctrination and an ingrained irreverence for God, country and the rule of law are all historical preludes to the dissolution of any free, prosperous and civil society. Not only are these corrosive practices an imminent threat to the rapidly decaying fabric of this American republic, the subversion of individual accountability and invaluable cultural norms have tragically transformed promiscuity into passion, pedophilia into love, envy into entitlement, disagreement into hate speech, criminals into “dreamers” and unprovoked violence into mandatory political “resistance”.

Republicans and Democrats have grown so irrefutably far part in the past 20 years, both ideologically and spiritually, any attempt to reconcile this treacherous chasm appears exceedingly futile, if not unmistakably foolish. When insatiable malice, the scorched earth politics of personal destruction, displaces discernible truth, rejects constructive discourse and mocks logical prudence solely to fabricate electoral supremacy by sacrificing Constitutional sovereignty, those proven historical blueprints to effective and responsible self-government, the road to perdition is closer than those domestic terrorists mortgaging our children’s future by selling foreign fairy tales and socialist wet dreams underneath America’s burning bunk bed of unreported arson.

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The Yellow Yahoos of Fake News

Dear Yahoo….

The Senate acknowledging the obvious reality Russia played psychological war games on social media to incite hysteria among the voting populace of a known adversary – similar to the Obama administration’s efforts to sway Israeli elections to defeat Benjamin Netanyahu –  is not the same as “election collusion” between two conscious participants. Tainting actual election results, like rampant vote fraud committed by undocumented immigrants, is distinctly illegal whereas “trolling” the weak-minded is certifiably juvenile. Thank you for once again proving the true meaning of misleading reporting: i.e., Fake News!

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Judicial Tidbits and Totalitarian Tiffs

Nearly every Democratic politician and media pundit knew the President’s Travel Ban was completely constitutional and would eventually be upheld by the Supreme Court; their juvenile legal maneuvering was but an orchestrated ploy to delay its implementation, enforcement, as long as humanly possible while supporting their social justice narrative Donald Trump is somehow a White Supremacist for simply wanting to keep America safe from the countless militant Islamists whose criminal histories and radical affiliations were not tracked by their native counties. The only real “injustice” committed or legal conundrum remaining is how such an elementary case didn’t garner the support of all nine justices. If only Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were afforded the same duplicitous and slanderous scorn for enacting almost identical restrictions.

As for Justice Kennedy’s looming retirement, which may soon be followed by the liberal stalwarts of Ginsburg and Breyer, when was the last time a Democratic President nominated a conservative judge due to public, partisan pressure? Sorry, but practically every politician campaigns on preserving or remolding the Supreme Court according to their party ideology. Spare America the organized outrage for the same propagandists leading their Marxist motley crew are consciously inciting discord ad nauseam solely to increase voter turnout come November; not that a peaceful, non-elected, female government official being kicked out of a family restaurant and harassed/followed to a nearby establishment should raise any Red Flags of “civilized” concern. If anything, the absurd number of frivolous and obstructionist lawsuits over the past 18 months has proven beyond a reasonable doubt just how much America needs an authoritative court bound by Constitutional law, historical precedent, rather than media-driven hysteria designed to pervert logic and supercede the integrity of our judicial institutions.

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The Dysfunctional Toll of Duplicity

Troubling pictures the media won’t show you from border detention centers during Barack Obama’s tenure. Where’s the outrage, international condemnation, the Executive Order to preemptively block Donald Trump’s supposed unparalleled cruelty? Of course the “watchdog” media said or did nothing because they’re all hypocrites and partisan sycophants. For the sake of families, politicized children and this country, this is why an effective border wall and strictly enforced immigration statutes are so paramount. The naturalization process is much more beneficial, humane, for all parties involved rather than simply encouraging and catering to this dysfunctional mess.




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Reflections & Revisionists


Since media-induced hysteria has turned common political practice and basic legal protocol into crimes against humanity, here’s a 2014 picture from an Arizona detention center during Obama’s tenure. Where are the crying journalists and rabid celebrities demanding his arrest, assassination or public tribunal? Something tells me such a farce will cost far less than to collectively shelter the over 10,000 illegals occupying our border, with 250 new child arrivals everyday, at an estimated price tag of $35,000 per individual each year. And to think countless Americans are currently in jail for unpaid parking tickets and trespassing on private property. Who needs borders when drug, weapons, and human trafficking cartels have such vocal allies protecting their honorable trade?

Ironically, due to the inflamed reactions created by Democratic hypocrisy and history revisionism regarding border security protocols, the left unknowingly just helped our President fight chain immigration. His new Executive Order now ensures families that are detained together, can also be deported together. Deliberate duplicity is not without a sense of karmic fate.

The left’s lynch mob behavior regarding such an obviously manipulated issue is but another ominous example of how it has literally become impossible to coexist with modern progressives; those hostile malcontents who are neither interested in truth, universal accountability or easing the burden placed on actual American citizens. Until a border wall is built, foreign parents are held responsible for their callous actions and a single instance of illegal immigration results in a permanent loss of eligibility for future citizenship – a mandatory felony indictment and significant fine – only the names propagating this never-ending debacle will change. Using children as political pawns for sympathy does not entitle anyone to special privileges. If a family truly wants to become U.S. citizens and dine at the table of American liberty, economic independence, then simply fill out the paperwork and protect the abundant opportunities this nation proudly offers all who respect her Constitutional sovereignty.

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A Hazy Shade of Shameless

When the economy is too good to criticize, a notorious North Korean dictator agrees to denuclearization and returns wrongfully imprisoned Americans, terrorist regimes are no longer favored, the constitutional precept of limited government is restored, and the confirmed details of a damning IG report must be upstaged to conceal widespread Democratic corruption, leftists conveniently orchestrate national hysteria over a decades-old immigration policy their own party consummated and publicly enforced during previous administrations. And yet unbeknownst to most liberal partisans, except the elected engineers of social injustice, the physical well-being of undocumented immigrants is actually of little consequence to their ranks. Why, you ask? Because even if Donald Trump graciously agreed to grant amnesty to all illegals currently residing in America and lingering in our detention centers – under the caveat they had to work, pay taxes and could never vote in a U.S. election – the entire progressive establishment would immediately balk without reservation. Apparently a “humanitarian crisis” really isn’t an emergency unless it can be exploited by shameless propagandists for personal gain and political favor.



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Borders, Blueprints and Heartstrings

The only ones tearing apart migrant families at the border are those individuals who refuse to recognize and consciously abide by our prevailing immigration laws: the very same family “separation” legislation Democrats consummated (Immigration Reform & Immigrant Responsibility Act), Bill Clinton signed in 1996, and Barack Obama never scrapped despite the benefit of a Congressional majority in 2008. And never mind that in March of 1993 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled, in Flores vs. Reno, minors couldn’t be incarcerated with adults accompanying them illegally across the U.S. border in order to protect their best interests. The landmark decision settled a long-running dispute on how to best care for these children while their guardians were detained for criminal proceedings, whereas a subsequent 1997 ruling from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals stipulated minors must be placed in a safer environment where they could receive education and other normal life cycle amenities that imprisoned individuals typically do not. As for the social media firing squad, their erudite scholars failed to explain how a revered real estate mogul managed to orchestrate this cruel “separation of state” some 20 years before he was elected.

Naturally, these detention centers are only now being absurdly characterized as “Nazi death camps” because Donald Trump is President; a man the left conspires daily to denigrate and remove from office by any means necessary. Regardless, how is it suddenly a horrific injustice when foreign children of imprisoned illegal aliens are detained until they can be transferred or deported to a suitable home, when for generations the offspring of American citizens are sent to foster care or a relative’s residence until their parents’ sentence is fully served? Unfortunate, yes; unprecedented, no. Families that belong together should have stayed together in their home countries until they received permission to legally enter the United States. 


Immigrating caravans and families are not only aware of our existing enforcement procedures, they refuse to turn back despite being warned by Border Patrol agents they will be jailed and separated from their children if they do not leave immediately. As for those televised “crying kids” who showed up with strangers or God-forbid by themselves, do you actually believe that was mere coincidence or by design? Better yet, is “child endangerment” still a crime? When U.S. taxpayers are having to shelter and feed an average of 250 new adolescent arrivals per day, at cost of $35,000 per immigrant each year, their parents’ negligence is but confirmation a border wall is needed more than ever to dissuade such reckless and irresponsible actions. If I may, where is the choreographed concern for the roughly 550,000 homeless, law-abiding Americans living in squalor; or in “humanitarian” terms, the 43 million men, women and children currently living below the median poverty line of $21,000 on their own native soil? Until a single offense of illegal immigration results in a permanent loss of citizenship eligibility and possible felony indictment, little will change for the foreseeable future.

Many of the same livid activists blaming Donald Trump for decades of trespassers consciously ignoring our national sovereignty and the inevitable consequences, dismissed or even laughed at the heartless reality Planned Parenthood has been dissecting countless aborted babies and profiting from the “separation” of their healthy tissue. Selective semantics aside, illegal immigration is far more than just a harmless instance of trespassing for public advocates also enable drug, weapons and human trafficking opportunists. Despite the shameless victimization ploys of pandering politicians and media muckrakers, these essential laws have existed for over a century to protect the American people and preserve our national sovereignty; well before the evolving threats against America multiplied in complexity, frequency and ferocity. Although the President just announced an Executive Order allowing families to be detained together, unlike his hypocritical predecessors, reform is a political ruse for only blanket amnesty, open borders, will ever truly satisfy the globalist hoard.

Attempting to demonize the White House for simply enforcing the absolute necessity of border security, law and order, is as ignorant as ignoring the reality American citizens are currently imprisoned in Central and South America for violating similar legislation. Becoming a legal citizen is not a racist conspiracy, merely a universal process of prescribed requirements designed to ensure due diligence, mutual respect and safety, without the subversion of partisan interference: i.e., divisive identity politics and criminal electoral schemes. Corrupt bureaucrats survive, often thrive, by demanding sympathy and feeding off society’s indulgence of their destructive excuses. Sorry to disappoint the contemporary critics of common sense but accountability is not a revolutionary concept; it’s the modern ideological Kryptonite of mindless progressive hostility.



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Toeing the Covert Party Line

“Trump’s not ever going to become president, right? RIGHT,” Lisa Page texted him.

“NO. No, he won’t. We’ll stop it,” Peter Strzok responded.

And lest we forget the iconic line, “Don’t worry, we have an insurance policy”, ringing across the federal espionage headquarters of disposable due process and harmless intent. What could possibly be more “biased” than blatant insurrection, lateral impunity, at nearly every level of Washington’s intelligence apparatus: supposed non-political entities.

If this ominous exchange took place between two drunk patrons at a bar, so be it. But repeatedly referenced by two FBI agents who were never reprimanded or subsequently fired; even after their superiors became aware of their disturbing rhetoric? Any self-respecting civil servant having sworn to uphold their solemn oath would immediately report and/or investigate such a potentially grave matter; unless that is, they were already cognizant of, dare I say involved in, an ongoing treasonous plot. Then again, when the former Head of the CIA admits illegal surveillance of the President is somehow a good thing, who needs a formal trial? Better yet, how can aggressively draining every ethically-deranged parasite lounging in the Deep State cesspool possibly be a bad thing?

Et tu, crying James Comey? Or was the private Gmail account employed exclusively for your officially-fake review of Hillary’s real, unauthorized server simply a coincidence to give your sterling penchant for objectivity and following protocol a permanent vacation from the social media pink slip of Executive authority? The “wrongfully” terminated always scrub their implicated Commander in Chief’s name from their final report to shield his handpicked successor from a sexist court of law. Thank God Dinesh D’Souza was prosecuted for reimbursing two associates who donated to the Senate campaign of Wendy Long when the Clinton Foundation dispersed less than 7% of hundreds of millions in charitable presidential slush funds. But yes, I know, Donald Trump and hurtful words of pain.


Funny how the same “faithful” FBI that immediately catered to the gold-digging whims of a porn star and the politically-motivated vendetta of her corrupt DNC attorney – recharging Mueller’s baseless collusion crusade – was completely immune to the criminal behavior festering deep within their own ranks. If members of our intelligence community can stonewall or categorically refuse congressional oversight and operational accountability, Mr. Rosenstein, what’s the difference between a Constitutional government built upon centuries of “checks and balances” and a Banana Republic confiscating coconuts from unruly sloths for the purpose of exporting authentic Pina Coladas? The size of your obstructionist ego obviously pales in comparison to the intoxicated scope of your undisclosed misconduct. Luckily in prison, newly-discovered remorse rarely shrinks for posterity’s sake.

Forgive my faint recollection concerning the partisan particulars of punishable betrayal, but when do “We the People” get to raid the hostile corridors of the FBI and conveniently impotent DOJ; those now “honorable” modern fairy tales of integrity waging war against this nation’s founding ideals with our tax dollars but by no means our collective consent. In an age where bill collectors are the new barbarians at the squeaky gate, how long will it be before the bloody tip of the intelligence iceberg melts proving victims never cut their own wrists to pay the counterfeit toll for their captors robbing the public’s trust?

It’s a bitter-sweet indictment of our country when the only justice political traitors and protected thieves will receive is the fact Hillary Clinton will never become president. I don’t need the anecdotal validation of an Inspector General’s report to know treasonous sedition without unwavering consequence is a suicidal proposition. The very moment the prescribed peaceful transition of democratic power becomes a foreign concept among the supposed domestic guardians of our once Free Republic, liberty becomes a wounded lie living in media-imposed exile.


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The Art of Flattery

President Trump didn’t say Kim Jong-un cares about his people because he believes it’s factually true. He made that sketchy public comment because calling your already anxious adversary a lying, murderous tyrant on an international stage would have torpedoed any chance for a disarmament deal, let alone any hope of North Korea abiding by the terms once the summit concluded. It’s called artful flattery, diffusing the tension, and it’s a fairly common negotiation technique. In what deluded daydream does, “Sign the paper, you piece of shit” begin to assuage 60 years of distrust and derision? Seasoned statesmen appeal to the best versions out their counterparts, raising expectations by lowering their defenses, not by needlessly inflaming divides. How many times has Patriots head coach Bill Belichick lavished the opposition with praise during press conferences, only to destroy his competition come game day?

The panicked left is so desperate to put a negative slant on a positive outcome, you would have thought the President signed a clearly fabricated accord giving 1.5 billion in taxpayer money to the militant regime of Iran and our blessing to “gradually” build a nuclear arsenal so they could someday fulfill their undying vow to destroy America and Israel. Unlike Trump’s global best-seller, “The Art of the Deal”, Barack Obama authored the amoral mystery, “How to Commit Treason while the Media Holds Your Beer: A Two-Step Program.” The press either has a sick sense of humor or the worst case of partisan-induced amnesia since Ted Kennedy’s car admitted to playing Truth or Dare with his drowning, abandoned date on a drunk Chappaquiddick bridge. Much to his failed predecessors’ chagrin, the President brought a notorious dictator’s panties home and made the world a safer place without actually having to violate or kill anyone. Now that’s skill a well-rehearsed alibi can’t buy.


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Setting A Course for Change

As more details continue to emerge and evolve over due time, the historic peace agreement signed by both our President and Kim Jong-un is more or less a culmination of pressure, timing, and seized opportunity. The same hysterical liberals decrying Donald Trump was going to trigger World War III through mere rhetoric alone, are now complaining a mercurial dictator who threatened our annihilation and recklessly tested nuclear ordinance in the Pacific Ocean was brought to his senses. In other words, they’re distraught over the widely hailed prospect of yet another unfathomable success for our Commander in Chief; one which his beloved predecessor either foolishly dismissed, lacked the discernible skills to achieve or found no common ground to negotiate. If the roles were precisely reversed, Barack Obama would have been anointed world savior on nearly every network before the ink from his Smithsonian archived pen could consummate his historic breakthrough. Excuses, like elections, also have consequences.

While I make no apologies for Kim’s past transgressions or brutal reign, he is nonetheless the proverbial lightning rod from which all, if any, progress must emanate. As much as I welcomed his potential assassination, such deliberate action would immediately invoke widespread condemnation – from both allies and adversaries alike, most notably China and Democratic antagonists – giving Donald Trump’s endlessly plotting enemies but another barb from which to skewer him with salacious accusations of murder and chargeable war crimes. And yes, there is also that distinct possibility where a justifiable, painless military operation to eliminate but one irrefutable tyrant concludes with yet another deranged family despot quickly assuming power and ultimately with the full protections of the “reinvested” global community. It’s hard to stop the flood of unabridged human suffering, claim the moral high ground, when your unabashed critics left the sprinklers on for insurance purposes.

When rooting against America becomes your favorite national pastime, hoping a notorious regime retains Weapons of Mass Destruction is far less disturbing than simply acknowledging the watershed milestone of a fellow American. Regardless of the treasonous politics and shameless posturing, the progressive establishment’s desperate attempt to derail any meaningful progress or perceived triumph, the past 6 months has confirmed two salient facts: President Trump is never going to peacefully accept a nuclear North Korea and the North Korean people are in dire need of immediate assistance. These destitute and forsaken families need food, healthcare, electricity, basic infrastructure, education and in due time…commercial opportunities as a gateway to a better life.

Although I by no means trust Kim Jong-un, how is consciously accepting a legacy of failed diplomacy remotely superior to protecting mankind from another armed menace? How is doing nothing any better than at least attempting to forge a brave, new path? If the 34-year-old descendant of totalitarian rulers has even the slightest hope of regaining a shred of respect from his people, not blind adulation driven by fear of death, his only true recourse was to accept peaceful disarmament, seek an end to economic sanctions by joining the civilized world, and to stop hoarding his nation’s wealth for personal glory. That momentous moment our President initially withdrew from the peace summit was the very pivotal instant an apologetic North Korea fully committed to the idea her failed past can no longer dictate her present course. Whether by earnest sincerity, artful flattery or reasoned harmony, only a skilled and astute leader can potentially turn a vaunted foe into a personal confidant of foreseeable change.

Whereas America has an abundance of agricultural resources, technology and business acumen, our greatest enduring tribute is that of humanity: an innate calling to spread liberty and hope throughout the world, especially in the most inhospitable places or during unconventional times. If building a few condos or beach resorts gives a crying child his prized rattler of international allure, such trivialities will cost far less than waging a military campaign on foreign soil or cleaning up the atomic aftermath of a rogue attack on the beaches of Hawaii. Appeasement, on the other hand, is capitulating to fear, indecision, without demanding specific concessions and verifiable actions necessary for reaching an acceptable solution. Fortunately for the American people, accomplished CEO’s don’t deal in sentimental whims or intangible assets. You either fulfill your part of the bargain or you’re liquidated in a Pyongyang penthouse by your own myopic accord. Unlike tipsy pillow talk with an undercover assassin, only one has a promising future.


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The Domestic Sellouts of Foreign Tributes

When the truth is offensive, the more the socialist sensitivities of propagandists like Mr. Trudeau are insulted. And this is exactly why so many voted for our unapologetic President. He’s willing to say whatever needs to be said, fight for his country’s best interests, while his predecessors passively accepted or even praised the senseless status quo. Leadership is not, nor should it ever be, a cordial welcome mat to mass exploitation. The more the anti-American New World Order cries and throws public tantrums, the more their once uncontested grip on power, factual reality, slips through their collective, sweaty grasp. Sorry John McCain and John Brennan…Donald Trump is far from an embarrassment, mentally ill or an aberration; he is a desperately-needed awakening as to the despotic depths your globalist ranks are willing to deceive and cajole the fleeced families, independence, of this once rudderless nation.

Perhaps our Northern business partners should refresh the Prime Minister’s mistaken memory, because America alone accounts for over 90% of Canada’s total exports; or roughly $296 billion in revenue. China is second at a scant $15.8 billion. Unless media pundits and whining bureaucrats are willing to pay a 50% or God forbid a 300% excise tax levied on their home or car in the open marketplace, they’re simply talking out of the wrong end. American consumers are traditionally far more vital to the success of foreign companies than the collective purchasing power their populaces provide to our private sector. This is largely due to consumer preference and regional devotion to native firms, as well as a matter of affordability resulting from absurd duties placed on American goods. If the discerning public chooses an international product through the natural rigors of competition and expectation, without strategic roadblocks and tribute fees, so be it. At least the playing field is level, based on equal opportunity rather than treating U.S. commerce as the world’s largest communal piggy bank.

Since the latter has been official G7 policy for some time now, it’s abundantly clear grossly disproportionate tariffs have become the preferred street hustle for exacting wealth redistribution: a convenient guise for shifting global influence or addressing perceived historical inequities via a form of economic reparations. Considering America’s annual trade gap regularly surpassed $500 billion under previous administrations – over $350 billion and $150 billion-dollar deficits to China and the European Union respectively – why would any elected politician continue to accept, dare I say submit, to such inane terms? Because America’s commercial health has long been a barometer for the world economy, it’s of little surprise a deep recession ensued after our trade deficit topped $700 billion for four consecutive years between 2005 and 2008.

If being mercilessly swindled now constitutes “protectionist” policies, what’s the sensationalist headline for consciously penalizing American industry and labor for decades: “love hurts”? Fair Trade isn’t a negotiation, it’s a prerequisite for doing your elected job, sound fiscal growth, but more profoundly for instinctively putting the American people first. And it’s about damn time someone actually had the unflinching nerve to accept accountability.


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Make Payable to America

What do you deem the actions of a “radical” President who creates over 3 million jobs in just 18 months as a record 6.7 million openings surpass unemployed applicants, lowers jobless claims to a 44-year-low and reduces minority unemployment to their lowest levels in history, restores consumer confidence to a 18-year-high generating over $6 trillion in new stock market wealth, strengthens median household income to nearly $60,000, cuts taxes across the board to revitalize small business and the suffocated national staples of steel and coal, punishes American corporations that profit domestically but employ cheap or slave labor abroad, secures new or expanded foreign investment in American commercial ventures, refuses to accept disproportionate tariffs placed on American products, cuts foreign aid to militant regimes and anti-American organizations, eliminates government waste and two-thirds of bureaucratic red tape, and negotiates on behalf of US farmers to gain greater access to the restricted agricultural markets of the most populous country in the world…the over 1.4 billion residents of China? Common sense.

No, common sense doesn’t deserve a Blue Ribbon or a participation trophy, but it demands an honest media and appreciative workforce that understands the difference between a Chief Executive who works tirelessly to ensure ample opportunity – putting the interests, independence and livelihoods of the American people first – instead of accommodating those brooding socialists who merely view business as a necessary evil and individual prosperity as an imminent threat to government autonomy. Call me hopelessly old-fashioned but I’ll always choose a loyal, fearless and competent CEO, even the infamously savvy Robber Baron, over a conniving body of global pawnbrokers issuing Utopian promissory notes for the permissible crumbs of intellectual conformity. One seeks personal advancement on his own accord, the second mortgages your soul.

Unlike the afforded walls of mediocrity, mankind’s limitless potential and unrivaled creativity are the flammable tinder of economic liberty. Without incentive and reward, the work ethic of ingenuity and accountability cannot breathe. Being a responsible member of the world community does not require surrendering your nation’s identity, financial sovereignty, nor does it include the right to control, dictate and siphon the labors of humanity under the collectivist banner of coerced political unity. Elitist arrogance, on the other hand, has already picked your “greedy” capitalist pocket in the “unidentifiable” name of the common good. The International Thieves Guild is always looking for naive donors.

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Immunity for Innocence

Dear James Comey…

If the FBI did not act improperly or collude with the Obama administration to illegally spy on an incoming President, potentially frame members of his staff, and exonerate Hillary’s criminal activities, why is Andrew McCabe asking for an immunity before his scheduled Senate testimony when he can simply Plead the Fifth? Innocent men don’t need “insurance policies” unless they’re desperate to avoid prison time or they’re being strategically sacrificed by the swamp to silence an exploding scandal by promising legal bombshells only to deliver stale crumbs of public ridicule. Your “honorable” reputation as a classified leaker, a pathological liar and a spineless puppet will soon be immortalized in the annotated annals of political conspiracy and treasonous betrayal. Since big government is for feckless small minds, please amend your mistaken memoirs to include your Deep State merit badge and redacted memo of undeniable guilt. Denial is unapologetically foreign to forgiveness, but not to be confused with regret.


Your signature on three fraudulent FISA warrants

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Religious Liberty and Political Polygraphs

In a decisive 7-2 ruling, the Supreme Court concluded Denver native Jack Phillips was treated grossly unfair and with “impermissible hostility” when the Colorado Civil Rights Commission prosecuted him for refusing to bake a gay wedding cake. In other words, state officials intentionally disregarded his religious beliefs, afforded liberties, in favor of recognizing same-sex marriages: which, ironically, wasn’t even legal at that time in Colorado. Regardless, this case is but one of many legal conflicts which have emerged since the Obama administration began selectively targeting Christian organizations and private businesses: specifically, Catholic charities and Christian commercial chains such as Hobby Lobby. Chick-fil-A, despite being a selfless supporter of our military, first responders and local communities during times of national disaster, is still routinely slandered by anti-Christian activists, denied business opportunities in urban epicenters, and picketed across liberal college campuses.

Whether through unlawful IRS intimidation or by invoking the intrusive stipulations of Obamacare to demand religious entities provide paid abortions and birth control for their constituents, it was painfully clear our very own Constitutionally-restrained government, the same Republic founded upon religious freedom and Judeo-Christian ethics, had become irrevocable hostile towards our ideological heritage; if not America itself. Such devious and inexcusable insanity is no different than a Jewish President forcing an Islamic bistro to serve BLT’s and Tequila Sunrises during Ramadan or requiring atheist students to recite the Lord’s Prayer on Good Friday; abusive acts which would immediately stir widespread criticism, organized protests and regurgitated accusations of bigotry.

And yet no reciprocal outrage was present for those steadfast Christians ordered to violate their biblical doctrine which unconditionally condemns infanticide and homosexuality as sinful abominations. Without almost any mainstream media or Democratic dissension, their collective rights were summarily swept under the rug of cultural Marxism by social justice soldiers who viewed the LGBT agenda as infinitely more consequential than one’s perceived religious salvation, economic livelihood and wrongful persecution. Considering it is illegal to demand a Mosque weds a same-sex couple, whether you’re a Christian, Hindu, Amish or Muslim, why would it be “Kosher” for a privately-owned enterprise to violate their religious beliefs?

While this landmark decision clearly confirmed Christians still have indelible civil rights, a non-rhetorical affirmation by all logical accounts and national eras, it is by no means a carte blanche to discriminate against other citizens based on their race, gender, or sexuality. Rather, judicial history suggests these cases will be now adjudicated by state courts on an individual basis to determine intent, religious history and extenuating circumstance. Naturally, any perceived chance of fostering mutual boundaries is wishful thinking in today’s hyper-partisan climate where political advocacy is systematically supplanting even the most self-explanatory tenets of the law in state and federal courts. As a result, this polarizing issue will likely become more convoluted by opening an inescapable Pandora’s box of opportunistic interpretations, frivolous lawsuits decrying a lack of Alien pastor insemination services or “Flat-Earth” newlyweds demanding undoctored NASA wedding pictures, in the coming years.

Buried beneath this incessant tug-of-war, the “religious extremism” media motif, is the fact most Christian business owners would never inquire about a customer’s sexual orientation or even consider refusing selling goods and services based on a couple’s private life. One, it’s bad business, and two, a majority of Christians are pretty tolerant of alternative lifestyles. Then again, there is always that sovereign matter of self-respect which would lead me to never support an establishment that didn’t want my business. Why not simply find a bakery that welcomes your time and money? That being said, politically-motivated plaintiffs purposely targeting religiously-devout entrepreneurs for fame or financial gain deserve to be prosecuted for harassment and entrapment to the fullest extent of the law. As someone who supports an establishment’s right to refuse service for any number of legitimate reasons – unacceptable attire, vulgarity, violence, vagrancy and religious principles – I do realize there are limitations to such exclusions

Because political ideology, like religion, is but a definable set of beliefs minus the spiritual atonement, where do we as a sentient society eventually draw the line between exploitation and self-identity? When a man is legally thrown out of a New York City pub for simply wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, as determined by a New York Court, or a Republican woman denied roadside assistance because she has a Donald Trump bumper sticker, what’s to stop gun owners, pro-life advocates, or any First Amendment expression from being denied equal access to teaching positions, government subsidized programs, legal aid, community organizations, and entertainment venues; slights which are growing more prevalent with each passing day? Better yet, how do you definitively prove “politics” was the deciding factor in their exclusion; especially when judges selectively protect legal, dare I say “reasonable”, self-expression?

Although economic boycotts and electoral protest (voting) are traditional methods of recourse, they are typically only as effective as majority rule. Due to the pervasive hostility dividing our communities, sacrificing civil decorum for the ultimate goal of unilateral control, I believe it is only a matter of time before political discrimination becomes the newest civil rights frontier and most common form of injustice. Once an everyday matter of casual disagreement becomes a credible basis for mass societal segregation, alienation, progressive strategists and politicians will stop at nothing to punish political opponents at every opportune moment to exact the type of social change they deem “honorable”. Nevertheless, I will always find solace in the divine truth our rights are derived by God, and not the oppressive whims of cultural terrorists seeking supremacy over sensibility.


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The Mass Graves of Media Deception

Unemployment dropped to a paltry 3.8% in May (the lowest in a generation), another 225,000 jobs were added to the workforce, and black unemployment fell to a record low 5.9%. Excuse my “petty” penchant for factual observation, but are “We the Beneficiaries” of limitless opportunity still talking about the Fake News smokescreen of Russian collusion, stale charges of bigotry and the pornographic portfolio of Stormy Daniels, or appreciating a prescient President who embraces the liberating blessing of capitalism, fights for both American industry and labor, and actually comprehends how a market economy works?

If you’ve ever been confused as to which elected representative truly loves America and cares about even her most inconsequential interests, it’s the tireless executive and dutiful civil servant who restores government transparency, reduces wasteful regulations and ends abusive oversight, respects the work ethic and private property of fleeced taxpayers, deprives dictators and terrorist regimes nuclear concessions and foreign aid, rejects “unfair trade” and global wealth redistribution, pardons “wrongfully convicted” citizens regardless of their race or political convictions, restores religious freedom and our Constitutional belief in God, provides equal opportunities for women and minorities in his administration, honors our forsaken commitment to veterans, active military members and first responders, enforces our immigration laws without breaking the founding promise of America as a beacon of hope for all humanity, and embodies the fearless idealist who braves scorn and slander to expose the rampant political corruption and media subversion poisoning our national unity, public institutions and electoral process.

The Deep State stalwarts of mass deception, those shameless propagandists and plotting bureaucrats whose unwavering loyalties reside within a destructive, anti-American agenda and the treasonous allure of uncontested control, can deceive, cajole, and incite discord until their baroque hearts are fully content. Yet, no matter how hard their seething hatred of one man conspires to erase reality and obstruct real progress, the tangible results will inevitably speak for themselves; thus, tarnishing their malicious and seditious efforts all the more. During times of universal prosperity, renewed patriotism and restored trust in government, the only electoral wave present in American history has traditionally been one of welcomed optimism and electoral gratitude. And that, my discounted friends, is the one salient truth the clamoring critics of “America First” are striving daily to deny the coerced voting masses: their unconditional right, without threat of partisan hostility or societal contempt, to choose an effective, loyal and unapologetic leader of this betrayed American Republic.

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Penelope’s Closet

The fatal flaw of modern feminism and LGBT activism doesn’t reside within the pursuit of equality, impartiality before the eyes of the law and protections within the workplace, but the blatant omission of natural distinctions, evolutionary attributes, differentiating the two biological sexes and one’s sexual orientation. Whether blissful ignorance or calculated denial, this obvious exclusion exponentially compounds their combative drive to gain special accommodations or preferential treatment for their constituents; even at the cost of violating the liberties and livelihoods of innocent bystanders. What started out as a legitimate platform for equal rights and opportunity, has morphed into a scorched Earth campaign to single-out Christian businesses, eliminate gender-exclusive organizations built on harmless camaraderie, demonize masculinity, corrupt our children, and criminalize traditional values in lieu of publicly favoring the lifestyles, opinions and accomplishments of both communities. If your gender or sexuality require fashioning a flag of self-adulation, you’ve probably missed the last departing boat to inner peace. Your sexuality is not a career, your gender should never define your life, and character doesn’t seek undue attention in a shallow sea of foaming animosity.

LGBT activists routinely claim conservatives incorrectly comprehend the difference between gender and natural-born sex. Even if this assertion was true, their ultimate goal is for one’s declared gender identity to procure the same recognition, societal privileges, as one’s biological sex. Therefore, the conundrum of transgenderism is a social riddle wrapped inside a political blueprint of duplicitous intent. Or in laymen’s terms…same, twisted difference! Selling such a self-evident lie that rejects both nature and common sense naturally requires soliciting sympathy behind the painted facade of ubiquitous hate and discrimination.  Yes, love is most certainly love, but unlike handcrafted pronouns genetics is not a cultural fad. And because their clamoring ranks simply refuse to accept scientific reality, they predictably invoke the .0006% “mutation clause”; i.e., I’m a beautifully-unique intersexual anomaly, a hermaphrodite with undefinable genitalia or undeclared luggage, who refuses to be imprisoned by the puritanical stereotypes of gender-CIS fascists. Thank goodness only 40 out of 326,575,934 Americans die annually from “sexist” lightning strikes; of which roughly 80% are males.

Biology, a living being’s chromosomal sequence and physical manifestation, is not merely a matter of changing shoes to match your self-fulfilling behavior’s newest gender-fluid impulse. It is discernible, irrefutable and nonpolitical. Our attitudes, personal insecurities, misconceptions and defensive disposition, on the other hand, are a matter of conditioning and conscious choice. If a man claims to be Napoleon or a butterfly, he’s typically declared mentally ill and potentially placed in a psychiatric unit. But if that same male contends to be a female, his “rights” and newfound identity are vigorously defended. Sensitivities be damned, men and women are distinct, binary creations: not mythical unicorns conjured by androgynous thespians, moonlighting transvestites or sunburned, Flat Earth lesbians. If one’s preferred self-identity requires defying grounded societal norms, proven scientific method, you’re probably in the wrong bathroom. Borrowing your sister’s Luis Vuitton handbag may not be a crime, but demanding the Free World calls your penis ‘Penelope’ in the little girl’s locker room sure sounds like one.

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Glass Bubbles and Feckless Concubines

It’s one thing to engage in verbal fisticuffs with someone who has insulted you or maliciously interfered with your life; it’s an entirely different matter to ruthlessly degrade another human being, calling a loving mother a “feckless c*nt”, for sharing an innocent and intimate moment with her toddler son. You literally must not have a soul, any shred of moral restraint, to even utter such a callous, heinous, and completely savage remark. Not only should Samantha Bee be immediately fired from TBS and universally reprimanded by the entertainment industry, her behavior is but a microcosm of Hollywood’s unbridled hate and condescending arrogance towards intellectual diversity. If a conservative host, contractually obligated employee, was responsible for such an obviously indefensible remark, that person would have already been terminated, banned and vilified on practically every news network, publication and website within hours. And to think Laura Ingraham almost lost her show and was forced to apologize for merely suggesting David Hogg’s antics were the impetus for colleges rejecting him. Mountain, meet molehill!

Whenever adolescent celebrities and leftist activists are not indulged to the point of mindless adulation, they viciously slander dissenting opinion, marginalize the common masses, mock religion in lieu of sexual depravity and violent revolution, incite division in our communities, orchestrate classroom walkouts and profane marches to twist public sentiment, harass uncooperative businesses to the point of bankruptcy, and weaponize any Gestapo or Marxist tactic to demand submission to their “peaceful” political sensitivities. In other words, when grown, coddled children are not spanked by reality, possess zero regret or regard for individual liberty and basic civility, the only acceptable alternative is to throw a never-ending tantrum by force-feeding toxic stereotypes and smashing every dish in America’s unplugged dining room. And yet unbeknownst to the cinematic flash mob, Ivanka Trump is far more of a political moderate, holding distinctly liberal views on a number of issues, than any ardent conservative or strict constitutionalist. Naturally such awkward trivialities are of no consequence to the woefully detached and ethically impaired mirrors of moreish self-consumption. As a result, I’m still quite vexed as to what’s actually worse: Samantha Bee’s disgraceful disparagement of a serene maternal embrace or her feminist peers’ “feckless” response to an overpaid concubine living in the unbreakable glass bubble of Democratic devolution.

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Truth, Consequence and Cool Celebrity Marxists

Other than an obvious lack of equal accountability in a politically-incestuous industry, I honestly don’t have a problem with Roseanne losing her show. Her comments, satirically driven or not, were foolish and stupid actions have consequences. That being said…spare me the media’s non-stop, “Racism Non-Grata” pledge and cued celebrity outrage when their peers have relentlessly slandered and physically threatened the President with uncanny and remorseless regularity; still a prosecutable felony by my calculations, if not a simple matter of basic decency.

Despite the left’s sincerest attempts at daily martyrdom, Donald Trump has been called an Orangutan, a baboon, a Nazi, the Grand Dragon of the KKK, an orange “Cheeto” and a serial rapist by countless Hollywood personalities and affiliated journalists. Likewise, if I had a dollar every time the symbolic Leader of the Free World was referred to as Hitler, a genocidal maniac literally referred to as the anti-Christ, I could literally fashion a straitjacket vast enough to house every actor, musician, and unethical member of the press incapable of recognizing the mental neurosis of their own fascist hypocrisy. Johnny Depp, Snoop Dog, Robert De Niro, Eminem and Madonna have all publicly advocated Trump’s assassination and/or overthrow, Jimmy Kimmel has repeatedly and viciously insulted the President’s family, Samantha Bee called Ivanka a “feckless cunt”, The View’s Joy Reid has a rich history of bigoted tweets, her colleague Joy Behar smugly degraded Christian conservatives, while Stephen Colbert obscenely belittled our Chief Executive on live TV with a wildly-inappropriate homophobic slur. Do I even need to mention the incessant body shaming and ad-hominem humiliation Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders has had to endure?

Not surprisingly, every single one of these “respected” individuals, moonlighting “humanists”, are still employed and embraced by the so-called socially-conscious entertainment industry that somehow spontaneously combusts in the presence of political incorrectness. Even Keith Olbermann, a former sports anchor known for his inflammatory political tirades – including urging our “effing Nazi President” to die a thousand times – was recently welcomed back to host SportsCenter despite his uninterrupted legacy of hostile attacks. For those keeping score in the land of duplicity, ESPN is owned by Disney, the parent company of ABC, which is the very same network that just terminated Roseanne’s extremely successfully sitcom for her “repugnant and highly-offensive” remarks. Yes, these are also the identical hypocrites who fired baseball commentator Kurt Schilling for simply sharing a photo of a male crossdresser to demonstrate his support for the “controversial” North Carolina bathroom law which defined privacy according to one’s natural-born gender; a concept far too elementary for those trans-geneticists lobotomized by progressivism because they stayed at Holiday Inn Express last night.

Although I make no apologies for Roseanne Barr’s reckless observations, I am disappointed a highly-popular show endorsing patriotic, common sense ideals is now lost amidst an endless sea of liberal programming. Her comedy’s strong ratings merely confirmed how neglected everyday Americans feel when it comes to modern television and cinema, but how short of a proverbial leash respected conservative actors like Tim Allen are on in the hyper-sensitive arena of public indoctrination. With or without any star’s personal misgivings, Cable executives will not hesitate to drop the most lucrative show if its cultural relevance poses a threat to their warped agenda. However, I am grateful Roseanne’s careless behavior at least placed a searing spotlight on the true embodiment of uncontested evil in this country: Valerie Jarrett. The daughter of affluent, American parents investigated by the FBI for real ties to Soviet agents, Chicago Communists and one infamous Frank Marshall – not to mention Barack Obama’s most trusted political confidant and longtime friend – this Iranian-born revolutionary never should have been allowed within 1000 feet of the White House, let alone given access to the most consequential levels of our government.

Contrary to Happy Hour hucksters, Mrs. Jarrett is a malicious, contemptible, unapologetic anti-Semite who despises America, embraces murderous Islamic factions the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hezbollah, and who has worked tirelessly to undermine our national unity, global influence and economic vitality. She is a key cog in the famed “resistance” organized to thwart any legitimate reform promoting American independence, federal transparency and individual prosperity. In fact, during college, her quoted life’s ambition was to fundamentally transform the United States by using the blessing of religious liberty against her own citizens to exact meaningful “change”. Yes, never mind the expendable detail the Middle East has remained a despotic bastion of injustice for millennia on end, and please disregard the racist anecdote Communism has historically oppressed and murdered hundreds of millions of innocents, but who wouldn’t want to tear down the one global respite which still offers unlimited opportunity and universal human rights to those spiteful globalists masquerading as the cure for their rewarded, callous indifference?

In any other semi-sane or remotely-vigilant era, Valerie Jarrett would have been arrested for treason, tried and sentenced to death. Not only do I have no doubt whatsoever she was the driving impetus behind giving the terrorist Republic of Iran 1.5 billion in illegal aid and the unratified authority to pursue a nuclear arsenal, isolating Israel and interfering with their sovereign elections, you can bet your atrophying Christian freedoms she played a leading role in hatching the Russian conspiracy plot used to illegally spy on a Presidential candidate and newly-elected administration for the first time in U.S. history.

For those uninterested in spoon-fed propaganda and the warm, shared bed of yellow journalism, guess which “egregious crime” our esteemed partisan watchdog so bravely chose to chastise and investigate for the betterment of society: a growing malaise poisoning the very soul and future of this nation, or a juvenile “Planet of the Apes” analogy from an unfiltered humorist allowing partisan hacks the perfect opportunity to once again denounce all Trump supporters as Right-Wing supremacists? Then again, when it’s common knowledge Roseanne profanely desecrated the National Anthem in 1990 and ran for President in 2012 on the far left-wing “Peace and Freedom” ticket, what’s a little friendly misdirection in the of smoke-filled corridors of political assassins? Without the trending hashtag assistance of golden double standards, the celebrity caravan of #WeKnew and #StopH8 wouldn’t know where to find their giant, jagged, immoral compass stuck on their collective, little forehead.



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The Human Cost of Denial

If students truly want to stop mass shootings, they must first begin by protesting their most inescapable threat: themselves. Before Columbine, classrooms and campuses scantily experienced such horrific atrocities. Guns haven’t changed…kids, families and America have simply lost their way. Judging by the hostile/perverse content of social media and the detached reality of our celebrity obsessed culture – an erosion of basic decency, the rejection of traditional values and a pedestrian concern for the sanctity of life – it’s hard to be a victim of the virtual minefield your very silence, political contempt or contributing behavior exponentially breeds. When more and more of our communities are defined by misery and envy rather than gratitude and pride, youthful discontent will inevitably sow hate’s restless seed.

The exploding mental instability of violent crime engulfing this country is not a coincidence, or an aberration, but the gradual convergence of an impulsive, antagonistic, and immoral environment that seeks indulgence over discipline, vengeance over virtue, by pandering to dysfunction, immediate gratification, instead of unearthing and eradicating its toxic roots. Political correctness, student marches and stale narratives won’t save our sons and daughters from themselves, let alone the materialistic, instant fame-driven world in which they so willingly reside. The invisible bullet of imminent danger will always linger, whether or not society finally decides to open its eyes before another lost child from another absentee home, failed by education’s soulless decay, dies from yet another self-inflicted wound. The greatest “safety” from future, senseless tragedies is not found in prescription drugs or obsessive gun control policies, but the intervening conscience of a young shooter’s own unlocked humanity; a lasting commitment morally bankrupt politicians are rarely willing to make.

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A “Santa Fe” State of Mind

Whether a single child is injured or there are multiple fatalities, school violence is entirely unacceptable. No student should fear for their life or watch their peers die within the halls of our educational institutions. Unfortunately, no matter how much I despise modern America’s current mindset – her moral decay, decadent culture and glorified lack of respect for human life – there are no easy answers. Strict gun control is far more of a fallacy, an urban myth, than a proven course of action in a country predicated upon individual liberty and self-defense. And because 98% of all mass shootings occur in “Gun Free Zones”, advocating harsh, new restrictions to combat these savage crimes is a political ruse, a public disservice announcement, for bureaucrats cannot account for the estimated 300 million privately owned guns in circulation. Although I do accept the need for background checks and age verification, gun confiscation is largely the manifestation of orchestrated opportunism repeated at every conceivable tragedy rather than acknowledging firearms save just as many lives as those universal limitations supposedly protecting them.

Regardless of the prevailing narrative, it’s common knowledge criminals, terrorists and everyday, unsuspected strangers will always find a means to unleash their hate if they truly so desire. And, as today’s shooting clearly confirmed, the guns fired were legally owned by the suspect’s father and the 17-year-old boy himself had constructed multiple explosive devices which, thank God, were never detonated. Whether you smuggle and assemble explosive compounds on campus, wield a machete in the parking lot, disperse a toxin in the cafeteria or bring lighter fluid and a match to school, the threat of unforeseen harm will always exist. Therefore, lasting solutions must be built around treating the actual problem, the psychological and behavioral triggers of a human being’s conscious decision to kill, not endlessly debating the diabolical attributes of an inanimate object for talk show ratings. Whereas respect for God, the rule of law and our fellow man was once the common thread in nearly every American home, deception, rage and petulance are quickly become the adopted virtues of a nation in distress.

Personal disagreements aside, every demographic in America should be united in our inherent obligation to keep our sons and daughters as safe as possible. While it is true human nature cannot be regulated or entirely prevented, we all must commit to constructive discourse, creative problem solving, instead of tiresome third-party blaming or seeking to score immediate political points after every senseless loss of life. Arming teachers is a promising start, but those individuals must still locate and successfully confront armed intruders before innocents are murdered. New technological advances such as easily-deployable door blockades are affordable and effective, if alerted in time, and impenetrable classroom shelters can repel military-grade machine guns, raging fires and hurricane force winds. Yet, as expected, the cost is daunting or roughly $25,000 per room for each unit required. Then again, if we can afford to send $1.5 billion to Iranian extremists, it’s a matter of priorities. No matter what the final remedy, or how much communities are willing to spend, it’s clear a national protocol must be implemented to deter as many future attacks and save as many lives as our collective concern allows.

If security is so paramount at airports and courthouses, why aren’t the same precautions not taken at our schools where there is far more potential for mass casualties and “political” statements? No matter where you’re from or how peaceful the people, all public schools should be required to implement body and bag scanners by armed, trained personnel, as well as functional cameras monitoring both around the outside perimeter and inside the property. Furthermore, all foot traffic going entering and leaving each building should be limited to one or two access points, with all other exits only being accessible to those fleeing the premises due to an emergency or eminent danger.

For those who decry the momentary inconvenience or the invasion of their teenage privacy, I have a single, comforting affirmation. You’re in a public facility, not your home, and if you’re physically able to complain about such trivialities then the good news is you’re not dead. As for the inevitable cost for such protections, if our government can waste millions on a legal slush fund for political sexual indiscretions or donate billions to terrorist regimes, surely we can find the means to protect our children, our most precious resource, even if that endeavor requires raising local or state sales taxes by a quarter or one-half of a percent; a small price to pay for a clear conscience and an empty grave.

While increased safeguards are self-explanatory and many districts have already taken aggressive measures, the current state of mental health in this country, especially among disgruntled adolescents, is a daunting proposition. What is it that leads so many of our youth to believe, specifically boys, that their high school experiences are an inescapable harbinger for their remaining lives? How does killing others, indiscriminately or not, redeem their unfulfilling lives or assuage their lingering pain? Only in the deluded heart of a lost soul would such a proposition even exist. Individuals are ultimately accountable for their actions, just as spectators can intervene or ingnore the forsaken signs of festering depravity.

Identifying and preventing bullying is a powerful tool in our classrooms and the omnipresent playground of social media, but giving kids a sense of identity and self-worth, an ingrained confidence to cope with the inevitable pressures and disappointments of life, is far more valuable. Parents, teachers, friends and neighbors must all become more invested in the mental wellness of our younger generation, their struggles and needs as well as the unknown reality of countless dysfunctional homes, if these horrific atrocities are ever to become the exception rather than the norm. More than ever our communities need role models, not complicit bystanders crucifying the NRA or law-abiding gun owners for the aftermath of their apathy. Unless we as a society are satisfied with shameless Hollywood celebrities contributing to a detached culture of moral disrepair, then perhaps the time has come to once again foster well-adjusted kids who can still discern between the human toll of violence, and the live death toll of a video game.

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Animals & Anathemas


The perpetually offended media has no problem with Democrats and celebrities slandering the NRA as terrorists and killers – Constitutional advocates with zero ties to criminal behavior and a 147-year-old organization that doesn’t even sell or manufacture guns – but it’s completely unacceptable for our President to call M13 gang members “animals”: those heavily armed, violent thugs guilty of mass murder, human, weapons and drug trafficking, rape, extortion, larceny, money laundering and universally targeting law enforcement. And yet these outraged critics are the same anti-American hypocrites who can’t figure out why people’s trust in journalism is so historically low and Trump’s popularity so inconceivable high. Perhaps today’s detached, “politically correct” propagandists would like to be the shock beneficiary of a psychological intervention hosted by the grieving loved ones, shattered families and surviving victims of one of North and Latin America’s most notorious crime syndicate. Critical thinking skills, a sincere concern for the welfare of one’s fellow countrymen, is obviously a foreign concept to “educated” activists who struggle to rationalize the immutable concepts of free speech and self-defense over the public assistance benefits of remorseless convicts.


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Crossfire Hurricane: The Collateral Damage of Global Collusion

If you’re Jumpin’ Jack Flash or a Rolling Stones fan, the struggle is the glory when you’re born amidst the German bombing campaigns and air raid sirens of Dartford, England. If you’re Donald Trump, it’s perhaps the final straw of an ongoing secret war that is far more nefarious than almost anyone imagined.

For those who don’t recall, Peter Strzok was the Chief of the Counterespionage Section during the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email server. As we all know, many of her incriminating, electronic devices were destroyed, her computer specialist granted immunity and the final report sanitized to avoid recommending prosecution. Naturally, all harmless coincidences. However, for those who remember the unmasked agent who was having an affair with fellow Bureau colleague Lisa Page – both venomous, Trump critics – one of their texts eluded to an “insurance policy” in the impossible scenario the brash, politically-incorrect billionaire actually won. While Trump’s victory was by no means a surprise to those who utterly despised the alternative, the scope of a cross-continental conspiracy to discredit and/or destroy one man was as intricate as it was unprecedented.

“Crossfire Hurricane” was the code name for the FBI’s investigation into Russian election interference. Of course, this absurd operation was in motion long before the public had been baptized with the leaked details of a “brewing” scandal; “details” of supposed serious, “treasonous” crimes that were only to be released, pursued, in the event Hillary lost the election. Well, the latter came to fruition and the “break glass in case of emergency” insurance policy was cashed in by not one outgoing President or minority party, but perpetrated by two countries with common interests: The Obama administration and English intelligence.

Above all else, Barack Obama and his anti-American associates were terrified of a Trump presidency; an accomplished executive who stood diametrically opposed to his near every decision. In their hearts, they knew socialist Obamacare would be dismantled, skyrocketing public assistance reformed, excessive taxes curtailed, immigration laws enforced, negligent trade deals renegotiated, ties with Israel strengthened, the Iran Nuclear deal nixed, ISIS defeated, and the infamous Paris Agreement – a $100-trillion-dollar death penalty tax designed to punish American interests in the name of Climate alarmism – terminated. Many already blamed Trump’s popularity, his brand of American nationalism and newfound populism, as the impetus for the unforeseen success of “Brexit”; a rejection of globalism and a rebirth of independence. Therefore, in many globalists eyes, a Trump victory would only further threaten and destabilize the future viability of the European Union. Essentially, the mere presence of Donald Trump was an unimaginable nightmare for the progressive obsession with control, forming a New World Order which would eventually absorb American sovereignty, wealth and power, would be significantly delayed, even derailed, if America rediscovered her founding charter of individual liberty, economic prosperity and limited government.

It was amid this palpable paranoia, this tangible threat to plotting globalists, Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan and National Intelligence Director James Clapper secured the services of Stefan Halper: a seasoned foreign policy scholar, Cambridge professor and fellow Trump critic with deep ties within the Republican party, but most notably, American and British intelligence. Halper had a gift for identifying vulnerable targets, manipulating them to extract information, to skillfully expose and weaken adversaries. It was at roughly this juncture, George Papadopoulos, an eager 24-year-old member of Trump’s foreign affairs campaign team, was contacted on September 2, 2016 by Halper via email to write a policy paper on issues related to Turkey, Cyprus, and Israel for $3,000. He also offered to pay for George’ flight and a three-night stay in London. The inquiry was little more than a diversionary tactic to gain his trust, for once they met Stefan coyly asked, “You know about the hacked Russian emails, right?” Mr. Papadopoulos instantly became the phishing victim of the Deep State’s self-fulling prophecy to frame a future president by sowing traces of a toxic seed within his staff.

Of course, several months earlier, armed with the knowledge and prodding of various “unidentified espionage sources”, British music publicist Rob Goldstone lured Donald Trump Jr. into an introductory conversation with notorious Russian Lawyer, Natalie Veselnitskaya; a former personal guest of the Obama White House who later admitted she had no such dirt of Hillary’s dealings although she initially claimed otherwise. In other words, it was all about the salacious appearance of wrongdoing, the public specter of secretive meetings and foreign collusion, not the extensive efforts by conspiring agencies, personalities and countries to stop just one man.

What makes this entire charade truly fascinating is the fact Peter Strzok was sent to London three months before the election to “investigate” various leads. Being George Papadopoulos was also in London, instructed to meet an anti-Trump Australian Diplomat at local tavern where he inevitably divulged Halper’s imaginary secret and initiated a chain reaction of meticulously documented events, it’s painfully clear how breathtakingly vast, complex, this operation truly was. For those keeping score, this is also about the same time the infamous Fake Dossier was released and delivered to the FBI by John McCain; opposition research paid for by the DNC and Clinton campaign much earlier during the year, but a project which continued when Fusion GPS eventually subcontracted with Christopher Steele, a retired British MI-6 officer with considerable expertise on Russian matters, to investigate suspected dealings of foreign impropriety. As such, IRS 990’s revealed Perkins Coie law firm, an international legal partnership with offices in Washington D.C. which represents Organizing for Action (Barack Obama’s anti-Trump agitation arm) and counseled the DNC during Hillary’s 2016 election run, hired Fusion GPS and Steele to construct the infamous “collusion” narrative.

It was within this very fictitious document used to illegally secure three FISA Warrants under a blatantly false narrative, a planted trail of suspicious activity American and British officials had been staging for some time, where Mr. Steele concluded Donald Trump conspired with Russian officials for years in exchange for intelligence, the Kremlin blackmailed him over the existence of a sex tape with a Russian prostitute, and that Trump himself approved of Russia hacking the DNC database and distributing the content of those emails through Wikileaks; a claim Julian Assange called laughable and categorically false.

Not surprisingly, and not to pour rocket fuel on the smell of desperation, Mr. Steele also claimed Carter Page, a senior Trump Foreign policy adviser with legitimate Russian business ties, personally conceived of the idea to leak the emails during the Democratic National Campaign to further divide the party by inflaming the fact the DNC rigged their presidential primaries. Any guesses as to who initiated “friendly” discussions with Mr. Page over a several-month period just before the election? That’s right…the unquestioned, the unindicted, the unscrupulous mole named Stefan Halper.

Unfortunately for news conspiracy theorists, the DNC hack was an inside job, quite possibly Seth Rich – a party operative and ardent Bernie Sanders supporter murdered in cold blood – and Wikileaks has publicly verified the source of the breach was not from abroad. Nonetheless, there is a stark difference between partisan rhetoric and an elaborate hoax coordinated with the knowledge and extensive assistance of a foreign intelligence apparatus. How many times to I need to hear the words FBI and British intelligence before realizing the real conspiracy is but a foregone conclusion the progressive global estate is willing to sweep the entrails of liberty, truth and justice under the rug without hesitation. I have a hard time believing Barack Obama, James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper and Susan Rice had no idea what was truly transpiring at the highest levels of our government, let alone the clearly premeditated activities of their politically motivated subordinates, associates, on foreign shores.

In the wake of perhaps our government’s most disturbing disaster, Crossfire Hurricane is but a Civil War metaphor for the collateral damage that ensues when power, unrelenting aspiration, refuses to relinquish the reigns of democracy because a broken establishment sanctimoniously believes it is acting on behalf of the common good. I for one, question the sanity of anyone who consciously fights to preserve the legacy of the most destructive and divisive President in our nation’s history, let alone the corrupt ambitions of a bitter, career politician who bartered American security, resources, to the highest foreign bidder while pretending to be our loyal Secretary of State.

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A Mother’s Embrace

Women are the dawn of humanity, the salt of salvation, the beating heart of hope’s tender might. Without a mother’s compassion, devotion, and selfless sacrifice, the world would indeed be a more somber, barren place. In the gathering dusk of death and depravity, there are two ways of spreading light: as the burning candle, strength in the face of enduring strife, or as faith’s placid waters reflecting love’s luminous flame. A matriarch is both for within her embrace resides the power to create, nurture, protect and transform. Happy Mother’s Day to all the unsung women who have cradled and cherished the greatest gift of God’s undying grace: the beautifully-divine blessing, the soul’s breathing vessel, of a newborn life.

“Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children.”

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Little Man on Campus

David Hogg lecturing newly-elected NRA President Oliver North on terrorism and the tyranny of private firearms is the equivalent of Paris Hilton selling General Mattis on the aesthetic benefits of open-toed combat boots. When 15 minutes of parasitic fame somehow bequeaths a smug teenager with a Criminal Justice degree, an honorary PhD in syndicated penis envy, hostile ignorance becomes the most acceptable form of psychological torture. In other words, save the history-revisionist blanks for Chicago’s Cook County coroner because unarmed victims don’t give speeches for the same reason Communist censors don’t give refunds: dead twerps can’t tweet!


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The “Iron Dome” of Guarded Diplomacy

Barely 24-hours after the U.S. terminated its infamous Iranian nuclear deal – Barack Obama’s “acceptable” timetable for a terrorist regime to stockpile nuclear arms – Iran immediately proved the wisdom of President Trump’s decision by firing 20 missiles directly into Israel from neighboring Syria. Luckily, no one was hurt except the feelings of bitter globalists left to dine on the sour garnish of their stale propaganda. And that includes one Jimmy Carter whose ankle-biting criticism is about as credible as an internationally-lauded lapdog who once watched the Ayatollah Khomeini seize power and hold 52 Americans hostage for 444 days; the longest such crisis, diplomatic “neutering”, in recorded history. To commemorate the victory of common sense over the Islamic ‘common good’, Donald Trump also just announced the capture of five of ISIS’ most wanted leaders. If the President is indeed the best friend of ISIS, as Hillary so obnoxiously claims, why is their organization but a shadow of itself despite flourishing across the globe just a few years ago under her former boss’ accommodating tenure? Yes, I concur, when it comes to denial and the progressive art of mass media manipulation, the truth is always a dish best served cold to those domestic combatants who forced America to eat last for nearly a decade. Who knew eggs Benedict Arnold were considered such a posh delicacy in the frigid pantheon of political betrayals?

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Emissaries, Ingrates and the Unholy State of Iran

If you don’t believe in the omnipresent New World Order, a virtually untouchable yet conniving conclave of global elitists attempting to undermine American independence and influence through shadow diplomacy, look no further than the extra-curricular activities of one Barack Obama. Since Donald Trump’s inauguration, the former President’s administration has harassed, undermined, obstructed and sought to illegal act on behalf of a country it no longer represents. Not only is such behavior unprecedented and distinctly hostile, it’s a clear violation of the Logan Act: a statute which strictly forbids any citizen not registered as a foreign agent, empowered by our government alone, to negotiate, dare I say even discuss, any official business pertaining to existing U.S. policy.

After his historic victory in 2016, President Trump toured Europe and the Far East to inform nations he would be terminating the Paris Accord and to seek new economic opportunities in the wake of nixing any grotesquely “unfair trade” deals…such as the Trans Pacific Pact. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Obama himself orchestrated meetings with many of the same leaders and/or diplomats. Why? Well it’s obvious. Not only was he attempting to seek future concessions in the fresh face of incited, international fear regarding the election of an “American First” Chief Executive, he was undoubtedly informing them not to scrap his administration’s policies because Trump’s eventual Democratic successor would immediately agree to abide by the original terms. Sound remotely treasonous? Not if you welcome your neighbor renegotiating your home’s mortgage or your fired supervisor telling you how to do your job!

Like his aforementioned boss, I don’t need to discern the exact nuances of John Kerry’s visit to Iran when his entire life is a microcosm of his political ambitions: religiously disparaging America to the raucous applause and potential benefit of her of vocal enemies. From his communist-sympathizing, self-aggrandizing Vietnam betrayal with Jane Fonda to aiding and abetting radical regimes as Secretary of State, there is little doubt as to where his true loyalties lie. How else could a U.S. civil servant and former Presidential candidate, one expected to act in the best interests of a sovereign nation and ultimately her people’s well-being, ever agree to a nuclear Iran: a militant Islamic state whose President, Hassan Rouhani, and Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, have repeatedly called for the annihilation of America and Israel? Well, when your “esteemed” colleagues are Barack Obama and Iranian native Valerie Jarrett – two lifelong, Marxist detractors of the very Constitutional Republic they once claimed to serve – the answer is as infuriating as it is unforgivable.

It’s a sad day for democracy, common sense, when three progressive leaders have far more affinity for a despotic country that has sponsored global terrorism for decades and denied millions basic human rights in the name of Islamic supremacy. What other creature of intellect would characterize a free nation blessed by an abundance of opportunity and individual liberty, one that has overcome injustice and sectional discord through the timeless wisdom of a watershed document, as a racist, greedy, and evil empire when contrasted against those forsaken souls forced to live amidst the rampant depravity of the Middle East. And yes, never mind all three accomplices are American educated, “oppressed” millionaires who rose to the pinnacle of power beneath their seething disdain. What else could better contrast these differences, reward true hypocrisy, than to give billions in taxpayer-money and classified technology to rabid extremists seeking nuclear armaments capable of our, if not our allies, destruction?

The Iran deal was the desired culmination of a corrupt plot to shift the balance of military power in the region at any cost. The truth is this fraudulent agreement, hailed as a diplomatic wonder by pandering globalists, was but a calculated smokescreen to conceal the fact Iran’s nuclear ambitions were much more advanced than previously thought; yes, once again, much to the delight of Obama’s anti Judeo-Christian aspirations. Iran had already cultivated enriched Uranium to some degree, although the exact amount is still not entirely known. All that remained was weaponizing and developing a reliable ballistic delivery system by which to terrorize the civilized world; a task a number of American, Chinese or Russian scientists are more than capable of helping a notorious regime achieve under the right circumstances or administration.

Naturally, President Obama was far more concerned about minimizing international outrage to consciously arming such a rogue state, mobilizing opposition against Israel’s inevitable response, than the destabilizing aftermath itself. Therefore, as any proud propagandist would surmise, he sought to publicly craft the affable appearance of responsible oversight and diplomatic good will. This in-turn would pave a more receptive road until an atomic Iran came to fruition and thus potentially deter any military strikes in the face of more unified support. Of course, anyone in their right mind knows nothing would have ever stopped the Islamic Republic of Iran from pursuing weapons of mass destruction; that very same “mythic” instrument of war liberals demanded as the only justification for removing an Iraqi tyrant named Saddam Hussein who had already and unmistakably gassed thousands of innocent Kurds.

Donald Trump, the symbolic leader of the Free World and entrusted with ensuring the survival of liberty across the globe, had no other logical alternate than to unconditionally reject a nuclear Iran. To even entertain such an absurd notion was to embrace those eternally seeking our demise. During his entire 8-year tenure, almost every domestic and foreign policy decision ever made by Barack Hussein Obama was done so from an ingrained perspective of victimization and entitlement. Anglo-America was guilty for much of the modern world’s struggles, economic and moral inequities, and the international community was entitled to recompense. In reality, however, a bitter son of absentee parents was the victim of a misguided education, his personal insistence upon identity politics and a glaring lack of appreciation for the unparalleled life America had afforded perhaps its most renowned and ungrateful critic of all.


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An American Tradition

Because today is Cinco de Mayo, a revered celebration for millions, I believe it is also an opportune moment to make an important distinction. As my family and friends will attest, I’m a staunch opponent of illegal immigration and those political enablers who encourage or justify this serious crime. I have no love for any hostile agent who seeks solely to exploit or harm this beloved nation. However, there are many more native-born citizens, as well as legal immigrants, hailing from diverse backgrounds who both appreciate America and are fiercely proud of their family heritage. Just as Irish and Italian Americans are renowned for displaying their affection for their ancestral homeland, so are countless Cubans, Mexicans, Salvadorans, Ethiopians, Serbians, or Vietnamese who now call this international beacon of hope their home.

As a Constitutional Republic forged upon liberty and tolerance, “We the People” must never forget to make the intellectual distinction between those who truly love America, who sincerely want to protect her blessings and preserve our future way of life, and those malcontents who harbor ill will and malicious intent towards the civilized world. While this is not always an easy observation to make, especially amidst such growing political animosity, I simply endeavor to afford others the same degree of respect until proven otherwise. Therefore, as a loyal friend, fellow patriot and humble servant of God, the next time you see someone waving a foreign flag or displaying their patriotism for another country on our sovereign soil, remember the same freedom won by centuries of brave American servicemen and women is by far the greatest human achievement because dignity affords us all that right.

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Shameless: Fidelity, Bravery, in Contempt

When a Virginia Federal Judge calls you a liar to your face and says your entire investigation is a witch hunt intended to bring down the President, it’s time to close down the carnival. Robert Mueller only cares about Paul Manafort, General Flynn, Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen – three of which were victims of illegal surveillance – as far as they can cause enough collateral damage to conceal the embarrassing reality he cannot prove that which he was solely commissioned to research: foreign election collusion. One year and over 12 million dollars later, taxpayers are still being forced to watch a bitter partisan beat a dead horse for media ringmasters while his corrupt FBI accomplices continue to obstruct the public from discovering perhaps the greatest government scandal in modern politics: a vast plot by a vacating administration, loyal intelligence officials, and a Democratic nominee to invalidate a possible future election result, to frame a sitting U.S. President with fabricated evidence, and/or to demand his eventual impeachment through incited public hysteria alone.

The much-forgotten detail Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein recommended the termination of James Comey – who put far more effort into his book tour than tackling real corruption – only to turn around and decry “obstruction of justice” as justification for giving Mueller an unlimited “treasure” hunting license, is as duplicitous as it is obscene. To this day, Mr. Rosenstein has yet to relinquish unredacted memos, documents, which both Congress and Judge Ellis have requested to discern our intelligence community’s true level of culpability in this enduring fiasco.

The fact this farce has continued without refrain or any shred of regret, not to mention none of the actual conspirators have yet to face prosecution, God forbid fired or indicted, is a travesty in itself. If you truly care about exposing treason, fraud and collusion, ask yourself what individuals in the past decade have repeatedly tried to weaken America, invalidate the rule of law, aid and abet our sworn enemies, undermine the integrity of our elections, suffocate private business beneath the global ponzi scheme of unfair trade, disparage our heritage, destroy historical monuments, and spread disinformation to the point of violent discord. I assure you the list is as predictable as it is unapologetically “progressive”.

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The Political Misappropriation of Cultural Jurisdiction

The same social justice jurors who love to claim borders, gender roles, economic classes and basically any man-made distinctions are innately discriminatory, are typically the first hypocrites to accuse their detractors of “culture misappropriation”. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but no matter what you wear, say, eat or do, you’re inevitably borrowing from another culture, if not countless preceding civilizations. The advent of tools, the birth of fire, Mesopotamian city-states, the universal linguistic roots of Latin and Greek, Egyptian art and Byzantine architecture, Indian horticulture and Chinese alchemy, Roman aqueducts and American suspension bridges, by no means represent unaltered, isolated contributions to the human condition. These social stepping stones are no more private relics than the communal air billions breathe. Contemporary society, but especially America as a diverse and free nation, is a smorgasbord of influences, accumulated knowledge, discerning tastes and synthesized ideas. And that’s exactly why “We the People” have thrived as a unique collection of individuals, whereas more sedentary, sheltered cultures have remained stagnant or faltered beneath a lack of external enrichment and assimilated abilities.

Unless it’s suddenly acceptable again to designate white only bathrooms, gender segregated jobs or eating establishments with ethnically exclusive clientele, individuality is the natural culmination of liberty, creativity, accrued experiences and personal enlightenment. Without the cultural intersection of past and present – scientific theory, artistic mediums, and technological advances – the modern world would faintly resemble itself. For the sworn enemies of reality that still angrily digress, the next time a visiting Japanese student eats a hamburger, a Cuban immigrant waves the American flag, a black Chicago chef opens a Mexican restaurant, non-Irish folk celebrate St. Patrick’s day, a German kickboxer dreadlocks his hair, a single father teaches a maternity class, or an Anglo-American girl chooses to wear an exquisite Asian dress to her high school prom, I strongly suggest removing that rather large, sanctimonious chip on your padded shoulder spilling your Italian Gelato coffee on your fake hipster shoes which were probably made in a “designer” Chinese sweatshop for less than the exchange rate of several pesos left in a Jack Daniels shot glass as a quaint housewarming gift.

My insincere apologies to the hopelessly conflicted, but you can’t preach multiculturalism only to admonish, selectively indict, its subsequent aftermath. This politically correct charade is as absurd as attacking a New York native for wearing a Dodgers baseball cap. Not surprisingly, traditional America is most often targeted by cultural appropriation terrorists because progressivism requires hiding behind false appearances to belittle that which they religiously take for granted and despise the most: freedom. The beauty of cultural diversity is not confined to a singular race, sex, ideology, nationality or hoarded piece of property, but liberated by the unlimited ingenuity and application of the human mind. This rudimentary concept, of course, makes far too much sense for imaginary victims so ignorantly crying foul over the improper distribution of cultural domain.

As for those deluded activists still claiming otherwise, I suggest surrendering your car, never boarding a plane, smashing all cell phones and renouncing the “privileged” use of electricity because where would the obnoxiously intervening “thought police” be without those distinctly American contrivances? E Pluribus Unum or Cogito, Ergo, Sum – “I think, therefore I am” – the mere political invention of culture misappropriation is as offensively “racist” as it is exceedingly dumb.

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The Enduring Prize of Peace

There are statesmen, universally praised and/or bestowed with hollow accolades, because they fit the world perception of what a “progressive leader” should represent. And then there are those proven executives, resourceful pragmatists who are neither interested in politically correct platitudes or coddling global elites, who seek results by the most unconventional means. Donald Trump was repeatedly accused of being a reckless antagonist of North Korea who would inevitably trigger World War III by mere “mean” tweets alone. His relentless “Rocket Man” disparagement of Kim Jong-un – a feared, Communist tyrant guilty of countless atrocities against his own people, not to mention threatening the United States and South Korea with annihilation – was branded as unnecessary and juvenile. And yes, perhaps it was. Of course, the President was faintly concerned with appearances and foolishly embracing a policy of continuous appeasement for he was standing up to a notorious bully on an international stage; showing both a spoiled despot and the free world one man had the resolve to either reject the nuclear aspirations of a murderous regime or to peacefully bring an impoverished nation to the bargaining table for a historic opportunity to choose unity, opportunity, over futility.

Unlike his predecessor who presided over the proliferation of ISIS, did nothing to assuage the mass persecution of Christians in the Middle East, shielded Hezbollah from prosecution for drug/human trafficking, allowed a tortured U.S. student, Otto Warmbier, to die in a North Korean prison for stealing a poster, negotiated the released of five Taliban terrorists from Guantanamo Bay for a deserting, anti-American soldier, christened plans for a nuclear Iran with a 1.8 billion-dollar endowment for “world peace”, and triggered an unprecedented war on American law enforcement through inflamed racial tensions and selective outrage, Donald Trump’s legacy will never rise to the “esteemed” expectations of the modern Nobel Prize.

Nevertheless, what has been accomplished in a matter of months, if not during a singular, secretive visit by Mike Pompeo to North Korea beneath the real-time radar of media narcissists, is truly remarkable. For 65 years a number of world leaders and U.S Presidents attempted, many never even tried, to end lingering hostilities between South and North Korea. In fact, until last week, there was never an official peace agreement between the estranged countries despite an official armistice being signed in 1953. And now, despite decades of threats and not only did Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in embrace in public, they agreed to begin abolishing the infamous Korean Demilitarized Zone, as well working towards the “complete denuclearization” of the Korean Peninsula. The North Korean authoritarian has even personally announced the relocation of three American detainees, wrongfully-held prisoners, to an embassy in South Korean as a demonstration of good faith.  For two nations that rarely engaged in dialogue, let alone civil discourse, this stark reversal is the equivalent of Russia collapsing from within, “Palestinians” recognizing Israel’s borders and right to exist, or Elizabeth Warren wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat while hugging Donald Trump at a Berkeley press conference. It is, without pretense or prevarication, an astonishing development for a region paralyzed by endless strife and uncertainty for over half a century.

So exactly how did the President, one supposedly so politically unrefined and woefully ignorant of global dynamics, achieve one of the most significant breakthroughs in the intricate arts of foreign diplomacy? To avoid a convoluted, well-rehearsed response…short-term memory. Donald Trump is that rare breed of Chief Executive who can engage in the most divisive rhetoric with a colleague or rival, only to have dinner and drinks with that same individual or delegation hours later. While personal feelings may always linger, business is business and a seasoned pragmatist doesn’t think in terms of Republican or Democrat, history or animosity. He or she creates, seizes upon, an advantageous opening to discover a common ground of mutual benefit; albeit immediate or deferred. However, unlike Mrs. Clinton who views American lives, national interests, as “bumps in the road”, people are inspired by a 71-year-old patriot waiting to privately greet ordinary civilians on a tarmac at three o’clock in the morning despite having not slept for 20 hours. Since the President already and very publicly demonstrated his willingness to exert force, if necessary, to end North Korea’s unchecked nuclear aspirations, my guess is he gave Kim Jung-un a much more viable option: End all nuclear testing, cultivate diplomatic and economic relations with South Korea, and the world community will end sanctions restoring some semblance of sanity in a nation where citizens still die of starvation and only the very wealthy, high-ranking public officials, enjoy basic electricity.

Although such a self-evident choice seems exceedingly obvious for most “reasonable” people, tyrants and dictators rarely think in such terms. That’s what makes this diplomatic feat such a watershed moment in modern history: this unforeseen triumph was built upon the backbone of a supposed political and military failure. Because the Korean conflict failed to produce a decisive “winner”, historians and media pundits still to this day refer to it as a wasteful campaign which resulted in the unnecessary loss of 35,000 American lives. While I too mourn the loss of a single life, not all victories culminate with a planted flag or a televised military parade. U.S. efforts, for all intents and purposes, eventually halted communist aggression in a region where South Korea was nearly completely consumed by intervening Chinese forces after the initial North Korean/Russian-backed invasion was repelled beyond the 38th parallel. The revered city of Seoul itself, the focal point of this violent tug-of-war for independence, exchanged hands 5 times in a matter of a few short years; the final time, her people and future prowess freed from the plotting hands of communist aggression.

If not for the valor and fierce determination of our forces, the democratic and sovereign state of South Korea – a Constitutional Republic boasting the world’s 4th largest metropolitan economy, the 8th largest median household income and 11th largest global GDP – would have very likely suffered the same depraved fate as their northern counterparts. For the current 52 million residents of South Korea, including the millions more who died in their homeland after their liberation from Japan in 1945, America’s steadfast commitment to the advancement of freedom, the dignity of education, opportunity and a humane quality of life, is viewed as anything but a failure. I have little doubt they are equally thankful for one man’s unique ability to find hope, a pledge of future Korean unity, in one of the most inhospitable states of moral disrepair: the breached invincibility of Kim Jung-un’s sheltered mind.

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From Revolution to Regression: Conservatism, Classical Liberalism and the Malaise of Modern Progressivism

“I always consider the settlement of America with reverence and wonder, as the opening of a grand scene and design in providence, for the illumination of the ignorant and the emancipation of mankind.” ~John Adams

The journey from “Classical Liberalism” to the social upheaval of modern-day progressivism is as pronounced as it is unnerving. Classical Liberalism, weary of the endless religious prosecution and human inequities that defined European monarchies, viewed government as a minimal construct to defend one’s rights and property from other individuals, to protect a sovereign nation from foreign invaders, to uphold common law, and to maintain the necessity of public institutions and civic infrastructure required for everyday life. Essentially government was a framework for maintaining civility, commerce and national defense. Classic liberals like Thomas Jefferson believed the “pursuit of happiness”, not just the preserved titles and property of feudal lords, required limiting government interference by recognizing individual rights, economic liberty, as the greatest harbinger of personal independence and upward mobility. After all, no other financial system has liberated more people from the depths of despair, orchestrated dependence, than the mechanism of private enterprise; also known as capitalism.

Although the term “Free Markets” is often synonymous with Laissez-Faire (hands-off) economics, it did not entirely preclude taxation or minimal regulation to ensure public works, services, and in due time, public education: a conservative theory encouraging universal enlightenment as a path to a more law-abiding, productive and self-sufficient population. Giving individuals the tools to succeed was a direct repudiation of a permanent welfare state, wealth redistribution, which usurped the property and power of the governed. And while this commercial free reign was seen as the most sensible catalyst for rewarding the ambition, ingenuity, of corporations and private businesses, labor was also viewed as an “open market” in which the acquired skill or experience of an individual could dictate his or her monetary worth through the practicality of “supply and demand”. Unfortunately for the common working man, coercion and scarcity of opportunity were also determining factors in the never-ending quest to merely survive or potentially flourish.

“So that the record of history is absolutely crystal clear. That there is no alternative way, so far discovered, of improving the lot of the ordinary people that can hold a candle to the productive activities that are unleashed by a free enterprise system.” ~Milton Friedman

Much like Constitutional Conservatism, Classical Liberals feared pure democracy, majority rule, because there is little to stop the dominate faction from enriching themselves or dissolving the rights and property of the minority populace. Whereas communism seeks to rule by force, the disarmed facade of socialism enslaves by vote. This belief, in theory, was the basis for “Checks and Balances” to prevent centralized abuse or “legalized” tyranny, as well as the genesis for the “equal representation” premise of the U.S. Senate or the wisdom of the Electoral College system: granting a voice, a degree of significance, to all invested/affected states no matter how small or restrained by resources. Thomas Hobbes, on the other hand, advocated unilateral rule over a secondary class of citizens – a social contract granting government exclusive control over the Executive branch, courts and the military to guard against man’s nefarious nature – just not the means to repel the innate flaws or aspirations of their adopted rulers.

Without such constraints placed upon the plurality of mob rule, it was feared “purely democratic institutions, whether sooner or later, would destroy liberty, civilization or both. Either the poor would plunder the rich, causing civilization to perish, or a totalitarian government would ensue to ensure order and prosperity in which liberty would ultimately perish.” As a result, unscrupulous politicians or scheming parties could manipulate, threaten or bribe the electorate with other people’s property, privileges. This delicate balance between individual freedom and the afforded degree of oversight has been the ideological battleground of citizens, statesmen and scholars for thousands of years.

“Natural Rights”, the “utility” and well-being of all sentient beings, became the crux for forging an ethical society defined by reason; the rationalization of a universal, pre-existing standard of behavior as espoused by famed-philosopher Immanuel Kant. Whether the source of liberty was legislated and defined by man-made institutions or derived by the grace of God himself – the steadfast contention of most Christian conservatives – ethics do not require any religious affiliation; although its tenets are most often synonymous with Judeo-Christian values. Right and wrong, injustices and inequalities, humanity’s moral state resided in its resolve to confront the immoral practices, cultural relativism, of regressive regimes and militant religions. In the words of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, man is most civil when he is in a natural state of co-existence or equilibrium, an instinctive disinclination to witness suffering, not one defined by fear, decadence or ego-centrism. And so goes the birth of the “noble savage”.

“The man who asks of freedom anything other than itself is born to be a slave.” ~Alexis de Tocqueville

In Kant’s estimation, lasting peace could only be secured by universal democracy and international cooperation…a collective consciousness that gave rise to the United Nations. Unfortunately, this global assembly has been little more than a symbolic gesture, a noble but naive notion perverted by bitter agendas, double standards and appeasement, in lieu of aggressively confronting the historic adversaries of Western Civilization, but more succinctly, mankind: the inhumane and uninterrupted legacies of fascism, communism and Islamic extremism. Man’s undying penchant for atrocity – human, sex and organ trafficking currently so prevalent in Africa and Asia – is a reflection of our failure to embrace universal responsibility, natural law, as an “evolved”, sentient species. Neo-Classical Liberalism, commonly referred to as Libertarianism but negatively stereotyped as Social Darwinism, reflects the challenge to bridge both the limitless blessings and the inherent pitfalls of unhinged liberty due to a lack of individual accountability amidst the inevitable choice of malice, discrimination, and discord.

Social or Modern Liberalism, born from the destitution of the Great Depression, the depravity of World War II, is basically an oxymoron when contrasted to its current manifestation: Progressivism. Liberals from this 1930’s and 40’s endorsed a market economy, were distinctly patriotic, did not assail or needlessly disparage Christianity, of which many practiced, and they rejected the divisive practice of gender, class and race warfare which defeated their goal of expanded civil and political rights, social unity and human dignity. It’s also a misnomer this form of liberalism was the ideological property of Democrats when evangelical Republicans, a party formed on the abolition of slavery itself, spearheaded the movements to end human servitude, grant universal suffrage and secure equality. This intrinsic duty to respect and empower all sects of society would eventually succumb to the Marxist and Gestapo tactics so prevalent in progressive circles today.

Of course, the other philosophical cornerstone of “Modern Liberalism” was that government had a legitimate claim, obligation, to address issues such as poverty, health care and education. Once again, these were not unilateral concerns, but how our nation went about alleviating or improving these respected plights differed; i.e., welfare is not hammock but a springboard to get back on your feet. The black family survived centuries of global slavery and generations of Jim Crow, only to disintegrate in the eventual creation of the American welfare state. Nevertheless, contemporary socialists, statists, routinely hail Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal as a luminous success in the darkest aftermath of the stock market crash in 1929. Although the President’s federal work programs did help assuage the immediate problem of hunger and widespread poverty, it actually prolonged the Great Depression.

The Great Depression, triggered by the crash itself, was rooted in rampant over-speculation, a lack of banking/stock market safeguards and a stagnant, constricted monetary supply in the face of the expanding economic needs of a growing populace. This, in turn, resulted in a lack of capital and extreme deflation as $14 billion in personal securities was lost in a single day. Without investment/consumer capital to generate new or reciprocal wealth generated from manufactured goods and new business, a means to a means, millions had little other option than to survive. If not for the outbreak of World War II and the nationalization of our markets, the historical economic boom from armed conflict, America’s financial woes could have lingered well into the 1950’s. A country that does not instill ambition, cultivate opportunity, reward hard work and expect its people to provide for themselves is doomed to collapse beneath the collective weight of their idle existence. Under Socialism and Communism, you’re either a ward of the state or a disposable means to an end. As such, FDR and “The Red Tsar” Joseph Stalin shared a warm relationship, mutual respect, rooted in the centralized confluence of common ideology.

“People will not look forward to posterity, who never look backward to their ancestors.” ~Edmund Burke

In the curious case of the Democratic party, how did their contemporary descendants migrate from the “ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country” political thesis of JFK – a platform predicated upon low taxes, robust industry, unwavering patriotism, faith in God and defeating the scourge of communism – to profanely demanding an unearned living wage, single-payer healthcare, coercing “white guilt” by portraying racism/slavery as a singular purveyor, labeling patriotism and respect for the flag as white nationalism, defending the sale of aborted fetuses over a child’s unabridged right to life, attacking intellectual diversity/protected free speech in our schools and communities, compromising the fundamental duty of an independent media, destroying the living history of national monuments while praising murderous ideologies, tyrants and terrorist nations, decriminalizing illegal immigration for electoral advantage, obstructing the integrity of our sovereign elections, and placing the welfare of non-citizens, even enemy combatants and unabashed opportunists, over the rights and safety of actual Americans?

If irony was indeed a curtain, it would posthumously reside over the mortified face of a weeping Lady Liberty. There is the inevitable disagreement among like-minded colleagues, the fluid evolution of one’s convictions, and there is the complete abandonment of duty, love of country, and reason. The systemic subversion of our founding ideals, the Constitution, and our hallowed way of life is not a new occurrence for socialists and Marxists have lived among us for over century; a number have or continue to hold office. Senator Joseph McCarthy was in theory correct, he simply allowed his paranoia to wrongfully accuse disliked political adversaries and randomly threaten due process. The Port Huron Statement was much more than a drunken idealistic binge by leftist students, it was an ominous ode to the “peaceful overthrow” blueprint for exacting political and social control from within.

“What ‘multiculturalism’ boils down to is that you can praise any culture in the world except Western culture – and you cannot blame any culture in the world except Western culture.” ~Thomas Sowell

This organized assault on our national interests, enduring sense of pride, has increased in ferocity and scope as a disturbing number of progressives now hold a negative or outright hostile view of America. It really wasn’t until the counter-culture of the 1960’s – a rebellious, discontented generation inflamed over Vietnam, racial unrest and traditional societal norms (like getting a job) – that the radical likes of Saul Alinsky, Richard Cloward, Frances Piven, Bill Ayers and Frank Marshall found a receptive ear to assist in their treasonous aspirations; much like naïve millennials who are more concerned over access to social media, liquidating liberty for the promise of a free lunch and gun-free zones, then the dismissed historical parallels of Stalin, Hitler, Hirohito, Mao, Guevara or Castro.

Regardless of common misconceptions or ingrained biases, elements of Classical Liberalism, Conservatism, Modern Liberalism, and Progressivism are present in both political parties. No matter how similar or diametrically opposed, the true measure of trust is that of intent. What is the intent of Republican and Democratic bureaucrats, the collateral targets of their respective policies, and what is the path chosen to achieve these goals? Debating the merits of a Federal Reserve is a reasonable debate; justifying FBI corruption is not. From the recent rise to militant activism, intolerance, to a rapidly eroding respect for the law and our fellow man, America’s values have clearly been corrupted from within. This now visible malaise has clouded common sense to the point of contempt upon contact. Any political movement incumbent upon dividing citizens into warring factions, using mass hysteria/misinformation to negate constructive discourse through fear or violence, and perverting the role of public education – choosing political indoctrination over individual thought and failing to give students an objective understanding, detectable appreciation, of America’s blessings – is no friend of this republic or her people.

“There is a difference between happiness and wisdom: he that thinks himself the happiest man is really so; but he that thinks himself the wisest is generally the greatest fool.” ~Sir Francis Bacon

Progressivism has become a starry-eyed, storybook euphemism for a scorched-earth campaign against the family paradigm, Christianity, accountability, self-rule, and the founding charter of the American dream. The prudence and practicality necessary to protect fundamental freedoms, the prerequisite of truth and transparency in a representative government, is now an acceptable casualty in the rush to claim political supremacy. The intentional infusion of propaganda into nearly every facet of society, specifically our elected institutions for political gain, has betrayed the people’s assumed ability to discern fact from fiction, conviction from hate. Reality is not nor should it ever be reported as a conservative or liberal viewpoint, but as an unfiltered journey to wisdom beyond any singular, self-serving end.

Rather than selectively highlighting past transgressions to wrongfully condemn the present, critics should applaud America for its moral fortitude to create a more just and civil society. Instead of reducing the empowerment of women to naked feminists shouting profanities in our city streets before the eyes and ears of impressionable children, recognize their priceless prowess as strong matriarchs and esteemed professionals without the debasement of political condescension. Why degrade the traditional family’s proclivity to produce more well-adjusted and content generations, only to turn the innate strengths of natural biology into a self-fulling prophecy where social activists relegate “individuality”, dare I say progress, to the proven destructive dysphoria of gender conditioning?

Contrary to pundits and media puppets alike, an overwhelming majority of conservatives are steadfast supporters of equal rights, those existing laws and avenues of recompense readily available to their own affected friends and family, they simply reject inventing injustice or courting madness to further divide America for the public spectra of partisan spin. While it is true no party is without fault or sin, misjudgments or misgivings, the American people solely bear the burden of questioning any ideology that is incompatible those inalienable rights necessary for “the pursuit of happiness”, but more so for posing a tangible and grave threat to the very country, which by nature, entertains the most inhospitable guests or unworthy, entrusted patrons seeking her fall. To quote those progressive soldiers guarding the unlocked backdoor, “The Russians are coming; the Russians are coming!” Forgive my intrusion, but they’re already here.

They have been…for years.

“If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.” ~James Madison


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The Usual Unconvicted Suspects

The DNC civil lawsuit against the Trump campaign, Russia and Wikileaks is not only a bad joke, it’s an extraordinarily dumb one. The same collection of conniving propagandists that admitted in litigation they rigged the Democratic nomination because they legally could, are somehow livid Wikileaks exposed their entire corrupt operation by publicizing actual communications detailing real collusion: an orchestrated attempt to recruit and enrich false accusers of sexual harassment, coordinating with media networks to distort and/or selectively report current events, plotting to smear Bernie Sanders as a “sexist” extremist, seeding presidential debates with planted questions and partisan moderators, expressing their unfiltered contempt for various American demographic groups (Christians, “Taco Bowl” voters, Super Predators, Deplorables), promising donors a nation with open borders, covering-up a suspected inside leak and the likely impetus for Seth Rich’s death, and touting Hillary’s extensive ties with Russian donors, Uranium One, Wall Street, Goldman Sachs and Silicon Valley data pirates.

This newest yet far more desperate attempt to salvage any hint of credibility, amidst the billowing backdrop of a widening FBI fire sale, will allow Trump’s lawyers to launch a counter suit after invoking “discovery” requests on DNC servers, the infiltration of the House Select Committee on Intelligence by the Iwan brothers, Hillary’s improperly vetted/questioned/detained foreign IT managers, and the most intricate dealings of Fusion GPS research itself; the infamous “fake dossier” paid for by the Clinton Campaign and peddled by Deep State conspirators to fraudulently obtain surveillance warrants of an incoming administration.

Suing to hopefully imbue a fabricated narrative into a nation’s voting conscience is the modern-day Clockwork Orange of aspiring Orwellian gangsters. What’s next…filing a federal injunction against “offensive” gun owners for exercising their Constitutional right to self-defense? But as “We the Betrayed” already ascertained, this juvenile legal stunt is really about maintaining public appearances until midterms, the illusion of an illegitimate election and President requiring a Blue Wave of retribution, to distract from a mounting listing of impressive successes and conceal the unforgivable fact Democrats willingly nominated the most corrupt, detestable politician in our nation’s history. When the truth is your mortal enemy, burying the remains of your criminal intent is not quite as easy as blaming unruly Russians for getting out of your piss-stained bed. Who needs “justice” when drunk party jesters openly court revenge?

Unless sneezing unicorns are forced at gunpoint to push bleached email servers, glittering generalities and assassinated whistle blowers off the unguarded edge of a recently discovered “flat earth”, the now very distant embodiment of the party of JFK wants you to believe Voter ID’s are racist – except in Latin American countries or the DNC National Convention – but that millions of non-citizens casting votes, with little to no loyalty to our founding values and publicly encouraged by the Obama administration, by no means constitute foreign interference or election tampering. Of course, if five million let alone 500 Americans crossed the border to defeat Trudeau or install a conservative Mexican President actually willing to fight illegal immigration and “unfair trade”, those individuals would be arrested and made public enemy #1 by every liberal news pundit decrying a vast Right Wing conspiracy: an egregious assault on each country’s sovereignty, economy and indigenous population.

The bigger the lie, the more often you repeat it, the more likely uninformed people are to believe it. The Democratic party, by choice, has become a false flag operation…a notorious syndicate of demagoguery, a shameless instigator/agitator of societal strife to achieve radical social change, political supremacy, at any price. This transformation of cultivated discontent and warped public perception begs but one inescapable question? What’s the difference between immunity, impunity and an implicated, broken establishment unwilling to testify on America’s behalf? That would depend on your ability to discern between a sociopath, a traitor and a progressive activist laughing alone in a police line-up. If anyone needs to unconditionally apologize and pay full restitution for undermining the time, resources and peaceful foreign relations of two collective nations, the prescribed transparency of a free republic, it’s the Democratic National Committee of unconvicted usurpers.


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Critical Mass Manipulation: An American Casualty

Andrew McCabe lied four times under oath and now the Inspector General has submitted his recommendation to Congress for criminal prosecution. Naturally, the only real question that remains is who will he “betray” first…Rosenstein, Comey, or even the feckless Robert Mueller himself? After all, if Mr. McCabe truly has nothing to hide, why lie in the first place; let alone three more punishable instances? Either way, unless Jeff Sessions and Congressional representatives take immediate action against this ongoing Deep State coup d’etat – a coordinated plot to invalidate an election result, stonewall common sense reforms and frame a sitting President – our own government will have successfully and unapologetically supplanted the rule of law.

Since the right to attorney-client privilege is longer a key cog of due process, if you’re Donald Trump that is, why not also pardon perjury, absolve abuse of power, congratulate collusion, and abolish the very tangible concept of treason itself? Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe and the DNC were not only active parties to this entire Machiavellian charade, this elaborate and unprecedented ruse to sabotage an incoming administration in hopes of preserving their progressive agenda, they continue to labor under the delusion they’re leading a populist uprising against federal corruption and foreign interference.

If you believe in the adage “the best defense is a good offense”, that strategy is exponentially more formidable in the political arena where molded public perception can defeat the most sound logic or rudimentary fact. While these tried and true tactics of infamous communist regimes and fascist dictators are hardly nascent activities, they are alarming indicators that America – a Constitutional Republic predicated upon limited government, Checks and Balances, and a vigilant, free press – is teetering on the precipice of becoming a propaganda state; one in which justice, equality and transparency are somehow subjective or partisan constructs because the people are too complicit or apathetic to care otherwise.

The loudest and most disruptive obstacles to effective, responsible government typically reside in those “resisting” civil servants whose ideology, political beliefs, cannot withstand honest scrutiny and impartial debate. Thus, only through an endless array of orchestrated distractions and salacious accusations are the most culpable, clearly contemptible, able to evade accountability. The fact our duly-elected President is being investigated for an imaginary crime a number of his accusers actually committed – admittedly rigging the DNC primary, soliciting Russian financing for a future presidential campaign, conspiring government agencies falsifying evidence to secure surveillance warrants, and election tampering by inviting a foreign body of illegal votes – is undeniable proof the progressive establishment’s war on reality is reaching a point of critical mass.

If my observations are nothing more than gross exaggeration, in what other era would our sovereign and internationally recognized borders be deemed racist, a peaceful disarmament of a North Korean tyrant considered dangerous in the wake of Democrats negotiating a nuclear Iran, our own National Anthem derided as “divisive” and therefore preempted on national TV, the NRA absurdly slandered as a terrorist organization when Barack Obama protected/aided Hezbollah, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, universal tax cuts condemned as capitalist “greed” despite billions of taxpayer dollars being spent on non-citizens, social entitlements and sworn enemies, and a resurgent economy reported as a “broken promise” despite boasting the fewest jobless claims in 45 years, the steepest manufacturing gains in over two decades and the lowest black/Hispanic unemployment in our nation’s history? Together, these insulting discrepancies represent a concerted effort to destabilize our societal values, our civic obligation and sense of wrong or right, by drawing a horribly skewed account of current events. If you need to be told who to blame for a problem that may or may not exist, where does dissent end and due diligence begin?

When every detail of the news must be distorted to demonize the President, to misinform the masses to the point of welcoming open hostility solely to win an election, the very basis of a free thinking, democratic society becomes the conquered ruins of a dystopian nightmare. To conquer a country’s territory, you must first raise a standing army. To silence a country’s founding history, you must erase all remnants of its existence, criminalize the past and discredit any medium speaking on its behalf. The faintest flicker of an ideal, however, will always remain.

Pawns willing to sacrifice themselves for the Marxist wet dream of the “greater good” – the mere illusion of fighting injustice by empowering the unjust aspirations of anti-American globalists consuming wealth and consolidating power – are far easier to control than a lone voice wiling to brave scorn and bodily harm to defend a forsaken Declaration of Independence. Whereas ignorance will enslave itself in the face of fear, pervasive propaganda, mankind’s innate desire to be free from centralized coercion, to gather strength from a higher calling and wisdom through our God-given senses, rarely makes such concessions. America, it seems, is losing its ability to delineate between “the consent of the governed” from the “carnage of the corrupt”. For if we fail to act now in the face of these damning revelations, what will be left to salvage for future generations? A nation of laws is only as legitimate as the people’s willingness to ensure principle over party, duty over duplicity. Without equal deference for the necessity of justice, the functional integrity of our public institutions, truth is the unreported hostage of unmistakable intent: America is under attack and we’re harboring the growing list of paid accomplices.


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Deadset on Disrespect

Fresno State Professor Randa Jarrar is yet another example of the unhinged hatred and political vitriol so commonplace in “progressive” America, but more specifically, modern academia. To rejoice over the death of a distinguished elderly woman, spew epithets and openly relish in the pain of her grieving loved ones, shows a complete lack of humanity, moral restraint, if not any semblance of sanity. Not surprisingly, this is the second such incident to eminent from the regressive Republic of California, where just months ago an El Rancho High School teacher characterized military members as stupid, the “lowest of the low”, and threatened any student who wore shirts supporting them…in a known military community no less. This type of juvenile, caustic behavior is what happens when a detached populace – increasingly radicalized by myopic, political zealots – is no longer able to function as civilized members of the human race. When politics precludes common decency, fascism is but a generation away.


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