The Baby Killing Fields

When New York seeks to legalize aborting babies at full term…i.e., killing at birth…and no one on the left bats an eye, the sheer depravity currently engulfing liberal America is an ominous warning to us all. As much as I detest the mistreatment of animals, it’s a sad indictment of our society when the unnecessary death of a dog, a seal or a bird draws more outrage and than that of a helpless human newborn. So callous and cruel. And yet many of these same abortion activists show far more concern over whether the death penalty for convicted murders and terrorists is humane or even necessary at all. Abortion is now the number one cause of death globally, accounting for over 50 million lives lost each year. Just unforgivable.

“America needs no words from me to see how your decision in Roe v. Wade has deformed a great nation. The so-called right to abortion has pitted mothers against their children and women against men.” – Mother Teresa

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Too Close for Real Men


Proctors & Gamble’s newest “shaving” commercial is but another disturbing example of how modern society encourages and applauds strong, fearless women but belittles the masculine archetype as “toxic” and a cancer to the new status quo. And yet people cannot figure why there are so many dysfunctional snowflakes who wear pajamas in public, live in their parents basement, post photos of their “yummy” latte, choose porn over relationships and couldn’t change a tire to save their lives. Our unique, biological distinctions are not mistakes but evolutionary advantages that naturally benefit both genders and the proliferation of the human race. One needs only to look at the cultural aftermath of European progressivism where pacifist, Beta males are ideologically resistant, if not physically reluctant, to confront Islamic militants who beat, rape and rob their fellow countrymen with insatiable regularity. Contrary to liberal hypnotists, you can be a masculine male, the now “dreaded” patriarch, and still embody a respectful, responsible, insightful and compassionate human being.

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The Cancer Within


The rising prevalence of churches ignoring/inventing biblical doctrine to appease modern apologists typifies the blasphemous moral relevancy that is destroying Christianity, America and the Vatican itself. The tenets of the Bible do not magically morph to satisfy contemporary norms and the cultural sensitivities of political activists, dare I say our masquerading Pope, to condone sin, abortion, pedophilia, adultery, gay marriage, transgenderism, Communism, Open Borders, fascist censorship or even the unopposed, barbaric practices of Sharia Law. It is not “hate” or Right Wing radicalism to honor your faith, to protect your family and home without hesitation or apology. Rather, such dutiful vigilance represents an indelible respect for life, God and the very salvation of your loved ones which ultimately guides humanity to avoid those destructive pitfalls and morally-bereft vices of an increasingly apathetic society. A rudderless boat drifting amid a sea of depravity marks a trite existence without worth or meaning.

Whereas I eagerly welcome people from all backgrounds and dispositions to find wisdom and solace in communal prayer, the Lord’s open house and comforting hands, I do not condone nor moralize that which the Bible unequivocally condemns; for such ambivalence would disgrace his most sacred commandments and inevitably dismiss the transcendent teachings surrounding his son’s life, crucifixion and death. Although the New Testament is rife with compassion, love and forgiveness, these divine blessings are not unconditional pardons freely bestowed upon miscreants, hedonists, moonlighting clergy and celebrity charlatans who purposely and repeatedly indulge in an immoral, selfish, deceitful and maladjusted lifestyle. Contrary to scheming secularists, the advent of “morality” is not the surviving remnants of superstitious religious zealots for it embodies the timeless struggle of good and evil, the innate conflict of the human condition to perceive, awaken and reject that which serves a wicked, unjust end. Do not believe for one moment the same divine creator who blessed us with reason and the ability to discern right from wrong, redemption from hollow remorse, would suddenly bemoan their usage and conscious application to avoid offending nonbelievers. Even Dante would scoff at the refusal of some atheists to recognize the virulent malice and insatiable avarice of primal man.

While our Founding Fathers sought to construct a Constitutional Republic free from the historical ravages of religious persecution and government tyranny, they also keenly recognized this international beacon of hope, freedom and justice was specifically devised for a “moral and religious people”; otherwise America would inevitably succumb to the devious whims of corrupt bureaucrats, rogue judges and favored aristocrats. If mankind is indeed betrothed with individual liberty, a sentient choice to follow in the footsteps of Jesus or worship those false idols/prophets who mock our beliefs and twist the word of God to lead our brethren down a path of excess and enmity, there is no refuge from the spiritual aftermath of our actions…or glaring lack of accountability smoldering in their wake. Without steadfast conviction and an intrinsic desire to better ourselves, to aid the suffering, mentor our children and sacrifice earthly contrivances for the priceless riches of eternal grace…a higher calling of metaphysical evolution, if you will…the human soul becomes little more than a bartered relic that is only as valuable as our waning desire to save it. Marginalizing or pretending evil does not exist will not protect you from its wrath or the misconstrued scapegoat of wrongful “judgement”. Such ignorance merely offers a sinking vessel by which to drown the entire human race.

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Election Reform Now

The left has made it abundantly clear they will circumvent any law, conceal any salient truth and concoct any scheme to stop Donald Trump, so immediate election reform is not just a priority but a nonnegotiable duty. As historic and unprecedented some of the President’s accomplishments have been, if vote fraud is not rigorously addressed before November of 2020 – illegal and double voting, ballot harvesting, absentee fraud, electronic manipulation, partisan poll workers and corrupt precinct officials – I fear the worst. After two years of RINO obstructionism turned proud Democratic insanity, Congress obviously has no intent of upholding the functional integrity of our elections so that responsibility is now entirely incumbent upon individual states to take decisive action…most notably, Florida, Texas, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Arizona….to name but a few. Because most progressives embrace the adage “the end justifies the means”, America cannot wait until the electoral damage is done and pointless investigations that have no bearing on the final results are held to temporarily quell public outrage. Demanding fair, secure and legitimate elections begins by exposing fraudulent practices, holding apathetic politicians accountable, and aggressively exercising our judicial rights. Time is of the essence, but only if our resolve is unwavering.


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To the Bitter End: Proven Leaders and anti-American Schemers


A stunning contrast in both focus and competence; especially considering Barack Obama had eight years to post such abysmal numbers. And of course which one does the media and academia praise? No matter how historic Trump’s accomplishments, no matter how keen his leadership, there are still those bitter malcontents will vote against him even if they lose their jobs, homes and individual rights. That’s how deluded and brainwashed much of the modern electorate has become. After all, they re-elected an unqualified community organizer who despised America, incited a war on police, religiously mocked and prosecuted Christian entities, aided our Islamic enemies, weaponized federal agencies against political opponents, admittedly spied on Congress and the press, doubled the national debt, lied to pass socialized healthcare which resulted in skyrocketing insurance premiums, presided over record welfare recipients, engineered mass immigration, and who was responsible for the worst economic growth of any two-term president. This next election will determine whether America foolishly and quite possibly permanently falls for the ruse of Democratic socialism and cultural Marxism, or embraces the blessings of true independence, national security, common sense, prosperity and ample opportunity.


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Widows, Walls and Walking Oxymorons

Just a friendly question for the duplicitous media, snowflake academia and those obscene Democratic representatives who proudly cast aspersions with unapologetic regularity…

If the term “illegal immigrant”, which is factually correct, dehumanizes criminals and offends liberals, why is it acceptable to label decent, law-abiding conservatives as Nazis, Christian radicals, NRA murderers, dumb rednecks, xenophobes, homophobic, white supremacists and Uncle Toms? Spare me the PC drivel and phony concern for human dignity. Or is my “toxic masculinity” now only suitable for angry, “progressive” women who are applauded as fearless Congressional leaders by attempting to impersonate traditional men? Perhaps you should ask the family of every U.S citizen murdered, raped, beaten or robbed by an “illegal immigrant” if they would prefer to call their assailants oppressed visitors, preferred federal benefactors or undocumented Democratic voters.

Instead of simply enforcing our existing laws and demanding the necessity of legal immigration, a secure and orderly naturalization process, your hostile ranks relish the opportunity to mock actual Americans, consciously place millions in harm’s way, waste billions in taxpayer money without reform or regret, and of course to accuse Open Border critics of racism, unbridled hate, rather than accepting the universal maxim everyone is responsible for their actions…a rudimentary concept which does not preclude media propagandists, anti-American educators, elected hypocrites and most notably, those foreign nationals who knowingly chose to illegally enter a sovereign nation that desperately needs a formidable border wall. Unfortunately for “We the People” and our rightfully-concerned President, you cannot negotiate with those who have renounced the use of logic, who place power above prudence, solely to spite the country they absurdly claim to serve. You must take decisive action to ensure the rights, property and safety of your forsaken brethren are reaffirmed and protected without further delay.

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The Propaganda State of “Stop Trump”

Does anyone actually believe any of the major networks would have boycotted a special national address called by President Obama at the 11th hour? Not a chance in hell. Those cable executives contemplating nixing live coverage of Trump’s scheduled speech regarding illegal immigration and border security, a hopelessly unresolved issue and grave threat affecting every American, personify the partisan censorship that now defines contemporary media; the once so-called independent watchdog of our increasingly betrayed Republic. When basic news mediums conspire to conceal or deceptively filter any relevant information that does not support their myopic political narrative – open borders, socialism, abortion, gun control, Russian election collusion, Christian “extremism” – they not only put America at risk, but incite unnecessary division and unrest with their spoon-fed, complicit ignorance. Not surprisingly, television networks, mainstream cyber sites and print media repeatedly rejected or restricted the content of hard-hitting Republican ads in recent elections while practically giving their Democratic detractors free reign over the “acceptable” content of their campaign commercials, if not unparalleled exposure and unethical discounts.

American “journalism” has essentially become a posthumous anecdote for advocacy because progressivism, AKA globalism, is an omnipresent ruse predicated upon shamelessly manipulating apathetic and low-information voters through every educational, entertainment and news resource available. These insidious efforts represent an ongoing ideological coup d’etat of American nationalism, our Constitutional values and sovereign identity, without firing a shot or forcibly conquering a single town. How so? Cultivating anger through incessant victimization propaganda and entitlement indoctrination, ruthlessly slandering and demonizing political opponents, is far more appealing to soulless collectivists obsessed with control than simply reporting the truth to ensure the survival of a vibrant, free nation and to preserve the divine blessing of intellectual liberty for all her people.

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“Partial” Truth, Treason and the Democratic Way


Ignore the media muckrakers and doomsday prognosticators who are oblivious to the concept of a “partial” government shutdown; one which will also provide back pay for temporarily furloughed employees. If the hypocritical left actually honored their past statements declaring illegal immigration was a serious crime that required federal funding for a functional border wall, none of this would be necessary. But we’re no longer dealing with rationale, responsible adults…merely juvenile, corrupt globalists who have chosen to betray the very country and citizens they swore to protect simply to spite an unswerving Chief Executive they cannot control, bribe or intimidate. What could possibly be more important than preserving an inexhaustible source of foreign votes while profiting from the multi-billion dollar human and drug trafficking trades? Priorities.

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Child Abuse and LGBT Indoctrination


Soulless. “TransKids”? Fake penises for little girls? Dolls with explicit genitalia? Really?!! This is morally-bankrupt adults pushing their own warped political agenda and sexual perversions onto innocent, vulnerable children. Unless people start standing up to this destructive gender-conditioning nonsense, the social development and mental health consequences for our youth will soon be irreversible. This is abuse and indoctrination, pure and simple.

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The Global Censors of Native Dissent

Take heed, America…this is your ominous future if liberal fascists are allowed to silence free speech and censor the truth about those foreign/domestic radicals who despise our very existence…our Judeo-Christian values, individual liberties and love of sovereign independence. And yet Islamic demonstrators can wave the ISIS flag and chant death to their host nations without consequences or condemnation by European governments. How else can militant “brownshirts” like AntiFa terrorize political opponents and operate with near impunity in progressive strongholds like Portland, Seattle and San Francisco. ‘1984’ is coming closer to redefining “Western Civilization” with each passing day.


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A Mad House of Jesters, Traitors and Socialist Ill Repute

In the first few days of the new 116th Congress, House Democrats wasted no time in illustrating just how unhinged, misguided and hostile their party has become towards America and her founding values.

Kyrsten Sinema – the bisexual, anti-American atheist – refused to take her sworn oath of office on the Bible. She also compared traditional stay-at-home mothers to leeches and called for open borders during her Arizona campaign which was aided by extensive voter fraud after trailing Martha McSally at the conclusion of election night: a state the Republican gubernatorial candidate carried by more than 336,000 votes on the same night.

Two new Muslim congresswomen took their oath on the Quran…that radical diatribe incompatible with the Constitution which calls for the submission or death of all non-believers. Both Michigan Democrat Rashida Tlaid and Minnesota representative llhan Omar have denounced Israel with fellow anti-Semitic activist Linda Sarsour, have advocated support for the Muslim Brotherhood, and called upon the U.S. government to accept at least a million more Islamic refugees.

The Democratic House majority passed an interim funding bill with 54 billion earmarked in foreign aid and incentives, but did not allocate one cent for a border wall to combat illegal immigration, human and drug trafficking, which costs America well over 100 billion annually and more than 63,000 lives lost since 2001.

Jennifer Wexton replaced the POW flag outside her office with a transgender flag to honor their “bravery and opression”.

Tennessee Democrat Steve Cohen introduced legislation to eliminate the Electoral College.

Rashida Tlaib promised to impeach that “motherf@cker” Trump, with no proof of actual impeachable offenses, when speaking before a group of her supporters, which included her young daughter. She recently displayed an artistic piece depicting a newly christened “Palestine” superseding Israel.

The garrulous know-nothing and proud socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has repeatedly called for free college, universal healthcare and guaranteed income for illegals and all unemployed citizens, introduced “The Green Deal”: a series of destructive, imprudent reforms which would tax the wealthy at a 70% clip and institute a climate change tax…the very same measures which have contributed to economic hardship and widespread ‘yellow vest” protests across France.



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Elected Islamic Radicals and Democratic Terrorists


Of course if Ms. Tlaib lived in Iran or Saudi Arabia she would be silenced, beaten and denied basic human liberties by her beloved religion of peace.  But another reason why Islamic candidates should be permanently banned from holding public office. They have no allegiance to this country and their radical views seek to undermine our national interests, societal values, sovereignty and security. The totalitarian tenets of Sharia Law are fundamentally incompatible with those natural born, inalienable rights protected by the U.S. Constitution.




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What Lies Beneath

New hires surged by 312,000 in December, beating expectations by nearly 140,000, workforce participation eclipsed 63% and wages rose sharply by an impressive 3.2%…the highest jump in a decade. Of course, all the delusional left can talk about is “impeachment”, holding endless investigations over fabricated crimes or attempting to wrongfully publish private tax returns, and raising taxes to benefit illegals, abortionists, environmental alarmists and entitled malcontents at the expense of punishing prosperity, vigilant citizens and common sense. I have bad news for those conspiring radicals moonlighting as public servants who couldn’t care less about this country, our national security, the economy or the rule of law. Only the Senate can actually remove the President, which will never happen, and “We the People” are sick and tired of the absurd bullshit being hurled daily by juvenile propagandists because they cannot deal with a proven leader who rightfully strives to strengthen this nation every second of every day. Keep pushing, provoking and plotting to plunge America into dysfunctional darkness for partisan gain instead of doing your elected duty and you’ll discover just how quickly an actual populist uprising is willing to remove liars, traitors and thieves poisoning this 242 year-old tree of sovereign liberty.


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Open Borders, Unmarked Graves and Widows Without Walls

Forget begging for $5 billion dollars or less than .003% of our government’s annual budget in the fleeting hope U.S. representatives finally recognize the greatest threat facing their nation’s survival. If House Democrats can arbitrarily pass a temporary spending bill allocating $12 billion in frivolous foreign aid without providing a red cent for effective border security amidst rampant illegal immigration, human and drug trafficking, these smug hypocrites can damn well fund the total $15-20 billion necessary for a fully-functional border wall; that proven edifice which will immediately pay for itself and save countless lives. Otherwise, this last-ditch effort to protect American citizens, her economic and national sovereignty, will inevitably fail when the President will soon again be forced to publicly grovel for more Congressional crumbs to build but another section of a desperately-needed structure that will likely have zero chance of ever being completed. How any self-respecting American can vote for those treasonous dregs who care so little for their own country’s interests and safety…yet can freely dispense our hard-earned tax dollars to terrorist regimes, gloating abortion clinics or consciously settle their own sexual misconduct cases…is an insult to the very concept of a dutiful and transparent Constitutional Republic. You cannot coexist with those who do not value your life, liberty or property. You cannot negotiate with censors plotting truth’s death.

The reason why the modern Democratic Party prefers “entitled” illegals, non-assimilating Islamic “refugees”, brainwashed millennials, cultural Marxists and fellow-scheming Open Border globalists is because their radical ranks and socialist policies would never see the light of day without their equally-prevalent hate for a strong, free and morally-independent America. Progressives only true loyalty reside in a regressive, destructive agenda that seeks unilateral control and mass conformity above all else. Amidst their historically-obtuse quest for absolute power, an insurmountable electoral advantage of unchecked contempt, the fascist left’s desired end of Judeo-Christian values and individual liberty justifies using any means necessary to redistribute, regulate and criminalize the American dream based upon one’s race, class, gender, sexual identity, and ideological creed. Once upon a time, the radicalized remnants of a patriotic party that once revered a Catholic nationalist and unapologetic capitalist named JFK actually attempted to conceal or deny their unforgivable betrayal. Now they no longer even try. To the media minstrels of marinating mutiny, America is no longer a priority or a privilege, an incandescent beacon of divine inspiration to end tyranny and despair, but a disposable pawn to be sacrificed for the reincarnated fallacy of the ‘common good’. Because Communists dream too.

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A New Year’s Hope

Tonight is not about politics or needlessly obsessing over our inevitable differences, regardless of our gender, color, sexuality, wealth or religious beliefs. New Year’s Eve is a worthy cause for celebration, for appreciating our most obvious or overlooked blessings through joyous revelry with family, friends and the good will of new acquaintances. It is a reminder that we are survivors, insatiable dreamers and forever bound by common needs and struggles. And although life is riddled with loss and personal misfortune, despair and discord, I do not need to drift amidst the endless sea of tombstones marking departed loved ones and fallen heroes, or loiter in the streets of apathy and moral depravity, to recognize the ominous pitfalls that await my every step each 365 days of the year. Rather, on this festive night, I choose to drink from the fountain of humanity to honor mankind’s most quintessential gift: hope.

Hope has resurrected hearts from the depths of hate, inspired the afflicted to overcome disease, and slayed improbability by rousing starving peasants to defeat the corpulent armies of tyranny. Its strength is immeasurable, defiantly indelible, and represents the last untouchable vestige of liberty….our God-given rights….for hope is an undying remnant of love; of what could and can be when we drink from its universal chalice. So as you raucously raise your glass to the heavens tonight, kiss your loved ones or hug complete strangers, remember all that is right with this imperfect world and that no good thing ever truly dies; no matter how much we endure or must overcome. The most endearing resolutions are not those impulsive pledges made on any singular day or momentous occasion, but they are the unspoken virtues, selfless actions, we embody every uneventful day of our lives. God Bless, please be safe, and Happy New Year!

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The Evil Within


Ominous parallels to the economic, moral and cultural decay of modern progressivism. And despite the mass exodus of residents and businesses fleeing exessive taxation and regulations, higher poverty, inflation and crime rates from Blue states like California, Illinois and New York, this growing rejection of timeless American idealism is exasperated by the fact these people still somehow vote for those liberal politicians promising to enact the same destructive policies in the far more appealing pastures of Texas, Florida or Wisconsin. This gradual regression is the catastrophic result of identity, entitlement and victimization politics, when logic, economic theory, personal responsibility, and national pride are displaced by the divisive and soulless indoctrination campaigns so prevalent in the partisan media, detached entertainment mediums and an increasingly radicalized public education system which espouses communism and socialism over liberty and hard work, promiscuity and perversion in lieu of love and traditional family values, LGBT instruction and gender reconditioning in place of biology and “hateful” Judeo-Christian norms, and justifies violent fascism to silence the intellectual individualism of free speech. The perilous signs, but most notably the visible aftermath, are becoming more undeniable with each passing day.

The egregious mistakes of human history repeat themselves because mankind’s arrogance and apathy refuse to recognize oppression, hate and injustice are most commonly preserved, dare I say weaponized, by those insidious ideological movements claiming to fight their very existence. Of course, there is nothing just or remotely “progressive” about enabling any party or government that seeks unilateral control by quelling or demonizing dissent. If you openly wage war on the very cornerstones of Western Civilization – freedom, faith, duty, education, industry, self-reliance and basic respect – such ignorance merely ensures the inevitable depravity left in their absence. America, as Abraham Lincoln once prophesied, is being systematically destroyed from within.

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Bordering the Blame


Absolutely. Unfortunately the left unapologetically peddles this type of backwards thinking because it serves their political ambitions. America’s critical thinking skills are in a dire state of disrepair. Respect the law, put the safety and health of your loved ones first, and these senseless tragedies can be avoided. If you can’t even get on a plane or attend the Democratic National Convention without an ID or being searched, how in the hell is anyone expecting entry into a sovereign country without meeting the afforded requirements? Perhaps we should all march on Hollywood and demand open access to their gated communities, along with free food, board and all the lavish privileges of their private property.

Failing to be accountable for your own actions does not constitute an emergency or any semblance of a moral obligation for others to indulge in light of such reckless behavior. Unlike these people’s native countries that have failed their families for generations, including those radical activist groups that purposely funded their lawless aspirations in hope of instituting the same failed socialist policies across this nation, America is neither their enemy or the cause of their misfortunes. America is the final lynch pin of a devious, electoral scheme that counts votes behind expendable human shields. Without the necessity of law and order, allegiance or assimilation, exploitation and expatriation are the awaiting concealed edge of political homicide. The more citizens and foreigners are taught to hate and blame America for their personal struggles, the easier it becomes for her plotting enemies to procure her fall.

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The Obama Border Body Count


But another shameless double standard. Unfortunately many illegals in custody refuse to cooperate with medical evaluations and share critical health information with border agents. The real travesty is the fact thousands of uprooted individuals were duped into joining a doomed caravan solely to be used as sacrificial pawns by radical open border activists. Reckless and irresponsible.


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Merry Christmas: The Soul of Science & The Birth of Salvation

Merry Christmas: The Soul of Science & the Birth of Salvation!

I have never understood why those who believe in “nothing” are so consumed with what an overwhelming majority of Americans accept and celebrate: i.e., the birth of Jesus and the sanctity of Christmas. If the symbolism of a decorated tree and a manger are now so utterly offensive, let alone the mere mention of “Christmas”, then so should the concepts of good will, charity and hope; for those are the virtues these objects inherently espouse. Apparently tolerance has become a revolutionary concept and a moral threat to the soulless, secular police state known as progressivism!

For the sake of Constitutional posterity, the First Amendment wasn’t designed to protect our government from our religious values; it was written to defend our religious values – those Judeo-Christian pillars of Western Civilization and our nation’s moral compass – from the clutches of government tyranny. “All men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights!” Hmm, that hardly sounds like a disclaimer for the agnostic apparition known as Separation of Church of State when our federal treasury reminds us daily it is “In God We Trust”! In other words, our founding values and societal norms – written or inferred – inevitably permeate every American institution and serve as the constitutional crux of this Republic. Recognizing and paying homage to a creator does not force anyone to be Christian, pray or to even believe in God. It’s but an indelible bridge to our humanity, our spiritual DNA as a free republic, and the divine source of mankind’s natural born rights! To deny these truths is to deny the very air we breathe. God is liberty, for better or for worse!

If irate activists must resort to disparaging believers and banning the harmless images of a sacred holiday to validate their nihilistic and/or anti-American views, they obviously harbor some serious doubt and insecurities over their own “enlightened” convictions. I love how atheists will openly mock Christians for believing God is a supreme consciousness, an eternal energy and omnipresent force, only to turn around and claim it’s scientifically probable for the same incredible amount of energy and mass needed to produce the Big Bang to somehow always exist without causality or explanation. And even if our universe is one of many, a side effect of a similar imploding/exploding dying entity, every living thing or inanimate spec of floating debris still must trace back to an inescapable beginning before one molecule of gas expanded or a single flash of light was visible in the heavens. Even Mistletoe needs a willing partner in this interstellar dance known as the human condition!

If the Big Bang is valid, and it very well may be, I’m putting my money on the notion it was but a mechanism of creation triggered by the discerning hand of intelligent design. Wherever there is structure, which is irrefutably evident on Earth and beyond our solar system, there is almost always purpose…or intent. A Mercedes doesn’t inexplicably appear without an engineering blueprint and the Mexican Axolotl doesn’t regenerate limbs or organs without a biological catalyst that is set in motion. “To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heavens.” Because evolution cannot account for the exact origins of life, or explain the sheer complexity and anomalies of all creation, don’t be surprised if you find God and science eating at the same periodic table. Otherwise, the Big Bang would simply be accepted as a secular conundrum in which atheists somehow magically appear at the stroke of Midnight to stop Santa Claus from eating Double Stuff Oreos and reciting the Lord’s Prayer on Christmas Eve. Oh the irreverent irony! No matter what the genesis of humanity’s blessings and indelible gifts, to each to their own and to all a good life! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and may your hearts be filled with love and kindness every day of the year!

“To suppose that the eye with all its inimitable contrivances for adjusting the focus to different distances, for admitting different amounts of light, and for the correction of spherical and chromatic aberration, could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest degree.” ~ Charles Darwin


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Syria, ISIS and the Bipolar Media

The duplicitous criticism over withdrawing from Syria is nauseating, not to mention an overwhelming number of troops truly want to come home…people’s sons and daughters. When has any war torn, Middle Eastern nation not been a bottomless quagmire of special interests, death and foreign debt? Trump promised to annihilate ISIS and he kept his word. The President also campaigned on less military intervention abroad and now that’s exactly what he’s doing. And let’s be honest…no matter what the man chooses, he is going to be ruthlessly demonized and slandered regardless. The money saved in reducing foreign commitments could also be redirected towards the military building the border wall…an option the White House has already suggested. If Barack Obama’s name was attached to these very same actions, bipolar media pundits would be praising his “shrewd” leadership and demanding yet another Nobel Prize inscribed with the letter “I” at least 50 times to properly honor his legendary ego…one the religiously fed without complaint or contempt. Such is the broken state of American politics.


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The Gift of Love

While it may seem cliche, the greatest gift parents can give their children is love, to teach them respect, empathy and the merits of responsibility, to always ask how they are feeling and know who they’re with, by investing the time necessary to help them succeed and transform into self-sufficient, well-adjusted adults. Living a dysfunctional, troubled and discontented life is a far greater tragedy, an inescapable source of regret, than not receiving an abundance of presents on any single Christmas morning.

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Border Walls, Fallacies & the Price of Liberal Hypocrisy

To those blind critics bashing the President over a partial government shutdown, claiming 5 billion dollars to begin construction on a much-needed Border Wall is petty and would be better spent on infrastructure or schools, where were you when Barack Obama sent 150 billion to the terrorist regime of Iran without Congressional approval? Whereas a Border Wall pays for itself in less than a year, offsetting the over 100 billion dollar annual pricetag of housing, educating, providing healthcare and incarcerating criminal illegal immigrants, the massive amount of blood money sent to rogue nations and Islamic militants put this nation at furthering risk when it could have aided seniors, first responders and transformed countless impoverished lives in urban development zones. And yes, unless your loved one has been murdered, raped or robbed by a trespassing foreigner, your point is entirely moot. Without law and order, a means to combat human, drug and weapons trafficking to ensure responsible immigration, nothing else matters because America will soon become an anecdote to its own welcomed demise. Just ask the crumbling European Union how their non-assimilating “refugee” program is progressing. Never fear, when the new Republican Senate is seated next month they will have the votes necessary to end your mindless obstructionism to dutifully protecting the American people.

PS…the White House already sent 100 million in emergency EPA funds to Flint, Michigan well over a year ago. The incompetence of local and state Democratic officials continues to be the greatest impediment to clean drinking water.



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The True Spirit of Christmas

During this holiday season, as we celebrate our faith and blessings, there are many who are struggling and without hope. I am always inspired by the thousands of volunteers who give back to their communities. Just a simple hello, asking someone how they are doing, if they need a blanket, clothes or a meal, can literally be the difference between life and death. In this day and age of modern convenience, it’s so very easy to take for granted having a roof over our heads, a warm bed, a hot shower, the company of someone who cares. Regardless of why a fellow human being is destitute, spiritually broken or homeless, compassion is far more revealing than contempt. Merry Christmas and may God grant serenity to all of his children in need.


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The Price of Sabotage

With far more equitable trade deals, near 50 year lows in unemployment, a stark rise in manufacturing jobs, plus 3% national economic growth, and record oil production, there is no legitimate reason for such volatility and gloom in our financial markets, let alone the Federal Reserve continuously raising interest rates….senseless moves which are crippling the once exploding housing market, new auto purchases and business investment. What we’re witnessing is political manipulation, media-induced hysteria and blatant obstructionism of our revitalized private sector. This clearly coordinated effort is malicious, treasonous, and costing Americans millions in private wealth simply to wrongfully convince the public an economic collapse is inevitable and the result of “America First” policies. Absurd and insulting. If contemporary Democrats were loyal, rational adults, they would welcome such renewed hope, vitality and economic opportunity. Instead their bitter and scheming ranks have descended into conspiring propagandists seeking power at any cost: including the sovereignty, interests and well-being of their own country.


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The Impeachment Pipe Dream: No Resignation Required

Attention hysterical leftists….a sitting President cannot be indicted while in office and a House impeachment vote does absolutely nothing because removal requires a 2/3 majority vote in the Senate. Democrats know this inescapable fact all too well which is why they’re making political mountains over legal molehills…i.e., private financial transactions regarding consensual encounters which pale in comparison to Bill Clinton’s criminal rape settlements, without any media uproar mind you, as well as Barack Obama’s record fine for missappropriating $2 million dollars in campaign funds during the 2008 election. Sorry but President Trump will not only reject these calculated calls for resignation and baseless threats of imprisonment, he will run again in 2020. Cohen is merely playing the bitter sacrificial pawn to fuel the false spectacle of an exploding crisis for salivating Trump critics because the disgraced attorney knows damn well he’s going to prison for tax fraud, not campaign finance violations or Russian election collusion.

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Obamacare Rightfully Ruled Unconstitutional


Good news but it should have happened long ago. Last year when Republicans failed to repeal Obamacare, choosing instead to loosen or void many of its restrictions, they did manage to ditch the penalty…a tax…thus eliminating John Roberts’ contention that taxation gave the federal government the authority to enforce Obamacare under the Interstate Commerce Clause. My guess is if it goes back to the Supreme Court, Roberts will find some other asinine reason to infringe upon individual liberty, states’ rights, and preserve the power of the swamp. Time will also tell if the Appelate Court abides by the Supreme Court’s original legal precedent for enacting government health care and/or requiring mandatory health insurance for all citizens.

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Sorry, Alarmists: The Earth is Cooling Amidst Mass Gains of Antarctic Ice

And yet Al Gore once prophesied the polar caps would be devoid of ice by now. While humanity must always strive to reduce pollution and protect the environment, our efforts must be guided by pragmatism, rational measures driven by sound empirical data, not spoon-fed paranoia. Climate alarmism is not science….it’s political science fiction.

NASA Confirms


Full Article

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Democratic Desperation: Hush Money & Hypocrites

The real reason giddy leftists are clammoring for resignation or even imprisonment regarding a minor campaign finance matter – old news rehashed as a Constitutional crisis and impeachable offense – is because Mueller couldn’t find a shred of evidence regarding Russian election collusion: the original purpose of his commissioned investigation before it immediately turned into a corrupt partisan inquisition. Naturally, not a single network recalls the “impeached” fact Barack Obama had to pay a $375,000 fine for honorably hiding over $2 million dollars in donations during the 2008 election; one of the largest such fines ever levied on a candidate. If a known billionaire paying “hush” money for two consensual relationships is now a crime, what is the going penalty for extortion, perjury or collusion to convict? Just don’t ask the extensive list of Congressmen who illegally used taxpayer money to discretely settle numerous cases of actual sexual misconduct. Truth is no longer a public commodity.

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The “Get Trump” Public Inquisition

The real reason giddy leftists are clammoring for resignation or even imprisonment regarding a minor campaign finance matter – old news rehashed as a horrific crime and impeachable offense – is because Mueller couldn’t find a shred of evidence regarding Russian election collusion: the original purpose of his commissioned investigation before it immediately turned into a corrupt partisan inquisition. Naturally, not a single network recalls the “impeached” fact Barack Obama had to pay a $375,000 fine for honorably hiding over $2 million dollars in donations during the 2008 election; one of the largest such fines ever levied on a candidate. If a known billionaire paying “hush” money for two consensual relationships is now a crime, what is the going penalty for extortion, perjury or collusion to convict? Just don’t ask the extensive list of Congressmen who illegally used taxpayer money to discretely settle numerous cases of actual sexual misconduct. Truth is no longer a public commodity.


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Media Puppets & Partisan Prostitutes


The media is no longer an independent watchdog of our government institutions guided by an intrinsic desire to protect the best interests of this country. They are unapologetic partisans seeking to achieve a political end by dissecting, concealing and molding the news to control public opinion. I have never met so many people who are completely detached from reality, fundamental historical truths and basic critical thinking skills, because their sources of information are so incredibly biased and filtered. America cannot survive as intended if this travesty is not remedied. The media and public schools must be held accountable for their blatant political perversion of every information medium. There is a stark contrast between journalism/education and entertainment/advocacy.

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A “Christ”mas Manhunt


Insulting, petty and sacrilegious. Christmas obviously violates Facebook standards because it’s a celebration of Christ and those joyous Christians who choose to seek salvation, humility and wisdom from his birth, life and indomitable love for mankind. Facebook, on the other hand, is guided by an insatiable hate for America’s heritage and founding values. Just shameful. This country and millions of impressionable children are being led down a very dark path by cultural terrorists and scheming secularists.



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The Spotlight Thief

Barack Obama waged war on fossil fuels, America’s own vast natural resources, by fighting drilling rights, bankrolling the disastrous Chevy Volt, losing over 2 billion in federal loans to failed green energy projects like Solyndra, crippling domestic coal production, blocking the Keystone pipeline and signing the ridiculous Paris Climate Accord. The fact he is claiming ownership over the news America has once again becoming the world’s largest oil producer is laughable. The man is as bitter as he is a boldfaced liar. Please explain, Mr. Honorary OPEC Jester, how you single-handedly restored America’s energy independence by attempting to bury any semblance of its resurrection beneath a globalist flag of absolute surrender.

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Crossdressing Child Abuse


Sick, immoral, child abuse. Growing up is hard enough today without spiteful parents (in this case the mother) imposing their own twisted political misconceptions onto their children, including the notion transgenderism is somehow a noble and desired transformation in our children. This is the result of gender conditioning, an irrational assault on the very nature of boys and girls, the societal cornerstone of family itself, and it’s anything but natural or constructive. Just let kids be kids and allow them to decide for themselves when they’re fully mature…mentally, physically and emotionally.

Full Article

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Pigeons of a Feather, Plot Together

FB_IMG_1543416299462I absolutely and unequivocally believe this. Sure, Obama’s GM pals wanted to streamline operations abroad for the cheap labor, but Trump’s economic success has been unparalleled and the left is desperate to tarnish his popularity in the Rust Belt. Do you believe it was a harmless coincidence a 2000 point drop in the market ensued after Soros and company sold Netflix, Facebook, Twitter and Apple shares before they plunged with substandard earnings? The progressive establishment will go to any length to sabotage America’s resurgence and regain control of the country. Just remember, massive wildfires dont start by themselves but they do cost billions in damages and lost revenue. Sabotage is by no means a Hollywood blockbuster; it’s a treasonous scorched-earth campaign for implementing Democratic Socialism. And for those who were unaware, Ms. Barra was on Hillary’s shortlist for VP candidates. The company you keep is the means you seek.


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The Anatomy of Humanity

A man is not a woman and a woman is not a man. Such is life. I’d rather hurt the fragile feelings of hallucinating thespians than cater to the sensitivities of gender terrorists seeking to punish those of us still living in the real world. Gender studies represent social activism based on political ideology, not biological or scientific fact. If public institutions, our own government, social media outlets and internet search engines want to indulge this destructive nonsense at the cost of eradicating basic evolutionary distinctions, then be prepared for the backlash to your regressive stupidity. To be complicit in this orchestrated deception threatens our children’s ability to discern and speak the most rudimentary truths.

Cultural Marxism is our sworn enemy, not the self-evident discovery men have a penis, testicles, and women have a vagina for natural childbirth; yes, not discounting those statistical anomalies of hermaphrodites, conjoined siamese twins, and Islamic feminists. Cross-dressing, androgynous identities, wishful thinking, and hormone injections are all personal choices – typically unresolved insecurities and dysphoric perceptions – not civil rights injustices requiring a fascist revolution designed to criminalize common sense and gender-based pronouns. Humanity has far greater concerns and challenges than reducing our collective worth to an indecipherable “it”. In other words, you don’t have to wait for your precious newborn baby to choose a sex or give you verifiable consent to change his or her diaper. Just open your eyes and use the brain God graciously gave you but modern “progressivism” wants you to categorically reject.

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Climate Scientology


Is it of any surprise this doomsday “model” magically appeared right after news broke that one of the most referenced global warming studies over the past two years was exposed for erroneous math calculations which its own authors acknowledged? Of course not, because the left does not deal in reality, verifiable facts and empirical data, but false appearances and manufactured public hysteria for political gain. Never mind this November was one of the coldest on record, without fear they cannot justify controlling every aspect of our lives: from what we eat, think and do, to implementing massive regulations and opportunistic taxation to combat the inevitability of natural climatic cycles. Media collusion at its finest.



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Borders, Benefits and Planned Anarchy

With the media it’s rarely about truth or proper context, but how every event and detail can be spun, even completely fabricated, solely to manipulate public opinion and achieve a political goal that would not be attainable otherwise. It’s painfully obvious the caravan has not only been coached by embedded activists on what to say and do for reporters documenting their every move, but instructed on how to maximize international outrage by placing women and children front and center to appear as helpless, bullied victims despite ignoring the repeated warnings not to rush the border, or the unreported fact male members of their group are engaging in hostile acts against our forces. An overwhelming majority of these people do not qualify nor are they seeking asylum, which was already offered by Mexico. Rather, their true mission is to justify Open Border anarchy in route to collecting an unrivaled bounty of social benefits promised by globalist politicians in exchange for future votes. Is anyone else tired of the incessant manipulation designed to somehow invalidate our immigration laws, safety and sovereignty? Enough is enough…the time has come to stop this choreographed stunt!


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A Global Abomination

Open Borders isn’t about protecting innocent, freedom-loving families…it’s about protecting a multi-billion dollar crime industry that funnels a river of dirty money through every aspect of “legitimate” society; businesses, philanthropy and political endeavors. Most who come here illegally do so with the assistance of crime syndicates and human trafficking rings, or they’re captured by their rogue patrols while attempting to cross the desert. Once under their control, they are forced to pay exorbitant fees, which often change or increase, and if their American relatives do not pay these international cartels, those ransomed individuals (including children) are forced into slave labor and prostitution. There are literally thousands of “stash” houses all across the U.S. where guarded and abused illegal aliens live in subhuman squalor. Unbeknownst to much of the brainwashed public, but not to those conniving globalists abetting this soulless trade for power and electoral influence, Donald Trump isn’t the enemy of migrants or Latin countries. He is the one brazen leader who is actually attempting to combat human, weapons, and drug trafficking, not to mention the exploding underworld of pedophilia. The enemy of impoverished foreign nationals seeking a better life are their own native people profiting from their exploitation and even death. Legal, orderly immigration is not a crime against humanity or a Right Wing conspiracy, but an absolute necessity to protect the dignity and lives of all people seeking America’s blessings.

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Thankful To Be An American

October 3, 1789

A proclamation by the President of the United States of America, George Washington.

“Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor—and whereas both Houses of Congress have by their joint Committee requested me “to recommend to the People of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness. Now therefore I do recommend and assign Thursday the 26th day of November next to be devoted by the People of these States to the service of that great and glorious Being, who is the beneficent Author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be—That we may then all unite in rendering unto him our sincere and humble thanks—for his kind care and protection of the People of this Country.”

America’s Founding Fathers were by no means passive bystanders whose convictions withered beneath the earthly pleasures of solitary indifference. They were devout Christians and ardent patriots who believed our natural born liberties, the creation of this Constitutional Republic, were an extension of God’s wisdom; a divine calling for mankind to choose virtue over virulence, charity over tyranny. Regardless of our innate differences or disagreements, our triumphs and struggles, America cannot survive when a growing faction of our brethren, those who also slumber and dine from the same tree of liberty, seek disrespect through shared discontent rather than unity from universal esteem.

Thanksgiving is a joyous occasion to celebrate our faith and family, breathe hope in the face of despair, so we may appreciate the smallest blessings in life…no matter how seemingly insignificant or difficult to comprehend. And while it is true some are more fortunate than others – more affluent in success, health or happiness – our lives cannot be marginalized or reduced to pompous rivalry when we persevere to embody God’s grace: to embrace our challenges, bring humanity to those in need and fill the footsteps of everyday heroes who sacrificed so we may still choose how to both live with dignity and amend regrets. Today is not just another frivolous day of food and festivity; it is our privilege to gather with family and friends, welcome complete strangers into our homes, to reflect upon what it means to be an American, and with it, a humble messenger of faith. May God Bless you all for he has blessed me with your amity and yet another bountiful Thanksgiving.


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Denial and Deceit: A Constitutional Crisis


The reason liberals shop around these ludicrous cases with zero legal merit is because they fully understand only radical activist judges will completely disregard the law and rule in their favor…i.e., ignoring the Constitution which explicitly gives the President the power to enact a travel ban from dangerous Islamic regions or the right to issue an Executive Order denying asylum to an invasion caravan. Chief Justice Roberts, who personally saved Obamacare despite knowing White House lawyers repeatedly lied, not to mention the fact mandatory healthcare for the uninsured infringed upon the autonomy of individual choice by imposing a penalty, is a certified fool if he believes there is no such thing as partisan judges. The man is but another swamp rat, guided by his own “progressive” prejudices and agenda, pretending to be an independent arbiter of the law. Why would any self-respecting legal scholar give further credence to those debunked harassment accusations maliciously levied at Brett Kavanaugh? Well it’s quite simple…because he despises Trump and strict constructionist judges who will return the Supreme Court to its original state of sworn legitimacy. Checks and Balances were never intended to pardon treason and justify dereliction of duty.



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The Confiscated Conservative Familia

Latinos are RepublicanThey just don’t know it yet.” – Ronald Reagan

By allowing the pervasive media mantra “Republicans are racist and hate all immigrants” to permeate unchecked throughout public education and pop culture, the GOP has failed to capitalize on the irrefutable commonalities between Latinos and conservative America. If the truth be known, most Hispanics are extremely hard working, possess a true entrepreneurial spirit, are deeply religious, and their culture personifies an indelible love of family; all fundamental cornerstones of a moral, free and industrious society. After all, America was founded on Judeo-Christian values and no economic system has liberated more people from the clutches of poverty and oppression than capitalism. By keeping more of the earned fruits of their labor, a better home, quality healthcare and a college degree for their children are no longer faint whispers in a distant land. And yet despite so many third, fourth and fifth generation Latinos residing in the U.S., their communities have somehow been convinced that secularists, cultural Marxists, Islamic apologists and modern socialists truly have their best interests at heart. Not only is this notion preposterous, a shameless ruse perpetrated at the expense of the “expendable”, it is destroying any real chance at national unity and cooperation for years to come.

The same conniving propagandists tirelessly endeavoring to transform this once revered beacon of hope into the very corrupt, impoverished countries immigrants have been instinctively fleeing for well over a century, have unjustly won the electoral allegiance of Latinos despite declaring war on the traditional family, moralizing class warfare and identity politics, embracing censorship and intellectual intolerance, celebrating abortion, mocking/targeting Christians, empowering human traffickers in Central/South America through open border advocacy, and killing private commerce with endless regulation and excessive taxation. To fail to properly illustrate this obvious and grotesque hypocrisy is to allow the fastest growing population in America to perpetually labor under the delusion America’s timeless ideals – life, liberty, God, limited government, opportunity and love of country – are their mortal enemies. The longer Republican candidates, religious leaders, educators and right-minded citizens are unable to eradicate these corrosive misconceptions and forge this neglected bond of mutual interest, a future worthy of all races, familias and dreams, is the sooner the America this world so desperately needs becomes unrecognizable to even the most pedestrian bystander.

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An Islamic Injustice


Need any more proof America is irrevocably broken and our judicial system hijacked by radical activists? Outrageous, immoral, and a complete subversion of basic decency, human rights, by modern progressivism. It never ceases to amaze me how Islam is judged by an entirely different set of standards and legal consequences. Where are all of those irate feminists in vagina costumes marching for justice, equality and the dignity of choice? Just imagine the public backlash and prison sentence if a Christian doctor purposely disfigured young girls’ genitals based on his religious beliefs. Is anyone one bit surprised the two Muslim women newly elected to Congress support this travesty? Frightening! The seeds of Islam, Sharia Law, are slowly infiltrating the most sacred pillars of American society.

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To Survive or Submit: The Fate of America

Rampant voter fraud, aiding & abetting illegal immigration, unhinged media propagandists, political censorship, criminalizing self-defense, rogue judicial activists, sponsored domestic terrorists, education indoctrination, socialism, gender identity conditioning, Cultural Marxism, a complete rejection of America’s heritage and founding ideals…the irreversible fate of California is what inevitably awaits numerous other Red States in but a few short years. You cannot win an ideological war against those who seek unilateral control above all else, which is why their ranks are oblivious to the rule of law, loyalty, integrity or any innate desire to coexist through constructive discourse and a common set of basic values. Between now and 2020, every moment and resource not spent preparing for an organized, peaceful secession of conservative states, including their rightfully awarded assets – property, federal pensions, military apparatus – is a futile endeavor. It will never happen under a Democratic president or Congress. While I hate to even suggest such a dire scenario, the events we are witnessing are ominous, unprecedented and undeniable. And freedom can only be preserved by a moral and vigilant people. Time is of the essence before America meets the same globalist planned demise as Europe.

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The True Enemies of Transparency

Julian Assange exposed a massive treasonous plot hatched within the Obama administration, our Intelligence Community and the DNC, as well as rampant corruption during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State and throughout the Clinton Foundation, but the clearly compromised DOJ wants to indict a whistleblower who showed more courage and moral fortitude than their entire department? So we can’t welcome back, protect and debrief a man filled with extensive knowledge regarding the greatest threats to our Constitutional Republic, but it’s perfectly acceptable when the DOJ, FBI and Robert Mueller freely grant immunity to Deep State accomplices and members of the Clinton cartel? Pathetic and insidious.

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Criminalizing Patriotism


Sheer insanity. Can anyone imagine this happening 10 or 15 years ago? First of all, a teacher shouldn’t even have to thank students for standing and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. They should feel compelled to honor America and the flag without reward or request. Second, how is this inappropriate or a fireable offense? Some progressive educators have stood on or defiled the flag without any consequences. Western nations have lost their minds trying to appease cultural marxists, native apologists and scheming globalists. The more our youth are taught to disrespect and disparage their own country, the sooner their ranks feel empowered to assist our enemies in dismantling America.

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The Fuzzy Math of Global Warming Alarmism

A major global warming study has been debunked, as the researchers now admit they got their math calculations wrong.

“We really muffed” the numbers.

The co-author of a much-hyped, peer-reviewed, alarmist paper claiming to have found a huge, unexpected build-up of global warming heat in the oceans has admitted: “We really muffed” the calculations.

According to the paper by Laure Resplandy et al, published this month in the prestigious journal Nature, a lot of the missing heat from global warming — 60 percent more than hitherto thought — has been absorbed by the oceans.

Naturally, this shocking discovery caused much excitement across mainstream media and was widely reported by environmental correspondents as proof that the global warming crisis was more serious than evah.

However, their exultant doom-mongering has been short-lived. An independent analyst, Nic Lewis, examined the paper and quickly spotted it was based on flawed math.

As the Global Warming Policy Forum reported:

Independent climate scientist Nicholas Lewis has uncovered a major error in a recent scientific paper that was given blanket coverage in the English-speaking media. The paper, written by a team led by Princeton oceanographer Laure Resplandy, claimed that the oceans have been warming faster than previously thought. It was announced, in news outlets including the BBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post and Scientific American that this meant that the Earth may warm even faster than currently estimated.

However Lewis, who has authored several peer-reviewed papers on the question of climate sensitivity and has worked with some of the world’s leading climate scientists, has found that the warming trend in the Resplandy paper differs from that calculated from the underlying data included with the paper.

“If you calculate the trend correctly, the warming rate is not worse than we thought – it’s very much in line with previous estimates,” says Lewis.

In fact, says Lewis, some of the other claims made in the paper and reported by the media, are wrong too.

“Their claims about the effect of faster ocean warming on estimates of climate sensitivity (and hence future global warming) and carbon budgets are just incorrect anyway, but that’s a moot point now we know that about their calculation error”.

Now, one of the paper’s co-authors, Ralph Keeling has gamely fessed up to the error — and hinted that this effectively invalidates the paper:

“Unfortunately, we made mistakes here,” said Ralph Keeling, a climate scientist at Scripps, who was a co-author of the study. “I think the main lesson is that you work as fast as you can to fix mistakes when you find them.”

The central problem, according to Keeling, came in how the researchers dealt with the uncertainty in their measurements. As a result, the findings suffer from too much doubt to definitively support the paper’s conclusion about just how much heat the oceans have absorbed over time.

The central conclusion of the study — that oceans are retaining ever more energy as more heat is being trapped within Earth’s climate system each year — is in line with other studies that have drawn similar conclusions. And it hasn’t changed much despite the errors. But Keeling said the authors’ miscalculations mean there is actually a much larger margin of error in the findings, which means researchers can weigh in with less certainty than they thought.

“I accept responsibility for what happened because it’s my role to make sure that those kind of details got conveyed,” Keeling said.

There are broader lessons here which — as so often before — are likely to be completely lost on the climate alarmist establishment.

One lesson is that climate skeptics are not scientific ignoramuses. They boast a huge range of independent experts like Nic Lewis who on many occasions have proved themselves more intellectually agile and better informed on climate science than the alarmist “consensus” gatekeepers in academe and at institutions like NASA and NOAA.

Another lesson is — as has been clear since Climategate — the peer-review system for scientific papers, especially if they have anything to do with climate change, is bust. Too often it is just a pal-review system in which chums on the climate change gravy train pass their colleagues’ work for publication nem con. Such is the appetite among alarmists for “evidence” that supports their doomsday thesis that the scarier it is, the more likely it is to get published.

Another lesson is that the mainstream media simply cannot be trusted to apply any kind of professional scrutiny to alarmist papers. No environmental correspondent, it’s true, would have had the advanced math skills that Nic Lewis used to find the paper false.

But the fact remains that there is not one science or environment correspondent attached to any mainstream media publication prepared to do their due diligence on global warming scare stories. They are all so wedded to the alarmist consensus that they scarcely even bother to alter the press release.

Finally, do not expect this humiliating retraction to be given anywhere near the prominence afforded the original story. This is how the climate scare machine works: the hysteria is only ever ratcheted upwards, never dialed down.


Link: Full Article

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A Political Inferno

I truly feel sorry for those powerless, ordinary citizens who lost their homes and livelihoods in the massive California wildfires…not whining celebrities who refuse to blame Jerry Brown and pseudo-science environmentalists for this catastrophe. When you reject proper land management, thinning dense forests and controlled burns of woodlands because political hacks erroneously equate such fire prevention maintenance to raping or clear cutting the land, the results speak for themselves. The same Democratic legislators who recently voted to prolong an ongoing water crisis, are equally intent on sacrificing billions of dollars in lost natural resources, habitat destruction and infrastructure damages because celebrity tree huggers believe the removal of a single tree, even underbrush overgrowth, is a crime against nature itself. Liberalism is far more than a mental disease; it is an elitist ponzi scheme that robs the innocent of their lives, property and dignity.

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The Real Criminals of Broward County

Another day and Brenda Snipes still hasn’t been charged or arrested for admittedly destroying ballots, fraudulently filling out provisional ballots, submitting absentee ballot totals after the state imposed deadline or accepting/including votes from noncitizens. To add insult to injury, she’s actually overseeing the recount in Broward County. If I lived in Florida I would be incensed and demanding justice. There is no acceptable excuse for this type of apathy, favoritism and inaction.


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Now and Forever

The American soldier is the backbone of our liberties; the rock upon which tyranny must break. Without their sacrifice, their unwavering commitment to this nation and the ideals it espouses, this republic not only would have fallen but its beacon of hope would have been extinguished long ago beneath the smoke-ridden battlefields of Lexington, Bunker Hill, or Yorktown. Tragically, despite the fact millions of Americans bask in the opportunity and affluence of their God-given rights, those procured by the unassuming few, the sacrifices and struggles of our veterans too often go unappreciated or unnoticed; especially by those with the most blessings or disagreeable political beliefs. Many needlessly suffer from debilitating physical injuries or undiagnosed mental illness, countless are unable to find work or sufficiently provide for their families who faithfully endured sleepless nights, and a disturbing number of our veterans – roughly 40,000 without shelter and an estimated 300,000 lacking adequate food – roam the littered streets of modern apathy without proper healthcare or even the faintest gesture of concern. And yes, there are those forsaken souls who commit suicide, one veteran nearly every hour of every day, to escape a hell most ordinary citizens could scarcely conceive.

The next time you stand in line for the newest technological marvel, complain about traffic or the everyday contrivances of modern inconvenience, remember that these brave men and women represent the forgotten, the nameless, the silhouette of bravery manning the gates of freedom; the billowing breath standing steadfast in the darkest corners of the world so that America, war’s widowed children, may peacefully slumber beneath the unfurled dawn of liberty’s light. Duty, valor, honor, God, country? These are not commercial taglines left to bleed off a bumper sticker or fade from a politician’s neglected promise. They are the timeless values, the intrinsic calling, the undying creed of United States veterans; those fathers and friends, brothers and brethren, who proudly served so the huddled masses may continue to breathe.

Veterans Day is not just another day of empty revelry and convenient celebration. It’s our unbridled privilege, our inherent obligation as free men and women, to stand beside those heroes who restored our faith in humanity. It is our nonnegotiable responsibility to thank our veterans, not on any singular occasion or nationally ordained day of recognition, but to seek out those who have fallen into the callous cracks of society’s indifference and restore their faith in America. It is our sacred duty to honor theirs, now and forever!

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