Boston Massacre: The Red Politics Of Opportunism

It pains my soul when Liberals almost always assume, or should I say hope, a tragic event such as today’s Boston Marathon bombings are the handy work of “Right Wing extremists” – it conveniently validates their war against traditional America – while most moderates and conservatives believe it is the calling card of Islamic/foreign born terrorism because history, the era in which we live, speaks for itself. Fully cognizant of the fact countless, plausible explanations can exist as the potential genesis for such a catastrophe, I’m all for waiting, exercising due diligence, to collect the necessary data and making an informed, truthful decision. However, that being said, it disgusts me to no end that our so-called fellow Americans incessantly scheme against their own countrymen for political gain, instead of demonstrating genuine concern for the victims and the safety of our nation. Dare I say Newtown, where the Constitution, the Second Amendment, could have averted a deranged individual from committing a sick, senseless assault on innocence? Even worse, many of the surviving family members of the Newtown tragedy, those who were honored guests of the race, stood directly in the path of today’s explosions. And yes, how long before some foaming leftist claims this horrific bombing was a revenge plot – executed by gun loving radicals, the real enemies of America – by those who blame Newtown for Obama’s new gun control legislation; the selfless dream of a President who only wishes to save our (unaborted) children? Trust me, it is only a matter of time.

The intertwined and indelible lesson of Newtown and the Boston Marathon is that the weapon of choice is but a footnote, the tip of the proverbial spear, for it is the heart and mind of the individual that drives mass murderers to unleash the most unadulterated evil. Whether someone wants to slaughter one person or 1,000 innocent lives the point is moot for they will find a way to exact their bidding. Even in the most perfect, idyllic civilization, government cannot fully constrain, legislate, human nature: man’s mercurial and fallible state. Tyrants, thugs, and the dregs of society will always exist to some degree. It is the domain of free will, the instrument of mankind’s rise and fall, the inherent darkness to God’s light. The question is when will families, government, “We the People” as accountable citizens, realize our slow descent into indifference and immorality has all but paved the road to such tragedies. Pointing fingers to concoct divisive propaganda does nothing to change the cultural landscape of our country’s ills and future, even if it succeeds in siphoning more political power from a brainwashed, dependent electorate. If we do not value life, respect ourselves, one another, and take responsibility for the actions that define our legacy, America can no more ban guns from the hands of hatred than it can keep drugs off the streets of vice; or better yet, our schools and homes. Until we look in the rear-view mirror, take the road less traveled, the results will not change, let alone be perfect. It must come within each and everyone one of us.

Such horrific violence, much like the bloodshed in Boston today, should never be about shameless opportunism exploiting death for subversive agendas, pitting Democrat versus Republican, rather it is a stark reminder of how we all should come together as sentient human beings – brothers and sisters, parents, sons and daughters – to support and protect one another not only during times of unspeakable tragedy, but during the other 99% of our lives that fall in the apathetic cracks of sensationalism. Not long ago, before progressivism tainted our founding values, politics perjured prudence, we did just that. May the guilty, regardless of their race, creed or affiliations, be brought to justice for their despicable and cowardly acts against America, but most profoundly, humanity. Individuals commit crimes; weak and ignorant societies make excuses for them.

About The Conservative Depot

The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Xavier Keough, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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