Obamanation: The Uncivilized States of Abortion!

The winds of political propaganda are once again howling as Barack Obama claims abortion foes want to take America back to the 1950’s. Well, other than the abomination of segregation and asbestos, I’d gladly pack my bags. Our communities were strong, parents weren’t replaced by pornography, and patriotism – the love of our Constitutional ideals – wasn’t attacked by our government as Tea Party radicalism. Please, Mr. President, if you may, what is it about death – killing innocent newborns – that one can attribute to any progressive, modern state? Abortion, in its most glorified state, is nothing more than the death of a human being. If that’s not true, fetuses are simply an “it”, why does any mother require a medical procedure to terminate her baby’s life? Plain and simple, abortion is the biggest hoax sold to the American people since Communist compassion and economic justice.

As a steadfast believer in the fabled adage good will triumph over evil, I’m disappointed and saddened that millions of Americans, from all walks of life, have not united in solidarity to denounce and condemn Planned Parenthood; for they are nothing of the sort. This organization of morally bankrupt liberals works tirelessly; not to strength families, communities, and prepare young parents for the challenges of parenthood, rather to encourage young women to have abortions, no matter what the circumstances, through a wide array of readily available resources. In essence, abortion is marketed, sold and protected as a woman’s “rite of passage”. Truly, nothing is more repulsive or disgusting than openly scheming to more efficiently eradicate life. Even worse, undaunted by the confines of decency, Planned Parenthood recently gave testimony in favor of post-birth abortions; and yet not one politician from the Democratic isle paused and voiced a degree of concern! If that doesn’t illustrate their complete disregard for human life, the blessing of birth, what does? Then again, I’d expect nothing less from an organization founded by a notorious Nazi sympathizer who unconditionally despised African Americans.

Far left Democrats – a.k.a. Obama, Reid and Pelosi – will campaign and conspire to no end to convince voters they represent mainstream America; all despite the fact over 50% of Americans now oppose abortion. Naturally, when faced with the gruesome totality of their actions, abortion advocates – like our so-called President – will revert to their standard playbook of “deflect and blame” by screaming all opponents of abortion are Right Wing, religious extremists. Then again, opposition to murder – the termination of a human life, his or her “natural born” rights – requires no religious basis whatsoever for it is ethically reprehensible; both a natural and undeniable order of human behavior, the universe in which we reside. The mere idea that progressives can politicize the deaths of 20 children killed in Newtown due to the unforgivable actions of a madman, only to somehow completely ignore the fact over 60 million babies have been aborted since 1973 – some 10 times the death toll of the Holocaust – proves just how disconnected and dangerous they are to society. It’s borderline mental illness. Norma McCorvey herself, Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade, admits she was naive and used as a pawn by unscrupulous activists seeking nothing more than to fulfill an agenda. There isn’t a day that goes by Norma doesn’t regret being the catalyst for the legalization of abortion and the horrific aftermath that ensued. She wants nothing more than the landmark decision to be overturned. As expected, her pleas have been ignored by her former colleagues, as well as the courts.

Our duty, as sentient, civilized beings, is to speak for those who cannot; to protect the weak from the strong, the immoral or the indifferent. A baby is not some piece of property, a chair or an old pan, that can be routinely disposed of because of inconvenience or burden. Can you legally shoot or suffocate your 5 year old daughter, or your raucous teenage son, because that’s your choice? Of course not; no excuse will suffice! I find it painfully ironic that a criminal is almost always charged with two counts of murder if he kills a pregnant woman – as he should be – but a woman can kill that same baby simply because she desires it. So am I led to believe that a baby, who can put a murdered in jail, suddenly becomes nothing more than a disposable piece of property according to a woman’s volition? Hardly. This is the lemon, the lie of the century, the blatant distortion of common sense and ethics liberals have sold the American people. And sadly, we bought it hook, line, and judicial activist.

Abortion is not just another cantankerous political issue dividing the American countryside. Other than the extreme and deplorable instances of rape or incest, violating a woman’s sanctity, it is a stain on our society, a cancer plaguing our values, a damning testament against our legacy as an ethical and evolving people. What does it say about those who will go to the ends of the earth to save a tree or an animal, but show little or no concern over a helpless baby? If we cannot differentiate between right and wrong, life and death, how can we ever coexist, make critical decisions, let alone trust one another? This, my friends, is how and why all manners of violence – from the mere sentiment of hate to the unspeakable horrors of genocide – continue to haunt mankind in this day and age. Do you recall another time in recent history when Democrats and Republicans actually demonstrated more animosity and vitriol towards one another? Thank you, again, Mr. Uniter in Chief.

Everything we do in life, intended or not, has consequences. That is the nature of choice, the cog of free will, the intrinsic responsibility humanity carries; it is inescapable regardless whether you recognize it or not, whether you’re a Christian, a Muslim or even an atheist. If religion was a prerequisite for doing the right thing, living an upstanding life, how would we ever have laws, let alone a conscience? After all, if you’re going to embellish ending a new life as “a rite of passage”, which is nothing more than death in its most glorified state, then you’re irrevocably lost, if not broken. No, my cold-hearted activist, do not blame the civilized world when you’ve already made your choice: conservatives were never near your uterus, for somebody, or some thing, lays claim to that ominous distinction. Those residing in the real world, driven by love and unconditional accountability, do not blindly ignore the crumbs flowing from your rotted conscience, callous clichés and incoherent logic. That’s right, my pedestrian mother, make no mistake about it; you’re now in your child’s bedroom, for mother is the name for God on the lips and hearts of all children. Just like you, all newborns desire life. So what makes yours more important or worthy than theirs? If you can look in your baby’s eyes during his or her death, at your discretion no less, you have ceased existing as a member of the human race. And for that, there is no key to hide your shame or guilt.


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The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Xavier Keough, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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