Impeaching the Unimpeachable: A Constitutional Crisis of Conscience

When politicians lie to the people, it’s politics. If “We the people” lie to the government…it’s a felony. And now we have confirmation, hardly to our surprise, unemployment numbers were fabricated right before the 2012 election due to manipulated census data. Since Obama took office in 2008, millions of jobless Americans have magically been dropped out of the workforce, all while “legitimate” part-time workers were slipped out of the soup line in order to prop up an already paltry economic picture. That’s right, when the government is not working for you it’s cajoling and cheating you from knowing the cold, dark truth. If workforce participation was the same as 2007, unemployment would be a horrific 15%! Of course, that would require Obama & Co. admitting their anti-business, welfare entitlement, socialist utopia was an unmitigated failure. This much, we already know.

Yes, this is why Islamist Valerie Jarrett wanted the White House to hijack the Census, to cover-up the destruction of our economy, even though liberals and their media puppets continue to vehemently deny any such wrongdoing. Once again, the “extremist” has been proven correct. Oh, but that’s just the tip of their feudal iceberg. Throw in the massive Obamacare lie – you can keep your insurance and private doctor – the IRS, DHS, DOJ, EPA and NSA scandals, Benghazi, indiscriminately firing military leaders, wiretapping the press, election fraud, historic debt without budgetary constraints, coercion and intimidation of any dissenting voice, and you barely begin to wade into the depths of this administration’s lawlessness. If George Bush sported this infamous resume, every major network and congressional Democrat would be clamoring for impeachment; and many did, simply for removing a murderous dictator. Ironically, despite making Nixon looking a saint, not one article of impeachment has yet to be filed against Barack Hussein Obama. Why?

Unless you believe in playing leapfrog with unicorns, it’s painfully obvious the left unequivocally embraces the mantra, “the end justifies the means”. No lie is too big, no tactic too juvenile as long as the election is won and their legislative agenda fulfilled. If such illicit behavior is eventually discovered, so be it for the damage is already done. Even worse, any attempt to call out these criminals results in immediate smear attacks, race baiting, threats of violence, and even arrest; anything to stop Obama and his thugs from being exposed as liars and held accountable. If we have ever lived in a banana republic, where the Constitution and the rule of the law are irrelevant in the face of the “chosen one”, that time is now. I have never witnessed such dishonesty and blatant contempt for our intelligence, the premise of America, or those who fought and died for a transparent and conscientious government.

It’s absolutely criminal the leader of the free world thrives and operates under the auspices of keeping the masses in the shadow of orchestrated ignorance and capitulation. If we are supposedly stronger amidst our growing diversity, why aren’t we stronger when the intentions and methods of our government are questioned and held to the highest standard? Any other president or administration, regardless of era, would have been impeached and run out of Washington without remorse. And yet, “We the People”, Congress, the courts, impotently whine or sit idly in a festering fog of fear and apathy as these criminals further their assault on our way of life. Sorry, when did our God-given liberties become negotiable? When did we become more outraged and vocal about our favorite team losing, missing our favorite reality show, than our government stripping us of our natural born senses and nailing our dignity to the crux of complacency in our very own homes?

As more and more scandal and deception oozes from the once hallowed halls of our forefathers, when do the citizens of this nation take a stand; not for party or ideology, the petty platitudes of declaring victory, but for the very institutions of reason and integrity. For if we do not unite in defeating tyranny, such senseless disrespect of our hearts and minds, our children are forever destined to be enslaved by the example we set. All Americans, who are disgusted and appalled by this litany of abuses and unilateralism, should be marching on DC each and every week until action is taken against this rogue regime. As a Christian, a father who believes in the necessity of law and order, I have never advocated force or violence in a civilized and democratic society. However, when the most tenets of common sense are breached without consequence, our most basic freedoms usurped without recourse, and the truth becomes interchangeable with the most brazen propaganda, what choice remains?

If history has taught us anything it’s that those who thirst for power, who systematically abuse it solely to enact their twisted volition, are rarely willing to answer for their transgressions unless given no alternative. Just because a majority of Americans have only read about unabridged statism and government tyranny – never believing it exists outside the form of concentration camps, martial law or documentaries – doesn’t absolve us from recognizing or confronting it with our very last breath. Give me liberty of give me death? Your Obamacare death panel is more than willing to arrange the latter. Unless, that is, you’re willing to think for yourself and fight for the survival of this Constitutional republic, human dignity, or more profoundly, your soul. That epitaph on your tombstone? Mere words.


About The Conservative Depot

The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Sir Silence Dogood, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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