Islam, Indignity, & Progressive Cover Fire

The horrific acts being committed against Christians in the Middle East, specifically the torture and beheading of children, speak to an ancient evil that is a palpable threat to every country, virtue, and living soul on Earth. Historically speaking, such sadism cannot be reasoned with, appeased, or allowed to exist; it must be eradicated without prejudice.

For millennia animals the likes of ISIS – those who act on behalf of no God other than insatiable malice – have oppressed, murdered, and raped people from every corner of the globe. This is not political propaganda, it is fact. America, more than most, knows this all too well. From the Munich games to the international spectacle of 9/11, the new-found global audience of the information age, Islam’s thirst for glamorized brutality has grown exponentially. Sure, throughout history, other religions have shamelessly twisted their spiritual tenets to usher in eras of discord and bloodshed. Then again, most are relegated to antiquity, isolated incidents or the ignorant behavior of third world nations. (For the record, the Third Reich was a political cult, although equally destructive) What Islamic apologists conveniently forget is that nearly all major religions have experienced a reformation at sometime in their existence; that is, an intrinsic questioning of their most  misguided beliefs and destructive practices. Well, all of them except one: Islam.

Are there really civilized, non-violent Muslims; since the fall of the Ottoman Empire, no less? Of course there are. Unfortunately, their very existence is almost of no consequence for their uniform silence only implies consent and solidarity. If peaceful Muslims actually represent the majority of their creed and want to be welcome by free and Western nations, protected against the savage whims of hate and death, they must continuously speak out against Islamic tyranny on a global scale. Furthermore, these pleas must be carried out with unconditional vigor, an absolute disdain for their brethren’s vile behavior, in order to expose America’s most idiotic and duplicitous politicians. After all, it is our leftist politicians, aided by the lapdog media’s anti-Semitic/pro-Arabic agenda, who continue to provide political cover fire for radical Islam to flourish without recourse.

Case-in-point? Liberals will zealously protest a nativity scene during Christmas, the mere mention of God in a classroom, only to recoil into anonymity when Muslim women are disfigured with acid, gays are stoned to death in public, or Muslims shout death to America and Israel in our own city streets. Oddly enough, if a conservative merely speaks negatively about gay marriage, or a radio host claims Islamic terrorism is our greatest domestic threat, they are immediately reprimanded, forced to apologize, and/or fired! Not impressed? Need some sprinkles on that sundae known as progressive relativism? Liberals will denounce those who use firearms to protect themselves against criminal intruders while Palestinian children are given machine guns, some funded by our government, and told to kill every Zionist pig that crosses their path. Likewise, an American teenager posing for a picture with a carcass from a hunting expedition is apparently far more offensive to rabid activists than a Muslim terrorist holding the severed head of an American boy slain in a foreign land. Yes, tell that to his mother.

Hmm, still no alarm bells going off in that impenetrable bunker of cerebral mash? Not even one?! As you all know by now, outside of MSNBC and Code Pinko, countless Islamic women are unable to show their face in public, let alone speak, as their own adolescent daughters are denied education and forced to marry adult men in the name of Islamic doctrine. Ah, so in the so-called secular humanist mind of tolerance, if I forced Rachel Maddow to wear a veil, walk in silence behind Clint Eastwood at all times, watch as her co-workers stoned her lesbian partner to death in Times Square, and marry Rush Limbaugh on the Fourth of July, it’s suddenly an inhumane travesty of biblical proportions? With such blatant hypocrisy, sheer callousness, how can progress, let alone any notion of justice, exist? Well, it can’t. Who in their right mind, other than Barack Hussein Obama and Valerie Jarrett, would consciously invite the infamous Muslim Brotherhood into our government and thus allow Sharia Law the opportunity to infiltrate our national, state, and local statutes? It’s nothing short of madness and an obtuse disregard for justice and the natural rights of man.

The only way to combat radical Islam, other than staying true to our convictions both here and abroad, is by changing hearts and minds through the unflinching perspective of real-life testimonials. Bombing a few isolated targets in Iraq in hopes of not upsetting political allegiances while providing a useful photo ops will accomplish absolutely nothing except foster more death and misery. Yes, Bush knew this all well but was mocked by network pundits who believed otherwise. Humanitarianism, moral objectivity, needs boots on the ground in every institution of life: government, economic markets, our communities, churches, schools, at home. When it comes to accountability, there are no exceptions, extenuating circumstances or special cases. Prejudice goes far behind the color of one’s skin or politics; it’s engrained in the very fabric of society. Regardless, the moment anyone sees the appalling pictures of ISIS torturing and killing children, every human being should be fiercely united in ridding the world of the totalitarian butchers known as the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and ISIS. You don’t need to be a Republican or Democrat, Christian or Atheist, or even an American to have a heart; you merely need to expose those who require such labels to find theirs.


About The Conservative Depot

The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Sir Silence Dogood, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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