John Roberts & The Termites of Tyranny

It’s not very often when one man, liable for the most destructive decision in a nation’s ideological history, is presented with an opportunity to eradicate his greatest transgression: empowering a socialist leviathan that became the greatest Trojan horse of abusive government in our history. The real question is, after an appeals court ruling struck down key components of the law and dealt John Roberts a temporary stay of stupidity, why did the Supreme Court Justice once again abandon 225 years of proven checks and balances by pardoning Obamacare for a second time and inexplicably rewarding those who lied about its taxable nature, intrusive scope, and single-payer intentions? Ah, who knew misrepresenting the Commerce Clause superseded individual liberty and unlocked federal intrusion of private enterprise by passing legislation advantageous to killing off the competition? Why not institute a nap time tax on conservative children to fund debtor prisoners that are selectively populated by the IRS? Any conflicts of interest there? Never!

When it comes to our fabled judicial branch, you either strictly adhere to existing law, as intended, or you interpret them according to what you had for breakfast: vegan activists and Code Pinkos. Unfortunately for those grounded in reality, enforceable statutes, far too many so-called traditionalist judges undermine the supreme law of the law by trying to compromise with modern-day leftists who rarely break ranks and could really careless about Constitutional precedent. As progressives first and foremost, most seek to legislate from the bench in order to fundamentally change America according to their politics: abortion, gun control, gay marriage, eliminating voter ID laws, infringing on religious freedom, etc. Can you imagine the sheer carnage and radical change that could have ensued if Team Ginsberg held a 5-4 advantage during the past 6 years: Big Gulps outlawed, Christmas deemed offensive, and George Zimmerman forever a piñata on the White House lawn? Of course liberal judges conveniently exclude the fact that any agenda contrary to the Constitution, i.e. those pesky ideals this nation was founded upon, is inherently radical. Details, details! But Obama is still radically mainstream, right? Regardless of the left’s sitar-induced amnesia, the Constitutional defector John Roberts will not only go down in infamy for once again choosing the shackles of socialism over the opportunity of individual and economic freedom, but he undoubtedly deserves a one-way ticket to a banana republic of his choice…on a termite powered raft. Tragically, all the fossil fuels were consumed transporting illegal aliens to cities across America. Free healthcare and welfare for all trespassers? Si, Chief Justice!

If the truth be half-known, our government – the most inefficient, incompetent and corrupt institution in America – has no authority infringing upon the private sector by going into business for itself. GM is cataclysmic proof of that socialist disaster. Nor does it have the right to dictate the manner of healthcare we choose, or do not choose, to carry. The Constitution is a strict limitation on government, not individual liberty. Derived from its tenets of wisdom are two of our elected government’s most basic duties: to ensure our rights, defend our sovereignty from threats both domestic and abroad, and to provide transparency in all of its dealings. Tragically, and most notably since 2008, it has egregiously failed on all accounts; and about 99 others. If liberals so desperately to help illegal immigrants more than actual citizens, or assist those who refuse to help themselves – that is, bribe their demographic bread and butter at the polls – then they can do so out of their own pocket. It’s called choice without usurping our property or violating our rights. The need for healthcare reform – controlling the cost of emergency/surgical care and prescriptions, redefining pre-existing conditions – does not constitute annexing the entire industry, destroying the vital engines of competition and innovation, or sacrificing the lives of our loved ones through substandard care simply because progressives want to ensure the survival of Big Government by fostering unparalleled dependence; i.e., their entitlement utopia of blackmailed voters. Truly, what could be more frightening or sickening? Well, that depends on what Mr. Roberts considers a judicious and fair death panel.

About The Conservative Depot

The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Sir Silence Dogood, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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