Nuke, Paper, Scissors: Choosing Islam Over Israel

Nuke, Paper, Scissors: Choosing Islam Over Israel

The United States of America spent decades, countless lives and billions of dollars trying to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of rogue nations – the notorious Axis of Evil – only for our omnipotent leader to give Iran a blank check to build them? “Why”, you ask? Well, that’s all too simple; because Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, and John Kerry are Muslim sympathizers who detest the very existence and military superiority of Israel in the Middle East. After all, did our government even attempt to barter for the lives of four Americans wrongfully imprisoned by the Iranian regime? Of course not! Such trite inconveniences require loyalty and merely distract from achieving their true goal: giving Islamic militants a more effective way of killing Jews and the infidel in the name of religious “equality”. Yes, all this myopic and petulant agreement accomplished was to guarantee future hostilities between Israel and Iran, if not to serve as a possible trigger for a global catastrophe. If such a weapon was mobilized and used on an unsuspected urban populace – dare I say Chicago, Washington, or New York – the effects would make 9/11 seem like a glorified theme park.

Naturally such unapologetic ignorance begs one question…where are all of the so-called anti-war activists now? Liberals love to continually remind the uniformed voting masses that we couldn’t find WMD’s in Iraq – yes, those very ones used to murder thousands of Kurds and so easily relocated to Syria – and now they’re applauding the decision to give Islamic extremists the green light to pursue nuclear proliferation as a hobby at their anti-Semitic leisure? More cowbell, please! Somehow the same worrisome media that gleefully kept a real-time body count of the Afghan and Iraqi wars during the Bush administration, have been magically reduced to catatonic shadows and incoherent whispers despite the fact military casualties are three times higher under Obama’s glorious tenure. I guess it’s only apropos I haven’t heard one voice of dissent from the Democratic Party of Nobel ‘peace and love’ after the President signed a deal to remain in Afghanistan until 2024. Principle before politics? The hypocrisy is almost as deafening as the countless epitaphs his blind favoritism has yet to write in the name of world peace.

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