The Pen & the Pauper: Dotting the “i” of Marxism

As his catalog of historic failures and serial abuses grow exponentially, there is little doubt the ultimate goal of Barack Obama and his Marxist minions is to dismantle America brick by brick: her institutions, philosophical beliefs, our markets. The two most indelible pillars that illustrate this subversive ambition are the passage of Obamacare, nationalized healthcare, and the unprecedented rise of our national debt. As laid out by Sal Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, once you control people’s healthcare, their very lifeblood, they are forever at the government’s mercy. Obamacare wasn’t designed to coexist with other insurance options; it was designed to fail in order to produce a single payer system that would, in effect, eliminate all private options through crippling regulations and bloated costs. Millions of Americans have lost their insurance plans while others’ premiums have skyrocketed to the point of insolvency. If Obama & Co. truly cared about the people, wouldn’t they scrap Obamacare and reconstruct it from the ground up; creating efficient, competent, and affordable coverage that still honored individual liberty? Instead, the powers that be are content with putting lipstick on a pig and passing it off as a free dinner. Only it’s not free and it’s not bacon.

The second set of fiscal fingerprints found on this economic coup d’etat is the unforgivable rise and proliferation of the national debt; which is why, in theory, we have a debt limit. If you remember correctly, in 2008, Barack Obama smugly declared that any leader, i.e. George Bush, who raised the debt by a single dollar was unpatriotic and an example of failed leadership. How ironic being Barry alone has raised the debt a staggering $8 trillion in a mere six years; the most by any president in history and more than the first 42 presidents combined. This is yet another classic staple of Marxism. By raising the debt to unsustainable levels they convince the public into believing the only way to solve the problem and avert disaster is through higher taxes. In turn, these higher tariffs all but eliminate the middle class by creating an army of impoverished citizens who are already struggling to make ends meet. Since 2008, an additional six million Americans have dropped below the poverty line while the number of welfare recipients has nearly doubled. Throw in the fact nearly 40% of the country is now out of the workforce, real unemployment is over 15% and the debt has surpassed 100% of our GDP, and the field is ripe for a prolific economic collapse. The more people become solely dependent on a centralized Government to survive and/or work, the more the shackles of subjugation begin to tighten around the wrists and ankles of lady liberty. For all intensive purposes the “rights of man” becomes a misnomer in the preface of a Communist manifesto. Remember, Marxism was never about the people, merely controlling the people. Yeah, I concur…a pretty glaring omission.

If tyranny has taught us anything, it is much easier to implement the oppressive principles of Socialism and Communism through the shiny, new facade of glittering generalities like “hope” and “change”. It’s hardly a coincidence some of the most infamous leaders erected their own symbol to supersede all others. Fear and wonder are a powerful combination when disarming, both physically and mentally, the impressionable masses. However, if these current political proclivities are truly the product of a carefully disguised plot, the real question is “how”? How have Barack Obama and his ideologues carried out such a radical ruse upon the highest altar of freedom? The answer is simpler than you think. The seeds of modern day progressivism have been there for decades, primarily taking root in the 60’s and 70’s until their perfect instrument of delivery arrived in the form a Marxist Senator from Illinois – deemed the most liberal congressman by an independent watchdog – who unexpectedly rose to national prominence. Articulate, an unapologetic propagandist, and possessing a keen talent for inflaming divisions into rabid voting blocks, all despite lacking any degree of executive acumen, he somehow became virtually impervious to criticism or unearthed scandals; even long after winning the presidency. Aided by an increasingly unscrupulous leftist media – the once guard dog of the republic now turned lapdog of liberalism – any hint of indiscretion was simultaneously molded by mainstream news into a stinging condemnation of any opposition while heaping effusive praise on their Democratic counterparts. In other words, lie; a motif this administration continues to employ without refrain.

Every time someone has attempted to hold Barack Obama’s feet to the fire of accountability they have been attacked, investigated, and branded as an enemy of the people; a tactic perfected by both Marxists and Nazi Germany. By dividing America into warring factions – rich vs. poor, white vs. minority, Christians vs. atheists, homosexual vs. heterosexual, women vs. conservatives – Obama’s non-stop propaganda machine continuously distracts voters from the actual issues, their abuses and failures, only to time and again cast the light of dispersion, blame, on their accusers. The real tragedy is that we all personally know someone like this and we can’t stand or respect them. Ah, but the President is special. What’s even more mind-boggling is that our government has admitted to manipulating economic data before the election, altering the Census, refusing to enforce existing immigration laws, using federal agencies to punish political opponents, purging military officers loyal to our founding values, labeling “liberty lovers’ as America’s greatest terrorist threat, and disregarding the Constitution whenever it suited their agenda. For God sakes, liberals wanted to impeach Bush, who received permission from Congress and the United Nations, for going to war against a tyrant guilty of mass genocide. Nixon was forced to resign for covering-up a bloody break-in of Democratic headquarters, while Mr. Hussein had the phones and emails of reporters and congressmen tapped. In the name of God, how has this President been allowed to act with such reckless abandon and impunity?

Barack Obama’s historic ascension to power and the degree of his indiscretions are hardly coincidences. Despite possessing the most radical views and associates of any candidate in history, those identical to fellow anti-American extremists like Valerie Jarrett, he has capitalized on the perfect political storm. The cultural divide in America is so perilous, so bitterly caustic, that there are factions on both sides who are incapable of objectivity, let alone recognizing any hint of impropriety by their respected leaders. In fact, many openly believe the end justifies the means; yep, that’s fascism. Obama fully realizes that no matter what he does, how far he pushes the status quo, a majority of his supporters will either refuse to entertain even the most factual criticism or they can be manipulated, especially be blind emotion, into accepting whatever explanation he produces. America is no longer America: a rationale, patriotic brethren who happen to be Republican or Democrat. It is now inhabited by Democrats and Republicans, who just happen to reside in America. It is within this crisis of conscience – these faux party allegiances that are negating our intrinsic duty to protect and defend this republic against all enemies, foreign and domestic – that today’s radical progressive, dare I say Marxist, is thriving unchecked, unhinged, and unrepentant.

Anyone who has ears, can read a book, add 1 + 1, comprehend cause and effect, is capable of dissecting the sham that has become the United States government. How else has the trillion dollar, freedom-usurping, job-destroying Obamacare been allowed to survive? How else has Congress, under the guidance of the President, been allowed to operate without a law-mandated budget for six years? How has God, those Judeo-Christian values responsible for the creation of Western Civilization, been incessantly eroded in lieu of progressive views on homosexuality, abortion, morality and promiscuity? And how else has our Constitutional rights – free speech, the right to bear arms, privacy – been systematically siphoned by our own elected government; the only entity unequivocally limited by the Constitution? To quote Puff the Magic Dragon….once upon a time liberals prided themselves on questioning everything, obeying nothing, and now they want to silence and jail those who dare question Obama’s power; that is, their “progressive utopia” which stands in direct opposition to our country’s founding premise. And somehow, by some miracle, these so-called mainstream thinkers have escaped being labeled “extremists” or imminent threats. Russia has condemned its Communist past, Cuba, North Korea, and China have impoverished and imprisoned countless of their “beloved” people, yet our leftists publicly embrace such idiocy with little or no outcry. I guess when you’re united by a hatred for America, white people, capitalism, the military, and Christianity you’re allowed to fail history and fly the flag of the Democratic party on Independence Day.

In the face of such criminal indifference, blatant contempt for the will and intelligence of the people, it is fair to say Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi couldn’t care less about the alleged consequences of their actions. Because of his shameless tactics – this apathetic culture of spoon-fed low information voters  – the President clearly believes his detractors lack the ability to punish him or halt his assault on America. Outside of an armed uprising – which he would openly welcome or eagerly incite – Obama fears or respects nothing that doesn’t coincide with his agenda. Therefore, as his tenure inches ever closer to a conclusion, Mr. Barry Soetoro feels even more empowered, or should I say unhinged; almost daring his political adversaries to thwart his attempt to unilaterally terraform America with his executive pen. It is increasingly evident the leader of the free world would welcome a national emergency – whether fabricated, induced or credible – to tighten his grip on the throat of this once proud and prosperous republic. This opportune development would give him the perfect excuse, not that he needs one, to delay elections, extend his rule, and implement drastic measures in the name of the “common good”. Oh, but I almost forgot, there are no Marxists in the White House, “Rules For Radicals” doesn’t exist, Bill Ayers and Frank Marshall have nothing in common, the President never told American students to ignore warnings of government tyranny, and Dinesh D’Souza was never arrested in Obama’s America. Then again…cogito, ergo, sum.

“The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.” ~Alexis de Tocqueville


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