Tweeting With The Enemy: The Audacity of Autocracy

There’s a reason why Barack Obama and agencies like the DHS and DOJ are not the least bit concerned with defeating Islamic extremism or protecting our borders against those who only wish to infiltrate and exploit America. It’s because they too despise this country and welcome the erosion of our society to forge their progressive utopia which stands in direct opposition to every ideal this nation was founded upon. Yes, this is also why our so-called President and his brainwashed minions are only concerned with using government resources, taxpayer money and property, to destroy THEIR, not America’s, political enemies; AKA, law-abiding, patriotic, hard-working citizens who believe in liberty, accountability, and limited government. If this miscarriage of trust and constitutional precedence isn’t criminal, inexorably impeachable, what is? It’s just another day and dollar for those dregs who continue to destroy our heritage, independence, and any last vestiges of common sense needed to fight such rampant tyranny and thus depose these shameless propagandists who are poisoning this nation’s soul. Furthermore, it has become painfully evident Washington’s leftist hoard will stop at nothing to impose their radical agenda. No lie is too big, no means too radical. The real question is, will we stop at nothing to defend America?

Tyranny doesn’t solely exist in the form of a gun to your head or a boot on your throat; far from it. Despotism deftly hides behind the glittering generalities of “hope”, cajoles unfathomable “change” by fueling a rabid intolerance of nonconformists, and subversively unhinges unity by inflaming political divides to distract from the inherent abuses, failures and falsehoods of tyranny’s true agenda: control. Control breeds power, unapologetic unilateralism, which suffocates individuality and even God; for no person, entity or ideology can rival or supersede the authority of the state. Historically speaking, fear, hate and wonder were the treasure trove of the most infamous dictators. This is why Judeo-Christian values, the pillars of Western Civilization, are now endlessly demonized by Hollywood and liberal activists. How else are you going to sell welfare, promiscuity, violence, abortion, and homosexuality as virtuous, constructive endeavors? Why do we deify the illegal immigrant, with no education or national loyalty, only to attack industrious entrepreneurs who risked all to achieve success and provide jobs to those who could not otherwise? Simple: it puts the spotlight of accountability and disdain on everyone except those guilty of fundamentally transforming our beloved homeland. And our President thanks you.

During any other era of American history, such transparent behavior would enrage the masses and result in an immediate backlash. Sadly, because a majority of Americans are no longer capable of venturing beyond empty words, the vacant promises and orchestrated excuses validated by a spoon-fed media devoid of conscience or duty, our most revered right and gift, liberty, falls in the butt crack of pop culture relativism. Even worse, no matter how much you try to convince them otherwise, provide the most irrefutable proof, they either don’t care or refuse to deviate from their conditioned beliefs. Nope, they’re far too busy checking Facebook at their child’s Christmas play, wearing non-prescription glasses to order Starbucks, or fulfilling that daily porn fix to even notice America is being terraformed into a secular socialist cesspool of decadence and apathy. Then again, what’s wrong with your constitutionally restrained government spying on every aspect of your life, telling you what to eat, drink and think, or giving your hard-earned money to those who refuse to work or brazenly trespass without regard for our laws or our children’s safety. I’ll wager we’ll soon be told Planned Parenthood is more worthwhile than God, defending yourself against armed criminals is immoral, and that questioning authority – the supposed epitome of the 60’s and free will – is unpatriotic. Apparently irony is a reversible straight jacket that never shrinks.

If you truly don’t believe America has been invaded by surreal statism of the third world kind, you’ll definitely make the tastiest garnish of all time. Time to put my Applebees “two-for-twenty” entree on Instagram white tweeting the non-stop sexual innuendo my dating life has become before taking “duck face” selfies of myself watching “Big Brother After Dark” in my tuxedo pajamas. A pointless life of irrelevant nothingness? Never! Truly, what’s more tasty and meaningful than one million “likes” or “favorites” to satiate generations of attention-starved, self-absorbed consumers who can’t find Boston on a map or define “illegal” without a racial connotation? The cult of pop culture has fostered an entire army of know-nothing savants who are so infatuated with what Kim Kardashian is wearing or who had a mental breakdown on “The Bachelor” they are completely indifferent and ignorant of the political, socio-economic tidal wave engulfing this country. Oh well, at least they have TIVO. Over two centuries of this republic’s ancestors, the everyday sons and daughters of liberty who toiled and died so we could have a better life, would like to know why their sacrifice wasn’t good enough to warrant a 30 second spot on the Home Shopping Network. For the record, “Dating Naked” found it boring and tasteless.


About The Conservative Depot

The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Sir Silence Dogood, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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