Two If By Tea: The American Patriot

defendshirtsmallBorn from the billowing defiance of a crisp December night in 1773, the Boston Tea Party was much more than an abbreviated footnote in the fog of forgotten history; it quite literally was the lynch pin of the American Revolution, the hand of fate that propelled colonists towards an inevitable confrontation with England and the capture of their once inconceivable independence. “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” became a singular, unifying thread – an unyielding desire to live as free men and women and prosper solely according to their labors – that weaved patriots from all walks of life into the most powerful and prolific tapestry Western Civilization has ever known: the United States of America. Patriots the likes of Samuel Adams and Norma Washington, the Sons & Daughters of Liberty, realized any manner of rule that did not represent the will of the people, their natural rights, was a gateway to subjugation, strife, and senseless sacrifice. And to defeat this injustice, each was willing to give his or her life. If not for their bravery and unanimous disdain for a corpulent, crowned leviathan that spanned some 3000 miles, America could very well still tea and toil under the fluttering flag of the United  Kingdom, instead of the safe harbor of God’s domain. And it is within this context, the eternal struggle of man vs. man, vice vs. virtue, freedom is not always won on the battlefield of valor or by the attrition of silenced heartbeats. Liberty, the dawn of democracy and the light of divinity, is also forged on the backbone of conviction, the fire of faith and the streets of solidarity.

From a sole voice of discontent on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in 2009, to the crescendo of one million voices marching on Capitol Hill, a revolutionary phoenix rose from the ashes of apathy and freedom forsaken to confront an old adversary: government tyranny. However, unlike our fabled founding, the source of our oppression was not in the vein of foreign power, this time it resided in the vain and aspiring agenda of our own leader: Barack Hussein Obama. Boasting nationwide protests overflowing with anguished citizens, the Tea Party’s rebirth demonstrated it was as relevant and relentless as its colonial predecessors. Do you recall the landslide, midterm elections of 2010 and 2014 that gave President Obama his congressional monopoly in the House and Senate?  Of course not; because it never happened. Democrats, despite being just two years removed from their leader’s historic victory and still reveling in their savior’s mass appeal, were trounced as Republicans enjoyed a 60 seat swing in the House, including winning an incredible 23 of 35 gubernatorial races. Something was obviously amiss.

This watershed moment, which may have single-handily averted the most radical legislative coup in our country’s history, was all made possible by the Tea Party’s reemergence which took America by storm barely a year earlier. Fed-up by mass unemployment, runaway debt, and an exploding central government, which continues unchecked to this very day, this group of Constitutional patriots sought nothing more than to hold Washington accountable for its actions and restore the nonnegotiable American ideal of limited government. Furthermore, corroborated by recent revelations, we now know this stunning defeat was the overriding impetus for the Obama administration unleashing its wrath – the IRS, in conjunction with subsidiary tools like DHS, SEIU, NAACP, NOW, ACLU and the liberal media – to declare open war on the Tea Party and countless other Christian, conservative groups by threatening their legitimacy and demonizing their members in the public’s eyes; a classic Marxist ploy right out of the “Rules for Radicals” playbook, not to mention an unconstitutional one at that. The Tea Party instantly became public enemy #1, convicted in the kangaroo public court of liberal opinion, for merely choosing to expose a President’s mounting failures, but even more disturbingly, his clear comfort with lying to the American people. Aided by a massive disinformation program, these conspiring partners artfully “confused and conquered” the fickle public to avoid answering one seemingly overriding question in their persecution of the Tea Party: In the name of Thomas Paine, “Common Sense”, when did it become treasonous to defend America against bloated, failed and abusive government, yet entirely acceptable to abandon our Constitutional ideals in favor of a radical agenda of a rogue leader?

By 2012, the left’s gross injustice of “seek and destroy” had largely succeeded. In moderate and progressive circles, but especially in the mainstream media, the Tea Party almost instantaneously became synonymous with racism, white anger, religious extremism, and corporate greed. In fact, “liberty lovers”, not radical Islam, let alone socialist/Marxist presidents, were listed as the greatest terror threat by the Department of Homeland (in)Security; in a land predicated upon, of all things, freedom. Mind-boggling! Of course this was all garnish for the hungry, distracted voter. The country was in shambles – double digit unemployment, historic debt, a housing crisis, a worthless dollar, rampant inflation, record welfare recipients – and our President was more concerned with showering the apathetic masses with endless propaganda to keep his new-age savior image moving “forward”, preserve his true political agenda, rather than addressing the stark reality America was tumbling backwards down an avalanche of incompetence, abuse and unapologetic radicalism.

The problem with modern day progressivism, other than being counter-intuitive to our God-given liberty, patriotism and the premise of the Constitution itself, is that no matter how much they successfully pander to human emotions, cajole and recruit the misinformed, there is literally no end to their excess. Once liberals pass one regulation, they immediately begin plotting the next. Why, you ask? Their entire political existence is based on control, ensuring dependence, and eroding the influence of any perceived threat or higher power; i.e., individualism, competing ideologies like the Tea Party, and most profoundly, God. Leftists thrive on power, consolidating it to weaken opposition, to control nearly every aspect of your life; yes, mob justice via political correctness is the muzzle of individuality, if not common sense. No nation has ever taxed itself into prosperity or regulated its way to more freedom. So why do they persist, Mr. Anderson? To make a long story short, they believe they can live and plan your life better than you. The very same institution that is the most inefficient, corrupt and conflicted enterprise in America – the U.S. Government – wants to know what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, and where you’re doing it. Essentially, Washington has become that noisy, up-all-night, know-it-all neighbor you detest, but with one exception: they have keys to your backdoor and bank account. Now you know why your sugar and Social Security are running out.

If citizens ran their lives like the government, we’d be broke, homeless, and trying to use monopoly money to feed our children. The same omnipotent politicians who haven’t passed a budget in six years, accrued an unprecedented 8 trillion in debt under Obama’s tenure alone, and who continue to preside over 48 million on public assistance by recklessly printing money to fund an imaginary recovery, have found it to be of national importance to regulate the size of sodas, pedal food stamps to potential illegal immigrants in Mexico, and to attempt to limit the number of bullets in your firearm’s magazine; contrary to federal agencies purchasing enough ammunition to kill every citizen some five times over. Dare I say scary disconnected? Our nation is on the precipice of financial collapse, our borders unprotected, Islamic terrorists walking amongst our children, and we’re paying our elected politicians to be both incompetent and irresponsible. No wonder President Obama recently implored college students to ignore conservatives’ warnings of government tyranny; he’d be out of a job.

Hmm, if we’re dolling out sound financial advice and racial bliss, why do minorities have the highest unemployment rate while black home and business ownership are at record lows? Patronizing blacks and Latinos with the promise of more welfare solely for their vote – as if that’s the pinnacle of their dreams – not to mention flaming racial tensions with unabashed demagoguery, is a poor substitute for empowering change through hard work, education and family values. Propaganda never paid a bill, raised a child, or built a home. It only enslaves the weak, trusting and unaware. How tragic, horribly ironic, considering it was diehard conservatives – Christian patriots guided by an indelible belief in God’s law – who persevered to free the slaves and end Jim Crow laws amidst the racist norms of the day. And let us not forget, while the terrorist arm of the Democratic party, the KKK, was spreading “tolerance” along the countryside, more conservatives voted for every Civil Rights act from the 1860’s through the 1960’s than their Democratic counterparts; which included a dissenting Al Gore Sr.! This, in large part, was why Booker T. Washington and Martin Luther King were proud Republicans.  Unlike history revisionists who have worked overtime to conceal that fact, I still have a dream that Barack Obama will someday be judged by the content of his character, his misdeeds, rather than the empty plea made by the color of his skin.

If the truth be known, not that the President and his progressive puppets ever asked or cared to know, the Tea Party has nothing to do with race, hate or economic stature; for it is, and always has been, a grassroots movement based on love of country, the Constitution, and nothing more. We believe in the tried and true ideals this republic was founded on – liberty, limited government, God, hard work, self reliance, accountability, duty – and that true opportunity and prosperity, the principles that made America the most affluent and revered nation of Earth, are symbiotic with economic freedom and an unquenchable work ethic. Yes, those same attributes drove our ancestors to forge a new home – that shining city on the hill – free from the excesses of big government; the universally recognized ingredients needed to fight tyranny, poverty and oppression. And although conservatism is clearly most synonymous with these timeless principles, our founding ideals and the Constitution, we somehow are branded as radicals, enemies of progress, and Right Wing extremists. In other words, if our founding fathers were alive today – leaders more wise, learned and accomplished than any elected leader in American history – they would immediately be branded as minions of hate, or better yet, Tea Party insurgents. This is the degree of deception and nonstop conditioning that has cast an acrimonious shadow over this country for decades now; no more so than during the past four years. If any person or movement is radical, an inherent threat to our values and way of life, it is that of progressivism which seeks to fundamentally rewrite our founding premise. And that is completely, and unequivocally, unacceptable!

For the sake of brevity, but more succinctly, hope, let me share this singular tenet of Tea Party radicalism: “We the People” proudly and humbly welcome all races, creeds and colors – regardless of gender, age, economic disposition, heritage, religious beliefs, or sexuality – who are dedicated to defending and restoring American idealism. Every citizen of sound mind and body owes it themselves, their family, and this country to earn a living; otherwise, America will falter and the fruits of others’ labor inevitably usurped for the “common good”. We universally reject, without reservation, hate, discrimination, and/or violence, those adopted constructs of liberal intolerance that violate individual liberty, human dignity, and civility. In other words, when did a mere disagreement in opinion…i.e., gay marriage, “illegal” immigration or abortion…require  intolerance, condemning another as a harbinger of hate, or constitute a war against gays, Latinos, or women? This is nothing more than casting juvenile dispersions, inciting political theater, to conceal the crux of the issue by demonizing fellow Americans for doing nothing more than exercising their First Amendment rights.

Attempting to silence opposition, regardless of differing viewpoints, is the calling card of despotism. This is why conservatives do not condone, under any circumstances, discrimination or violence against gays, women or any other demographic: albeit in schools, the workplace, sports, or any other facet of their everyday lives. Everyone has the right to live the life of their choosing, whether one approves or not. That, by definition, is “real” tolerance. Those of us who disapprove simply choose to defend the sanctity of marriage, a sacred bond between a man and a woman that has been a religious institution, a staple of natural law, for millennium on end. Attempting to fit a square peg in a round hole, reinvent the wheel to fit one’s lifestyle, does not validate such bitter activism. In a country predicated upon religious freedom – not the exclusion of God as so egregiously interpreted by the liberal precept of “Separation of Church & State” – why would conservatives or anyone else for that matter forsake their very salvation, the established cornerstone of this nation’s conception, to support gay marriage? They wouldn’t. Whether proponents agree or not, gay marriage opposition – which also includes a number of Democrats – is firmly entrenched in reason, the natural order of the universe, and not hate.

The brilliance of the Constitution is that its timeless wisdom was constructed upon a philosophical edifice for universal rights – free speech, the right to bear arms, due process, equality – while providing a blueprint flexible enough to address the most daunting challenges and shortcomings of differing eras. The problem is that our forefathers, for obvious reasons, never fathomed men marrying men, liberals banishing God from our public institutions, or women aborting their babies, healthy ones at that, for any discernible reason other than madness. To even entertain such logic would be unforgivable and too difficult to bear.

Disregarding the progressive erosion of our values over the past 40 years, which is impossible, an increasing number of Americans, not just conservatives mind you, now oppose abortion. How does killing a defenseless baby, doing nothing more than exercising its natural desire to be born, constitute a right? Not to stretch the confines of logic, but how ironic is it that everyone who supports abortion has already been born? Except for the extreme circumstances of rape, incest or medical emergency, abortion is a stain on the legacy of a supposed civilized and evolved people. The left shamelessly politicized the tragic murders of 20 Newtown children – the sole act of a deranged and callous madman – but somehow they remain completely oblivious to the fact over 55 million babies have been terminated since 1973. How does being pro-life, supporting a woman’s right to be born by forcing the biological parents to be accountable, constitute a war against women? It doesn’t. If you want to witness a true jihad against women travel to the Middle East – those countries this administration unconditionally supports politically and monetarily – where countless females are denied education, equality, forced to dress according to Islamic law, and killed or tortured for the most imagined slights. Once again, perspective: the Tea Party, conservatism, is not the enemy of America. We merely stand in the way of those activists who fundamentally and unilaterally want to change our country for selfish motives.

With no end in sight to the escalating cultural war engulfing our communities, our own families, what standard, if any, does the American public hold the media to? Do citizens seek the full, unbiased story or do we desire nothing more than subjective, divisive drivel?  More profoundly, what is it we expect from ourselves, our peers? If we have such high expectations for our children, demanding respect, honesty, and hard work, why don’t we possess, at the very least, an identical or higher standard for our elected leaders…the President of the United   States? When the leader of the free world resorts to incessant propaganda and deception to maliciously demean his opposition, incite race and class warfare to inflame political divides in hopes of instituting “change”, what does that say about his character, his integrity? Equally disconcerting, what does it say about the lapdog media; the once fabled “watchdog” of truth, justice and the American way? Catering to people’s intellect, not their fears and misconceptions, is the true path to wisdom and progress. If we truly are to “coexist”, foster good will and strengthen the fabric of our society, how does pulling it apart piece by piece, lie by lie, achieve that goal?

It’s not that our forefathers never disagreed, they routinely did. They merely realized that in order to discover the best possible outcome, to faithfully serve America and her people, respecting and earnestly working with those one disagrees with – not plotting to find every conceivable manner to undermine your opposition – was essential to finding the most sound, lasting solution. If a politician or party cannot stand on the merits of their convictions, accomplishments, they have no business seeking office or waging a war of vitriol against their opponents. This is why today’s public servants pale in comparison to those elected officials who graced this country’s inception. Far too many are hopelessly brainwashed by partisan politics and are therefore painfully ignorant of this nation’s heritage and founding laws.

The rise and reawakening of the Tea Party in 2009 was hardly a freak aberration. It was a no-nonsense, independent zeitgeist that struck a nerve with the American people by bringing attention to one, inescapable truth; Barack Obama should have never become president. No, not because he was black or a Democrat, but because he flaunted the most radical beliefs, associates, of any presidential candidate and was painfully inadequate for the job. Deemed the most liberal senator by an independent congressional watchdog, Mr. Obama was nothing more than a one term senator with zero economic or foreign policy experience. Even worse, his unearthed past revealed a disturbing passion for Marxism, statism, including a treasure trove of anti-American cohorts that stretched halfway around the globe: Frank Marshall, Bill Ayers, Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said, Charles Ogletree, Saul Mendelson, Valarie Jarrett and Jeremiah Wright to name but a few. As if that wasn’t enough to tickle to ire of indiscretion, his earlier speeches and writings spoke of wealth redistribution, economic justice, and an intrinsic desire to dismantle capitalism brick by brick. Despite all these red flags that stood in direct contrast to American idealism, the media did the most unthinkable: they swept all of Barack Obama’s dirty laundry under the bed. Yes, the very same one they shared a sordid love affair with progressives for years on end. Put simply, the MSM rallied the minions of Marxism and assuaged the public’s concerns by filing all of this damning evidence under the sensational, five o’clock headline, “Fox News Spreads Racist Tea Party Conspiracy Theories”. In the name of time delayed justice and .75 cent birth control, “Who’s getting fired?!”

On the eve of November, 6, 2012, nearly all the shortcomings and trepidation the Tea Party so poignantly illustrated came to fruition. Not only was this administration completely inept at addressing the economy and strengthening the private sector – 10 million dropped out of the workforce, 15% real unemployment and our 2% GDP growth was lower than Cuba – progressives were instead obsessed with unilaterally enacting a sweeping agenda: socialized health care, gun control, amnesty, gay marriage, welfare entitlements, and most notably, quelling dissent. In essence, Obama and the Democratic party, those who learned everything from bankrupt, socialist Europe and communist Pravda, waged a 24 hour campaign to deflect accountability by blaming Bush for everything and anything, from the Cubs losing to five and a half inch Subway sandwiches, while burying any person, organization, business, or party associated with whistle blowing conservatism that stood in their path; apropos, Tea Party extremists. Ironically, our government, the real face of treason…ordered federal agents not to enforce our immigration laws, sold guns to violent Mexican drug cartels, abandoned pleading American citizens who were murdered in Benghazi, used the IRS to intimidate political opposition and attack free speech, and tapped the phone lines of the Associated Press for leverage against reporters…lived contently beneath the sheets of naked nepotism. Apparently, sleeping with the enemy of America isn’t extreme or uncomfortable until you become the “bump in the road” and conveniently aborted.

Had the mainstream media exercised its sworn duty of journalistic integrity and properly vetted the President in 2008, perhaps none of this debate and supposition would be necessary; including the endless list of failures and abuses the American people have had to endure. Likewise, if George W. Bush showcased the identical ideology and radical cohorts as Barry Soetoro, the press would have devoured every imagined crumb of suspected indiscretion. After all, we still have a Polaroid of their collective, yellow drool staining that forged National Guard memo. Of course, that’s precluding the realization such a witch hunt would have been moot because the Republican Party would have subsequently rejected him. Therefore, if only for the sake of posterity, let’s call a spade a spade, an enemy an enemy. In 1789, Barack Hussein Obama would have been tarred and feathered, imprisoned, and possibly executed by decree as a traitor. In 1950, he would have been arrested, interrogated and run out of town on a rail as a communist. In 1980, our progressive antagonist wouldn’t have made it through the primaries, let alone placed on the Democratic ticket. (Reagan would have unmercifully undressed Obama either way) Now, not only has Barry been elected, TWICE, he is hailed by the advocacy media as a hero for doing little more than shackling capitalism – the genesis of American independence – attacking our Judeo-Christian values, turning the electorate into an incensed hornets nest of one issue voters, protecting Muslim sympathies over American interests, and threatening any entity that speaks ill of his progressive utopia.

When the leader of the free world promotes ignorance by telling Americans not to fear government tyranny, the sole impetus for our liberation from England, and goes as far as to punish conservatives who educate citizens on the Bill of Rights, the very document responsible for Obama’s freedom and blessings in life, everything we fought and sacrificed for is instantly forsaken in a flash of treason. If Richard Nixon was a crook, Barack Obama is a serial predator for he has enough dirt and blood on his hands to make Watergate look like Romper Room. Just don’t expect the mainstream media to do the people any favors because the last vestiges of virtue checked out long ago. The greatest trick the devil, AKA the liberal media, ever played on the American public was convincing voters that extremism doesn’t exist on the left side of the political pendulum; but more frighteningly, that Obama’s radical views are firmly within the mainstream.

Because time is the fire in which we burn, the epitaph we inexorably write, when did our revolutionary platform of God-given freedoms, an impenetrable bastion of independence and pride, become eroded to the point of indifference, interpretation and implied consent? When did our conscience break the mirror of self awareness, accountability, into a shard of subjugation? When did we willingly trade the American flag – the heartbeat of a nation and the sole signature of iconic leaders the likes of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Reagan – for the fascist symbol of a President so narcissistic, so consumed with a cancerous ideology, he transformed the people’s government into a personal Gestapo of assimilation? When did handouts become synonymous with hard work, pornography replace parents, and government supersede God? Most of all, when did we sacrifice the Constitution – a clear limitation and check on government, not individual liberty – for horse blinders and a knotted whip?

Thankfully, no matter how much this President, or any other American politician for that matter,  lies, manipulates, and disregards our laws, one immutable truth cannot be silenced: as long as human beings exist, so will tyranny. For this very reason, The Tea Party – the founding voice of solidarity that defied injustice to become the keeper of the common man – will always be relevant. Regardless of party affiliation, religion, gender, race or economic disposition, the Sons & Daughters of Liberty will fervently oppose those dregs of subversion that tread on our founding ideals, infringe on individual and economic freedoms, undermine this nation’s sovereignty, and deny God’s rightful place at the table of our constitutional republic. As for those rancid activists and puppets of propaganda who pervert our duty – our eternal pledge to protect this last, best hope of mankind – I have a message for you…

On behalf of Allen West, Mia Love, Bobby Jindal, Condoleezza Rice, Dr. Ben Carson, Brian Sandoval, Thomas Sowell, Susana Martinez, Dr. Carson, Clarence Thomas, Marco Rubio, Booker T. Washington, Martin Luther King, and the United States Constitution, I unequivocally and respectfully whisper, “Never!” Never will I “stand down” as my government, the “centralized” media, or any disingenuous organization tramples my rights, the intent of our forefathers, and most importantly, the truth about my political convictions and associates. “We the Patriots” of this blessed land, the Tea Party, who serve without prejudice or malcontent, welcome your tired, your poor, the oppressed masses from across the globe who wish nothing more than to bask in the light of liberty, eat from the tree of prosperity, and defend hope from the walls of tyranny. As your equal in arms, we humbly ask that you respect our laws with due diligence, honor opportunity with your work ethic and undying loyalty, and demand that your new-found government unconditionally protect the promise that was and is America: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness without undue interference. Liberty is your birthright, government is not your savior, and Barack Hussein Obama is not your brother’s keeper. The Tea Party is, and shall forever be, the rock against which tyranny breaks. God Bless America, from sea to shining tea!

The American Republic will endure, until politicians realize they can bribe the
people with their own money.” – Alexis de Tocqueville

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter
and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” – Abraham Lincoln

Note: This piece was written to address the numerous misconceptions about the Tea Party and to place the real onus of radicalism, propaganda, on the shoulders of its true purveyors: the progressive doctrine and Barack Obama.

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The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Xavier Keough, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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