American Sniper: Aiming For The Heart!

Anti-war leftists will freely wave the white flag of capitulation as tyrants and Islamists murder countless innocents, but they’re infuriated beyond measure by a cinematic adaptation that chronicles both the inevitable ravages of war and the indelible spirit of a man who routinely risked his life to defend his brethren. Ironically the same foaming progressives who are desperate to discredit the unprecedented success and cultural impact of American Sniper – a supposed Right Wing celebration of individual mass murder and unabashed jingoism – were somehow unmoved when 12 unarmed civilians at Charlie Hebdo were gunned down by Islamic cultists over a satirical cartoon and their basic right to free speech. Naturally our progressive government couldn’t even stand with the international community by condemning such an obvious, horrific act. When Saddam Hussein gassed tens of thousands of Kurds, killing women and children in the streets, or his Republican Guard stormed Kuwait and ripped babies from incubators only to toss them out windows like dirty rags, where was this same intrinsic obligation to secure a just and moral world that the media is using to slander Clint Eastwood and Chris Kyle? Or is murder not murder without postcards of WMD’s? Right and wrong, truth and justice, does not magically appear at your beckon call and thus fortuitously conform to your malformed political whims. After all, if you’re impervious to thousands of Africans being butchered at the hands of Boko Haram because it doesn’t fit your warped notion of religious victimization or racial injustice, how does attacking those who merely expose or attempt to confront such blatant atrocity disarm the real hand of hypocrisy?

War is never black and white, it is not politically correct, and it involves making snap decisions with imperfect information. Failure to act decisively and with unflappable conviction is often at the cost of your own demise and that of your fellow soldiers. Muslim fanatics don’t recruit women and children because they have no other choice. These sadistic thugs use them as human shields and suicide bombers because it creates a no-win scenario for our troops; a moral dilemma and form of psychological warfare that maximizes death and incites outrage in political circles. And guess which side our media chooses to chastise as callous and criminal? Although Michael Moore and his pacifist revisionists may find it convenient to label snipers cowards, when have they ever stood in harm’s way or watched an an entire village slaughtered in the name of a bloodthirsty ideology? That’s because, in their minds, 9/11 was an aberration, America is to blame, and Islamic terrorism is an overblown, Right Wing conspiracy. Then again, these same multimillionaire activists who continue to warn us about the inequities of capitalism and the vile nature of war, find more in common with anarchists and looters than those veterans who are denied the same compassion and health care afforded to illegal immigrants.

If American Sniper is truly nothing more than Nazi propaganda, as Seth Rogen so ignorantly described it, then whom may I ask liberated Europe from Hitler’s tyrannical grasp and how many American citizens, including those snipers with hundreds of enemy kills, risked life and limb to restore some semblance of civility and hope to the epicenter of mass murder; or in other words, the mass genocide of his native Jewish people? Chris Kyle was an ordinary man, a soldier, and whether people want to embrace him as a hero or not is entirely of their choosing. However, unlike his politically righteous critics, he endured the lasting ravages of war – a pain few can fathom – for nothing more than the insatiable desire to defend a universal ideal that if breached ultimately threatened his own family and our homeland. The same anti-American sycophants who will try to convince voters their individual success and possessions are solely the product of the angry and envious “collective”, somehow want you to believe that the U.S. military – i.e., the timeless sacrifice of everyday patriots like Chris Kyle – is in no way whatsoever responsible for procuring this republic, our natural born rights, or Hollywood’s ungrateful and lavish way of life. How quaint. Unlike their celebrity antagonists, our fighting men and women do not require a Red Carpet, designer pajamas, or a photoshopped facade to facilitate a seven figure, narcissistic view of the real world. They simply need an opportunity to serve the country and the people they love without condition. May God Bless Chris, comfort his family, and watch over those who continue to man the gates of freedom.

About The Conservative Depot

The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Xavier Keough, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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