For King & Corruption: The Criminal Without A Court

Why hasn’t Congress, or any federal law enforcement agency for that matter, initiated a single hearing concerning the avalanche of criminal immigration activities orchestrated and carried out by this administration? Apparently, only the insidious medical advice of Dr. Oz or the supposed offensive nature of the Washington Redskins’ moniker is worthy of their time and scrutiny. The DHS has transported thousands of illegal aliens from detention centers, even from as far as their native countries, and sprinkled them like precious cargo all across America. Some of these demographic transplants have been filmed exiting buses at Social Security offices where they were granted Social Security numbers and an array of government benefits, most notably Obamacare and welfare, at taxpayer expense. Naturally this is all Right Wing hyperbole for not one of these people knew what was on the itinerary or who planned it. Yes, this is the most egregious Executive Order that doesn’t “officially” exist; give favoritism to foreigners and redistribute wealth while the masses watch Reality TV.

On the flipside of treason, the U.S. has over 50,000 homeless veterans and millions more who cannot receive adequate and timely healthcare. These men and women – actual citizens of the United States – faithfully served their country to protect our freedoms and they’re not even remotely treated, or viewed, with equal regard as those who knowingly broke the law. Likewise, should anyone be shocked the federal government – without taxpayer of Congressional approval – is granting some businesses $3000 tax credits for every illegal hired over an American citizen? Or how about the fact once eradicated and/or subdued diseases like measles, mumps, and tuberculosis have reemerged all across the nation, in our public schools and institutions, because medically unvetted migrants are streaming across our border? The CDC itself has confirmed a clear majority of these cases are caused by foreign born transients; including the infamous Enterovirus-68. How many citizens, our own children, have been put in harms by these obtuse and reckless actions? How many assaults, murders, robberies, and rapes were the direct result of this negligent and vile attempt to forever alter our political and economic landscape? Is our President, this rogue administration, not complicit and an undisputed party to these injustices? And for what; so liberals can create an inexhaustible source of votes to maintain power and ensure their socialist utopia at all costs? That’s right…we’re the cost!

Executive Amnesty was not some benevolent concoction to help poor immigrant families and children avoid deportation in the face of racism. It was designed to negate our immigration laws, serve as de facto citizenship, and open the flood gates for generations of bribed Democratic voters to come. Despite a federal injunction ordering the Obama administration to cease and assist their Unconstitutional behavior – yes, only Congress may erect new law – the DHS continues to print Visas and Green Cards in makeshift offices as fast a humanly possibly. All the more shameful considering the millions of immigrants who legally completed the process afforded by law and who proudly honored the opportunity America represents.

Contrary to media talking points, there was no immigration or border crisis until our government, under the direction of our President, fabricated a humanitarian catastrophe for prime time news by openly soliciting the populaces of South and Central American countries to migrate here and receive federal benefits. Our nation is 18 trillion in debt, nearly 50 million are on government assistance, workforce participation is at an anemic 62%, and we’re inviting, excuse me giving preferential treatment to, non-citizens who could careless about our founding values or the survival of this nation? While the DHS and DOJ are punishing and firing immigration agents for doing their job, attempting to defend our borders from trespassers like any civilized country, they have repeatedly ordered thousands of documented criminals to be set free into our communities because radical leftists are more concerned with overriding the power, wealth and influence of traditional white, Judeo-Christian America – AKA hard work, Western Civilization, and common sense – instead of honoring the rights of and safety of actual citizens; the very existence of this sovereign nation. Obviously, “We the People” are more of a threat to a free, robust and Constitutional Republic than ISIS, Ebola or Communism. And guess which one our President, the supposed leader of the free world, chooses to embrace?  Here’s a hint: none of his favorites say “Made in America” on their birth certificate or Green Card.

Barack Hussein Obama is not a moral man or a leader in the faintest sense of the word. He’s a bitter, petty, insolent child bent on undermining American exceptionalism and dismantling capitalism brick-by-brick to atone for what he calls “centuries of racial and global injustice”; just not the poverty, indigenous slavery, endless tribal warfare and disease plaguing the Mid East and Africa for millennia on end. This is not, nor has it ever been, a startling revelation; except to those low information, Democratic drones the media spoon-feeds like Clockwork Orange. However, when confronted with this irrefutable mountain of blatant criminal behavior, of this scorched earth sedition, why has not one inquiry been made, one federal agent subpoenaed, or one busload/flight of federally transported immigrants investigated and documented by Congress, the DOJ or the FBI? Am I to believe there is not one decent, law-abiding American who witnessed these deliberate crimes and yet still remains loyal the country he or she serves?

For the record, we’re not chit-chatting about misdemeanors and everyday oversights; we’re unraveling lawlessness and conspiracy on a breathtaking level. Every person, agency and dollar involved in this dangerous charade is a link in the chain of corruption strangling our rights and suffocating our viability as a free nation. Such brazen transgression is not a game and is by no means acceptable collateral damage. In any other era, with any other administration, impeachment and imprisonment with universal prejudice would be but a foregone conclusion. Sadly, our elected representatives and the once fabled watchdog media are now more concerned with being cheerleaders, euthanizing integrity and choosing politics over patriotism, than serving as objective, responsible adults with an inherent duty to ensure justice and the foundation of our society. Without our laws, a government that is both transparent and unconditionally accountable, America is but an anecdote of apathy, a footnote in a discarded history book. Translation…Everyone is welcome in America, but no one is welcome to break the law; not even would be kings who conspire otherwise.


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The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Sir Silence Dogood, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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