O Captain! My Captain! Ted Cruz 2016

Progressives don’t want earnest discourse over our most pressing issues or to be held responsible for their numerous failures and abuses because their behavior is unequivocally indefensible. Rather, they’re content spending countless resources to deceive and incite an apathetic electorate by labeling their political detractors racist, sexist or Right Wing extremists. In a sea of petulant children and shameless propagandists, America needs an adult; a principled and moral leader who is not afraid to speak the truth, use unflinching common sense and restore integrity to a government that was erected to protect the individual rights of Americans, not usurp them for the “greater good” of illegal immigrants, radical Islamists, entitlement brokers, race-based militants, statism, or most notably, the Democratic Party. America doesn’t need to succumb to the historically backwards and bankrupt agenda of a bitter, divisive and destructive ideology. America needs to once again embrace the timeless and nonnegotiable Constitutional ideals of liberty, hard work, faith, duty and accountability; that opportunity, not endless regulation and engineered dependence, is the true impetus of success, happiness and upward mobility. In other words, no one owes you – not the government, the labors of your neighbor, or God – you and you alone owe yourself! “Working” is not a conservative conspiracy, it’s a necessity. Balancing the budget isn’t a revolutionary concept, its common sense and symbiotic with competent leadership. No, America doesn’t need choreographed excuses, special permission to exist or to sheepishly apologize to those scurrilous regimes that live in a vacuum designed only to destroy our Judeo-Christian values – the cornerstones of Western Civilization – that made this country “the last, best hope of mankind”. (Sorry, “Death to America” means exactly that; no further explanation or negotiations required) America simply needs a fearless captain that will navigate the narrow straights of nepotism, debunk the inane tenets of liberalism, pierce the crashing squalls of media manipulation and proudly raise the flag of freedom to remind all men and women they were born to live free from unnecessary and intrusive government. That man is Ted Cruz!


About The Conservative Depot

The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Sir Silence Dogood, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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