The War on Truth

“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.” ~George Orwell

The war on truth, common sense, is perhaps the greatest threat modern America faces: albeit foreign or domestic. As an unapologetic propagandist and Marxist, Barack Obama has time and again circumvented the truth about his countless failures and abuses by repeatedly employing blame, deflection, and division.  Sadly if any American speaks out against any number of these issues, they are immediately denounced as a harbinger of hate or a Right Wing extremist. Yes, simplistic and sensational labels are the easiest way to cajole the apathetic public. If liberals are to successfully implement their backwards and radical agenda, they must first demonize their detractors, and in the process, those founding values that stand in direct contrast to their goals. In other words, instead of standing on the merits of their principles and actions, progressives will do everything in their power to control our lives while tirelessly avoiding accountability for their unwarranted transgressions. Once you break down the very precepts and mechanism of reason, accountability, all that remains is force; who, or what regime, will force their rogue agenda upon the people with little regard for the rule of law, liberty, right or wrong. Below is a brief list of groups, issues, and events that perfectly embody this political and cultural assault on America, but more profoundly, truth itself.

Redistribution of Wealth, Class/Race Warfare, Erosion of Private Sector, Enabling A Dependent Populace, Record Welfare Recipients, Runaway National Debt, Obamacare, The Federal Reserve’s Historic Printing of Money, Amnesty, Abandoning Border Security, Undermining American Sovereignty, Sanctuary Cities, Preferential Treatment of Illegals, Voter ID, Race Baiting/Victimization, Affirmative Action, Radical Feminism, Gender Nullification, Purge of Military Officers, The V.A. Scandal, Deeming National Symbols & American Heritage Offensive, The IRS, EPA & DHS targeting Conservatives, Attacking God & Christianity, Anti-Semitism, Secularism, Common Core, Financing/Abetting Radical Islam, Sharia Law, Abortion, Gay Marriage, Gun Control, Silencing Free Speech, Global Warming Hysteria, Agenda 21, Benghazi, Fast & Furious & countless more….

These disturbing occurrences are hardly a loosely connected series of coincidences; they are an orchestrated and systematic attempt to fundamentally transform America economically, morally, and conceptually. These Howard Zinn disciples – those who actually believe America is an evil, illegitimate empire that must apologetically follow in the footsteps of bankrupt, socialist Europe or failed Communist Russia – will use any resource and tactic available to brainwash the ignorant and silence the obstinate masses. When ‘liberty’ becomes the enemy, the enemy of progressivism is ‘truth’. How can a white cop or even an average citizen act in self-defense, like all races do in the face of aggression, when it’s automatically assumed and reported to be racism? How frequently has the mainstream media shown outrage over a white cop being killed by a minority, let alone a white, Asian, or Hispanic victim of police brutality? My guess is the same number of times and manner Obamacare was honestly presented as a choice, a non-taxable necessity for the poor, rather than a highly inept and wasteful Trojan Horse designed to create a single-payer healthcare system that would cost countless “stupid” Americans their insurance, their jobs, and very freedom.

If we do not begin to unconditionally hold leftist politicians and the conspiring media accountable for their selective reporting – blatant propaganda and reckless behavior – America will continue to descend into a destitute, decadent and totalitarian state. After all, if CNN has to warn its liberal and Islamic viewers about the potentially offensive nature of the National Anthem, sung in the very country for which it was penned, we as a rationale and sovereign nation have little hope for survival. Is the native flag or anthem of any other civilized country viewed as inappropriate or offensive by its own people; requiring an apology or pre-emptive warning? That very suggestion is insulting and treasonous to any other populace except that of the subversive American left! Please, why do we cater to those individuals or forces that seek our demise, rejoice in the mere thought of it, and therefore have little appreciation for our blessings and way of life? Naturally this should come of little surprise when our own veterans cannot even receive adequate medical care, timely support and resources, while millions of illegal immigrants are shielded from the law and given financial/healthcare benefits at taxpayer expense. And guess which one the media and most Democrats choose to report as an injustice? Neither! Truth, common sense, is not a negotiable and convenient means of molding reality to pardon our misgivings or conceal our most disingenuous intentions. They are indelible institutions for which all humanity, every segment of society, must be judged without refrain or condition if any vestige of Western Civilization is to survive.

America was founded under the auspices of God, freedom, limited government, hard work, accountability and duty. Any person, party, or ideology that stands directly opposed to these timeless and universal ideals, the supreme law of the land, is inherently radical and thus a tangible threat to our republic’s charter. And because the liberal media, Democrats, Barack Obama, and far too many Republicans do not act on behalf of America, merely on their own political accord and selfish aspirations, it becomes incumbent upon the people to remind these charlatans of one inescapable and inconvenient truth; do not confuse tolerance with treason, right with reason, for only one seeks to change the lock to your home!


About The Conservative Depot

The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Sir Silence Dogood, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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