“We Have All Been Lied To” ~The citizens of Dachau, Germany 1945

Believe it or not, I’m not offended by Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber calling the American people stupid for foolishly believing government healthcare was anything but a corrupt and radical ruse designed to control our lives. I’m simply disgusted so many voters, beneath the bankrupt generalities of “hope” and “change”, were so easily manipulated by the lapdog media and a President who was never been held accountable for anything: most notably his radical past, beliefs and associates. Considering the size and scope of this cover-up – regardless of how many sounded the alarm – what else did we expect to happen? The fact that so many citizens failed (or refused) to do their due diligence, their patriotic duty to hold this administration to any discernible standard that even remotely honored this nation’s founding ideals, is eerily reminiscent of the cultural degradation and moral apathy that has defined the cult-like movements of fascism, communism, Islam and the inhumane atrocities that inevitably ensued.

It’s public knowledge the party of JFK has veered so far left that it hijacked the Constitution and crashed into the Kremlin Wall. Now if that’s not offensive, what in the ‘Declaration of Independence’ is? How can any self-respecting human being cheer a man whose past is defined by racism and unabashed anti-Americanism – even admonishing those concerned citizens who attempted to warn them about the truth – only to regain consciousness beneath the fractured sky of Obamacare, Marxism, and wonder what in the hell happened? Has 239 years of progress and enlightenment led to “We the People” confirming the embarrassing adage, “what the American public doesn’t know is what makes them the American public”? Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats refusal to stand-up and admit to a single indiscretion – the numerous deceptions, abuses, failures of a rogue leader – has left an indelible stain on this county’s fierce, independent spirit and historic demand for accountability. The greatest dilemma facing America isn’t Republican vs. Democrat; the real battle for the supremacy of America’s soul is between Truth vs. Fiction, Right vs. Wrong and those who shamelessly plot to deceive the public for political/financial gain rather than to unite the masses under a banner of freedom and prosperity. If you can’t even win an election on the merits of your beliefs without resorting to blatant distortion and division – race, gender and class warfare – what is it you’re really offering America other than a road map to its own destruction?

Instead of attacking the proverbial messenger, no matter how misguided, guilty and reprehensible Mr. Gruber may be, society should unilaterally condemn those who are attempting to dismiss his admission in their quest to perpetrate yet another lie on the American public. Obamacare is undeniably an unmitigated disaster and an affront to our liberties, just like nearly every facet of the Obama presidency, however it is only as egregious as our lack of resolve allows it to be. If every politician and party felt the unrelenting wrath and utter disdain of “We the People”, Obamacare, Executive Amnesty, and the most duplicitous president in our fabled history would be but a figment of our imagination.

The Holocaust and ruthless attempted extermination of the Jewish race didn’t magically and inconceivably happen over night. It occurred because everyday people put aside their integrity and humanity to be hypnotized by a used car salesman selling an antiquated mode of transportation: fear! Whether the citizens of Dachau, Germany knew of the mass atrocities being committed by their government is of no consequence for they were already acutely aware the Third Reich preached hate, divided their populace into warring factions, and blamed Jews – a.k.a., conservatives, Christians, the Tea Party – for Germany’s ills in order to deflect from the true nature of Hitler’s bloodthirsty agenda. So am I suggesting Barack Obama and his progressive minions are going to throw their political detractors in concentration camps and commit mass murder? Absolutely not; such sensationalism would be propaganda fodder for the ever conniving politically correct. Rather, they’ll publicly humiliate anyone who claims otherwise just so they can focus on their true goal: the systematic destruction of America’s independence, global influence and values.


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The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Sir Silence Dogood, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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