Coffee & Cream: The Forgotten Dream

It has long been suspected America is on the downside of history; often a self-inflicted spiral delivered by the hand of incompetence, corruption or irreverence. That being said, I cannot ignore a fundamental truth that is at the very heart of the rhetoric dividing our communities and destroying our nation. The real reason there is such a high degree of cynicism and distrust along racial lines is because of the unpleasant realities people either completely ignore, carefully avoid or foolishly justify. Call them clues or outright statistical proofs; just know they are the symptoms of our country’s impending peril.

How can you proclaim to the embodiment of hope and change when you can’t even properly diagnose a problem, let alone admit to the actual cause? Instead of wasting countless hours and resources decrying racism and convincing their brethren they’re helpless victims of circumstance, Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson would be much better served by addressing the very source of their ills: the black family. Where as towns, communities and neighborhoods signify the prevailing attitudes and norms of America, our families are the epicenter of our values. Our very perception of right and wrong, respect for authority, educational goals and our work ethic all inevitable stem from our upbringing. But when our homes become riddled with dysfunction – promiscuity, poverty, drugs and violence – the results, or the statistics, speak for themselves.

Despite comprising for 13% of the population, black Americans account for one-third of all assaults and rapes, as well as 50% of all robberies and murders. These are staggering statistics that far outweigh the most petty slights and misrepresentations. Even more damning, African Americans are responsible for over 90% of all black homicides. Considering the KKK lynched roughly 3,500 blacks in 86 years – an unforgivable number in any context – what’s the significance and collective outrage when 8,000 black Americans die at the hands of their own peers each year; by far the greatest source of violence and injustice against the black community? Whether you’re killed at the hands of a white cop or a black stranger, intentionally or not, how does it make it anymore discriminatory or less tragic? Does the fact twice as many white suspects are killed by police, with little media coverage or outrage, alter the actual prevalence of crime or lessen the potential consequences of resisting arresting? Racism exists in all facets of society and no one is immune from its effects but its inevitability does not excuse or deny anyone the opportunity to accept responsibility for their actions and life.. If black lives matter, and all inherently should, it seems that statement serves more as a hypocritical oath than a grounded truth.

Forget pointing the finger of futility and giving endless speeches to promote your political brand, civil rights activists and politicians should be asking the questions their pride and pocketbook somehow prevents them from asking. Why are so many black fathers missing in action; those positive male role models who provide love, wisdom, discipline and the financial stability all families innately need? Why are black women, those who represent the highest percentage of single mothers in America, having more children when a growing majority fails to emotionally, morally or financially provide for the kids they already have? Why are schools being asked to lower both their academic and behavioral standards, handicapping the potential of black youth in the name of affirmative action, only to pave the very path to their demise? And why go to church, hear the testament and calling of Jesus Christ, if your actions in no way honor his life’s teachings? Women aren’t bitches and hoes and when did Jesus hate anyone, let alone fault them for his choices?

When 40% of all black youth are unemployed and a majority have no other discernible ambition than to look good, get laid, get high or be famous – only to settle for standing on the corner, collecting welfare, and invoking racism for their plight – these are the depraved results; the sown seeds of an increasingly soulless and hostile society. Adolescents drop f-bombs faster than their grades, quarreling mothers exchange profanity and fists as they hold their toddlers on their hip, massive brawls breakout at the most innocuous events, and cops are accused of racial profiling when black America commits an extremely disproportionate amount of crime in America. Even at the height of the civil rights movement and segregation, Black Americans did not debase their values and self-worth by “acting a fool”. They had pride, worked tirelessly, and knew they alone, regardless of the prejudiced attitudes of the day, were responsible for making a better life.

Did you know from 1900 to 1960, despite living in a period much more hostile to their aspirations and rights, African Americans had an equal or higher workforce participation in America than whites, while black teens had an equal or lower unemployment rate as their white counterparts? And how can that be? Fast forward to the apathy and entitlement of today where the black community now accounts for the highest unemployment demographic (12%), the highest percent of Welfare recipients (40%), the lowest home ownership in the nation (48 %), and you’d think “racism” would be the least of liberals’ concerns. Perhaps the time has come to turn “blame” into a “blueprint” that actually works and “hope” and change” into something other than a decaffeinated conversation at Starbucks. Propaganda, like Saccharin, is a piss poor substitute for reality.

No, it’s not that I believe there are no positive examples of well-adjusted and accomplished black Americans today; quite the contrary actually. The problem is they’re pushed to the background of obscurity, deftly hidden from the urban victimization front, making these success stories the exception – a winning lottery ticket of in a celebrity world of white privilege – rather than the prevailing norm of perseverance and accountability. When liberals consciously choose to give more credence and exposure to the likes of Michael Brown and Freddie Gray in lieu of the extraordinary exploits of self-made men like Dr. Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell and Col. Allen West, there is little doubt to their duplicitous and destructive agenda. And when these reputable individuals do achieve a high degree of success, respect the law and love their native country, how does “the streets” congratulate them? By calling them white, sellouts, or Uncle Toms! Since when did having values, diligence and appreciation for opportunity become a racist thing? If toiling for a better life makes you white, then what do you call scheming to steal one, or dare I say, actually believing you’re owed one?

Yes, it’s much easier to cast aspersions and blame the object of your disdain, your invented enemy, than to dedicate your time and faculties towards understanding and fixing the actual problem. If you want incite true change, transcend hope from a bumper sticker to changing a forsaken life, lead by example and become that which you seek. I don’t want to witness African Americans, or anyone for that matter, kneeling during the national anthem or smugly stopping on the flag while cursing the symbol of freedom so many died to protect. I want to see a proud American grab Old Glory, hoist it high, and chastise his neighbors for disrespecting the very source of their liberties! When a rabid flash mob attacks innocent bystanders for no other reason than blind hate, or a thug knocks out an elderly man solely to play a “game”, I want to see those colorblind pillars of persuasion leap to his aid and thwart injustice. If citizens riot, loot and threaten innocent lives, I want to see an equal number of their outraged peers rise to protect the rights of others. And when someone says “that’s racist” – hides behind the stereotypical banner of convenience – ask them how such a claim, whether true or not, absolves them from being liable for their future and overcoming the inevitable obstacles life poses to all. Opposition to such destructive behavior and blatant misconceptions doesn’t require sainthood or a Vatican decree; it merely requires having a conscience and seeing yourself in all things. Jesus didn’t wash the feet of a prostitute out of spite. He did so because he wanted to shield her from disparagement and the wrath of hate. One soul with courage is always a majority.

In the arena of competitive sports, it’s universally accepted championships are won through hard work, meticulous preparation, and most of all, teamwork. Yet when it comes to solving the problems of poverty, crime, and social strife, grown adults – elected leaders, mind you – would rather disperse guilt and tout the failed party line than admitting real change goes far beyond bankrupt rhetoric and blank checks. The black community isn’t suffering from a crisis of race; it’s plagued by a crisis of culture. This erosion of values is not exclusive to any one race or creed, for it has inevitable seeped into every facet of America: white and black, rich and poor, Democrats or Republican, men and women. However, pretending these empirical facts aren’t at the crux of a decaying society – the eye of the storm engulfing black community – is the equivalent of throwing a menial government check at the problem, organizing a march, or calling it good as long as it ensures your re-election every four years.

As much as everyone may detest stereotypes, a number are actually rooted in statistical proof. Therefore, just like a doctor attempting to diagnose a malaise, it’s only natural to search for the primary cause of such societal strife. That’s common sense; that’s real-world pragmatism. Addressing the crime and poverty rates among African Americans isn’t an attempt to belittle them, rather an honest desire to empower and unite all Americans. The proven path to safe neighborhoods, a strong black community, and a robust economy isn’t by riots, blame, and reverse racism. It’s achieved by erecting a culture that unconditionally recognizes morality, respect, education, and an indelible work ethic do not require wealth or a particular skin color, merely a desire to grab the reigns of personally responsibility and change the world for the better. If you embrace the intrinsic wisdom of the timeless adage ‘no one can help you until you help yourself’, an entire generation of Americans are perfectly content wallowing in the bottomless pit of self-pity and perpetual discontent because political parasites require a bitter, distracted host in order to remain unscathed in the never-ending fog of their own systemic failure; more commonly marketed as, “social justice”. Victims make the most loyal voters because the unvarnished truth – i.e., all lives matter and all should be held equally accountable – is no longer welcome in the shiny new corridors of re-institutionalized segregation.

Abraham Lincoln once uttered the prophetic verse, “A house divided against its self cannot stand!” These are also the ominous words of Mark in the New Testament. The house of our Republic cannot stand when a significant portion of America’s own citizens desire nothing more than to burn it down in the name of justifiable injustice or ransomed guilt. As long as over 150 years of progress and liberty are sacrificed on our President’s altar of false entitlement and hate, to fan the flames of racial animosity and national discord, the only change necessary will be the notation in a forgotten textbook. History doesn’t suffer fools: mankind does.

“Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.


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