In God We Trust: Righting The Wrongs of Progressivism


When you were a child, what was the most indelible image that came to mind when you heard “America”? Was it the flag, fluttering in the breeze as you sat on your father’s shoulders and marching bands, pushed by the echoing footsteps of proud veterans, filed down Main Street to a crescendo of cheers on the Fourth of July? Was it saying the Pledge of Allegiance in your first-grade classroom, with pride and dignity, as your teacher and principal recited it with equal reverence alongside you? Or was it the mere thought of family, tee ball and Sunday barbecues, Midnight Mass and Christmas morning, as you learned what love, devotion and happiness truly meant; to be thankful for the simplest blessings?

No, it’s not that life was free from struggles or vice, loss and injustice; “We the People” simply knew what it meant to be American. Liberty, patriotism, and an intrinsic calling to a higher power, an innate sense of right and wrong, were the foundation of the world’s most revered nation. We lauded the promise of the individual, the necessity of accountability, and the premise of opportunity. And now? Now we are called extremists for merely questioning our elected leaders and a counter-intuitive agenda rife with failure, division, and abuse. We are called sexist for opposing abortion, Hillary Clinton and a feminist agenda that equates clapping to assault and free birth control to a civil right. We are branded racists for opposing illegal immigration, endless entitlements, and a media that incites violence by defining injustice according to the color of the victim. And finally, if not most egregiously, we are called bigots for defending the sanctity of marriage – a religious institution defined by a man and a woman and the epicenter of family values – because our Judeo-Christian heritage, the impetus for the creation of a free, industrious, and morally upright nation, is the greatest threat to a soulless agenda that seeks to unravel the very core of America.

Progressivism, liberalism, Marxism, or whatever term of depravity you choose, is based on one goal: control. Historically speaking, those lacking principles, ideals, are much easier to manipulate through deceit, deflection and outright propaganda. Liberal fascists – the so-called trumpets of tolerance – love to control every aspect of your life, tell you what to do and how to think, while they vehemently refuse to be held accountable for anything. In other words, they detest that which they spend a lifetime doing…being “judged”; an inescapable discernment that befalls us every day in the face of our families, friends, school, jobs, and life in general. Perhaps no other group better embodies this paradox than the gay community. Activists desperately want mainstream America to unconditionally embrace homosexuality as the moral equivalence of heterosexuality – not the crux of cultural decadence or a desensitized product or conditioning – because they refuse to be judged according to any standard whatsoever. Although that’s all find and dandy in make-believe or a Democratic National Convention, please tell us where has it ever been viewed as a primary, necessary and moral behavior in sentient beings or an “evolved” culture? Simply put…it hasn’t.

Naturally, the homers of hyperbole will defend their lifestyle by highlighting divorce rates of traditional marriage or heterosexual promiscuity. Then again, who of any substance or moral authority ever said that was acceptable either? Yes, let’s all jump off the cliff because Tommy had a few too many beers, cheated on his wife and got the clap from his cousin. Forget mob justice forcing business closures, we now have mob morality! And where exactly do progressives actually think our moral compass, laws and societal norms were derived from? That’s right, from our Judeo-Christian beliefs; the building blocks of Western Civilization that are currently being dismantled in the very nation for which they were espoused. If you dislike or summarily reject these values, for whatever reason, then you’re living in the wrong country or perhaps the wrong universe. These ideals not only serve as the philosophical foundation for our Constitutional Republic, they’re non-negotiable and an ethical guide for all facets of our society; from our work ethic, to our sense of duty and a love of family.

So, am I suggesting gays are incapable of being decent, compassionate human beings? Of course not! Many are kind, talented, loving and an unrelenting force for good. And by no means am I saying they’re doomed to Hell or if there even is one. I’m neither God nor the Supreme Leader of Iran. No one deserves to be the targets of hate or violence due to their sexuality, including friends and family members. Rather, my observation implies these individuals have chosen a deviant lifestyle that tends to be destructive in terms of the family dynamic and almost always leads to an erosion of other values and cultural norms. And once one boundary is breached, discredited, what’s to stop the next one from suffering the same fate? Absolutely nothing. Frederick Nietzsche himself, a known atheist, lamented this very fact. Without those ethical bastions most synonymous with and often prescribed by peaceful religious precepts, the very moral fabric of society can break down; an event that is easily precipitated when social militants conspire to erase all standards by demonizing “idealists”, morality, and any reverence to a higher power. Sound familiar? That, my friends, is how empires fall and civilization crumbles: self-indulgence, apathy, corruption, and entitlement. Not exactly the building blocks of a just, conscientious and vibrant society.

Outside the centrifuge of enriched sensationalism, most Christians live by the adage, “love the sinner and not the sin”. The problem is the newly-formed “Gay Gestapo” is now forsaking such tolerance by inventing injustice to fulfill a radical agenda and force Christian/Jewish Americans to love the sin and submit to the sinner; to violate their religious freedom and most sacred beliefs. Yes, “We the People” have the freedom of choice, individual liberty, but that does not excuse our behavior from being deemed wrong, deviant, or immoral. Sorry, but it doesn’t. Just because you love a child doesn’t mean you can have sex with one; consensual or not. If you drink yourself to death in the confines of your own home, how does that make it virtuous or inherently right? Wishful thinking at best.

Parallel to the physical laws garnering our universe, there is a universal standard for framing every human action – whether we accept it or not – and it existed long before the dawn of man. Humans merely acknowledged that truth over time via their intellectual capacity; well, everyone except progressives who believe that no God, or any religion for that matter, can supersede the power and authority of the state. Then again, how is statism not an oxymoron when our natural rights are derived from God – as recognized by America’s founding document – and the government erected in that indelible light was solely intended to protect our liberties, not usurp our defining values so liberals can hijack virtue, tolerance, and grant special transgender bathroom privileges over two centuries later? Oh, forgive me, I keep forgetting Christian Pizzerias are more dangerous than ISIS and the Death Star recycled religiously. Details, details!

The reason there is such a profound, cultural chasm in America is because the hard left is reluctant to deem any behavior as truly deviant or immoral; a supposed “righteous”, judgmental, religious designation. And what exactly do you call it when a man has sex with a man, or two women for that matter, and God forbid they want to raise kids? Normal; the cradle of civilization? Or how about when gays apply for a permit to hold a bondage parade right in front of children and families in broad daylight? Is that constructive, progressive and morally superior to those “righteous” Christian beliefs? Is theft, murder, or rape not immoral? Of course, they are! Oh, so morality does exist, the constructs of right and wrong, but it just doesn’t pertain to sexual and interpersonal relations; disregarding glory holes, promiscuity or sex parties. My mistake, I keep forgetting we’re helpless animals subservient to Mother Nature’s libido. Because monkeys periodically engage in homosexual activity to relieve stress and assert dominance, the human race is pardoned from any judgments whatsoever. I see, so that’s where we got abortion? And let’s not allow the fact we’ve evolved, created the processor and put a man on the moon, to dissuade us from believing our mental faculties are incapable of grasping any higher sense of being or right from wrong. Some just refuse to acknowledge such an immutable truth out of sheer contempt for their contemporaries. I believe that’s called a naked selfie!

The truth is morality, ethics, can exist without any religious connotation at all. Such behavior codes are not some religious conspiracy to keep people from having sex which is natural, beautiful, and a necessary part of life. Context is everything, my friend. It just so happens our Judeo-Christian values tend to be most synonymous with those universal standards, including those defending heterosexuality and monogamy, which infuriates liberals all the more. It was common knowledge, even predating the time of Christ, that homosexuality was taboo and a doorway to further destructive behaviors; so more focus was given to protecting the sanctity of a love between a man and a woman. Adultery (hedonism) was far more rampant and therefore served as a prime example, a commandment if you will, to define eternal love and commitment….a pillar from which to teach our families and erect an enduring civilization. However, make no mistake about it, homosexuality was not only directly mentioned in the Bible on multiple occasions – disproving leftist propaganda claiming its acceptance – it was considered an abomination.

Leviticus 18:22

“You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.”

Romans 1:26-28

“For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error. And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper.”

Corinthians 6:9

“Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders.”

I don’t quite sense a “I Am Gay, Hear Me Roar” vibe pulsing through those historic verses. Our favorite social warriors and politicians, the ones who told us Obamacare is not ploy to control your life and a fetus isn’t a living person, couldn’t possibly be guilty of rewriting morality and the Bible? Never! After reading these damning passages how can anyone not understand homosexuality, dare I say gay marriage, is a sin in Christians’ eyes and a grave threat to their perceived salvation? Would Barack Obama force Valerie Jarrett to serve Ted Cruz a piping hot Sheboygan Brat on the Fourth of July at Arlington Stadium? Fat chance! So why should Christian entities succumb to the gay mob that has zero regard for their religious freedom?

The Bible, written during a time when most were illiterate, was largely a symbolic text designed to convey the greater concepts of divinity; the importance of living a meaningful life. These are ideals, a guide to a higher sense of being and purpose that are inherent to our nation’s founding and the Constitution. They permeate all sects of our communities and form our collective ethos. True moral precepts should never change or morph according to the prevailing attitudes of the time. Otherwise right and wrong, perversion and passion, are nothing more than a popularity poll. Cultural relativism, the ethos of an era or culture, is responsible for some of humanity’s greatest tragedies and injustices: slavery, genocide, child labor, genital mutilation of young African girls. It’s thus of no surprise that the Constitution, embodied by the will of Northern Christians in the 1860’s, provided an ethical blueprint for ending slavery and procuring equal rights; rather than morality succumbing to the accepted practices of the period. And yes, at various times throughout history, religions and their followers have acted immorally and hypocritically. Believing in God, being a Christian, in no way means such actions are excused and immune to judgment. Nevertheless, their impropriety does not negate these universal standards which can and do stand on their own merits. Beating your brother Harry Reid senseless with the Book of Mormon – although highly enjoyable and exponentially tempting – would fall far short of satiating such a litmus test.

Any time you mention religion or morality to frame homosexuality, the armies of liberal supposition will inevitably invoke Separation of Church and State; as if a concept that appears nowhere in the Constitution expunges all accountability and keeps the evil tenets of religion at bay. Separation of Church and State was never intended to exclude God, merely to ensure religious freedom. Paying homage to a creator, even mentioning religious doctrine in our public institutions, doesn’t force anyone to believe in God or to accept any denomination. Likewise, the First Amendment wasn’t meant to protect government from our religious values; it was devised to protect our religious values from government tyranny. I’m sad to report that’s exactly what is happening to Christian businesses and organizations; singled out for defending the ideals that have defined America since its inception. Would the flag bearers of discrimination force a black carpenter to make a cross for the KKK, or demand a gay-owned printing shop make “God Hates Fags” banners for the Westboro Baptist Church? Not in your wildest dreams; nor should they!

What the media conveniently is that most Christians rarely inquire or even care about their customer’s personal lives for they accept people’s right to live as they choose. Unfortunately, some activists are hell-bent on politicizing their sexuality and enjoy creating a contentious conflict of interest to publicly highlight their agenda. They shout discrimination from the street corners of America yet give no consideration to others’ religious liberty; the right not to violate the sternest canons of their faith. Now imagine if religious entrepreneurs forced their patrons to say grace before their meal. Suddenly religious freedom becomes a nonnegotiable concept for all. And wasn’t that the framer’s original intention to begin with? Too bad the liberal lynch mob fails to realize discrimination is a two-way street and that sunshine is by no means subjugation. If the gay community wants to have their cake and eat it to, I suggest they open a bakery called “Shut Your Pie Hole!” Catering to common sense doesn’t fabricate injustice just because you ordered liberty with a side of hypocrisy to go.

When the ideologically origins of America cannot be discounted and the scriptures speak for themselves, the armies of secularism resort to their final argument: their “Get Out of Judgment” Free Card! That is, forget cultural norms, forget religion, if you’re born gay how can it possibly be immoral?! If humans are nothing more than thinking animals and products of sequential evolution, as the secular left proclaims, wouldn’t our first and most overriding instinct be to survive…to procreate? A woman’s body is specifically engineered to entice her male counterpart and to then care for her offspring in order to facilitate survival of the species. That’s common sense. Therefore, what would be the purpose of an ever-growing gay population? Absolutely none. The only discernible conclusion you’re left with is “choice”: preference, taste, good-old personal choice. Whether one has had a bad experience with the opposite sex, or feels too inadequate to attract and keep a partner, they often turn to an alternative, a comforting source to fulfill their need for companionship and sexual satisfaction. Choice is a voluntary mechanism that is no different from declaring a favorite or color or discovering what traits attract you to another person. Therefore, it is not nature who is your pimp, but your own acquired or conditioned feelings. The Shopping Channel exists for a reason.

I do realize nature is far from perfect and deviations do occur; i.e., hormonal imbalances and genetic irregularities. However, that would be more reticent of suggesting an infrequent, underlying mistake or an aberration – say a 1-2% base deviation – than a naturally ingrained behavior. Famed behavioral psychologist B.F. Skinner spared no bells when he said human behavior was garnered almost entirely from conditioning. In essence, the Harvard alum claimed he could raise twins from birth, turning one into a serial killer and the other into a concert pianist through the power of conditioning alone. The reason why homosexuality is now occurring at a higher incidence, although still compromising around 3% of society, is plain and simple: conditioning. In this new era of twisted priorities, it’s not uncommon to here gay couples, or even liberal activists, to proclaim their desire for gay children. So much for living your own life! It is also no secret progressives are making a concerted effort to paint homosexuality in a positive light. Music and film have become increasingly riddled with bisexual and same-sex themes, and it seems like every television show now has a token gay character. Even our educational system is subjecting millions of impressionable children to materials depicting homosexuality, transgenderism and same-sex parents. Yes, the more people are desensitized to a specific behavior, or cultural taboo, the more likely they are to adopt and engage in it. Internet pornography, anyone?

If homosexuality is truly a harmless, moral and natural behavior inherent to human and societal evolution, why has it taken so long to rise to the forefront of acceptance? Three words: Pop Culture Relativism. Our Founding Fathers never discussed, made special provisions for homosexuality or gay marriage, because they never envisioned a Christian populace – or any modern civilization for that matter – would recognize or give legal, moral preference to such behavior. Yes, they knew homosexuality existed, it was inevitable, although every major religion and much of the world rejected any notion of its intrinsic worth or place; thus, making no sense to give such behavior credence, let alone a platform to rival our most sacred beliefs and institutions. The mere thought of such insanity was abhorrent at best.

Right or wrong, a majority of both Christian and secular Americans have supported the gay community’s right to live as they choose, to embrace discourse and the necessity to coexist. And what have the voices of liberty, tolerance, received in return? Entrapment, exploitation, and future expatriation. When does your family, the fate of this country, your salvation – the constructs of decency and reverence to the divine source of our liberties – demand an equal response or matter again? For the millions who believe Jesus suffered horribly at the hands of evil and died so mankind could live according to the natural blessings bestowed by God, to consciously hold ourselves to a higher standard, “We the People” reject any attempt to redefine America and invent morality. If we’re truly nothing more than out-of-touch religious fanatics like our forefathers – pioneers who were much more learned, wise, and brave than those currently leading this nation – I have but one retort: the current state of America, if not the world, speaks for itself.
Today, under the orchestrated culture coup of an anti-American President who uses Marxist doctrine as his soulless creed, a Christian nation and God are the enemies of “progress”. Any contempt for homosexuality or vocal opposition to its proliferation in our everyday lives is silenced in the counter-culture vacuum of progressivism. If you dare speak your mind and defend America’s timeless ethos, the Democratic disciples of intolerance will threaten your livelihood (if not your life), requisition your rights, and annex any concept of discrimination to further their quest to vanquish any religious values from the American landscape. The question you have to ask yourself is…when is enough, enough? When are decent Americans, those forever bound by the roots of creation and Western Civilization, tired of bending over to accommodate those who view America – a global beacon of opportunity and hope – as an illegitimate state that must be terraformed to suit the caustic whims of political agitators who are driven by hate, discrimination, and most of all, insatiable power?

Any leader, behavior or political movement that stands in direct contrast to America’s Constitutional charter, is, by definition, radical and a clear and present danger to our way of life. The demonization of our Judeo-Christian values, praising homosexuality as the moral equivalency of traditional marriage and touting Islamic Law as quintessential American values, is the final lynchpin in achieving this goal. Truly, what could be more offensive or absurd? In the new-found, twisted tenets of Barack Obama’s “progressive” America, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin would be punished for achieving success, mocked for “white privilege”, barred from being victims of hate crimes, threatened for invoking God, and declared “extremists” for holding government accountable for a litany of failure, abuses, and lies.


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The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Sir Silence Dogood, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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