Locked & Loaded: The Executive Order of Hate

Barack Obama can have a gun free zone when America has a Marxist free government. He alone bears much of the responsibility for the animosity and violence currently plaguing this nation. Purposely inciting race and class warfare, undermining Christian values, solely to galvanize your base and create a false narrative to justify pursuing your radical agenda is hardly unity and hope. If you push both white and black America to the brink of paranoia and hostility with divisive rhetoric, blatant favoritism and petulant political threats, what do you think is going to happen; barbeques and bonfires?

Instead of honoring the innate responsibility of his historic election, this President has personally set race relations back by 50 years and now he wants to blame guns, racism and white extremists for all our ills? And yet where was his infinite wisdom and outrage when 8,000 black Americans were being gunned down every year at the hands of their own brethren? Where was his outrage when a black vigilante purposely targeted a white family of four and brutally murdered them for the sport of it? Or does that not count, Mr. President, because you can’t exploit it for political gain and refuse to address the real source of racial strife and urban poverty needed to assuage the suffering of millions of people, not to mention a culture of hate, through truthful and competent leadership?

No, America doesn’t have a gun problem; it’s suffering from a crisis of character epidemic – an erosion of our most fundamental morals and a glaring lack of respect for authority, for one another and for the gift of life itself. This decay of decency emanates in the Oval Office, resides in our educational and media epicenters, and has infiltrated the streets of our communities like an unquenchable thirst. If the deaths of 9 people in Charleston was an unspeakable tragedy, and it most certainly was, why does Obama lament them as God-fearing Christians when the left has spent 6 years demonizing and stereotyping Christians as white, hateful relics of extremism because we refuse to morally embrace homosexuality, gay marriage and abortion; those exact same issues a majority of black Christians also oppose?

Naturally such bigoted inference begs the real question: why should race even matter? Isn’t a Christian a Christian, and the murder of one, or anyone for that matter, a national tragedy regardless of the weapon used or the color of the victim’s beliefs? Is a white cop killing a black man any more tragic than a white cop killing a white kid, whether unintentional or not? Sadly that depends on whether you’re more concerned with political manipulation, fanning the flames of racial discontent to deflect from your own failures and prejudice, instead of quelling the fears and fallacies of a nation divided solely to war with itself.

If all law-abiding, white gun owners must answer for the brutal act of a twisted individual – as the media is so myopically suggesting – will all of Islam answer for 9/11 or the Fort Hood attack? Will every innocent, black male be held responsible for the unprovoked murder of a New York police officer at pointblank range? Will Al Sharpton answer for the other 8991 African Americans slain every year because he only appears after a tragedy, seeking fame and fortune, rather than rehabilitating and educating urban communities in hopes of actively avoiding future bloodshed?

Blood may wash off, but ignorance always stains. If America is ever to recover from this endless cycle of distrust and politically driven discord, let alone thrive as a diverse and vibrant nation, we must first identify the true merchants of hate – regardless of race, religion and political affiliation – and condemn these individuals as the true enemies of progress and racial harmony. Making reckless accusations and rash demands at the height of people’s anguish will only cause more death and further dishonor the memory of the fallen. Until “We the People” – those families with morals and an insatiable love of life – come together to break this endless cycle of cynicism and violence, our children’s hopes and dreams will wilt beneath our own failure. May God comfort the victims and their loved ones, and may America find the strength to heal itself one handshake and one heartbeat at a time.


About The Conservative Depot

The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Sir Silence Dogood, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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