Obama Trade: The Fine Print of Treason

Why in the “Hall of our Forefathers” would Republicans, specifically those so easily beguiled by Senator McConnell’s and Speaker Boehner’s undying pledge in 2010 and 2014 to stop an already failed, radical and rogue President, rush to pass a criminal piece of legislation most haven’t read or even had the opportunity to debate its numerous destructive provisions? Have we learned absolutely nothing from the Trojan horse known as Obamacare; a progressive ploy designed solely to usurp liberty, siphon the hard-earned income of working Americans, and ensure mass dependency to a corrupt government that simultaneously blackmails the electorate and threatens the very premise of free speech? With over one-third of all Americans out of the workforce, nearly 50 million on public assistance and a record 18 trillion in debt, T.P.P. is nothing more than a “Help Wanted” advertisement for the foreign assisted suicide of the American economy and the U.S. Constitution.

Not only does Obama Trade tilt the scales of global competition and redistribute the profits of American commerce to impoverished and tyrannical nations – ignoring a 50 billion monthly trade deficit while empowering our sworn enemies with unfettered access to our markets – it gives an already unrepentant propagandist, the President of the United States, broad and unprecedented powers to unilaterally assert his twisted will on the key issues of immigration, foreign workers and aid, product safety and labor protection laws, Climate Change, gun control, taxation, and blanket U.N. autonomy. Since when did the Sons and Daughters of Liberty, i.e., once the most powerful, revered, and prosperous country on Earth, give aspiring dictators a key to the Capitol and a “Get Out Of Jail” free card? Obviously when we stopped giving a damn. If you’re unimpressed now, just wait until liberals control and remove the final cog of resistance: the Supreme Court. The country you once knew, loved, will become an acceptable casualty of judicial activism.

Forget prime time finger pointing and the media’s obvious ascension into madness, this is a solicited act of treason committed by colluding representatives who are deliberately deceiving the public for their own political exploits and financial gain. Do we pay our elected leaders six figure incomes so they can defiantly disobey the law, refuse to read legislation that inevitably threatens our livelihoods and sovereignty, or shamelessly slander those who attempt to hold them accountable…most notably conservative citizens and leaders? Please tell me in what other universe or alternate reality “We the People” can be hired, dare I say applauded, for acting with such reckless disregard and impunity? Yes, let’s honor those public servants who are eagerly content with destroying private enterprise, costing countless Americans their jobs, by giving preference to those ruthless regimes and unethical companies that pay workers cents on the dollar while having the audacity to denounce and threaten America exceptionalism despite demanding the economic spoils of our “flawed” way of life: a once free, robust and industrious society.

Regardless of the political fallout, the time has come to charge and impeach the endlessly conniving and insatiably bitter Barack Hussein Obama – he who is increasingly consumed with achieving his dream of dismantling America brick by brick. Likewise, it is now clearly incumbent upon all Americans to identify and remove those obstinate politicians who refuse to serve this Constitutional republic, common sense, and the nonnegotiable liberties of the populace they swore to protect. Destroying America along economic, religious and racial lines will not sanctimoniously lift impoverished nations to the pinnacle of progress or ensure their lasting survival; nor will it help them appreciate or protect the timeless values that forged the ideological foundation for a vibrant, innovative, responsible, and morally upright American nation. Such ignorant propaganda will merely raise the martyred voices of entitlement, the fists of Marxist rhetoric over the discourse of reason, to the oppression and detriment of all mankind. If defending liberty and toiling for your blessings in life is called greed, inequality, and racism – the long faded shadow of European imperialism – then what do you call endlessly scheming and conspiring to defraud people of their rights and property under a veiled attempt to fundamentally overthrow our founding creed: Hope and pocket change?

Those tyrants who do not unnecessarily brandish fleets of ships and fields of soldiers to wage their unholy war but merely require a pen and a forked tongue to mislead the masses under the false flag of the “common good”, or more succinctly the bribed allegiances to a lie named Communism, tend to be the most nefarious and the most easily misconstrued in human history; until, that is, there’s nothing left to do except to bury the victims and resurrect the truth. The question is…exactly when will the sheer depths of their deception, the inevitable fall of our foolish denial, finally reveal America’s epitaph is being zealously engraved by her conspiring enemies: both foreign and domestic? Perhaps we’ll graciously allow them to eulogize our forsaken duties as Americans as well.


About The Conservative Depot

The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Sir Silence Dogood, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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