Of Mice and Men

Nothing speaks more to the blatant ignorance of liberalism than to hear radical leftists belittle our country and military on a national day of mourning and remembrance. Believe it or not, most conservatives despise war – view its necessity as an absolute last resort – for we too have fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, sons and daughters. By that same token, right-minded Americans simply refuse to bury their heads in the sand and pretend evil does not exist in order to magically appease our innate desire for global harmony. Whether a Christian is beheaded in Syria or your neighbor is shot in his own backyard, how does that change the nature of the crime or excuse the absence of your concern; of our humanity? It’s no different than watching a rape across the street and doing nothing in the name of fostering “peace”. The politics of the aggressor or the nationality of the victim is irrelevant for that which you condone, the nature of the injustice, will undoubtedly serve as the instrument of your own demise. In the game of life there are no time outs; merely regrets and repercussions.

Were the Vietnam and Korean Wars avoidable? Sure, that is, if you believe “avoidable” is a stagnant term without tangible borders or dates. Those same “invisible” Communists our fathers warned us about and fought against have incredulously infiltrated the highest levels of our government, the White House, and now conveniently serve as the ideological basis for the Democratic platform; in a country predicated upon individual liberty, no less. And those same Marxist “ghosts” whom liberals deride as figments of Right Wing paranoia are currently responsible for countless deaths and human rights abuses in China, North Korea and Cuba. Joseph McCarthy may have been zealously misguided in his tactics and criminal overreach, but not in his suspicions. Ignoring evil doesn’t eradicate its wrath, pardon your indifference or even necessarily save lives; it merely allows you the luxury of pretending everyone basks in the same light of free will as you raise the anarchist fist of history revisionism without spilling your Mocha Grande.

Was Operation Iraqi Freedom an unnecessary and murderous campaign? Absolutely, that is, if you think it’s morally reprehensible – an unwarranted risk – to depose a ruthless dictator who gassed 5,000 Kurds (nearly double the victims of 9/11), denied his people universal rights, indiscriminately launched Scud missiles into the Jewish populace, and watched as his Republican Guard raped Kuwait and threw babies from incubators or hospital patients out of high rise windows. Do such atrocities require raising the trophy of WMD’s – spiking the football – or do the heinous actions of a sadistic leader speak for themselves? I guess that depends if you call nerve gas a weapon of mass destruction or if your wife and child are the ones found lying in a rotting, deathly embrace. No, I do not equate “murder” to killing those soldiers and radical Islamists who defended a tyrant in the name of a blood thirsty and subhuman cult. I believe the correct term is called liberation. Our greatest failure, or miscalculation if you will, was naively believing the Iraqi people would fight for their liberties and that the U.N. – acting out or pragmatism, not spite – would oversee the transition to a free and democratic government. When fear and distrust are engrained for millenniums on end, so must your resolve. Our end game, not our intent or justification, was ill conceived.

The question isn’t so much who we were fighting in the jungles of Vietnam or across the barren desserts of Iraq; it was the fundamental principle of what America was fighting for: liberty, dignity, justice, hope. To recuse yourself as a member of the human race, to ignore the suffering of others as you sit high on your ideological perch, doesn’t make you “righteous” or even remotely an instrument of peace. It makes you an accessory to a crime; nothing more, nothing less. If anti-war progressives actually did more to preemptively confront and denounce evil rather than to absolve or enable the most insidious threats against America – Marxism and ISIS – than our military, those brave men and women they so eagerly defame and degrade without remorse, wouldn’t have to consistently put their lives on the line, the welfare of their families, to protect the rights of an ignorant minority who are so intent on spewing such hateful propaganda. “History, it seems, is not without a sense of irony!”


About The Conservative Depot

The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Sir Silence Dogood, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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