The Color of Hate

Will someone please inform our so-called President it’s not 1860 and that neither him or Michelle Obama have ever been slaves. Even at the height of slavery during the Antebellum period, less than 2% of the population owned slaves; which by the way, included black Americans among their infamous ranks. This of course is omitting the trivial facts African tribes sold their brethren into bondage for everyday trinkets and that nearly 400,000 white men died to procure their freedom. In fact, of the 12.5 million slaves originating from Africa, roughly 388,000 were transported to America while 4.8 million were imported by Portugal to largely toil in Brazilian gold mines. Yes, Brazil! I’m also guessing our myopic pastor of prejudice forgot that the KKK was specifically forged as the terrorist arm of the Democratic Party, to dissuade blacks from voting, and that more Republicans voted for every civil rights bill, from the Emancipation Proclamation to the Civil Rights Act of 1964; a historic piece of legislation Al Gore Sr. voted against long after Dwight Eisenhower – an old, white, conservative Army brat – desegregated the military. Apropos, it was the Constitution, and not the flawed practices of any time period or the modern day propaganda of a political party, that provided the blueprint to overcome society’s most daunting challenges and glaring justices.

Instead of dividing America with endless race-baiting, history revisionism and victimization propaganda to further his failed and radical politics – inciting a war on police while ignoring the disproportionate levels of black crime, violence and absentee parents – perhaps Mr. Obama would be better served by devoting his time and efforts to addressing the 94 million Americans out of the workforce, the 19.5 trillion accrued in national debt, the skyrocketing rates of insurance premiums under Obamacare, the current 48 million citizens on welfare, the 50 billion dollar monthly trade disparity, and the countless unvetted illegal immigrants the Department of Homeland Security is smuggling into cities all across America…at his behest and at taxpayer expense. If White Privilege is the modern equivalency of racism, Barack Obama is undoubtedly the progressive pimp of poverty. After all, how many slaves have the keys to the White House, a private jet and an open invitation to every prestigious golf course across this country?

The next time the President and the First Lady feel unappreciated – the supposed racist targets of white, Judeo-Christian scorn – I suggest they travel back in time and shackle themselves to the mast of the Amistad so they can get the best view of their hypocrisy on their journey towards self-anointed martyrdom. Pretending to be a victim to further a political agenda, inciting endless division and discord to deflect blame, has nothing to do with being a leader, let alone a sentient human being. It simply means you’re perfectly content feeding off the immutable pain of those who actually suffered at the hands of real injustice because you’re a racist who still cannot define “liberty” in the year 2016. It means people continue to die over skin color, the sacrificed pawns of your incessant scheming and prodding, because you are so utterly blinded by its galvanizing allure; or more profoundly, its perceived gain. How else could the vile practice of human trafficking currently plaguing Asia, Africa and the Middle East mysteriously evade your sterling moral compass for human suffering? Oh, that’s right, you can’t blame white America which is now the modern day prerequisite for constituting a tragedy. Somehow the historical stigma of evil, a clear and racist indifference for mass servitude, doesn’t translate in the keen minds of today’s social justice warriors.

The key to overcoming discrimination isn’t by denying its existence or pigeonholing one sect of society as the singular embodiment of hate. The answer is realizing that every race, creed and color harbors racist tendencies and that everyone must tirelessly work together to eradicate or disprove these fears. Is racial injustice, regardless of era or circumstance, wrong? Absolutely. Is it justifiable to blame and slander present generations for the transgressions of the past when no living soul has practiced or been victimized by slavery in America for over 150 years?  Absolutely not. I just never imagined America’s first, black President would be the biggest hypocrite of all! Refusing to appreciate and protect the litany of opportunities America affords all people, the very liberties so many were wrongfully denied in the annals of history, makes you nothing less than the proud slave owner of peace, progress, and prosperity. No, you’re not a man or a leader of men in any sense of the word, Mr. President. You’re a bigot, a liar, a fraud, a tool of ignorance, a petulant child, and most of all, the sole product of your own disgrace. And just in case you lost track, that makes you the enemy of truth, justice, and this American Republic.

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The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Sir Silence Dogood, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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