The Dream Decision of SCOTUS

Whereas Gay Marriage has unlocked an inevitable erosion of our societal values and Obamacare has permanently extended the groping hand of big government, the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear a state’s appeal on citizenship verification will likely seal America’s fate. According to the infinite indifference of the Supreme Court, Arizona and Kansas does not have the right to verify whether or not any voter is an actual citizen. Come again? That’s right, you heard correctly! Illegal immigrants can now register to vote without having to show one single shred of proof of citizenship. The same court that ruled in 2014 voter ID is a perfectly valid method of ensuring the integrity of each vote, somehow believes that authenticating the actual citizenship of suspected immigrants – those who cannot legally vote otherwise – is unnecessary and discriminatory.

In what other civilized nation, let alone the nearest sentient universe, are non-citizens allowed to influence the future of a sovereign nation, tip the scales of political power, and essentially overthrow the government of their host countries by unconditionally stuffing the ballot box? It’s idiotic, it’s preposterous, and such nonsense allows America to be toppled by any foreign electorate that has little or no regard for our laws, our heritage, or our nation’s survival. Honestly, who needs citizenship, dare I say amnesty, when any foreign body – regardless of their qualifications, loyalties or intentions – are granted the same innate privileges of natural born or naturalized citizens? So not only is Washington blocking the absolute necessity of enforcing our existing immigration laws, “We the People” can no longer validate the legitimacy of those “bribed” votes that will literally threaten our livelihoods and our God-given rights? Absurd!

Since 2008 the White House has courted, bribed and even transported illegals all across America without one congressional hearing being held or a single alarm sounded by the mainstream media. Not only did our own government break countless statutes by using federal agencies and resources to conspire to undermine the Constitution and our national sovereignty, they misappropriated taxpayer funds by giving millions of immigrants free welfare, healthcare and education. And yet our veterans, those brave souls who risked their lives to serve their country and protect our freedoms, continue to suffer from untimely and incompetent medical care while over 50,000 of their brethren remain homeless. Simply unforgivable.

The injustice of illegal immigration goes far beyond dollar signs and legal nuance; it inevitably threatens the safety and lives of every American. Because misery loves Marxism, waves of medically and criminally unvetted immigrants have reintroduced once eradicated or highly controlled diseases – the mumps, measles and tuberculosis to name but a few – into our communities and public schools, while rarely encountered strains of the polio-like illness Enterovirus-68 have crippled and even killed children. Equally appalling, despite a sharp rise in the number of murder, rape, and pedophilia crimes committed by our illegal population, our own government is helping hardened criminals escape prosecution by having them deported, an act common sense Americans demanded all along, only to have these serial trespassers re-enter our country at a later date. Yes, racism now extends to your unwillingness to be a victim or your irrational insistence on enforcing the law. Just remember to mark “undocumented” the next time you go to jail for unpaid parking tickets. Ignorance is never an excuse!

A sitting U.S. President doesn’t unknowingly leave the back door to his country ajar, no more than he’d allow a complete stranger to rent a room next to his slumbering children. Such malicious actions are calculated and without remorse. Barack Obama’s prime time cry for Amnesty was never about the plight of suffering children – the “bring your own family” humanitarian crisis fabricated to tug on the heartstrings of America – it was from the very inception an orchestrated demographic coup d’etat dedicated to seizing an inexhaustible source of votes for the sole purpose of forging an unbreakable Democratic majority. And now, sadly, that treasonous dream is finally within reach because the Supreme Court – the same activist body that found it of the utmost importance to twice save the socialist leviathan Obamacare and redefine the religious institution of marriage – found it of no immediate consequence to ensure the integrity of our elections; our most sacred duty as patriotic Americans and the crux of our Constitutional Republic.

For years progressives have lied to the American populace, cajoled the judicial system, and muddled a simple issue for no other reason then to usher millions of non-citizens to the voting booth. Likewise, armed with the knowledge propaganda thwarts principle in a low-information society, Democrats have religiously shouted voter oppression and invoked ‘White Privilege’ by claiming minorities were mysteriously barred from partaking in elections for decades because they lacked basic identification; a $15 piece of pertinence required to drive a car, cash a check, buy alcohol, file for welfare, or board a plane. Hmm, I’m guessing the near 20 million undocumented foreigners currently residing in America will now have absolutely no trouble finding their license to register to vote for Hillary in 2016. It’s just too bad congress or the courts never found the necessary votes to arrest and prosecute this administration for abandoning the country they vowed to protect, the rule of law they swore to serve, at every conceivable opportunity. Apparently conspiring to destroy America along racial, economic and religious lines, not resisting the radical schemes of a rogue government, is now considered patriotic and prudent. If 239 years of our proud, transcendent and fabled history has boiled down to an apathetic and ignorant populace allowing an anti-American President to invite our disgruntled neighbors to overthrow our country, displace our founding creed, who in their right mind could possibly complain? The Supreme Court surely isn’t.


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The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Xavier Keough, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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