The Education Emancipation

In my proverbial day, long after the Industrial Revolution but before Kim Kardashian bottomed out the Bell Curve, kids were not coddled nor were they allowed to act like disrespectful, uncouth derelicts in our nation’s classrooms. If students gave teachers attitude or let alone cursed – that vulgarity which is commonly tolerated today – they were immediately sent to the office and admonished without refrain. If you refused to leave, or God forbid continued to be a disruptive force, someone would drag you out by your ear and kick your “suspended” ass to the curb; no second thoughts, no regrets, no parting gifts. It was therefore by no means uncommon for students to be expelled and for the worst troublemakers to be escorted to juvenile detention by police. Yes, once upon a time actions had consequences and rules had teeth. Yet in this day and age of political correctness and serial victimization, schools are ever reluctant to aggressively confront discord or hold students accountable due to fear of reprisal, albeit physical or legal recourse. In fact, some districts categorically refuse to fail students or hold them back a grade for their academic ineptitude and social semantics. The catastrophic result? A compromised learning environment, a greater prevalence of bullying, falling test scores, a degradation of our morals and norms, and a culture that is more concerned with bending over to accommodate the dregs of opportunity – the fragile sensibilities of proud degenerates – than producing generations of enlightened, self-reliant and responsible adults. Trade schools were once used for this very reason: to sift hope from the hopeless.

When I see video after video of unsuspecting students being attacked in our education centers, not to mention teachers – elderly or even female – viciously accosted by the same animals our societal apathy and moral erosion feeds, it literally makes me sick beyond compare. Instead of other concerned onlookers rushing to the aid of those in need, I routinely witness callous excuses of human beings recording brutal assaults with their phones in hopes of it going viral; nothing more, nothing less. How utterly sad and inexcusable! First, why in the hell are adolescents playing with their phones in an institution of learning, and two, when did our laws stop pertaining to the safety of the classroom? No, these occurrences are not entirely new but they have undoubtedly increased in ferocity and frequency. And exactly what have a number of states and school administrators done to meet this rising tide of tyranny? “Sensitivity” training to help out-of-touch adults understand the economic and racial rage of our youth. Brilliant! So it’s not the unapologetic perpetrators who are to blame, but those who attempt to hold them to a standard that may change their lives for the better! Oh, and because comedy loves a good tragedy, a growing list of schools now simply refuse to expel even the worst offenders! Your tax dollars, the future of our sons and daughters, are being bartered to accommodate acceptable ignorance and justifiable violence. Thank God the Department of Justice is fighting to ensure the survival of both!

Why should those students who actually want to learn, those dedicated educators who truly want to teach, suffer beneath a progressive policy that shows little regard for either endeavor? Firing teachers because some students simply refuse to listen is not the answer; helping them reach the struggling kids who actually want to learn is the real challenge. If you fail to work hard or apply yourself, you will likely go without in life. Disregard universal standards of conduct, common sense expectations, and you alone deserve to reap the repercussions. The best way to permanently handicap students, regardless if they are or not, is to convince them they are incapable of achieving more or acting appropriately. Whether addressing education reform or human behavior, you don’t lower the bar to appease envy, excuses, or the debasement of proven societal norms. And you never negotiate with those who have zero respect for their peers or the intrinsic opportunity education affords all Americans. You lay down the rules, enforce them without prejudice, and demand a standard of accountability that will foster generations of well-adjusted youth, rather than enabling an endless refuge of wasted potential. Discipline is not the problem, no more than spanking or expulsion is the enemy, for someone has to be the embodiment of tough love. That, of course, is incumbent upon America’s willingness to project strength instead of weakness; individual excellence over mass cultivated mediocrity.


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The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Sir Silence Dogood, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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