The Fault in Our Hearts

Little surpasses the sheer joy and excitement within the scientific community when discussing the mere possibility of discovering the faintest traces of life – the elemental building blocks of nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon and oxygen – beyond the celestial confines of Earth. Unfortunately for the so-called “evolved” minds of progressive thought, their lust for alien intelligence cannot begin to remotely fathom the unbridled passion a mother feels when cradling her newborn child for the first time; a sentient being she created without having to leave our solar system, the comfort of her home, and without the assistance of a microscope. While the human genome – the miracle of creation – stretches to the moon and back over an astounding 200,000 times, the concern secular science has for our own unborn is almost entirely negligible. Apparently love is not quantifiable in the plastic Petri dish of progress.


Abortion, even in its most glorified state, is nothing more than the death of a human being. Not only was the landmark case of Roe v. Wade a gross misinterpretation of the law, Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe) herself still publicly laments being the naïve pawn of soulless and scheming progressives. Since 1973 abortion has accounted for over 60 million deaths; a sum 10 times greater than that of the Jewish Holocaust. Planned Parenthood – the ‘oxymoronic’ embodiment of compassionate and responsible parenting – kills more black babies in one week than the 3,446 lynched by the KKK in almost one century. Likewise, despite the fact African Americans only encompass 13% of the total population, roughly 450,000 black lives are aborted each year; that’s 435,000 more deaths than all homicides in America annually, or approximately 50 times greater than all U.S. war casualties combined. It’s hard to proclaim any life matters, or that you unconditionally support the rights of women, gays, or minorities, when your backwards agenda and soulless pride refuses to acknowledge their most universal and natural right: the right to be born.


Any reasonable or even mildly empathetic individual would view these horrific statistics as a stain on humanity and a wake-up call to decisive action. Whereas researchers claim fetuses can feel pain as early as 5 months, the same can’t be said for militant activists – those shamelessly soliciting and lauding abortion as a celebratory rite of passage – who are now demanding to legalize all late-term and even post-birth abortions. Correct me if I’m wrong, but once a baby is born it’s a living, breathing human being endowed with certain inalienable rights according to law…including the right to life? After all, wasn’t this contention the very basis for the original abortionist argument; if a baby is not born, surviving independently outside the womb, it’s “technically” not a human life worthy of equal protection under the law?


As the proud torchbearer of bad news for the sadistic left, human conception, regardless of its gestational status, refers to the creation and presence of life. Otherwise, why would you have to “abort” or kill “it”? A newborn isn’t some disposable piece of property you toss in the garbage because you have buyer’s remorse, possess a sweet social life or feel the baby’s aesthetics don’t quite match your keen fashion sense. If that’s the case, please tell me the difference between abortion and killing your 5 year-old son because you’re tired of his financial baggage? Or, perhaps, it’s only a miscarriage of justice when someone is charged for murdering a pregnant woman’s unborn child against her will. “Choice” begins long before conception and one’s right to life should never be dependent upon another person’s refusal to honor it.


Not surprisingly, the same offended “humanitarians” who oppose the death penalty for convicted murderers and routinely denounce the killing of Islamic terrorists find it perfectly acceptable to murder their own child due to some twisted sense of devotion to the feminist concept of “choice”. When it comes to procreation – affecting a life other than your own – choice is the decision by two consenting individuals to accept the inherent responsibilities and ramifications of having sex. If you can’t deal with the consequences, both expected and unforeseen, read a book until you become mature enough to play both doctor and parent!


Birth control isn’t the capitalist brain child of virgin Right Wingers declaring an invisible war on women; stupidity, like Sandra Fluke, accomplishes that all by itself. If you can afford that $5 morning fix from Starbucks or buy the hottest new X-Box release, you sure as hell can take responsibility for your actions and seize control of your future. If you can afford and possess the self-awareness necessary to obtain an abortion, you most certainly can buy a box of condoms or arrange prescribed birth control. Or, if you dare, simply “choose” to visit your local health department where both are typically free, affordable and/or readily available. Irresponsibility, like ignorance, does not recover the nonrefundable value of a beating heart.

When the convenient excuses of money, conspiracy and mental illness are exhausted, the last resort is to shamelessly equivocate any opposition to abortion with the abhorrent indignity of sexual assault. Activists routinely exploit the extreme and horrific scenario of rape to justify all abortions, regardless of the circumstances, in order to demonize critics and deflect from the absolute necessity of everyday accountability. No sane human being is suggesting a rape victim is responsible for a violent and unpreventable pregnancy. That’s just callous indifference. Who in their right mind believes a rape victim, or that of unsolicited incest, should be forced to carry a child? Whereas the possibility of adoption or personally raising the offspring from such a traumatizing event would represent the most ideal outcomes, I could not justify forcing a brutalized woman to choose either option against her will. However, considering females of all childbearing ages now have access to the “Morning After” pill without a prescription, there’s no reason to abort an unwanted pregnancy months after an immediately suspected conception. Aborting a fully formed fetus with functional organs is not the the equivalent of stopping a cell from reproducing genetic material before a body is formed. Consequences from ones actions is not the same as being a victim of someone else’s or uncontrollable circumstance. Is having an abortion because the mother’s life is in danger hypocritical, a necessary medical procedure to preserve her life when both cannot be saved, or should self-defense be considered murder?  No matter how much I detest abortion or believe that life begins at conception, there are no perfect scenarios – black and white solutions – when it comes to issues as convoluted as the human condition.

As for the so-called earnest “mistake” excuse – faulty latex, beer goggles or coital time travel – such misfortunes do not pardon us from reality for they always represent an inherent risk. If your tire blows out while driving are you suddenly absolved from the damages that ensue? Of course not. You chose to drive, you put your trust in the vehicle, you alone are responsible. Everything we do in life, intentional or not, has inescapable consequences. Why would sex, the fate of an actual human life, be any different? If exercising your rights requires violating or ending the rights of another, you’re hardly a victim. You’re the ethically abstinent executioner.

Regardless of the victimization narrative peddled by feminists who refuse to be “judged” or invoke reason, I’ve always been of the spiritual and scientific belief that life begins at conception and that it represents by far humanity’s most precious gift. Not only is mankind blessed with the innate ability to comprehend and manipulate its own environment, embrace and protect all forms of life, we embody the potential to reach beyond our planet and unlock discoveries no other Earthly species can. That being said, I find it extremely disconcerting liberals will zealously fight for the survival of a tree, oppose the abuse of animals (as they should), laud the discovery of a single cell organism as irrefutable proof of life in the cosmos, only to remain completely ambivalent, if not physically and ideologically hostile, towards the rights and suffering of our own children. Is there any greater hypocrisy? You don’t have to be a Christian or even believe in God to appreciate the universal connection and indelible beauty of all creation. You merely need to care.

“I’ve noticed everyone who is for abortion has already been born.” ~Ronald Reagan





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