The Obamacare Deception: The Dying Dream of Choice

It’s one thing to shake the hand of a notorious used car salesman; it’s an entirely different matter to provide a false alibi for their insurance scam in the face of their victims. Either John Robert’s bleeding heart kindly suffers liars and thieves, an incurable condition known as liberalism, or his real resume is taped behind Barack Obama’s braille version of the Constitution. As for Justice Kennedy, an ardent dissenter of Obamacare in 2012, I’m guessing he also believes con artists possess the innate right to sell a “Yugo-to-hell” by forcing the people to pay for their Mercedes. What is the purpose of accepting a state’s challenge on the legality of forced subsidies, if you’re only going to validate its false premise by signing off on the disturbing reality your worst fears actually came true?

The not-so-startling admission by Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber that Barack Obama lied to the American people in order to pass his socialist leviathan is but confirmation of what we already knew; it was a Trojan horse for an eventual single-payer healthcare system and a gateway to a national patient database of oversight. Democrats lied through their teeth by proclaiming Obamacare wasn’t a tax; that it was a choice, only to go before the Supreme Court and claim it was a mandatory penalty (tax) the government had the right to enforce under the Interstate Commerce Act. The former President repeatedly reiterated everyone could keep their existing insurance policies, even their preferred doctor, and yet that was another complete fabrication; millions lost both. Democrats argued Obamacare would lower premiums, save Americans $2500 a year, and make the market more competitive. The Affordable Care Act is anything but affordable. Insurance rates have risen by an average of 41% – in some cases by more than 150% – and Washington is expected to announce additional spikes in the coming years. How commendable! Yes, how many jobs have been lost, full-time employees forced to accept part-time jobs and lose their financial independence, due to the inane requirements of Obamacare? No matter what the issue, or the perceived results, one thing is for certain: the “progressive” establishment has deceived, manipulated, and outright lied to the American people at almost every conceivable turn. If I may, who in their right mind would continue to fund such a callous and destructive trail of deception?

Not only is socialist medicine doomed to collapse beneath the collective weight of its own insolvency in a country as populated as America – especially when given so freely to the millions of illegals our government welcomed without reservation – but it destroys the true genesis of quality healthcare: competition. Competition spurs innovation, which increases the quality and efficacy of healthcare, lowers prices through anti-trust regulation, and in turn saves lives. Sadly, saving lives is not in the ‘secular humanist’ vocabulary when Big Government is more concerned with documenting a patient’s political views, whether or not you own a gun, or God forbid identify as a Christian, than alleviating debilitating diseases or curing its citizens of any fatal conditions. Who can even stomach the idea of corrupt legislators like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, those too inconvenienced to read the bill or too busy “getting paid” to give a damn, deciding whether the lives of your parents, spouse or child are worth the financial cost of partisan disloyalty? By merely entertaining the thought of government healthcare, we’re validating and advancing the left’s ideological goal of turning our educational and medical institutions into permanent weapons of ignorance and mass dependence. Who needs second opinions when free will and self-respect are aborted on the operating table of political malpractice?

Unless Death Panels are Life Alert’s new coveted coupon club, Government does nothing as well or as efficient as the private sector. One only needs to witness the horrific treatment of our veterans, those lacking timely and competent healthcare, by apathetic and incompetent bureaucrats. Utterly disgraceful. America’s healthcare system didn’t need to be hijacked by Big Brother as a choreographed charade to ensure mass dependency and leverage our liberty. The American people, those who work and toil for a better life, clamored for common sense reform that honored choice, excellence and affordability; the very anti-thesis of statism. Rather than writing trillion-dollar blank checks each year to a morally bankrupt President, Congress could have achieved lasting change by capping the astronomical prices of emergency and surgical care, increasing the availability of cheaper prescription drugs, assuring better access to international treatment options, and by placing restrictions on “pre-existing conditions” used to deny desperately needed healthcare.

Historically speaking, this endeavor can be accomplished by three distinct approaches; allow a complete government takeover of your personal healthcare, subsidize the increased expenses of doctors and hospitals incurred by reform, or kick the medical community – equipment and supplies manufacturers – in their collective ass to find more economical and ingenuous ways to improve care without sacrificing the quality of their respected practices. Or four, fail to adapt by creatively streamlining your costs and sell snake oil for Uncle Joe (Biden) on the campaign trail of tears. By combining market reforms with the known prevalence of Medicare and Medicaid, programs already designed to subsidize the burden of more indigent Americans, there’s absolutely no reason why Americans cannot demand more from the private sector while relying far less on the gold-plated lemon known as Obamacare.
If the voters of this country need one more reason to overturn Obamacare, stop Amnesty, and restore their Constitutional republic, then they only need to look into their loved one’s eyes during their final hours and solemnly utter these prophetic words: Choice isn’t a revolutionary concept; it’s a dying one.
“Healthcare is not a right; it is a need. How you fulfill this need is your responsibility. If someone willingly donates money or services to meet that need, that is his or her choice. If the Government forcible takes your property to provide for another citizen’s healthcare, that is a crime; a violation of your Constitutional Rights. The Constitution is a limitation on Government, not individual rights. Capitalism is our forefather’s charter for protecting us against excessive Government: also known as socialism.”



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