The Riot Act of Reverse Engineered Racism

There is a stark contrast between civil disobedience – principled defiance which Henry David Thoreau advocated in the face of foolish and intrusive authority – and the manufactured exploits of opportunistic anarchy for the sole purpose of selfish gain. One seeks to spiritually transcend or liberate man from unnecessary and ill-conceived government, the other merely uses misfortune and blind inference as a catalyst to steal, destroy, and incite endless chaos. And this is what happens when millions of Americans are taught to have no respect or regard for God, the rule of law, or their fellow man. This is what happens when a generation of discontented youth roam the streets, have no tangible ambition to better themselves or provide for their families, and solely endeavor to blame society or another race for their life’s misfortunes. When individuals fail to sacrifice and toil for the blessings in their life – the roof over their head or the food on their table – they find it that much easier to steal from the mouth of labor and the handshake of good will. Even worse, they take for granted the very freedoms and unparalleled opportunities few nations can provide, let alone fathom. If you actually require one month in Haiti, Nigeria or Iran to understand you’ve never been a slave and that America is not your enemy, then the sheer depth of your political delusion and self-imposed depravity is as vast as the irreconcilable chasm you call color.

I don’t care if you’re black, white, brown or purple; there is never a justification for pillaging, looting and threatening the lives and livelihoods of the innocent. That’s not justice…it’s theft, barbarism and murder veiled beneath the guise of social equality. Just because you’re fed-up with the system – albeit one or 100 documented cases of excessive force – doesn’t give you the right or a blank check to declare war on America, white cops, or the city whose streets you occupy. There’s a civilized way to question authority in a free country, inspire meaningful change, and it never requires smashing one car or lighting a single match. It merely requires fact, eloquence and peacefully rallying people to engage in open and constructive discourse through the political and legal institutions afforded to all citizens. In other words, how can you demand justice when you personally embody hate and tyranny? How do your obscene and criminal actions give your cause credibility, hold the “suspected” culprits accountable or honor any notion of justice? Believe it or not, there are numerous white, Hispanic, and Asian victims who suffer at the hands of police brutality each and every day; not to mention an endless litany of police officers purposely slain by criminals. But are their families and communities resorting to mindless mayhem and opportunistic anarchy as a means of recourse? Of course not, for such debauchery degrades any sense of higher moral ground and ultimately defeats the refuge of justice you seek. Yes, how can you demand justice when you fail to respect anything or anyone but yourself; when you can summarily deprive others of life and property without the slightest regret or hesitation? Appealing to humanity first requires being a member of the human race.

The Michael Brown and Freddie Gray riots are far less redolent of a systemic racial conspiracy – as media pundits and militant activists would have you believe – than they are representative of a much more vast and insidious movement that is literally destroying America from the inside out. Oh there are racists, bigots and unjust forces in all facets of our society, just as there decent and honest cops dedicated to helping people from all walks of life. However, this self-evident reality becomes a moot point when we as a people, a civilized society, are irrevocably broken from seeing the world for what it is; not as black or white, Republican or Democrat, but as rationale and responsible adults committed to obvious universal precepts. Our very sense of right and wrong, our desire for a vibrant and industrious society, has been fatally compromised by those who thrive on fear and disinformation in lieu of accountability and integrity. The truth is no longer an independent institution defined by objectivity, empirical evidence and critical thought. It has become what the leftist media and our government declares it to be; political Silly Putty that is hopelessly skewed towards a self-serving agenda…an insatiable hatred for traditional, conservative America. There’s a much more infamous term for such destructive and unilateral thinking: it’s called fascism.

The gradual rise and proliferation of liberal fascism has driven God out of our institutions of learning, hijacked core curriculum to vaccinate our youth against common sense, turned the definition of “is” into a valid point of adulterous contention, exonerated record debt and economic failure by espousing dependence, valued the criminality of illegal immigrants over the rights of actual citizens, and turned success into the racist equivalent of envy. As disturbing and incredulous as these developments appear, they’re symptomatic of our greatest cultural decay. The traditional and nuclear family paradigm of Western Civilization – once the epicenter of our values and the embodiment of the American dream – has been sabotaged in the name of gay marriage, malformed to embrace transgendered parents and children, ridiculed by feminists who celebrate abortion over the devotion of stay-at-home moms, and abandoned in favor of the bankrupt teachings of social media and the inherent “shock” value of pop culture. Is it therefore really of any surprise that porn now has more societal appeal than the Bible or that opposing homosexuality, a sin and destructive precedent in the tenets of nearly every major religion, is the new benchmark of bigoted extremism in America? In essence, once one ethical boundary is eclipsed – one bastion of our Judeo-Christian and Constitutional values – what’s to stop the next one from suffering the same fate? Nothing. When the armies of intolerance are manning the gates of freedom, truth is only as relevant as your reverence to their opinion.

Forget that Michael Brown and Freddie Gray possessed rap sheets longer than Pinocchio’s nose or that minorities comprise a majority of the Baltimore Police Department. “Newsworthy” crime is now defined by race, political affiliation and religion; or lack there of. Although every death is a tragedy, including the unnecessary and inexcusable death of Eric Garner, what does it say when the media obscures truth and incites violence, when an elected president’s legacy is riddled with racial hatred, and so-called civil rights activists rarely-if-ever come to the unconditional aid of white, Christian, conservative victims? When grown men and women, supposed enlightened leaders, cannot even admit to or hold themselves accountable for such obvious failures and prejudices, how are they qualified, let alone given a national platform, to perilously affect the lives of innocent Americans and bring an entire nation to the precipice of civil war? The reason why such incessant race-baiting and senseless capitulation faintly exists in Europe is because they refuse to cater to ransomed guilt or those political ploys designed to topple logic with the circus of reverse engineered revolt; individuals are accountable today, not personally responsible for the improprieties of their ancestors. And these are the nations, openly embraced by American liberals, who actually bartered for and brought slaves to the New World.

Whether we like it or not, there will always be future victims of excessive police force, albeit under the flag of a national police force or local law enforcement, and those perpetrators must always be held responsible as individuals. Not everyone is racist and not everyone is guilty. Likewise, rioting, looting and anarchy are never an acceptable means of protesting legal matters or perceived wrongs; especially those instances heightened by racial tension and stereotypes. If you repeatedly remain silent as African Americans gun down one another in droves – the greatest source of transgressions against the black community – it does not automatically become an unspeakable tragedy and a call to arms because a white, Hispanic or Asian suspect is involved. Your race is not your career and your life is not defined by race; not unless you choose to make that myopic distinction. The best way to ensure a culture of hate and instantaneously dissolve over two centuries of racial progressive, paid by those who actually suffered and died under the auspices of injustice and persevered to dream of a better tomorrow for all, is to become the lie that guarantees America will regress into a soulless state of justifiable bloodshed and politically convenient paranoia. Sadly, that’s exactly what the voices of liberal fascism desire: to deflect blame, divide the people, destroy our values, and use any means necessary to silence opposition on the altar of secular subjugation.

If you believe your natural rights, individual liberty, are derived from the wisdom of God and transcend the cultivated walls of hate and ignorance prescribed by Big Government – uncontested statism – then you’re also blessed with the ability to discern truth from fiction and skin color from sadism. Love of life, not immoral opportunism or political manifestations of unscrupulous leaders, is what separates good from evil. Free will is not only a gift; it’s a moral obligation to unite all creation under a banner of hope and progress, rather than to descend mankind into a perpetual state of death, distrust and chaos.

“We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.”


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The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Xavier Keough, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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