The Urban Warfare of Endless Welfare

As a conservative, the supposed heartless epitome of capitalist greed, I’m repeatedly asked if I oppose helping the less fortunate. The truth is, in a nation as advanced and blessed as America, assisting those less fortunate in need is incumbent upon our values, if not our survival. However, the key variable to this entitlement equation is the workable definition of “need”. There are millions of disabled Americans, albeit physically or mentally, who are suffering because they are neither capable of helping themselves or providing for their families. There are also a number of diligent couples and single parents who incessantly labor for a better life but still struggle to put food on the table. Not only do these individuals embody the conceptual crux of “need”, the functional glue of true hope and change, they are worthy of respect, compassion and assistance.

Where I draw the proverbial line of provision is at the doorsteps of those career parasites that endeavor only to work the system; those able-bodied Americans who can work, contribute to the moral and vibrant society, but choose not to due to laziness or a misguided sense of victimization. Such manipulation is not only unworthy of sympathy or assistance of any kind, it personifies the callous culture of entitlement that has absolutely no regard for America, hard-working taxpayers, and most of all, the institution of integrity. Having more kids solely to collect more welfare, when you refuse to provide a proper home for those children you already have, is nothing short of criminal…if not nauseating. It should also be a recognized form of child neglect. Instead of rewarding these fraudulent schemes, allowing politicians and their puppet organizations to openly solicit the public as to how to defraud the system, our government should be indicting these shameless con artists, seeking restitution, and banning the perpetrators from ever receiving public assistance again. After all, if working Americans are convicted for failing to pay their taxes due to insolvency – a lack of money but not earnest intent – why shouldn’t those gainfully unemployed parents who steal from the public’s treasury suffer the same fate?

With roughly 50 million on welfare – a number that has nearly doubled since 2008 – a record 95 million citizens out of the workforce, and a skyrocketing national debt that has surpassed 19.5 trillion, or 100% of our GDP, America is not only teetering on the precipice of economic ruin, it’s suffocating beneath the unsustainable weight of Barack Obama’s entitlement utopia. Common sense will tell you using money as a means to a means – (employment), not as a means to an end (welfare), is the only proven path to prosperity and fiscal responsibility. When breathing is the first order of survival, escaping the confines of leftist ignorance is your first order of business.

The heartbeat of America has always been business: risk, work, reward! Capitalism is the very genesis of our wealth and blessings, the competitive engine of innovation, and its entrepreneurial impetus has provided a quality of life few nations can comprehend. You don’t need to infinitely raise taxes to sustain runaway government or a reliant populace. Texas is proof positive an environment conducive to commercial success will naturally yield both higher profits and increased tax revenues. However, this unmitigated truth requires two nonnegotiable necessities; an ever diverse and robust job market, and skilled workers with an insatiable work ethic. Rather than indoctrinating an industrious and self-sufficient workforce, watering the roots of responsibility, Washington is feeding the masses of cultivated dependence, enabling the stale excuses of envy, by stealing bread from the mouth of honest labor. America cannot survive, let alone thrive, if the senseless politics of guilt, class and race victimization are allowed to flourish.

Detroit and Baltimore are hardly aberrations of neglect or favoritism. They’re the direct result of a progressive doctrine that breeds poverty, contempt and discord by absolving their respected communities from the inevitable duties we all bear as members of society, but more profoundly, humanity: contributing to a better tomorrow. Attempting to bribe those impoverished Americans who fail to be accountable for their lives, solely to win their voting loyalties, does nothing but foster an enduring legacy of discontentment, ineptitude, and ingratitude. Those who show no concern for the bridge of their economic liberation, the property and livelihoods of others, have no intention of coexisting whatsoever. Why? A moral compass, their supposed innate sense of self-respect, should have motivated these individuals to act on their own behalf and that of their “decaying” communities in the first place! The best way to break the bonds of indigence is to realize welfare was only intended as a temporary reprieve, a crutch to restore personal balance, for prolonged usage merely ensures poverty and the apathetic expectations plaguing subsequent generations. No, welfare reform isn’t a racial ruse; for Americans of all ethnicities have become ensnared by dependency’s false promise of hope. It’s a colorless mentality that rejects the liberal proverb most are predestined to lose the lottery of life, rather than seizing the dignity of escaping the subsidized liquidation of their dreams, or more succinctly, potential.

Whether you’re white or black, a capitalist or a Marxist, don’t expect working class Americans to be emotionally invested in your plight, the systemic ravages of urban poverty, when you don’t give a damn about yourself or anyone else for that matter. And don’t expect those who scratch and claw for the most unceremonious necessities of life to fund your victim complacency campaign. No, there is no shame in needing assistance time to time; most inevitably do and that is the unique blessing of living in a country that boasts the resources and affluence of America. Regardless, such compassion was never intended to imply welfare as a career opportunity or a perceived right without conditions. If you refuse to help yourself – your own children for God sakes – and meet society’s benevolence halfway, you’re only deserving of the depravity you inflict upon yourself. Failing to obtain and keep a job within a year’s time, or dare I say during your entire adult life, isn’t a humanitarian disaster or symptomatic of discrimination in any sense of the word; it’s the inevitable consequence of criminal negligence and serial selfishness.

The fact millions able-bodied Americans are content living off of the taxpayer dime, without remorse or refrain, is insulting and an affront to the premise of America. Couple this injustice with the knowledge scores of Illegal immigrants are receiving benefits – non-citizens, mind you – while thousands of veterans are homeless and lack proper healthcare, and you can finally begin to appreciate the crisis on conscience that is destroying American exceptionalism, private enterprise, and the moral infrastructure of our urban epicenters. The most revered and powerful nation on Earth wasn’t built upon the transcendent merits of handouts, the spoils of guilt or the electoral promises of endless entitlements; it was built by men and women, often destitute and without pity or scorn, who refused to take freedom and opportunity for granted. It was built by those who would do anything to provide for their own flesh and blood beneath the whisper of self-respect. Apparently some truths are best unheard rather than unearned.

“Dependence begets subservience, bribery and corruption, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition.”
~Thomas Jefferson


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The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Sir Silence Dogood, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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