The End of America or the Rise of Reason?

With each passing day I grow increasingly tired of debating anti-American contrarians who refuse to recognize even the most universally espoused truths. It is nearly impossible to engage the left in meaningful discourse, allow voters an earnest opportunity to judge candidates on the merits of their beliefs and record, without Democrats resorting to juvenile grandstanding and the regurgitated accusations of race, gender, and class warfare. When the American flag becomes offensive in the country for which it was commissioned, government transparency requires a coup d’etat, handouts are more celebrated than hard work, and the necessity of protecting our borders and sovereignty requires a new Declaration of Independence, something is seriously amiss. Instead of giving any more credence to the endless schemes and shameless demagoguery of party politics that does nothing to honor the premise of America, I truly believe it may only be matter of time, if not in our best interests, before states agreed to (or peacefully forced) an amicable split; albeit a temporary or long-term separation.

In other words, those states that are irrevocably committed to the common sense principles of our nation’s founding – liberty, God, capitalism, self-reliance, accountability, duty – would band together to construct an independent coalition of conservative states, with or without exiting the geographic domain of the United States, while those entities that sternly believe in secular statism – high taxes, government healthcare, open borders, and an economic and social justice platform – could endeavor to form their own progressive union. States could either After all, in a nation predicated upon freedom, why would any person, group or state want to live under the auspices of a counter-intuitive ideology they inherently despise? Why would you want your hard-earned tax dollars financing the very object of your oppression?

I love my country, by no means want it torn from the very hinges of its historical significance and universal creed, but this endless animosity and deliberate subversion of our way of life is only going to get worse. If common sense cannot shame its detractors into abandoning the errors of their ways, how can “We the People” liberate ourselves from the corrosive fallout of progressive ignorance and blind hatred? When Democrats openly declare their desire to repeal the First and Second Amendment and encourage their ranks to act with reckless impunity to impose their radical agenda, you are no longer dealing with a fringe element; your God-given rights and very livelihood are being threatened by a rogue faction that will not stop until America is fundamentally transformed and you unconditionally capitulate to the power of big government. And yes, realize it is only a matter of time before these unapologetic cultists control all three branches of government under the demographic tidal wave known as illegal immigration and can therefore impose their warped politics at will. Honestly, would you rather wait until your family is hopelessly at the mercy of those divisive anti-American forces of liberal fascism, or would you rather reignite the promise of America – a moral, accountable, industrious and patriotic society – as leftists are left with no other viable alternative, or discernible conclusion, than to consume and blame one another for their crumbling culture of decadence, depravity and social discord? If you have to fight tooth and nail to convince your fellow citizens to honor individual liberty, the Constitutional ideals that forged the most prosperous and revered nation on Earth, are you really in America anymore? Hardly.

Whether people embrace my analogy as astute or mock my predictions as excessively dire, such conjecture cannot change one inescapable reality: this nation is irreconcilably split and that caustic relationship grows exponentially worse every day. What is the purpose of arguing without resolve, wasting precious resources, when it neither solves our most pressing issues or fosters unity? What is purpose of our Judicial system, the legislative framework of justice, when federal judges give greater deference to their most skewed political misconceptions in lieu of the most stringent statute? The left no longer engages in open and earnest dialogue to craft the most effective legislation to best serve the people and the rule of law; they plot, cajole, misinform and incite division until they can unilaterally ram their progressive policies down the throats of an apathetic and ignorant populace. Liberals do not care about the America we unequivocally love and will gladly die to defend; they seek only the uncontested power to control others and usurp the fruits of our labors. The architects of entitlement know their socialist utopia cannot survive in a country as vast as ours without stealing the profits of private industry and the accrued wealth of White Collar America; and even then it’s destined to collapse beneath the weight of its own dependency. Truly, what could possibly be more offensive to our way of life, our forefathers’ struggle for economic independence and self government? If “We the People” cannot drive out or discredit those Marxist influences and tactics that stand in direct contrast to American’s founding premise, then we must act to preserve what over two centuries of our countrymen and women sacrificed to procure and to protect: our home.


About The Conservative Depot

The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Sir Silence Dogood, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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