Nominee or Not, America Needs Marco Rubio

It may be entirely too convenient for some conservatives to discredit Marco Rubio, I understand the palpable concern, but also I see the epitome of the American success story who appreciates the opportunities this nation affords far more than most. As a natural born citizen of Cuban parents who fled a totalitarian regime to reach the solace of our shores, Senator Rubio was not driven by envy or excuses and he did not seek favoritism beneath the banner of social justice; he merely cherished the indelible gift of individual liberty to prosper according to his own gifts. His father was a banquet bartender; his mother a cashier at K-Mart. These are not the shallow sighs of entitlement or nepotism that define “struggle” by dabbing the Paparazzi perspiration off their chauffeured brow. These are the footsteps of everyday people who waded through the depths of true depravity, oppression, and who relished any chance to prosper according to their own labors and ambition; the echoes of an America that once honored hard work and accountability above all else.

To summarily dismiss a self-made man who rose from menial means – from the shadow of Communism to the forefront of our elected institutions – solely because of his conflicting views on the promise that is America, immigration, is both myopic and unfortunate. As someone who embodies the American dream and is immeasurably grateful, Marco is obviously and rightfully conflicted on how to reconcile hope with history. The problem is the scope and intent of immigration today is a far cry from that of his parents. Their generation, like so many before, had no agenda other than to coexist and embrace the ideals America embodied. These political and economic refugees respected our laws and made no demands other than cherishing the privilege of citizenship; that in which they eagerly fulfilled any and all requirements. Tragically, those countless illegal immigrants who currently reside here, as well as the thousands who stream across our border daily, have less and less regard for our sovereignty, survival, or statutes. Rather, this newfound sense of discontent and entitlement is fueled by an endless avalanche of anti-American rhetoric that is religiously outsourced by our liberal leaders to garner allegiance and demonize common sense calls to restore any semblance of border security. A majority of immigrants now believe they are the victims of racism, greed, and that America – not the incompetence and corruption plaguing their native countries – is the true source of their ills. Blame and division has become the equivalent of unity and accountability. Nobody laments this fact more than Marco Rubio.

As a Constitutional Conservative who sternly opposes blanket Amnesty, I freely admit deporting over 10 million illegal aliens is highly unlikely. Is it possible? Theoretically. It is realistic? No. The sheer chaos that would ensue, mob violence and families being torn apart across television screens worldwide, would create a public relations nightmare and put people’s lives at risk. Nobody wants to witness such a spectacle. I believe this was the rationale that originally led Senator Rubio to suggest, albeit temporarily, that a path to citizenship was needed. He, as the child of immigrants, was merely attempting to be thankful and empathetic, whether misguided or not. What he underestimates is that subversive leftists use our compassion against us, fabricating a so-called ethical dilemma, to justify ignoring immigration laws and giving preference to those who represent an inexhaustible source of votes for progressive radicals. Having a good heart, trusting the intent of others, makes you a prime target for deceptive plots.

This being said, I personally believe any lasting reform must begin with a re-commitment to securing our borders and enforcing existing laws. That’s a nonnegotiable given. As for those already here, each and every one must be fully vetted, not for citizenship, rather for any chance to obtain a work visa without being deported; which some inevitably will be. Such an agreement would be under the strict pretenses that those approved individuals would not be eligible for public assistance of any kind – a privilege reserved for actual citizens – they cannot vote, taxes must be paid, and that our government would stop giving businesses tax credits for hiring non-citizens over actual Americans; a treasonous and racist crime of unforgivable proportions.

And what about that tangible path to citizenship? That post-hoc avenue was once reserved for political refugees seeking asylum who did not have any other recourse; i.e., applying for citizenship or a visa before immigrating. It was a spur of the moment decision dictated by life and death and those victims did not simply pour across our borders, with no regard for our law, demanding benefits and preferential treatment because leftist politicians openly encouraged and bribed a foreign electorate to eradicate traditional America. Freedom from tyranny was all they sought. If it’s a path to citizenship illegal immigrants desire, I suggest not deviating from the original one they so carelessly ignored. Or I guess one can simply leave and try again. Life, like regrets, comes with consequences. Yes, there’s a reason why Mexico has stricter immigration laws than America and a number of our countrymen currently reside in their custody: “Illegal” is a crime.

Whether or not Senator Rubio becomes president or even garners the nomination, my hope is that all right-minded Americans will reject the call to ostracize him and instead choose to embrace him for what he is; a devoted father and faithful husband, a leader of impeccable moral character, an unflappable patriot, and a servant of the people who is driven by a love of liberty, God, commerce, the Constitution, and an indelible belief that America is still that same shinning city of a hill whose beacon of hope warmly embraced his parents in their hour of need. Marco Rubio represents one of the few credible bridges – a vibrant example of independence and inspiration – to generations of Americans, minority or otherwise, who are being systematically brainwashed and usurped by a backwards ideology that cripples their potential, erodes their values and poisons their soul with contempt for the true blessings America represents: opportunity, unity, diversity. We do not need to crawl over the corpses of our colleagues in a self-destructive attempt to reclaim a country that was built upon conservative principles. There are no perfect candidates, let alone human beings, but there still are fearless voices who are irrevocably dedicated to a timeless set of ideals; the right and necessity for man to be free, industrious, and to live a meaningful and moral life. That’s the brother I want standing next to me; that’s the nation I want to call home.

NOTE: I truly hope people appreciate the service of Marco and the bridge he represents. No, he’s not my first choice for president, but I respect him for the man he is and the ideals he embodies.


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The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Sir Silence Dogood, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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