The Great Fake Debate: A Carnival of Collusion

The overriding theme of the first GOP debate was both obvious and disgraceful: attack Donald Trump at every opportune moment, drudge up any conceivable inconsistency whenever possible, and offer every candidate the opportunity to dogpile upon his “politically incorrect” campaign. No other candidate received half the scrutiny or questions near the degree of difficulty thrown his way. Although that was to be somewhat expected, I actually think Trump held his own due to some timely zingers – his casual sincerity and sharp wit – and because nearly every viewer was disgusted by the obvious favoritism and lack of professionalism displayed by Fox News. I highly doubt his support or lead will significantly erode from this mockery of supposed political decorum. Furthermore, if the establishment is not careful they will undoubtedly push Mr. Trump into filing for a third party candidacy, negating any candidate’s chances to capture the White House, for which I would not fault him in the least bit after tonight’s shameless ambush. Love him or hate him, without his fearless bravado the GOP would be still playing the progressive shell game with its betrayed voting base.

The Biggest Loser? That’s easy…Fox News. Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace were detestable in their attempt to impersonate Candy Crowley. I don’t watch debates so egotistical moderators can steal the show and wage their sanctimonious wars on those who are actually running for office. Not only did they repeatedly bypass the “too conservative” Ted Cruz, who knocked the few crumbs thrown his way out of the ballpark with his unflinching cerebralism, it was obvious they were in the proverbial tank for Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, and the establishment favorite, Jeb Bush; who by the way, looked hopelessly detached from reality and helplessly naïve. He and Chris Christie seemed horribly out of place amongst this presidential field.

The Winners? Marco Rubio was very persuasive in his responses and came across as an extremely competent leader. However, as much as I truly admire him, sometimes I get the feeling he’s reiterating conservative ideals through the least offensive filter. I really enjoyed the common sense mantra and unabridged intelligence of Dr. Carson who spares no punches when it comes to debunking the mental illness known as liberalism. He undoubtedly strengthened his candidacy and overall affability this evening, as did a resolute Mike Huckabee. Unfortunately I fear Huckabee would be relentlessly demonized as the Christian extremist pastor from Arkansas in today’s secular cesspool of progressivism. Scott Walker was measured and credible – his trademark style as Governor – while I found Rand Paul to be rather plain and unimpressive…except for his takedown of Governor Christie over the NSA and Bill of Rights.

My Favorite Quotes

“There are no politically correct wars!” ~Dr. Ben Carson.

“Everywhere in the world that Hillary Clinton has touched is worse off today.” ~Scott Walker

“You’re living in the world of make-believe…what businesses have you operated, Chris Wallace?” ~Donald Trump

Final Thoughts: Instead of having an open and earnest discussion of the most crucial issues facing America, putting the onus of accountability on the most corrupt, failed and radical administration in our nation’s history, the GOP colluded with Fox News to turn a potential galvanizing moment for 2016 into a juvenile platform for personal vendettas and petty politics. Party shills once again joined the leftist chorus attempting to censor any conservative who dare speaks politically divisive truths, while allowing silly infighting to define the public portrayal of our already fractured wing. If this is going to be the blueprint for every debate hence forth, I will choose to seek my “enlightenment” where it is not synonymous with choreographed entertainment. After the past 6 years I am hardly in the gaming mood.

About The Conservative Depot

The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Xavier Keough, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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