Democratic Socialism & the Mayor of Mudville

When is the last time Bernie Sanders, the Maestro of Malcontent, said anything good or remotely endearing about America? He demonizes our heritage, embraces class warfare, mocks morality and incites the political sham that is Black Lives Matter; those who murder one another with far more regularity and callous indifference than any other race. Anyone who praises Communist Cuba and calls Islam a peaceful religion is disturbingly disconnected, has no appreciation of the opportunities liberty affords and is completely oblivious to the ideals America was founded upon. In other words, Senator Sanders is just like President Obama: he’s but another spiteful, race-baiting, anti-American statist who feeds off of anger, excuses and envy. Because misery loves company, half-baked anecdotes dipped in animosity, forgive me while I pass on the spiked fruitcake of self-pity! The self-proclaimed spokesman of the common people didn’t even earn a steady paycheck until he was 40; no wonder he’s so comfortable giving away other people’s money. Self-reliance, a hard day’s work, means nothing to a man who has never earned his keep. Whining Bernie Sanders is the epitome of the entitled 60’s radical who destroyed the once patriotic party of JFK. Quoting Karl Marx and cursing capitalism is obviously far easier and more fashionable than being a responsible adult who recognizes the most inescapable blessings of American life.

Apparently, one can only ‘Feel the Bern’ of social justice by accepting the assertion liberals need safe spaces from accountability and ‘truth’ is a micro-aggression unless it involves attacking private enterprise, Christianity, White Privilege or the “crazy” idea America became the most revered and transcendent country on Earth due to its once unrivaled work ethic, Judeo-Christian values, and innovative spirit. Yes, please excuse me while I demand a leader who exudes economic competence, fearless optimism, and possesses an unapologetic love for his native country…our God-given, natural born rights. No, America is not perfect, but I have never once claimed to be a victim of anything other than my own choices and the inevitable pitfalls of life. All I ever wanted from my elected government was to protect my rights, to provide transparency in all its dealings, and to uphold the Constitution as it is written…nothing more. Likewise, I never once thought I was owed anything or that ‘my share’ was a ‘free share’; especially unearned benefits redistributed at the expense of my neighbor or those more fortunate; i.e., those who also have inalienable rights. “Greedy” corporations and wealthy individuals account for roughly 70% of all taxes annually while 45% of Americans paid no income tax at all last year. Now who’s confused about ‘fair share’? Bernie Sanders isn’t leading a revolution in any sense of the word. He’s simply pledging to finish what Barack Obama started: destroying America’s economic independence and vitality. And that’s the perfect job for someone who lived off the state and his parents for half of his “unfair” life.

Sorry to disappoint the dregs of Democratic Socialism, but I honestly love my life, no matter how pedestrian or uneventful it may seem. Why? Because I’m free to pursue the life of my choosing and there are literally countless paths to success and personal contentment. I don’t need to be a rock star, celebrity activist or a multi-millionaire athlete to validate my self-worth. In America, you can either complain endlessly about how unfair life is, blame your perceived enemy for your failures and shortcomings, or you can get your ass off the couch, cancel your ‘woe is me’ lifetime subscription, and do everything in your power to succeed; only one has a future. If I wanted a Socialist to dictate every aspect of my life, to tell me how to think and what I can’t achieve without big brother, I’d move to Europe and pretend government has no real agenda other than taking our money and silencing dissent for the ‘common good’. But then again, I’m an American. I don’t ransom liberty or exploit the natural inequalities of achievement. I fear the ignorant masses voting for a disgruntled parasite inviting me to dinner.




About The Conservative Depot

The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Sir Silence Dogood, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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