The Shark, the Donald, and the Shipwreck of American Exceptionalism

Growing up in the Heartland as a young teenager who was captivated by the steadfast convictions and eloquence of one Ronald Wilson Reagan, his contagious brand of Christian conservatism, I freely admit to identifying with Ted Cruz and Ben Carson far more than any other candidate. Yet, unlike the rabid left or some disgruntled conservatives, I’m not dumbfounded or discouraged by the phenomenon that is Donald Trump; nor do I detest his “unconventional” popularity simply because my preferred choices will inevitably fail to secure the nomination. Sometimes that which we do not necessary covet, or entirely understand, leads us to heights we could not attain otherwise. It’s hard to make “America Great Again”, spot the “land of the free, home of the brave” in the fading horizon, when your Grand Old Party is selling life insurance from the shipwreck of the status quo.

As someone who takes pride in being self-ware and principled, I don’t need endless memos and researched anecdotes to peel back the layers of pretense to expose the real Donald Trump. I know exactly who the man is; he’s a skilled opportunist, a narcissist and an aspiring luminary who lives for the thrill of the hunt. However, he’s also a closer, a shark, and a shrewd businessman who embodies American exceptionalism: a concept that forged the most powerful and affluent nation in less than two centuries and an ideal liberals have worked tirelessly to eradicate. The most accomplished leaders aren’t always the most cordial, modest or polished – i.e., Stonewall Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, or General Patton – but they’re typically relentless in their field of choice. These alpha assassins are self-driven achievers who make the tough calls when few will, for better or worse, and they will ruthlessly exploit any advantage to achieve their goal. No, I’m not suggesting Donald Trump is a heartless tyrant or a criminal. His random acts of kindness, charitable endeavors and diverse collection of character references are well documented. Rather, historically speaking, he’s one that’s not going to be denied his catch….by anyone. And that scares the hell of modern statists who proudly live by the code, “the end always justifies the means”!

While “The Donald” is routinely crucified for his unscripted remarks and political incorrectness, it’s also his greatest source of strength: raw, unapologetic candor. In essence, Trump fearlessly speaks what many are thinking and his peers are afraid to utter out of fear of backlash: people are pissed off and tired of the endless excuses. Is his demeanor painfully juvenile and counterproductive at times? Absolutely. Is it a deal breaker in the face of the unprecedented level of impropriety waged by the Obama administration? Only if you like garnish. The fact Donald Trump doesn’t tip-toe around media tripwires or pander to the sensitivities of the perpetually offended is what cements his image as a Washington outsider who will take charge from day one. Promising to build a wall because our current President has orchestrated a demographic coup d’etat by allowing millions of criminally and medically unvetted illegals to stream across our borders isn’t racist; especially when you still honor “legal” immigration. It’s a relevant response to a criminal act that threatens the rule of law and the very survival of America. Proposing to stop the influx of all Syrian refuges because their ties to terrorism cannot be properly vetted isn’t Islamophobia; it’s a prudent measure reminiscent of Jimmy Carter’s decision that could potentially save countless lives. When’s the last time political correctness stopped an executive order, Hillary Clinton or an act of terror?

Despite his negatives, I don’t need to be told Donald Trump is not a “true” conservative or an “evangelical” Christian. That much is obvious. Then again, no candidate is unscathed and no resume is without some degree of deficiency or inconsistency. Likewise, I’m not overly concerned about the media labeling him a “Nazi” or racist; that stale epithet which they routinely slander any GOP politician with who threatens their social narrative. What I do know is Mr. Trump just may be the only Republican candidate who can win the presidency in November. His Republican base is literally unbreakable and his appeal to nontraditional voting sects – minorities, disenfranchised Democrats, struggling labor unions, etc – is uncharacteristically tangible. Whether he benefits from sheer name recognition, celebrity status, or his economic prowess, people are drawn to his persona for different reasons. For some, it’s his hard-line stance on immigration and promise to protect the Second Amendment. For others it’s his touted ability to create jobs and fuel prosperity. Either way, the New York native generates a level of voter enthusiasm unmatched by his Republican rivals; the most critical staple of electoral success that eluded both McCain and Romney. You can’t claim to be a champion of the people, a pillar of strength and a catalyst for change, when you refuse to take off the gloves. You can’t win the crowd when you’re tangled in the ropes of trepidation.

If Barack Obama taught us anything it’s that even a candidate with the most questionable credentials and radical beliefs can ascend to the pinnacle of power. After 8 years of unabashed anti-Americanism that was exasperated by the GOP’s endless capitulation to the most destructive agenda in our nation’s history, and all despite conservatives handing Republicans a congressional majority, Mr. Trump has keenly tapped into an erupting chasm of discontent that is not interested in meaningless platitudes, table manners or half-measures. America is more divided and dysfunctional than ever, on the precipice of financial and racial ruin, while public trust in government is at an all-time low. More than ever “hope” is in dire need of a leader, a CEO, a staunch defender of American exceptionalism who will grab the reigns of accountability and restore order in a raging sea of discord. Truly, there is no moral high ground or silent victory when abstaining from voting against the most corrupt and deceitful candidate in American history: Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Before any of my fellow Americans pledge to stay home in November, or God forbid choose a third-party novelty that cannot win out of myopic spite, perhaps they should entertain the fleeting notion Donald Trump just may be the right candidate at the most opportune time; that insatiable shark willing to stalk his liberal prey, wade through the perilous jetsam of race-baiting and media bias, and capture the White House without fear or hesitation. For if we again lose the presidency and America is forced to endure another 8 years of progressive rule terraforming the Constitution, the Supreme Court and our hallowed way of life, there may be nothing left to save. And when I look into my children’s eyes each and every night, that option is simply unacceptable. Sometimes the end, no matter how difficult to comprehend, justifies the means. Sometimes, just sometimes, you need to bring a billion dollar sledgehammer to a government house warming party, or more succinctly, a Marxist pawn shop.



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The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Sir Silence Dogood, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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6 Responses to The Shark, the Donald, and the Shipwreck of American Exceptionalism

  1. Kelly says:

    Great article. I wish I could be as optimistic about The Don as you are. Maybe if I read this every day until the election, I’ll be able to vote for Chump (holding my nose, of course) should he get the nomination.

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  2. I am a registered independent and have been since the lunatics took the Democrat Party from Reagan and I. I was a huge Reagan supporter and almost became a Republican because of him. I was one of the Perot rebels that tried to get the GOP to stop always nominating RINOs but it didnt work. I voted for Sarah not McCain. But each time they kept putting up another RINO as the candidate and I would hold my nose and vote for them because I have a never ending hatred of the liberals for what they did to my Party that I had loved so much. Trump has my attention. I feel like its almost like it was with Reagan. I know a lot of Reagan Democrats and other independents who are also excited about him. I’m sorry but he is the ONLY GOP candidate that can pull together the kind of coalition of voters like Reagan did. If anyone else becomes the nominee the coalition will collapse. No one else inspires me. Besides I am still not sold on whether Cruz is eligible and I know Rubio isnt. Whats the GOP trying to do – validate Obama’s Presidency by running candidates who are not eligible either??

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    • Thank you, Philip and great insight. My father voted for both JFK and Ronald Reagan. Not only did he openly state they were very similar – eloquent, patriotic, religious, and they both embraced lower taxes, self-reliance, and hard work – but they had the rare ability to captivate people on both sides of the aisle. They empowered and inspired without resorting to inciting anger and hatred among the masses. After Kennedy, the Democratic party began a gradual decent into secular statism, anti-Americanism and race/class warfare. Sadly, once Barack Obama was elected, despite his litany of radical beliefs, associates and eligibility issues, the Party of JFK died as they’ve chosen to abandon nearly every ideal America was founded upon. Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like it in my life and the fact more and more of our youth have no appreciation of liberty and are comfortable with silencing free speech and giving government – the most inept and corrupt institution in America – more control over their daily lives is simply insane and a complete failing of our educational system. It may be a cliche, but if you are ignorant to pitfalls of history, you’re doomed to repeat it. As for Cruz and Rubio I’m torn. I respect both, believe Cruz is much more of a conservative and less of an establishment shill than Rubio, but the anchor baby loophole opens up a whole other can of worms. Either way, I do not believe this nation can survive another 8 years of victimization politics, endless entitlements, and shameless propaganda. It’s pretty sad when the Constitution becomes a doormat to unilateralism and the truth a casualty of progress. I know Donald Trump has faults and detractors, but the fact he speaks his mind without refrain or regret, calls a spade a spade, is refreshing. More than ever America needs someone who will stop apologizing for being patriotic, successful or even white, and give these sniveling activists demanding safe spaces, censorship and a free lunch a kick in the ass. I believe his rise in popularity has occurred exactly at the right time and I have no problem voting for him.

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      • Michelle H says:

        I agree. Ben Carson was the only GOP I was rooting for. I never could truly feel good about Cruis. I just felt like there was No way he would win the General Election and I didn’t feel he was the right choice to start our country on the path to unite. There were many things I liked and admired about him, but… Like I said I don’t think he could win. As much as I will definitely pray he does right by our country and loves our country. I will be voting for Trump and praying he will indeed make America great again. God help us if Hillary wins😳🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 and more 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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      • Yep, Michelle…that’s exactly how I feel. Yes, Trump has flaws but he by far has the greatest electoral appeal, mindset, and this election is far too important. The America we love will not survive 8 years under Hillary after two terms of Obama.


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