The Spilled Milk of #NeverTrump

As the weeping wounds of defeat are still unbearably fresh and the disappointment of the #NeverTrump faction echoes like an unfulfilled wish on Christmas morning, it is clear their anger is not only misplaced and self-destructive, but their misery is a self-inflicted gunshot from the shadows of denial. From the onset of his mercurial campaign, Donald Trump was exactly who I thought he was: a boisterous, unapologetic, politically incorrect executive who instinctively capitalized upon the ever-growing jetsam of GOP betray. If “We the disgruntled” remember correctly, it was the GOP, not Donald Trump, who broke countless campaign promises despite being handed two historic victories by conservatives in 2010 and 2014. Their endless litany of lies and capitulation to the divisive Obama agenda forged the very political fissure very from which Trump’s nationalistic bravado sprung and resonated without match. In other words, the man simply navigated the political currents, spoke his mind and seized the moment. Senators Cruz and Rubio, whom I have respected for years and will continue to support despite the recent bloodbath, doomed their candidacies by failing to confront Trump’s popularity much earlier in the process. If they acted sooner, I would likely be touting their prospects today. However, by the time they  aggressively confronted both his persona and politics, it was far too late and the primal mudslinging ensued; a game that was ill-suited and detrimental to their carefully crafted statures and an arena in which their nemesis resided and comfortably thrived.

American politics is no longer a platform for honest discourse of competing philosophies designed to judge candidates solely on the merits of their ideas and records. If so, Hillary would be in prison, illegal immigrants wouldn’t be given more aid and deference than actual citizens, BLM activists would protest the moral decay of their own neighborhoods, and bathrooms wouldn’t require boycotts of common sense. Our political system has morphed into a media-manipulated, special interest fiasco that shamelessly preys on their fears and ignorance of low information voters; those who now constitute a majority of American populace. Whereas modern Democrats will do anything to win an election, their once respectable intentions hijacked by anti-American extremists who believe the end justifies the means, recent Republicans have tried to take the high road, relying on the integrity of the process and their opponents only to be successfully demonized as racists, greedy capitalists, and religious bigots. Ergo, enter the shark, Donald Trump. By tapping into a bevy of dissatisfaction from party parties, organic themes like “Make America Great Again”, “Can’t Be Bought”, “Build The Wall” and “Crooked Hillary”, there’s no angle of attack too steep or subject matter too polarizing. In essence, he’s beating the Democratic drum of derision with the skeletons from the left’s own urban warfare of demagoguery. Why, you ask? Stigma, not standards, is the new flag bearer of mass persuasion.

As a lifelong conservative who is quite cognizant of our founding charter and the gravity of issues at hand, I never once misrepresented or felt duped by Donald Trump’s campaign. I never categorized him as a “textbook” conservative, or one at all, and I never suggested he was immune from deceit or contradiction. Why would I? After all, we’re talking about contemporary politics, right? It’s just too bad the same “conservative” whistle-blowers lamenting his false credentials voted for Bush, McCain and Romney in the general election. I guess they forgot to boycott themselves as well. Yes, semantics aside, the billionaire celebrity is better characterized as a shrewd, ambitious opportunist who succeeds by adapting to the environment of his prey. Succinctly put, he is willing to win at all costs by defeating Democrats at their own depraved game; formalities or appearances be damned. And that’s why the media plantation owners on the left fear Trump above all others: no rules, no chains, no surrender, no apologies.

What I do feel insulted by, however, is those #NeverTrump mouthpieces – Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, Charles Krauthammer, National, Review, the Weekly Standard & even the GOP itself – that smugly claim there is little to no discernible difference between a Donald Trump or a Hillary Clinton presidency. Sorry to rain on their scorched earth fertilizer of discontent, but sour grapes are not, nor where they ever been, on the “adult” menu of democracy this November. Unless chicken nuggets are the new Kobe beef, how can any self-proclaimed patriot consciously drown hope with idle scorn while America’s survival is teetering on the precipice of financial, cultural, and ideological ruin after 8 years of unchecked progressivism? If ‘hurt feelings’ are flyers from consequences, or better yet humility, perhaps the guardians of idealism need to launch the #ScrewAmerica movement to put their “principled” actions in the proper context. Crying over spilled milk doesn’t clean up the mess, stop the snowballing socialist hoard with your bitter abstinence, or magically increase your IQ.

For the sake of argument but more so to understand how Trump supporters are supposedly so hopelessly bemused, what “non-conservative” candidate that fully supports “legal” immigration wants to once again make illegal immigration a punishable crime again, secure our borders and cease the resettlement of unvetted Muslim refugees that  was solely designed to stuff the ballot box? My money is on ‘definitely not Hillary’! What presumptive nominee wants to empower the private sector – which hasn’t enjoyed a single annualized GDP of over 3% under our Marxist-in-chief – end the entrepreneurial atrophy of ‘free trade’, lessen the tax burden on struggling families, and restore the precept of American Exceptionalism? Still stumped? Here’s a hint; it’s not the proud collectivist who once uttered, “We’ll take from you for the common good!” And finally, which ‘greedy’ tycoon wants to lower the 19.5 trillion in national debt, which has DOUBLED under Barack Obama despite Washington collecting record tax revenue during his tenure, to avoid yet another credit downgrade and global recession? Hmm, is it the same social justice warrior who wants you to apologize for your ‘White Privilege’, for pursuing higher education or being fiscally responsible by finding a job in lieu of becoming one of the record 48 million on welfare? Only if you’re willing to punish success, reward envy and curse the “unnatural” inequalities of achievement by shouting, “I’m With Her!” Minimum wage and minimal thought is bliss.

Not to dangle the carrot stick of regret, and please forgive my insatiable curiosity, what “unelectable megalomaniac”, the same political charlatan who has collected a record amount of Republican primary votes, has pledged to elect a conservative to the Supreme Court to protect the Second Amendment, stop non-citizens from voting and to ensure our religious liberties? Nope, sorry, wrong again, my friend. Hillary Rodham Clinton wants to prosecute gun manufacturers, equate self-defense to murder, and use Obamacare and Social Security to deny or ransom our Constitutional right to bear arms. And what pandering, fraudulent politician seeks to label conservative viewpoints as hate speech, in a country predicated upon free speech and limited government, despite personally justifying the racist/violent actions of Black Lives Matter, defining feminism by the political affiliation of a body orifice, or by forcing the morally corrosive, counter-intuitive LGBT agenda into our homes, classrooms and communities? Do I really need to bake a cake for posterity sake, inscribed with her legal defense motto of “What difference does it make”, or does the fact she masquerades as a women’s rights advocate who threatened and slandered the victims of her husband’s voracious sexual appetite, somehow make her no worse than Donald Trump: a ‘hateful’ vulture who married an immigrant, donated millions to charity, and has created more jobs than the 30,000 sensitive emails Hillary ‘never’ deleted?

Whether Trump has voiced support for some Democrats, altered his stance on key issues or keenly donated to both sides of the aisle to protect his business interests, is a moot point at this stage of the electoral journey. He is, like it or not, the nominee. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich all had ample opportunity to seize the national narrative, dismantle Trump’s candidacy and to illuminate the unmistakable treasure map of Hillary’s radical roots, treasonous ties, and graveyard of criminal impropriety. Their failure is not Trump’s cross to bear. That proposition is now the sole baggage of those disheartened voters who would rather wallow in self-pity, cast a ceremonial ballot for ‘spite’, rather than fight for the survival of their native country that is literally on life-support. The question is…when did the common regularity of disappointment lead right-minded Americans to become willing spectators as Hillary Clinton pulls the plug on the most transcendent nation in modern human history? Apparently the fate of our 240 year-old republic boils down to abstaining from pulling the lever for an imperfect man – capable, patriotic, flawed and often an uncouth narcissist – instead of voting against a corrupt, anti-American statist that is dedicated to finishing the ‘unalarming’ job Barack Obama started: destroying America along racial, religious and socio-economic lines. There is no moral victory or high ground when abstaining from voting against Hillary. There is only the inevitable aftermath of failing to act in the name of self-preservation.


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