No Mas: A Sanctuary of Stupidity

In honor of defunding sanctuary cities and the soon to be passed Kate’s Law – posthumously named after the young murdered woman whose final words were “Help me, Dad”.

Once upon a time immigrants from all corners of the globe respected America, honored our laws, and appreciated the innate opportunities liberty affords. For well over a century, millions of foreigners filtered through our ports and industrialized epicenters seeking a better life under the auspices of freedom, private enterprise and limited government. Despite enduring much harsher conditions with little to no assistance, they did not smugly demand concessions out of self-pity, degrade their new host with blind hatred or derision, and they did not muddle the simple issue of immigration for personal gain by ignoring the legal requirements of the naturalization process. These impoverished individuals and forsaken families merely thirsted for a chance to become Americans and forge their own destiny with their own two hands: no regrets, no excuses. They were, and many continue to be, the salt of the earth and the heart of American exceptionalism. Now, amidst the modern day zeitgeist of race warfare and wealth redistribution, this new generation of overwhelmingly “illegal” immigrants – Latino and Islamic transplants zealously recruited by our government as part of Obama’s demographic coup d’etat – religiously slanders America, openly pines for her demise, gleefully desecrates our flag and extorts entitlements under the hollow cries of racism. In essence, these usurpers would rather help liberals turn this blessed land into the bankrupt and morally corrupt socialist cesspools they are instinctively fleeing, solely out of spite for America’s heritage and rapid ascendancy, instead of fighting to preserve the founding ideals that keenly molded the most revered, affluent and transcendent nation our ancestors died so desperately seeking.

The dichotomy of these two diametrically opposed eras, in terms of mentality and intent, could not be more evident. If asking those seeking the privileges of citizenship to recognize our national sovereignty and fill out the necessary paperwork to legally immigrate to America is too inconvenient or unreasonable, then please don’t bother completing the necessary forms for welfare, subsidized housing, obtaining a driver’s license, enrolling in school or taking your child to the emergency room. Why should America bear the financial and permanent electoral fallout from obliging the needs of her sworn detractors when those same brash guests have little or no intent of obliging the common courtesy of our immigration laws and functional culture? In other words, don’t disparage the very source of your salvation, the universal formalities of our hospitality, simply because your native country repeatedly failed your brethren without refrain. That doesn’t make the United States racist or an evil, capitalistic empire; it makes your government woefully inept and millions like yourself ignorant to the true source of their incessant ills. Mexico didn’t build a fence to stop Guatemalans from enjoying the spoiled fruits of crime, drugs, pollution and rampant poverty. They did it to preserve the integrity of their borders and their national identity…to discourage and control the influx of illegal immigrants. Apparently “trespassing” still doesn’t require an interpreter with a degree in social justice.

Do Latinos not want REAL jobs and business opportunities so they can afford a respectable home, transportation, quality heath care or to send their kids to college? Of course they do, for Hispanics are some of the most hardworking, family oriented, religious people you’ll ever meet. Well, according to the dregs of socialism, Latinos obviously want nothing more than to work menial jobs the rest of their life and/or to barely scrape by each month on government welfare. What patriotic Americans really want is to create a vibrant private sector – where commerce, jobs and opportunity flourish for all races and creeds – so the American dream can once again become a reality for those who truly want it. Economic freedom has, and always will be, the heartbeat of America. “We the People” of these United States welcome all people who seek safe harbor on our shores, the promise of America our forefathers swore and died to protect. However, in return, we expect all immigrants to have this nation’s best interests at heart and to respect our nonnegotiable need to protect our borders and safeguard our citizens without condition or juvenile threats. If all foreigners respected our immigration laws and the Obama administration actually enforced them, Donald Trump wouldn’t have to introduce the “radical” idea of building a wall to preserve the last vestiges of common sense. How else can a 10 billion dollar solution to a 100 billion dollar annual epidemic be hailed as an unjustifiable expense?

Are everyday Americans tired of the incessant race-baiting and victimization propaganda spread by social justice parasites? Are ‘We the Priviledged” blessed with designated safe houses to escape legal prosecution? No, not even for unpaid parking tickets or drunk driving? Yes, semantics aside, I’m offended by those duplicitous opportunists who have no regard for our intelligence and who refuse to recognize America’s right to self-preservation. I proudly embrace the natural beauty of diversity, the indelible premise that America is a beacon of hope and opportunity for all, but I refuse to abandon the principles of jurisprudence as media puppets pardon treason in the politically correct theater of the absurd. When did our national security – the safety, Constitutional rights and fiscal burden of actual citizens – become a Shakespearean tragedy of celebrated stupidity? More profoundly, when did we so willingly surrender our soul to the sanctuary cities of progressivism that are more outraged over the forced fluidity of transgender bathrooms than a child being raped by a repeatedly deported criminal or a woman murdered by an undocumented fugitive from justice? Obviously the morally bankrupt excuses of political relativism work best when you try not to think for yourself because the end always justifies the means in the lion’s den of impunity; especially when trying to topple your native country with an inexhaustible army of illegal votes.


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The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Xavier Keough, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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