The Paid Puppets of Nazi Propaganda

The building crescendo of organized chaos surrounding Donald Trump’s rallies has very little to do with the man’s actual legacy, and everything to do with destroying his candidacy in the arena of public opinion. After all, if these so–called mouthpieces of public outrage didn’t troll Trump’s events to incite discord with their vile brand of ‘moral’ objectivism, there would be nothing to report in the news. Not only are known radical groups like Moveon. org, Code Pink, La Raza and Black Lives Matter orchestrating these hostile protests – blocking highways, screaming obscenities, assaulting Trump supporters, and damaging private property – they’re financed by skilled social puppeteers like George Soros who invest billions in the art of mass manipulation. In essence, by using these gross spectacles to insinuate waves of distressed Americans are flocking to the streets to defeat evil’s latest persona non grata, the leftist establishment is hoping operation chaos will serve as a future blueprint to dissuade, fatally damage, any future candidate or nonconformist policy that threatens their agenda and media stranglehold on public opinion.

As the progressive thought police collude daily to derail Trump’s campaign, to attempt to convince you he is the modern day reincarnation of Hitler, they’re omitting one minute detail: he openly praises and encourages “legal” immigration, is married to an immigrant, and merely seeks to halt the costly epidemic of illegal immigration; something countless other Presidential candidates have pledged to address for decades and all without their opponents inciting riots, silencing free speech or re-incarnating Nazi propaganda to deflect from reality. As a celebrity entrepreneur and philanthropist who has been in the public eye for over 30 years, Donald Trump has openly contributed to both parties, befriended people from all walks of life and somehow was never publicly labeled as a racist, a Nazi or a xenophobe before announcing his Presidential bid. How ironic. Not only are these assertions blatantly false, recklessly antagonistic, they belittle the memories and suffering of the countless victims who were actually murdered by a deranged, sadistic madman. Now who’s being obtuse and hopelessly paranoid?

If the adage “no human being is illegal” is true as activists love to proclaim, why do we have borders and immigration laws in the first place; those very statues Democrats helped author, pass and have duly existed for over a century? Has federal oversight of immigration not existed since 1891; first through the Treasury, the Department of Justice in 1940, and now via the BCIS? If anyone should be protesting in the streets and threatening a revolution in the name of mass injustice, it’s the citizens of this republic who have become afterthoughts in the progressive war on traditional America.erica. Instead of putting the safety of Americans first, the Obama administration is not only fueling the current flood of illegal immigration – soliciting and transporting thousands of medically and criminally unvetted individuals into our communities – they’re dolling out taxpayer money like candy to bribe dependent foreigners into supporting leftist policies for generations to come.

The appalling fact our government spends more money per illegal immigrant than on actual citizens, even those social security recipients who worked and paid taxes their whole life, is criminal and insulting to say the least. Opposition to this destructive practice has nothing to do with hate, exterminating an entire race of people in the name of a Nazi regime bent on world domination, but everything to do with returning sanity and an ounce of credibility to the halls of our forefathers. If Democrats actually honored our existing laws, recognized the prescribed process of naturalization every civilized nation demands and admitted their socialist schemes are bankrupting this nation both fiscally and ideologically, then Donald Trump wouldn’t have to suggest the “radical” concept of building a wall to stop and confront the even more radical liberal concept of overthrowing America’s sovereignty and electoral balance to achieve a permanent state of political supremacy.

Not to spoil the blissful delusions of Democratic socialists, the contemporary aspirations of the Democratic Party, the term “Nazi” was derived by the National Socialist German Workers’ Party that paved the way for Hitler’s ascendancy and rabid platform. These fascists sought, much like today’s progressives, to control every aspect of the people’s lives through authoritative government under the guise of the country’s best interests: education, religion, commerce, sexuality, gun control, any institution or mechanism that further indoctrinated the masses with their unilateral agenda. (Hence, no mention of individual liberty or limited government) Whereas the Nazis murdered, enslaved and oppressed millions – basically anyone who was not German, healthy or compliant – Donald Trump has never sought to deprive or control anything other stopping our elected government from orchestrating ILLEGAL immigration, enabling radical Islam out of spite of traditional America, and forcing the mass exodus of American companies and jobs to impoverished countries by suffocating private enterprise for the sole purpose of wealth redistribution.

Unless I’m badly mistaken, our current government has threatened the sacred beliefs and liberties of Christian churches, jailed Americans for merely exercising their right to free speech, forced homosexuality and gender identity education into our public schools while removing God for the common good, shot peaceful protestors who opposed the overreach of federal agencies, and left Americans to die in a foreign land out of fear of upsetting Muslim sentiment; yes, those same religious extremists who pledge to destroy Israel and America on a daily basis. And what did Donald Trump do? He’s running for President to return accountability to Washington and America to her abandoned, forsaken citizens. Apparently progressivism has a new definition that goes by a much older name: propaganda. The greatest trick the media ever played was convincing the public “extremism” or “fascism” doesn’t pertain to the left side of the aisle, when in reality it now almost exclusively resides there.remember.png





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The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Xavier Keough, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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