The “Evil” Embodiment of Betrayal


To the Impostor posing as our Commander-in-Chief

Apologizing for America’s “evil” actions that ended a costly war and defeated the ruthless aggression of your once insatiable enemy is like asking forgiveness from the man who murdered your sons; or more profoundly, apologizing for them even being born. And yet, this is exactly what your smug hatred of America did when you apologized to the remnants and descendants of bloodthirsty regime on the very same weekend we memorialize our fallen heroes; many who died defeating said tyranny so you could freely desecrate their memories by displaying such callous and treasonous behavior. It is common knowledge that your ingrained disdain for European colonialism and American Manifest Destiny is your very impetus for weakening and embarrassing this transcendent nation in every conceivable manner. However, despite your juvenile spite and so-called unwavering humanitarianism posing as your political mandate for changing the country you claim to serve, you publicly absolve the imperialistic aftermath of a Pacific power that treated life as an annoyance in its singular desire to expand its borders and natural resources. So much for principles and the people.

If you must know, Mr. President, dropping the bomb saved in upwards of over 500,000 lives from an inevitable mainland assault because Japan made extensive preparations to fight down to the last man, woman & child. Considering the Battle for Okinawa resulted in over 150,000 combined casualties, the amphibious assault required to capture the heart of their homeland would have been undeniably catastrophic for both armies. The fact the Japanese Emperor still refused to surrender after Hiroshima illustrated the degree of their suicidal resolve. And let’s not forget, in a matter of hours Japan murdered over 1,000 Americans while supposedly negotiating in good faith, crippled roughly half of our Pacific fleet and committed horrific atrocities against the Chinese and Filipino peoples. To this day, the Rape of Nanking remains one of the most brutal and egregious assaults in modern history. Civilians (including children) were tortured, raped, and/or beheaded, while entire platoons of soldiers, buried up to their necks, died as their heads were crushed beneath the tracks of slow rolling tanks. Must I even mention the sheer moral depravity and endless human suffering of the Bataan Death March?  Yes, unbeknownst to everyone but the leader of the free world, the Japanese were anything but victims. It’s a shame the same cannot be said about the millions of Americans, past and present, who have been dishonored, threatened, and minimized by your destructive and morally bankrupt agenda that can proudly honor a man in a dress demanding access to the women’s restroom, defend the misogynistic and violent legacy of Islam, but not those who sacrificed everything so “We the People” may live free from the ravages from hateful and hopelessly twisted individuals like yourself. Rather than unconditionally condemning the unforgivable evil perpetrated by the Empire of Japan, memorializing those brave soldiers who died so liberty may live, you chose to pander to your own rancid obsession with fostering American guilt. Mission accomplished.


The American People

Barack Obama during the week of Memorial Day: “We must never repeat this evil again” – referring to America’s bombing of Japan. And yet the President used no such negative labels to describe the countless atrocities committed by the Japanese. With our Commander-in-Chief, it’s always tone, suggestion and subtext to smugly degrade America in every despicable manner possible. Were Bunker Hill, Antietam or Normandy all booked-up, or just not worthy of honoring history in the proper context?



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