“Brexiting” the New World Oligarchy

Oligarchy: (noun) a form of government in which all power is vested in a few persons or in a dominant class or clique; government by the few.

Globalism was never about bringing the fundamental constructs of modern society – responsible government, liberty, commerce, infrastructure and education – to the impoverished, corrupt and war torn corners of the globe. It was, and remains, a veiled coup by radical leftists to diminish the influence, wealth and values of Western Civilization by siphoning our sovereignty and resources in lieu of dysfunctional nations that have failed their people and increasingly harbor anti-American sentiments. Historically speaking, the easiest way to achieve this Orwellian goal is to blanch the lines of distinction and achievement, those benchmarks of economic and military superpowers, by erecting one government under the glittering premise of creating a better world rather than attempting the arduous task of convincing independent and vibrant nations to leverage their rights, security, and somehow willingly consent to their own demise. In other words, lie; because old collectivists, usurping socialists, Islamic supremacists and whining millennials all know what’s best for you and your family. That’s right, mes amis…disregard the royal court of conspiring ideologues pushing a counter-intuitive agenda for personal gain and kindly leave your keys and checkbook on the chopping block of global judgment. Only foreign votes matter.

It is hardly a coincidence that capitalism, Judeo-Christianity, and gun rights have come under fire across the globe; from world leaders to media activism and even the Pope himself…a man who publicly disparages and sacrifices our natural born liberty, our belief in God’s divinity, on the immoral and oppressive altar of statism. It’s also no coincidence that we have basically endured a global recession since 2008 as private enterprise and manufacturing – that which creates individual wealth, jobs and fiscal solvency – is flailing beneath excessive regulation and incessant taxation. The fact both America and much of Europe are suffocating beneath historic debt due to excessive social programs and immigration is but a surefire recipe for economic collapse and the globalists’ primary objective: capitulation to the New World Order due to manufactured mass dependency on centralized government.

The same Barack Obama who once said raising the debt by one cent was patriotic, is now sitting on a 20 trillion deficit – double the accrued debt of all other Presidents combined – while the once most revered and diverse economy in the world has not had an single annualized GDP of 3% in seven consecutive years; the first ignominious distinction since the Great Depression. When you preside over the first two credit downgrades in U.S. history, 7-11“Manager of the Year” is not in your future. If I may, do you actually believe Free Trade was designed to help self-sufficient nations continue to push the world engine of innovation and growth? It was primarily forged to help Latin America, Pacific and other third world nations – those riddled with slave labor, inept governments and nonexistent environmental safeguards – tilt the playing field at the cost of our companies and economic vigor. Whether you call it reparations or affirmative action, the left’s obsession with white imperialism and “capitalist greed” knows no bounds: except when data-mining with their Google glasses, using iPhones to peruse Facebook political algorithms or asking Starbucks’ baristas to improve race relations under the medicinal aroma of a $5 Cup of Joe.

The final lynch pin in procuring the downfall of America, Western Civilization, is through immigration and the political art of distraction. Little has changed in the destitute and war ravaged Middle East in the past 8 years, including the Obama administration’s shadow support for the reemergence and potential clout of one Islamic state, so why the sudden urgency? Western leaders are openly soliciting and transporting obscene numbers of Muslim and Latin immigrants with the overriding intent of diluting the influence, ideals and eventually the electoral clout of traditional citizens; those British and American nationals desperate to preserve the heritage and Constitutional identity of their respected countries. Furthermore, a sizeable faction of these foreigners have little regard for their host countries, the opportunities afforded within, as countless openly disparage and opine for their fall.

How else could a radicalized Muslim of an immigrant family murder 50 homosexuals in Florida only for Washington to blame guns and Republican hate, or a raucous hoard of illegals in California pledge on prime time news to “Make America Mexico Again” – an impoverished, incompetent, crime ridden nation – as the bloodied victims of their unprovoked aggression flee for their lives in the background of liberal indifference? In what alternate reality are European women chastised by their own native government for not assimilating to the Islamic culture of rape, misogyny and assault? And these are the overwhelmingly ungrateful and unvetted “refugees” our tax dollars are enabling at record amounts at the expense of our independence and safety? Yep, because promising to “Make Mexico Great…err Spain Again” would mean more jobs, drinkable water, and fewer El Chapo threats against racist America. For a nation of laws, the American people spend more money per illegal immigrant, or roughly $18,000 for every NWO mercenary, than we do per capita on our own veterans and the average Social Security recipient.

Logically impaired globalists know there is no way to confront the factual outrage of their restless detractors so they resort to hyperbole, slander and the polarizing charges of prejudice to deflect from their indefensible actions. In essence, by fueling animosity and clamoring in the streets to foster some sense of collective anger – labeling their European and American detractors as xenophobes or neo-Nazis – these propagandists attempt to give the illusion they are the voice of the majority when in reality they’re the loudmouth minority victimized by their own reckless stupidity. If respecting one’s desired identity is now the King and Queen of social ‘genderfication’, redefining Mother Nature and reconditioning grade school children to society’s detriment, why is the natural act of being proud of your nationality, the personal desire to preserve your country’s identity and functional integrity, bigoted and hateful? Succinctly put…it’s not.

All are welcome to partake in the innate blessings of our respected homelands, as long as they respect our heritage and laws. Sadly, as the ashes of pragmatism gasp beneath the tidal wave of anti-Western animosity that progressivism incestuously breeds – demonizing Christians, justifying anarchy, and demanding special treatment for bitter belligerents – that proposition is becoming exponentially unrealistic and a gateway to self-assured ruin. Just kindly ask the passive-aggressive, European victims of political correctness how their guests are acclimating to their new “civilized” surroundings. Too bad pillaging and rioting, molestation and mass murder, are now considered the acceptable collateral damage of voiceless, culture terrorists on state assistance: both foreign and domestic.

Make no mistake about it, Globalism, the New World Oligarchy, is a singular campaign bent on forging a genderless, borderless, Godless society – secular souls are easier to conquer and cajole – that will blindly support a handful of progressive demigods bent on destroying the traditional cornerstones of civilization; those ideals that innately threaten their totalitarian ruse. The new CEO’s of few good intentions, the ‘common man’ heirs of the 1% lifestyle, the “armed” rich and famous but never those marauders of the evil “corporate” variety, know it’s much easier to institute mass change when all the pawns, whether in agreement or not, are corralled under one unretractable roof of legislated order. Yes, it’s also equally convenient to punish those who dismiss Global Warming as a natural climatic cycle and who believe eating meat, or God forbid a doughnut, is a personal choice and not murder; a blameless designation now reserved for Islamic terrorists, La Raza militants or BLM thugs.

Naturally, the only way to get people to freely surrender their individual freedoms is to convince them they are sacrificing for the ‘greater good’, a world free from hate, greed and senseless achievement, when in reality their self-respect and the institution of choice, individuality, become embers in a Machiavellian bonfire. Why else would a rational, sentient being consciously abandon their natural born dowry of God’s grace and submit their human dignity for approval to conspiring strangers when “We the People” explicitly believe the limited power of transparent government is derived from the will and consent of a moral, industrious people? Unlimited porn and Pokemon Go? Regardless of any plurality fabricated under false pretenses, any entity that does not defend liberty, demand accountability, foster self-reliance, respect authority and recognize due process, is not only an enemy of humanity but the primary accomplice of an antiquated cult called denial. Why again is the UN tirelessly scheming to disarm “bloodthirsty” Americans, only to turn a blind eye to the rogue stockpiles of weapons terrorizing the Middle East and Africa? Or perhaps a nuclear Iran is more of a threat than 80 million law-abiding gun owners protecting their families? Distraction and division are powerful allies in the War on Reality; especially when grooming an ignorant and apathetic populace.

In theory, erecting one global family where we all get along, are genetically devoid of malevolence, are equally average and humanity equitably divides the earth’s wealth and renewable resources all sounds quite magical and reassuring. Until, that is, you realize someone will always have “more” of everything, ambition sparks innovation and independence, much of the world doesn’t recognize our right to exist or share our most basic ethical norms, leftist academia believes intellectual diversity isn’t as natural or as necessary as social diversity, and the international media shamelessly censors truth, ridicules dissent, to achieve their Orwellian dream of crafting one ring to rule them all. You don’t have to ride shotgun in a renegade truck plowing through helpless pedestrians to realize it’s not the banned weapon of mass distraction killing common sense but a poisonous ideology that destroys the rights, hearts and minds of “homeless” men. And if you’re perfectly fine with Barack Obama, Chancellor Merkel, Raul Castro, Hillary Clinton, or the Saudi King telling you what to eat, think, and how to feel…for their own betterment and twisted agenda…then I’ll hold the “Enter” sign to your own impending demise.

I, on the other hand, will expeditiously “Brexit” any point of order, corrosive creed or ruling class that dismisses “Death to the Infidel”, “Kill Cops”, or “Make America Mexico Again” as the innocuous culture appropriation of imported hostiles, only to deem any native citizens who love their county – those who reject such subversive barbarism and work for their life’s blessings – as racist, national supremacists. There’s a reason why proud Parisians, Germans, Italians and Danish nationals are taking to their streets in droves to protest the New World Order’s demographic coup d’etat and destructive policies. It’s called loving your home, your children’s lives, and honoring those who fought and died to preserve some semblance of liberty and civility. The key to the front door is no longer under the “Welcome” mat. It’s inside an absentee ballot buried at the corner of sovereignty and sanity in the middle of the progressive minefield known as “global-assisted suicide”.







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