Mommy ‘Deplorable’: Hillary’s 1975 Rape Defense


In 1975, as an Arkansas defense attorney, Hillary Clinton attacked the character of a 12 year-old girl who was lured into a car, raped, beaten into a coma and left permanently unable to bear children. She demanded the rape victim take a lie detector test, accused her of fantasizing about being sexually assaulted by an older man and asked the court to strike all physical evidence, which included blood and semen found on the girl’s clothes and her body. Hillary’s client, 41 year-old Thomas Taylor, served only two months in jail. It was later revealed she chuckled about the verdict when touting her successful strategy during an interview. Apparently the word ‘deplorable’ does not begin to do this woman justice; nor does it reclaim the shattered lives and slandered reputations left in the turbulent wake of the Clintons’ illustrious victim shaming campaign. If anyone can still vote for such callous and contemptible individuals in good conscience, then criminality has officially replaced character on the ballot for America’s soul.

Here is a video detailing the case:


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