Prelude to a President

What’s the difference between reality and perception? Well that depends on who is taking your picture or if they’re writing your obituary. Those individuals who have actually met or befriended Donald Trump overwhelmingly share the same opinion of the New York native. That is…he’s a genuine, generous man who embraces and helps people from all walks of life; whether hosting a Royal Saudi diplomat at one of his prestigious hotels, aiding an ill child or thanking an everyday employee working in the shadows of his mailroom. However, because his critics love to highlight his unfiltered bravado, they immediately opt to demonize the messenger, tarnish his name to undermine his message, rather than earnestly debating the merits and validity of his message: i.e., America is being dismantled along economic, racial, and religious lines with little regard for the truth or the rule of law. For more than 30 years, well before the media and the Clinton campaign embarked on an “unbiased” crusade to paint Trump as a hateful xenophobe, he donated to both political parties and was widely praised for his social works, generosity, by celebrities and activists alike; those whose “infamous” ranks include Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Oprah Winfrey, and even the once-proud ‘Confederate’ Clintons themselves.
As the progressive mob conspires daily to derail Trump’s growing popularity – a desperate attempt to convince America he is the modern day reincarnation of Hitler – they’re omitting one minute detail. He openly praises and encourages “legal” immigration, is married to an immigrant, and merely seeks to halt the costly epidemic of illegal immigration; something countless other presidential candidates have pledged to address for decades without their opponents ever inciting riots, silencing free speech or re-incarnating Nazi propaganda to deflect from their own failures. And yet before announcing his Presidential bid, Donald Trump…a global celebrity, entrepreneur and philanthropist…was never labeled a racist, a bigot or a “Nazi. How ironic. Not only are such assertions blatantly false, recklessly antagonistic, they belittle the memories and suffering of the countless victims who were actually murdered by a sadistic madman. Now who’s being callous and obtuse?
Considering “character” was once the crux of presidential worthiness, what’s more relevant in choosing a credible, inspiring leader: someone who lends his time, money and resources to help critically ill children, families of slain cops, and struggling veterans – contributing to numerous legitimate charities – or a career politician who uses her own “charitable” foundation as a presidential slush fund to defraud natural disaster survivors? Because “truth” is now a sexist term, that answer requires a full-time nurse, a liberal debate moderator and a private server. I guess when you’re selling future favors at the State Department and you’re personally knee-deep in Wall Street campaign vouchers, character and integrity are as expendable as the scandalous paper they’re printed on. Cuban cigar, anyone? Duty and conscience free!
If Donald Trump is guilty of anything it is for succeeding in a country predicated upon innovation, making a difference in the vacuum of others’ empty rhetoric and for speaking his mind without endless deception or unnecessary convolution. In my personal experiences, it is not the politically incorrect pragmatist that threatens liberty, security and prosperity, but the seasoned politician who cajoles, conspires and selectively reports the actual state of the union in order to more easily divide and conquer the voting masses. In other words, modern day progressives believe the best way to win a game of electoral chess is by sacrificing their perceived pawns; insulting voters’ intelligence with stale propaganda and endlessly pandering to their state-assisted sense of “victimization”. And all without ever achieving “real” change before the next election! However, when you shed the rusted shackles of blind allegiance and perceive America as a bastion of hope and opportunity, that power to transform one’s life resides in our God-given rights, the free will of every individual, and not the dictated terms of forced dependence and mass conformity. The power of “you” suddenly and rightfully supersedes the unconstitutional authority of the state. I’ll take an unfiltered, successful CEO over a dictator every time.
Regardless of your personal attributes or political beliefs, the sensory overload of this divisive election can be remedied by answering one inescapable question. Do you believe the best way to ensure a prosperous, united and moral America is through an undying love of liberty, a transparent government, personal responsibility, an insatiable worth ethic and a healthy respect for this nation’s blessings…your fellow man? Or do you believe the U.S. is an evil empire where true progress is characterized by teaching our children to despise America, by silencing intellectual diversity in our schools, condemning police but pardoning criminality, glorifying communism at the expense of freedom, declaring discrimination as exclusive but privacy as gender inclusive, labeling Christianity as hate speech while importing Islam, and by claiming that only American borders and immigration laws are racist and unjust? If this stark dichotomy and chilling reality is by any means disturbing, a cultural conundrum, then by all means please allow me to present ‘The Common Sense Case for America’ before that choice may no longer duly exist. The most revealing questions are typically not the ones the mainstream media attempts to answer. The best questions are almost always the ones they refuse to ask.

About The Conservative Depot

The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Sir Silence Dogood, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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