A Letter to the Church of Latter Day Saints…

As a Catholic born and raised in the urban namesake of one Lord Baltimore, I initially believed my upbringing was both ideologically and physically miles apart from the Mormon faith. However, after spending 5 years in Logan, Utah – living among their youth and meeting their elders – I quickly learned that supposition was a poor substitute for reality or personal experience. Not only was I welcome and embraced in lieu of our obvious cultural and religious chasm, without any knowledge or reservations upon my unspoken past, it was obvious they shared in the universal bounty of compassion, generosity and unity without needlessly catering to stereotype, fear or cultivated disdain. In essence, anything I may have done or foolishly misconstrued was inconsequential; for at that moment, immersed in the prevalence of their moral doctrine, I was still worthy of their respect and trust. Why, you ask? Yesterday can not be bartered or changed by unnecessary slight or piety, but the fate of our coexisting future resides in our willingness to harness the transcendent power of personal enlightenment and spiritual guidance. In other words, if you do not stand before your peers and challenge yourself without refrain, what have you truly risked, or dare I say “gained” for the betterment of tomorrow?

It is therefore within this guiding light of atonement and unfulfilled potential, that I respectfully ask, if I may, when did the crass remarks of an unfiltered executive supersede the destructive and soulless policies of a pathological liar? How can those who live and dedicate themselves to the word of God, the testimony of Joseph Smith, bring themselves to support to a woman who supports abortion – the 60 million murdered babies since Roe V. Wade – let alone those babies sold for nothing more than the profitability of their dissected body parts? How can devout Mormons, who seek to embody a virtuous life defined by compassion and altruism, vote for an anti-American, anti-Semitic sycophant who praises Islam – that which denies women basic human rights and condemns all non-believers to death – in lieu of demonizing our Judeo-Christian beliefs; the ideological foundation for this blessed republic and those inalienable rights guaranteed to all of God’s children?

Would we not in essence – by consciously giving credence to an antiquated religion of violent intolerance – be denying Jesus Christ and the Angel Moroni, our very salvation, simply to wage a petty vendetta against Donald Trump; a man who is condemned not for murder, adultery or even the unbridled theft of disaster relief funds, but for “mean” or perverse words. Does the Bible not teach us, above all, to stand vigilant against deceptive tongues – career, unscrupulous politicians like Hillary Clinton – who cajole the souls of men and women with duplicitous ease for personal ambition and subversive wickedness? And yet despite her litany of lies, public abuses and blatant disregard for our most sacred institutions, the survival of America, has she ever apologized or taken accountability far any of her obvious indiscretions? No, she hasn’t…except to sift blame, twist incontrovertible truths and cast slanderous aspersions at the very people she claims to serve; i.e., those expendable pawns sacrificed in the name of a blasphemous, counter-intuitive agenda.

Not only can I assure the LDS community that Mr. Trump has done nothing that rises to the level of callous immorality and sheer recklessness perpetrated by Bill and Hillary Clinton, he has never waged war against America’s founding ideals for personal gain. At least Mr. Trump – in his innate state of exposed imperfection – is not afraid to take responsibility for his actions, no matter how offensive to our sensibilities, or to stand up for the lives and dignity of all Americans; regardless of their disposition or creed. Judgment is not our cross to bear, rather forgiveness is mankind’s duty to share in the name of those who truly seek the serenity and wisdom of God’s compassion.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, blinded by insatiable power and a myopic spite for our heritage, seeks only to honor herself as a destroyer of truth, justice, and Western Civilization; that imperfect temple, like Donald J. Trump, built as a testament to God in the hopes of procuring a moral and industrious society. As a sentient being, a devout Christian, and a father who makes no excuses for the contemptible conversations of men, I have never felt more at ease choosing a presidential candidate. I cannot say the same about understanding the juvenile, misguided vendetta Evan McMullin and Glenn Beck have waged against the one man who quite possibly represents the last chance to save America as it was intended; a beacon of hope and liberty for all mankind. If I may, there is no moral high ground when abstaining from defeating Hillary Clinton and the modern progressive agenda. There is only the inevitable aftermath of jaded misconception that mocks the very faith and charter of the Mormon people.



About The Conservative Depot

The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Sir Silence Dogood, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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