The Sour Grapes of Bitter Protestors & False Allegations

Because the national press has worked so tirelessly to slander Donald Trump day and night, millions of Americans are under the delusion he is the reincarnation of Hitler; a serial womanizer and unparalleled bigot bent on global supremacy. Yet, before announcing his candidacy in June of 2015, he was never labeled hateful, let alone accused of any such scandalous behavior by the media, celebrities or Republicans and Democrats alike. In fact, he was often praised and befriended by the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Oprah Winfrey and even Hillary Clinton herself. And now in the aftermath of the media’s reckless pandering and criminal practices, these obnoxious protestors take to our streets are a perfect example of the inevitable bitter fallout from a growing propaganda state. Yes, this is what happens when a political party knowingly colludes with the “independent” media in a shameless attempt to wage war on the truth and to demonize the same candidate they would have opposed regardless. And for what…to falsely sway public opinion, taint the integrity of our democratic process, and put people’s lives at risk in the name of winning an election? For the sake of posterity and peace, the last vestiges of common sense from which our Republic dangles, let us examine what we already know about some of his accusers…
None of Donald Trump’s “victims” came forward until roughly three weeks before the election.
Nearly all of his accusers, supposedly spanning decades and from all across America, were represented by Gloria Allred; the infamous feminist attorney who took down Herman Cain on mere accusations and the same Democratic operative who lives to politicize any perceived discretion for personal or political gain. Coincidence? Of course not.
Media surrogates and DNC officials put out Craigslist advertisements asking women to come forward and claim they were groped or assaulted by Trump. ABC producers even contacted every contestant from all of Trump’s pageants trying to illicit or bribe stories of impropriety. Many attempts were rebuffed and some publicly by those who chose to speak out. Victoria Hughes, former Miss Teen New Mexico, said Trump was a perfect gentleman and that she spoke out, despite not voting for him, because “she wouldn’t want false allegations made about her or anyone else”. Too much logic for the media?
A former contestant on ‘The Apprentice’, Summer Servos – the same one who claimed Trump made lewd advances – sent a letter to his campaign manager asking if Mr. Trump could visit her restaurant because, and I quote… “We hire a diverse crew and embrace anyone who is honest while working hard. Mr. Trump is cut from the same cloth.” It was also reported Ms. Servos was offered $500,000 by Democratic donors to aid her struggling business.
Jessica Leeds, a reported Trump sexual assault victim, was a former Clinton Foundation secretary and an associate of Hillary Clinton’s. There are pictures of both embracing.
Mindy McGillivray claimed Donald Trump groped her at Mara-Largo during a Ray Charles concert in 2003 while he was engaged to Milania. Unfortunately for her, there was no Ray Charles at Mara-Lago and he wasn’t engaged to Milania until a year later. Mindy McGillivray was, however, arrested for driving drunk with her child in the car.
Former Miss Universe and an aspiring porn actress, Melissa Machado, was angry when Trump referred to her “size” after she knowingly broke the “weight clause” agreement of a lucrative contract she willingly signed. She appeared with Hillary during several campaign stops to address size and gender shaming.
Another accuser who was actually a Porn Star, Jessica Drake, claimed in a televised press conference – one day before her online Adult Toy Store was to launch – she was groped by Donald Trump. She too had no proof or witnesses other than he tears Gloria Allred wiped away before rolling Television cameras.
Katie Johnson, a reported 13 year-old rape victim repeatedly invoked by liberals during the campaign, dropped her case multiple times because she was afraid of perjury charges after the DA said there was no “anecdotal or tangible evidence to her claim. It appeared without merit or sincerity.” Protestors nationwide continue to call her a rape victim.
The picture of Donald Trump hugging a young girl in his limousine was actually that of his own daughter. Yes, fathers never hug or show affection to their children.
If you believe there is smoke where there is fire, well, it’s obvious something stinks to high hell. As civil unrest grows across America, people’s lives and property are being put at risk in the name of a lie. Considering Donald Trump is an international celebrity and billionaire, it’s unfathomable not a single one of these women came forward in the past to, at least attempt, sue for financial compensation. Of course when you have zero tangible evidence or credible witnesses, how could you? These protests are the deliberate result of a smear campaign, are nothing more than political theater. Why, you ask? If Hillary had won the election would these same “concerned citizens” have felt compelled to take to the streets for the welfare of Trump’s supposed victims; at the very least in the name of justice? Of course not. Did they shout from America’s street corners to defend Bill Clinton’s rape victims or mourn the victims of Benghazi? How about the murder or rape victims of illegal immigrants hiding in Sanctuary Cities? Their sterling values and sense of feminist outrage must have been playing video games or Snapchatting that day. The same progressive puppeteers who pulled the strings of “Occupy Wall Street” before the 2012 election and fueled the racial unrest in Ferguson to demonize police, are now mobilizing public opinion against Trump for one calculated reason: to undermine his victory and to forcibly diminish the “change” his policies will inevitably bring. Whether you call it “sour grapes” or Marxist propaganda, it is a reminder that true radicalism not only exists on the left side of the aisle, it almost solely resides there now.
“If you don’t read the newspapers you are uninformed and if you do read them you are misinformed.” ~Mark Twain

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