The Art of the Deal

Donald Trump’s announcement “he” will not pursue charges against Hillary is both deft and pratical. If he openly advocates aggressively prosecuting her from day 1, Obama will surely pardon her; that which the President will probably do regardless, so why prematurely force his partisan hand? Furthermore, Trump has much more pressing issues to address during his first 100 days…those that are much more relevant to revitalizing America and protecting our interests both here and abroad. Never fear, I have little doubt he will personally direct the DOJ & FBI – each soon under new management, mind you – to fully unravel and expose Hillary’s numerous criminal endeavors; if, at the very least, for posterity’s sake.

“If you stop to throw rocks at every passing dog, you’ll never get where you are going.” Winston Churchill

Lastly, many conservatives are asking why Trump has extended an olive branch to outspoken critics like Mitt Romney and Governor Nikki Haley. To make a long story short, keep your friends close but your enemies in your pocket. It’s a classic “Art of War” technique. Confuse, cajole & conquer. He can use their moderate reputations to bridge the gap with those obstinate forces who may not engage in earnest discourse otherwise. Romney is widely viewed as a statesman by his peers and a polished voice of reason capable of diffusing decades of distrust by his demeanor alone. Likewise, Haley’s presence in the United Nations, an anti-American adversary Trump has little regard for anyway, will serve as a “progressive” public relations firewall to their globalist agenda; that which will not cease no matter who is President. If you have to burn the forest down to find what you’re looking for, your chances for longterm success, survival, are often buried beneath the billowing ash of abandoned pragmatism. You can’t win the battle, or the war on truth, by being a martyr of expectation. The element of surprise is often the smiling bastard of intent.

If you believe in the age-old adage “it’s not so much what you say, but how you say it” – or better yet, who says it – then you instinctively realize perception is paramount to effective leadership. When it comes to orchestrating change and wading through the political minefield of regret, it requires patience, foresight, and the ability to find leverage where few seek it…or expect it. In the movies you can spite your perceived enemies, duel with death and fortuitously disregard the pitfalls of imprudence. In real life, you must be both the sword and the pen of persuasion; each equally adept at reaching a meaningful and desired end. As a highly experienced executive who has dealt with a wide array of divisive issues and divergent personalities on nearly every continent, Mr. Trump has spent his lifetime learning and perfecting the art of the deal. It’s hard to criticize dessert when you haven’t even tasted the appetizer. In other words, let the dawn break before dusk engulfs your worst fears.


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The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Sir Silence Dogood, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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