Cuban Dictators & American Communists


How exceedingly twisted and self-destructive has the American political landscape become? To the point of freedom’s fracture and truth’s partisan demise. For months now the media establishment has viciously slandered Trump as a racist, terrorist and xenophobe, only to proudly celebrate centuries of tyranny as its Red army of progressive thinkers characterize Fidel Castro as an unsung hero and visionary! Come again? If I may, when did a communist dictator who oppressed, impoverished and murdered generations of innocent Cubans become a hero; let alone worthy of any discernible praise whatsoever? I’m guessing the countless men, women and children who bravely risked their lives and fled their native homeland in makeshift rafts did so because communism is so utterly benevolent, painfully misunderstood, while the timeless ideals of liberty, limited government and capitalism – the upward mobility of manifest destiny and the transcendent prowess of individuality – are so utterly unjust and discriminatory? Are the civilized requirements of basic sanitation, sufficient food resources, competent health care, higher education and self-sustaining employment opportunities a Right Wing conspiracy or a free pass in the catered newsrooms of six-figure enlightenment? Hmm…how about due process, democracy or the cognitive human condition known as free speech?

Perhaps our professors of humanitarian revisionism have spent too much time spoon-feeding each other Starbucks memos of 60’s academia rather than tasting the sheer depravity of the Ukrainian famine, recreating the horrific imprisonment and torture of Cuba’s most vocal dissidents who vanished from loved ones without a trace, or witnessing China’s mass executions of its disarmed populace under Mao Zedong. Just imagine the “dire” consequences if the collective conscience of media humanists never worked so tirelessly to remind “ignorant” voters that Donald Trump is on equal footing with the most notorious, bloodthirsty villains in modern history. Without “fake news” from “honest hacks” where would true progress ever begin?

It’s physically nauseating, politically cancerous, when so-called educated activists can no longer delineate between hope and hate, poverty and opportunity, freedom and fascism. When I say the leftist establishment despises America’s founding creed, blames us for age-old global inequities and would gladly denounce all political dissent as hate speech to welcome autocratic rule and thus ensure their progressive utopia, this is case-in-point. Sadly, it’s only a matter of time before these subversive radicals brainwashed at the altar of Karl Marx and Howard Zinn have the electoral supremacy to ensure the government has the power to dictate every aspect of your surrendered dignity: what you eat, how to think, your child’s true gender identity, that ambition is greed, Islam is virtuous, abortion ethical, skin color a privilege, accountability racist, exhibitionism empowering, and that sex is inherently sexist.

How else can any rational parent explain, dare I say fathom, as to why nearly half of all millennials are growing up under the delusion Communism is a superior alternative to our nation’s founding and hallowed way of life? The disturbing reality is that we as a nation are openly embracing historical infamy as the propaganda state of cultivated division and justifiable mob violence grows exponentially with each passing day. This election has proven that integrity, if not objectivity and civic duty, is only as relevant as the desired end it serves. Once society empowers corruption as its rightful king, the “means” to alter any inconvenient outcome, truth or obstacle becomes perception’s unquestionable queen.

Communism was never about equally sharing a country’s resources or resolving the inevitability of income inequality. It is, and always has been, about a despot, an elite few, a unilateral ruling party using the political constructs of blame, discord, fear and mass dependency to maintain control over a compliant citizenry. Marxism is an economic ruse, a victimization campaign drive, designed to prey upon the calloused hearts and jaded minds of human misery. Surprised? Proletariat, please! What does defy convention is as to why humanity must experience these brutal lessons every 25, 50 or 100 years in order to realize tyranny’s victims are far more than anecdotes in a condemned textbook, they are a stain on the living sanctity of choice…that which so many today are willing to ransom and take from the mouths of their own children to feed a regurgitated lie.

As for the joyous news of America renewing its resolve to secure a free Cuba, I stand with the Cuban people and their native brethren whom have suffered and died for over half a century – and continue to toil beneath the iron fist of totalitarianism under Raul Castro – while soulless politicians and media pundits who did nothing to assuage the Cuban people’s plight actually have the gall to praise the very political mechanism responsible for such moral atrocities. The world doesn’t need more political prisoners or incestuous decrees legalizing the intolerance of sanctimonious bigots. It needs a champion of free will, not just of flesh and frailty, but an immutable beacon safeguarding everyone’s natural born right to pursue the life of their choosing without the shackled burden of indoctrinated fear and mass conformity. Yes, our forefathers, in all their infinite wisdom but especially amidst the cultural imperfections of their era, knew it was possible to kill a man or vanquish an entire army but that no earthly force can conquer an ideal that stirs the indelible spirit of conviction and answers only to the divine throne of reason. To that ethereal end, liberty for all or may justice be done though the heavens may fall.




About The Conservative Depot

The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Sir Silence Dogood, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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