Carrier and the Capitalist Manifesto: Jobs before Taxes!

“Instead of a damn tax, the company (Carrier) will be rewarded with a damn tax cut. Wow! How’s that for standing up to corporate greed? How’s that for punishing corporations that shut down in the United States and move abroad?” ~Bernie Sanders

Naturally, because Washington is so adept at wasting taxpayers’ money and saving thousands of American jobs would be so utterly selfish and unbearably anti-liberal. And what’s the American corporate tax rate, average hourly wages, compared to Mexico or Asian countries, Bernie? Where are Apple’s production facilities located again? Sorry but you can’t tax a nation into prosperity or create individual upward mobility with a marketplace that recklessly suffocates competition, innovation and economic growth with endless regulation and redistribution. Now we know why the U.S. hasn’t even eclipsed a single annualized GDP of 3% in 8 years under Obama – the first time since the Great Depression; because the brainwashed masses are reminded daily by the progressive establishment private enterprise is evil, that profit or the fruits of one’s labor is greed, as they stand in the Socialist/Marxist welfare lines of institutionalized dependency. The deputized bean counters of Big Brother should be far more triggered by the historically anemic workforce participation level of 62%, the lowest since Jimmy Carter, than the sheer volume of taxes squeezed from corporations and small businesses; those entities that actually create jobs, subsidiary spinoffs and individual wealth. Apparently envy makes a mean bowl of loudmouth soup but a piss poor financial advisor.

Unlike the 1950’s which were dominated by “monolith” corporations – GE, GM, Proctor & Gamble, U.S. Steel – the competition and variation within their respected industries have grown exponentially; both here and abroad. Commercial ventures, whether a local deli or an international Chrysler, will always seek the most sustainable and profitable economic landscape. That’s common sense and human nature. Are you going to pay foreign workers mere cents on the dollar – an exploitative reality exasperated by NAFTA and the now ominous TPP – or are you going to risk foreclosure amidst a phone book of EPA, Obamacare guidelines and domestic duties brought to you by an aspiring socialist dictator that can’t even balance its own checkbook or prosecute those rogue public servants abetting terrorist regimes with billions in illicit aid? Although we’re fully justified in punishing exiting companies with higher tariffs and import restrictions, why not provide those incentives necessary to keeping these quality jobs stateside; the largest consumers market in the world? The more disposable and household income Americans possess, not wasteful Washington bureaucrats, the more profound the ripple effect in all facets of our society: manufacturing, service, technology, healthcare, and education. And yes, the more money people earn and spend, the more taxes our government inadvertently collects without having to unnecessarily raise rates.

Contrary to collectivist campaign slogans, America became the most affluent and transcendent nation on Earth because of commerce, an unrivaled work ethic that valued opportunity and rewarded success, not due to the endless roll call of victimization entitlements promised by the “fair share” propaganda of overpaid politicians. There is a stark difference between needing help during times of misfortune and choosing willful indigence as a career aspiration. Self-reliance is obviously a gateway drug to independence – affording your own home, transportation, education and healthcare – so what’s better than convincing millions of struggling Americans, the evaporating Middle Class, to remain on the federal assistance bandwagon by blaming capitalism, destroying domestic manufacturing and thus ensuring the survival of the left’s “blackmailed benefits” program come election time? Unsustainable debt and decaying communities? Considering our government now outpaces the private sector in new hires and food stamp usage has nearly doubled since 2008, I’d say the only place “Trickle-up Poverty” works is in the deluded minds and utopian textbooks of the same fiscally/morally bankrupt statists who worship Chavez and Castro but magically ignore the incessant suffering of their victims. After all, who really needs a job, liberty or a better life; because the poor surely aren’t hiring…ever! Here’s to corporate tax cuts, but more profoundly to those everyday workers keeping their livelihoods and homes.

“If socialists understood economics they wouldn’t be socialists.” ~F.A. Hayek




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