My Conservative Credo

I believe in the timeless ideals that once made America the last, best hope of mankind.

I believe one’s love of country – its survival, welfare and the privilege of citizenship – supersedes all partisan loyalties.

I believe any form of intrusive or oppressive government that does not serve the rights and will of the people is an enemy of humanity.

I believe “We the People” can accomplish anything when liberty, hard work, responsibility and respect are non-negotiable.

I believe we can reform healthcare, without denying individual liberty and succumbing to the highly cumbersome, ineffective leviathan known as socialized medicine.

I believe we can honor legal immigration, the promise that is America, without abandoning our borders and security solely to stuff the ballot box with an inexhaustible source of illegal votes.

I believe in rewarding ambition and work ethic, the innovative spirit of private enterprise, in lieu of encouraging envy, dependence and culturally convenient excuses.

I believe capitalism, the breathing fire of competition and discovery too often suffocated by the glass ceiling of socialism, is the genesis for our revered way of life and most synonymous with freedom, opportunity, and upward mobility for all Americans regardless of one’s abilities, education or life circumstances.

I believe we can reform entitlement programs, the near 50 million on welfare, without denying those with real struggles and disabilities the necessary assistance to live with dignity.

I believe intellectual diversity is the path to enlightenment, the transcendent blessing of free will, and that Freedom of Speech must never be denied or abridged in our public institutions regardless of our political beliefs or personal differences.

I believe we can embody the fight for equality, fairness, without succumbing to radical feminism, race-baiting, and the regressive stigma of victimization propaganda.

I believe we can protect a child’s right to be born, that a human life is worth far more than the sum of its parts, without denying women and men the “choice” to accept the inherent responsibilities of having sex.

I believe any gender identity conditioning of our youth is child abuse and a desperate attempt to push a LGBT political agenda that represents less than 3% of the population but nonetheless seeks to encourage and normalize gender dysphoria: a recognized psychological disorder with far-reaching consequences.

I believe we can teach our children to respect and properly use guns, to defend our Constitutional right to bear arms, without having to become an unarmed statistic of violent crime.

I believe we can honor God, share his universal wisdom in our schools, without forcing anyone to accept Christianity let alone embrace his existence.

I believe in preserving the sanctity of marriage, a religious institution and biblical covenant in Western society, without tolerating violence, animosity or discrimination against gays by denying equality in the workplace or their right to secular Civil Unions.

I believe we can defend religious liberty, our founders’ indelible belief in the divine source of our natural born rights, without allowing the barbaric and backward tenets of Islamic law to infiltrate our communities.

I believe we can honor our commitment and duty to protect Israel, their right to exist in a sovereign homeland free from hate, without aiding and abetting her sworn enemies of intolerance.

I believe the United States Military is the rock upon which tyranny must break, that lasting peace is best achieved by projecting strength through unwavering resolve, without abandoning our allies, moralizing only select victims of human suffering or failing to meet the everyday needs of our veterans.

And I believe we can hold our elected government accountable for a litany of failures and abuses, rather than enabling “blameless” politicians to destroy America with divisive politics and unending corruption.

These are not radical concepts; they are the ideological bastion of this nation’s founding and the common sense principles progressives have systematically undermined and usurped with their anti-American agenda. The time has come for responsible and competent leaders who genuinely care about this country, her future, and the people to reclaim the reigns of a rogue government and prove that integrity and progress are not just bankrupt promises used to cajole the masses under a deceptive banner of “hope and change”. In other words, with no corrections for political correctness or apologies to globalists, I believe in God, liberty, the Constitution, self-reliance, our brave servicemen and women, capitalism, and limited government. I believe in America!


About The Conservative Depot

The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Xavier Keough, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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