The 10 Most Pervasive Lies about Conservative America

The 10 Most Pervasive Lies about Conservative America

1) Conservatives are racist! Shall I quote the blissful bigotry of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Al Sharpton, or any slew of “socially conscious” crusaders; celebrities included? If I may, which party was founded as the anti-slavery party, ended Jim Crows and spearheaded the legislative movements for citizenship, suffrage and equal rights? Here’s a hint…it doesn’t rhyme with “rat”! Conservatives welcome all races and colors in our quest to defend and preserve America’s founding ideals. Likewise, we unilaterally reject divisive victimization rhetoric used solely to incite animosity along socio-economic lines for political gain. Although racism exist in all facets of America, such hateful attitudes are infectious and only invite future bigotry upon yourself, your peers and your loved ones. Progress is not measured by the number of times race is invoked or celebrated. It is personified by the number of lives liberated from its requirement. Why again would “racist” Republicans support Allen West, Ben Carson, Dinesh D’Souza, Mia Love, Condoleezza Rice and Marco Rubio, let alone spread the transcendent wisdom of Booker T. Washington, Martin Luther King Jr. or Thomas Sowell? Refusing to support a rformer President’s spiteful, anti-American agenda doesn’t make anyone a racist, regardless of their heritage or political affiliation. It makes one increasingly cognizant of the destructive aftermath such deep-seated prejudice inevitably brings.

2) Conservatives are sexist! Naturally, because conservatives don’t have mothers, wives or daughters, nor do they care about their well being. We decry discrimination against either gender, detest violence against women in any form, and support equal rights and pay for all women. Conservatives simply reject the regressive agenda of modern feminism which seeks injustice where none exists – “psychological trauma” inflicted by patriarchal images, the sexism of “mansplaining” or the “rape culture” of “manspreading”, gender identity conditioning of children, free birth control and taxpayer funded abortions, the so-called prosecutable sexual paradox of “yes” means “no” – as a means of degrading the masculine image and traditional role of men in society. This adopted brand of radical activism ensures reverse discrimination by attempting to validate such absurd demands to the detriment of both society and all reasonable, responsible women that desire nothing more than equal opportunity and treatment under the law. Self-respecting women do no want to be coddled, made to feel hopeless and therefore given an emotionally crippled crutch of contempt. Whether pursuing a career of or raising a family full time, they deserve the right to live the life of their choosing without discrimination or the crass exploitation of bitter gender fascists. Parading around in public topless, shouting obscenities and performing vulgar acts doesn’t make you enlightened, let alone noteworthy. It makes you the willing subject of your own stupidity. Empowerment, much like equal rights, doesn’t illicit hatred or reject accountability.

3) Conservatives are Nazi “extremists”! Unless you passed a concentration camp on the way to work, hauled the smelted gold taken from numbered corpses, this is nothing more than media driven hysteria designed to justify progressive policies that are incompatible with our founding ideals, or better yet, common sense. You do realize Adolf Hitler, the infamous leader of the Third Reich, was a rabid German socialist who denounced individuality, capitalism, Christianity, and free speech? He also advocated imprisoning or executing political dissidents and all inferior ethnicities. Do you know what other fascist movement harbors almost identical beliefs? Progressivism. Conservatives aren’t the ones silencing intellectual diversity on campuses, clamoring for state-run media, physically attacking Trump supporters, rioting in the streets over a free election result, singling out Christian businesses for prosecution, mocking traditional values or publicly demonizing white Americans. Liberal fascism, the once fringe element that officially hijacked the Democratic party in 2008, is now the single greatest threat to liberty, tolerance, due process, prosperity, and the survival of America. Considering the Nazis sought absolute control and conservatives loathe intrusive, unilateral government, this accusation is about as wise as a transgender Jewish man asking to be circumcised by a Muslim butcher before he uses the little girls restroom. “Halal No” or until hell freezes over, the left is by far the greatest embodiment of extremism in America today. When the end justifies the means, truth is of no consequence.

4) Conservatives oppose immigration! Hardly. America was founded as a beacon of hope for all races, creeds and colors. On the contrary, we rightfully object to the pardoned excuses of “illegal” immigration and the mass influx of untraceable “refugees”. Not supporting our immigration laws, those protocols every civilized nation enacts and enforces, is a slap in the face to every man, woman and child who immigrated to America legally, not to mention those 3,000 victims who died on 9/11. Abandoning our borders, not shielding citizens from criminally and medically unvetted threats, is a dereliction of duty and a clear and present danger to our country’s sovereignty and security. Encouraging, dare I say “engineering”, illegal immigration solely to win elections and demographically override our founding principles is nothing short of treason. Despite such disingenuous ploys, all are welcome who respect our sovereignty and complete the process afforded by law. Perhaps someday activists will understand this “revolutionary” concept when sentenced to decapitation by an Islamic tribunal or while picketing corporations in the progressive soup lines of socialism.

5) Conservatives are gun fanatics! Like our forefathers, we unequivocally embrace people’s right to defend themselves against all forms of tyranny; Thomas Jefferson’s most profound reason for preserving our right to bear arms. Gun violence isn’t a disease but a sociological symptom that reflects a parenting failing and an obvious psychological disconnect. Rather than addressing the obvious moral erosion infecting our communities – an endeavor Hollywood has worked overtime to achieve by mocking our religious values – progressives are content exploiting national tragedies to justify their insatiable desire to repeal the Second Amendment. Not only is gun confiscation historically the final lynch pin to uncontested subjugation, gun control does little to deter those who truly want to harm others; especially when you realize both the Oklahoma City Bombing and 9/11 were carried out without a single shot being fired. Every day firearms deter crime and save far more lives than the soulless of any disturbed individual. You can no more regulate human nature than an inanimate object can pull its own trigger and be convicted for murder. When mass death is the ultimate goal, the weapon of choice is moot for people will always find a vessel to deliver their wrath. The fact these mass shootings rarely occurred 50 or even 25 years ago is a costly reminder that parents, schools and our elected leaders have failed to instill our children with the proper values and universal respect for their fellow man. The question isn’t why do so many citizens own a gun. The question is why are so many comfortable ending a human life? Leaving decent, law-abiding Americans helpless against thugs, terrorists and aspiring dictators is never the answer; it’s the broken promise of armed regret.

6) Conservatives hate the poor! Of course…because we never get sick, lose our jobs or struggle to provide for our families. Sorry but poverty doesn’t discriminate and any President that doesn’t create jobs, lower taxes and eliminate waste is no friend of the American people. One of the benefits of living in a nation as resourceful as America is the financial assistance available to those in need. Nearly all people struggle, require assistance time to time, and there is no shame in that. And yes, Americans are a compassionate and generous people. However, Conservatives take great umbrage with those smug parasites who view welfare as a career opportunity and conspire incessantly to defraud the system when they should treat such blessings as a stepping stone to reclaim their life. Stealing bread from the mouth of honest labor – those taxpayers who have watched the number of welfare recipients and the national debt nearly double since 2008 – is a slap in the face to all hard-working Americans, as well as those families that struggle with real misfortune and lingering disabilities. Everyone owes it to themselves, their family and their country to find a job. A paycheck is a means to a means, a self-sustaining gateway to a better life, whereas welfare is a meal ticket to endless dependence, debt and discontent. For when the fog of propaganda and entitlement clears, no economic system has liberated more people from the clutches of poverty than capitalism; that independent engine of ambition most synonymous with liberty, prosperity, and human discovery. However, please note, and much to the chagrin of Marxists everywhere, capitalism only works if you do! A healthy work ethic is the fastest path to personal success.

7) Conservatives are religious radicals! Clearly. What’s the terrorist score card of the century? Which religion has never had a reformation? Yet again, this is but another baseless claim designed to insight fear, hate and paranoia at the expense of dispelling dangerous misconceptions. America, Western Civilization, was founded upon Judeo-Christian ideals; a fact liberals malicious muddle, twist and insistently attempt to discredit. Opposing abortion – the death of a human being even in its most glorified state – or rejecting Gay Marriage – the political corruption of a “religious” institution in Western Society which threatens the family dynamic – hardly makes us harbingers of hate or the equivalent of Islamic militants; those extremists who deny women basic human rights and kill gays for merely existing. As ardent constitutionalists, Christian conservatives advocate the tolerance of all competing beliefs that coincide with our founding values. No, Christianity is not perfect or without historical indignities. Christians simply learned killing in the name of God was a fruitless endeavor that undermined every tenet of their faith. What we absolutely refuse to condone is empowering those ideologies that violate people’s natural born rights, i.e. Sharia Law, or threaten our founding values to the debasement of our culture and national ethos. Not all laws are just or justified; not all boundaries are meant to be broken.

8) Conservatives are war mongers! Yes, because once again, Conservatives, those who are most likely to serve their country or volunteer for during times of crisis, do not have families who sacrifice and grieve so that “We the People” many live free from harm and bask in those liberties so often denied to millions across the globe. Like all Americans, Conservatives detest war and view it as an absolute last resort of recourse. That being said, we do not live in a world were evil does not exist and circumstance can rely on the unwavering good nature of our fellow man. To unconditionally reject military intervention regardless of the prevailing circumstances is the equivalent of watching a rape across the street and doing nothing about it. Frankly, when did we stop caring? The question all liberals should be asking themselves, and that of the entire civilized world, is why aren’t more nations and leaders taking a stand against mass injustice and depravity? No, America cannot be the savior of the free world or right all wrongs of humanity. We simply must refuse to be the doormat of tyranny and criminal apathy. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

9) Conservatives hate the environment! I’d love to indulge this popular progressive fairy tale, but we too drink from the sources of water, breathe the same air, and educate our children about the ravages of pollution. Rather, conservatives refuse using science fiction as to implement unnecessary regulations, collect more taxes, solely to expand government and claim more austerity over our everyday lives. The same bureaucrats who can’t balance their checkbook, protect our borders, or give the people a straight answer, want to control every aspect of your life out of the goodness in their hearts. No, right-minded Americans aren’t fearful of science, anything but, for we eagerly embrace its universal necessity, power and wonder. What we don’t accept is a political alarmist, i.e., a pseudo scientist named Al Gore and his celebrity salesmen, proclaiming the Arctic ice shelf would cease to exist within a decade and that the entire city of New York would become the lost ruins of Atlantis due to the impending catastrophe known as climate change. Sadly, not to spoil the inconvenient truth about his “D” in Natural Sciences, or his six figure speaker fees, glacier coverage of the planet is now as prominent as it was 20 years ago and the Yankees have yet to give away floaties during a single promotion. Bummer.

As firm believers in empirical data, reputable science, conservatives recognize the existence of global cooling and warming; we merely view both as natural climatic cycles that far outweigh the shameless ploys of politicians. Now that’s not to say mankind has no negative impact on the environment, bio diversity or even global temperatures. I have no doubt whatsoever. It’s just that our presence pales in comparison to the mercurial power of the sun and the instinctive reflux of mother nature. After all, if the truth be known, one of the hottest years ever recorded in our nation’s history occurred in the 19th century during pre-industrialized America. Believe it or not, just as many if not more conservatives live off the land, utilize nature for recreation, and tirelessly work to protect and preserve the source of their greatest blessing…their preferred way of life. Protecting our environment against corporate waste and individual apathy is nonnegotiable. Listening to those politicians who manipulate scientific data for political and financial gain, on the other hand, is entirely optional.

10) Conservatives are out of touch! Or perhaps we’re painfully astute of history and vigilant to the ides of tyranny. As the proud torchbearers of the timeless ideals America was founded upon – individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty – conservatives pose the biggest threat to the globalist agenda: a secular, soulless paradigm of mass conformity and institutionalized dependence. Progressivism cannot survive without inciting distrust, division and discord to conceal the truth from low information voters; those vulnerable souls most easily cajoled by such sensationalist propaganda. Any ideology that cannot stand on its own merits and is counter-intuitive to the Constitution – statism, Socialism, and Marxism – is inherently radical and a tangible threat to our way of life. If I may, how are any of these philosophies remotely synonymous with our founding creed, not to mention the supreme law of the land? Historically speaking, one must work far more diligently to protect a lie than to simply speak on the behalf of self-evident truths. Conservatives believe, and freely attest, man’s natural born rights are derived from a divine creator and not ransomed by the “benevolence” of centralized despots. At its most rudimentary core, our elected government has three fundamental duties: to protect our lives and liberties, to honor and uphold the prescribed limitations of the Constitution, and to provide transparency in all its dealings. I’m sad to report the corrupt cesspool of polarized bureaucrats known as Washington have egregiously failed on all three accounts. Defending the ideological cornerstones America was erected upon doesn’t make conservatives “extreme” or detached in any sense of the word. It makes our detractors hopelessly ignorant, toxic and irrefutably malicious.


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