Erasers for Islam: The Excuses Edition

The three most common ploys used by progressives to defend Islam and denounce the necessity of immigration restrictions.

“The seven countries chosen for the travel ban have produced no terrorists and none of the 9/11 attackers hailed from these regions.”


Unless “profiling” is a relic of the Cold War, I’d venture to say this flunks the smell test. At least 20 individuals who committed terrorist acts on American soil have immigrated from these temporarily banned populaces; and yes, let’s not discount those who tried and failed or waged acts of terror in other countries. Whether invoking the roughly 50 Islamic attacks in America since 2001 or the hundreds more perpetrated worldwide, attempting to “moralize” evil on pervasiveness alone discounts the singular greatest factor of all: what is the one common denominator in this global pandemic? Due the ubiquitous nature of Islam and the limitations of tracking undocumented backgrounds, Donald Trump knew the arduous task of protecting lives had to begin somewhere. Therefore, despite the false narratives and tearful protests of knee-jerk contrarians, he merely chose the most radicalized regions already identified by the Obama Administration; the very same notorious Muslim sympathizers and enablers of an Islamic caliphate. The fact Saudi Arabia refused to accept these “helpless” refugees and has enacted travel bans for years, despite having the resources to house their Arabic brethren, speaks volumes to the imminent threat. Sadly, there are far more Christian refugees at risk of imminent death in the Middle East than the reported “homeless” Islamic militants persecuting them and seeking paid passage to our shores as a reward. These families represent both the sacrificial pawns and buried casualties of selective media reporting.

Yes, it is true, none of the 9/11 attackers emanated from the “Militant 7”. Then again, it was September 11th where nearly 3000 people were slaughtered in a matter of hours by a handful of unarmed jihadists. Intent is everything and without the benefit of geography America would experience a far greater prevalence of terrorism. Failing to do everything in our collective power to prevent any loss of life at the hand of malice, whether a lone airport security guard or an entire metropolis, constitutes gross negligence and a callous disregard for our safety. These restricted regions are but a microcosm of the cultivated hate which incessantly festers and threatens our communities on a daily basis. In the end, their point of origin is a moot point for they embody a cruel culture of antiquated intolerance that is allowed to flourish beneath the selective apathy of globalists. Nevertheless, the inherent and unavoidable difficulties in eradicating terrorism – names, harbingers, accomplices – do not absolve our elected leaders from their constitutional duty and moral obligation to protect us from its ravages. The only thing extreme about restricting Islamic immigration and demanding extensive vetting, is the extreme opposition to employing common sense.

“Terrorism pales in comparison to the number of shootings and violent crimes in America.”

But of course it does. We are a nation of over 300 million people and a criminal element exists in all societies. However, such depraved actions are overwhelmingly the property of rogue individuals targeting a specific person or institution out of sheer disdain. Other crimes are completely random and a product of frustration, a break from reality, with no specific target or reason. The Newtown shooter was mentally ill, Dylann Roof was an aloof racist who targeted black Christians, and the Columbine shooters were jaded teenagers obsessed by a cinematic culture of glorified violence. There is a stark difference between acknowledging the inevitable pitfalls of human nature, anger or mental illness, and a religion of indoctrinated hate that preaches martyrdom as the highest aspiration to its near 2 billion followers. Likewise, the inevitable existence of criminal misconduct within our native population does not infer we must welcome, without prejudice, death and destruction from beyond our sovereign borders. Such reasoning is plain absurd. The problem with violent crime in America doesn’t reside in an animate object, as conniving pundits love to naively proclaim, but in the systematic decay of our societal values; those fundamental Judeo-Christian cornerstones of Western Civilization progressives have worked so tirelessly to undermine. So, in a not so ironic twist of fate, or a defiant lack of accountability, progressivism and Islam are symbiotic cancers eating away at the moral fabric of modern society. Their desire to enable and protect one another stems from a clear commonality: an insatiable lust for control and a mutual hatred for both America and Israel.

“Christianity is no better than Islam: the Crusades, the Inquisitions, the hypocrisy!”

Only a fool would deny that nearly every faith is tarnished by some degree of historical injustice. Because religion is practiced by flawed and fallible believers, the true delineation between good and evil is best achieved by filtering the dregs from actual dogma. The Crusades, in all their demonized misconception, were a direct reaction to the over 900 hostile incursions made my Muslims & Turkish Moors into Europe. While the brutality of both factions cannot be condoned, the Crusades were by no means an unprovoked campaign of blind aggression. Rather, they viewed the rapid expansion of Islam as a grave threat to their faith, or more succinctly, an innate calling to save the ancestral birthplace of Christianity and thus ensure their people’s survival.

The infamous Inquisitions, on the other hand, were sordid tools of righteous paranoia, Christian doctrine perverted by moral relativism, designed to exact loyalty through fear and thus eliminate perceived threats to the monarchy. However, unlike its obstinate Islamic detractors, Christianity willingly partook in a formal reformation over 500 years ago and learned over time that senseless bloodshed in the name of God was a fruitless endeavor that neither honored his commandments or the hopes of humanity. On the contrary, you’d be hard pressed to find another religion that comes close to the sheer depravity and death toll achieved by Islam in the past 100 years; from the Armenian genocide to widespread human rights abuses and the endless acts of terror carried by its devout followers today. To dismiss such soulless crimes as rogue aberrations is to deny the root philosophical affirmation of Islam: you cannot pervert that which is already pernicious by nature.

Whereas Christians have universally adopted the virtues of love, forgiveness and tolerance exemplified by the life of Jesus Christ and praised by the New Testament of his disciples, the same cannot be said of contemporary Sharia Law; that which has never swayed from the barbaric practices espoused by the hateful tenets of the Quran. Although there are undoubtedly decent and compassionate Muslims throughout the world, these voices of moderation too often fade into the obscurity of silent consent when confronted by the unrelenting shadow of unapologetic evil. As for those immoral acts committed by people who merely identify as “Christian” – pastors who abuse boys or poisonous sects like Westboro Baptist Church spewing judgement – such duplicitous actions are not validated or celebrated by the Christian masses, nor do they represent the moral canon of Judeo-Christian ethics. Unfortunately, even after 1400 years of endless human suffering, Islam still justifies beating/disfiguring disobedient women, sentences homosexuals to death, encourages sexual/marital relations with children, and seeks global supremacy by conquering, enslaving and/or killing all non-believers. If fear of malevolence is discrimination, the torchbearers of Islamophobia have more than earned that right.

Do you honestly believe Muhammad, a documented thief and polygamist, would have washed the feet of a known prostitute, embraced his enemies as his brethren – as equals in the eyes of the Lord – or sought salvation through the virtuous servitude of all mankind? Not even by decree of death. My goal is not to hoist the flag of Christianity and piously claim providence over the throne of divinity. My sincerest hope is to shed the shackles of distrust and discord to one day live among all faiths, without marches and martyrs, and share in a divine salvation not built upon bricks and beams but found in the hearts and souls of noble human beings. Regretfully, until that day comes, you cannot break bread with those who want to remove your hand for simply offering to coexist.




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