The Education Emancipation

Without the ability to control and manipulate students, progressives are like Pavlov ringing a bell; only they are the ones left salivating to the anticipation of indoctrination. The core responsibility of public education is to provide a functional skill set for our children, to prepare those who will seek further enrichment and to help foster well-adjusted, productive members of society. Unfortunately, ever since the 1950’s, Marxist agitators like Bill Ayers and Saul Alinsky realized the best to topple America, our fierce independent spirit and Judeo-Christian values, was not by brute force but by the audacity of a few malcontents poisoning the pipeline of public education with spoon-fed, anti-American propaganda.

The incessant onslaught from social conditioning leaves a trail of carnage far greater than any singular battle or standing army.  How else could you convince millions and a majority of millennials that America is an evil empire built upon mass victimization; that capitalism is the root of our problems rather than the engine of ingenuity, a ladder of opportunity and mankind’s liberation from Big Government? How else could you justify attacking intellectual diversity and free will in our streets, let alone in our publicly funded institutions of higher learning…key cogs of a civilized society built upon discourse and democracy? I don’t need to bath my senses in a filtered pool of mass conformity to realize the bubbles are America’s last breaths. And I sure don’t need to kneel before the altar of Howard Zinn to be baptized by half-truths beneath the sanctimonious drivel of progressive brain surgeons.  I just need to breathe and think for myself without the assisted-suicide benevolence of Big Brother.

The left’s opposition to Betsy DeVos goes far beyond contested credentials and the informal grammar of “tweets”. Her confirmation is a tangible threat to their monopoly on the minds of future voters. When educational excellence becomes the bell curve of mediocrity and behavioral problems become the gold standard of appeasement, why shouldn’t parents reserve the right to reallocate their tax dollars for the private instruction of their children?  People’s hard-earned paychecks aren’t signed permission slips granting moonlighting political advocates the means to abolish the occupational integrity of objective learning. They now represent the voided vouchers of public trust in government.

Did you ever ask yourself who writes the textbooks of Common Core curriculums or why teachers are now overwhelmingly and disproportionately liberal? I can assure you it’s by no means a coincidence or the subject of a PBS investigation.  When a public educator stomps on the American flag in the classroom or zealously demonstrates a mock assassination of the President, it’s of little surprise when God is expelled for conservative “extremism” or a boy exercising his First Amendment rights is attacked and suspended for wearing a campaign hat. There is madness and then there are publicly funded lies contributing to an ideological coup d’état: more commonly known as, treason.

My goal is not to disregard or pardon America’s historical transgressions for those are cultural scars, indelible reminders, of how far we have progressed as a nation. My goal is remind “We the People” that the Constitution, and not the flawed cultural norms of any era, provided the blueprint for overcoming our most daunting challenges and blatant injustices.  For the 1.6% of Americans that owned slaves during the height of the Antebellum period, how many textbooks laud the over half a million whites who suffered and/or died to end human bondage? Do they mention or label Brazil as racist for importing 5 million black slaves to toil in their gold mines; a number 15 times greater than those servants transported to America? How much credit is given to those Northern evangelical Christians who both spearheaded the movement to both topple servitude and secure suffrage? And lastly, were “Native” Americans not “nomadic” tribes who displaced/conquered other settlers, who slaughtered each other in droves over “territory” and who routinely enslaved enemies or engaged in slave trading?  Or perhaps I should complain my non-native American “privilege” does not include free land, tax exemptions or a complimentary college education despite engaging in such historical depravity.

Contrary to seasoned revisionists, history was never intended to be a politically correct menu of convenience passed around among partisan critics. It is but a vigilant reminder of the grotesque fallibility imbued into the imperfect nature of mankind. Whereas older generations endeavor to never forget about ravages of war, terrorism or the threat of Communism, younger generations are endeavoring to forget everything history has taught us; most notably, that America was born from the ashes of tyranny and the censorship of blind subjugation. And what exactly has leftist academia learned from the oppression and murder of dissidents under Stalin, Hitler, Mao or Castro? What textbooks or lesson plans have been adopted to warn our sons and daughters about an Islamic creed that still justifies and contributes to 1400 years of bloodshed, intolerance and misogyny? If you choose to label capitalism as the gospel of greed, please inform Cloward & Piven that capitalism has liberated far more from poverty – built more bridges, hospitals and universities – than the noble bread lines of socialism. The best thing to happen to old lingering, Marxists is naïve, young millennials allergic to the aroma of common sense.

Instead of reaffirming America’s founding charter – those values, liberties and innovative discoveries that have repeatedly  transcended the modern world – progressive educators are promoting hate and conformity to exact political supremacy: i.e., think as we do, Government is your master, entitlements are your birthright. Whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, there is no excuse for disparaging intellectual diversity, independent thought, or suffocating a universal beacon of hope and liberty. The quickest way to handicap a child and ensure the demise of a free nation is to hijack the very tool of their empowerment…education.  The nonnegotiable function of our educational system is to provide a quality, competitive curriculum that fosters an ingrained knowledge, if not an undying appreciation, of the timeless ideals America was founded upon: freedom, limited government, faith, hard work, accountability and duty. Honoring America does not require inciting division and discord to extract the last drops of rogue individuality. It rightfully demands honoring our youth, their parents, and those responsible teachers who still believe political terrorists have no place in our classrooms.


About The Conservative Depot

The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Xavier Keough, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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