The American Refugee


California is bankrupt, losing even more federal funding for refusing to repeal Sanctuary Cities, and what’s their solution for restoring order and solvency? Create a single-payer healthcare plan for illegals, mandate free tuition for “Dreamers” and grant suffrage to all driver’s license holders; which now includes any willing, warm body. Behold the madness where employed, taxpaying citizens are treated with less regard than those illegal immigrants who verbally abuse our nation, burn our flag and assault Trump supporters on American soil to the complicit silence of plotting progressives. Spare my petty indulgence but if I went to Mexico City, publicly cursed their country, demanded free benefits and waved the American flag with unbridled spite, in what cemetery or prison would I reside? Would their educators speak English for the benefit of my child or offer them free lunches to the exclusion of their own? Better yet, would any of their citizens hold a nationally organized march on my behalf demanding justice or an officially recognized safe space from criminal prosecution…that my rights and financial well-being superseded that of the Mexican populace? Of course not, for belligerent, subversive guests who seek chaos in lieu of cooperation or electoral supremacy in lieu of preserving our founding charter – the timeless catalyst of their economic and liberation – should never be given preference to law-abiding, loyal citizens who toil and sacrifice on her behalf every day.

As a transcendent beacon of hope and liberty founded for all of humanity, Americans are not opposed to “legal” immigration; those documented procedures of safety protocols ratified by both political parties that have duly existed for over a century. “We the People” merely reject those who seek entitlement over assimilation or breed enmity over unity. Contrary to the racist narrative of DREAMERS, the Geo-political theater of the world today is a far cry from the mass influx of foreigners so synonymous with Ellis Island. Yes, once upon a much saner time, millions flocked for our shores seeking or asking for nothing more than an opportunity to forge a better life with their own two hands; an intrinsic desire to prosper – proudly grabbing the reigns of accountability – and to respect, if not fiercely protect, the limitless blessings America afforded. They had little to any discernible interest in toppling America, the very source of their salvation, let alone murdering 3,000 innocents in the name of a kind, wise and benevolent God.

And now? Now an entire new generation of immigrants, guided by the regressive Red Carpet of American apologists, i.e., progressive politicians and media propagandists, are being baptized by a growing tide of mindless malice; that immigration laws designed to safeguard American lives and interests are supposedly intolerant relics of greed and hate…despite the fact every civilized nation recognizes their absolute necessity. If America is truly driven by insatiable prejudice over principle – and bankruptcy, terrorism and riots are but figments of our xenophobic imagination – why would so many risk so much to journey to such a universally despised harbinger of injustice? Why would entire families cling to the faintest hope of a new beginning in makeshift rafts drifting upon the rogue currents of inescapable death? Simply put…they wouldn’t. The death certificate to the American Dream is the relinquished deed to American sovereignty.

The prescribed path to U.S. citizenship is not a Right Wing conspiracy nor a prerequisite for a weekly civil rights march. It’s both a course of due diligence and due process exercised for the benefit of all parties involved; including the rights and welfare of its most obstinate critics. However, failing to abide by these elementary terms or evade prosecution does not constitute a humanitarian crisis born from bigotry. It is a crime of conscience, choice, and little more. When completing mere paperwork, pledging allegiance to the survival of your newfound home and fulfilling the nonnegotiable steps required to pursue a civilized life becomes an unconscionable burden, what’s the cost of remaining in your native country that so egregiously failed you? The only sanctuary from common sense and the inevitable consequences of one’s actions is under the extreme auspices of the unvetted liberal mind. And if that’s too difficult or radical to comprehend, then please leave your front door unlocked, your checkbook on the table and the birth certificate of your children on the nightstand next to the unchecked baggage of reason’s latest refugee.


About The Conservative Depot

The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Sir Silence Dogood, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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