Playing With A Hot Stove


Although I always advocate being cognizant of our environment, the inevitable and natural climatic variations that ensue, I find solace in a far more organic and self-evident explanation. The fact we’re just now eclipsing a 137-year-old record – a benchmark set before modern industrialization and the dawn of automobiles when America harbored only 15% of its current total population – is a stark reminder of how insignificant humanity is in relation to the unrivaled power of the Sun. If the degree of the Earth’s tilt changes but a fraction in correlation to our favorite Yellow Dwarf, the results can be devastating…from droughts and widespread desolation to glacial periods that last tens of thousands of years. Not surprisingly, there is a strong link between solar activity, the length and ferocity of solar cycles, and Earth’s annual temperatures. In other words, when perspective requires oven mitts, blame the nuclear fusion reactor in the sky that produces 500 times more Hiroshima bombs per second than the reported energy accrued from “climate change” during a 15-year period.

Any statistical model, regardless of whether you’re tracking a baseball player’s batting average or the daily heat index, is going to experience “natural” fluctuations or even statistical aberrations. Those activists who believe climatic changes are neither natural or cyclical are both naive and predatory. The truth is even the Earth’s radioactive core and its incessant decay, accounting for roughly 50% of the heat omitted from the planet, plays a significant role in surface temperatures and a magnetic field that extends into outer space for the overriding purpose of deflecting damaging solar winds. Furthermore, it is only a matter of time or roughly every 250,000 years before another polar shift occurs. No, you won’t die in a fiery ball of Hollywood pyrotechnics but the effects are tangible as earthquakes in Oklahoma or tsunamis in the Pacific. Even amidst the aftermath of a blind hubris that threatened our rain forests and poisons our waterways, man is but a fly in the perilous vacuum of space compared to the unparalleled prowess of Mother Nature’s wrath.

Whereas global warming and cooling cycles are distinctly inevitable, I will not contest or deride the importance of the Ozone layer. Despite the ongoing debate concerning its exact state of degradation and the magnitude of distress levied by such changes, it is invaluable in terms of absorbing the Sun’s ultraviolet rays. Any depletion in the Ozone caused by free radicals such as Nitric Oxide and Hydroxyl, fluorocarbons in the form of banned aerosol sprays or industrialized emissions containing Methyl Chloroform, can cause skin cancer, cataracts, genetic mutations, damage to entire ecosystems, and an increase in greenhouse gasses which in turn precipitates higher levels of air pollution. While I by no means support an alarmist mentality regarding climatic fluctuations – those political mouthpieces predicting apocalyptic doom to demand more control over our everyday lives or as a means to legislate higher taxes – I believe all nations and persuasions should work tirelessly to protect the environment through responsible regulation, collaborative research, general education, and greater public awareness. By finding promising new alternatives to age-old misconceptions or destructive practices, mankind can achieve equally meaningful reform on both an individual basis as well as an international platform.

As long as globalists continue rewarding destitute, unscrupulous nations that pollute our atmosphere with reckless abandon, granting free trade agreements and conceding basic regulatory standards, any attempt to pigeonhole America as the unrivaled source of the problem is clearly a veiled attempt to diminish her influence and/or redistribute our wealth in the name of “science”; that “independent” institution which supposedly should never be challenged by conservatives but is frequently perverted by pseudo-scientific progressives. Never mind the “inconvenient truth” a single year of Volcanic degassing can produce between 100 and 600 million tons of CO2 and negate a century’s worth of the Paris Agreement’s proposed guidelines to lower Carbon Dioxide levels – as confirmed by the Italian National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology – because “doomsday” appearances, like Vegas political fundraisers, must be maintained for the sake of the planet. Considering New York is not under water and the Arctic Ice Shelf is as profound as it was 25 years ago, I don’t need to pay Al Gore six-figures to recognize a convenient lie when his “carbon footprint” is one thousand times greater than mine. The same politically-perverted data models used to sell an “incontrovertible observation” can also statistically prove GMO’s and fluoride are safe for mass consumption. That is, if you don’t live in Europe and boil for parasites.



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